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May 21, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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What a beautiful Wednesday evening and Wednesday at the square the concert series just wrapped up you might be getting in your car heading home after being attend the Wednesday to square concert series. I just took a walk on Fulton street. And people are outside eating and enjoying beverages and I hope it's in -- state where -- -- welcome to the Scotia here tonight into the WL. Here's our -- to -- a pretty general opinion poll tonight we'll track this throughout our show and give you a -- a starting coming up just a few minutes. Is bully. Worse today or has the media attention. Meet its lowers. Especially if you have teenagers. The getting Boeing's worst today and I realized their social media this is one of the things we'll we'll talk about the showed tonight. I realized that this social -- pressure but really is bullying -- today or is the media attention making it seem like it's -- Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com to get would you be a day on that coming up just a few minutes and -- blog tonight which is also -- on our WQ well -- web site. Is anti bullying message. Grow a pair. That's would remain here in California said we'll be talking about that. On the show tonight it's time for tonight's top eight at eight -- the topic things we'd like you know it was we begin our show tonight on WWL. Number eight. Throughout this 2014 Louisiana legislative session I have talked about some of the senseless. Ridiculous meaningless legislation that's not gonna manifest any change in the state it's not gonna do anything to to better the state. However I do appraise one legislative effort it's really not gonna lead to change. But I think it's really good legislation. Until now awaits the governor's signature. It would name the twin span bridge overly much tray in the Frank Davis naturally -- Orleans memorial bridge. When I saw this today just it made me feel good. So this is one of those designations this is not like -- making the Bible the official state -- to me this is a really. This is a really good. Human thing to do. As Frank Davis was Sobel laughed and the twin spans okay it's been kind of catchy phrase to describe those two bridges. Across the eastern and -- potty trained. But to renamed it the Frank Davis national and memorial bridge I think it was a very very Smart move and I'm I'm glad that -- with -- the full story on our website at WW dot com. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. You trust your -- driving. There are numerous GPS enabled devices. That plug into your cars diagnostic port underneath the dash. It would allow you apparent to monitor your teens driving. Speed. Location everything. Should you have on your teenager's car. Look at a teen driver -- you mean I was really a good kid. I mean it wasn't until later that I turned into a bad person but I mean it was a good kid. I didn't get in trouble for the most part. Which had a good driver -- came home when my parents said the no wonder I couldn't get any dates when I was young a restore was too good. In any event this is something that -- we could talk about we do a good driver and should your teens. Have a GPS device in their vehicle so you can better watch. What I would like about that. Is a bit lower the insurance rates. If your teens show a good pattern of driving. And if he can be document to a I'd GPS enabled device that plugs into the diagnostic system the car if it shows responsible driving. It should -- lead to lower insurance rates. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Well this is -- continuing discussion on our show and and throughout America a few protesters were arrested outside of the McDonald's headquarters in oak brook Illinois today. Hundreds were demonstrating for higher wages. Answer the question continue should the minimum wage be raised to recent blog affect this was on our show last night and it's still on our website at WW dot com. Is is titled the mentality. Of minimum wage workers. And there are some really well thought out comments at the end of that you can read the blog and and shared it's about minimum wage workers. And I'm sure you've thought about this debate. And I know we want people to earn more. But is raising the minimum wage really the answer in any event each and every that injured a joint in the end the comments at the end of the -- -- Is it WWL dot com number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Party over is it time to your stuff in and leave because the party's over. A Tea Party candidate challenged senator Mitch McConnell in a primary race in Kentucky yesterday. And the Tea Party candidate was easily defeated. Tea Party continues to try to gain control of the Republican Party. In an op Ed article at foxnews.com. List -- rights. Defeats suffered by Tea Party candidates should not be ignored. The GOP needs the energy and conviction. Of the Tea Party after a crushing defeat in 2008. And with president George W. Bush leaving office draped in some of the worst poll numbers in memory. Republicans were on life support. She goes