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05-21 11pm, Scoot, Bullying

May 22, 2014|

Scoot continues to talk about : "Bullying"; is it real and/or has it been overhyped by the media?

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-- who have we not mention to and one of the things have been talking about tonight. -- -- couples on television if we were sexual tension between couples. The bad sexual tension just sexual tension. Actually they were couples they were they were co stars on shows and they were a couple but she always got the feeling that they wanted to be couple. And you surprised to get the feeling that well you know maybe when they're not in any of the scenes that we see maybe -- they needed actually being together. And I think you about a co stars where there's great sexual tension Jerry -- Elaine from Steinfeld. Mary Richardson -- Grant. Me. He always. -- terror and she always loved him and he was kind of like a father figure to her. And she was definitely noticed. This on sure. Young. Producers at a TV station and he was the boss a lot of sexual tension there. I'm ginger may be at the professor. -- number of people are sending text mentioning -- Bruce Willis and Sybil shepherd from moonlight. I really wasn't that shows so I like Kimberly relate to a Tony Danza and Judith Light from who's the boss and another show I didn't really watch. Florence Henderson and half of the guys on. The Brady Bunch. At -- Gregg Williams who played two who played two. Barry Williams who played great. And he and a martian Indian fighter that was all kinds of stuff going on the Brady Bunch. Ross had Frazier from Frazier. Brian and steal from Family Guy. They read each other. But the both of them Richard -- Somebody mention Eddie Haskell and mrs. cleaver which I think -- -- -- -- see that mrs. Cunningham and finds the OK there was that time when. If funds he was it was sneak it around but this is Cunningham to to take a dancing partner to practice dancing -- there for a harvest moon dance contest or something. Scully in on Mulder from what was that there was a show. If it escapes me. That's if you can think about a couple of great sexual tension but actually they were a couple the co stars -- -- the TV shows and -- sexual tension that we haven't mentioned. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86680. -- here we simply text ember is 877. Also we've been talking about slogans and if you if you haven't heard this I think this is really interesting. Burger -- fast food restaurant. Changing its forty year old slogan. Have it your way. To. -- your way. -- in a statement Burger King says the new slogan is intended to remind people. That they can and should live how they weren't any time. And it's okay to not be perfect. My guess implying that there orders are not perfect but -- it would slogans for fast food restaurant to counseling philosophical like beat your way. -- the week you should be. That there have been some great slogans so all we've been talking about that tonight Israel's Europe. A slogan from the past or present a slogan that really stands out in your mind -- to create great slogan. Again on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And a text number is 877. We've also been talking about a bully tonight -- sit in a mayor of a small town pop on its popular Porter field. Reporter -- California. The mayor is Cameron Hamilton. And during. During a meeting of the the City Council. He was responding to. This plan. To create. An anti bullying say so for students. Don't we have that ready to go let's get that right ago. We've we've got the mayor and actually what he said it is the City Council meeting -- to -- he get he's responding to. The idea that the City Council. Would create an anti bullying safe zone. For students. And here's what the -- -- before City Council. I'm against bullying -- London I am tired of the venues there's a monitor for everything in the fills the world. Wouldn't win. All most people have to do -- grow a -- Yeah I mean I don't agree with the crude this in the sexist statement of of grow a pair. But I agree with essentially what he's saying we've got that video of the -- saying this on the year the web site with our our blog tonight which is titled anti bullying message. Grow a pair. It doesn't look like that that guy and I would I would agree on anything he. I'm not I'm not -- on. I'm not criticizing fact that he's baldness as well we've describing him but -- -- that's -- really really thick horseshoe fu manchu mustache. And he just looks like kind of a tough guided this morning we would agree on anything -- I I totally agree with him. About about about -- It would there are getting people who were just so so coddled. So protected that they don't know how to deal with being -- -- And again and again we've talked about this tonight. Bullying. Has been in has been elevated to be this this force. That it can't beat that cannot be defeated. And that even if you look at somebody a certain way well that can be bully comments. Not just physical stuff but just a comet can be a form of boldly and I think the media has really fit into the bullying hysteria in this country and this is what the media does best. Feeds into this hysteria. On it -- it right back to the public in the public buys into it and it becomes like an echo chamber and it just keeps going and going and snowballing getting bicker and bicker. Back in