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May 20, 2014|

Tonight on the Scoot show: is the new message in the NFL ‘build it and they will come’ with a Super Bowl! Minneapolis built a new football stadium and the NFL awarded them Super Bowl 52 in 2018…the same one we were bidding on. If we had won it would have coincided with our 300th Anniversary in New Orleans. What is your reaction to the decision to have the Super Bowl in Minneapolis? PLUS: the Denver based restaurant Chipotle is now asking customers NOT to bring their guns into their restaurants. This was in response to some gun advocates brining their military –type weapons in a Chipotles restaurant. Does a business have the right to tell customers they are not allowed to bring guns into their business? If you believe a business has a right to refuse to serve gays and lesbians – then wouldn’t’ you have to support a business’s right to refuse to allow customers to bring their guns in the business? AND: a police commissioner in New Hampshire has finally resigned after admitting he used the n-word when referring to President Obama and refused to apologize for it. Did the police commissioner lose his right to freedom of speech?

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Welcome back to our show on this Tuesday night's graduate -- it was just another beautiful day of course it's getting hot and humid and it's it'll probably be in the nineties by the weekend but we just had such. A stretch of really great weather. The city is -- is in shock in their quite disappointed that we were not awarded the Super Bowl in 2018 which is the tri Centennial of the city of New Orleans -- 300 birth date. Minneapolis it was awarded the Super Bowl that year. They just built a new stadium to one billion dollar stadium and a I guess when you. When you look back on its I was really thinking new worlds is gonna get it because. 300 birthday that year. But looking back audit. It's it's about money and says a city built a new stadium. And so the reward is you get the Super Bowl and I'm sure there was a lot of for a talk behind the scenes if you build the stadium you're gonna get the Super Bowl. A first chance we have we have an opportunity given to. As so that is causing some people to talk about do we need in the stadium in new worlds. Amid the superdome is it is a wonderful facility. I guess in some ways. Audio visually it might be outdated but there are things it can be done to to update the superdome. There will never ever be another stadium built like the superdome for the price and again correct me if I'm wrong for for some reason these figures are are her in my mind. The projected cost was seventy million. He was over budget which was quite controversial time I think the superdome was built for 145 million. And again no other stadium. Could be built like that for even close to that price. So this one billion dollar stadium in Minneapolis. I'm sure is very spectacular. But I guess it's really about the stadium to hold the Super Bowl in Minneapolis. In February early February. Who would be insane. Except that they've got this big new stadium and they're gonna have these troops. Miles and miles of tubes. That connect the stadium with hotels. And with shopping areas. And so again I just I kind of condition people running around in these these troops like -- hamsters going from one part of the cage to another. But I I've never been to Minneapolis here it is a great city. You know we have our doctor John Harry Connick junior. They have prints -- -- is a big -- at the polls in six different states the Tea Party in the conservative writer trying to establish dominance in the Republican Party. And I've just learned that to senator Mitch McConnell has beaten the Tea Party candidate in Kentucky and I don't think it's really -- much of a surprise but this. These primaries tonight could give us somewhat of an indication of what the mid term elections will look like. A coming out in November here's an update on our WWL party -- my opinion poll. Should business owners. Have the right to tell legally carrying gun owners that they can't bring their guns into their business. This is the results of Denver based restaurant chipotle. Telling customers you can bring your guns. In anymore. And last year it was Starbucks in Seattle they told gun advocates that they can no longer bring their guns into a Starbucks. And it seems like these particular gun owners were simply trying to make a statement about the Second Amendment. Rather than having to guns with them for actual protection if you wanna join our show with a comet tonight are numbers 2601870. Told free. 8668890. Point seven via text -- receipt sanity insanity. Here's an update on the -- a 43%. Say that businesses. Don't have a right to tell you can't bring a gun into the business and 77% say yes they do have a right. I give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. For Jeb -- showing your on the -- showed good evening. An emotional cricket as a -- -- school. You