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May 21, 2014|

a California mayor responds to a proposal to create an anti-bullying safe zone for students by saying that most people ‘just need to grow a pair.” The phrase refers to growing the essentials that define the male gender and to get tough. While I disagree with the crude metaphor – I do agree with the Mayor Hamilton of Porterville, California. Has bullying become an excuse for everything from depression to suicide? Is bullying a new problem or more of media hype? PLUS: Burger King is changing its 40 year old slogan ‘Have it your way’ to ‘Be your way!’ They say the new slogan is intended to remind people that ‘they can and should live how they want anytime. It’s ok to not be perfect.’ When did slogans for fast food restaurants become philosophical words to live by? Do you like the new slogan or not? And does a burger joint or any fast food place really NEED a slogan or just need to have good food and great service?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Burger King is changing its forty year old slogan from habit your way. To beat your way. In a statement Burger King says the new slogan. Be your way. Is intended to remind people that they can and should live how they want to any time. And it's okay not to be perfect. And I'm wondering when did slogans for fast food restaurants become philosophical words by which to live. Time. -- your way. It's a nice thought but I don't know what that has to do if with a whopper or with a breakfast it to and it Burger King that I guess the other question is. Would you respond to a good slogan like by going because of the good slogan is it more about the food and the service that is about the slogan so tonight on the show we're talking about great slogans great commercial slogans that you still remember today. Many of them became part of jokes like. Where's the beef it takes two hands to handle want to remember that Condit says being tossed. A lot to even after it was no longer being used in the in the commercials for Burger King. But what's it what's a slogan that to this day. You still remember. What's -- slogan today it's a really good slope not to to -- it with a comment about -- they were talking about our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. -- every Texan receipts have creativity here's another -- about a train being stopped on Metairie road got a call earlier from analysts were. Who said that apparently a -- try to beat the train. Win around the barricades. So the train. Hit the car. Not the -- fault. And apparently the guy got out of the carton and -- and that's what police told us this caller who who called us. I mean dude they're gonna find -- I mean it's not like you hear your name is associated with the car. At what she stole a car chances are they're gonna they gonna find you. Just. Pay attention to the barricades. OK because of a train hits you you're not gonna win. And I would think that everybody who is stuck in traffic should be really angry. With this idiotic person who tried to. Go around the barricades and beat the train. Mean nobody likes to be stopped at a train. But it's not worth trying to beat the train. And don't be so stupid as to be hit by the trade because the train did not veer off the tracks. To hit you you got in the way of the -- I -- if you could think of a good slogan is still stands argument are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And our tech -- Is -- 7870. We've also been talking about bullying because the mayor of a small town in California reporter Leo California mayor Cameron Hamilton. I was responding to the City Council talking about creating an anti bullying safe zone for students. He said people just need to grow a pair. Well I got -- reaction from the council woman who said it's hard to just grow a pair. When your ten year old girl. Now the phrase draw pair refers to the the growing of those anatomical. Parts essential to defining the male gender. I guess that's the best way to put skates it's it's a way of saying get tough I disagree with the crude sexist suggestion of throwing a pair. By actually agree with me -- Hamilton. On the -- like tonight is titled anti bullying message grow a pair. It's on our website at WW real dot com and we have the video of the mayor. Talking about this time in the in the blog at WW dot com. And this really just continues this conversation about about bully. And it occurs to me. That the media has been too quick to define too many things as bully. If somebody gets picked on it's now elevated to my child was bully. Really. I had a conversation with somebody last night after right after I got off the -- and -- Did tonight I knew and these to be teacher. And they were just talking about how fragile. Students are today. And it that. If you look at it if you're a teacher and you look at a student wrong. They think you're somehow. Not treating them properly. And that that is a problem and if if being picked on -- looking at somebody the wrong way if this gets elevated to to being a case of bully. And we've really