on to say that liberals like to -- Tea Party years. As of right wing loans harboring extreme and dangerous fears in some cases their right Todd -- assistant Guidant in Missouri which we talked on the show. He's sent a legitimate -- comment -- Christine O'Donnell's. Forays into witchcraft and more recently. That -- support of cock fighting -- the late night TV audiences and cause legitimate heartburn for the GOP. She goes on to say but it's important to remember that even the New York Times serving Tea Party protesters. Found him wealthier and more educated than the general public. These -- middle class citizens who worry about their government being broke. And broken and there. Noticing that nobody's really standing up for their concerns and their values. What what scares me about that is their values and it is true that the it's my understanding that the the pure Tea Party years. Our four. Fiscally responsible government. Cutting the government budget deficit. And essentially tried to get the the spending of the United States government under control. However it's the Glenn Beck's. The Tea Party yours that RT extreme right wingers. And it brought in all the social issues with Tea Party is when it's my understanding that the Tea Party -- really didn't start that way. They really did they that was not there issue. There issue was a fiscally responsible government. As so I do understand that there's this misconception of Tea Party is but it's because of people like went back it's because of these wild right wing. I of people in the Tea Party who not only more physical -- responsibly for the physically responsible government. But they also wanna tell people how to lead their lives and they're also very happy. Into. Social issues same sex marriage abortion and all the other issues. So they have been in some ways unfairly labeled but it's only because members of the Tea Party have. Steered the on the judgment in that direction number for tonight's list of the top eight at eight. The TV co stars who had the greatest sexual tension it would have a little fun with this on the show tonight. That we're TV characters that were not really couples. -- always had great sexual tension. Thinking about Jerry Elaine on site failed. Or you know there was at one time look at the apparently dated. And then during the year the series recycled paper they were portrait girlfriend. They were good friends but it does seem like there was a lot of those sexual tension between him and there was at one episode where. You know they did it too to try saves on trying to save the French. I think about Jerry and Elaine. When I I I read the story earlier deflection is dot com I couldn't help but think about Mary Richardson Lou Grant. From the Mary Tyler Porsche. Terms of the sexual tension between those two. And has always like. Lou Grant one of terror. And she loved flew. But he never did and it would there were times that they like to keep close to being a couple are concentrating their different chip but they never did. And then ginger in the professor so we'll talk about I think about some of the TV co stars. It had the greatest sexual tension they were really -- but there was always this subliminal suggestion that either they wanted to or. They actually did if you wanna join us shortly with your comment on numbers 2601872. All 38668890. Point seven. At a -- super estates have decent number three tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Louisiana lawmakers a support legislation to direct the State's corrections department. To find alternative ways to lethal injection to carry out the death penalty. Because you know there's been a lot of controversy about the death penalty most recently I believe it was in Oklahoma. Where they they they boarded the the lethal injection. Because the guy -- it didn't die right we died later of a heart attack but they aborted the that the death penalty. Execution. Because it wasn't working and then there are a lot of questions about whether or not those who for fide the lethal injection. On syrup in the medicine. Whether their identity can be held an anonymous that -- they don't have to be revealed because as a lot of concern about who would provide. The medicine to carry out the death penalty now in the state -- -- and now they had in in in modern times. They still had the firing squat. As a vote execution. And there's talk and you talk about bringing back the firing squad because they already have. The apparatus that they need to put that into effect. Somewhat the return of the electric chair. But there were horrific stories about the electric here. And and I think in maybe maybe I'm wrong but I believe in the state of Florida. It was -- the state of Florida or here in Louisiana. They nicknamed the the electric your old Sparky. Because sometimes during an execution. The electric chair would likes sparks were flying off the head of the the conflict. The convicted killer. So what would be the best way to carry out the death penalty. Nebulous and -- show you know that I have I have become anti death penalty. Just because they are so many people. Who were convicted and DNA evidence. Later determines that there they're innocent. And it's far