October -- to keep tableau on Fox News contributor. -- said in an op Ed article foxnews.com. It bullying. Was originated to be term used to describe aggressive actions. On the playground. Doctor -- who often agree -- Not in this case but often agree with him. He says that bullying. Today. With social media. Should be elevated to the status of psychological assault. Two girls were arrested in the case of -- committed suicide. And they'd been charged with felony aggravated assault. So there's another question about if somebody bullies somebody else and the person commits suicide is the person who bully -- are they responsible. Somebody tells you to jump off a -- age and you jump off a bridge. Is the person that told you -- Responsible for you actually -- again I think this goes back to personal accountability and I think were responsible and accountable for our actions. But more important than updating the term boldly. To better fit this world dominated by social media. I think it's important to. To teach teens to cope with. Being bullied. Because sir inevitably the encounter books. In school when their young in their neighborhoods when they're young and in the workplace when they get older. And 90% of the team to commit suicide suffer from a middle disorder. So why is bullying so quick to be -- One of the reasons is because we we as a society. Like to look for quick solutions. We'd like to look for something quick and definite to blame. Okay it's bully. Because it's a lot easier to blame it on bullying. -- to really try to figure out what the real mental process here's what really happened why somebody really committed suicide it's easier to blame it on bully. But yet if you focus on the wrong thing. That you don't really do anything. Toward solving the problem. -- -- we've been talking about. Big -- but we were younger. Where you bully. And how did you deal with it and was a different in the past. And should parents do a better job of of not. Buying into this idea there's nothing I can do what it -- -- -- going to do FaceBook and Twitter all this stuff is ever what am I gonna do. You can't throw your hands in the air and and see what you'd have to do something. Now am I being too hard. -- Paris today. Or should parents do a better job and I'm not talking and all parents obviously. Should parents do a better job and not not buy into this idea. That bullying is everywhere. And that nothing can be done about it we lead -- to eliminate it. Because bullying is if I am sure. Growing up in a cave. The beginning of of humankind. I'm sure some kid in another cave was bigger and came down and -- the kid. In the cave down the down the mountain. And I'm sure it happened that -- happened. Throughout time. Here is attacks that reads sorry -- but you are dead wrong when it comes to what causes these kids who commits suicide. Because of bully. It is much more. Then. Some hateful thing on social media. It is adults. Who sit back and do nothing. When these kids. Go to them for help. And then in turn. And are told to suck it up and deal with it how many times is a -- supposed to suck it up and deal with it. Having. Having their head photo -- on to a lewd photo. Then uploaded on a porn site. And having a leaked emails or text to everyone in the school. Well I would agree that parents should step in and and and induce a and if parents don't pay attention to I'm not suggesting that parents -- pay attention to it at all suggesting that parents do pay attention to. The parents. Give their kids. What they need. To better deal with it. And I guess my dad taught me -- I guess I learned -- -- I have been bullied all my life. And if you want to elevate social media stuff to bullying. There is in a night that goes by and they show win. Summary doesn't believe me on our text messages. Are sometimes in response to with a comment in response to a blog that every. At WW -- -- and there is one person in particular it seems like it's one person. Who is justice serial. Rancher. And this stuff that he that he he says I mean it's it's almost humorous but an analytic attending. I got a text a moment ago for someone who said scooters a fruit. Assay detects back yet but what current. -- tech city Backus said hey that's funny. Sometimes the best way to deal -- bullies is to just agree with. Because it's not always easy to just stand up physically to a bully and all of these values stand up to. Listen to educate. There were times that I wasn't big enough to literally physically stand up to people who who bolted. And it was more it was more verbal and emotional. That it was physical. But it was still being ridiculed that put down it. Made fun of and it happened all my life. -- to deal with their lives at this point in my in my life and really throughout my career -- -- kind of take it as a compliment and maybe that's something else that you can you can teach teenagers. It's a compliment because you've got somebody's attention. If somebody's actually making fun of you. If somebody's going out of their way to make an effort to ridicule. It's hurtful was that might be it's ultimately. A compliment. Because it's in some way for some reason. You're a threat to them. And maybe your threat because you're different. And if you're different. -- wanna be different. How about you but I never wanted to be just like everybody else. So people made fun of me then or even now. Because I'm different. But you know I get made