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5-22 9:15am Tommy, botched VA's

May 22, 2014|

The President addresses the ongoing problems with the VA. Have you or your family member tried to get help from the VA? How’d that turn out for you? Is that really our mentality in this country—fight for us now and you’re on your own later? Tommy was is joined by an advocate, Shad Meshad, President & Founder of the National Veterans Foundation.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David -- to talk about veterans hospitals now and what the president said yesterday in essence that hospital in Arizona may have falsified wait times but then. He added that inspector general's report indicated ailment may -- nobody really dying because of their weight. From some reports say forty veterans might have died waiting to be seen and then there -- other reports that indicate that. On the hospital actually falsify the records to make it seem as though the hospitals performing a lot better than it really was in Phoenix. And there are family members speaking out claiming yes. That their loved ones dead die. As a result of not getting treatment on time. Stewart talked to our guest here a moment but I would really like to hear from the audience -- T six 187 Neitzel 3866. 889087. -- if you or your family members ever tried to get help from the VA how did it turn out. And philosophically I guess is that really our mentality in this country flight forests now but. You're on your own later which I think is reprehensible -- Awful yet she got me John jones' right now president and founder of the national veterans foundation Chad thanks for taking the time. -- tummy com. As yet and even doing a lot of interviews on Tommy Tucker with Debbie Debbie Allen and tell me your bureau response I guess after everything you know to what the president had to say yesterday. Well too little too late. You know not been in this work for 43 years I've been through several. The administration's. It's got back from Vietnam. Insanity line and it's the same boat got saint -- discussions. And tired of hearing it. We -- -- so you know. -- -- -- It degrades that we ought to be cult heroes. Most important. Individuals and our country it yet their life souls and bodies should at -- Wherever Ayers yet to defend whatever I mean you know -- not really sure we get out. And we kept that promise. The best health care system in the in the United States. And it's it's it's been mostly smoke and mirrors throughout my career mean -- some great people that the day. The problem is hitting into enemy. For the last. Eight years particularly. The the waiting list serve veterans coming back -- planes have been almost the milk and milk. You know better late maybe eighteen match. Jet set your applications even where you usually do that and then another rate matched up. And that that's in anything right shed it doesn't matter if it's PT SD or physical ailment. -- absolutely. I mean immediately climate means physical injury emotional injury or whatever. It's not months -- mean. You'd. What. That is bit actually report. Saying that standard. It. Most of set atrocities which ethnic or cram all happened in the larger BA. Where -- out there over there. They're they're fine in -- easily make his ticket to stay in whoever it actually it any day it was in the early years. I am I -- -- actual line. For eight years and particularly the last few years. Restore your hearing we know veterans dying. But a long way each. Cancellation up in a much. People trapping 300 miles to the day is that everybody lives next day in the rural America. Now sent out -- and chat -- back tomorrow. I'll pay -- action center else. Round tread cam back and stay that way she and keep there were -- We looked at that we listened to the fact is their records are lost. We have a situation loss and -- the worst asset records. Were destroyed because the reviews were back and it worked there should. So it is just -- year means it is criminal amazingly shredded and -- scarred. Just just I mean at some. -- -- Alex standing up and shelling. The atrocities go on in the administration. Of the what you. Are starting the day inspection program. -- walk in and didn't doubt it and it started a year that senator. 01 -- average. They still -- after thirty years. The VA system itself is Mac user friendly. The it that in these additional capital. Is. Great medal. From ward. Fact colonel Jack -- which it. On national TV last week used to -- stat in the day that medal winner. He's commentator for NBC nightly news in it it's like it needs to scratch. (%expletive) -- let me ask you a couple of collections here for herself when ISO the president last night. I thought it was akin to that seen in Casablanca where Leo there's gambling on on in Rick's casino really. Where he stood up and talked about the veterans' problems house problems of the federal veterans hospitals and VA and and talked about you know well however now we don't know that -- forty people died that and clashed in. And then om talked about well of people that are -- that are at fault going to be held -- accountable and punished him we've seen how that's worked out with the Justice Department. And it seemed a waste of time and I'm not trying to be a political against present Obama because he's uses said this -- on on for a long. Long long time and along those lines for those of us that are not veterans. A man and you said something else it really resonated with