better to let guilty people go the to execute an innocent person. Now I don't like the idea that people commit horrific crimes and they steal live. And it's it is true that from the standpoint of the cost of the appeals process is less expensive for taxpayers and for the government to keep somebody in prison for life. Mean it is -- acute. It doesn't mean that the process of executing somebody is that expensive but it's the appeals process is so expensive so tonight we can talk about what would be the best way. To carry out the death penalty I heard one of the anchors on CNN earlier today talking about this. And goodness I'm Ashley Banfield. And she said why not bring back to DT because -- mean that's like quick it's decisive. I've heard stories element to guillotine that when they had its chopped off at balls in the basket. Like sometimes eyes blink. Today has been severed. It was like the lips will will move because you still have those those nerve endings. And I mean think about it that's your brain. Which your brings to be if your head was chopped off -- your -- still be functioning. Why don't even talking about this -- Let's get to number two tonight's list just -- Worker is changing its forty years slogan. Have it your way. Too are you ready for this. They're doing away -- have that your way Parker kinks in new slogan is going to be. Beat your way. -- Beat your way. In a statement Burger -- -- the new slogan is intended to remind people that. They can and should live how they want to any time and it's okay to not be perfect. When -- slogans for fast food restaurants become philosophical words by which to live. I mean there that's a great. Great slogans in the past that we all still remember. It is state many of them actually became part of pretty funny jokes. Like where's the beef it takes two hands to handle whopper and the list goes on to talk about great slogans that we still remember from the past and great slogans today. But the other question is. Does that there's a good slogan actually get you to go to a fast food restaurant. Is it more about the service is it a more about the quality of the food to taste of the food. It's you know you don't what to expect when you go to a fast food restaurant me I'm going to for quality food you're going for food it well at that taste -- food that you could eat eat quickly. But this idea Burger King changing their slogan for pat that your weight to be your way I am just thinking about some Tibetan monk. That is on. Thinking about this idea. Burger King beat your own way a beat your way -- telling people that they can be who are for the -- so we'll talk about to slogans on the show tonight. And finally tonight's number one. On tonight's list of the top eight -- -- thinking about it -- I mean if you had dropped in the basket. Would you still be alive. -- momentarily -- would you still like be conscious. -- I'd number one on tonight's list of the topic today. A California mayor responded to a proposal to create an anti bullying safe -- for students. By saying that most people just have to grow a pair. That led to an instant reaction from council -- and this is it Porter feel California. She immediately said. It's hard to just grow a pair. When you -- ten year old girl. A phrase grow a pair. -- how to describe this I'd grow a pair refers to the growing of the essential anatomical parts that defined the male gender. Would that be the right way to say in other words it means become a man. Get tough -- here now I disagree with that crude sexist. Get a four or crude sexist odd phrase grow a pair. But I actually agree with -- a camera Hamilton a -- California. I agree with him. An anti bullying safe zone for students. You know it's it's it's kind of like their criminal that wants to own a gun. Is gonna pay attention to a new gun law. So so kid that's going to be a bully to another kid is gonna go oh come over here across the Lawrence likened bully. Come on and come on what was the lure out of that the safe zone so we can bully the -- Or she can bully because disciplines girls can be Belize as well. And I I can't help but once again be reminded that bullying is nothing new. Bullying. Has been used as an excuse now for everything from depression to -- -- not fitting in. To suicide. And while there are so many many tragic cases that we talked about on the show. Bullying is not a new problem. I think bullying is more. The result. Of media -- -- not bullying itself but the tension that bullying is getting today. I think it's it's it's more about media hype. That it is about something that is actually changed. And so. Yeah if you look at the sky this dismay or Hamilton importer of a California look at him you look at me and you would think there's no way we would agree on anything. And yet I totally agree with discount. He's bald as a very. Thick long the horseshoe mustache guess it would be like -- -- -- into. It looks like we wouldn't agree on anything. But I totally agree with this -- And -- blog tonight. There's about anti bullying anti bullying phrase I grow a pair me is that really the answer. But it's really about the media hyping up bullying and society supports this idea that. It's it's the it's. It's bully