WWL>Topics>>5-21-14 12:20pm Garland: tackling issues from his stack o' stuff

5-21-14 12:20pm Garland: tackling issues from his stack o' stuff

May 21, 2014|

Garland delves into a number of issues from his "stack o' stuff."

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Is in situations like this in the big drag. Her dog and number of files that I keep. Referenced. Project reference stories that that I immoral as to think about. And the -- fortune is the Jews to ones from the ball game should one. And the -- was -- weird because of baseball and and Morgan beyond -- and other thirty plus minutes. No guest but I want to go back to a couple of topics of we've touched on in the pair of speakers are a couple of follow. -- -- Cotto Judah the European Union. We're sure legally is in control of the laws of 550. Million people. Had looked at the collection of material from Google's and it's going to be older portals. With a beeper was and whether -- -- And basically says that. Users who have to let people be forgotten. They communicate with -- that day one you do to take down their information. -- search engines and everything you know. And this was the Paula. Just days after European court of Joseph -- people have the right to be forgotten. Google is getting requests from -- little saddened and business people and -- on the street. One in links information. About them removed. Google says and this is logistically complicated. And manager and -- but he. Not beliefs because of some of the language isn't -- and the need for careful review and and as soon as we thought exactly all we unify and work. Which may take several weeks we let the users and so. So. Article goes on -- going to be difficult for Google to pick and choose which were forced it -- honor. And that's according to. A lawyer who specializes. In privacy laws in London now this does not applaud. If America shows Europe. Google goes on Tuesday. We -- -- request regulators. And each member state will then have to fight in this citizens corner. And and all the words in Europe -- of Google says note saying story can remember that can remove your name and your history. Well the regulators. In the area and in Europe or going to rip rip president the citizen to get removed. The question this. Again do you were aboard the Combs could become tens of thousands or millions of request. And the ruling. Only applies to government can retrieve you -- searching on the individual's name. And request would have to be married the individual. And I've been reading recently. Opinion pieces. Very concerned that it's hurt the Internet it's -- -- use of the Internet everything I read says -- -- little almost no chance of this occurring in America. -- -- And rendered lack of technology thought news. But for the businesses. That communicate to in Europe. Deuces. Also a kind of an incubator project and zydeco and number of countries in Asia. A couple of countries in Africa and we've got the entire European Union. Well a lot of countries thinking about. Ordering their own restrictions. On the Internet. And and to me this this is what you get that. When drew just keep gathering more data and more days more days. We're on the show knows where now facial recognition. Is getting very close. To recognizing your pace putting it in the cloud. And whenever your seen in the video whenever you're seeing in out in public. If somebody be reviewed -- you the world can -- and we war. We've done. The things on drones that are totally -- regulated at this point in. I don't really read or anybody in stint -- regularly and layers through we did it. Rescission in that reporter. -- Trafalgar Square and London. And there was a hot car young Q did you -- in two computers. And you've told this reporter. It when those very small. Four proposal were ribbon. Drones that you can buy him ball to report on books. And he would outfit -- With his hacking technology. And they flew it over the heads of of everybody in which quarter. And what came back were their credit card numbers or shall from security. -- driver's license he gathered. All the information about flying over them. And I think what's happening in Europe. Probably a combination of the year it would -- revelations within now. Look at us and they were watching and as much as we think and then Tuesday is watching it's. And then decide to do something about it and to indeed that's the problem. Of going to fork. And when it says. The rolling in the European Union. Applause only the information fruitless searching an individual's name. And the request would have to be filed by the individual that you -- example. Nazi war criminal could as Google to remove building tool Wikipedia page about him or her. And that's were pupils will be -- -- -- -- -- -- and it will find the people are going to be able. Search people -- of the good people bad people. But it goes on this. If you ask Wikipedia. To take down the same page. They won't do. This is simply an order. To Google. And -- are also submit. -- all the data that's being collected now even if