fun -- -- the radio station and I just I go along with and it's it's good -- I mean it's not malicious at all. And I believe. I guess in some ways encourage it. But I think that takes a lot of the did the power of that person -- -- If you don't really react to with the way they want you to react to being bullied if you reacted another way. It's still fun for the you take all the fun of it away. If you regular show with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. -- all free 8668890. Point seven. A text numbers 877. Here is a text oh this is about couples. By the way to -- a sexual tension. -- -- couple that not couple spoke with with a co stars when I keep think couples because I always -- -- and in my mind is as couples but they're not really. They're not really couples but yet you kind of feel like they should have been a couple. A Tony and Siva from NCI yes don't watch the show all X-Files yes that was to show I've started together they showed it. Those two characters. Morgan a Scully and Mulder. Here is. Attacks that says she act Chrissie and Janet. You know that was a lot of sexual tension -- here's one Jeannie and her master. Remember a dream of Jeannie -- I never thought minister took full advantage of -- And all that she could offer. Your returns of cleaning up the house and everything from Metairie Greg you're in this crucial under the W well. And he cute Gregory Kane and the issue or better and better. -- in 1000 elementary school and -- looked at all these guys. -- little. Awkward walk like that only you know and -- that it garrido are six feet tall but the police. But I became my best friend Gina we talked about. But it went to school went on the bookmark it started all over it -- is it. I would I went and took them -- means now eight grade and it. -- that you know -- I want to be much at all you know public and I would never Wear shorts that -- -- you know I was more we go into an art teeing it up like that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It may be calm think a lot about people -- out of people treat chip. And I gotta say that all of these people that work mine enemies what we receive and beat my eagle police. Part of my dearest friends -- am glad you know I'd look in the area where where we but he moral note somebody wrote them. And Greg you know I've I've told this the story on the show before I've run into a guy recently he rides a Harley and he you know a couple of people that listen to the show and did and know me and he's appease -- a big guy. It really -- you when -- said discouraging others guys you talk about did bully duty service in India. Is always one of those guys Saddam I'm sorry. Bought it that what that that would happen to me over the years to you know Abdullah on you know it. FaceBook would be pretty you know what and you -- Africa on. -- reconnect -- these people. Several policies and Greg you know you're always funny guys you know but like that. And you know it's it's. Pretty. I don't think like you know. I'd I'd I'd really agree with you about that guy in California. I can really on its side on opinion and I believe the -- -- make a big deal you're just looking for something now you know. -- that it it is. Yeah yeah that the media feeds into the hysteria. And there -- hysteria feeds the media's so it really is a vicious cycle and and right now bullying has been elevated to this. This epidemic. Problem that people feel like they can't do anything about. Well. -- expert. Luke and I you know are brought up don't you all lights. But I think you should just get better and better do not enjoy it like it was pretty. -- I appreciate that very much and enjoy our conversation thanks hosting a night. For the West Bank Kristin -- into the W well. I. I totally agree with -- say about him not only. Mean what you don't you are allowed our. Second allow. Like it did get out and about your. They want -- that they wanna -- you. And not allow it should be a liberal and try your -- life. That should go on and probably. And began an approach you -- are you -- Each each each each show and he'll say. -- because you're gonna run into them all your life -- we get older in the work place. Right you're all like a workspace she got somebody like -- -- things you school right here and I watched it college slightly. -- -- -- And actually I. There. In the aliens or children to commit to it by a -- But not only a lot of that aren't rather than teaching children -- -- -- live action they wanna attract the other child or that hour. Try out their child you know each each child not the bullet the -- Chichi -- -- -- I totally agree with you Kristin I totally agree and I think that's really the big problem but there. There are far too many parents today and and for several generations of parents recently far too many parents who were so quick to -- something else. And playing the music and the media and well -- -- -- on acts -- as an option yet they blame the abuse they blame. The media buying that book and when it comes out all. My -- for its music place. Like or look at the technical track at our personnel bodies. Worried about what you're doing obviously. Liked -- right -- -- I've got to get to breakers and enjoy our conversation I remember when I went to one market. There was certainly a morning team that. Did -- Did a cover of this song. And it was -- looks like a lady. And if later on their show all the time -- Cool. And I got their attention. So I must be some kind of threat to them. But it really it really -- good looks like a lady. I don't think -- do. ID one really ugly woman. I'm -- will be right back on every WL is bullying worse today or does the media attention making it seem like it's worse that's RW a party -- my opinion poll we've been tracking it all night itself is state really yet really close tonight. 