me when you said you go where you told C on all of his Vietnam. -- don't care if it's Iraq EU as a as a grenade out. You go where they tell you to go -- that doesn't mean net. Maybe like a world Ortiz situation where maybe the mission was like smoke as got nothing they do with you what the veterans you. Made this same sacrifice says did the people that fought in World War II. Fought in World War I Korean conflict -- hand yet and you're entitled to the same treatment. Tell me how the VA is supposed. To work and did it work. Differently after World War II than it is now. Well it was really set up right before world Ortiz in the thirties. Due to the problems that we yet. What and it straight safer World War I -- -- -- -- -- -- story that. And yet after you know -- -- The world war you -- get the premium service. -- -- -- -- of the day that was the only -- When I got back Ian and work that DA -- back the largest VA system in America at Los Angeles. Back from. 07%. Of the Vietnam veterans issues 43 years ago we're -- -- India. And the problem was -- the still operating music you know. Was 19401940. -- 1960. You know. Is that so people in several lectures you. The -- standing still your back and a unique cooperation. In the audit can't match and develop. The -- short news -- veterans and it in the year or longer. And it's it's you know. Miguel corporation. And the stat that BA is his second largest agency. In the in the back. OK second largest in an apartment it's there's no oversight -- no accountability. So corporations. Operate that way. And for Indian -- -- the right. Are in the oversight committees say. Where we're sure try to shore. You're running and a 138. Billion dollar operation a year taxpayers' money. Kick start -- out war. Share any missed that language is that used in corporations -- -- -- -- while New York. If you double -- whatever your eight year. And just been went on forever and once again now we need the tragedy is we actually change your awards one. Well -- -- thirteen years. We've got two and a half million veterans are coming back from new wars and in this system it's Mac user friendly. It retired JJ. Jake gets it used to be scrapped its system. Let me let me ask him because I'm not a veteran and and I have you know home my dad fought in World War II buddy he's been gone 1520 years and act. Tell me about. The VA and VA hospitals -- it what does and doesn't ideally the V -- supposed to do and the VA hospitals are part of that of the whole umbrella VA. The outrage that the benefits section. President once you're at right. Your initial building whether emotionally physical. Your educational benefits. They handle all your quote benefit. That's he had -- strokes -- administration part of the Asian. -- Cap mean the the benefits that part of the big budget archer exactly and buried under sixty billion a year. Part of that has. The benefits -- to pay for benefits for those. Patterns that are rated. Page and educational benefits on the medical chat to treatment sat sat under scrutiny right now. Is the fact that this is special care mental and physical delivery system for veterans -- which they don't see anything current. Today. -- -- a decision as far as that can't -- As far as the deal I'm not the same nation be entitled to that I'm just asking you the way it works. That doesn't pay and better yet they let the -- Israeli. Today -- in law it changed the system. It -- for example. You know the US -- that -- -- high salary that BA you're gonna wait longer you're gonna pay for -- tree. So there's means testing when it comes. It is to know the deal was going in Chan I don't know when you sign up for the military if -- There's -- parts of the egg on. Sat. But the back law -- range from 500000. Should almost a million. Waiting for better some magic coming back from Fort Stewart in Afghanistan. Pot entering your benefits. In weight -- Eighteen months we're hearing an aging boxer records were lost she got -- plot. Or. Records were destroyed because were fattening right sixty eights -- under investigation. So. Whether it's benefits. Or the medical staff so imagine you're sitting near late date change much in -- it. You know the one thing I always stated these issues -- better -- -- he needs to start making that transition just like when he went to but it can't. It's a different transition going into the campaign war fighter soldier we come back. You have to keep -- you have to re integrate into AA. A a whole different system clusters note structure and you can back in the military's -- structure you know we're going to be worried by. Where -- -- that whatever when you're Jewish charged -- trying to. You're you're like law and that is somewhat in your strategy. Program where you actually challenge -- -- out in the DA knock on the castle. You know and he did at it and we can't you know arc across talk about the rhythms that back -- -- that -- that apple attracted. Director Cheryl Austin at all we listen to. Our nation I mean matches -- -- 68 but. BA all the time. -- let me ask you one more question at no point in my judging anything -- meaning to have to pay for -- -- trying to educate myself. At a Texas says. I agree with Chad the whole VA system should be scrapped vets have they should have a -- should have a card. Saying go anywhere for care but it as it stands now of a veteran once. Medical care and they don't have the means to pay for it. They have to go the Venice hospital just trying to understand all of