have. We really have given a young generation. Permission to just claim that their bully. With anything happening. And and that's that's wrong. Mean it's -- to have to learn that kids are kids it doesn't this just not condone bullying at all and it's wrong and if -- -- -- probably shame on you. -- -- -- If your kids a bully it might be your fault. And hopefully the parents of bullies understand. That their kids are wrong. And yet unfortunately there's going to be those guys who're -- gonna feel just really macho because their sons of bowl. But girls can be bullish -- And I realize that the argument with social bullying today. Blowing through social media oh it's all different today kids can't escape -- it's everywhere. Well bullying is everywhere. And that's why it's even more important than ever to teach kids to deal with it. And I know that that sounds easy but it's it's not necessarily easy. But from a very early age it's your responsibility to to teach your kids. That would somebody else says about them FaceBook Twitter text which somebody else says about them. Doesn't change anything. That doesn't change how you should ever feel about yourself. And I ever called times and we did have the social media when I was a teenager. But there were rumors going around somebody would call somebody say something in -- -- -- -- to respond but at the same process went -- It by capitol lot quicker it might be even more out probably today but the whole process still went on. And again people don't know how to deal with with being bullied. Then what are they gonna weren't. Because you never get away from it it exists in the workplace exist everywhere. So rather than we should try to get to -- it's impossible. You're not gonna create a anti bullying safe zone for students. How ridiculous is that. What happens when you walked out of the safe zone a safe don't does it folly from school to home. To the store wherever you go what happens when you walk out of the anti bullying stated -- -- that this idea is another example of of generation of parents. The establishment. That is is trying to solve problems. But Beverly solving any problems. The very guy the very idea of it. You're you're gonna help things by creating an anti bullying sell order while we must stop bullying. Double that sounds really nice but how worried are practically. Stop something that is part of the human equation. Part of just. Just being human. I don't like it. It's a part of life. And and we still get bullied today -- if you can if you can include texts. And emails and things like that. As part of bullying I get bullied every night on the show. Now most of the -- most of their response and again on the show is very positive it's great. But there are a few people who were just really mean and hateful and safe for illegally ugly things. I actually kind of -- Anderson there's one person who comments on almost every blog that I write it to be a google.com it's it's almost funny to read some of his. His comments. He is just so. Myopic in his attacks on me but I don't and I don't let it bother. In fact that you kind of take it as a -- if if somebody's paying attention to -- goes for teenagers as well. If somebody's paying attention you to the point where they're bullying you. Then you have somehow become a threat to. When when other DJ's. Other on air personalities. Have. The rated -- on the year. I figure that's a company. As a teacher -- it's ultimately a compliment. And and a caller brought the separately I think there's some truth and it's sometimes win when kids get bullied let's say it's a guy bullying a girl. It might actually be because the guy really likes the girl. And does -- a palace to communicate with her except through bully here again it doesn't make it right -- and just. Learn to deal. With being bullied and again this is an important lesson it. Young people should learn very early in life because you're never gonna totally get away from bully because even when your adult. Iran into -- into bullies here is a text about slogans. Ripper perished disposal our business stinks. But it's picking up that is very clever. Here's a text the wind slogan. We will sell no wine before its time what's what's slogan relieved stands out in your mind or what's a -- slogan like their river parish disposal. -- like the elected demo diva. Local girl taken it down to the dirt or something like I like the demo -- A slogan as well. Here's a text home of the whopper printer on man's underwear. Seasonal of those famous slogans really just became part of and part of pop culture. If you manager and I surely become at our numbers 2601870. -- free 8668890. Point seven. A text number. Is -- 77 here's -- WW a pretty -- opinion poll tonight is bullying worse today or has the media attention made its slow horse. I'm surprised it's so. Overwhelming. 