WWL>Topics>>5-22-14 11:10am Garland: on healthy eating

5-22-14 11:10am Garland: on healthy eating

May 22, 2014|

Garland talks with Chef Leah Sarris of the Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine at Tulane about what to believe about healthy eating.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It reduces showed it was basically show hitting for the million time. That we've got some bogeys together Jews during the football field every -- most people find that hard to believe but true. And the consumer later left we find a lot of money and tens of billions of all of which we have got owned. -- immediately after it happened to have with Katrina it'll happen again and and and happened easier and easier remembered the small storm a couple of years ago that loaded. May undergo medicine pill. All we're up to the industry view even -- plots -- -- question. By people -- more concerned what they were storming the legislature. To. To get something done. And and part of me is beginning to suspect. That -- show us over and a little and give an example isolated. But in an my film Leo luck help -- a few years ago -- went very well. We've barely you'd read -- all we don't. -- Wear a blue water. Between. And objectives -- real computers ago after years of study. Experts say. It read -- You -- -- border eat grilled cheese. Stop eating egg whites. EPA boards and video. And here's. Quote from the dietitians. That says. Since introduction of low fat diet. We've seen cholesterol goal we've seen -- in the goal we treat disease and hypertension skyrocketed. Since the introduction of low fat -- It's it may be people were getting Inco overload -- -- thought that was move -- thought there's a plot. But to better understand this and end put beer and a more positive direction. -- bush show Leo sorrows with the -- program for a -- sooner. And her in medicine at Tulane University. Live thank you for joining us. -- -- -- Not. You know I'm the only people over and over. It really. Pottery all right. Ian. Actually talking about me. -- reader and challenge prettier now. Really well quality. That. Quality ingredients -- And then it's about war and -- It. Even pay a lot act and how it. More action. More and more on. I'm -- Well. Our job more. Cholesterol. With what -- -- -- it. That eating what -- what may or. Trent. What are like. Me now. Three. Or. That one. Sure it. Should not. Water. Technically and apple more. Accurate -- Why. Aren't there like. I'm hoping to hear what. It but the others. -- would control for virtually or four years that's the way Google. Report in the word and and now or mutual we're pupil goes you know and -- will be no -- that yeah. We're just at war with the LL give me -- hamburger and prize at. -- well. Early in the evening and you know at a higher what color actually. Perry actually look I'm. What he he Angela and Matt has been in Iraq would be the Mediterranean. -- funny funny money -- It is -- that hit an. Article here. And the -- -- a lot. -- -- -- are I'd like why. Shall there John yeah needing more -- is like at all. Eating -- and lot rule known. -- Watching what. And I you know I hurt or when they are new that new. It may -- or -- on. -- That it. Actually. Life Partners and what it -- not or accurately or. What but her and -- in the plain wrong. -- For the people listening out there we're gonna take a break but it growers compete -- off or years still on -- the best. Women need to eat lose weight and -- -- -- We have an extra with the show Leo starts. She would be a culinary. Medicine gold rings -- -- Tulane University. -- -- -- 20018. Ceremony. Told -- anywhere in the country to suits rated -- role. Just when you thought you were being helpful leads. Here's the latest news reports after years of starting -- 3040 years to be specific and doctors and dietitians alerting the -- popular low fat low growth sold by its Opteron over the last forty years. -- do them not worked in this thing. It's a -- -- -- some butter and eggs and cheese and today some we've got ship with its. It was with a -- university. -- -- the shelf program director at the gold ring sooner for Colin -- remembrance and add to the university. Is bring your Mortimer called Brent you're wrong you're -- -- are. Let -- And our own money in this brand. I didn't watch that might PSA. Steadily declined for a few years. You cannot not PSA not probable and and I did -- diet change. But a year and a half ago. And I laid off a red meat. Lou but not as -- great for our products. And I noticed in the last year and have my PSA is not buying more. And -- he knows how old you know people. But -- -- the hormones and and also have an -- on. But the funny grants the plane off guard products but it did not -- it comes down. Tremendously it's on it's unbelievable how the diet change and do it I'll cheer on the I was very worried about prostate cancer -- -- -- -- -- I was just blown away to see it he'll come down by Nazis came down diet change on the label of you know. Those those opposite just know that the fruits and just so talk on the -- -- just one company. How many you know man out there that it it just seated at the PSA -- get prostate cancer. I was just yeah -- was. Well in addition. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That he did it what are your Eric really. Be doing not -- need to -- Not. Treated -- other -- Not that bad though it is long -- you you're eating a -- that. Reading or the -- at eight oil and and more -- it why can't -- importantly it -- actionable -- a lot EP. And -- he needed. -- You know generally you'll lately I'll and that it be like you're cholesterol level going down. On you know act like you're getting a benefit from what Iraq really should be doing it well. Let them to cope movements. Excuse raising questions. When when you look at all the different diets -- looked at all the important. Help recommendations. It is the at least from sleepers. Get through one regular political side news is too much complicated. -- number years ago. Serena Williams also -- about 220 barely five Latin. And very -- a lot of blog problem. A mile wide view on this news this problem remains you know -- -- -- -- And I hate doesn't always have probably always will. It wouldn't but it's 44 ounces. And when I drink it borders and it is a -- of the plug manager -- -- through the roof and exercise and you good month -- totally you. I'm totally healthy and probably. Strong Euro wasn't -- there and that leads to my question. Who's legislated people even if you're like vegetables. The whole bunch of hope for you -- him curl rise chips and your nod -- the -- Apple and you'll lose weight. Better than the thing that you're vegetables in and it -- and it just -- simply does say. You know whole bunch of -- it's a war going in the wrong you do anything you want because. I've gone from one and we know when he -- losing. Absolutely well I think you are on that something that. All the time it is that we don't and taxable general. I eat and Tiger -- and that's all. And -- -- -- nutrient you eat when you don't get obstacles at their school. Vitamin and mineral your body. Function properly. I think. Curry and they help. Either something really important -- -- you up -- routine and a lot and that will be -- ignorant. That fairly good at re eating a lot of -- -- a little bit me. It goes a long way. At. Here's actually support that eating out they're eating well you're saying it. Horry and -- -- -- -- -- now. Portions that are not accurate and you know I using -- -- -- the likely likely Schilling. He'll likely you'll pack. I think that he taught and it -- -- me look younger and in one watching. -- -- I mentioned before it even brat can't be higher and make out how your knee. -- you like incorporating vegetable in here burger hiding now. -- increasingly. Being important vegetable. Eating whole grain Ian with the -- would be. So what you're saying it wanted to -- -- and -- currently. Remind people eat more more accessible. To me and using that really about the fall that you enjoy. On -- back. Agree for you. And it enjoying being enjoyed that I mean I. Mean we know what I eat vegetables when he. I don't think it won an argument you -- right at -- there. How and -- -- people will -- and -- -- In with a vegetable and little on the checkered. But it can't do you think -- -- each other and trying to eat are all well eat less. Britney wore it simple. Don't poking at your meal and eat well and that. On -- -- apple rain an arm meter -- and really. Eat it up I'll be. I'm I'm from cajun country and somebody says those. More vegetables. And who's not proof for me anymore but he used to be a Bruins is premature. Or would that be and but I just lightly at all and -- Or do you or do you hear people say. I think and almost Italy. I. -- and actually very well and it -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I see it you can keep it in the ball long. And -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But in more. Dirt over. You labor bill. Line. Strictly on patent well not -- me. Bill is getting later and and other cabinet line. But like you and in the corporate. Tell people were the cooking doses or how to get and -- have do you have a web site. Culinary addict and -- order them. An -- by Ernie and on our program a while technically. Starting slightly in July as being a new location now. On broad street. I Ian Miller back -- building where the new -- -- is on broad street. We will be located in the building -- -- is a lot of or we're at teaching it and and people actually went right now in China India. -- -- their interest hit or at the cooking -- -- I walk on act and do it but you know opera haven't gotten an army location. What woods and it or. To. It is a good example you mature broad beans like as Cuba as a staple. And -- a broad -- -- that's the in the in the bundle well you know that well -- and that's highly processed. And you're probably. Well. -- -- brown joins me with -- Do you give. The they held -- -- toward the picture. Healthy thing. Well. You know. Being that is required. And eat eat proper. He warned Mueller. And crack me I generally. Find 18. -- round. -- -- -- -- -- They're people reaching. Usually more labor more -- rugby is. You know I've been reading there. -- Why aren't back yet over any poultry. He is. Not well there are. Ample. However. An important war. Might actually you will want her. Want you to learn and. Should have few bugs dunks real favorite thing one more time with whom -- told her to web site it. Absolutely it. Call an addict and got ordered. And once we get on there they're going to be able to Orlando where you gonna give -- Cooking lessons demonstrations. They -- More macro and picking up find out that -- re looking at is in that I keep in contact need more information on the program. A lot rectitude and retort that the American people -- a -- what we're out to about eight. Sure Greg talking Andrea learn on Bernard project -- love to have you back in later today. Coming right back double to bail outs at -- what -- think usage or one it's -- just one news. Forty years minimum you've been told. Him that meat department in the -- at all. Real -- -- -- -- or -- it's gonna kill you and that she's got -- girl Margaret. And a yellow in the you couldn't you do anything worse. Now -- experts yeah two years of study. It's -- -- To review -- a Margaret need to review of chains in its operating Boyd group. -- Where you pick coming right back Deborah.

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