know that's all. -- -- 000. He's got great game. That -- it all out in right. -- -- that. Albeit it. A little. -- Well they don't give you Super Bowl every year. And so. It occasionally occasionally we may -- on Super Bowl with we don't have a new stadium. But it somebody mentioned earlier that we should not be held hostage. By the NFL. Built a new stadium you know and have the Super Bowl because I would think because we aren't New Orleans. And the Super Bowl -- superdome is quite adequate. It's a very nice facility. No reason -- this idiot not to for a. Moderate and -- the little man that they'll be rapid -- Well that it's true we may not have the most modern stadium but we have a fine facility and it's in New Orleans and there's so a lot of attractive things about that. Well you know my -- again expected. Well. As totally. But that there aren't there or the other different cities that would get the Super Bowl even if we built the new stadium we wouldn't have it every year. In it would you know economy so global group that it'd make it equal. -- that and if -- post. Shown that you think he's that you think we should build a new stadium. It should stay up in the courtroom. And an -- right. That would immediately be beautiful settings it's gonna break it all apart on the net -- in the and it got. It would be honest drew in. The problem in the Super -- people outcome at all. So don't you think they'll come anyway even if we don't have a new stadium. Are not all the years ago so we'll. See. And I. Got. Sean I think that's a good point -- I appreciate you calling our show tonight here's a Texas Stadium and and Minneapolis is not yet built. I didn't mean to get the impression that it was -- -- it was -- finished it it will be by that. The Super Bowl in 2018 of these a lot of animation to show exactly how spectacular this stadium is is going to be. I mean let's be honest our Mercedes-Benz superdome. Is. Somewhat dated it's still as far as I know and I'm not in that business of of hosting events and I don't know all the the the specifics. Of what's needed to host an event but I've been to the don't for a lot of different things from concerts to conventions to. On Mardi Gras balls to all kinds of offensive football games basketball games. And it seems like a fine facility. Do we really need a new stadium in north I think it would be great avenue stadium on the river and if we did build a new stadium that would be the place to build it. I got a -- a little while ago from somebody who suggested that this is a great opportunity to take advantage of the land. On the North Shore to build a stadium there. I remember being on the air for the the superdome was built and there was controversy about where to put the superdome. And it was a lot of talk about it being out in -- But that would not really help the city of New Orleans. And as -- -- you think. First of all there is something to everybody saying were at the Mercedes-Benz superdome in New Orleans. As opposed to we're at the Mercedes-Benz superdome in Kenner Louisiana. Mean I'm not I'm not downplaying. -- And to simply saying that the it's a lot better to safe from New Orleans. And they would beast saying from from Kenner Louisiana or from a Covington Louisiana. Again nothing wrong with those places but it's Saturday from the -- is also the superdome has been part of the skyline of the city. And I think that's very very important. So if there would be another stadium it needs to be deal downtown. And it should be on the river. Here is a text that -- the NFL standards and New Orleans does not need a new stadium to get another Super Bowl. I'm here is another text we do not need a new stadium. That is just ridiculous. I don't fix what ain't broke the Super Bowl will be here no matter what and I agree with that. I mean OK so so we don't have the the most high tech state. That's okay. We have things that nobody else -- We have hotels. And restaurants and bars and everything so close to to the Super Bowl. So close to the super bully people can walk to the super ball -- -- and we have to do that university. And again in Minneapolis are gonna be going through these little tubes from one place to another. There's somebody sent a text earlier and I'd I don't challenge is the average temperature in Minneapolis is a ten below. That time of year. You still have to get. From the airport. To the stadium. Or to your hotel. And there there could be problems remember when a Dallas at the Super Bowl there was it was iced it which certificate which have frigid conditions there and it was say it was a tough environment and and Dallas isn't really known for that kind of frigid weather that time of year. If you join our show with your comment tonight for our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And our text number. Is a 7870. Alaska block tonight is on our website at WW -- -- it's titled the mentality of minimum wage workers were talking about this. Last week on the show. And it's come up again I I I did the morning