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5-22 6:10am Tommy, speeding in NOLA east

May 22, 2014|

Another death at the Morrison curve on I-10, this time a 6 year old that’s ejected from a flipped over vehicle. Is that stretch of roadway just TOO dangerous and should it be redesigned? Tommy was joined by Sylvia Scineaux-Richard President of the Eastern New Orleans Neighborhood Advisory Commission.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Retirement the -- and curb money I ten. Both -- and glanced I always thought that that was a bad stretch of highway is it'll catchy especially if -- Donald excessive than you should. Six year old killed tragically the other day -- vehicle flipped over and Imus and if you think that stretch of roadway needs to be redesigned. And at Italian after all the accidents I hear about the -- I personally know somebody that lost their life going to work -- morning before Katrina at the hospital at the -- And I just I just don't know what you think about it Sylvia scene out joins us right now. Soviets you know every shard president of the eastern New Orleans neighborhood advisory commission Sylvia it's early and I hope that your name close to right. I thank you tell me about. Tell me about the eastern new loans neighborhood advisory commission and and what you all think about that -- and career. Clothing is not a neighbor and right -- commission reached it and play the kinda. Protect and ensure that the area in New Orleans -- -- Have a they -- big comedic actor party. In terms of the land and Pakistan. -- planned trip north on defense and to protect. And promote and prepare the Bay Area. And the general welfare -- -- our development of Ares in the night. And and I should say we contacted -- in Louisiana state police they refers to NO PD who keeps stats on that. And we and hear back from an LPG. So bring -- home. I think I -- I do know that they're concerned. Because am I don't know how many of those accidents occurred at night and and and respect to move the date time but I do know that it. Concern. -- darkness of those areas where you can't. -- or not that's a function of they need more warning or. -- I would seizes a people need to be more responsible but. People worse beaten and and let's get to that -- -- -- since we're talking about these New Orleans neighborhood advisory commission do you all have an opinion on the I think -- raceway that new loans he says interstate has become between. Say -- that between spans and at least a high rise and there's not any enforcement on their -- being on -- get -- like cute you know and I was going 81 times over in almost stopped. Did -- got out lit a cigarette Kazaa -- of one movement at all. And I don't even smoke. Well -- you -- at the meet our society and that aren't aren't and that somehow he wants you don't know that makes that shot -- Kirk. Terms like that any car concerned. Well there should be -- -- sign it and elect another slowdown. And that there is prepared sharp turnaround. Candidate won't. It. I'm going to go about -- that it was that these people at some ample amount respect there is that interview that could be -- top -- the -- not going -- -- Have you and become known anybody been hurt there had an accident there. No not personally I have -- but I was on my way. The other day I did -- back Sudan over and that area did not someone and then. So that it did -- pretty bad because the car was literally am in the next yet. And the concluded that conditions -- not it's something currently. And a six year old was ejected from the vehicle -- comes in under -- child and am not talking about the specifics of this morning accident it just seems to me. There are a lot of bad accidents a lot of fatalities mores and curve and Texans and says my ten was built speed limit was 55. The curve is not designed for high speed silicon right. We'll continue to talk to -- seen no re -- present these -- new loans neighborhood advisory commission about. The -- curve and also about the lighting issue as it relates to. The interstate there in some enforcement of of the speed limit. I -- hear you from new as well at -- 601878. Toll free 866889087. Idiots think it's the drivers. Or the design of the Morrison curve that caused the problem and either way. Does it need to be re design do you need more signage dean needs some kind of warning sign -- their saints steep curve ahead slowdown Texans and says I do agree that the flashing lights would be appropriate kinda like -- sharp left turn in Baton Rouge. Before the bridge so obviously you know every shot a couple more seconds review before we go to phone calls. I'd tell me about the additional problems you've had trying to get the lighting fixed. -- big issue and the audience each coming from six sites and I can -- basically dark and it's very very dangerous and I think you're again a very big problem for people traveling on their rights and on that and -- each in that direction. Because. What those lights it's even more dangerous NN anchor like where -- -- -- -- in the morning. It's like I want to play and not only uniting the sites let you know that bad. That -- it's coming in west but it is dark. So if -- -- Reynard yet implement the latter are tactics are a bit dark and you can see that on -- A bad situation works so be appreciated time I really do. -- -- good -- -- seen a recharge present these are New Orleans neighborhood advisory commission. And I guess questions resemble do you think it's the drivers of the highway when it comes of the Morrison curve if you just joining us I know somebody a -- personally