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May 21, 2014|

Tonight on the Scoot show: a California mayor responds to a proposal to create an anti-bullying safe zone for students by saying that most people ‘just need to grow a pair.” The phrase refers to growing the essentials that define the male gender and to get tough. While I disagree with the crude metaphor – I do agree with the Mayor Hamilton of Porterville, California. Has bullying become an excuse for everything from depression to suicide? Is bullying a new problem or more of media hype? PLUS: Burger King is changing its 40 year old slogan ‘Have it your way’ to ‘Be your way!’ They say the new slogan is intended to remind people that ‘they can and should live how they want anytime. It’s ok to not be perfect.’ When did slogans for fast food restaurants become philosophical words to live by? Do you like the new slogan or not? And does a burger joint or any fast food place really NEED a slogan or just need to have good food and great service? AND: Louisiana lawmakers support legislation to direct the state’s corrections department to find alternative ways to lethal injection to carry out the death penalty. In Utah there is talk of bringing back the firing squad. Some like the return of the electric chair. What do you think is the best way to carry out the death penalty?

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I've always been a TV co stars. They had great sexual tension. That they were a couple. But there was great sexual tension between there there there were a co stars on television and either they had been together in an intimate way. When he really wanted to and they never leaked it. And it is thinking about it Jerry and Elaine site failed although they were a couple. Prior to the series starting a series dissent at a time when they are no longer a couple. And they had that one time with a they got together but I was also thinking about on Mary Richards in blueprint on her -- abortion. Ginger in the professor. Star ski in Bihac. Where we're about those guys. Florence Henderson. Barry Williams -- porch. What about Greg and Marcia. I mean they have all kinds of stuff apparently going on on national and I -- to Bruce Willis possible shepherd from moonlighting -- dancing Judith Light. From who's the boss. So what it's another what are the couple -- really Koppel but. What are TV characters. That had great sexual tension between that's one of the things we're talking about tonight also Burger King is changing its forty year old slogan. Having your way. To. Be your way. In a statement Burger King says the new slogan is intended to remind people. That they can and should live how they want to leave any time. And it's okay to not be perfect and I'm wondering when did slogans for fast food restaurants become philosophical words to live -- Read -- it's a great. Commercial slogans in the past that we still remember today Anderson great slogan today so we'll we'll talk about it many of their slogans of the past -- -- -- Is so popular they were actually part of jokes or. Punch lines and jokes like it it takes two hands to handle whopper. Mean I became part of a lot of different jokes so if you enjoy our show with a comic tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early Saturday -- text number is 87870. The mayor of port deal California. Mayor Cameron Hamilton. Responded to a proposal before the City Council. To create an anti bullying safe zone for students. -- said people just need to to grow a pair. Here's what the mayor said. I'm against -- -- London I am tired of the venues there's a monitor for everything in the -- the world wouldn't win. All most people have to do -- grow a -- And while I don't agree with the the crude. Phrase he used I agree with what he's saying. Not a councilwoman of the City Council. Immediately reacted by telling the -- it's it's hard to just grow a pair when your ten year old girl. So it was it was a very crude sexist thing for him to say but I agree with the message. I agree with the idea that. That that young people need to be taught to be tough. So how did you deal with being able. This is and on an ongoing problem because it gets so much attention in the media and here's our WW a pretty -- my opinion poll tonight is bullying worse today. Or has the media attention made it seem -- Especially for the parent of preteens or teenagers. And you deal with bullying through social media. Is -- worse today. What is immediate tension just make it seem worse. And and what what do you tell your kids. Have you dealt with kids recently. Who have dealt with with believing your accuser are grown now but you remember. I've guiding them through the process of of being -- Because this idea that we create the very idea that you create. An anti bullying safe zone for students. Is ridiculous. Because you don't live in an anti bullying safe zone. And at some point you're gonna have to walk out of the say so. So then. And I just I always like to point out. How there are so many leaders in