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May 20, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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I know we're all disappointed I'm shocked and nobody there were shocked your body and be talking about it's a New Orleans says not gonna get the Super Bowl in 2018. Is going to Minneapolis. We're talk about that in the top eight at eight tonight and if you want to vent your your frustrations. If you want to just talk about the decision of the NFL. I guess we should have figured out if you build a new stadium a billion dollar stadium. And they're gonna give you the Super Bowl but is that really fair. I'll tell you who's gonna suffer. The fans. The sportswriters. And media people. All of those people who have to go to the game and we'll talk more about that in the topic today here's our WW a pretty -- -- in your poll something we'll be talking about on the show tonight. Should business owners have the right to tell those legally carrying guns they can't bring their guns into their business. I think this is an interesting question at a time when there are a lot of people who are saying business owners have a right to refuse service to gays and lesbians. Based on their religious beliefs. So do business owners have the right. To tell -- should they have the right to tell legally. Carrying gun owners that they hampering their guns and their business there's a new business at a restaurant that has now decided. That. Gun owners can bring their guns in the business anymore to will be talking about that tight you can give -- opinion by going to our web site WWO dot com that's a poll we will track. -- our show tonight and keep you updated and -- coming up in just a few minutes. It's time for tonight's top eight at eight here's the -- -- things -- like -- it was we begin our show on this prince Tuesday night into Tuesday. I guess I did -- shows this morning so I a little confused tonight is she as seems likely that it this year so it. See this is a really great day for me because days like this. It's like I've got two days on one day. Adding I did the morning show relaxed today Benedict the magnitude of the -- so it's kind of like I have two days. That's the positive way to look at it. Number eight on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Oh. -- teenager. Faces possible life in prison for making and selling hash browns. Capable of -- nineteen years old faces faces possible life in prison. Because he used -- -- read that -- wanted to make his rounds. And that allows the state of Texas to use the full weight of the brownies. To determine the weight of the drug's -- not just the hash oil. In the brownies with the whole weight of the brilliantly -- that goes into making a round. He tells Fitzmorris were all about it's flowers. And all kinds of stuff to put nuts in them that would that would waste -- -- So in this case it's a one point five pounds. The guy's father says that he shot -- he says that if you saw and did something wrong. And he needs to be punished but he shocked at the possible sentence. His father says five years to life. I'm sorry I'm all law abiding citizen. I'm a conservative I love my country on the Vietnam vet but this is wrong. The prosecutor says the senate may vary and first time offenders are treated differently and as far as we know this a nineteen year -- his first time offender. By the way he had -- bags of of these brownies with hash oil. And over 16100 dollars in cash. Lesson learned. Can -- is too loudly. Here's a lesson from this story. She was. Number seven at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. A video of Brad -- throwing cans of beer to Matthew McConaughey Kate and a balcony across from his place in the French Quarter. It is it's all over it's all over the web we've got to run our website at WWL dot com hi this is gone viral and Drew Brees is there and Matthew McConaughey is is on a balcony and with I believe that breeze and it throwing a football back and forth across the street. I know where they live -- I just on the Detroit three did give out the name of the street if you know where they live well then you know when he -- but I wouldn't -- announce. Mystery no one who would extend that courtesy to. Brad and Angelina where they live in the French Quarter that. In fact it was such a beautiful afternoon -- a new Brad Pitt was in town. So I went to hang uttered his place this afternoon in the quarter. I mean it was a beautiful -- Presley's. He'd come out or anything I was just hang around outside -- number six of tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Today's a day holes in six different states. The Tea Party and the conservative right -- trying to establish dominance in the Republican Party so still on big battle for the direction the -- of the Republican Party is at stake here. The results of today's primary elections. May give us. They give us an idea of what the political temperature is as we get closer to the November mid term elections that these are. These are mid term primaries. In Kentucky. Senator Mitch McConnell. Is challenge by Tea Party candidate Matt Devin on the poll shows