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May 20, 2014|

: is the new message in the NFL ‘build it and they will come’ with a Super Bowl! Minneapolis built a new football stadium and the NFL awarded them Super Bowl 52 in 2018…the same one we were bidding on. If we had won it would have coincided with our 300th Anniversary in New Orleans. What is your reaction to the decision to have the Super Bowl in Minneapolis? PLUS: the Denver based restaurant Chipotle is now asking customers NOT to bring their guns into their restaurants. This was in response to some gun advocates brining their military –type weapons in a Chipotles restaurant. Does a business have the right to tell customers they are not allowed to bring guns into their business? If you believe a business has a right to refuse to serve gays and lesbians – then wouldn’t’ you have to support a business’s right to refuse to allow customers to bring their guns in the business? ALSO: another NFL cheerleader is complaining that they get paid low wages. A former Tampa Bay cheerleader claims in a lawsuit that she was paid $100 for each home game, bit with practice and events she only earned about $2 an hour. Does she have a case?

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-- are all little disappointing we were not awarded the Super Bowl in 2008 team which is the 300 birthday of New Orleans the city is actually older than the United States of America. So we're gonna have our party that year without the NFL. And I'm sure we'll get another Super -- that this is actually -- led to a conversation that I really hadn't considered. Really hadn't thought about. The need for a new stadium here. Because the superdome is a fine facility. In some ways it's it's outdated. And there are bigger newer stadiums bigger and overstating the billion dollar stadium being built him. Minneapolis which is what apparently it was the sole reason that attracted the Super Bowl in 2018 option -- a lot of conversations around the NFL. If you build the stadium we will give you Super Bowl first chance we get. And the year is. An incentive to build new stadiums. And it's my understanding that there has been some talk about building a new stadium here on the river for a which would be great site for a new stadium. But is that something we've really neat. And is that something that would. Would cost the taxpayers. As opposed to bringing in more money than it would -- it would cost. Me again if it is the dome is really adequate. And I mean more than adequate. If it's a really nice facility. And again I don't I don't know how outdated the deal is an audio. Visually it might be outdated -- it's outdated in a lot of ways. But it's still find stadium and and we -- were and and you about the type of person who says well we're New Orleans you know we deserves that we don't deserve anything. But we are very special place to -- something like the Super Bowl. I'm disappointed and I'm really shocked but as I look back on and I think. You know I guess I shouldn't be that surprised. A billion dollar stadium. And the NFL rewards that city and I guess tries to send an incentive to other cities. Built a new stadium. If you with a Super Bowl. If you wanna join Russia with a comment tonight are numbers 2601870. -- free 866889. Steroids every text -- -- 7870. -- are talking about a police commissioner in New Hampshire who finally resigned after using the inward to refer to President Obama. And he refused to apologize. Wolf for a police commissioner Robert Copeland referred to President Obama as the inward. In a conversation and acknowledged that he used it in an email. Coppola says I believe I did use the N word in reference to the current occupant of the White House for this I do not apologize. He meets and exceeds my criteria for such. A lot of white politicians and like residency and -- -- New Hampshire. Asked him to resign. Even Mitt Romney called his comment vial and said there's no place in our community for people like that however there are people who are defending this man's right. To freedom of speech and again we've learned that you have a right to freedom of speech but you're also going to be held accountable for what you say. One of the things we're talking about tonight is also this idea that you should be able to disagree with the man who was in the White House. And yet still have respect for the office of the presidency. And there were people on the left. Who thought bush was above -- They -- George W. Bush was in idiot meaning guy only made sees -- Yale. Sounds pretty good to me. But they were people who totally. Mocked. And diminished the presidency. When George W. Bush was in the White House. And many of the people who disagree with his president even disrespect the office of the presidency now. With a very ones who said hey you might not agree with the president but at least respect the office of the presidency. Here's a text that says. If I don't like Obama does that automatically make me a racist. And I mean I do not respect the office how dare you make this assumption. -- first of all let's set the record