society. Who. -- solve problems. And they make it seem as if they're doing the right thing but they're really not doing anything to solve the problem. Do you think some bully. Is gonna respect anti bullying safe zone for students. And if there is an anti bullying zone what happens when the cat walks out of the bullying zone the anti bullying so. It's gonna get -- So is it more important. To teach kids how to deal with being bullied. Into tried to eliminate bully. I'm not condone in -- It's terrible. And most of the most of the people who are bullies whether male or female. There insecure people. They're really not that tough. And by putting somebody else down by threatening somebody else it makes them feel like a big guy or big -- -- big girl. So part of the problem is with the bullies. And and bully should be stopped and if you're the parent of of of a bully I hope you would do your job. And make you can't stop bully and under understand. How your kid is is is treating others. But also it's important to to teach young people how to deal with being -- This group blog tonight is on our website at WW elder icon it's titled anti bullying message. Grow a pair. And you can read that this year when others give us your comments -- -- like it's a WWL. I don't count if you wanna join our shooter went with your comment on numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. And a text number is 87870. Also we've been talking about this idea that an -- a lot of people say well you just stand up to the -- Well that's not always possible. Because some people aren't big enough to stand up to a -- So what do you do if you can't literally. Stand up to the ball. Don't you have to learn to deal with with police. And this just so fits into this. This mentality in our part our society. Oh my gosh you know my child's depressed my child's -- what can I do. Will always Lee what can I do what can you do you could be apparent. You can get tough yourself. And teach kids. That what somebody else says about -- doesn't matter. And what somebody says about you should never. Never. Change how you feel about yourself that's the information. -- kids need to get at a very very early age and that's information they're not being given and the media doesn't help. By continuing to -- 2%. Bullying as some kind of -- horrible epidemic. That we're helpless in in in terms of trying to stop. Bullying is not an epidemic. It's spreading it can't be stopped. Me there's always going to be bullying but that's not the way to approach it. The idea is to just used is to be tough. I don't know about you but throughout my adult life. I've run into police. So if you don't learn how to deal with bullies. When you're young. That party do the police when you when you get older. I -- there had been. There didn't disc jockeys and radio talk show host who have bad mouth me on the year to some degree that's bullying did bullied every night to text messages. Sometimes your phone calls. I don't think about it. I don't let those people who. Try to to bully -- and again I realize that -- to a text or social media is different from a physically being bullied. But they are are a lot of parents and adults today who. Say what we would there's nothing we can do about it because it's everywhere because of social media bullying is everywhere we can't stop our kids from being bullied so what are we gonna do. I -- I I saw a video earlier. Some mother put on YouTube -- I guess her daughter winners. Four years old and I'm just -- for five years old. And this mother is asking how do you feel when your bully. She is. Anthony's. I'm happy. To light did and and it's like oh my god it's it's like this child is being tortured. In -- somebody's being tortured. Over somebody simply saying something about it. And bad person that young person needs to be given. The information and the skills. To survive being -- If you regular show the -- and how did you deal with big bully when Ewing. And what do you do if you can't physically stand up to somewhat. If you wanna join us tonight are numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. It's every text numbers 87070. And here's our WL party general opinion poll tonight is bullying worse today or has the media attention. Made it seem worse. It is your opinion by going to WW older account now we're also gonna continue to talk about. -- great great slogans. For businesses. Burger King is changing it's a forty year old slogan from having your way to beat your way. It's kind of like a philosophical. Message to just be yourself what the heck does that have to do -- -- whopper. This is the -- shell. And we're coming right back with your comments after the break but WL -- -- -- mayor of a small town in California reported a California says that people just need there. To grow a pair. When it comes to bully. And while that is sic crude sexist statement I think the message is is is rather accurate. Here's -- WW appreciate my opinion poll tonight is bullying worse today or has media attention made it seem worse. I really surprised that the poll is this lopsided. -- 3% say it's worse today that 77%. Say the media makes it seem like it's worse which means it's really no worse. And what about when it comes to social social media people. Bullying through Twitter. FaceBook. Text messages. There people who really bothered by this every day they're people who were distraught by news. Now is is that the problem with bullying. Or is that also a problem with those who were so fragile they can't deal with being pulled. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. At a text of receipts of creativity to abort your text here just a moment. Hi LSU blew out Vanderbilt today I'll watch the game sitting at home today LSU beat him doubled eleven to one in the SEC baseball tournament tomorrow the tigers take on Arkansas. The pregame starts at 4 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. First pitch. Is it for thirty and you'll hear it right here on WWL the big 870 AM. And -- a 53 and zero cents from lake view Karl during the school cheerleading. -- -- -- Well. And dimensions used to hate. G. Would. Be the question I mean. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You want to share. Up rooted. In the game. -- -- that. -- I don't. -- -- This book and -- It. Just. And anonymously. I see it I see it every night and they Charlotte went let me set the record straight I mean most of the the techs again -- just incredibly supportive but there aren't those gorgeous. Horribly. Ugly and and very very -- in an an influence obvious obviously people. On to love this process of of spewing hate. But it's protected by freedom of speech. We're swimming in FaceBook and -- text messages that's just another medium for. Expressing free speech. And what it means -- what -- -- they -- him as a and -- that it's eight. -- -- -- I'm -- that censorship. That it would you know particularly. And -- other achievements. And Honeywell unfortunate. That's it that's that's. That's and I agree with him about this he should give it. -- it is the one element which. We have a lot of. On one. Think that you hear them and then into -- -- That is one. And that. And that. And it's it's it's clearly wrong Carlton and I'm going to call the show. It bullying is wrong. And while I'm not condone bullying at all I think the best weapon against bullying. Is to teach those who were believed. To be tough. And the truth is if if you don't show that you're affected. By being bullied. And that the bully gets no enjoyment out of it. The -- Julie's bullying. And so if you showed no signs of being bothered by being bullied. The -- takes all the fun away from the ball. And yeah I say that's somewhat sarcastically I get toward your text you're just a moment Jeff from Washington parish -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I. The lack solution for bullying. What state you know. And let it get a rise about it and then not getting the attention they -- seeking. Yeah I think there's a good point. And as far as whether or not it's worse -- -- a floor. I think -- reaction to it is worse now than it was before. Back when I was growing up -- I don't ever remember anybody. Given them -- appropriate but the way they're doing it -- able. They have yet single and it's people are not as. Fable as they were when I was growing up well a lot more independent. And and and why are they not as stable today. Because they're too dependent on everything else that's going home they didn't sheltered. Yeah I I I agree and I did the idea and I talked about this before to witness has come up their dinner a series of of for a recent suicides that Richard needed to bullying. But can the bullying really be blamed Aureus or something. And deeper going on with those young people who take their own lives. Something beyond just the bully. I think that the combination. I think they're being too sheltered -- but they're being. His cadences. I think there -- more sensitive. You know I can't say the most sensitive because that was but he's saying is that when I was growing up. But I just don't think that they have. That life. Tools to deal with today that they do and -- Byrd actually agree with you and I appreciate you listening to WW -- night. Mary you're on the -- show. Yes it went anecdote about 78 -- I had a speech impediment. But the -- but boy she. Just called me down and let me more that say about the situation you know. And -- wait until Monday -- a he tells me is doing things but I really believe them about both small and now. If that hole that you do and activated like Q. And I thought they had kind of stuck in the cute anyway. And really like Q and it ought to get your attention. -- Thought I believe demand so when he did that again -- -- my dad you know like play with them you know and that they aren't. Found this book about bullying and that that that died in that hit the deck which -- that is written in the book. That they want Apollo. And it wasn't the decline -- if you -- but Annika gopac under the symbol. Attitude is good and that the itself. And I think it -- it -- and then I was only civil and a couple of in my life. And I get plays on what. And that is like a fun game like that was -- now they want particular things like that you know but they weren't picking -- And it sticks. And it's funny that they both -- and me it's groups and made me Nellie in two different schools. But. I think it like G spot in the end epic dot be -- that they should Orange -- Don't blame and that -- That's it that's a good way to handle it kind of go along with the -- you're a -- three and although it is -- or where we're also talking about it's just the the verbal and social media. A totally which is so devastating to some people but I see some people so distraught young people so distraught. By a social media Bollinger thinking. My god grow op get half so what if they say that I -- Remember that it would take it to be a little tougher back then did. They end up and end up these self and now. And don't let what other people say about you affect how you feel about yourself -- I'm glad -- called. By Barbara has some information on a train accident. Right. In -- about three blocks south of battery ground and the -- and the news. But trying to get Paula. The question about a block it and -- am so they're trying to have an open avenue blocked and that's the only directory. From Metairie road. -- it matter to the -- OK so this is in Metairie road. -- and I don't. I don't know it Metairie road on Carrollton -- Carrollton avenue train cars as saying dad -- intersection just walked right in. Black completely -- in -- right that was in the cost of wanna beat the -- -- the police -- outrage and and so. Evidently nobody inside so. Well that's good about legalizing wonder why they ran well. While they shoot it if the if they did something wrong like. Think your onto the track with a train was coming and they executed drop. The rally -- thinking man tried to get around -- -- you know. Well he can't be trained to. No you can't and and while the the temptation is forward society to wanna -- between because it's the -- -- train to -- great little car trains tonight. Trains don't veer off the track to hit people. And they tend to have the cricket and our ability to lead them to take them -- was back to. Barbara I appreciate you listening thanks for that update. All right so on Metairie road to Carrollton avenue -- -- because the car apparently. Tried to get around a barricade. And got hit by -- trained. I hate to say that this person deserved it. But if you're on the track. And a train hit you. How do you -- the train. Again I I don't I don't understand that we get to look at what were these text about it bullying here's a text of my first day of kindergarten. A first grader tried to bully me when my dad had been teaching me how to box. Let's just say no one picked on me again. Here's a Jackson reads I got to a really good at comebacks and you momma jokes because of being -- once I outsmarted these bullies the bullying. Was reduced to maybe once or twice a month. I was bullied because I was taken out of classes. Twice a week to attend a gifted and talented class. They told me. I was special and I embrace the fact that I were Smart. And use that against him. I mean to some degree that's that's a great way to handle it. Almost go along with with a -- But if you're a parent of a teenager I mean I know this happens that I know what happens today. And I know I know young people are distraught because of the things that kids are saying about them. On FaceBook. On Twitter. Or in text. Again I go back to a a -- re register a few moments ago and it's something that I remember growing up sticks and stones can break your bones but words can never hurt you. And I know that words are hurtful. But if you allow words to be hurtful. Thing you've allowed that you don't have to let were tortured. And it's not as if I don't have experience being bullied. -- My son was not being when he was in school. And my son was going to prep school here in New Orleans when the whole grunge movement started so he's wearing doc Martins. Overalls with the suspenders hanging down plaid pants with zippers on them. And people made fun of I simply told him. Enjoy who you war and I mean I told him more than just this but the simple message was. If you get somebody else's attention. In a lot of ways it's a compliment. Because you're a threat to them in some way. And nobody. Can change the way you feel about yourself. And that goes for kids it goes for adults as well. Were you bullied in how to deal with it. And is Sarah is a social bullying something that can be dealt with or is it is it's so it's it's so ever present that debt. It's just impossible to get away from being -- You know so often on this show we we talk about how parents. Throw their hands up in the air saying. What can I do. When they're really is a lot you can do. You need to just do and don't ever assume through the media that something is so big. And impossible to beat. And there's so much talk in the media today about -- It's been elevated to this this epidemic. It's impossible to stop. And it's being used as an excuse for suicide. Is being used an excuse for kids being depressed for kids being sent. And of course you're gonna get sanitized it and being a teenager. Being a preteen. Those are tough times in your life. And they're gonna be some sad times a year you're gonna. Got to go through life and a lot of times you're going to be set it. I think some people just are almost demanding this perfect world for their kids. And they're not teaching their kids to deal with a world that is not perfect. If you are under pressure to -- your comment on numbers 260187. Toll free 866. 