72%. Say the media attention makes it seem worse only 28% say it's actually worse. And I I agree with that. If you and join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. At a Texas a 778. And what other TV co stars had great sexual tension. But we haven't mentioned yet. This is the -- showed we'll be back for more of that. After this break -- -- WL in new river walk mall opens tomorrow I believe at 930 with a ceremony at Spanish plaza is is an upscale designer outlet mall. A with the eagle river walk used to be. And is supposed to include an office is gonna be ready for the opening tomorrow but it's supposed to include a bar country music bar which I think is sponsored by Toby Keith. Which is going to be great addition and -- I think it's going to be something it will bring a lot of people downtown that has been such a great space -- been wasted. Mean this was an area that was originally part of the of the world's world's fair. And just over the years it was just it's such prime property they just seem to be wasted in and a lot of tourists went by local people -- ago and not enough tourist wind -- just get run down so now it's it's it's been. It's been bought. And it's been redone and there are going to be upscale. Designer outlet stores stay here and that's just such great property. In the New Orleans area on the river that I would do I hope that that it becomes a big success. We're talking about a slogans and I'm getting a couple here through emails. I -- is says a text it reads a blue bell. We eat all we can and sell the rest. The slogan. I got a couple on this when you just can't beat Wagner speak. Here's a text I. I ain't your mama but you're always home at dots diner where nobody says it like that a ball nobody says it like done. We're also talking about it TV co stars that -- -- sexual tension a Scully and Mulder discuss just got that detection. If you enjoy pressure with a comment about anything we're talking about in the big topic tonight has been bullying. -- in a small town in California said that instead of creating an anti bullying safe zone. People lead just grow a pair. I wouldn't set it that way but I I agree with the idea. Young people need to learn to deal with a bully. And as tough as it might seem as distraught as they might become over bullying on FaceBook or Twitter tweets or whatever. You have to teach him to deal with it on me does that really unrealistic. And who you believed. Matters to deal with. So often the first response is when you stand up to the bull. Well sometimes she physically cannot stand up to the -- You can't stand up to a bully who was a coward and believe you through social media FaceBook or Twitter. -- -- -- To join a -- -- our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And our tech's number is 877. To abort your text here in just a moment from Hammond Sam here on -- who showed good evening. Yeah it could dispute. That talk about the bully and yeah. Let me I think it's. The media. And they can include Munich and it -- I agree. Also. Had Everett could be album out the question you're asked sent. I'll shoot the people who track. Yet you talk about that actors. Yeah yeah the sexual tension between actors and actresses. Think about -- rocket and dale weapons before they got there. A lot of remember. No I don't I don't remember I I I vaguely remembers a young kid Roy and dale but they were they were bearish and there was a time that they were they were just kind of hanging out together. Yes yeah yeah. Yeah also that was when it turned out. -- perfect -- but me and I think. The play they're in Jordan. You every. Response network and you know south Tampa so -- yet. And you're right. To say what -- it is -- by. You know the greatest compliment and again it is when people say. I love listening to your show to me that's a better compliment than somebody saying -- I always agree with you because that -- -- that we're always gonna agree. Are not very good because I. I'm I'm not I'm not a right wing or left wing talk show -- so you can't always predict. How I'm gonna feel about an issue which I think is really reflective of the -- most of America feels about issues so we're not gonna always agree. I I just hope that when when we disagree I hope that at least you think well at least the guy thought -- thought about it. -- -- -- Just don't. Yeah I didn't vote for demeanor but Al east bank at all. And I think that's -- Newport we talked about this last night -- I think. I think that's an important thing for us to do is Americans if we consider ourselves patriotic. And and and I remind everybody how much George W. Bush was hated and mocked and ridiculed he was -- acts. And that aggravated the people on the right who said hey you can disagree with the president but respect the office and there should be respect for the office -- -- -- disagree with the man. Exactly -- But you know it was one that -- that early control. And as president whether it would take one for all right get them. And warrantless BO for a -- you look up -- and joint. And both of those guys both of those guys were very very charismatic or rake in more current asthmatic and Clinton but Bill Clinton. Definitely had -- that it charismatic personality. Yeah. Works on the lady yet but I wanted to yeah after being tortured. Sam I'm going to color -- he calls anytime you can Chris