this works. Yes they do that they get there early reports and it did and it should be like that acting as well. They issue saying and it's been going on since I spoke career. -- -- You know that that user friendly. Unprofessional. Delivery system I mean that's why. Retired colonel Jack Jacobs that I mentioned it needs to be -- And even -- or did terrible conditions at Walter Reed which is really the flagship of VA hospitals right. Well it's it's actually -- here it's performing that. The so called restore. Peace because when you're severely injured pat Beck you've got -- -- robbery in make it cheese. Stabilized and not to go to that -- -- ban it but that system. Came under scrutiny let it but the main characters system Mac you get that all reader -- -- -- -- the PA system you know but. -- a couple more minutes he had just -- when we come back and that we have to take it or. I could -- wanna know. You when we say scrap it out what would you like to see take its. -- -- to talk to you shed he shed president and founder of the national veterans. Foundation -- when he three I know Seattle take calls of you have any anti 6018720386. Exit eight nines early cynic. If you are of veteran or the family of a veteran. I'd like to know your story when it comes to dealing with the it's DAN is that really a mentality in this country that you fight wars now and later on your on your -- is that the wage should be gel in fragmenting the morning -- on with Tommy to record of W Allan shared mission. -- -- -- Our I am a veteran of Vietnam veteran and I used -- the yeah veterans GI bill. The medical aspects and which I can not complain service -- getting oh. I'll tell me how lead works and -- -- -- view. Well there are the better. I used he would be made source. Medical insurance. I have to say it's all about -- -- -- that the paper about medicine. Yeah. And I these long waiting lines and lines occurred the extraordinary. Time. In which to get an appointment I have not sure she had is that all about where he's Dolan. Let me. There's -- record medical center again about it huge monster. Large number there -- a lot of veterans that are completely. That sat in acting with -- what are person. What -- which means -- just like the track John -- medal of honor winner from our war Vietnam. If it's not delivering its it should be -- -- -- like mcdonalds you can actually make now. Is that say the Pratt empire whatever they act its kinship -- -- the problem at least be consistent. It gets better at -- should be that. Rhetoric the eighties involved with the VA system in eastern and fortunately it's not. Now what -- -- which. I didn't claim the PGA -- state. And it did take a year of Wal-Mart application process. You know which adds a lot of time for a lot of stuff to go wrong is an idiot he he has -- call now you know as most companies should be in line what a bit. I am glad you called geo and and thank you for everything you do in this country now being you do and sign with the PD ST shed -- up for news and we come back. I -- hear your vision of the VA OK and I Chad machine and presents under the national veterans foundation. Talking about the the VA system and now a lot of people that are within the system know about it and it should be scrapped and we should start all over. Joseph just now saying -- word for him. If if you had any instances any dealings with the VA. Be it as a patient with a family member I'd love to hear from Joseph in Franklin during a morning -- on with Tommy to record of W Allen shed the shed. -- and our I am a veteran of Vietnam veteran and I used prepaid. Yeah veterans GI bill. The medical aspects and which I cannot complain service that I am getting at all. I'll tell me how it works and how good its -- view. Well there are the veteran. I used -- -- -- -- source. Medical insurance. I have to pay a small amount breached this paper medicine. Yet. And -- I these long waiting lines occurred the extraordinary outlook to a time. In which to get an appointment I'd have not sure she had is that all about where he's Dolan. -- -- There's fat -- medical center. About a huge monster. Large number there are a lot of veterans that are completely. So that's adding an acting but it did it what are pursue it. Well that -- -- -- -- it just like with the track to object -- medal of honor winner from our war Vietnam. If it's not delivering its it should be just like actually make battle you go anywhere in the country -- now. Is that saying the Pratt and marker whatever they care act it's kinship and that's the problem at least be consistent. We're just better at saint should be that. Battered the east involved with the VA system in eastern and fortunately it's not. Not a -- what they will agree much. I -- -- claimed he'd be patriots stayed. And it did take a year the Wal-Mart application was process. You know which adds a lot of time for a lot of stuff to go wrong isn't as -- -- -- -- -- -- well you know as most companies should be in line what a bit. -- I'm glad you called Joseph and and things everything you do this country now being you do and sign with the PD ST the president yesterday saying he's outraged. Heads dual role of people that are a guilty of wrongdoing will be punished. And it seems like the same thing we've heard over and over and over but the thing you really got my attention is he's saying well. Inspector general didn't really find -- forty people died waiting for treatment. As some reports and family members. Have stated