that McConnell is going to be DeVon 55 to 35. And then be a Democrat Allison. Longer go longer -- crimes awaits the winner of McConnell -- a primary in November. In Georgia today. There are seven candidates in the GOP race for senate as Sarah Palin was campaigning for Karen -- handling I handled. And it'll be interesting to see if that she has had any impact at all but again this will give us maybe some idea. On the head of the temperatures we get closer to the mid term elections this is a very important election year. And and polls continue to show that. Particularly young voters. Are not as likely to go out and vote in in mid term elections. And I would stress to get out and vote. Because if you think about it. Congress. Really has more of an impact. On on our everyday lives. In our family slides. And the president of the United States. Because congress passes the laws they write and pass the laws the laws that affect us that the president -- -- the loss and the Supreme Court that -- Judicial branch of government they simply. Interpret the laws so that this really is a very very big election year and if you -- young voter if you're an older or get out and vote. Because if you don't vote. You actually. Helping the other side. -- it's probably gonna come down to who gets the most votes out and both parties are gonna try to get control of both houses of of congress. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. You know we we -- about political ideology. And how people use political ideology to define people. It's very very prominent today. Do you think there's a connection. Between Democrats. And mass murderers. Jerry keep trainee who was a Republican in Arizona he's running for congress. He said during a debate. That 99% of the man shootings. Have been Democrats. Pulling out their guns. And shooting people. I mean maybe this is taking defining people by political ideology a little too far. 99% of -- I see I I wouldn't have thought to look that up because I really don't think there's a connection between political ideology. And being a man shooter like animal and sensitive sandy hook. Wanted to -- the movie theater and theater in Aurora but 99% according disguise via mass shootings have been committed by Democrats who were pulling other guns and shooting people. And I I guess Republicans. Better know how to handle -- is at the point he's trying to make. Number four on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Another NFL cheerleader is complaining about low wages. She's a former cheerleader with the Tampa Bay Bucs her name is sent -- Roush car I hope I'm pronouncing this right now Oskar appear now. And she claims in lawsuit that she was paid a hundred dollars for each home game. With practice. And with nonprofit events. That she had to go to as a cheerleader for the Tampa Bay Bucs. She only earned about two dollars an hour. And she says this violates. The that the standards. For working in the United States. Now you think she has a case. Or do you accept extra work with the understanding that there might be benefits to being an NFL cheerleader. General borrowing entities these cheerleader complaints. Vet -- they're not paid enough. Because I would think that all these cheerleaders. Know that you're supposed to go to practice. They know the responsibilities of being a cheerleader. They know the benefits of being the cheerleader. Which is why they do and I don't think there's any cheerleader and even does it for a hundred dollars per game but this is. Part of this whole entitlement mentality that we have in this country. They think they're entitled to something. Overly paid a hundred dollars per game well again I don't think anybody does that. For the money. And they are benefits. I mean it's you know it's really hard for attractive women to pick up guys. So when really attractive women go out to a bar and they can say hey I'm a cheerleader for the blocks over and these are all over. They might totally ignored if they didn't tell me Richard later so this year that there are there are benefits to women being. NFL cheerleaders. I just I don't I don't buy this argument because his. At the practice was not a surprise. The nonprofit events. Their cheerleaders with NFL teams go to -- -- -- that's not a surprise so if you agreed to do it for a hundred dollars for each home game. Then you agree and you shouldn't complain about number three on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Police commissioner in New Hampshire. Has finally resigned. After admitting that he used the N word when referring to President Obama and refused to apologize sport. Wolf rural New Hampshire police commissioner Robert -- Referred to President Obama as the inward in the conversation and acknowledged using it. In an email. Copeland said quote I believe I did use the N word in reference to the current occupant of the White House for this. I do not apologize. He meets and exceeds my criteria for such. -- Now wolf for a New Hampshire is a predominantly white area and you need to know that there were many. -- white political leaders in many white residents in wolf for all New Hampshire. Who were demanding that -- and resign