19 in terms of of being close as -- blitzer did the results have been close all night. Not not much -- change. -- 30%. Say it's actually worse today but 70% say the media makes it seem like it's worse and I give us your opinion regulatory website WWL. I don't count we've been also talking about couples on television to have a great sexual tension. Laxity that worked couples but it co stars on television. Ancillary parts of it really really good I hadn't thought of yet. Gun smoke. Matt Dillon. And -- kitty. What a great name. -- -- I hear is -- to a -- to -- critics he has dated some women Everyman wished they could have dated like the out -- like -- Referenced Iran this year in a -- and I dated for a for a while there was severe is it -- relationship. I've been very fortunate to. Have been with some very attractive -- from New Orleans -- you're under the W well. -- so quick. One about yeah out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah the Louisiana lawmakers to support legislation that would allow the states corrections department to find alternative ways to lethal injection. To carry out the death penalty is gonna national topic recently and somebody at CNN. Brought up the the guillotine. As saying if you you know it would be quick -- institute chop somebody's head off but I couldn't help but think that. Well what if you kind of stayed alive momentarily mute. You don't you you realize that your headed thinking you really when you were -- had you your thinking and your bodies go. Well it is it is my -- in itself all expletive. It saves the taxpayers millions dollars. What is in effect it's a all of the actual output that would allow convicted. Of and effects. Today at audio to your life. If it yet whatever it would put an honorable. Dropped the law dropped off -- siege and it will rise in plant from tree it'll that'll flow. And just let that they're. He'll be cost effective because volume leader people just too much of it -- at it's that they could face on -- we start reach. I -- that would. App a lot of crimes from from -- because no one will air. And it texting in the hours and at all the willing that concern. What if in fact. All the cute networks classified as bullies would hit the Wall Street is to a school. And that's who ran him lack of military base shall -- it and Bob Hope whatever -- -- carry that she would she fit. And then they're -- in uniform and job. Have you mom she is back in the military. Even -- street and index for a year and make it really. Stressful on them to the point where it would non -- there get what it would. -- -- -- -- -- You know -- well while in some -- that makes sense and I think when you when you send people to jail today. They actually. See that is. And honors -- as a manager of curry should you wonder if those who were really bullies if they were relegated to some school for bullies if they might somewhere in their demented minds taken as a compliment. Well you'd think it -- you may be write it in to a certain. If you wouldn't make it. And that -- for the next what Al. Mean you may know one -- back there -- -- action -- so it. Yeah the other the other problem is so. What is bully it seems like almost everything today just picking on somebody is. It's not considered bullying and I think we've. I think we've we define bullying to the point where too many things are considered bullying and then that's a legitimate reason for somebody do something horrible like commit suicide. Read but note like that instant there -- change and people take one word. What were out certain sentence in the final sentence truly have to take place. It would have to. Definite definitions. That word and if the bullying -- fell under that that particular law it will. And I would. Sent to that school. I think his problem is that -- Basically from the home anymore I get it recounts. From what people don't realize it. And keep in there will be executed school. Geek com. Into the streets and the Hindu newspaper. -- pocket Britney caught in the next noticing people. And that's why isn't the only. Exactly it starts from. And to prevent it that's why it may be perhaps you could set the military types who. What these kids at all in to their particular stature. That way you prevent teen step and make them out citizens -- -- didn't -- It something you may. It's an interesting idea and I enjoyed our conversation thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. I graduates into the ambulance night. Here's a -- series bullying has been around since Cain and Abel yeah I would say that was a formal polling. I here's a text about two people on television co stars we're sexual tension marsh and Greg Brady on the Brady Bunch. And Allison and Sam the butcher. So I was thinking more along the lines of of Allison. And a Florence Henderson. I'm Karen you're under the WL. How are good -- and I think Iran. I mean at. Picking their town council and I haven't -- it -- I mean because people are -- sometime and then sometimes they're kind of like there. So people eat. About thinking