that makes me wonder will how serious are we as he is the nation really about. Takes in this thing up -- -- Bryant in Covington and ages on up James in new -- let me talk to you before week. Ask shed with his vision of the VA reconstructed VA would look like I don't James -- morning. I'm. You could certainly -- Well up there and about Wikipedia that made genetic. And been able veteran. And I got the militarily. -- -- is not. And then and it and someone on the battered public -- -- it better -- your words. What is adding that what is it James and media to talk about it -- want but for people don't know. Bilateral and Malaysia. I -- bigger met opinion me again to. -- and out. Which I'll bowl called -- I've bottom. -- and -- -- and look at it and by. I'll let you know later they recoup that subject. And -- not. And it -- words all of that not about it walk it up -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- bought it well. Well yeah I guess I guess what I would ask you inch dead is that. You know given affected records have been destroyed two. Del -- just mysteriously disappeared to make cooked the books and make it looks like make it look like the hospitals were doing better than they really are. How many has there been shed any. Approve any. Accusations. That in essence the VA centers blowing off veterans and that is nothing wrong with the just to kind of make that the numbers look better. Well. So let's just say it. We hear which Egypt's that we -- war veterans. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mortgage -- 90% is right it and it like. -- years older and you you have a problem. Trying to hit it. Like you're getting better or we all right major let me it's more like a problem management problem that it is about taking your efforts. What ought it ought to it I'll do as -- when price discrimination -- a lot. Let's of these sports -- air air India they are because it tests. -- -- -- We want it. Posture on our -- -- we want -- on something else that's a deal with human teams that are I mean it's just at the quest. So every course. There's James and now what would Kenny do. He's got me in the -- paperwork by appealing. You know filing an appeal point four or his future eight years trying to get back to where he lives trying to show true. You'll probably have to see an outside doctor left the export say yet which -- worse not better it's just a battle that he shouldn't be right. It's -- it here it's awful to me -- -- I think it is to James it's a disgrace themselves or that happened to you good luck and thank you for column and -- I appreciate it took until you bench yelling Marrero says she worked at the VA and knows firsthand about the issues morning Shelly thank you for Colin. I ask you wanna bring wanna. Sit there Ochoa ethnic food all of the issue. He had a fine -- At the VA in Denver and many patients are scheduled for surgery. After waiting forever even into the I'm gonna get settle. And then all of and that that the university -- -- its currency problem ultimately up there decided they were a -- there. Actually. I'm not here all of the DNA and the the agent decided and the -- down oh I don't wanna. All the people that was -- a foot surgery. What it's more open and the PAK you know arrangements for them that they -- gonna take them to get -- surgery and -- out. They should call it what what -- what happened my appointment I. Want to go and everything. That was it would be in and are expecting ample. They hear -- -- Them and if it's some fertility. It's not fair. -- at the facility itself is the the subject and backpack in memory as far as I'm concerned they've been multiple IT investigation. They all but never find anything wrong. Make recommendations. And the -- as a problem in the building up they're up there probably ten years at least. On overrun. It's now over a billion dollars -- -- completed -- torn down it's. But is doing its mother calls I'm so glad you called. Thank you and have a good day Janet hi you're on -- WL it's like you got a problem. I've been a problem I'm not act in Hamburg was. Within. The range at -- to -- He is in. There and a fly right. On where it out of its -- like on park closure. -- -- And current. -- at the hospital he's in China that entered the twenty hour tomorrow. That people out there and ancient. -- -- are -- and that are -- -- the rehabilitation. And because at his state by air they train currently. In a process that -- that they update app that -- we -- the ability. Where he likes that expert -- Yeah. Then take a week you got it today. And he continues. And -- in country week here make for a week rehabilitation. And -- didn't start in the Arctic and now we're we're probably at channel. I I've written a letter written -- -- Apt get out the topic back in or is that we can't carry -- in the car. The arbitrary -- help it -- right read our credit card during the barely breathing machine. On you know he can get the machine. Learning Tree start to -- And com. Now that the -- and. That she's in a tough spot shed do you have any advice for at all. Just get a price war we -- at -- -- -- tactically. In situations like from rather it states just. It's in the it's it's credible in that should be doing everything it's dispersed served his country once again back to. This could should be pretty near your political system that you mention that the transfer. Inconsistency. Here inconsistency at the hospital. Just like -- and forty outline that saying. It is