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5-21 8:15am Tommy, LSU baseball

May 21, 2014|

Tommy talks to Bryan Lazare, senior writer for TigerBait.com, about LSU baseball

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

819 Tommy Tucker with you we -- only on for another rose 304039. And it would be its amount a -- Brian was our joins us right now. Tiger -- died -- senior writer because. LHU will take overnight like the pre game as they get an idea to play Vanderbilt morning Brian I don't. I'm doing well weekend's vote you need to use since football season now. Before we get on the day smallest kind -- find it interesting on as a sports talk tonight deacon body to talk to a guy who's already projecting DL issue for the Capital One Bowl and it would seem a tad early for bowl projections you think. Yeah Eddie you're right there I'd like this you know play around with that needs stirs up conversation in the. And get the band all riled up and and it's just under do you think like. Out now known as and is not -- just seems you know we don't even know who's gonna hit the field yet and all of a sudden we're talking about bull. Bold predictions we do know who's gonna hit the field today when LA she takes on. Vanderbilt did they explain if you will Brian a little bit about the SEC tournament and I say that because at this time a year. One -- successful season a lot of people climb -- issue baseball bandwagon are a lot of -- -- baseball fans but just for people I don't know. Well the SEC tournament. The -- yesterday they're fourteenth -- and yet the city now and all -- to follow spot but he. But he. Conference baseball term that means he would twelfth green. The term gain yesterday in Hoover Alabama which is you know right -- -- a burning. Now their war. For -- and change yesterday. And so the bottom eight teams plea and it would going elimination in the report teams who lost guests -- -- out of the tour so. That's what took place yesterday. Ortiz were eliminated that now we're down to EP so the cop or in the regular season. Wonderful we'll tell you. Yet city and those sport teams are matched up. We -- before. Teens who won yesterday. The day out for the next three days it's going to be two bracket. Double elimination. Plan will work in here now to where we're -- where we get fourteen on Saturday. And on Saturday you'll have to semifinal. And championship game on April gears here aired again quickly well you start out -- We eliminated or yesterday down eight over the next three days. Will eliminate or more. The get it out of four and it will that the two semifinal games on on the in the tournament championship ink on -- semifinal game on Saturday. And in the championship game on Sunday. The winner of the tourniquet automatic bid to the NCAA tournament just like bat well. Really all the scene eight in their -- and it -- that -- probably aren't guaranteed a spot will will get beat Ian CHR. And just be clear when you say NCAA tournament you come to college worlds here. Well leading. Out well that would super regional and regionals and those things. Correct he got a. Regional first and end and then you at the super region the -- leading up to the Al closer. Are we come back we'll talk about the chances of -- issue hosting one of those who went on about. Bowl games football and they certainly talk about that and also run down the only issue staff fours if you will because again is that time a year where buddy gets a lot of interest. And -- will know who we're talking about what becomes of pitching hitting -- -- relievers to eight when he too. Time look at traffic north -- -- from tiger -- -- com about LHU baseball right now though. Time for a traffic -- that we go to Robbie Robinson. Tommy Tucker that WL luck come to be honest don't know a lot of baseball man and I try to follow -- -- baseball as much as I can. And this time a year and and no disrespect -- but it's kind of like and I just think in terms of the public at this time a year but he gets an a horse race. And I know anything about it but because the Triple Crown and especially now we can have a Triple Crown winner. Everybody gets excited about a horse racing and I think they are the diehard LSU baseball fans a considerable number of them but then. Once we get -- Southeastern Conference tournament once we get the regional super regional and college World Series that's on their body really. Jumps on board so let's talk about. Two early talk about regional super regional is that pretty likely to happen for only issue. Well Alex keep happening again. It's a -- and it will be an reach. Which begin next week in which begins a week from Friday. -- what is in the years whether LA if you will -- the regional in that room. And that the importance of the term it is we currently. In Allah. There are sixteen schools that host. Regional. Hand right now you know the guys he'd make that prediction on that issue and regional arm and hand them right. On the ball out regional votes. So what. Did they when he SEC if they when he SEC and they do groceries correct. Well. -- -- -- But. What you wind the heat charter. 