show for Tony Tucker who was off today. And I are talking about a conversation that I had to win if there with David one of the the managers when the manager of of of pitino's. And the the philosophy that they have with that business of finding training and maintaining good quality. Employees. That really care about their jobs. And might be concerned with raising the minimum wages there are a lot of people who don't deserve the race because. They don't work hard enough. Again you can read a blog incher with others it's on our website at W -- count. I'm screwed and we'll be right back and to be WL another NFL cheerleader is complaining about low wages if she's a former cheerleader with the Tampa Bay Bucs and she claims in the lawsuit that she was paid two dollars an hour. -- she's paid a hundred dollars for each home game. But with practice and events that she had to go to as the Tampa Bay Bucs cheerleader it amounted to about two dollars an hour. If she really have a case. -- issues getting -- hundred dollars per game and knew that there would be practice. And -- that there would be things that she would be obligated to go to -- cheerleader. -- this year the case. I honestly don't feel sorry for these cheerleaders if SS -- that you wanna do then that the don't do Apatow to accept the job realizing that it really doesn't pay very much. -- I don't ever get the impression that girls become cheerleaders of NFL teams. For the money. If you enjoys from the -- tonight about any we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Tool free 8668890870. At a text number is 87870. A driver also talking about. This in Denver based restaurant chain to poultry. They have told their customers don't bring any guns. Because gun advocates. Russian military type weapons. Into a restaurant. At it now said -- guns are not welcome. Here's a to BWR project opinion poll tonight should business owners have the right to tell those who legally carry guns that they can't bring their guns into their business. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com and we'll update on that as we continue to track that poll. Throughout our show a 2 -- morning -- WWL first news of Tommy Tucker Tony will continue the conversation about. About New Orleans losing the bid for Super Bowl number 52 to Minneapolis. Oh what's the difference between their billion dollar stadium and and what we have it was the separately the big difference and is in new stadium more important in the historic event of New Orleans celebrating its 300 birthday. In 2018 which is why I thought we -- I I thought -- I thought we and I thought it was just a formality. But thinking about it now I've realized that building a new stadium is a very very big deal also tell -- we'll talk about a lawsuit claiming that the opening. Who Led Zeppelin iconic song stairway to heaven which ripped off. From another -- -- what you hear. The song that. It was allegedly ripped off from and the beginning of their way to have a so wake up -- feel good Tommy Tucker will be back with you tomorrow morning from six -- ten. Here on WWL. Night tiger fans -- remind you L issue is in the SEC baseball tournament the tigers are a seeded number three. They will face six seeded Vanderbilt and commodores pregame is tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock. First pitch tomorrow at 930. And you'll hear it right here on the big 87 DW WL EM and 1053. Debbie WL FM. Also tonight we're talking about a police commissioner in New Hampshire. I'm pleased to pressure from wolf -- New Hampshire. Robert Copeland. Refer to President Obama. As the N -- In a conversation. And acknowledged it used it in an email. -- said I believe I did use the N word in reference to the current occupant of the White House for this I do not apologize. He meets the standards. He meets and exceeds my criteria. For such. Now this is a predominantly white community in many political leaders in many white residents called for him to resign even Mitt Romney called his. Comment violence that there's no place in our community for people like that. Is this an infringement of freedom of speech. Are we -- it is it was a good depression disguised. Out of office again to join Russia with a comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's having a -- -- 8787. -- is a text. That reads the NFL uses the the Super Bowl as incentives to make cities build new stadiums. It's a text about bringing guns into a restaurant. I own a restaurant that someone walks in with a gun I would actually ask them to leave. Or at the very least he or she will have to put the gun. In their car. And here's a text taking off on my comment about people. In Minneapolis in 2008 team are rotting running around in these tubes looking like hamsters. And you get from the airport to downtown Minneapolis in one of those giant hamster balls. Tennis would be one way to get there. Here's a question that I have a doubt. About gun advocates. Can any gun owner. Explained to me is there a legitimate reason. Why. You