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05-20 11pm, Scoot, Cheerleader pay/ Political views

May 21, 2014|

Are your views liberal, conservative, and/or moderate because your party feels that way and/or do you really believe those views? ....ALSO... Should NFL cheerleaders get a regular salary rather than a "thankyou"stipend?

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Do you think there is a connection. Between. Being a Democrat. And being a mass murderer. There's a Republican running for a congressional seats in Arizona. Believes -- -- their protesting carry a tiny. He said in a debate that 99% of the man shootings have been Democrats. Pulling their guns out and shooting people. Don't know this country's very divided along political lines but. Isn't this taking -- a little far. I I don't know I don't know if that the animal -- -- of the world in the -- and in in and -- goals from a column by. All of these people were were Democrats. But this guy suggesting that if you're Republican you're more responsible with the gun. Then a Democrat. And I just don't know if that's a fair assumption. The -- -- blog tonight says turning on our website at W of you old account it's another case of illegal or agree with -- -- disagree a lot of really great comments. About this blog it's titled the mentality of minimum wage workers. We talked about this at last week on the show but I had a conversation with with David. DiNardo. Who is says the manager of the define if she knows -- time I go there sometimes in the afternoon to work to do work right. And our first move back to new worlds I spent a lot of time there and have no reason to say this and then to just a compliment them on their staff and in Mike Williams says the owners of for Smart and savvy business owner. And here's a small relatively small business. That has exceptional employees. And did -- and I were were talking about this. And date train and they demand that there deploy these acts in treat customers a certain way. It doesn't mean that there are always gonna be perfect all the time. But if that business and if other visit their other businesses like the chelios. It did do this as well if some businesses can do this then what are all businesses demand that of their minimum wage workers. Anyway you can read the blog it's on our website at WW dot com here's a quick update on our WWL pretty -- opinion poll tonight. Should business owners have the right to tell those legally carrying guns. They can't bring a gun to their business 25% say no 75%. Say yes and tonight we -- talking about a police commissioner in wolf -- New Hampshire Robert Copeland he referred to President Obama as the N word in a conversation and acknowledged using it in an email. The police commissioner said I believe I did use the N word in reference to the current occupant of the White House for this I do not apologize. He meets and exceeds my criteria for such. Now seems to me big you can disagree with the president. But respect the office. Of the presidency. And I'm I'm I'm getting a number of text challenging. When I sent about decision. This cheerleader who is complaining about. The pay that she received is -- Tampa Bay Bucs cheerleader she was paid a hundred dollars for each home game. But considering the time she spent practicing and going to events. And ended ended up being about two dollars an hour. I'm in -- she does she have a case. I don't think so. Because -- that this was a surprise star. Before get back to call here's attacks that reads. I judge cheerleader tryouts. In Chicago for the bulls. These girls are not like you're slacker. It's started it's. They work hard they represent the team to the public in a PR position. They get injured occasionally. Just like the athletes. They are taken advantage of financially. By billionaires. Who benefit from their labors just like an employee. OK I I don't disagree with that and I'm not diminishing. The athletic system of cheerleaders. Especially when you think about how to cheerleading is is become our sport but the person I'm I'm I'm dating. Her her daughters goes to cheer practice all the time Minnesota. I've championship cheerleading team -- I know and I've I've see on television what they do. And even the sensations I. I respect what they do I respect the work and commitment that they have. But my question is. If you if you don't like the -- Why do you do it. And I don't know about you but there are some days that. I may be earning about two dollars an hour but the amount of work that I put in for a particular show. Some days it's easier than other days we all work outside of what we're actually hate to do. Because that's what we do in order to do the job right and this. This idea that cheerleaders are complaining about what they're paid to meet but again if you don't wanna be a cheerleader don't be a cheerleader. It's supply and demand as long as there aren't enough young. Cute girls. Who are willing to sacrifice and do that and I'm not exactly sure how are you forced teams to pay more. Upper Lake Charles Roberts here on this crucial under the WL. That he didn't do -- is good. I lead got one analyst