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WWL>Topics>>5-21 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

5-21 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

May 21, 2014|

Dave talks about losing the Super Bowl, Brooks in the Hall, and surfing goats

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this 120 -- Of may 2014. It'd really be hump day -- began now let me ask you this before we do this morning. Are you in the mood for. -- -- because kind of I'm struggling with some computer issues this morning though while that's -- referring to was not. A lot losing yeah a lot of people or loser be really angry. -- And sat there about the results of the vote. At the NFL owners now. I had to regret I was -- It was like a punch in the stomach. When it came down it was like boom -- -- -- that her jamboree after sleeping on an after arresting you in gap on him where you know I kept. Drive and end this morning even I kept visualizing. Their presentation. With the unbelievable. News stadium in the walk ways and then they've got the connecting thing with the shops and and I said okay here I guess there are -- -- do. Well then let's do this. -- -- -- get off. Bonded on the top spot. Monitor the Humpty hump that we feel better but trust me -- and you might be upset maybe angry. I'd be bitter. Maybe harboring a lot of ill will towards the NFL owners. But you're up against comic you feel better in my sport during any kind of dance and music and a movement around wiggling. You know I couldn't believe how many people I mean work. Just -- out rage. I couldn't believe it wanted to strangle somebody now. Because we're not talking about just a little angry or you know all that regard about real man out I mean -- it's he would bubbling up in a minute turning rant I mean when they just talked about it just. Here's the thing the NFL has. Always always always rewarded cities to build a new stadium with the next Super Bowl available. It's always have it the owners have been very consistent -- that. Date have told their fellow owners get your city to build a new stadium or build it on your round as managers -- most from this public open. Go and get new stadium and you get the next Super Bowl the next when you bid on is yours. Presumably Atlanta's gonna get as you won't when he nineteen. So we're looking at 22 point -- Atlanta's building in his -- that's a long time to wait in New Orleans do it without building a new stadium is one question. And here's the other issues every single time that a and 82 birdie and national city built they -- in the got the next available Super Bowl. But every time New Orleans -- ever been on a suitable. Reward ago always got to always ten for ten. This was the eleventh time new war on data on the Super Bowl and the first time ever. The New Orleans did not do it. So our government listens to sleep in on it after a few hours a separation. Is still angry yet Peter. And I -- at the NFL owners. And and as you mentioned this new stadium Atlanta. San Diego. There's a whole big lying there is kind of stacked up the -- building stadium yeah out. -- -- God knows when we could get -- began -- have to build the stadium we have that -- to have that discussion again if we wanna most of those we just spend a fortune fixing up the donating millions. And they pledged another fifteen million and upgrades if they got this suitable. And enough. Well let's see how people feel this morning thank you do we'll talk to you in about fifteen minute mark first news here on WWL I am FM and dot com I'm -- gone on thank you -- Pretty early edition of WWL first news text made -- 7870. -- -- feel about it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- After four votes they still couldn't get a majority. We -- with one city today dig Indianapolis out of the discussion. And go with a simple majority New Orleans resident Minneapolis it was close votes. Close doesn't count. Not in Super Bowl -- Brazil thing close only counts in horseshoes tank grenades and atom bombs. Close and get anything anywhere else. 517 tickle your forecast in sports and Steve Geller coming up next text mediate 78 that. I've nineteenth good morning I'm Dave Cohen it's the early edition of WWL first news -- Messages -- 87870. This like the big dogs there's one person. Angered Dowell is can't get down to want to get talented he discounted if he's not known. Somebody else to activate 78 and can't be selfish but it is that. And no doubt it's sad that new -- didn't it and other once -- it was almost an issue. And now almost a shoe in for them because of the new stadium being built. Because of the retractable roof rate -- be closed in bad weather which was another -- Maybe people are not as angry now as they -- than just yesterday people were really really upset. Also some visceral reaction to the announcement of who's getting into the -- hall of fame will talk about that coming up after your forecast. No rain and that forecasts as we keep the sunshine around for the next couple of days and just gradually increase those high temperatures later on today 87. Before dropping down to about 68 north and south Philly tonight with some patchy fog then partly cloudy Thursday and Friday were only 88 on Thursday an 89 on Friday. Yet Wednesday's forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark walked out. A little fog in Belle chase boat elusive Gonzales otherwise