that lost her life. Is before Katrina trying to get to the hospital. In the east in and just early and one might done and Morrison Kurt Russell in Metairie good morning your under the W we think. Well I am using. And not Alabama they solve the problem aware interstate 85. Are heading where it gets. Interstate 65 going south they put big flashing lights that there. But -- -- goes back to the driver you have to have some common sense. Who we you know that -- -- approaching. Albanian area. And you know. That they have some fine. But wait if if you are not. You're from here or -- understand senator you don't drives they are a lot do you know your approach in a bad curve. They have signed up that indicate that if that is -- there right. I don't know ominous comments I don't I don't really noticed as I know the -- -- and I'm always paying attention -- I'm doing. If if they have a flashing light light being employed as did -- it's right by Montgomery Alabama. But really think that drivers should slow down. More -- driving too fast and they eat more driver education realty. I didn't tell you Russell and you know island guy and placed it allegedly theoretically thanks for calling and Ellis editor of with the insurance company here Cody. Could -- one point if ever the opportunity presented itself to do this on a raceway. Under controlled conditions. Would love to drive fast that I do now. But. I I I just think it's dangerous stretch of roadway -- onion and I love to drive says what goes on in New Orleans east and we've discusses before I think. Is out of control I mean people and left blamed on 85 miles an hour of -- repeatedly texting and if I'm miles an hour. And it takes them. Come on as I tell you that I don't know if you -- -- brain's doing that. But if you think there's a more dangerous if if that area is dangerous at mores and urban should be read on let me know. And if you think there -- areas at a more dangerous like they got to bed curve on this extent when a lot of people like others well. Let me know lawyers -- all up to the driver. And I know about that stretch on -- highway that they re design because it was just too dangerous and a -- I'll plan from beginning talking about the Morrison wrote curve do you drive that area not a lot melt but I I am very familiar red and over the years -- I think it's a bad design I really do I think from from the time it was. Laid out in you know sometimes -- engineers make mistakes now that being -- -- -- about it topography of the area I don't know what. Would have to be moved to and -- put that curved area initially. And sometimes you just don't know. How drivers are gonna react to certain stretches of road well I just waited and I would ask you to follow me at T Tucker get a W well and I know wonders and have been -- of the people listening at all times and and I and different times rather and and ninety. Touch me personally because she's a friend Anderson lost her life on the vehicle on the way to come to work at the hospital in New Orleans east before Katrina so this has been going on for a wild. And I think if there was some kind of two hole board panel says that disrespectfully but some somebody keep in record of the fatalities I think at one point. Yeah it's hard to put together beyond saying year news stories Osmond on the -- -- her another another couple months awesome I got the mores and her. But it's hard to connect the dots and put -- Manning has its. Went on scene today if there are any dots they got some real hard statistics. Not tell you this when you get a caddy calls in nets named pork chop. You gotta go to him quickly -- -- thing I would do it immediately and if I had a son I would name he import job. Which is why the good lord probably blessed me with a daughter good morning -- -- -- I'm doing well is that nickname. Parliament or. -- I didn't think it was but I you know you never know these things IG get the nickname port up. I don't know if that meant I got a one -- you. I like it tell me dumb. Tell me what you think about the Morrison urban new loans -- Well you know I'd rather quite often and them. I think it -- what was behind -- admit I don't know if I originally dispute but it was well there. -- somebody texted in instead it was designed. When the speed limit was fifty fives I don't know if that's true or not. But either way the police department that they are actually in the last few months has gotten better and people getting pulled over for. Beating a lot now couldn't put the -- -- -- they would. The light that there is shot especially on the board in Europe. And then get that it would -- you should. I mean it is quite literally strong but they work but like I've been working for months. And -- I mean I don't hear about these aren't and with the local work. The lady just said that you know evidently -- joins us it was with the job. New Orleans east the president these new loans neighborhood advisory commission and and -- documented how they tried to get polite -- you know I saw it yesterday. Put -- what's in the news when. And I was trying to do lake view and I saw this and did come to find out that they had a story on and on channel four's news about I pay taxes fix my streets -- even -- these signs. It in and you know I think that actually a good thing is gone I heard about it. There's no outrage but in the public IE and people go releasing her. Really irritated about it but that was actually pretty -- slowly getting irritated and don't do anything. -- the -- -- -- -- -- on the political -- -- I also wanted to comment that when you're out in the east derived from -- more broad area where -- Between the two were on the structural and she called the neutral ground on the black. And those water senses. But if you like who the usual area -- haven't been -- there are extreme it's a little more critical and that he thought that we are. On -- and it actually went dangerous. -- and that's pork chop wood made me think when I saw this I pay taxes takes my streets is if then all of a sudden. This street light issued and get pushed further back on a burner and then all of a sudden. Does the street lights still longest fiction understand. So I don't know I'm glad you called quartet -- it's an important. Component of Moses out Hillary day. Thank you idol take more calls we come back Eric and Robert anybody else hang on. One line open if you -- credited C six 1878 toll free 86 exit 890878. A text comes in and I just named remorse and no signs that indicated curve period and then another is pay attention it's the drivers speed and texting. Kills. Shelden Williams and I were talking during a commercial break about that that company for the -- to talk about a flat roof. As skin around about roof implants and I had a thing about it I guess that do warmer really is a roof. Implant and that it would kind of be like -- way some of attacks are common and about the Morrison. Curve. And about the collar pork chop we should see is sister corn bread and wine. And a feeling pork chop as the girl's name we're not talking about pork chops were and nickname -- -- by the Morse and curve. The entire interstate system was designed to be driven at 55 we are the ones that wanted to changes speed limit. And at six year old ejected from -- vehicle I presume the child was on restrained I don't know but it's a tragic thing anytime. A child dies and and I just thought I'd try to see if yelled at some feelings about this Morse and curve -- Again I know some -- died there and I think it's a dangerous stretch of highway now Dominic our engineer was in here. Weighing in and I agree with him and I thought about this if they just bank it. Like they do a racetrack and raised the lanes so that it would. Well beyond its tilt one way but then I thought maybe it would have drainage issues. I know -- I tonight here on got a W out morning. Origami I -- on good. -- -- -- -- -- -- This -- the world of people there's no sign that traders are -- The speed and doesn't change its say sixteen are by no legal if you miles an -- -- there. Bubble that you know from -- in the essentials and sit in forty -- thousand those like public course a struggle at builders are -- and they need to be reader. Design and put more doctors will get hurt -- so people pay attention. And again I know you know -- highway wounds in front of -- -- -- did that so I know occasionally there are bad designs and because accidents they redo it. And you'll likely wanna Marie -- about it. The -- so bad they actually had history and -- bought my -- anchor. While. -- I think when you know somebody that dies in something like that that is otherwise they'd -- you thinking maybe there's something wrong. Right let me assure quick and mating call about this and admitting knowing up ready jaguar opinion politicos that -- hands those story about the UN and junk food knowledge. Using junk food and obesity is as big of a problem is tobacco in the world -- in the country. -- I don't either I I think and I tweeted this. I think tobacco obviously it's an addictive drug and I think with leading its matter discipline that matches me if -- disagree ability of thank you Robert I mean I'm Erica have a good day all right Erica and be careful -- Robert in Tarrytown the morning on -- WL. In March -- done. I totally disagree with from a previous caller yeah. -- -- pit. Road speed limit sixty culture there that it does not stop the need to pick up. The problem is people are not paying attention on the right. -- -- It just. This epic why don't we hold people accountable for the things they don't know what they're trying to -- somebody out there -- something that was designed years ago. People can go to the problem I see it there aren't. Here. Well and yet gaggle Magnus is way in -- -- more taxing -- as cellphones anything else but that. Beside highway and a you don't talk about right in front of Brecht LA at a curb there at Berman and they redid it. I grew up for quite speculative Mississippi -- -- commute back for every day. Seen on talking about you remember when they redid it. So. I don't know that that was distracted driving things just a bad design and and let me ask you since you do so much driving do you know. And any other area on an interstate that you can think of that as. That bit of occur Brennan. Don't know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I want -- feet -- -- -- used to be for coming in with Erica and our. And -- -- people have been in the. And they go I'm -- -- I'm glad you called all of a junk food tobacco. And better. Doctor Strange statement may -- struggle people accountable if they they. Either they can take just say no public. Get out and get a job I -- people that worked. -- -- you've got to wait there. But they don't. That there yet but think get -- and walk shop. -- -- -- And think you're thank you somebody call. And today at 653 -- we come back personally in my opinion on dot. I think that there's no doubt that cigarettes tobacco. Use it to the nature of it itself -- they put in and his addictive. -- -- again -- my junk food Italian but I don't think it's addictive I think itself discipline but I loved it from.

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