human that is Q league thing I loved and would comment but you know. -- -- that but. Also do little thing in on the side you know lots and it would lead time is selected and which -- at his like it was -- -- -- -- Bet that night to do that but. I think. That there on the -- -- -- is not about the money. It's about the fringe benefits made visit if there elected that they might run into well -- sent them feel. Yeah. I don't know if if the players are supposed to date to cheerleaders I don't know how that works sometimes there are rules about those those sort of things -- I'm not really sure about them but. I would sink. That there are benefits to being an NFL cheerleader. Well I know late young related it was a chilly day and night -- -- -- in the column remains but. You know -- is -- We have. The public the customer that comes -- go to down -- -- game and step on those gains elephants. Electoral defeat died before electing him anyway the couple you know. I I didn't think you you're one of the big guys they've got big money you can sit down and appreciate. There's nothing wrong -- -- it but. I just think that. I remember when that was usually does then and it didn't stop me once again anymore. I didn't need them and. Go for the cheerleaders senators you know as if -- if they perform if they're on the sidelines dame intimately look pretty on TV on pretty on the you monitors in in the dome but you're right I mean. Most of the time I'm sitting in the terrace section. And I'm not really up close and personal with any of the cheerleaders. I mean it's okay that they're they're -- again I. I I guess I have a problem with his ideas it. Well we're paid a hundred dollars -- game what -- you didn't think he would have to practice she didn't think that you would beat her I mean there's no secret about cheerleaders representing. Their teams in PR situations around the city. And the thing about it is if you went and muted note. Somebody tell you different. Story and you got and you work at number policy needs that would indicate that that would be some different. But he you know going -- with the war what's gone on what to do it and. Yeah you know if you do it you do it because -- sister wanted to do for whatever is that you get from it. Thestreet like you do it. And it yet you know the money is not so and you know that going -- and so. I don't understand that everything in this country now -- coming up to where. It's sort of food before they were kind of the lawsuit everything and so. No that's you know if you look good on the helmet and that's pretty quick these days. Robert recycling there -- no thanks for listening to WWL -- Here is a text. Student let's sort what's recent through this. You cannot sign away your rights you work federal law sets a minimum. That the business owner can pay you. Even. See this kind of jumps around two. 80 even a dancer. Is required to be paid a minimum. Oh what do you think the dancer suburban street to -- -- -- don't they mostly worked for tips. And fact. Honestly I. I briefly dated somebody in a business. Years ago. And I think in some situations. Don't the girls have to actually pay. For the privilege again I don't wanna compare the two because I don't think there's an compares to below we get to another text year. -- you're really wrong about cheerleaders. They are a part of the NBA NFL marketing plan. They have a set of standards. They have to live by. Can -- NFL in the NBA set. This. Past to be done. To start negotiations both NFL -- NBA. Has ignored. Their request. It's disgusting you're saying this. I am really surprised that. So many people are are upset with my opinions about these cheerleaders. If you listen their show on a regular basis you know that there's no way you can ever call me a chauvinist. But I'm also not into union mentality. And if if cheerleaders are so mistreated. In the NFL in the NBA. Then why -- they have so many. If that is such a horrible. Horrible job. Then wide white people do it. Why would anybody wanna put it that if that's such a horrible low paid job and if if if you don't like -- of I am curious why would so many people wanna do that. Because as far as I know there's no shortage of cheerleaders and dancers on the sidelines. In this city or any city there's -- there's a shortage of if that's not something that pace what you want it to pay. Then. Then don't do what it. I mean if you are pulled out of your home and forced to do it well that's one argument. That it's a choice. It is something that I thought had French benefits. Because you've got to say because you you you were in situations that you wanted to be and you're on the field. -- with the team in in many situations. I guess occasionally you'd you'd travel with the team. I would think that that's more of a privilege. That it is -- job. And and what part of it is a surprise place. If a cheerleader gets paid a hundred dollars per game. Did she not think she would have to go to practice. And again I don't know exactly how the the of the federal fair labor standards act works and I understand about about minimum wage. And I understand about not taking advantage of workers. But is this really considered. A job Blake like other jobs. Adding to some degree it is split. Again I'd have to go back to the idea that you you you choose to do office. Here's a Texan reads -- their water boys tell people etc. It's about. The passion. If you enjoy our show with your comment tonight so our numbers 2601872. All 3866. 