we have partly cloudy skies at the airport 71 degrees in -- relative humidity of muggy 93%. Slidell mostly cloudy. And 60 -- -- morning lows not as low as they had been earlier. Sports I'm Alice eve gala and my goodness. People were not not not happy with the -- And these many people were setting -- months of the media. The announcement of who's getting into the skins golf maintenance fees. No definitely when I tweet about that I learned that Aaron Brooks and John Carney were going in folks were definitely. Not happy about the announcement of Aaron Brooks I was surprised at how many people. Reacted negatively about our hope that. They don't boo him in the announcement does come in the superdome during this season yes sometime in November were expecting that that happened right here's the thing and and several people on the flat out they had forgotten. That there was never in the history of the saints' quarterback to win a playoff game. Before there and race. Aaron Brooks did with no previous quarterback can do it. -- Bobby -- could not do. Something Archie Manning could not do and that nobody else -- he won a playoff game he'd beat the rams in the playoffs and he was he was important game he had a great game. So. He did have some very low lights in his career. The backward pass being among -- -- -- operating -- -- yet maximum posted the video of that to our FaceBook page immediately after the announcement. But we'll talk more about that coming up and sports tells the local morning everyone the LSU baseball team is in the Hoover Alabama ready to take -- -- to build this morning in the SEC tournament. Coach Paul and -- says he looks forward to this morning every year because of the competition. Virtually every team that's in this tournament is ranked. It's an outstanding ballclub there's a lot of familiarity with each game that you play but it's also a high level of competition. First pitch for the tigers vs commodores is that 9:30 AM our pregame coverage starts at nine. You a -- yet baseball takes argue well Monroe in the sat Sun Belt Conference tournament this afternoon the -- are riding a seven game win streak. LeBron James scored six straight points to spark a decisive twelve to two run that pushed the Miami Heat past the pacers 87 to 83 at Indianapolis. Tying the NBA's Eastern Conference finals up at a game apiece. James and 22 of Miami's 254 quarter points after Indiana carry a one point lead into the period. He -- says they needed to show a little extra to take this one. -- this was about how -- we want to win this game and we brew prove that we showed you know it wasn't a perfect game by no stretch of imagination fumble we kept fighting we kept digging down deep and number visited a game turn to our favorites of mine he basketball. The Cleveland Cavaliers have won the NBA draft lottery and -- have the number one pick on June 26. The cavaliers had a one point 7% chance of winning the topic while the bucks had a 25%. Chance after finishing with the league's worst record. The bucks a -- second followed by Philadelphia. The sixers will also get the tenth overall pick from the pelicans after last year's trade for point guard Jrue Holiday. And the hornets are back. In shortly it. The franchise has announce it officially changed its name back to the hornets after ten years of being known as the bobcats. The original -- it's resided in Charlotte from 1988 to 2002. Before owner George -- moved the team to New Orleans. Today -- on sports talk Jerry palm of CBS sports at LSU football. Heading to the Capital One able to play Michigan State in his early projections is the import or way off. Which early morning look at sports I'm Steve. -- 524 they've gone Steve -- with you on your radio so let me ask you this and were you shocked when you heard Aaron Brooks. Ands and John Carney were going to be inducted in the -- -- John Carty after looking at his numbers not so much but most accurate right field goal kicker in the history of the rights only 3% of his -- went there are Wright was a key component during the Super Bowl year helping the team below and also meant touring Garrett Hartley of course he had his signature. Screw up. In the -- after the river city relay right he missed the extra point spotting. And now we're ready do that. But that aside. More great moments enough yes aren't so I'm not surprised at all by John -- what about Aaron Brooks was -- a great quarterback in saints history. In saints history you have to look at it and he's got to be I -- in the top three year for which is pretty. You bring a lot of -- -- records when he was here he had huge passing games and Drew Brees broke a lot of Aaron Brooks is records right. He won a playoff game the first ever franchise Internet that we anyways a lot into that. Now allowed to remember the problems he had. That was that team had a lot of problems -- mean. On the has -- there in and of itself other than you know image that became a winning team -- Catholic and Brooks right there were consistently winning team. Drew Brees and give him does he deserve to be insane how will put that out to listeners as well. It's a tough what I think and I think when you when you really start to look at the numbers and what he did with the franchise while this year and look at the other quarterbacks in franchise history. The time you got a human body and I agree with that will give -- and I -- come back -- -- -- more sports on WWL I am not them and that counties the line -- going to text messages. But Aaron Brooks and city losing the suitable coming up on your forecast -- One person -- 878 senators as they built a new stadium there's no way we could -- won. I don't know says I hope they have a blizzard with. And others that look like we're gonna need a new stadium to get another super ball Allen says I'm not angry we just have a Super Bowl so the emotions are mixed this morning forecast. A few clouds around this Wednesday and look for highs warming up to about 87 this afternoon and tonight a little patchy fog lows dropping into the sixties on both sides of the lake. Then for Thursday we're seeing partly cloudy skies highs once again upper eighties and Friday look for highs topping out nearing ninety with partly cloudy skies. For me I would misty is forecast center and meteorologist Barbara tell. Little fog around otherwise 71 at the airport 63 on the North Shore. And I coming up the latest and CBS news' David Blake as a WWL first news traffic weather together sports with Steve -- get a preview of this morning 9:30 AM LSU baseball game. And Margaret text messages we lost the Super -- are you still angry. And what do you think about Aaron Brooks in the -- 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WW Alfredsson is on the 21 of may 2014. Area it's hump day yeah why don't we do events. Hope -- -- the home. Everybody's. It was getting hit it over the hump. As we're doing that when he -- over smack down toward the weak dance. Let's celebrate this -- dating. Game and how we didn't get this. One person -- 7870 who survive the tactically well. Now the president does too late 2018 I wanna blizzard and Minnesota yeah out and Ireland says I'm not angry anymore we'll get it -- -- -- I feel like it's -- loss. Anyway at NFL loses let me go to Betty apple exit out of there or and shiny new stadium. And all that. It's not New Orleans you know would be perfect. If in Swanee in the when he seventeen season which will be January when he eighteen and the NFC championship the saints. Play the vikings for a chance to go to the Super Bowl in Minneapolis. And the saints win -- all that -- be the ultimate. I guess. I just made good Johnson whatever you know and and I -- a lot of fancier. Would prefer that he overeat and host figures who -- rather be at the end up winning one. And -- as I hope. That to the New Orleans tells the league they're never gonna bid on another Super -- see how they like that. Cook it. But someone Els the -- tri Centennial should be about New Orleans not about the Super Bowl that should take precedence. And you know won the super of the 300 anniversary of new -- to be about the -- ball and almost -- they're glad. While we have heard an awful lot about the presentation. That to the New Orleans but on -- as I'm reading even more about it this morning. Apparently it was a knock out presentation. He knows Harry Connick junior and it custom. Zahn. Hi any handing Toronto little pocket watch the time is now. But apparently. To at least. A simple majority of the owners barely majorities we understand it via a new stadium is what matters now and today. Have been consistent -- if you build a new stadium. That you will get the next available Super Bowl if you want it. -- powers up the NFL -- Thomas and -- in an understanding in the league that you're rewarded with a suitable for a new stadium even if you are in -- well. It's or New York I announced that Chris Miller is looking into when Atlanta's new stadium will be ready. At will they did -- get the 2019 Super Bowl with San Diego do have vague that. Their act together enough to have a new stadium ready for 22 want me and what they get that Super -- so wet is the real next opportunity for New Orleans got a bit out of Super -- not going up against the city building a new stadium Chris is looking into that will hear from him. And you about twenty minutes mr. pike thank you very much I gave to -- the early edition of WWL first news. -- And we do it again just -- -- meteorologist Laura must now do and it. It -- yup -- meteorologist I am doing next. Yeah. -- so. I notice that you're wearing red today actually or it's OK I know -- that crazy and it's funny car cameras and make it look different but yet actually kind of first awards it is like a but Halloween okay that is that the theme on the set this morning to get to because we're missing color to me is when the thing I don't where growth where it ports blocked it now. It's funny how often it happens and it is not played at well it was wearing black in Mike's going lack knowledge of the following that we -- -- -- -- but there's joke or no no coordination I'd like to thank you know in college other 1:30 AM I think when you Aaron I I'd like to say that we had that kind of foresight you know but at the thing at Stanford got closet. Leary died at two more. Are lower this is what -- as stubborn as Smith thought has now out. And if it. That miracle that half my stuff matches nice this time because not even a wake up front Allard you have impeccable ability through bleary die tired -- -- To make fantastic now I definitely been on that and be ready lady luck is -- -- to baby sit well maybe know a lot that's a much and with that people who like the cool weather pretty much gone. And up the bats pretty much gone after -- is starting to heat up or come close