straight I did not make that assumption. He put them on yourself. There are people who don't like president because there are racist. There are people who don't like the president because of his policies. And here's an interesting text -- your calls are just a moment. Is it phony blacks accuse whites of -- Obama strictly because he's black. Yet 98% of blacks voted for him strictly because he's black. They don't care about -- qualifications. Or his policies just -- skin color. Correct me if I'm wrong. But isn't that close to the percentage of blacks that vote Democrat. And haven't -- been quite Democrats who have attracted. An overwhelming percentage of the black vote in the past. I'm not arguing that Democrats always do. Always do justice. To the black community. I'm not saying that Democrats always improve the plate of of Black America. But I would again I take this is. A way affect -- trying to justify. Not liking Obama and some people don't like Obama because he's black and I I heard it is soon as the man took office. -- when it is -- campaign sure. There are people who -- can't get over the idea that he's black I don't think that's the majority of this country. But it's a lot of people. And when a police commissioner in New Hampshire uses the N word justifies it. It doesn't apologize fort. I think we have a conversation to talk about. And we should challenge ourselves to respect the office of the presidency even if we don't like or respect the man. Who who is president. If you enjoyed our -- right on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- -- 8787. Out of a town Paula you're the stewardship good evening. -- -- -- Comment at Purdue -- in the you know the Super Bowl you on the ticket over eleven -- One way or about the superdome and old antiquated. Guilty and I know it. -- that -- the -- all results are what we can improve stadium Erica an option and and -- Now. Whoever is going to go now to go all been the -- to make it a state of the art. Institutions. Don't seem like they're like -- that he -- some audio. Then. Today -- China updated -- And I don't insult like. I don't get it does not put the money it -- it's up to -- that probably one of the big reasons they lost. Our own direction pulpit -- they're trying to compete with its stated the -- stadiums. These days. Yeah -- -- one point obviously the superdome poised to crown jewel of the stadium city in America and did. You know I go to the dome I still think it's a fine facility. I quit about. And I think that's the problem I com. Until like living around like the old -- And got in Jamaica we use for. Now I think that's something that possible -- ago. How people that financially. Or idea but you ought to call it. Flap could play well archer and like okay. -- territory they. And really good -- it could be updated. In Beijing. To -- the artery and. And they may have to they may have to do that I got sent text tonight from people who have asked the question. Do we not get the the Super Bowl 2018 because the lights went out last -- -- the civil I don't think that's a factor at all I really. -- really believe. -- I -- all section during the game. And all that. Do -- do this behind. And I know it. -- awarded to sit in the sweet. To dispel them on paper. You know the terrorists and movies you're close it and and you don't get a feel for what experiences appearing -- -- here because you are like this -- poker. Which you like this the superdome totally. Redone or would you like in new stadium built on the river. I am not well me I would look -- and I think the -- -- time. At we we August. We -- all the location and I do not suited to. -- around the country and turn the location of that new stadium right downtown with all the activities and hotel. And then you know grabbing it from port street to the ripper they're not going to be that much of a different. No idea it would be a little further -- a little further. 22 law. But yeah it's still walk. The law at this stage such a 4830. And all bumper traffic so it's still easily beaten the mystery. Paula good to color showing your conversation with nationalistic. I'm from New Orleans Terrence you're on WWL. -- All right are able to comment on the statement that you -- -- a ball you know ain't -- due respect for -- you know I'm pretty. Well I think it's healthy for us as Americans to hold respect for the office of the presidency. And understand. Particularly with our constitution. That we can vehemently disagree with the man who is the president but we as a nation should practice respect for. The office of the presidency regardless of who's in the White House. Our field told that you waited you do about it even -- Democrat. And even win bush was -- -- President Bush looked at all the are still respected well wish. Even bill it -- me I'll I guess certain comments he mumbled yeah eight in certain example using -- There were people who. Mocked bush called him names thought -- idiot did not even consider him to be worthy of the presidency. I and this is not new dis respecting the -- the office of the presidency but it's something that we should. I