8890 what's happening. -- numbers except he said he -- block tonight already getting up a lot of comments it's on our website at WW real dot -- it's titled anti bullying message grow a pair. There was a message from the California mayor. I don't agree with the crude -- of the message but I agree with the meaning of the message. And -- under review a pretty general opinion poll tonight is bullying worse today or has the media attention made it seem worse. It is your opinion -- W real dot com. On the toward your text coming up right after the break into the WL I territory about bullying the and mayor of a small town their supporters feel California. And has been all over the national news because it the mayor said during a City Council meeting that. When it comes to bullying has some people need to just grow a pair which you can as a crude comment but I I agree with essentially what he's saying. But here's attacks that reads. The mayor said grow -- -- sounds like a former bully trying to justify. His past actions that statement obviously encourages the bully and tries to blame the victim which is ludicrous thing. And I you know I I do understand that. However the mayor said on on television earlier today. But he was actually bullied now when you see this guy that we've got the video with the -- blog tonight that every W dot com. On the video of the mayor. Saying -- and and and talking about this the mayor said and he he said he was he was -- when he was young. And he's raising his -- grand I think two granddaughters. Because their mother was killed in a car accident. So he deals with young people today Eunice is don't family. Now he looks like a bully tight tonight eight to stereotype on just being honest you have a couple of tech and it looks like he and I would never agree on anything. But we Mexico agrees. -- bullying is concerned this idea of the city creating an anti bullying safe zone for students. I mean how does that solve the problem. And were you bullied and how did you deal with -- -- toward your text here in just a moment we're also talking about the TV co stars that had -- sexual chemistry. Ross and Frazier. -- text that they actually did get together at one point happily but there was always a lot of great sexual tension with. -- and Frazier. Here's a text Bryant's -- In the Stanley guy. In the worth more Bryant's do we always interest in Lois. -- -- issue on discussion of anything. Yeah it is comment about going. Up and what are the issues. It's always looked at one dimensional I changed my rant okay a personal. Like you might look at it and -- somebody to -- while. Then -- their order. But on the other hand. And I think that is -- Typically. More traditionally people think that you cricket which is why they kind of sent certain. Exacerbated a longer time and now still mean that's -- -- should come out. And yeah. Being exposed by the situation column aren't one. -- example you have other ones like Cheney took was a very mid to read. This serve to hurt. So even that might not be totally. Issues like that really mental health specifically. More important -- it looked at -- were. Problems taken seriously and so it's so easy to sweep it under the rug and say it is -- to grow hair on some level. I kind of agree with that sentiment you know how to protect are cute and let them know hey. You know bill it's always going to be -- and so it can be easy for you are on some level that have happened had the fortitude to deal with issues. There are some people that don't have there. -- -- get everybody on the talent to grow here and they have no leg to stand on. Any kind of people. All around them. And they also need to understand what it means to grow a pair because it does it mean literally. Grow a pair because of the young girl can't which is what a City Council member. Sent immediately after the of the mayor of supporting a California made his comment. Ray -- it's obviously it's about it. Gender specific credit and the whole typical stereotypical masculinity. Treats our tribute to it and that's kind of I guess it's. No it's over. Looking the fact that. Commitment to try to put lipstick it's simply sport gender play when -- as. Their sole credit issues or emotional issues not to insert off and the expected -- had been taken seriously and so that's why. You know physical properties -- crediting. Aren't really normal. On an accepted as being normal homo and is