8890 it's happening. At a text Amber's age 787. -- and they'll cheerleaders have a complaint. If again I just I I guess I have to go back to this idea that. If you don't like to pay -- although until it. Mean there are going to be requirements. To jobs and sometimes there are requirements to do things outside of what you actually do and practice. Hey that's no secret. This is this who showed we're coming right back -- WL seriously. Unifil cheerleader you're an NBA cheerleader. Are you do it for the -- Anything you wish you were getting into when you know that he practiced well and wire or you complain. Report about your calls -- a couple of these text. Here's a -- series. I like he's cute but your legal theories at least discipline. Here's a little off. Always a little less than correct. The fringes are not part of the pay in sheer. The services they provide are required. And if they don't. Do all the things. They get thrown off the team. Okay well I understand it. But if you don't wanna do that then don't do it. Here's a -- reason it's like any volunteer job you support your cause teams opera symphony. The reward is in the association. Here's another text while I agree there should be a set payment for performances and appearances. No one goes to an NFL or NBA game. For the cheerleaders. If you -- -- -- with your comment tonight are numbers 260187. Toll free 866. Eighty -- early Saturday Texas a 7870. I from Jefferson nine James here on the -- showing every WL. District. Like that point that you made. A lot of you trustees. You know. Like it's -- technicalities that at school then you know that must say they graduate from like in the bill. You know I'm pretty sure these are older you know -- became cheerleaders. After the age or at the start saying hey you know cheerleader for the speaking on it because. It. -- -- When I hear about all of this -- did this this most recent case to come up with former Tampa Bay Bucs cheerleader. Claiming that a lawsuit that she was paid a hundred dollars for each home game with practice and events. It ended up being about two dollars and -- -- -- What did you understand when you went into the office. It you don't have to do it. Well. Yeah. I don't know of anybody does it for. The money so why is that -- an issue and -- and again this is the litigious. Mentality of the world we live in today. Lawyers. Helping people find ways to sue. Right James alleged -- thanks for listening. I had a date once with them actually had two dates with an -- cheerleader. Well when the Laker girls. When I was in on the area in San Antonio. I made a bet with -- the year. I forgot what the vet wise it was something stupid but it. -- she flew to San Antonio what we went to the game the spurs lakers game. And we went out after her and then I flew to the next game came up between the spurs and lakers I flew to Los Angeles. And to -- it hurt the game and we went out after the game. She was very proud to be a Laker girl. And I understand why. There's prestige and and again it's I guess I'm just I'm bothered by this well we are entitled to something. You're not entitled to anything if you agree to it going in so again I'm a little confused about this controversy. Now from gulf Ford senior under the WL. But -- irritating. My comment on his side it's like you know high school cheerleaders are our culture literature popularity. You -- you pay -- college in -- -- I'm not a war and everything. And then in the -- the same thing it's popular the popularity of Michael left collar. You know they want to say that they were a cheerleader for -- What -- and I think he made a good point nobody stops being cheerleader -- -- suits your leader with the Tampa -- blocks people who. -- that you would get hurt and well you know I didn't mean that I won as. Good or. Excellent in our mind. -- right but yeah I mean. It. Note to get into acting more than any coming yet there her glance whatever. But I think that they're also giving a major opportunity. You know flattened to the door to maybe be on Larry King didn't get hired by Iraq and is people power and -- that control opportunities. And I just the other part of this time dean is it. Don't people ever do anything just for fun. I mean and no girl is surviving -- I mean no girl's gonna survive on being a cheerleader. Even if she was paid a hundred dollars per game and didn't have to practice I didn't have to go to any charity events you just get a hundred dollars per game -- how many home games only eight. Right what are what are. -- assuming the woman. That would that work -- once or twice a day every decade just to keep their straight year and would kill to have. Together and work and also. The notoriety of via a cheerleader yeah. Weigh in on the other side of the going to -- two. Long day and would believe they achieve it she's got a point