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5-21 6:45am Tommy, no Super Bowl?

May 21, 2014|

Tommy talks to Jay Cicero, the Pres. & CEO of the Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation, about the city's attempt to get Super Bowl LII

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker another WL 64713. Before -- seven all of us I think still. Reeling to some. Extent considering new loans was ten for ten McCain's Super Bowl -- -- and we find out yesterday. Think that ten and one because Minnesota's didn't suitable 52 Jay Cicero joins us right now a friend a friend of the entire New Orleans area president. And CEO of the greater new loan sports foundation and he was there yesterday morning today. Mark carrier I'm well thank you back in new loans now silliness I mean I am I wouldn't recruit from our get a -- that comes in things to do in Minnesota during a Super Bowl. Build a snowman knocking down wish. Wish you were somewhere warmer and load -- that just somebody that's upset we wish Minnesota all the best -- Well we absolutely donors are. Mean we've talked a great cause gracious warm you win then and then -- were released as a mean there was applause the day. It it's always tough to absolutely never really warned moniker that. Stanford and how Israel media saying -- Is that correct attitude and record and and and but. It's not like our group or around September temperature and services that you renewed competition and various steps. Especially with. With a brand new stadium and as as you the NFL has strong history of -- -- and Super Bowls to. New stadium cities and then. They've proved. Is that the children play and and and David -- -- -- -- let me run this by AJ you know on thing and the politics of this and now every make a decision yet explain yourself to the media the press conference and -- Last year you know I'm not last year two years ago we had we had the little thing with the power that the trouble is I like to college and some days you see that the NFL in the position of either saying we can get into -- when he came down and Andy was -- the saints or. -- New Orleans or Minnesota yet the choice of we give it to a brand new facility. Where the taxpayers put up half a billion or more we can give it to the facility where last time. We couldn't keep the lights on and I facility has been renovated but you know it has been around for awhile do you think that entered into this at all. It's never did you it is -- lights going out this program in 2013. And it was not a factor in this and immigration reforms that. You know so it's fully aware of what has. Transpired at the superdome after repairs the issue here. And there Iraq west. There are speaking of commerce and energy right. Yeah the GAO Entergy Corp. There. And Ron -- The chairman of the superdome commission. There are also. As a strong statement that -- -- that were on top but it does not an issue but it felt no doubt about it there's never. He's saying that we operated upon and viewership proportion that's. That I'm sure what was in economists and parents and work really didn't. You know what we really did take into account as much as yours how much the news NFL program. Continue to move forward -- understated some renewed. They had a -- -- server or -- and number retreat delicate and they can move a year. And we were hopeful that NFL owners were suited to where we. -- what we saw that. That to try and you know would be kicked off in the super ball and that was. That would went out and yeah. You know that stockbroker clearly yesterday either either very much supported. The city she's. I'll probably on the public funds for the understated about it and trend in the past. Certainly they're well and that brings up the question at least in my mind of united did they talk about it thank rod -- said yes available over half. Billion dollars with the taxpayers put up for the stadium known minn Minnesota in the second mark from a go earlier we'll talk to an economist later says Super Bowl. Has about 400 to 500 million dollars economic impact on an area and that's. I'm sure gonna go up -- is a bottom line I guesses. Did you would New Orleans. With the chances of hosting a Super Bowl go up if we were to have a new stadium and no adjustment a lot of money on -- Along those lines is -- a good business deal and is suited to spend 500 or 600 million on stadium when one Super Bowl in essence would return it to. Well I think in any. Change your first question I think that in. And -- good progress but outline its cities that build new statement Super Bowl. Like could be in the future that. Partner alone -- -- your statement we have. We have a jam right there. And downtown and put quotation. And then in the Mercedes super and and they get it from the sales perception. That. Yeah it's hard to compare. The superdome earlier report and -- billion dollars stadium. However. Yet mr. Bloomberg -- The way it has been renovated it's it's. Israeli outstanding means it's not cracked it in. This state this state and then yeah and it should Jillian. -- -- -- they have done magnet -- Joplin and bring that -- and back to where -- at its competitive. That it's it's. We're not building in the that we happening in the stadiums. I don't and proper opinion that we shouldn't of the superdome but. You know. The fact that we're we're in we're in disappointment there iron for a new stadium. You build them in the NFL. Owners. Support federal orbit and will vote for -- proposed that's. What is the next opportunity for new loans at least to be invited to bid on a Super Bowl and -- be wandered too. Well we're down we don't know that yet have an opportunity -- there -- in October that the NFL. Our entire. Power potential cities. And their down diversity in October of each year. Whether or not New Orleans to be on the list or not. We're not sure I'll learn how to -- -- a new stadiums on Butler. I didn't in October -- -- sure you think your question we're not sure that -- -- You know we're hopeful would be -- -- good against a common future and and you know it doesn't really. Reflect on your own ability -- and -- One of the top cities that -- Super Bowl of all time. -- you tied nine and know that nobody can call anything that you all did you you put it all against the wall in left nothing. On the field if you'll put it away but thank yells so much for what you do and think you've taken time come on this morning. -- -- --

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