minimum online I'm 48. Can't. Popular clicked. Popular person in my own little conflict that -- Was not a popular person in the old days cool. And so and like you say that funny humor. Has a lot to do it cute. Bullying or. Help the team. My son is set then he. He does and -- -- -- -- means -- Answers sometimes in short order him. And Tom -- Doesn't ever come around saying. I'm constantly defy you -- because people are in on me because I'm -- shortcut your attorney. This -- like to Wear those threats. Yeah I mean. Well you like sort keen on the -- Simpson -- his shirt and and so sometimes you know the answer to sort aura that he doesn't care who you warm. You know a lot of Orange. And right size in the league pitcher Chris burns in short one but. Help the scheme seems to be. That's important. You like and then. I hear a lot of young. Women that. And frank on everybody including me -- -- They can. Eat more. I'm well. On its atonement and and the side in everything in. My left and only it's kind of the permanent solution here. Temporary -- you know. And so they just have to make it through that time -- me -- saint across the world coming down on me. And -- the situation in -- it's -- side. And is in fact a lot of people may mean and the only think about it at some point and -- different ticket Trinidad and allies and that's gonna -- and they do have on their side. And you will. Karen I think you're touching or something that also contributes to too many overall problems and that is. Did desire for instant gratification nobody wants to be patient any longer and if you're going through a tough time. He is suicide seems like the solution. Then you really haven't given any consideration to the affected. All you have to do is be patient and you get through this tough time and then some people commit suicide later in life because they're going through a very tough time. And it seemed like the only option when if you were just patient and got through the tough time. Maybe that would be that desire any longer. He had -- something that fall back on you know I'm good friends everybody. That there. -- minority clinic you know small clique there you know remain our -- A little bit different but there are other people that are a little bit different than that aren't there aren't that many you know whether it's arts -- Borne at third something that they do. Strains those few people that are on their side and then also like hey you yeah you know -- can't solve all back on. We take the sting out of it if you if you don't let what a -- says two US receivers it's verbal Boeing. If you don't let what somebody says -- in in person or on FaceBook are social media if you don't let that -- the event it to you take the far away from the bully. Yeah I'm looking to get through that one of them you know I'm and that kind of like a -- out outside. Wall or whether in your back on and off. Not what your back on track -- clean up and it out. On the positive track him and then everything's going to be okay. -- join our conversation. -- thanks listening to WWL. If your -- -- -- connect with abort your comments if you wanna join us with your thoughts tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. A text numbers 87870. Here is attacks. That Reid's. Kids that are bullied should be neat to watch The Breakfast Club. Things always change with time he DC Anthony Michael Hall today. He could easily. Take both Judd Nelson and Amelio Estevez. This is the -- show. And we're coming right back after this break an average of zero LA issue is that the SEC baseball tournament they blowouts at Vanderbilt today eleven to one and tomorrow's tigers play Arkansas. As that that conference continues a pre game is at 4 o'clock in the first -- at 430 right here on every WL. The creativity Ian 153. Debbie WL FM from mobile Davey your -- description -- Hey excuse. Talk about TB just as sexual tension outlet in the sort out but yeah. Tony -- that would be good to be a bigger. Sexual tension. Tony it was uploaded it characters they play quality. Ladies. That they'd they'd bought equipment and common. And people who character what the government body. The -- character. Like -- with what about. I don't -- I don't watch the show went but are those are those TV co stars aren't they aren't that compelling I think they make -- really interesting and you can even go way back to simply shows in the past where there was. Great sexual tension between two of the stars even though they were -- couple. Yeah -- actually decrease than I would in the so by getting in the good actual tension yeah together. There and the and the that's usually -- the support yeah. Applicable. To the best. Way to to combat bullying. Is you've got so yourself because. There -- well. Well view well you board. In the fact that my mother but does not. But of course but but it to. Yourself. -- -- And my unit at. And everybody's a year. Ago but in such thing blocker well. Nobody opinion our view is going to accuse bluntly the other gun or. Andy engaged in the center of the ground in the -- -- and the horrible. And copy function normally the of course happy -- -- also -- you -- well is that human. You know and that's when you were to execute its. To do. The old and true -- yourself. You -- other people can't. David I think it's a really good point on glad you contribute that to our show and I hear is attacks that reads radio sexual tension. Scoot and creole