even Mitt Romney on condemned the comment as a final comment and said there's no place in our community for people like that. However. There are those who will say if he's pressured to resign for using the N word in referring to the president. And he's lost his right to freedom of speech. I mean does anybody see a violation of freedom of speech here. I realize that there are a lot of people who use the N word in describing the president it is kind of sad because I think it's. I personally think it's a very unintelligent way to criticize the president. If you want to criticize the president aren't electable level by criticizing his his policies. Well that's one thing. But I hear people. Use the N -- all the time in talking to talking about the president. And to me it's again it's an unintelligent way to express an opinion about the president of the United States. And and also when it comes to freedom of speech and advertising company in Alabama took down a billboard over the weekend. They called for the south to secede from the United States. Lamar Advertising and I'm sure you see the sign Lamar Advertising in a lot of billboards issue driver of the country. Lamar Advertising put up a billboard for the confederate league of the south that -- big capital letters secede. But the name of the organization and the website. Did billboard went up Friday. But because of complaints the company took it down over the weekend it was on interstate 85 in Montgomery. Now they offered refund but the company had actually the organization had actually pay the company yet for the billboards so there was no refund -- -- to be given. But did the company that put up the billboard. Did they have their their freedom of speech violated because the advertising agency got complaints. About the confederate league of the south putting of the billboard. Promoting the idea that the at the south secede from the United States. Did they have their violation. Of freedom of speech. In this situation also there's there's an op Ed article at foxnews.com at fox contributor and a journalist. Cal Thomas writes if there's a double standard with Michael Sam the first openly gay football player drafted into the NFL. And Tim Tebow and freedom of speech Thomas writes that those made fun of Tim Tebow in the NFL. I'd did not. Get any criticism. There -- players that did I don't remember specifically but he he quotes -- players as. Criticizing Tim Tebow on the mocking Tim Tebow and making fun of -- do you think there's a double standard. Mean anything derogatory about gays or blacks especially if you're -- with an organization like the NFL or the NBA there's instant condemnation and punishment. But people freedom mock Christians. With no repercussions is that fair. If you -- join our show with comment about anything we're talking about tonight for our numbers 2601. A seventy toll free 8668890. At seventy. -- a text number. Is a 77. Number -- what tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Denver based restaurant your -- Is now asking customers. Not to bring their guns into their restaurants. Specialty is huge and in Denver and that part of the country. Did this was -- response to some gun advocates. Bringing their military type weapons into the -- -- restaurant there. There's a business have a right to tell. Customers were legally carrying guns that they're not allowed to bring a gun in their business. That's are having a dual party general opinion poll attractive -- showed might give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com. Now if you believe that a business has a right to refuse service to gays and lesbians and would you also have to agree. That a business has a right to refuse to allow customers to bring guns into the business. And I'm sure it's no surprise that Colorado is a very proud to. And stayed with a lot of very proud gun owners it's a western state guns are. As much a part of the culture Colorado was they are in Louisiana and in this part of the country and this all came about too because. Some gun rights advocates advocates brought their military type weapons. Into -- a faulty restaurant. Last year Starbucks. Told customers that they were no longer welcome to bring their guns into its cafes. Because there were some gun owners I guess flaunting their right to. Keep and bear arms. The Second Amendment give your right to keep and bear arms and I guess you do have a right to flaunt it but that's not necessarily do the right thing to do. So the question is should businesses. Be allowed to tell owners that they cannot even if they have a gun legally that they cannot carry their guns into their business. Do you agree with that. If you and enjoyed our shooter might leave your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Certainly seventy at a tech center is a 77. And finally tonight's number one on tonight's list of top eight innings. Bill. And -- com. And I guess that's one thing that can be said for Minneapolis building a new stadium this is supposed to be a phenomenal new stadium a billion dollar stadium. And the NFL awarded the city of Minneapolis Super Bowl 2018. I think it's Super Bowl number 52. Now which happens to be