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5-22 8:45am Tommy, issues on social media pt. 2

May 22, 2014|

Social media erupts after a high school allows an 18 year old student to include her baby in a senior photo. *Is graduating with a child an accomplishment to be made known or a shame that should be hidden? Plus, after the furor over “skateboard dad,” does social media shine light on things that are wrong or create an anonymous “mob mentality?” Tommy speaks with Dr. Judy Ho Licensed Clinical Psychologist & Professor at Pepperdine University.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Johnny Tucker talking about teen pregnancy and year books and pictures and social media and as this lady on doctor drew the other night on and I think it's HL and now doctor Judy hello licensed clinical psychologist. And professor at Pepperdine University mourning dot com you Dylan. Well thinking good to talk in person on the -- get to the social media and please don't take this wrong but I think it goes into. Psychology in a new study that's out saying people prefer to. To vote for candidates that are thinner. Palm again don't take this wrong I'm not trying to diminish in any way what you are you at an undergraduate degree in psychology. Business administration from cal Berkeley. Master's doctoral degrees from the university California San Diego school of medicine's and the university joint doctoral program. Two time recipient of the national institute of mental health services research award. Among other things and I only say that doctor because you are a beautiful young woman and I'm just wondering. Did that help you along the way or hurt you. He's your guy obviously brilliant and I'm just wondering -- elements and. -- you actually Tommy in the bill like this happens a lot of research at talks about. And -- -- actually at what -- car that would be life. And I think I'd like to beat back a little bit you know without a Arpaio -- There's actually been times when I would meet people and they would seem intimidated by the fact that tightly in opera. Or. I -- picnic that would a couple of our current to adopt a program -- And we actually said that we get other jobs dot dot basically they're entry level hockey. Arctic high school -- that -- adopters you know we ended up in -- and on the bag and I hope people trip. Come utterly brilliant and beautiful McCain do you play golf. -- -- You know what that's it let's just move on -- you make me feel even even more. The insignificant in an adequate than it did before tell me about the the skateboard -- Danny's viral videos suggest. Still out of control with mob mentality and that is young lady once put a picture of herself and yearbook with a baby because -- -- whose social media is ganging up on her. What is it about. This whole mob mentality social media that brings out the worst in people. You know we talk about the law doctor -- this week and connect people are now -- It's in power for so long that not even do anything about the new security correct me. That now -- social media people to feel like they can take a look at our public about it. It's still -- large part really. You know not because -- that. The time even -- -- like apple -- back to normal -- actually pick out your work or we're talking apartment at all. I made easier to say what ever they want to so it couldn't pick them out but clearly we are not dirty side why. Because we're not acting immunity -- -- -- your expert at gate forty at. On -- family package moved out he lost the job and as a result of that story coming out. And for people haven't seen a docking eating go to just Google -- Albany and cited skateboard dead that. The kids on like what it ten or fifteen. Put in client I guess in the dead for whatever reason you like his body language you don't just panic kicks again and -- -- more pushes him with his foot down the rampant. -- -- video goes on I'm only -- about fourteen seconds of it but from that I. I enough people were able to make up their mind that this guy it was evil and as a result the whole family is suffering now because they've had the mood move and he lost his job. That's right and you know what the problem due in court to protect the baby you're -- -- that in the in this video. Now the dad would be dominant global mood at bat or -- there at the outback. But when you say -- you know people feel like you have a chance to talk back to the news of thing that. I guess bothers me a bottle this we're getting ready to talk about veterans hospitals and problems that there have been there and the president issues a statement yesterday and I'm not trying to. To be political about this at all is it goes back to previous administrations. But it's it's not like gambling in Rick's casino is a little really we have trials of the veterans hospitals no kidding. But nobody -- nobody gets fired -- about -- on social media but let there be twelve seconds of idiotic video and then all of a sudden it's nationwide guessed her on. On The Today Show and everywhere else. While nobody and I am I say anything that's wrong. No ad that you not only lacking because it's so true an unfortunate bit of reason like we'll get more are being kind of non Barry. You not important they are missing that we should be done about -- apps have more impact it because boat people. Feel like they can use some big -- that the issue -- simpler you know we talk about. Survey about it well that's a lot of any problems that. Notably -- -- -- -- -- -- it -- happen come together. I think people do what they beat duke and so these activities skateboarding you know people to. Going creepy on viral video hit the Smart possible for people can understand it more. No I'm not trying to hurt anybody's feelings but it seems like if you wanted to really use social media it's. Make some changes in the country that need to be changed you'd actually have to and I'm not be in Maine but you'd actually have to read about and delivered a resurgent find out. What the hell you're talking about before you know what you think you would have to actually do some research to find out what you're talking about as oppose a watch in a 122. Clip of video. And then here's doctoral back with a -- ramped up. Doctor -- what I was saying is I think you know it comes to research and having to find out really make an educated opinion how to fix things. And twelve seconds of video maybe it's -- seniors react to that instantly and make it to up to be whatever you want. Exactly the unit in politics you're it would people boat people on things where to start and commercial and they've made it in my go in the literature. And -- both sides are out making up their mind and well and so. But we get a lot of profile and second of commercial on -- side of the story people will be really really likely to roster decision. That they. Well people don't usually have an opinion to the current. Doctor appreciate you time to become the gunman's. I would come back I think I haven't died and Nam did just about adults and real quick he did tell me leisure terrible play area like a five or six and again. We're out thank god. Have a great day I by abide by people aren't all thank doctor emigrate there you can't take it you've been.

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