I guess the big question since that he let's listen to show always a work. Does that mean he wouldn't enjoy listening at home get something better to do. For battery Bryant during the -- show. It's -- I absolutely agree with what you say about agreeing with that contract that would the network saying -- disagreeing with the wording you know. I'm I think that the big problem would bullying is these kids. We -- -- don't understand once you don't go into that school building your own journal aren't apparent and help -- Need to have the confidence. Either ignored these bullies. Or to at least stand up comic he -- If you can't beat you need to learn have the confidence to say oh well you know. Are okay. And I think that's the big problem the main -- parent not instilling confidence any kid. You are a lot of parents are a lot of parents are just doing their hands of the the year going award -- -- to do Y I I can't control socially I. I I can't control what my kids exposed or of course you can't control where UK's exposed to. Repairs need to stop throwing their hands up in the air and acting defenseless and start acting like parents. Well this psychology believe that they're not going to target someone strong upon it's itself competent they're going at the socially awkward. Non confrontational kid. And -- You know -- -- school all and they see it and get a foot problem and if you give that foot they're gonna take them all and it's gonna get water. In order in order. And and one of the reasons that police targets people that they perceive as being weaker. Is because the bullies are ultimately cowards they're just trying to make themselves feel better. By putting somebody else down. I -- I think it's all dominance hierarchy -- the deal. Brian I agree going to go show here is a text about couples where it's sexual tension. Definite sexual tension between. Derrick Morgan and Penelope Garcia. From criminal minds. They should be together already and if not. I'll be happy to take. Derek offer hands LO well I don't watch that -- but there are a lot of shows where they -- Sit -- in and and dramas a lot of a lot of shows where there's a lot of sexual tension between two people. Who weren't really Koppel. And maybe in the case of like Sam and Diane at one point years. They were Koppel but even when they were a couple lot of for a sexual tension. Jerry and -- unsigned felt they were a couple. On earlier in their their lives when the series started they were there were a couple. There was at one time when they did get together besides there was a lot of sexual tension with them as well. Are under a TV slogans that are very memorable. -- here is. Text that reads that's a great camper Paul Paul. Here's another look for Frankie and Johnny's seen especially. I remember that seeing a special man and the other part of that was better attic. And that became part of a few jokes. If you rejoice -- with a your comment on numbers 2601870. -- -- And a text -- music 7870. Here's attacks it reads. I can bring home the bacon fry it up in Japan. And never let you forget. You're on man because I'm a woman. Interest. I -- -- attacks about slogans -- please don't squeeze the Sharm. I don't squeeze it to sort of choice it was obvious something sensual about the way they were squeezed into -- It was like this forbidden thing in the store. Looking around to see if anybody's looking. At both hands on -- and if you think about. If you think about how they were squeezing charming. It's kind of like you might squeeze something else. Like a -- Or mail. Or. Something like that. Here's an update on -- to a project of people United States changing is bullying worse today or has the media attention made it seem ports. 30%. Say it's actually worse and 70% say the media just -- bullying. Seem like it's worse than ever alias. And we really haven't had a much conversation from people who have been teenagers or who recently dealt with teenagers. Who had been bully. And with the new social media I didn't really shifted to to deal with that. When I was younger but my advice at which young I realize it's -- it's it's a problem today but and take control the situation. And don't feel helpless. And I realize it's everywhere but if your kid he's getting bullied. Now on FaceBook. Horror. Through. A Twitter account. That's the same form is as gossip. In the real world. Not through social media but gossip that took place when when when you and -- you are wearing when you -- It's really no different. And you'd you just have to learn to be tough to -- blog tonight is entitled anti bullying and anti bullying message. Grow a pair. That's sort of mayor and a small town in California said -- I disagree with the crude is of the statement denied to agree with that message. And the idea of creating an anti bullying zone to -- is for students is it is absurd if you were to join us tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text number 87870. There's always something new and our website at WWL dot com in addition to this to block policy do like to check out this display by by Jordan fecal. His