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5-22-14 10:10am Garland: on oil companies and the wetlands

May 22, 2014|

Garland talks with author John Barry about the Louisiana House of Representatives' decision to kill a bill suing oil companies for wetland loss.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This -- or -- we've been trucking absence beginning of the legislature. All of bill bugged the Louisiana. It's healthy shall we you know flood protection authority -- that it's 97 oil and you know companies. Forward digging 101000 miles of canals and wetlands. And often times not fixing damage. And the reports of the lawsuits -- platelets stick to court in superiors in the breeze and for the lawsuit and therefore. More money. With the hopes. Of living -- we -- And -- always regard Jon Barry via a two month formally with the video Libyan authorities use leading the fight the group's lawsuit formally. With -- sultans who's gonna blow for a team. And of course are the row of Roger Williams in the creation of American actual. Terror -- the salute you put 1927. Then -- America. John welcome back to the short pressured time. Well -- -- -- -- mourning and studio house committee. Ordered killed lawsuit. Should be. They did. Code. Words or seventeen. Bill. To Joseph losses. We manner the top -- being out. But that one weapon on out war -- that -- and out what probably there are. All right. And likely now it Euro let her support the walks and I'd beg them to call. See ya -- that he -- like her and thought there -- -- them. -- doubt -- -- If enough people call. Legislature well well one of the most interesting thing yesterday. -- -- -- from the apartment and natural resources which is posted for these products. You adopt the air and he was -- why every year. -- not for single -- No enforcement actions -- -- years he said well we haven't seen anybody who didn't comply. Well that. Broke out there. You know I did present agents Wear garments that -- the company posted such and such days. A couple of years. Thirty years later. So believe it. As a problem. Are you talking about a bleak and do. You know the quote was. Lot of canals dug prior to 1980 in the coastal act within -- And the city hasn't looked further back. -- -- Yeah he wanted them and you that we view that about. He can now which her had been -- in that direction and the state law says. That. -- Restore as -- as practicable the original condition after operations and and you know he he said that there's been no not in compliance with bat. Where does anybody. Who goes on in there and I didn't march knows that Robert. Is. And wanted to -- -- That younger memorable and experts said. State Ohio -- ago. You know our number myself we -- now that you could practically. Jump across. And now we can barely see the other side so clearly I wrote it recently not to ancient history. -- figure -- -- -- come and drug vacuum -- Joseph -- to -- Joan bearing witness. Bruise. Formally will the -- solve these Louisiana. -- district. Ease. And he's the head of the organization. Trying to push for a lawsuit against 97 oil companies that they Clinton. Have -- canals and tourists won't shall order came in because of them. And they had permits -- of legal agreements to. Refurbished ones they have messed up and lot of the deals that not a core and that's the point of the lawsuit yesterday house committee. Voted specifically. That Joseph Walsh who send it back to the house itself. Welcome back -- more details appear renters that gives golf QC 017. The total -- -- exit eighty dollar and zero it says. Removing it about 154 weeks relatives Louisiana flood protection authority east. Follow lawsuit against not a new seven oil again this company claiming environmental damage to the marshes of John -- with the what are -- authors of that lawsuit to and brokers in the un organization. Fighting for its survival in the legislature. Wouldn't bond trivia attempts have been knocked down one remained. In the house committee and it was killed yesterday and now we're groups on -- house. Joseph and Jim -- applaud that I remember correctly. Former executive Carol -- or -- -- He argued yesterday and I'm quoting. -- zones record 2001 determined that governmental entities do not have the same rights as an individual. In bill for the legislature. Into applause. That can reach back to change routes all turned agency's ability to choose whom after the lawsuit has been -- -- and -- there. Well I am unsure of -- bill. The well. -- But where does that bring up now. So. Yeah you know and -- between Netscape. And bidders -- reasonable stability that would. He held unconstitutional. But it's also a real possibility. That it would be now. Original so the key is to kill it. When they. Actually let me tell you why. And it really all. Opera. There's no -- for the master plan to protect. People and rebuild the coast and the plot. Why did you single example one project. The land bridge you know the peninsula. That juts out -- the war on the into the goes most of the way across to -- If that is eroding away. And that that disappears. Then entire Gulf of Mexico on poor unimpeded. Into the light when his stock. That means. That people who never dreamed it would be threatened by arcane everywhere -- Will suddenly be threatened by our game. At all means that the web sites constructed. With the idea that that. And then -- remain in place. The blocks storm surge those bloody fight will be over the levees will be. Any agents. Keep in one land bridge from eroding. We didn't start the party at one point two billion dollars. That's -- a high priority item. -- -- when a lawsuit and get some that would protect that person on like. And at the same time. Thank you you know we talk about it in the past. A few weeks ago the attorney general publicly stated. That the oil companies. Could come to him. And seek to negotiate a state wide deal because. Wants. And would support