the year that we're celebrating the 300 birthday. Of the city of New Orleans which is actually older than. The country. Do you want to venture frustrations about this which was this fair. Looking back on tonight I guess it makes sense to satisfy city for building a new stadium. And I'm sure there were backroom conversations. About look if you build this new stadium. You're gonna get the Super Bowl. However it was a unanimous on the first second or third ballot I think they went to a fourth ballot. Before there was a 75% majority for Minneapolis. And I think Indianapolis the other city in the running with New Orleans was eliminated on the on the second ballot. The superdome is a spectacular place. But -- you look at Texas Stadium. And I haven't seen anything about this new stadium and -- Minneapolis but it's supposed to be a phenomenal and they used a lot of animation to promote. The the venue and in fact apparently the venue. Has these troops that you can walk through from the stadium to all the different hotels. So what we're going to be of what you hamsters. Silica -- what you hamsters. Running around to these through these two groups pacing of the -- iso or one what's the fun being in the city he can't go outside. And and then there's the the problem of getting from the airport to the tubes that you walk around. There's like miles and miles of these tubes. From the stadium. To the hotels and and to restaurants. -- is everybody going to be talking in an echo. Hey great good out there where the two beard now okay cool. I guess they had to do that because of of the weather I've never been to Minneapolis I -- it's a great city. And I know that they have a lot of places that are connected with with with tubes but again I mean who would -- being treated like a budget hamsters. So are you disappointed you of course you're disappointed you're a student at the Super Bowl was this that the right thing to do them. There's a stadium trump. Having a 300 anniversary. I thought for sure New Orleans was gonna get. I was only disappointed but I was really quite surprised. I think you're should've gotten it in and the media the fans those people going to the game those people who wanna be in the city for the Super Bowl team that they don't have to get to the game. They're all going to be disappointed. It was in new ports. The best place staff inseparable and I'm not just saying that because I'm from here assignment because I'm in the air in New Orleans saying it because it's true. And it's the consensus. The media is the consensus affects. If you wanna join our sheltering with your comments are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. It's nearly seventy. At a text number is 770. Escobar tonight is titled the mentality of minimum wage workers. And that's on WW real dot com. And if you win an update on everything we're talking about tonight to go to dispute page at WW -- account that we get our top rated a realistic. Coming right back. It is Tuesday night went to zero I Minneapolis built that new stadium and they're gonna get the Super Bowl in 2018 a lot of people in New Orleans are disappointing and it takes a moment ago from installation the only reason at New Orleans gets the Super Bowl. Is because of the city. Because of the super -- The superdome is a magnificent stadium. And for the price there'll never ever be another stadium built like and correct me if I'm wrong and this is just in my memory Agassi could have Google this. I'm remembering that the the superdome was way over budget. And I think it was supposed to cost somewhere around. 78 million dollars. Which is petty cash. Compared with BC cost today. And I believe the superdome was ultimately deal for a 145 million. And again two to reproduce a stadium like the superdome. -- could never be done at that price and the new stadium in Minneapolis. Is a billion dollar stadium. And getting a text here that it's about the NFL. And trying to subsidize that the building of of the stadium it's all about the money the NFL wants new stadiums the only reason New Orleans even gets consideration is because of the city. New Orleans should have built the new stadium on the river five years ago. -- you know there's some room on the river. That would be a really cool site. -- we think about Three Rivers Stadium. Today in Pittsburgh -- beautiful CNET -- -- and while we do get the river in all of the -- scenes whenever this event in -- Mercedes-Benz superdome. Stadium. On -- would be would be awesome -- you wanted to be open -- George been open stadium. Remember. I remember some painful. Sunday afternoons. At tooling -- Mean I'm talking painful which it was still hot. And one of the coldest moments that I ever remembered my life. Was one of the Super Bowls in New Orleans to Wednesday. And my brother died my dad got to take it's my brother and I were in the shade. Under the the overhang of the upper tier. And the wind was blowing and it was like thirty degrees. But that was -- even the windshield. And that was one of the coldest moments -- I ever remember. Now in January. February we can have an outdoor stadium the weather's not too bad here. That time of year would you wanna