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WWL>Topics>>5-21 6:15am Tommy, no Super Bowl?

5-21 6:15am Tommy, no Super Bowl?

May 21, 2014|

Tommy talks to Mark Romig, the Pres. & CEO of the New Orleans Tourism & Marketing Corporation, about New Orleans failed Super Bowl bid

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Existing Tommy Tucker got LHU baseball coming up for you at 9 o'clock in March roaming is here he joins us president and CEO. Of the New Orleans tourism and marketing corporation -- unmarked economic. It better but let me ask you this you dads and -- and Super Bowl ring. It was so fantastic on Saturday I would in the current state mr. Benson presented in -- the rank it the -- office. And yes I think he's. Still has an honest thing currently sleeping with it and that. Listen to surprise like did he knows them and yet he did they had -- told him when he announced his retirement earlier last year that down. They have won an order for him and in state and -- been very good about keeping in touch with to make sure that they know that he knew that it was coming in -- came in and they were able to get this titles together. They did it on the we get a mini camps that the coach Payton could be there along mr. suspense and and -- -- and Mickey Loomis and Greg pencil and it was a it was a really especially after the. That it wants. Tell me about the Super Bowl like I said 300 anniversary but he can't -- shut the city down his meeting and it. Well certainly when you know it's disappointing obviously and they were all. Disappointed in the in the news but you know congratulations to Minnesota for what they did. We -- it. Like never before in this presentation. And we really believe we put the best ones together but. It's hard to compete as you know with that new facility and when it came down to it that's what the owners felt that they needed to do. But it certainly doesn't rule out anything that we're gonna do for -- Centennial year -- it's going to be a fantastic year for the for the city. And -- will be at the table again with the intent of these Super Bowls and we know that fans and the owners love being here but competition is out there I mean there are cities that aboard what we've done. And they are upping their game and so you know that's that's about the that's about the size of the. You know it would it tells me with New York in an outdoor Super Bowl and we don't know what's in the wintertime and and Minnesota they got they closed stadium it just seems to me that any city now it's not like it used to be -- -- -- Miami maybe Arizona. New loans one of the southern warm weather cities it seems like now any NFL team. Any city that hosts an NFL team can in all likelihood gets in purple. That's certainly and I think you -- Mort -- cities wanting to bid you have to be invited to bid but but I think that list is gonna grow and it'll keep everybody on -- toes for sure but I saw the presentation. And I saw the elements and but to say it. It's unbelievable what this group it. The Benson the saints organization the sports foundation j.'s sister and -- to operate and of course you had. Two really strong prisoners and rot away instrument Agee and Steven Perry with a CPB making the actual pitch. To the owners they did the last time we want as well and you know the team was there elements were there but again at the end of the date them that new stadium in Minnesota that took the cake. And we don't get -- pick up and we move on and so now we're broke the effort and got a lot of great things happening in the city and I feel like we can know but smile and then move forward with this one. What's the criteria for being invited to did -- and hotel rooms -- for structure location. Between another. Specifics. But believe it has to do with. Obviously your ability to have the infrastructure. And you start the stadium you have to have them the hotel rooms within a certain distance. You've got to basically put together. Good package of events. The NFL relies on the host committee to really throw the party. -- and you know it's it's an expensive proposition for any -- that jumps into it but of course the payback. On the -- out at the end of this. Game is is terrific he's talking. Jobs that are created jobs that are sustained spending that goes on the local community. And the global branding that happens when you post events such as the simple. Story of your city -- region and state. -- around around the world and and that's sort of -- valuable. Commodity that comes along with -- so. -- -- -- hoped to be asked to do it again I would imagine that we will be. And world -- put together a great package once again and will fight hard to the end. So the super -- -- 52 and then you examining -- invited to did -- Did on a fifty. There -- -- yeah I think later this year you'll see indications to cities to bid for them that the -- which would be between nineteen game and then. I'm not sure they'll put the 20/20 game that package as well he can do it on you know -- -- dates are available city to do that. Couldn't evidence of what's happening in your city at that moment choosing that -- we -- February. Subsidies may support conventions are people incident that opt out of getting that major events. Certain guys and certainly look -- -- -- -- that we can we can -- that that period of time and then. What you get the -- that you pull your YouTube you're locked together and start pulling together all. Infrastructure pieces. Vietnam in numbers well -- estimated to enforce it -- 500 million dollars you know the war in Japan 1213. Was close to. Billion dollars. And again that's the spending that goes on. The hotels the restaurants special that that the production use with CBS stated in the projects squares they've built there basically brought the studios and it shows. You know there's a lot of activity and again. Is it maybe. -- comfortable for a couple weeks physically getting an element that sort of thing but you know at the end of the day is day as the most positive economic. Driver four and it can. -- of anybody's I'm happy it's here but I guarantee of its ankles thank you mark I appreciate it. Summit include better.

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