that certainly would support that the -- or. Something like that would happen that would give money. For every one along the coast out to the well. Yet but at the there's negotiation. There's -- so that we you'll. Give people what to say that and the idea that. Legislature and the -- -- -- -- to watch out watch now. It made no bones are just protecting the violent history. And I don't care about people's it. They'd put that it was pretty pretty straight port. If you re not -- -- John ever presume I have sinned through land gruel and Tom. Anybody involved via coastal protection plan master plan a lot of zones where people -- let let me authorities on. And and -- -- one -- were told we need a minimum. A fifty billion Joe's just to keep this situation where it is now on to rebuild and they just keep it from rooting for there. A lot of people were -- and talk about six years seven theory the built in. And that's that you won't get that money and they always say. What did you aware of number one you don't need all front and couldn't spend it and number two. Will won't be getting yearly we've got an additional oil Romo to BP. And they point to other pots of money. When would you say it's not on what you me. I mean everything that -- that is true but there's not enough we needed and all the approach we -- starting and 117. From the offshore revenue -- Bill. -- and 2008 cents. However -- that is going to be roughly. This court and goes -- a restoration or price or. At your. They estimated. That money it would be between -- two. Year that is why are the -- sort of calming. However we have the start paying back the court -- double -- system metro -- -- Beginning next year when he -- next. Year. -- Right -- do it in you. How you can bill. 85200. Project. I'm a hundred to 200 million dollars. It just does not compute. It doesn't. The losses. Than. One back at the industry to day but there's no outs and you know. Theories that have been all the air to make them responsible for something that there shouldn't be responsible war. Yeah that's what are contracts required them to stop when they -- state law requires the saint bank. They have not done it. On the property and resource yesterday said. Anything. And because we meet on compliance and their ideas like him. Because and so on pictures. And you know people ago restore Louisiana and more actually. Arctic invasion which was created like the lawsuit are quite formal. And an agency. And present -- -- or Rotary Club somewhere. Apartments with the whip department language saying that should be women -- it's a year later. In some cases copier. Cases it and -- the exit and partner resources then and make them. Correct me -- -- wrong mom looking I think it's kind of confusing. Looking you're listening to of those killed the bill. Representative pat comic of Guerrero was he won't. No doubt he would. Very articulate and defensible -- Yeah -- upper Canada where bill. Chris -- -- well. And raid while. A lot and you and -- -- a lot. Next year and next election is that. You -- -- In an area about. Protection. People's homes and our. You know while they protect the industry. Into Albany law. And Dan and -- people. In the next election as the tenth anniversary of the -- I would imagine. That they -- from some constituents. -- would not expect them out more upbeat. And eBay here. -- -- babe wrapped present cold school error or use a remote susceptible. Have you rented champs this thing people. How they could do I don't know -- You know operate. We have -- -- early often and that ought to bill much. You know I. The year. They say that the industry. They think that in and we polled say he's a black man and black men are chances. Says that the black men are also care about it well because these losses. Are much power. There and it -- the separate regulation. And and used to bring industry to the table and back. The end at street sign at the that protects the lawsuits. In order to -- the plot or losses and the reason the industry did that -- They think they have a better chance of winning -- And back and -- took them. So they cut that the on board. An enemy time. Now there's not going to be adding money gonna protect those area. And -- Are there or -- those who listening audience. That believed. That -- of the powered suit to stop the skill involved through if you want to. Here's a health rubber student news switch were no. Five the report to lose 6945. And will post this number on the web site. At the same time a job and didn't tell me again and it -- Susan exaggeration. We don't have the money we have so money but not near -- To save ourselves from the gulf. And if we don't have been at least a court decision. As to -- on the local companies broke the law. And old people moaning over breaking the law you don't -- revenues coming in that one cents. Well yeah India the other place to get the money it's a taxpayer. And I and -- eight and almost anti taxpayer backed governor in the country. Want taxpayers pick up the a lot the most profitable industry in the history of the world get. And didn't -- him out there and act and and walk -- make out that my concern. It actually that the taxpayers. Will stay on the point now. Bet that's -- responded whether taxpayers or not we would a lot according network piled the laws but political reality is. The federal government is not sending Louisiana. A check for warrior that he billion dollars. -- -- Go to the and -- which I support. To get this year more sure. But liberals and watch it then oppose that legislation. Again and what party members outside. This area. What it is sent ten billions of dollars to Louisiana. So what's the likelihood that legislation. Is gonna I don't think it's very. I think it's an even -- it. Still. It's really needs to be all of the above approach. -- and low will continue this conversation until there is nothing more to talk about it I appreciate the call you have a good day.