think test ourselves to do was -- nation because it's it's healthy for us as it did turn to our patriotism. Well school look at people but he also. If we respect column the look so called the may coaching decisions where we're not just staying up all the world is looking these. In win column -- you know you respect. Of -- the united they all due respect. From all the country. It'll be an it'll get -- so right LP you would disagree. But it is slow they'll be in it makes a lot of -- The compromise. Compromised the result while. To keep going in the right. -- Stewart what would happen so is this country is so divided along political ideological lines stated this hate for. And disrespect for the office of the presidency really fits the hate that is part of the political conversations today. Yes -- erupted in -- little and I am very sorry they are not really seeing. Progress that America should be based real. Well certainly you know I'm confident that our. -- about being -- we should be doing better. I would agree with you mean we're we're we're doing OK we've come a long way I appreciate your call terrorist thanks listening to WWL at night. But we have -- -- ago. And I think regardless of who's in the White House respecting the office of the presidency. Is an important thing for Americans to do. Here's an update on -- WW a party general people should business owners have the right to tell those who legally carry guns they cannot bring their guns in their business. 21% say no and 79%. Say yes. Is your opinion by going to W elder icon it's the schoolchildren Tuesday nights and we'll be right back on the -- this is the honest truth I'm. I'm doing something with my arms here in the studio during that break. And that prompted John -- studio producer to play YMCA. I guess he thought -- stealth. Spelling out YMCA here in the in the studio. It's the Scotia on Tuesday night to graduate -- we've been talking about this police commissioner in New Hampshire. Who finally resigned he was put under a lot of pressure to resign because he's the and word in referring to President Obama and refused to apologize for saying that the president. Meets and exceeds his criteria. For using that word. Mitt Romney difficulties a comment violence and there's no place. In our community for people like that -- disagree with the man who was president but yet still respect the office of the presidency. We're also talking about two -- the the Denver based restaurant chain and is telling customers that they can't bring their guns if they're not welcome to bring their guns into the restaurants. This is in response to go and advocates bringing in military type weapons. I don't know about you but I wouldn't feel comfortable going into. Casual restaurant. With people carrying military style weapons. Are just are flooding guns it wouldn't be comfortable. And that's -- W duo project a -- she businesses and the right to say that you can't come in here with a -- 20% saying 079% say yes it is your opinion by going to our web site WW -- -- -- Here's a comment -- an eight year calls here just a moment here's a comment. If Reid said the problem with the police chief is. The racial bias against the president he is a symbol of his unequal treatment of minorities. Any one of us could be a minority in his -- mine there's no place for people like him in any position of authority. I could not agree more but we've also been talking about New Orleans not being awarded. The a suitable 2018 I thought we were gonna get it I'm surprised to Bobby Hebert was shocked in fact we've got his reaction. On our website at WWL dot com and I'm sure you've heard talk about this all day today. We're also talking about this tonight and it seems to be some conversation about. How outdated the superdome here's here's the text of Reid's -- -- the superdome not rebuild a date. Here's another text the the dome is famous. And old another text the dome is small and capacity. But there is not a bad seat in the place. But compared to. Other stadiums is dated and lacks. A lot of creature comforts. Maybe they meant to say feature comforts. Opera mobile David journalist who should be leading. It is uncalled good in the superdome here and at the Carolina game lecture. Well Canada and that -- -- two in the fifth and took -- before trying to. I actually think that they do a lot of updating and upgrading to the superdome when they put that -- reform and had renovated after. I did not think politely -- audio visual. A couple of all of the well. All that because. Well I think they -- because that you know that the that the all in and a though. That stadium. You can skip all of a lot like New York got a structure that while the state. -- -- the dumb enough to -- The league. Obviously. Not my spotter not the most during -- Everybody points to Jerry world now -- no -- All the in the stadium. Is the. Exactly exactly I mean you know that did the Jerry dome is in Irving Texas Sammy nothing against Irving Texas the that's a suburb of Dallas and for worse. Our dome is in New Orleans and if it is adequate. As much as I would love to see a