08. And -- -- Brian in terms of getting in to. The tournament even if they don't win there already and if they don't win the. And yet -- There resonated is that there depth in the in the eight car so the only question is is there resonate strongly enough. That the selection committee considers them to be one of the sixteen that keen. And you know the sixteen that he'd get a -- regional elects. That's what Alex you're playing well war it's weakened real competition with which other team yet the state. That there are I've seen without these copper that that really -- a good do you work to be posting normally. The SEC never get more than 40. So that means there's going to be one -- out. And that's what -- she's competing. For right now they're competing with probably South Carolina and Vanderbilt and they played today and Ole -- And those fourteen -- portable with all out there -- people want that they won the regular season championship. So. Don't or aren't really competing for three regional spot. -- -- -- -- The same bracket with Vanderbilt Ole miss. So therefore they have their opportunity to make a case debated there'd be one of these regional -- -- the -- sixteen dean country. Now that really the most important thing for LSU the next few days Yahoo!. Bryant get a couple more minutes and we come back as one goes to the staff and Terry Bailey she strengths and weaknesses when it comes to bats are pitching relievers that are ranked. You had a couple minutes got Brian was our tiger bait dot com senior writer. L issue baseball coming up at 9 o'clock the pregame shows the SEC tournament begins right now though time for another WL offers news and for that we go to to. -- -- -- or sorry game and I had to share a point of extreme importance with Jordan. I was browsing you're like you to pipes and not just want to respond. I'm getting it especially philosophical. -- rivals are with that tiger made dot com senior writer before we run out of time -- a little bit about tiger they. I'm at W don't eat -- at a time. All the latest news and analogies sports would cover everything is a lot on football recruiting. And you want and think you know. China than come visit the site in that all it makes you want. -- and -- Brian was on as you guessed if you're on a radio Bryant did tell me about the staff -- issue pitch seeing. I'm hitting like you said relievers things like that names we can look for -- who has. I guess really perform -- -- season be successful in the post season. Well. But pitching is headed by Aaron you know did you not bat. Speed is about now that -- couldn't -- history ballot issue. He is in the top ten for most number one in the career. He is third meal all time strikeout list. And he's just a junior but he will not be back -- AC unit in baseball. You're eligible for the. That Major League Baseball perhaps after three years or when you turn 21 years old. This -- -- third year so. He will be drafted. Major League Baseball is. Coming up in early June he is expected to be someone's -- in the the first ten players in the draft so that is at its final season with -- issue these spectacular picture. He had pitching staff. The number two starter Jaret O'Shea is the -- from -- high school well who's had a very good stretch and the only one. Won nine games for -- you had been are eight games are very great job he -- -- -- at Vanderbilt. The. Did beat bolt ran. Tendency toward the area is art are you guys Eric -- are that the closer and. Eight -- on the year he's from I'll only brought an anchor the unions and the expect the league -- -- -- and so. -- you'd stop war pages straight -- down there in the war there are actively it spent struggle this year I'll if you lost. Or three years starters from last year's team and it is the party on CNET note three years stars on the scene this year. And it's a little bit but struggled. The last week. Went on -- higher hitting. I would start -- would a point that they're not in victory against Northwestern State and then they scored 29 -- last week in an intriguing all. You know -- dropping it back in the week it is seen this year you know Alan Bratton who's. Freshman all American a year ago oddly he's struggled a little bit this year at about three Stephanie last year at about ninety this year. But he still one of the leaders along with being beaten and better vehicles from Lafayette. But LA she's scared by pitching in you know -- they're gonna stay. In Hoover for UK you know guys like -- associated angels start them mark those guys that pitched well. Ryan I appreciate your time is always -- noble talked he has some more -- issue baseball season progresses. I'm very everybody thank you sir I Bryan was -- tiger bait dot com.

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