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5-22 8:15am Tommy, issues on social media

May 22, 2014|

Social media erupts after a high school allows an 18 year old student to include her baby in a senior photo. *Is graduating with a child an accomplishment to be made known or a shame that should be hidden? Plus, after the furor over “skateboard dad,” does social media shine light on things that are wrong or create an anonymous “mob mentality?” Tommy speaks to Dr. Christopher Carpenter Assistant Professor of Communication at Western Illinois University.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy Tucker got a WL talking about kids and a rite aids day have omelets -- young -- to open. If a teenager finds and so is in trouble and in gets pregnant is it -- to put it in the year -- record use celebrating and Mary. Are you glorifying it. And another angle to all of this social media. His freedom of speech but I'm seeing increasingly this. Ugliness this mob mentality where if anybody says anything which in any way can be misconstrued. Before you know it aids candlelight in any old cowboy days where one person says well. He killed somebody you'll let's get a rope let's find a tree and before you know it it's gone horribly bad for that person and and if you've seen this. Video of his skateboarding and ending in these things develop their own names. Where it skateboarding Dan about a day and -- kids kicks on down a ramp this guy losses job they had the movement. That Chris Carpenter joins us right now assistant professor of communications at Western Illinois University good morning -- one. And we appreciate your time what would. What what is this with social media with lynch mentality -- draw a line between freedom of speech and just plain old bully in by a group of people. Think about freedom -- -- to the constitution guarantees the governments -- particular I'm you know. Particularly in Europe social media web sites and FaceBook if they so want that to. It usually go and start editing everybody apartment spot and ride that's such a thing -- the beauty. They don't going to be real popular. But in terms that are returning jumping on board things it's part of that general that if I think collectively than -- and had a thing where people see something. That might they don't know it's better but they saw a picture of it with some word on FaceBook and make sound terrible. They jumped on board say -- mean. Have -- no go back to ensure. But it's it and we get people a sense that they are doing something that they are fighting back insisting that -- like in the world. Even if they actually do the research to find out that they do their fighting against is that fact that or. To that weather and our equity in and sharing it actually topic -- So this is skateboard dead and have been other videos like that that images generated a lot of heat from people where they don't even -- -- historically he has. 22 clip of video and before you know at their -- and today shows their on CBS evening news I mean it just seems crazy to me. How these things get a life of their own and and I hear that the the family had to move because of threats the father losses job all because of a 122 snippet of video where. That guy is -- and his son off a skateboard ramp I mean it just seems like. The the whole thing has gone caddie wants his doctor. The hasn't. -- Think humans severity -- time -- and they're in there -- jumping -- rocks. I mean can go back to our. Our founding days and we you know which child people getting really excited about. That possibility in getting up each other it's it's kind of -- cute thing to want to. I'm in rejects things that are partly missing the -- it's very -- to get -- It and when you see something has seen its recent statement to be. It's edict it was -- on board. So it's not a specific individual it's about -- presenting something that for whatever reasons nine on on our night they don't like an alliance. Oh and -- so leg when he jump on somebody. On a video Ers and an icon and it's not necessarily about that in and it's about something they don't like in their own line. -- -- -- -- It's been a bigger people he partnered -- country -- do and -- note the country who think that. The summit camera going in the wrong direction that we're abandoning sort of I think important values that particular Angela of course. At least he representation that it's -- there sea island right. You appeared at that replicates many more people terrible. But well you know and jump on or is this person because there are so ready for that to be the case and -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah that's what it seems like doctor Christopher governor says -- -- and communications at western -- Illinois university.

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