open a can opener straight so that we can talk about tonight were also. I'm gonna continue to talk about did the frustration that two worlds to not get the the Super Bowl. 2018 is a very special here because it's the 300 birthday of the city of New Orleans which is actually older. That the United States of America. If you rejoice with comet tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And our text number is 877. Here's a text or about freedom of speech is you're talking about this New Hampshire police commissioner. Who was essentially forced to resign -- tactically but he was pressured to resign. Because he used the N word to describe President Obama. You know and a conversation with somebody somebody overheard it and he also used it to it in an email and he confirmed that it would apologize forward and said that the president. Meets the criteria. For using that word to describe him according to his. Criteria. -- this man lost his his right to freedom of speech. Using the N word to describe the president -- being pressured to to quit here's a texas' freedom of speech protects you. From government action and persecution it doesn't protect you from being fired from your boss find by the NFL. Or being pressured to resign by your constituents. Too many people -- freedom of speech. Even though. It's never been violated. And I agree with and I think it's a very good observation. When it comes to. Expressing your social and political opinions. You have freedom of speech. But when it comes to a lot of things you're still accountable for the speech did you use. It you -- our shorter night's numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Insanity Tex is a 7870 here's detects a reason Dallas. With its new stadium screwed up the Super Bowl ticket frauds Minneapolis has nothing to walk for the fans. But a new stadium. I I hear many have a I have been to a lot of different cities I've always wanted to go to Minneapolis but I I've just I've never had the occasion to go to go to Minneapolis. I hear it's a great city here's a Texan reason Minneapolis is a beautiful city all American city. In the center of the heartland. A little like Seattle. -- nicer. Average temperature in February. Minus tend. You would be happy with the troops I just -- all these people running around in the east these -- like like hamsters. And a juror bulls run through the the tubes in their in their cages to get from one place to another place because they're gonna have all these tubes and in Minneapolis. I here's an update on our WW a pretty -- opinion poll tonight some meals for talking about tonight should business owners have the right to tell. Legally carrying gun owners. That they can't bring. Their guns into their business. Right out to 45% say no and 75% say yes a business does have that right. I got a text a moment ago from somebody that says. A business is like a home and you could tell somebody not to bring a gun into your home. There were you should be able to tell supporting -- to bring a gun in your business. Now if you would support. Bringing a gun anywhere if you're legal gun owner into a restaurant I got a text a moment ago from somebody who says that I -- mispronouncing. The name it is this restaurant it's it's a Denver based restaurant to poultry. I was on the air in Denver and lived there and as far as I know that -- pronouncing it to poultry. I don't think they have any intent in this area but it's it's very -- Denver and on in the western part of the United States. There was a group of gun advocates. Who brought military style weapons into -- a -- restaurant in Denver. And so in response to that the companies now said don't bring your -- very similar to what Seattle did last year. When gun advocates brought their guns into a Starbucks. They said you're guns are no longer welcome is that Arab. Is that a violation. That a violation of Second Amendment Rights. If you and enjoyed tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. And a -- ever is a 77. Mr. Charlie -- understood children every WL. All. Got it codec and you don't you sometimes you can do that. All right -- on -- at all all it all up at 8 o'clock. OK okay. Yeah this to blog tonight is to -- the mentality of the minimum wage worker. -- -- -- -- -- like well. Yeah. I thought she each night I'll work a job. Of the church as well. Electrician apprenticeship program. All. Program where actor or actress. -- at all or shut up to. Lecturer. In all team to hit the ball at all. That. All the kitchen. Just. -- a court. And outs and so -- why. It -- -- Market. Call and ship now. -- -- -- That it. Can't. Get an education. -- OK. So there it. -- Sure ought. To -- And I'll. And that -- It. What do you -- -- Hall. Stepped down. Do you do you bump everybody up on me out and is showing I think that's I think it's a legitimate question I've got to get a break -- a -- -- showed nice to talk to a fellow PGA grand. Nice to know that many of us served. Still around us we had survived and getting a couple of text about -- -- and L one. So I was aware that it I mean that's how they pronounce it here right tripled in Italy for an incident in Denver. I hear is a text -- those business