that's to blame is that really and -- are we gonna teach young people. Whether it's a teenage boys or teenage girl were pretty what are we gonna teach them how to deal with -- Because there will always be bullies in the world. If you large orders for the comic light on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. Text number. It's 87870. Is so bullied -- a thing or is it time is it just getting more attention from the media that's not Malia. A -- -- -- a sure thing by going to our web site WWL dot com and this group blog tonight is titled anti bullying message grow a pair. Again I disagree with the very crude sexist comment scroll -- but. I agree that. Did an anti bullying safe zone for students is ridiculous. Instead of coddling. Love your children protect your children but instead of coddling them and protecting him from everything that might be offensive to them. At some point they're gonna have to toughen up. It's at the right attitude. If you wanna join us type with your thoughts are numbers 2601 a seventy toll free 8668890. Point 78. A text numbers it's every Saturday I institute of our current right back on this Wednesday night live from New Orleans. Under the WL is bullying worse today or has the media attention made it seem worse that's -- WWL pretty general opinion poll. Here's an update 33%. Say bullying is worse today. And 67%. Say the media attention. Makes it seem -- Give a sure thing by going to our web site W -- account we're we're talking about this because they are California responded to a proposal before the City Council in order to California. -- to create an anti bullying safe zone for students saying that people just have to grow a pair. And that has gotten instant attention around the world because his comment went viral effect we're gonna actually played his comment from that City Council meeting coming up on on the show tonight. The phrase prepare assisting means you know become a man which again is it possible for a young female student. But while I disagree with the crew does -- his statement I I agree with. What he means and that is that an anti bullying safe zone is ridiculous I think we I think we paid too much attention. To the impact of bullying and not enough attention focused on what kids can do. To deal with police. Let's talk about your own experiences but I was bullied reluctantly. Did you think it was bully when I was young. And I I've I shared distort -- -- I've run into this guy. He he rides a Harley and I've seen at places now and then. And east when he came up to radios they -- -- you talk about those guys it to -- duties Jefferson. While it was one of those guys. That is -- -- saying sorry your go to guy. Is a big guy so yeah. I didn't understand that he would have got to glee with which we believe me but the talk of a short experience. How did you deal with bullets. And you might actually help some parent today. Who has a child who's being bullied. Who doesn't know what to do. Or maybe thinks that all this media hype is. Is so important that. The parent doesn't even think to teach their kids to deal with being told -- we just have to eliminate -- Well that's not realistic. A second. If you are -- -- -- -- -- -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's every tax receipts -- it's every. A we're also talking about their TV co stars they had great sexual tension. And here's a Texas is a Tony dance and Judith Light. From who's the boss and Bruce Willis and Sybil shepherd from moonlight. In particular TV couple -- -- -- couple TV co stars that are in -- show. But -- great sexual tension either they were involved or. They always made it seem as if they wanted to be involved and Burger King has a new slogan they're dumping -- your way and their new slogan news. Which seems like kind of philosophical. Freeze to talk to live by. I will talk about great slogans tonight here's a Texan -- this could be your. -- your way -- as much sense as the New Coke more of your -- are coming up Eric here and to -- WL. You know I would like first saw. Torture -- were approached the the issue and on -- it to -- -- yeah. A long range required after each arbitration. -- is I think somebody just joined us -- we bring everybody up to date to you know this is a live show and sometimes I don't know what I'm gonna say. As always talking about Louisiana lawmakers are supporting legislation to direct the State's corrections department. To find alternative ways to lethal injection to carry out the death penalty. And the firing squad and bringing back the electric chair those have been mentioned. And somebody today I've mentioned a guillotine. On and on CNN. And I thought we get your heads chopped off I've I've heard sometimes that you you hear stories about the head in the basket the eyes would. Would blink in that the face which still seem to be alive and I wondered if that's possible. Well actually. Doctor Jay McKee who urged big bet is why -- -- -- don't. Instantly that it's. Chart as poetic justice -- -- -- and our idea what -- should impeach the witness. I watch. Watch you know deployed our allies in July. I don't watch it jumping local -- is she or he says he knew he was gonna -- this. What is certain of that but