would bring a gun. A military. Type weapons. Into. A restaurant and to -- these. It's not a fast food restaurant per say but it's a very casually dining restaurant. Is there any legitimate reason. Why he would bring a gun and and brazenly. Show off your -- And this happened with gun enthusiast at a Starbucks in Seattle. And Starbucks and started new policy. You're not allowed to bring your guns into Starbucks. So did a few. Gun owners. Ruin it for other gun owners. Biden recently showing off their -- I didn't think he -- correct me if I'm wrong. But I didn't think you were supposed to show off you're -- I thought the Second Amendment. Gave you -- right to have a gun for protection. To protect yourself your family your life few property. But it wasn't about showing off your -- Are -- people who simply. -- to show off their guns. And that's not the right reason only and is it. If you enjoyed our shooter right -- numbers 2601870. Chill free 86688. -- are we simply text number. Is -- 7870. Is a text they were transportation problems when Detroit had a Super Bowl all of the snow and ice. Yeah I mean there's still possibilities of of nightmarish type problems in Minnesota. In Minneapolis. In early February. Here is a textile Y nine to just keep remodeling the dome little by little. Here is a text to I'm enjoying your show. And would enjoy hearing what people think about the colonization of Mars Sunday night if you see fit. You know that's not something we've really talked about very often on the show the colonization of Mars. -- you know we think about illegal immigration. In the battle over illegal immigration in this country. Wouldn't be we be doing something that many people in this country now oppose which is just you know going to a country where we united you know a citizen just. Trying to become part of this is because you know the martians -- -- gonna complained it. Beat the earthlings are are coming to Mars because life is better on Mars. They were put their kids in the martian schools. It would take advantage of the that the martian health care system I mean there's going to be all of these like I guess this would bring in new meaning to the term. Illegal alien. Here is another text. I asked an inside source a couple of years ago if the NFL loves the superdome. Because of its history and iconic nature. But learned that the NFL does not care about the superdome. In the least it's actually becoming a hindrance. And we're still in the running for future Super Bowls because of the factors like closeness. And hotel rooms. It's all about the dollars and the newer stadiums are giving a lead more. So the playing field is more level for places like Minnesota. If a status and so do you have this feeling now that we need a new stadium in New Orleans. We are New Orleans. And I don't think we should ever sit back to just take for granted well you know we're New Orleans. But we are New Orleans and we have thinks offer that no other city can offer. It seems to me that the dome is adequate though. Outdated in. Relation to many of the new stadiums being built including this new stadium that's being built in in Minnesota. But even if it's somewhat outdated it's still a great facility. And -- We -- new worlds. Here's a text last time Minnesota hosted a Super Bowl it was minus ten in everyone complained about the temperature. Also. There's nothing to do. I get I've never been to Minneapolis so light I don't know but I do know how much the media and fans. -- coming to the Super Bowl in New Orleans I thought we were gonna get it. From Guerrero. WL. School you know what -- talk about the issue here in New Hampshire yeah what is racist sales. -- mean not okay. Defense should be an application. And national. -- -- we. And president -- any black president. -- -- -- -- The the gross lack of respect for the office of the presidency. In 2014. And is started before this year on here is is embarrassing to me. And you know it wouldn't. It's want people to. The. Action and you read it you know -- didn't. Get. Me. You know -- people. The Prague in state. The hole and a little bit you know and and much. Respect for. Yeah if if if somebody like a police commissioner wants to disagree with the president do it in an intelligent way and don't justify using the N word. It can't push pure and -- the -- -- -- walk. And the police -- you don't. First Amendment being an app. The bill because when you are a would you. I often where it is in the Egyptian Libyan you don't you to a different. -- being able to claim. My freedom you help he didn't. A I'm New Hampshire Robert Copeland who referred to President Obama as the -- -- saying I believe I did use the N word in reference to the current occupant of the White House. For this I do not apologized he meets and exceeds my criteria for such. The guy should resign he should have been forced out from Livingston David you're on the BW well. I yes I'd like to briefly touch on that topic that you distressed and just sort. I do believe that. A person