owners will change their minds. When they get robbed and that's a text from Matt. If you join our show tonight with a comment about any of the stuff we're talking about our numbers 260 when he seventy. Toll free 8668890. -- -- Texas a Seve -- we'll be right back to your comments on Debbie WL INS song brings -- back to my polyester days. I never had a leisure suit dog really proud to tell you that I mean not once in my life that I ever own leisure suit. Doctors -- hideous. But he always had like -- thread outlining a whole city looked like he was says still under construction. By a seamstress. Anyways reminds me of of those days. Do you think there's a connection between Democrats and mass murderers as a Republican running for congress and Arizona and he said during a debate that 99% of mass shootings have been. Committed by Democrats pulling out their guns and shooting people. Here's a tech support he's trying to make is Republicans are more responsible with guns then Democrats. Is that true or we now. Talking about responsible gun ownership along. Political ideological lines being Democrat or Republican. We're also talking about the C. -- to other cities and -- not being awarded the Super Bowl. In 2018 which is a New Orleans 300 birthday. This is going to be one hell of party and okay so we have our party anyway and then -- the Super Bowls not here. I by the way -- pelican over Tom Benson is is in the hospital in Atlanta as far as I know he's doing fine. -- dealers meeting -- -- he fell off podium and -- admitted to the hospital but we're still talking about the shock and disappointment in New Orleans not getting Super Bowl. How we are also a -- talking about. Whether business owners. Have the right to tell gun owners who were even legally carrying gun that they can't bring a gun into their business unit is an okay Ayers and an infringement of for the Second Amendment Rights. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. -- a tech's number is -- -- -- a lot of great text to get to and from -- -- year on this future going to be WL. Hey good right they've used. Every -- -- want the new -- And they're going to yeah. Rather they're gonna get the -- do whatever -- you -- that they have. Get that 88. Year old. Get the Super Bowl would fail if they opened it. So. Far it -- Minneapolis. I mean that is the colder climate in the nation and as and that helped me. That is sure they'll beat anybody who built it. I think you're I think you're right to be looking back. I understand why they gave it to Minneapolis also like kind of thought with this being there are. Tri Centennial. Birthday here in New Orleans to 2018 I really thought new worlds is gonna get I was quite surprised anybody which surprises as well. But now looking back on it it does it it does make sense. Yeah and and they don't think. Like in the game is built by. So I don't know I got a text a moment ago from my trees you know assured and she said do you think -- the black counties. Is the reason this was the first time we oh loss to do it I don't think the black community to do it that's the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So they're they're going to they're gonna show every city that if you want to super bully even a building new stadium. And if they if they can have the the Super Bowl. In Minneapolis. In January February guess would be in early February. Where the temperature is frigid. Then obviously they're making a statement Lewis and political show and that night I guess the other discussions and ideas. Do we need a new state. Mention we built it on the river. This is this cute show we're coming right back -- WL should business owners have the right to tell those legally carrying guns that they can't bring their guns into their business that's -- WW a pretty general opinion poll right now it's 45% say no. And Seve for assessing -- business does have a right to do that -- your opinion by going to WW real dot comfort Texas Howard -- got time for quick comment. I think the comment. Chapel hill's statement came all the -- Chapel -- bank president has assigned -- other bank. I'll licensed gun owners a welcomed into his bank. And I actually had little with the bases well this might suspect some -- awaiting might be packing a pistol someone might -- -- -- gun in my. These discouraging robbing this bank but he gets assigned. And it's it's that old thing. But he has Brooklyn on people that have slices into the bank in the quick. The balance -- and it does need and it failed hold. The Wallace hostage when new stadium in the -- there you'd need a lot more offered any other city in the country. The wall and don't be held hostage by NFL. Part of Mexico -- listing in Texas. Here's a Texan reasoned response to. The commented business owners will change their minds if they get robbed. Yeah that's just what I want is an army are rifle our army rifle bullets flying in addition to being robbed. It's a more your text are coming up but one of things are talking about -- -- business owners have a right to Italian hey you can't pack -- come into our restaurant where our business. This is the -- show and we'll be right back after the news on every WL.