where. Is because they need to put NFL shield and so like their calendars. And so they do made. -- major bank in -- and he knew that ran. If if mistaken dean dose -- calendars are sold. To benefit charities I mean I'm sure somebody listening has more information on this then denied due. Did the girls benefit from the calendars. I would hope that they do. But -- -- it all all of this is a is a volunteer thing and it it feeds the egos of a lot of girls who wanna do this and that's -- criticism it's and it's it's a reality. It's probably -- -- -- and work as an hanging. Event and little. Two. I would think I don't know I'm I'm not unlike you -- -- that you. Know. -- democratic cheerleader but I was just saying what girls would say like I used to be a cheerleader for the Tampa Bay Bucs not meaning I used to be. But that's what they say they -- on the show thanks listing. If you wanna join us with your -- tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seven. And a text numbers late seventies and here's a -- reason do they get paid for. Details. And events. I I I don't know. But this at -- made former -- -- -- cheerleader and a helper pronouncing your name and I've never seen this name before I believe it's pronounced. -- -- car. Time notion car appear now. He's claiming a lawsuit that she was paid a hundred dollars for each home game but with practice and events that she had to go to she only earned about two dollars an hour. Mean does she have a case. Or do. They expect the extra work when -- Become a cheerleader. The -- blog tonight is titled the mentality of minimum wage workers. And we started talking about this last week to win minimum wage workers -- to did the streets of the new -- area. Demanding fifteen dollars an hour. And that happened to come up. At a time when I had just encountered one of the most pathetic minimum wage workers I'd ever encountered in my life in terms of of apathy. And I talked about it on the show it a lot of minimum wage workers don't deserve for race and that's started this whole debate about whether the minimum wage should be raised -- -- It's seven Tony five an hour -- to fifteen dollars an hour what about those people who are making. Thirteen dollars an hour now do you do you -- them them up so they make the same ratio above minimum wage. Dare are far too many people in this country who feel like they're entitled to something. This is the part of me that prevents me from describing myself as a liberal. And they're so many people who largest. Screaming -- come out of the closet and admit you're a liberal. I can't. Because when it comes to many issues I'm not. But it comes to raising the minimum wage I am a liberal. And I don't think you have to to be on the radio or to be a person I don't think you have to be all one way year old the other. I don't think you have to be conservative on every issue because most of most most of or not. Most of -- judge every issue based on the merits of that issue. And yet there are so many people who were so proud to proclaim. That they're conservative. Or -- liberal. And just be a person who. Looks at all the issues. Through their on ice. And not through this myopic perspective that's so. Definitively. Make -- liberal aura or a conservative. When it comes to this that the cheerleaders. That sent a conservative stance that I take. So again for those of -- we're just. Dying for me to come out and admit that I believe I can it. Because if I did I wouldn't be honest with you. And the only way I know how to do the show is just be very honest. With my opinions. But there are businesses. -- do you have fairy will trained minimum wage employees. And they demand the best from them. And in this conversation that I had with with David -- who's telling news today he in -- the the owner of -- They think that. The parents of some of these teenagers should actually pay them for teaching their teenagers how to be responsible at work. And and much of the burden does fall on parents who do not prepare. -- teenagers. For the workplace. Life isn't fair. And there are going to be some ugly dirty jobs that you have to do when you start out. And sometimes even later in life you have to do ugly dirty jobs. But the only way you should expect. To benefit. In the workplace. Is if you have strong work ethics. And a strong commitment to doing the best you can't whether it's sweeping. Or running a cash register. Or having fun talking to customers. From New Orleans -- you're under the WL. All the good -- good. Yeah. -- Those. Cheerleader. -- try outs on ESP handle all. Ever on network and elegant it is hard to figure in the on the the trial and in -- I. Let. Who bought training camp right in there. The like condom and read certain you know in euros -- -- by and nervous breakdown is -- There's so there are there are a lot of people who wanna do this right. Right a lot of people want to do it and the and it's -- You know about any -- -- we aren't going to be a certain amount of money in need to be any. -- It. I mean it is. They do it can be one. That was always going impression. And and you don't have to do. -- -- And charm I'm glad you called the show it again