has the freedom of speech. But at the ability to express themselves. In any manner they see their within the confines -- pit -- this year. -- decided to make ask themselves and opened -- now. In front of the wrong person. And freedom of speech does allow you to have the freedom to exposure ignorance. It's it's also a privilege so. It's. He. Outrage -- idea about these comments made by the share. We're from private citizens who were upset. With the -- little speech. They have the right to express that so to -- one around and not on a rail. They have the legal like it's now the case with Donald Sterling. Yeah he's looking at a civil penalty or speaking as Smart. I disagree with that believes there should be. Insulation from civil prosecution. Gives you say something that's on your. If someone else gets offended and decides to. Backed us about it there within their legal rights and this -- stepping down was the most appropriate thing for advocate. But did it wouldn't you agree that when it comes to Donald Sterling. When it comes to the comment made by -- Miami Dolphins safety. Don Jones who made a comment that he was disgusted by the kiss between Michael sand. And I and his boyfriend after restricted by the rams. Those two people are part of our industries. They don't tolerate anti gay and and racist comments and that's that's pretty well established so if you don't follow the rules of the industry that you're part of will there be repercussions. While most of these companies. Most of these corporation perhaps morality clause. Which govern what a person can say when representing. A French. Accompany your chain whatever. Like an agent Donald Sterling. The conversation. Was private it was on -- tell where there was expectation of privacy. And I'm not sure what the law is in California but in the state of Louisiana in. And in most other states in the country there is a two party consent and recording account. And that's the case in California and I've never I've never heard that challenge I've never heard Mike guy Donald Sterling say that. He wasn't informed that he was being recorded so it's always been my assumption all along that he knew he was being recorded and then I guess you also have to to question David. The sincerity in the trust factor of somebody who always cheating with you who's married. I mean it was a sort about the credibility of the girl only you your confiding in this person you're gonna trust this person I mean how trustworthy -- I agree there is no substitute common sense however I do not believe the man charged. To point out million dollars or on a virtual drop that's got to be the most expensive long distance -- -- All of that. Where regardless of the call withers the Second Amendment issue you chipotle. Are grown now and are -- rush rush out and steadily you know in the state of Texas. There are out there are open carry arms if a person wants to go into Iraq -- stake -- legally carry a rifle or -- And play inside. Com -- support that right I believe that a person should. You have the ability to defend themselves. Wherever they are legally permitted. Day. -- it when you start getting involved and Second Amendment advocates say. And you're organizing. These were out your -- going out and places that don't necessarily want that publicity. And. You've got 3040 people all armed with an assault rifles or are. Four handguns shotguns whatever. And you haven't checked where this with this institute -- habit. Don't -- restarts and how this might negatively but expect to cure our. -- -- would you think that people who are those kinds of gun advocates in this is Donald gun advocates but those type of gun advocates they don't really care what business thinks there they're trying to prove a point. They could care worker with the -- -- again -- killer with the customers but these instant. Do you do you think it do you think of business has a right to say even though you're carrying legally. And even though you can legally own a gun you can't bring the gun into our our restaurant. Angela as long as it's private property which is generally BJ absolute. Fit it's someone comes into your child brandishing a fire arm. Yeah and most cases they're not welcome -- -- they would be out there would be the recipient of some very -- I would be uncomfortable I have to put myself in in that position I would be uncomfortable at a Starbucks or -- two -- restaurants here if if if I sought public you're going suffice so much -- military type guns and that would bother me. I think it's the best approach to -- -- Ted accuracy is education. Yeah a firearm -- In inanimate object that can give no arm as long as it's not in Iran can't I -- you've got a large group of people that. -- you're not you're not aware. What -- -- person there are are they are familiar with their history and yourself a roomful of people we. The list. Powerful weapons. And I'm a target but -- somebody that I don't know with the are shifting instructed their back. It is and it's. Well you're not gonna go in and I am you know there are you not gonna enjoy the burrito is much. No I'm I'm probably going to be keeping an eye on the person now is. We're out presenting themselves as a potential threat. David I have got to get to break but I really did enjoy our conversation thanks for listening to W -- at night if you wanna join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. At a tax -- every seven and I'm scoops and we'll be right back. Should -- voters have the right to tell those legally carrying guns that they can't bring your gun into their business that's -- -- WL party general opinion poll tonight here's an update. 