that some zone in America which -- now. That it wouldn't be the devastation. Of the Internet. Might make it slightly more difficult to gain information about individuals. And I'm a brochure that to bed that. Ticket regulars to -- the ride back over mobile brigades but he you know moral -- the -- When a liberal we have the -- -- short bench rule and we do today because of bulge through a baseball. Rather than light up gifts that were approved -- we can get it through I -- much consultant. And a little more to promote. Showed the -- attempt to do to mark -- it's something we've talked a lot about. And I used to do some TV work here in New Orleans. And virtually. All like on a regular businesses -- -- -- And from 197 and nineteen cents. A do documentaries. And worked for station the whole book account -- wouldn't pay taxes so. We've we had almost the budget of networks. When all of of the world reports. And -- put all of the Arab world. Try and understand wetlands wetlands laws that might happen to a and we reported -- predicted over the years what would. Become Katrina. Spectrum holders bill we've we've been. The artists that station -- film we get up on the idea and building on the plaza hours. And we should do a little over Metairie and New Orleans see instantly viewed over there. And in the artist would mean war -- root out. -- this one's gonna look like. It reasonable that breached or loading overturn or category three. Orchid. And nobody believes it to and you'd it was taken to be the extreme ms. Stanton. Negatives. And to whom income unit in mid but it is it cost very little attention -- -- -- and criticism. So. A top fuel two and in in foreign news. That I've been studying this for a battery loans to middle locations all of the world and not. There weren't very much you could tell -- was you know. It redeemed at two people involved in the article at the Libyans. Million asks if you wrote some very good way of a -- read verbatim. What they've written knock people in law who we have finally have completed. Protect the ball all rounds in the age rounding. It calls for two and a half a billion dollars. Now we don't share rose pointing. That we now had. The need price that. On this -- team and -- billion dollar out of those. That we have to report we have to pay for a portrait. Of the upkeep. But I forgot what I do -- -- ticker gilts those shoes could be totally wrong here don't have the files and -- -- But I think it's overrun 7080 million dollars in Europe right now we don't have it. And sort -- -- that's the problem. With the -- stopped that got fingered we have a book that some problem or control there. Let me -- didn't broken balloons report. Burberry and. In the -- to rebuild after rookie to -- Congress told corps of engineers. -- Lebanese rid of global round you'll. -- protected. Against the 100. Years -- In the future picture if all -- wrong. Okay 100 year war. Is -- -- of support and that is the 1%. Chance of happening in in a year. Not a storm that occurs once its interest -- 100 years storm as one person chants. Of happening in the year. Not not what most of us thought. OK that said congress have protected drug injures store. But there was a problem. That was weaker. WE eight. Corbett jitters. -- support team that billion dollar structure. And agencies local officials. Soon as the best protection the city is ever had a and the engineers. That I've talked to and interviewed. Over the last Saturday islanders along we've been on here. -- -- also good the best we've ever. But other engineers and storm expert for milieu with the suits and nutrient of Reading verbatim and from the live report. See something helps. Something. Less asks. It's in his system that after Hurricane Katrina was downgraded by congress. From one that had to be stronger and up to repel the most severe storm. One that only had qualified for insurance. Which as of march lower standard. One of your experts warn people in particular and involved with the view please don't -- rules for reduction of tents and are. Master plan and I respected. Or your -- union. He said it's as -- -- portly bill three story home collapsed. And the contractors -- whole war I wondered do -- replace it with a well married. Two story house. The corps has rebuilt assessment. -- lord's day -- -- protection. Then this poorly built system. That collapsed. During hurricane tree. Like I said. -- Our new at all but this brand new for me and tomorrow. We're gonna try to get all up the road this from confronting you grow water resources expert that was quoted route. Maybe you cope with the engineer is -- -- our our honor because. Opera on the issue this is something most people. Or not a world and kind of blends. In with the fight over the lawsuit. -- too soon -- several oil companies. That tore up the wetlands. And -- Wednesday. Including government awards she. Knew what they're doing knew that was supposed repaired and they didn't. And the bill Libby authority approved eastern. Problem -- and authority. -- -- and soon to get them with a wing where this kind