that was about it. And now what aspect of your. Power was being you. The Java problem but -- out there and Portuguese. I interviewed a couple urgent and minus and it is well -- short circuit -- I am not contribute only about twelve each package after it -- the ball. Now if you continue to blowing. Then that means that you might maintains some degree of of consciousness. And and think about I mean if -- if it's something suddenly happens if you suddenly had a limb I'm cut off if you suddenly lost a limb I don't know that you would. Initially. Feeling goal so if your body would certainly go on which you maintain some degree of of consciousness. We are currently I -- 22 in the way he did you -- boy are we want it. Every -- until -- go out to receive only about twelve. Erica I while this is very disturbing I've persistent interest and I was just curious I appreciate you're calling -- -- Right here's a text. It says works with ENT. Who works construction accidents. A guy was spearheaded. Solid coming. Tried to get out of the way he was beheaded. Co workers white as a sheet. Reported his body ran around. Thirty feet. Before it dropped to the ground. And people and what if you saw your body running away for a break back. Again I don't know how we got and it's this topic joined a lot of stuff to talk about I don't just I just I was fascinated by that and talking about. The ways states that we might execute people as opposed to lethal injection and I believe was Ashley -- -- to -- in an earlier today. And she -- -- but the guillotine I mean that's quick and as -- -- I was talking about it live on the air bubble it would be quick but what if he didn't lose consciousness our way. And I think I've never done this because I didn't drop on a farm but the phrase are running around with the chicken running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Mean I've heard stories in and maybe you have first hand experience with this but I've heard stories that if a chicken loses its head. That the body still still Russert how freaky if that happened with a human. Government -- Bob a year on this to show. Current topics and -- outlook and Tunisia thanks. Talk about what you know years ago. And -- grade the third -- all. Time at least a tradition. In the school and they were actually George says -- -- Between the black white and I remember. Don't know first year there. Yeah I was getting bullet but why pick ball in order in hand compared to a disabled could -- -- certain book you're out there. Go after the one billion and you'd better keep it clean shot at -- If you don't -- never stopped now on I'm not advocate of violence becomes -- point on where you. -- corporate point yeah you did. It and that veteran -- about reforms in Eric Corey clean shot it is cute term and that circuit in -- -- Didn't stop but it minimize the ball. Now everybody's died in a position to take their clean shot to everybody is not physically. In a position to actually physically stand up to somebody. So that's not always on an option for everybody but I do believe that there are options. There are there are in the becomes important you'd also demeans a parrot stood in -- -- and try to. -- -- remedied that and get that sometimes he -- It's terrible. Which. And with the hopes that he give it. What that this is at all that you -- the people you're trying to get support today but I. In Q school. They're still out here in -- of political trinket occurred at the ball with their own people out there denying that Hillary. Well and that's that's another part of this whole conversation -- the parents of bullies need to accept responsibility to and unfortunately there are. There are parents who were going to be proud of their kids because they're bullies. Which means that bear their bully. Themselves. Right pastry and actually a lot of it. Much sorrow and warned that public school system and warned in Prague. School system and truth be told -- the rule would be reversed but they're small bullying in schools look at the money. And what Billy Joseph reached. Collect under the war. In each in -- appointment and these are all collect public on the gathered. You need to start pulling that that bullet to the science and -- destroyed two quarters. School start -- and it's. Holding people accountable. Thankfully will be drastically. Reduce. Bobby -- -- thanks for sharing your story so were you bullied and and how did you how did you deal with it at his bullying worse today or does the media attention. Just make it seem like it's worse. That's a -- to -- a pretty general people give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com. I here's a text that starts out just sticks and stones may broke may break my bones but words will never hurt me will finish that tax. And here's another text. It says -- let's face it the second the guillotine blade strikes. All consciousness is immediately lost. I will finish that -- when we come back after the break I'm scoot under WL. The mayor of a small town in California reporter -- California and it was responding to this idea by the council. To create an anti bullying safe zone for students. And the guy said it would people need to do is just grow a pair again I think it's a crude and they sexist and inappropriate. But I agree with the message. People need to. Learn how to be tough. Boeing's ever gonna go away it's something we've talked about on the show before and will continue to talk about it when it comes up as a topic here's a -- of you a pretty general opinion -- -- an update. Is bullying worse today. Or has the media attention to it made it seem worse. 