they're dropping down a bit and -- -- except for each year city. It's just inconsistent it shouldn't be that way. Primary PP yeah well. Let you know UK port whatever they get -- Well it's estimated she can picture it doctor you've got could be. -- quality here you get you know the -- to see what she's ready for your situation I mean this is the total opposite. These -- listened to all the time it's (%expletive) -- idiots and I -- and you play. Normally -- start to -- on that at 100% is able he has two purple heart what. He has. -- -- He had to be part of our Internet. That you know merit -- -- And Vietnamese people and not that and it's so upsetting. The featuring ugly. Out there are beginning to uncle. That are probably getting to and -- -- you get the transport. I don't know that about in the. Or. At least it's color. -- -- and and you know maybe you know even uttered these people anybody else listens I would -- David Letterman Lander body you can get ready it's now. You know maybe it -- this. Okay this is -- -- he might be able and it godless mean it's terrible eyes shining shedding on them right back. Only talk tonight about the BA on human and something else. The president goes on TV yes it -- talk about the horrific conditions that the VA in the mistreatment of of veterans. Social media explodes. Because they preempted the prices right. For his speech to serving our I think about the VA in mud and people like senator gone through and and gentlemen and our member's name the had the knee trouble and basically. Via decision on -- rounds to go home -- and Janet's brother. Com 100% disabled leaky ship and him around and drug any mumps just by the time he knows Rory is standing as a Morales Chad. And Adam embody else hang on ninety Collison as we can but. If we're gonna scrap this VA and start all over did what is your vision of how how -- look at how would it work. Think it. Any better it's much. You know what's so that we scrap this structure will work put in place and it would be giving a veteran victory PP yeah apart. Prior year. Park where she what the primary doctor primary doctors and several in the country long and sheer. Your family in that should be able to assessed -- primary electorate and say that this -- out there. But large rock foresee that operates in a routine way. (%expletive) Match is that we're actually. -- -- -- This (%expletive) so you've got a complete system and that's why they should be private. It talked about it yet it's that. You know updated several congressional hearings of my career. Saying the same discussions about it at all it. We can't Cheney shot a -- Garcia you know will be well liked it. Directors secretary's own top it just add it all working standards should ship but will it eat -- -- that's. The problem is -- to scrap. He can put a fast start general populous thing and apple change. A whistle blowing a tragedy that went up an investigation. Exit. And it will roll and back where we work that stretched out in forty. In terms of 13050. Billion dollars is -- ever run a number busy with that EPO model. Was there any -- In -- last year it was a -- or forty years ago the the these veterans. House that Ayers committed respective year. And we talked about this and we talked about the fact. The chair of the spectrum and better appears community -- you know. It could be cheaper. At the paperwork trying to ticket and -- -- -- here. Person. So. When he gives that. Person. This bill let's say 67. About in my pro life and actually it and let him play -- in go. And so. It sounds. Like. It geared -- Talks say the a lot cheaper in the deal we try to -- year you know. Before we time should you know traditionally political scientist will tell you that. Presidents like to did did did get involve moral foreign policy than they do things. Inside of the country and one of the reasons is are these tremendous bureaucracies work. They were there before this guy is -- they'll be there after this next guy or woman is there and gone. And is this just one big giant sell prepay -- waiting a bureaucracy that that is big drama sending government will never go away. -- Rise at all at a test and I'm hoping. With all this. Recycle on entry in the trust that. Chilling atrocities that we strike 168. Big ally in the air investigate. It's now. So I'm are our leadership and rational folks whether -- might change necessary. And it lets legally. Jack Arnold Jack Jacobs. There's a cafeteria on military dictators. In BC. Nightly news and it's is one of the most decorated it. They had over twelve search engine VA or say to scrap. Yeah well let -- spokesperson. At the. So -- there -- law Japanese. Its second largest bureaucracy and government. And paddle like anybody wants to deal that monster. You know it just continues to all. And low light and an extra edgy -- -- at all. Director on top and Internet -- interest 43 years you don't run. -- -- this is crap this is ridiculous I mean really there -- everybody was complaining. Social media crisis right. Better sense where kids get into America's Airways that we ego that is happier and fight it main intent Beckett. Who cares if you care system is that -- should be you know watching T. In shed -- at a time and your busy appreciate he's been in now with a snow on the lecture or. If you look at all thank you sir have a today. You bed shed he shed residents under the national veterans. Foundation would be back under the W.

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