245% say no business doesn't have a right to do that but 75% say business does. Have a right to do that I today's a big day at the polls in six different states said the Tea Party seriously challenge to senator Mitch McConnell in Kentucky. And tonight senator Mitch McConnell has won that primary on beating the Tea Party candidate in Kentucky and now. Democratic candidate which for him in November if you wanna join our show tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Points or assembly tax receipts every it's every. Is a -- reads now Obama has not acted like the president he has not earned respect. Here's another tax completely agree with you. On the disgusting. Disgusted feeling I have for the lack of respect for our president. Majority of people don't even use the word president. When speaking his name southern Republicans really need to step out of their bubble. I hear is attacks I remember the names Democrats called Reagan and both bushes 41 and 43. Respect. A lot of the names used are worse than the inward. -- here here's the hypocrisy of lawlessness. And we talked about this before. Those people who were disrespectful. Of the office of the presidency. Beyond the man who sits in the White House. Are many of the people. Who told Lou that those who totally disrespect to George W. Bush saying he's an idiot. He says a Coke head coming entering remember all the names of all the disrespect for for. And George W. Bush. And that was equally -- wrong. You can disagree with the president. But we should as a nation respect the office of the presidency. From New Orleans east Elmo here on the screen showing every WL. Yes between this. -- whole -- in Mexico is that. Disagree -- a Republican president. Or racial of people strange. Remembered people. Of freedom of speech. -- a bunch of baloney. Is Obama has been called. -- Strictly because he's apple look at record. -- can be in that. This decade and waste -- what would be. Being the man do it would be there are people who -- mainstream America. On net goo balls. Because at me with his -- it you're not going to be temporary United States with two terms is serving. You look at oak. Thought they -- ludicrous. I'll just let -- I'd disagree with the books of the world the rig but again no disrespect. Disagree complete lyrically. But at this expect a price and strictly liquidity is good moment -- at all in the -- think it would ultimately prevail and. That the disrespect. Started before Obama had a chance to do anything in office. I appreciate you calling elbow in your -- stay witness. Why can't we respect the office of the presidency. And again I just find it's so interesting that there are so many people who. Don't respect the office of the presidency and yet they were were telling people either literally or. And their hearts and minds they were telling those who were critical of George W. Bush and didn't respect the presidency when bush was in the White House they were telling those people. -- at least respect the office of the presidency even if you disagree with the man who is president. This is the -- she'll. And we'll be right back on every WL this hour is your show is rapidly come to an end we've got to get to news if you're holding you -- just hang on August your calls it right after the news here. Here's an update on our -- give -- a pretty jaguar opinion poll has been fluctuating back and forth and we're back to. These figures and the question is should business owners have the right to tell those who legally carrying guns they can't bring guns into their businesses. It has been fluctuating though little while ago was sent 20% said no 80% said yes now it's 45% say no. In 75% say yes of business has a right to say hey you can't bring a gun into our business. And we're talking about this because the Denver based restaurant chain at a polling. Has told its customers after some gun advocates brought in military type weapons. -- -- to just make a point about owning guns. Customers were no longer allowed to bring guns into the restaurants last year Starbucks to the same thing when gun advocates. Where brazenly showing off their guns -- I guess trying to make a point of having the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. They were bringing their guns into Starbucks and Starbucks said no more guns. In our in our -- This is the schoolchildren and were coming right back at a WL.