latest longest is Aaron Brooks belong in the sink -- thing a lot of people question whether he should be in the whole thing for the saints. The stats may surprise you that's a turning on our website at WW dot count also. This and this podcasts from Angela. Is it is an interest stories about an appeals court. That it after an appeals court ordered BP to pay up on BP wants to take it all to the Supreme Court. And we got the story and the podcast for mentally show. And that's on our website at WW dot -- don't forget to check out Angela an open mind with the legendary Angela hill tomorrow. And every weekday afternoon from one to four here -- W well Scott -- -- be needing. I would -- group. And I. I was economist metaphorical. Personally amber first saint quarterback tornado playoff -- -- Yeah. In that regard the bully them not to -- thirties from you know we it has to deal with the social -- you're not Playskool. The differences that school you know -- my -- note talking about somebody in the the collateral. Be you know it's still connect class. And the -- the FaceBook now. Concede. And so on the deal those are pretty cute now as opposed. -- just think it is. But you know I even though the whole world conceded if somebody said something about you when you were young didn't you feel as if the whole world knew. Because it was your world it was everybody in your world knew. The gossip more than negative thing that somebody said so if you felt like the whole world knew even though literally the whole world didn't know in the whole world knows today it's the nicest thing. That's the point that. I don't think it necessarily. Worse her immediate I think -- -- different you know if -- -- it would use could be. Do you have kids. I do and she used to that would have to worry about the bowling too much except from which you -- or eclipse. So. If she gets bullied or are you prepared to to realize that it unfortunately bullying is part of life and you'll teach her to to deal with that I assure you learn to deal with it in your life. -- bet that. Internal conflict that I and you know just looking at -- bill. Terrible things these can say about one another on Facebook and you know for the whole world to look at -- feet. Kidd pushed and not think kids are pushed. You know. Suicide and being like that before bush. You know I don't think I don't quite Benton kids largest power or proto auto -- compound. Imagine nervous from. Personal standpoint -- at the same time you know -- You deal that the best you can you tell you try to get him -- a good group -- try to bring a -- church and teach them right way to do things and respect. It's it's it's a very important to let young people though I mean I learned is like I think my dad taught me -- -- -- awareness -- violent and I was. I was picked on ridiculed I was the dirty little kid in school. Some people argued that instills and dirty guide me. But I just learned that what somebody says about me doesn't change who line. Exactly. Have a great evening and thanks for listening to WWL. At night there's a text about TV slogans the pan the gecko commercial. -- Geico. Gecko the big -- commercial with a camel. It sedans. What days it. And then the person responds. Pricing in the words -- -- today you know what is that that that's it's it's it's funny. It's era a slogan that stands out in your minds of the for the past or something I'm currently today. When I think about slogans I think about some of the old cigarette slogans that used to be on television. I. Harrington I'd rather fight than switch -- -- it was a black guy. Lucky strike. And all I have to think about this during the break. But I think some of those stand out in my mightily because I was young when they were on television and I guess I didn't really realize it but they are making an impression on me. Although not a smoker. An embassy in a long time it may be that he was more of the time and it I saw them in my life was exposed it and then it fact that they were really that great. This is the -- show and we're coming right back after this break into the WL I WW a pretty general opinion poll is a remaining rather consistent tonight to the question is is bullying worse today. Or as media attention made it seem worse. 31% say it's actually worse in 69% say the media has made it seem worse condition opinion by going to our web site if -- -- I'm here as a text that read so what about when bullying turns to suicide needing. You know realize it though a lot of people have apparently committed suicide because they were bully. Well it's estimated that according to -- it's estimated that 90%. Of the team to commit suicide suffer from a mental disorder. So it might not be so easy to determine. How much the episodes of -- actually contribute to the teen suicide. There might be something else going on you know it's it's it's kind of like when when music. Is blamed for a teenager committing suicide. And I talked about this win this winners when it was a topic. Ozzy Osborne his record company. -- -- -- -- They were sued because this teenager committed suicide I