to ninety by the end of the weekend to and it stay -- if you love that sunshine this -- the week to get out and you know work in the arts -- your wintertime -- you know going to -- summertime. It's not my -- -- you mean no rain but -- -- be right right to snow rain for the next couple days that we're gonna stay dry elderly into the weekend. And even from Memorial Day and expecting to -- here in ninety by Sunday. Not what's today it's time. Port 87 today and tomorrow 88. The Thursday and yet Friday 89. And it that it out and I pert near nine yet no actual ninety's yeah for the rise for the forecast. Right up through at least through Friday. I like it I love and I'll take some more of it because it's not raining. It's not. You know the horrible terrible no good very bad flooding Weathers got actually it may -- that at the little warmer a little more humid but I had wash cars go ahead morality are. No excuse is it that. I -- an active about it got -- -- pressure -- in the data that ticket won the public literally do better. My personal accident that can now. Have you seen the video of this surfing goats now in his no beach California. I usually all these viral media. David Macgregor -- three of his -- do right it's hurtful words and it's pretty freaking cool. -- -- think in other reports that. They -- put it on your website is -- to have you all -- put it on my page -- as they get off the epic. But he got some tickets. Take the city has ticketed him it's illegal to put goats on top served or know they're OK with that. In fact it's brought tourism to the city like you wouldn't believe wanna -- heat but. That is goats graze with in the city limits when they get hungry after serving apparently just let them go any people grass I was a city's grass and Saint Louis if this of this vote Tribune. Says the city is thinking about. Actually get -- again. Because. -- Causing problems. But then another side is saying wait a minute maybe it will. Relax the laws and raising. Because we want to go to the beach because they felt very welcome. And they need to know the grass is often -- comfortable win win that with -- I've -- people tell -- that they -- you know it's because and they don't cut the -- that's not true. Now it's true that got the lead on the grass and they years I don't he would down to the roots now -- you know it's kind of like how it. Account if you don't. Give them enough grass will eat the grass down there it's no harm no grass go to apparently won't do that is much. But goats do eat the grass and then comes at the other man. And you have another problem if the deal if we think element in our -- -- come out the other number that you gotta go pick -- up that -- yes -- now. That's that's -- and them get -- apparently yet -- at the rate genders because the count like rabbit. Like to make it. Is there any unity now it's and ready to go to our. I have to -- let's check it out yet. You know my answer they get out the -- them awesome. Thank you -- went -- about now live and direct from the -- -- sport that. I'm Margaret -- Messages today 7870 about Aaron Brooks getting into the thing itself payment that he was in the super ball we'll get -- to Steve -- as well right after this. Great text messages today 78 savant and great bumper to thank you Sheldon comic and master control. I'm not upset. About the fact that we didn't get the Super Bowl but it does one text message -- -- deputy deputy our city has much more to offer than just Super Bowls other cities don't have -- Carruthers has will still be better in New Orleans without the Super Bowl in Minneapolis will be with the Super Bowl -- That let it snow let it snow let it snow in Minnesota for the Super Bowl and 28 team. -- the president points that we've talked about Atlanta and San Diego building new stadiums them on Texas and eight at eight that it says that Los Angeles probably get a team against impossible. Then somebody else does when the lights -- all the party is over. -- that factored in and not. Another text message and -- -- -- -- I was more shocked that Aaron Brooks made it into the -- hall of fame and I was that the New Orleans lost the Super Bowl. Minnesota getting the Super -- with another attack methods. Make as much sense as Brooks backwards ass let them freeze. And then a lot of people. Texting me anger about Aaron Brooks getting into the hall of fame. Those that I'll never forget when he threw that backward pass he was horrible another -- and Aaron Brooks are you kidding me -- Aaron Brooks called fame. He was horrible notices after -- big hit he was never the same meet our. That there cheapening the hall of fame by letting Brooks in my goodness. Another Steve -- goes ready you body if you said that after look at all the numbers -- looking at all the data that you think that Brooks does deserve began -- absolutely some of those people that drugs. No way Aaron Brooks -- there. Deserves to get -- take away the playoff win. And why and take away the playoff win in what else that he duty -- an analyst -- I didn't know that one person was responsible for winning that playoff game -- in the hall of fame. It did you know. Who has more touchdowns through the -- Archie Manning or -- -- asked Warner -- the correct and Aaron Brooks had a lot of four yard game. He had the performances. I -- at the anger right now that. After that playoff season -- would they won the plant game he had a bad