of thing -- -- walls even higher. And to rebuild wetland or at least. Keep the goal from lapping up against this -- didn't have billion dollar office. Very complicated and very dangerous and something we should all be. Coming right back of the a -- article from -- stack of stuff that would love to do and shows alone do. Ran out of time couldn't get the guest one of the ego blow up or -- It was about. English teacher and -- well well let's. Well let's leave it to and masters is near Boston. English teacher and he'd do a speech for you screw grades which clients. And he called it your notes from since -- multi -- -- -- went viral all over the world. And ended with a few -- disparaging. That was fingers making -- big kid with the who wants. It and -- guts home. March. Attention from the species brought about your not special and all of the were encouraged moments is the name -- and argues that pressure groups that'll prevent students from taking chances. And learning for failure. And a jump ahead of qualities. When -- start -- Saying double doubles pershing said -- you are not specialists like grumpy old man. But it wasn't about bashing his students or parents or society. In self interest that he saw himself teacher mentor. What's the best -- students. Amid worries about a generation upon by college admissions decisions. Or about notes. -- -- -- -- -- pick up Bob what they want to do. Following new interest not worry so much about the mood or it will reward. In deaths themselves in the moment. And trust the results will take care of themselves. He wants to those kids -- worry less about impressing people. In his in his word becomes novel idea. That you studied because it's -- -- Not just clearing the way for the next step. Encourages his students. Won't -- the more. Probable. Get a bode well in the mountains were Canadian jewel in the armed forces Google -- Semblance or breathing anything and everything that interest. Climb a mountain -- to plan your play. But it's the challenge in two year old view. Climates are you concede the world and optional world. Concede to. It would have rating this. -- remembered the story. Who visit. That and the rupiah book and Steven Jobs. Remember Steven Jobs. Early -- -- and -- captain who was working. Was supposed you know. Mark was -- a was that in get confused between. -- gates and his cool. They're -- and but they weren't -- and the Roger and -- and they didn't start out -- To make the largest promote successful business in the world. At one point in the midst of this jobs. Dropped out of school and don't think you dropped a school a couple of times. But he went back to screw. Just voluntarily. Take the clients include growth. It's something -- lumpy look neat. And beautiful. And -- design things. And Isaacson pointed out when you're going to an Apple Store two day. You see that that ethnic. -- grouper the clean lines these these easy tootsie. And they use that in every divine design and of every -- I applaud. Water real water it's. He uses. And he did something was not the right we do you follow what he loved to do -- is short. I've I've tried to convince my daughter over and over to a temperature Euro Euro were to wade through. Sees the world. Have trouble. Mean getting in on time to the screens ago or the laws. Run into problems that you saw. When you come back. If you. Have been DUP. Have been the -- doing something now you've got that resolved. You've seen the you've done what you thought you wanted to do and girl by the public convinced that is what wondered who wore. You have to go back and stuff. Does this teacher I think that a lot of kids a -- favor. To say of them -- is gobbled up with view Uga beat. Because like being average. Rebels and school will be mature very good students. And -- -- but everybody else and again and -- of those entities scores and got. It's so -- -- a very short lifetime. You've got to follow what you think you love what you want to do. And often times. That leads you to rename foods and so it's war below abort it. Just thoughts in the -- Coming right back double to build figured celebrity immortal by the -- That reduced to liquid component. At a younger a guy called revealed that and say. That in Europe there of their -- under the rope with the tribunal alternative vendors a fellow of alternative energy in the that it is in -- -- And it's -- regional museums that day and says. Plants that don't rising -- along the ms. -- -- restored and -- these don't. Or million -- would do pellets shipped a bull and horrible material at match them up factories. Where would -- as boring as VI NC. Would. Is being shipped to Europe to be burned as vital in 2007. European Union says -- we we've got to -- to. Greenhouse. Technology will reduce emissions and reduce greenhouse gases. Environment -- to Louisiana. Are crying foul. Over European corporations cutting down our porous for prop. And polluted planet in the process. With the burning of wood pellets. It is not a simple world is the boy. Angelina goes and acts. Brigade celebrity immoral plug the --