if if you know something about this that I don't know. And you -- set me straight numbness. Call our show. Or send me a text. -- -- -- like a missing anything year. I I really don't believe. That. Cheerleaders he should be surprised in the NFL or the NBA. -- -- -- And they are our obligations that go along with being the being a cheerleader. Here's a Texan res hey -- what year where you -- Tampa Bay cheerleader. I lived there right. I don't remember you but he just join a show. I was saying what a cheerleader would say after she leaves the team. I said. She would say I was at Tampa Bay -- cheerleader. Which led somebody to come to the understanding that high a Schuett was -- Tampa Bay cheerleader no I wasn't. I would have been a cheerleader for any team that would have been the saints. Here in New Orleans and Mike -- and a VW well. -- -- it how he repeated it. While I was content such as burglary burglary effort butler's -- by. You perspective that. You you have trouble in Italy that that's you know what your conservative or level I think that. I think a lot of American population. Has shot the same thing as. Is one of the parties in the recruitment. Any of this anymore percent of our. I agree it's just on on what -- you enter their -- off a radio. -- on television terror and they're not enough people who. Who speak out from a strong position of being a radical moderate or for from a strong position of being a centrist and there have been people on the radio who make it seem -- -- if you're not hard core one way or the other -- -- you don't have a backbone and that is simply not true. Now at some odd percent untrue and that and the truth of the matter is most arguments like for you can be broken that's where you child by oracle. You know the circuit generally in the middle and you know -- at the Republican Party you know when it when it -- it when your candidate elected they talk arch. Mobilize their base which is these. Hard -- you know rightwing fundamentalist and that you know that Democratic Party animal as a -- there there -- wanna mobilized that you know the green movement each. People -- you know borderline socialist or socialist completely -- -- content wherever cute. And you know it's frustrating to. You know I'm young -- young man and it's frustrating to people like me your key that nobody has -- been able to gain traction on and that I'm not I'm not radical by any means that. Think you know record personally and keep a -- point that the -- in place forever. However you know if it's a -- war create a third party that represents. The DE 80% of Americans who are. Centrist but leans slightly left or right you know they would cut the Republicans and Democrats but it would ever get traction to get. Now we know they're not wanted to do that. Well Mike I I agree with you so I think the next best option is for either party to field a candidate. That is a centrist a candidate that is moderate in their thinking. There were people who stayed away from the polls and didn't vote for Mitt Romney because he wasn't conservative enough. So they actually helped Obama get reelected. So there there's this battle over the direction of the Republican Party and there are meetings going on to try to return the Republican Party to the far right. On that's that's not gonna work in the general election. It's all it's all because when you file when politicians and local art sit down option and it -- at them that they would they're granite state do it in the map Huntington oaks. Well lately you know if we're gonna win and we need to mobilize this particular section of the population. And. In doing so Bay Area. There are the -- America population there and you know it's it's extremely personally. And even either Democrats even Democrats immediately. It is Democrats -- to have to act. Moderately. During a campaign. To win the election. And we get an office that they can lean a little more double laughed but Democrats have to have to present a centrist theme. In order to get elected and if if if the Republican Party insists. On on pulling their platform and the image of the party to the rights. They're simply not go to win even though they are so convinced. That everybody in America thinks likely to. Couldn't agree more I couldn't agree more and the united -- Personally authorized the Republican bill idol but apart syndicate. Believe it. Any ones should be and you what are called because I believe so partly it was sad that you should be able to look at every situation objectively and use. You'll -- and your own mind and research situation and makes our. And in form decision I believe that the only opinion not work listening to an ill informed and you know -- somatic on people but you know -- Triggered in the -- both parts of line because. You know and informed and I don't know man -- war figure spewing their dog he cynically called what. Whatever their party and it is two. Heated political debate we're very good friend of mine. The raptors beat -- very very liberal and you know. Eat cheat sheet and even really investigated that they were saying. Sure that's the EU dispute and just because that was what is liberal and