there. You know what -- Really that's an accepted way that people deal with -- -- -- and then personally. It's a confrontation at the lead to blows. Then you're -- that you really mature people. -- at some level that you can deal with that situation can get away from. For its output but it -- gets -- that might be dagger from point. There -- I do agree with you that mental health issues. Should be taken seriously it's unfortunate that we've gone so overboard as a society to pay attention to. Some mental health issues and defines some things his mental health issues when maybe they've really -- that we've really I've given that hole. That whole field. Bad image because some people really do need it and some people aren't getting the help that they really do need. I did I want to say it it's more. It's more fat in its interest. People being cowardly in just one thing or another some some of these people to -- entire world to find that. Being Capitol -- Beep and say oh it's it's. Which I need to stay in intercepting at the Atlantic which is what's the point -- everybody against and I think although I don't think that it's helping anything. Accenture buckets that we were gonna do that just yet. And I agreed that now when you. Put at the same time. It's like that should be. Taken more seriously but the approach change -- All the forces in markets as well and try to do that Marcus were you bullied. I don't -- Talking like kids are picked on her for different things whether the letter before. King. Instruments separately -- that is partly -- -- -- it on their. Adult and words believe. Q&A public school kids prep school people think it's cheap it's really. Particular region in order to start picking on people that are different from them. But Obama also being a bystander watching other people getting -- and so. -- And -- the year victim. I'm trying to sell that guilt scene helping -- So that the person spending what you practically being like you know I probably should step in that something about it. And you know. If more people credit. Realize this -- something real. In the Arctic that bystander. Didn't -- maybe. Things like that. He has its spectacular. Series she's serious breakdown the pupils just start talking about the problems. And so are our typically. -- -- people that's what they're pulling in the first. -- -- I would agree that markets -- during a conversation at nationalistic to WW OO at night if you wanna join us with your thoughts in your comment tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. Text and receive 77 we got a report of a train hitting a car Metairie road Carrollton avenue area that's of that today that area is it is totally blocked. And apparently the person who was in the car and got out of the cart ran. So the person's okay. But I guess the I guess the person was trying to get away from. I don't know being on a train track and getting hit by a train I mean that's. It's kind of embarrassing and I guess the other part of this conversation about bullying is and -- just brought this up a moment ago -- it picked off. Well why are we elevating that to the level of being bullied. -- get picked on on FaceBook. That's bullying. I'm student and we'll be right back after this break on WB well. We're talking about bullying right now coming up after the news at 10 o'clock will talk more about as some of the great facility great slogans. That have been used in in. In advertising and marketing. Will -- the great slogans that you remember from the past what comes to mind many of them were actually used in day in jokes and it became part of of a pop culture and every day every day conversation we'll talk about -- -- the next hour Burger King is now I changed it's a slogan they have now dumped heavy you're way. To beat your way. The sound like a philosophical phrase so we'll talk more about that in the next hour also we continued talk about -- co stars and a great sexual tension. And I got a text year. Eddie Haskell and mrs. cleaver. Mean it was -- tension between those two but I never interpreted his sexual tension. Mrs. Cunningham in the fonts. Funds made -- into cougars can. Mr. French. And his beastly. Now that from family for that that's just. That's just wrong here's an update on our -- of -- project opinion poll tonight is bullying worse today or has the media attention made it seem worse. 47%. Say it's worse 73% say the media makes it seem worse. Here's a -- reason some people get bullied grow a pair and drove to beat people like George -- Here is a text bullying is worse now because of social media. People that wouldn't be brave enough to say things to someone's face. Can now pretend to be tough on like and that's and that's true they -- sick -- -- sick a guy he says serial con matter with my blogs. And this guy is obviously. Obviously Howard -- that he finds that. To be a way to be very critical of me and I actually actually find it's kind of funny but the loser many of the comments come from this one particular person. I -- bugle dot com I'm skirt and we'll be back.