stadium on the river -- that would be -- majestic. As much as I would love to see that if our dome is perfectly adequate. And if it would cost taxpayers. Dollars. Above and beyond -- what it would generate in terms of revenue. Then do we really need to go out of our way to build the new stadium I mean I understand the cities like Minneapolis. Might have to do that in order to attract the Super Bowl but to us spend a billion dollars in the stadium is it definitely consideration. -- but in the you know -- that although. He -- Championship caliber football team right here in the -- I would rather you'll. You'll spend that money. Keep saying championship caliber team in the -- at -- in the book forty years and another twenty years. Habit that's gonna that's gonna David I'm glad to color show that's gonna have more to do with the salary cap the saints rather than. The and the money needed to build a new stadium. -- from Henry Brian you're on WWL. It's good up all that former -- cheerleader. I have a really Polycom bombing that that our export agent story. You know it's not like the job we do -- go out in Kenya and a via me actually audition. He put these girls do very physical conditioning. Really tough competition to make that while I mean it's not I'm pretty sure they have been no fault when didn't fail. Well I I yeah I think it's obvious state you know you're gonna have to practice I think this is just entitlement mentality and if you just joined us tonight. Another NFL cheerleader is complaining about low wages and we've we've heard about this recently was lawsuits against teams and this is a former cheerleader with the Tampa Bay Bucs she's claiming -- lawsuit that she was paid about two dollars an hour paid a hundred dollars for each home game. But with practice time and going to different events that she had to go to as. A Tampa Bay -- cheerleader. It ended up being about two dollars an hour I don't think she has a case and I don't think these cheerleader should be whining and complaining about this if you don't want to be a cheerleader. Then don't do it. Well we look at the big picture. They expose that you enemy had a pretty pretty in person. Well you know I mentioned earlier you -- -- -- a lot of attractive women who just have a hard time meeting guys if they can say I am cheerleader than you know -- guys might -- I'm just I'm being sarcastic about it. But there are privileges. To being. In that position. -- calendar shot. You get all caught up eventually get beat goes to put exposure to -- -- -- we get at least the bigger opportunity. Brian I totally agree with him quite scholarship if you to join us with your comment tonight about any of -- stuff we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And a text number is a 77. And this is this a former Tampa -- cheerleader on and off the source for her at all. Did she think she was not gonna have to practice. I mean maybe I'm missing if I'm missing something here please call me or semi texting and enlighten me. But if you know you're gonna be paid a hundred dollars. Per home game. And there's going to be practice and there's going to be obligations that you. Must. -- feel. If you're a a cheerleader for Tampa Bay or for any NFL team. Then. What's the surprise about it's not really being that much money. And now this this lawsuit and you know and I'm sure there's a high priced attorney behind -- Is claiming that the team violated the fair labor standards act. But this is not a career. It's. It's a fun thing to do and I'm not diminishing. -- cheerleaders -- -- not diminishing that the work that they. Half to go through to get to the point of of being. Cheerleaders for NFL teams. But again -- I don't like this idea of this this mentality of well hey you know. It really didn't turn out the way I want it to -- usage she's a former cheerleader ball. -- -- she quipped. Get I don't I don't see where the surprise comes it. Allow it ends up being two dollars an hour. This it does -- seem to be surprise here. She knew what she was gonna get paid. She got paid. And then he Sheehan attorney figure out later. That -- it is a being two dollars an -- so this is a violation of the federal fair. Labor standards act so let's let's take him to court. I think that's absolutely wrong. And it's so indicative. Of the entitlement mentality. That lives in grows. In America and it's it's it's pathetic. If you would join our show tonight on numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. 