think he was fifteen years so. He committed suicide in his parents said. He was in his room and he listened to the same Ozzie -- points -- -- was cult suicide solution. He listened to the same Ozzy Osborne song over and over and over again. And they went to court claiming that the song made the kid commits suicide. Judas Priest. The group faced the same problem. They were sued by parents who -- committed suicide they blamed the music. How do you blame the music. I don't care what the message is in the music. First of all. If a teenager is in his bedroom listening to the same song over and over and over again. Don't you think that's somewhat. Sentiment mean to me that's a symptom of a problem. And it would of the Paris to blame the music. We look I certainly sympathize with those parents I can't imagine. Having to deal with that. But I don't think it's fair dabbling in music in both cases. Need their Ozzy Osborne the record company Judas Priest in their record company. -- held accountable. Music doesn't make us do things. As much as it reflects the move -- And if your kids are listening to dark negative. Music with negative messages. That could be reflection of their mood. So I would pay attention to that five was apparent. Me to -- commit suicide. May have middle and emotionally she's going on did that go way beyond being believed. But the media makes it's so easy to one of blowing bully -- -- this is like hysteria in this country it's -- And that everything is bullying even the slightest little thing of being picked on. Is now elevated to bully and that's a disservice that did did the media provides. When it when it comes to blaming things for for problems. A person to just stay in touch with their kids. It's not easy. But it's it's it's not that it's it's not always the -- And we've heard countless stories of people committing suicide. After being -- Really. But so somebody said something about -- And that made them kill themselves. That shouldn't be an excuse. Not did I'm defending bully. My two kids need to be taught. To deal with it. And I'm not saying that's easy. But that's what we learned what why why wasn't bullying a big thing when we were young and it's not just because social media wasn't around. Because they were still bully. And if if somebody within Europe peer group if somebody in Europe collect your group. I I remember in my group. Everybody had a group everybody had a group of friends near and dear dear world. If somebody in your world. Said something and everybody in your world do it. That was relatively as devastating. As it is today. -- and we when young people are are faced with something on FaceBook. Or Twitter. And again I think the other point to remember is that bullies are cowards. Anybody can puts up against FaceBook or Twitter. They're cowards. So give that information to your kids like your kids not feel like Deere the week place. But let them understand that the bully. Is the weak person. If you were to join our -- right are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. At a text oversee 77. Here's attacks on slogans shipping trucks like Iraq. Here is another attacks on slogans pop -- this is -- water relief that is it I just thought about another went and I think it was for Alka-Seltzer. I can't believe I -- the whole thing. And I remember that became a punch line for a few jokes that I've can't possibly until a year. -- here's a -- to remember the rallies commercial with Seth Green -- -- Became the saints chant and cheer in 1990 what I do remember that and I was a WW delicate time. And I remember having Seth Green in the studio when Seth Green actually went to the went to the game. And sets and sort -- the game by going down on the field. And doing teaching in front of the home crowd. In the dome. This is this -- show. And are coming right back after this break into WL. Here's an update on our WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight is bullying worse today or has media attention made it seem worse. Tony 9% say it's worse 71% -- media attention makes it seem worse here's a really interesting text. I have to say is a hard -- country music man. -- listen to your show for a year and a half now I am developing new appreciation for eighties rock music. You know if you look a lot the -- source today a lot of enhance your styles that looked very much like. The eighties rock stars did it affect his -- styles today that looked like the eighties. Rock here styles. Here is taxed it and attack talks about bullying. It is the straw that breaks the camel's back at some point to put the kid over the top to commit suicide. And then the Tex goes on to say of course that teen commits suicide is suffering from mental illness know what commit suicide in the same state of mind. Well if there -- other things going line. Then it should not be so easy for people to use the media and for the media to reflect this -- quickly blaming bullying. As the reason somebody commits suicide. Their other things going on there. We'll continue this conversation. When we come back right after the news on every WL.