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5-21 7:15am Tommy, Brooks in the Hall?

May 21, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL NFL analyst Mike Detillier about Aaron Brooks getting elected to the Saints Hall of Fame

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Time to go to Mike conciliator -- WNFL and college football land let's get his take on the Super Bowl and Aaron Brooks Brooks -- aside Mike. -- Let's. I'm surprised that much saw. In today's world. -- -- new stadium. As normally -- in -- Super Bowl were. -- but -- on something else on pointed toward. Content in the oh -- war islands. Accommodation in the City College include -- issue across the country and everything everybody -- the same thing you want to come here but -- bowl. It's amazing -- it's almost. What -- -- that that agreement on that and yet the -- -- new stadium it's part you build it and we shall give. And that's what you know Soviet giving -- to. Minneapolis and it's surprise it shocked me. But you know what New Orleans is is sold in the United States. I mean so you district about that. It's amazing how you walked out on this but again in his -- Our -- in -- in the Catholic Church could be called pass in the collection percent to. Yet the mob might call it something else and I'm not comparing the NFL to the mob but I guess when I'm wondering Mike is. You know somebody brought up the power outage couldn't have anything to do with -- because if if it did anyone have invited a new wall and -- did in. And I was water and going forward here he had new stadiums and Atlanta and San Diego coming on line so even if in east -- long -- is invited to build on and it did rather on the next couple. I don't know off if if this says you know if you like your sand if you want us and you have to build a stadium. Does that mean. I don't know how that all factors in the superdome new stadium and all that stuff. I'm not true either but I'd be a little bit of of being here and everything so holes. I think it's such it's huge advantage and also to the people. And you know are those four out of a situation where you know you had people come in the would -- a documentary on certain things. Are in this state and then you know that on the East Coast that was it it was Banda. They're the people here -- so great and how accommodating you work to everyone in the school. You know how closely everything -- in this city and wanna go -- content you have that opportunity to out in the -- year he has and everything else but. Tommy is it is about money and seeing it more more than the other thing to -- -- does it come -- the flavors so talk about this on Arctic. That there would be you -- McGrath from new York and autumn when in Iraq now. In New Orleans is going to be and ethics. And don't be surprised that the next week -- odd years. That you have -- major anecdote brown held. At a convention center in wallets so that's another. Unofficial cook that's been thrown out there efforts cities -- and -- and certainly would be a great venue for the adults. Might -- take a break for traffic and some other things and we combat talk about. Aaron Brooks and somebody's tax I'm getting -- items as -- what are the bust of Aaron Brooks is gonna -- that stupid smile. -- one thing I'd like to ask -- we come back is you know they say that you're supposed to have a short memory when you throw an interception right in that the cliche is most forget about it right away. It was he forget about it too quick and it wasn't his demeanor that bothered people know a lot of people do not like Aaron broke so we'll talk about. The football player and perhaps the perception when we come back my detail -- I -- -- -- NFL and college analyst we've. Love to hear -- -- -- to six 187 -- 3866889087. -- right now the time to take a look at traffic. -- that we go to our friend Robbie Robinson. Tommy Tucker evidently felt talking and like to tell DA we've already addressed super bulls and now. We talk about Aaron Brooks and his. And it well I know he has been conducted yet the announcement that he is going to be inducted into the saints hall of fame and operating jaguar opinion poll does -- works deserve to be. In -- saints hall of -- 70% say no 30% saying. Yes Mike Didier scouted him watched him -- which you think -- I think he deserves to be in there. I think a lot of people look at this -- unfulfilled potential. Was there but -- put up some really good numbers this football team. Although it into your first play well win. And you know quarterbacks. Get way too much credit when you win. And wait too much -- -- you rules. And a lot of that down the stretch with their work. And -- reach that potential but that other elements involved. Would that also. The other thing Communists. I think it is always hidden on the -- Is that. What could have been had Jake DelHomme did yeah. He -- the back up and you knew he was not gonna get a fair shake at the starting quarterback. He -- optical Carolina. And for that stretch of time the only sites I mean he beat them like Rome and what is and -- And also led Carolina to a Super -- -- Louisiana did you know cult in the Lafayette area and so I think in the back of everyone's mind but there. It is you know what we could have been. Well perennial twelve games and Jake DelHomme being here instead of he got a pretty good argument there. Thank you gotta blame what you're yet to blame Jim Haslett says that right nine -- -- -- government that final call 20. To that the incidents that you go and vote is my god it's on in the long term its contract and that was the case what -- Hit the dominoes were in that organization at that time or who -- -- all -- if it was outward. So bring it all telling me is a lot of there's this light and books. Hard it would certainly his demeanor I think in most cases. I always worry a little bit about someone. And how they portrayed themselves so to speak when things go bad we -- a lot of people. If they're -- it's almost -- of -- -- for almost a difficult. So to speak. Culpable in that setting. Most people in that spot when they make -- that way they're pretty angry about it we've seen the frustration on them we saw when obviously. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You just -- different race and you know when something doesn't go right with Aaron. It was a good game. And also to -- on that means that thing that happened with Jake and haven't we complete what division game. And Q can you. So to speak -- and he cut the campus. He pretty much got to -- all seen and played at. If that's possible. -- that territory and I think it's always what the what they have that number. Looking. You. He deserves to be in the fatal but it. And he put up some pretty good numbers I can't remember what happened last year before whatever reason I remember the playoff game. And it wasn't just about a team dropping the ball because he put up some pretty good numbers -- not Aaron Brooks and. Yeah and it's identical to the position. You see him today like. Tom Brady -- England on rod is in Drew Brees and rerouted to all around town but it. I know extra money used to always tell me about -- by you if you go everything you know we're not. I mean -- got out every piece of the puzzle and it wasn't there the structure wasn't there and then the women would be a and that point -- -- a really good defense in 2000. And that's what what -- you look at Joseph Thompson and Norman hand in the lord Glover and Darren Howard equally weighted. Well listen. Until this moment in part you've had a better floor that was it really such a -- So I mean that was a terrific player. Does take the position. But there was some pieces of the puzzle that really war in plates also. So. I think it's unfulfilled potential more than anything around and I think also to Beijing the whole pack of what -- He would have been god that the coaching staff for all but says he's the guy at this point that I think -- he's the right man for. History would have been changed out that I'm positive vote. Mike and tell -- want to have you on because I knew you would have a pretty astute analysis of this and I think you did thanks man have a great weekend and a great we brought -- -- Wednesday. And go and have a great weekend now lyrical -- it it'll -- physically thank you.

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