year or backward past issue. Keep in mind and Mike McCarthy is coach. Left New Orleans to go to Green Bay and he -- went -- right. And battling McCarthy suitable. Added it's an interesting discussion myself are very few text messages and supportive -- with the hall of -- information and much more in sports. On this hump day with a good morning to Steve. Good morning everyone and LSU baseball and Vanderbilt lead on the -- in the SEC tournament today. Since 2008 the tigers have won the conference 44 times and bring a four game win streak into this year's event. Coach pulmonary feels his squad is playing their best baseball of the season. Everybody's roles are pretty much defined their pitching has been solid hitting his eating -- we've played great defense still feel like we're playing about as well as we possibly can play us. First -- between -- and -- and LSU is at 9:30 AM this morning with our pregame coverage starting at nine. The raging cajun to take argue -- wrote this afternoon in the Sunbelt conference tournament. You -- Lafayette has dominated the warhawks this year winning all six previous matchups. Hopefully he pulled off a fourth quarter comeback even the NBA's Eastern Conference finals up -- at a game apiece LeBron James scored 22 points. And Miami pushed past the pacers 87 to 83 at Indianapolis. King James says they got back to playing their brand of basketball. We flew around. Over from another even remember six used to -- one another and we love Eminem wanna dictate what our defense did and that's not -- -- -- -- okay Amendola you know us now we're -- -- -- and every time we lose we always just the first and we can see. Well the Cleveland Cavaliers have won the NBA draft lottery -- again and have been number one pick on June 26. Milwaukee will -- second followed by Philadelphia. The 76ers. Also get the tenth overall pick from the pelicans as part of last year's trade for point guard Jrue Holiday. NFL owners have tabled any vote expanding -- playoffs to fourteen teams. There -- strong sentiment among the owners to add a wild card team in each of the conference to the post season most likely beginning in 2015. Under such a set up only the team with the best record in each conference will get a week off at the beginning of the post season. And a group of retired NFL players has filed a lawsuit. And charges that the league -- was supplying them with the legal and risky narcotics and other painkillers to mask injuries. The suit charges the drugs to numb the injuries and -- the medical complications down the road. Lawyers seek class action status as they say in the filing that more than 500 other former players have signed on to the lawsuit. Today have four on sports talk Jerry palm of CBS sports has LSU football. Heading to the Capital One Bowl to play Michigan State in as early projections. Is -- are important or wave off. I'm Steve Geller which early morning look at sports -- He Dave Cohen Steve Geller with you on your radio 9:30. AM first -- our coverage starts at 9 o'clock on WW well I am anathema LSU and Vanderbilt in the SEC tournament. Com. Is that a lot of -- kind of analysis. Of the LSU tigers this season opened as the number one team in the nation right -- they stumbled a little bit along the way -- am embolism midweek game a couple of CC series they didn't do so well. But now here they -- the number three seed in the SEC tournament how do you like their postseason chances as we go under the first postseason game for the NC tiger baseball team. You know I expected a rocky season from -- -- a lot of young players on this roster so to expect him to to stay at that number one spot in the beginning. Was a little too high lofty expectations for folks but. Love the way the tigers are playing right now. They want their last four games in dominating fashion mostly an all averaging more than ten runs a game in the last four right so you have to like that coupled with the pitching that's been consistent all year long. -- eleven but the tigers do and I will say I expect to see them meeting. Florida and it's. A -- game and that should be a heck of a match a break there OK Yasser now. The tigers peaking at the right absolutely. -- Steve gallon that's good news maybe we see a nice run. To the college World Series that we could use some good news yes indeed. We'll let you share more news with a sports isn't fifteen minutes John WWL will show you forecast with you -- this. Let's get to forecast. Looking pretty quiet over the next couple of days just on the warm side 87 for a high later with mostly sunny skies and tonight dropping down to the sixties on both sides of the late. And for your Thursday partly cloudy high of 88 and by Friday we're looking sunny with a high closer than ninety. The Eyewitness News forecast center and meteorologist Laura box itself. RI. In master control Jordan has done some retailers that Aaron Brooks third. All time in passing yards to the things fourth in completion percentage second in passing TDs second lowest interception percentage and third in QB rating. Does that thing to make you think he deserves to be in the Seinfeld fame. One person does Aaron Brooks and finally smile for the right reasons -- yeah he did have a thing where he smiled and laughed everything is straight up I think a lot of people didn't like that. Have a great Wednesday a day.

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