32% say it's worse. And 40% or 60% say the media makes it seem worse you can give your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com and how did you deal with mentally. Because there's a good chance that you were -- how did you how did you deal with. I think it's an important lesson to learn because you can needed for the rest of your life and you have to learn it when you're young. -- -- -- at least next year's Texan reason sticks and stones may break my bones. But words can never hurt. Of course. I don't condone bullying. But this zero tolerance nonsense. Is creating a generation of fragile young people it will break down easily. When it's time to step into the real world. Right I agree with that it. And then here is taxed. That Reid says your -- you're exactly right about bullying until society realizes how far we get straight away from god and admit it. Things only get worse. Well there were bullies in the Bible. And herb I don't know that this has anything to do with with religion and -- it I guess if if if every bully. Live via the year the ten commandments I guess there would be no bullying because there's that one of doctor treating your. You know your neighbor like yourself. I guess nobody would put people -- I don't know that this is -- religious issue as much as it is an issue of just dealing with certain certain realities. When it comes to. Human relations. When we get to this text if you just Joyner show it's it's it's hard to explain how we got into the topic of beheading tonight and if year. If you're beheaded you -- you'd stay alive long enough to understand what has happened. Here's -- text rates do let's face it the second the guillotine blade. Strikes all consciousness is immediately lost. Just let someone deliver a karate chop to the back of your neck and then judge the guillotine consciousness question. I believe you'll agree with me. That there is no expression. Of pain or anything else after decapitation. Here is a text it reads. I have seen bullies. Bully handicapped kids. So who are bullies. Who are these people. If you bully handicapped person. If you bully somebody chances are. You're bigger than they are or you have power over them in some way. If you bully somebody. Essentially -- -- pushing somebody around who studies big issue. To how does that make you tough. But he bullies really -- are tough. And maybe they're trying to be bullies to make up for some deep rooted insecurity. If you manager and -- right our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy and a text amber is a 77. How did you deal -- bully when you were bullied. I can think of I can give one time there was this neighborhood bully. And the guy made fun -- me a lot. And I finally agreed to stand up to -- any job. I tell you what happened after the break a -- have you well. You think bullying has gotten much worse today or has media attention made it seem worse that's one of the things are talking about on the shorter night. It's a sort of give you a pretty general opinion polls are right -- 27%. Say they believe is actually got worse but 73%. Say the media seems like it's worse. We're tracking his pull through our show and I give us your opinion by going to our web site every WL to outcome from Algiers -- you're on the -- -- -- Item. -- -- -- for future though and I don't think both of them were in a technical. It. And -- you got that and the demand. That so our commitment ambulatory and -- Dario and -- Now in in my case there was a neighborhood ball and the guy weighs twice my size at least twice my size. It's going to be fun to me a lot and so I finally said okay I'm gonna fights. But I had a bunch of my friends who we're gonna back me up. So we go to this empty lot. And my friends are behind me. And I stand up to the guy the guy punches me in the face. And my friends take off. My friends are not helping at all but I tell you stay and they are taking that punch. -- I respected me and never bully me again even though I didn't beat him. Are portrayed but he's human hair that the demand. Well not -- into the debate we -- we were rear you know on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bob mould problems and defended bill with all of -- To stand up and fight for some development money. -- it and each time I don't have a. -- I appreciate you sharing your experience with us so how did you deal with with with being bullied because almost everybody's -- at some point. Here's a Texan -- have bullying. As a problem is an excuse. When we were kids we got bullied and fought back and learn from it to bully people. Should not be protected class. But what if you're not big enough. To fight back fighting back is not always the answer. So what is the answer if you're not big enough to fight back and somebody's bullying. My deck after the news but it WL.