him. And I find it you know are part of the liberals -- it probably destroy -- you know now there's so archer is in the -- -- it means. There are typical -- You know I mean it's just. Just for street near anyone not think Burris situation just -- indicate what they're your. And remind so many people do that they get their talking points for me that the right or the left and they don't think because it. If you. If you don't think it's easy if you just simply. Follow along with the talking points of whoever your following and you don't think about the issues first of all it's it's so easy to expose hypocrisy. Which -- quite often do on -- show. And and most of this country is not far -- laughed. Albert that means most. Every person -- speak to characters that speak to whether identified Republican. Or Democrat. I don't matter that record record although general statement by the majority of people that speak to a daily basis. -- they -- it -- here you know most people or. Pretty pretty liberal constant you know -- rights and social social matter and they are conservative when it comes to America. That ideology and of itself represents the majority of the American population. In line. We we actually fire fighting. So okay which candidate represents meat that's because this sport -- a little too radical all island you know -- You know social matters. And what they -- you know in better financial players so our support. I totally agree yeah I've got to get to -- I appreciate you calling your show. And thanks for the discussion and thanks for listening to WWL -- -- There are people who think that you. You can't call yourself a conservative. Or you can't call yourself for Republican. If you supports same sex marriage. I mean this is the kind of idiotic thinking. That has led to the division this country when it comes to politics. And it's time for the majority. Of this country to stand up and say wait a minute. We're not our right we're not our left and we're not to listen to either side anymore. This is the -- -- On every WL. I have always believed that there are a lot of Americans who were simply insecure. It not confident enough to simply be independent thinkers. And they must belong to a group they must associate with the grouping feel like they're a member of that group. In order to be happy. And that's really a sad state of affairs. Because you shouldn't be part of -- group is certain groups obviously you -- part of but. When it comes to the the politics of the right of the left. I challenge. Anybody listening. To. Convince me or convince yourself. That you -- either. All conservative. -- all liberal. And yet that doesn't get played out in the media. It's right or left. They gets the attention and yet in reality. It's the middle. That controls the outcome of elections. Here's a Texan read -- like Chris Rock once said in his standup show. He's liberal on some stuff and conservative on other stuff no big deal totally agree that. Here's a text -- could you contact a football players see how they feel about cheerleaders. What if they were eliminated -- fire up the crowd. You know I don't take anything away from the cheerleaders. But when you go to on an NBA game -- NFL game. You're pretty fired up I'm not saying that the cheerleaders don't do their job. Because they do. And there that are entertainment and their part of the spectacle. Of football and basketball. Here is a tax nobody forces cheerleaders to cheer. The practice two hours prior to a game. At least 1 evening a week they are required to attend events. To get their on their own. To keep their uniforms spotless. At their own cost. She's the more I think about it this case sells better roll it timed workouts. NFL. Again. I I I'm I'm confused about. Why you would make the decision to be a cheerleader. And then complain about being a cheerleader. And it seems to me that there are many of women who. Monday cheerleaders. And lawyers that's the case then. How are you get a howry getting teams to pay more. Should teams that could teams afford to pay a more sure. Mean obviously. But this is done the focal point of the game so when we come back after this break I wanna talk about. I'm in Minneapolis. Getting the Super Bowl 2018 which I -- new worlds is gonna get our 300. Birthday a year. I don't ever gonna get a good Minneapolis is building -- one billion dollar stadium and so they're gonna get a there's been a lot of talk about the super -- being outdated. In terms of TV monitors in visual and audio stuff. Pacific interesting to talk about that when we come back this is this -- -- to -- WL. But I try to focus on the field it does does anybody actually. Go to the game and just really focus on the game. I mean I'm I'm sitting in the in the in the terrace section. Here's a Texan reads you screw you would have been agreed cheerleader. He looked like Rod Stewart and got a great spirit. I don't look like Rod Stewart was a time in my life when my here but might it looked somewhat similar development Rod Stewart. And he had a great time -- when they John record -- producer Jackie herself beyond me as a studio have a great evening. As always. -- New Orleans.