877. Perera Mike you're on the -- -- and WWL. Hello Mike you're there. -- -- -- Like comment on president. Yeah. I would respect the president. For the president this year he was awarded. Good. United. Agree would -- going he's. Where you otherwise. I mean that's that's that's that's part of America that you think. Exactly. Yeah. -- I'll Witten I would make no comments. Like. Sure made. It. I would respect -- you know I -- I'll look back a year the president. Where you say you would respect that he's the president. Oh what I I think that's a very patriotic thing to deal I mean it's. It's easy to respect the presidency if you agree with the president sits -- -- a challenge if you don't agree with the president but. Again I I traveler remind everybody how many Americans absolutely hated George W. Bush. And the same thing held true then you can act like the president but you should respect the office. Yeah and you are buried. My good -- have you been -- the dole recently. I know our -- They aren't. I seems like it's a nice stadium and and yet it is sadly because we did not get to bid for the Super Bowl 2018 is a lot about the stadium being a data. I think it's actually want to have. Warren -- stadium -- Actually very different from any shape here maybe in in the country. Yet still looks and like that UFO from the -- the year stood still. My -- glad you listen -- nine thanks for calling. -- Guerrero bread urologist who show good evening. -- So. Don't talk about you and -- topics the so so mobile start -- Soul. Early on -- would -- that they would get to search. I. -- surprise but then you know I really didn't pay that much attention that this new billion dollar stadium as being built in in Minneapolis. Looking back on it now like it's okay while I understand why they did it plays it's it's kinda like bribing cities to build new stadiums if you want the Super Bowl. Sure yeah I mean it Minnesota -- want issues. What are previous to that option on the rules multiple times and it indeed want it from an understatement. You know that that it their neck he. Two -- walk student various. This going to be easel to -- I think it's gonna be up to eight miles of these tubes connecting the the stadium with hotels and and restaurants and you know I just in the -- all of these people running around like hamsters in the east these -- going from one place to another. It's a place -- attacks and said yeah you're gonna get from the airport to the stadium and one of those big hamster balls. I guess would be one way to get there and he you know you still have to get to the stadium I mean a lot of people are gonna be downtown but a lot of people are gonna still have to get to the stadium. And we're talking about frigid temperatures in Minneapolis. In early February. Yeah I mean. It -- in order torture them. And it that it it -- -- but -- -- and that could that could happen and that could have been any. -- -- -- It it's -- Sort of deal goes. I stated that a good job update I think that hole ago -- -- need to build a brand new stadium it's I don't know. One minute meeting with the market at the city you know there are there revenues. From the Super Bowl. Surprised I was brought. They they reported 480. Million dollars -- Super -- here. And I don't know if you agree or disagree but it's hard this -- an impact -- put back into the city. Well I do I do agree with you brand I think it's it's a shame there's it is something really wrong with the idea that his city brags about generating so much revenue for business. And yet the city's broke. And I don't really how to fix that problem but you shouldn't have a booming industry and yet you're city's struggle. It may be -- -- it just -- so the politician. Turned upside down. Well we all like that for a number of reasons. But I don't know forty and eighty million dollars and -- question would you put together -- And it's seen that it -- You know this statement from an adult do the -- Here. So no surprise that -- To -- them. I'm I'm sure I'm sure we really even without a stadium. Again I don't like to just rely on the fact that will we -- New Orleans I mean I'm not that type of native New Orleans you know is -- New Orleans we deserve everything. But if we have an adequate facility there are things about this city that can't be duplicated anywhere else and part of it is the culture part of it is the atmosphere and here's a tax it to talks about the closeness to everything and the hotels and an entertainment it's. It's a great place to host a Super Bowl and I'm sure will I'm sure we'll get hurt again. -- -- but I tell you -- you an idea. Stadium. That would. That would be. Well I know. But stadiums like three -- stadium in in Pittsburgh and I think about how cool that looks. When that the Three Rivers come together there and -- the river ends up in our overhead shots whenever there's an intimate -- stand superdome. The rivers part of it as stadium on the river would really via respect you spectacular site in and theirs. There's room to build -- I've got to get to break me and I'm glad you called thanks for listening to WWL. At night. Here's -- WW a pretty general opinion poll should business owners have the right to tell those who legally carry guns they cannot bring their guns into their business. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com I'm -- he will be. Back at a WL I'm getting some text challenges to comments that I made about NFL cheerleaders. And I think these complaints that they're not paid enough are ridiculous. You know what you're getting into when you become a cheerleader and if you don't do it then don't do it. Here's a Texan reads these girls perform a great service. And represented team in many ways. Soul. -- what if there are Danny's biggest benefits to being high and doing something. With some of your clothes on. They deserve to be treated fairly no slackers there they work harder than you. Well I don't know if they were -- me I respect with two. But if you agree to do something then what where's the complaint come from. If they get paid. Again. Enlighten me in I'm missing something here where where's the surprise. You get paid a hundred dollars per game. You have to practice. That's part of it. You have do represents the team and the city in certain situations especially non profit situations. So you go to these and it's what part of this was a surprise to any of these cheerleaders. Here's a Texan reads it's so funny I never do cheerleaders got paid but they did it for the fund. Here is a comment. Another tax at the text challenging when I set about to cheerleaders. So with your thinking model should work for two dollars an hour minimum wage applies to find jobs as well as being a DJ. A worker in a concession stand. Should work for free. Or a DJ at a gentlemen's club should work for free. Or a pilot who likes to fly and travel. Our flight attendant. Although assert those -- careers. And if they tell you upfront. OK you work for gentlemen's club you're DJ at a gentlemen's club you're gonna get a hundred dollars a night. But they sometimes are gonna -- go do this event and you gonna have to come in and you gonna have to practice with the girls. You gonna have to play their songs and let them go through their dance routines. If all that's part of the job then. Why are you complain. You know you don't have to do it. Again to -- this is this is part of this incestuous. Entitlement mentality. In America I want the job I want and I wondered under my terms. It's not always that way. Nobody is forcing anybody to be in NFL cheerleader. I would think in a lot of ways that's an honor and their benefits. The goal with being a cheerleader. Sudden if you don't wanna do it don't do it in if you don't like a hundred dollars per game and you don't want to practice and you don't want appeared. Events. And don't do it nobody's forcing you to within the comeback in -- Two in invoke this violation of the fair labor standards act when they knew what they were getting into I just I think this is just part of the entitlement mentality in America. You got a comment our numbers 2601 a seventy toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. And attacks -- for is a 77. Tuesday nights on this coach Joseph. And we'll be right back -- to -- WL I'm getting more text challenges to comments that I made about a NFL cheerleaders who are complaining about the the -- that they're getting. I'm getting even I text here from someone he says the judge cheerleader tryouts in Chicago for the bulls. I will get to that -- right after the right after the news from lake view Carlton urologist who showed good evening. Crew cab and -- Carlton. -- know I use Java or disagree with you financial and they showed it is what hanging out in the end result. And the guys that they've made minds of these tickets so apparently. I don't shares this and these things now like. Yeah that's not a Korea. Registered or -- -- and I mean yes they're gorgeous women and I believe this should be obvious. On -- don't want. Don't know why I I agree with all that -- I do know these girls work harder and not trying to downplay their athletic schism in and learn what they do. -- and their dedication. -- but if they know what they're getting into. Why come back and say wait it was a hundred dollars a game -- -- of being two dollars an hour. When you think about practice and all the other events that I went to I just I am wondering why that was a surprise to anybody. -- -- -- they awareness when they get involved in this. -- sure I mean they know they have to go to practice and they know they have obligations and as far as it cheerleaders go. Do you feel like I have no opinion that you wouldn't be -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and a lot of hard below her where I am a little bit more. I'm not saying you know -- send them home if you thought it would give the umbrella you're. I've called them I'm I'm glad to -- here's a text that reads I was a cheerleader with the saints in the seventies and eighties. We got two tickets for the games. At the time we couldn't even give our tickets away. Because they never won. He was unbelievably fun and a privilege. And again after the after the news that the top of the harmony it's it is a text from somebody who says they judge cheerleader tryouts. And Chicago for the bulls. And their critical of comments that I have made about a cheerleaders. If you don't wanna do it. Then don't do it. And if the team comes along and decides they're gonna paid cheerleaders. More. Then. Maybe people who wouldn't consider doing it would do it. But as long -- -- it's supply and demand and as long as there are attractive young females who wanted to do that. Then what's the incentive. To pay a more. Even though they can afford to pay more. I'm -- hang on we're coming right back under the WL.