magnolia. That brings back. Memories from the past that at a character I characters on shows that I did years ago. And one of it was a -- magnolia area that was. But there was also sexual tension with. And he ended Tracy -- -- -- -- caller good morning from. I hear is attacks that reads him personally I think you're super sexy scoot LOL. I'm going to put in the oil part I've always told my friends that with the right sunglasses you look like mono but they think I'm blockers. I think I'm gonna have to agree with different -- now when but thanks for the compliment. I hear is attacks that reason I don't often agree with you -- and I would defend you with my life god bless you well let's hope it never comes to that. I'm here's our WB -- pretty general opinion poll tonight is bullying worse today. Or has media attention made it seem worse. We'll give you a final date when we come back after this break also this group like tonight is on our website at WW real dot com also some really great comments about it. It's a title anti bullying message. Grow a pair. And the mayor in California responded to a proposal. By the City Council to created anti bullying safe zone for students. And I don't agree with the crude -- sexist. Content of the statement but I agree with the meaning. Yeah sometimes we just need to get tough. And learn to deal with police doesn't make the bullies right. But what. What better way to get through life and to learn to deal -- bullies because you're gonna run into them all your life. This is -- show. Ever coming right back into the -- a -- talking about it TV co stars in show is so weary days and had great sexual tension they were overly coupled but the degree sexual tension. -- Jerry and Elaine assigned filled tonight ginger the professor. A professor Marianne. Who knows what was going on that show. I'm Mary Richards and Lou Grant from the Mary Tyler Moore Show one of the popular names has been mentioned tonight -- -- ecologists mentioned it toll and -- for and CI yes. And I've got a couple of text about Catherine bell and her partner on -- was average and it shows so ought not really that familiar with it. I hear is attacks about being bullied I was taught when I was younger. If it was physical. And they were bigger pick up the biggest thing. You can. It will be an equalizer. And it says it worked. And I would never recommend violence. But if you can stand up to a bully that's the best thing to do. But not everybody -- and if you do pick up something big bully may have started it. But if you hit the bully with something in your hand it could be considered a weapon. You may be more trouble than the bully so again I'd I don't know if I would recommend that. I hear is attacks that reads bullying is no worse it's on social media now. And that's the secondary. Difference. The primary difference we parents breeding -- children. Who are never wrong or incapable of having hurt feelings the prozac FaceBook. Time now generation. Might be the weakest generation of America to date. I will take exception with China. China does work. But I know it gets lumped into this whole feel good attitude about. About punishing kids if you do timeouts in the right way now maybe not for every child. But timeout is not something that should be dismissed because it is a very very effective way disciplining kids but I would agree that that parents and don't allow their kids to ever be wrong. Don't. Teach kids that it's it's okay to not be right sometimes. It's okay to fail. Because that's how you get stronger. You learn more from your failure -- you learn from your success. And I can think about that in my life and I'm sure you could think about that in your life. I hear is attacks. -- you say you're not gay. Year. Missing your opportunity I wanna marry you. Isn't that nice of proposal. On the air. Well thank you very much for that. Take -- a couple of but you really don't wanna -- And you could talk to a few people in my life in no condition to be there to me. I here's final update on our -- -- -- project opinion poll tonight is bullying worse today or has media attention made it seem worse -- 9% say it's worse. 71% say the media makes it seem worse. You know throughout this legislative session I have talked about the senseless legislation that really doesn't do anything to make the state any better. Doesn't do anything to change behavior to change people's feel good legislation. But I do it appraise one piece of legislation. Legislative effort. It's not gonna change anything. But it's good legislation. A bill now awaits the governor's signature they would name the twin span bridge overly -- trained. The Frank Davis naturally -- Owens memorial bridge. And I can't think of anything more appropriate -- that. The new river walk opens tomorrow you'll see this on the news it's an upscale designer outlet mall. There's a ceremony and make -- 9:30 tomorrow morning -- -- Spanish class habit that will be up all over the news. Tomorrow and that's not just such a great location in the city that I hope it becomes something that's the writing because. It's right on the river and we don't have enough stuff on the river. We don't have enough stuff on the -- -- -- quite often talked about that they had a great time tonight thanks for being with us one thing John -- studio producer. Also check Harris and get a studio you have a great -- we're back with -- -- showed tomorrow night like New Orleans.