WWL>Topics>>5-22-14 2:10pm Angela: on healthy eating

5-22-14 2:10pm Angela: on healthy eating

May 22, 2014|

Angela talks with LSU Health Sciences Center nutritionist Leigh Anne Burns about the latest scientific studies involving diets and healthy eating.

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OK so you're trying to lower your cholesterol you've given up eggs and butter and red meat. Well some say reverse that thinking in order some healthy yanks and red meat and don't hesitate to use a little -- So what is going on. A lot according to a nutritionist is now saying. But the messages we've been listening to for forty years. Maybe need to change. To help us understand the very latest information which really comes from a nutritionist out of Baton Rouge. At the Baton Rouge general hospital. We have a wonderful woman here from -- issue was going to help us with this. -- burns who was nutritionist. With the L issue Health Science Center and I am so grateful that you -- here. Look at -- literally I can hear the collective sounds of our listeners saying. Why it. The -- this is. Visit into sea change in the world of nutrition and things that we. Had used as guidelines over lumpy town and we see a little different concept it does a great to have browns a little bit I'll -- to be a deeply defeat the purpose and. And this is new in this isn't new information necessarily but the use of it is is where we're seen little change but -- district controversy you'll. Found with -- the health care providers in the areas -- -- that cancer. College he's. My disease. Because. Do we don't want to -- interpretation -- it saturated -- it's. Don't help. We just don't have to do anything right in that's not where we want again that's why there's controversy who. We we want to make sure that people realize that we still need to make healthy options. And choices. And maybe spread out the use that matter that's a little bit and had two exes but that it really is moderation and some in most of these -- One of the comments here that really struck me was that we. You know went on this that -- binge. Over decades and we only got that are that are cholesterol only went and so it really wasn't working. I think that that. We saw that. Pretty quick after these negotiations and percent of us that have worked in the field for many years 25 years in my camp. I think we saw that it was going to be a -- Packard issue early and that is where most of us that are working in areas. Helped here in patients with chronic disease and chronic inflammation. Diseases. Diabetes heart disease. Working HIV in oncology. -- we want to use. Better choices expect actually in those carbohydrates and process days. And remember and that is not when things such as -- -- -- Japan. It's it is more much more complex it's the obesity. So. The selection of foods that are -- in camp worries. May be a bigger issues than that type of anti select I think that's the key right there we were. We're thinking in terms of calories. If -- eat this. Now it is just count it is what your putting. Any as -- as some. Element of the Q streets. And certain foods we speak Obama's process they use. It's more simple pictures and these -- things concentrated suites. -- sugar to structure -- Schuker. Corn syrup which is used in -- a man to Wesleyan student and processed food industry. The -- Unsaturated -- searches. Soybean holes which are inexpensive. And used in hand counts in the in production and -- in the food industry. Actually may be contributing more to. Kim took a hormone releases insulin in the biggest actor I believe that we now we worry about in that placement and if you eighteen mania at least they use your bleachers would go out your. Body mr. at least. Higher amounts of insulin and name. Those bleachers. Will be put in too fat stored in its more complex but that's down and -- -- really what would happen. As we duties they use in and we do it over like Pete times and retirement accounts. Coca-Cola -- Even get a great fruit juices and even in can can cause it's. So we wanna watch these carbohydrates. Is whale. And the tight -- -- May be the big key. I think what was startling in this story I read many people to read. Let the poor maligned and everybody has said just eat the whites and this one is saying you know what -- the joke forget them in the -- are good too but there are benefits. To the -- Others is the house biological source a pro Timmy -- In care patients were worked with healing in in in specialty of oncology that I working and I need niacin and he'd be science things are very important -- -- get in the EU so we do use the open VA eggs. And use these things now we re. It away from. A little bit likeness of retirement and again it's not that it's and you may do we just haven't. CNET. First -- -- part in the in the industry. As we the list but. Remember this is controversial because they were reports that the studies that are back in this information. For Donald meta analysis. And and the sent me a meta analysis study looked at. Many studies overtime. And they did that with these -- studies that's cardiovascular. And food intakes were measured in some instant and bullets here arms were measured in some incidents. And so you may not to be seen an apples and apples we may be measuring apples and oranges. So that that it's so that's -- of cooperation among researchers. To say do we really handy information correct and -- to make the guideline changes. Over time we see this to be true to what six eating is any -- -- talking about controversy. It may stimulate some -- large studies that will give us a better reading I think that's really what we need we need some more really good studies. That looking at these issues and comparing apples and. Right I think we all want to be smarter about what we're doing. We are so attempted on so many levels and that's that's life -- we live innocent or incredible community of fabulous food. But when you see something like this that and I know I'm taking out of context that for so long was. You know pared down the amount of Brittany pared down the -- pared down all these other things and now it's sort of a permission slip. It may be true I do believe you need to follow the islands of your practitioner because they may have reasons for -- -- they feel like your body. System needs to be. Used to use and he's got. I have husband for instance that and started eating fans -- unknown to his wife -- the nutritionist. And his throw -- which scared me read the same thing at home. And and asking what -- and he was -- in -- as the practice that included they saturated -- Hague the heavy calories. And cholesterol and he shot his cholesterol. It way. And so did first reaction in in one and would be to take that now. And so that's what I done and so it -- against the amount household. We'll say it a step in many of these areas according basket to put people's net medications that control many of these things patents and and they abuse and those that may change the restrictions that your -- human petite but I don't think we will step out to say that -- went wrong in this area. I think that we -- say lets people use of Iraq he lets you use. The team the recommendation is 10% saturated and team percent monolith accurate 17% pop -- and the words music -- Variety says that's where you really want to focus he's in good for. We'll stick with this everyone we're talking about the a study that came out that was talking about. Sort of the things that we thought we would be. Guilty about. We can now have were talking with a nutritionist from LSU Health Science Center and certainly if you have any thoughts on this any questions for her. Or just -- tell us about how you eat and if you're healthy we'd love to hear from -- to 601870. Financial under the WM. All right we're talking with -- burns who was a nutritionist with the relishing Health Science Center. And we're talking about a report that came out yesterday. Concerning. All the years that we were told that don't eat a reason and greasy foods and water and heavy means. Okay this an essence is saying we were on the wrong track we were more. Looking at the the issue of trying to lose weight let's backtrack the issue of trying to lose weight. Was to go low fat and what happened once they discovered that that wasn't solving the problem. So let me ask you as a nutritionist. If one eats scrambled eggs and bacon and toast every morning of their life. Do they get damage to their arteries. I think someone you an -- -- -- very individualized. And by eight by -- Ability to metabolize. Carbohydrates. And proteins are also individual so there's -- there are groups that are Harriet -- Than others and had to have a more controlled diet. To control the litmus than others. So get -- saved for sure no because there's so many other. And pieces to the puzzle. And that you have to look at the whole picture there and genetics and. There obesity him expecting him already how active they are hourly use in their in -- that there are these historian and use it within today. It the fans are used and about 30% of their count -- and can have a from a variety of its saturated it can help. Control their -- so we used that as an appetite in and keep. -- People from getting hungrier. And in. Assist dietitians have used. That's. In Iran a 30% range from a variety for many years. In the sector included town I think that it's not but it. We don't this controversy and the whole group -- meaning that are saying and from this meta analysis teen. Out of Europe. And feminine UN's that argues in this theory of mixing -- times can even go up to 40%. That are more. Which is a little higher than most of us are comfortable with. That that this is we're -- -- fast that we did not look at the research correctly and man they wanna go Mac and make sure that this isn't taken out of context too quickly but we do know what the study say it is bad. And take the saturated fats may not shown. Increase in our in cholesterol and heart disease. -- ending and take a poly unsaturated fats -- not necessarily make -- change. All levels mono unsaturated pets. But what we do know did make a change is the trains that. And that is where our campaign has. Has really picked up is trying to get the transplants these -- that have been modernized and. And the -- in and to the diet in them you know a solid form. From liquid and there's been success is because see in restoring some products. No trans ride and so that may be a big issue and then to look at these saturated and poly unsaturated and mono unsaturated. Is deep and look at what we know his doing some of the damage and is processed carbohydrates. Found this is a big issues the carbon hundreds. That have been processed absorbed very quickly in your body like Indian company is whenever. The this causes your body to half to. Team. Speaker -- Get this. Should blood -- -- down quickly and increases. That story -- when talking about those are the cookies -- cookies McCain he's the corn chips via the -- tee it. Basically -- corn products. Potato products. And wheat products that have been process. And Branson and these cereals this is where really worrying about. These -- our -- that calls. Obesity probably year in more in this area and may be. We're remiss in the boat when we look at it is one thing such as and that's what this this this is Arkansas. What about the African. Remember when -- first came -- I'm like gosh the worst thing ever and all of a sudden became more except it. Don is based on how protein. Low carb diet and I am pretty moderate impact. These giants. Really began way back in the -- in Chinese late eighty's and ninety's with the many fans broke on the Sunnis drinks that we did back in the day. And it does is as big body. Try to use. Fat isn't in your source. We would now what -- Quito. -- -- diet and means it fat burning -- where you're not given sufficient. Energy from glucose from sugars so the body has to use another. Means to get in -- entities and. I'm in a some. Mode Dylan in -- times they'll lose weight as long as she keeps some carbohydrates going. And don't you take proper foods that if you're a lot of proteins. -- UV -- William I may not use it it's. Can be used as an energy source but it's. If -- -- own. It's not efficient. -- at the most -- so. I just an example is if you have a patient that is or some -- recently diagnosed with diabetes. The first thing that may happen to them as they lose large amounts weight because they're not able to get the. Glucose. Into the sale. And that's the rank it in minutes and that will definitely that's so that means that they were money we get the energy into the system much like. Not -- get the gas tank. Indian ethnic acting quickly and get the -- our -- It's -- so that that gives you good ideas so you eat your -- having to change any energy source. Because. The one that works the -- has been changed -- and you hear you're gonna use part of one. Team -- so some people it will. -- we've we've used it in rapid weight loss we needed for cardiovascular reasons and people real -- as a heart attacks and obesity refused it. He's got to be used in actually pregnancy is not patients was seniors young children. Because the carbohydrates are related -- -- some of the seizure activity. Also I'm recovering alcohol. -- -- can keep infamous craving. Sweets and alcohol burns a lot like sweets to introduce it is. So you can stop some of the cravings that people that increasing these -- in the recent news. Carbohydrate -- appointment to -- -- so there are -- it has been used effectively overcome. I don't know that is not favor one and I don't use in practice because I don't -- population of the population of patients in -- But there are people that are tunis and there is a specialty and if someone's interested in this instance pentium. I mean they seek out a dietitian such as this one in Baton Rouge where this is her specialty she knows how to make these changes appropriately. Or just read a book about Atkinson and trying to make these adjustments. This is working on. Affairs that are lowering class -- make index and that means. The rise in the sugars that it has to do more with them up and down into the masters as much like there's not relegated to carb high choices. There are -- glass they make an excellent -- that. That's what happened on. I do myself that I need to drop a little bit art from heaven hormones queens are great and that's what I did you know I got the local ethnic foods make. Accounts that -- on the reduce them. That's not the suites and it's not the sweet using your whole grains and your greens and. Other announcement -- twit -- Baines got a hip problems with things I think that the two wonderful -- in which -- love them around here. But isn't -- brown rice products and white rice products using whole -- and many people had trouble with -- overall. -- some of those bikes to tolerated. Easily as satellite the latest he's -- more. Yeah. Sweet but it because they -- -- I think -- And change diet stay I -- I want people to see the study and think oh well -- didn't do -- again we can just. In what we want to say that doesn't matter that's what we don't mistake. But it does matter it doesn't matter. Stay with us or remember to take a break for news but we'll be back talking about and a lot of talk to about the inflammation issue I'm always confused about it and I hear more and more. Stay with this financial under. Well once again we are with Ian burns who was a nutritionist with the issue Health Science Center. Not just to nutritionist I listened to this moment you are. Woman for all seasons because you do so much with cancer and heart disease and other things it is just the society eat it's -- it. How it affects everything. Let's go back to what you learned from. In talking to the woman in that average. About what they're saying that you kind of question a little bit. -- act to be very open minded and that's one thing is researches. We really try to see differences and and that there's more than one way to work in. And in nutritionist is no exception. I'm in the diet that they are using they are using higher routine amount and their use in hot fan intake of their local country. -- Overall and a -- high protein is -- -- net. And having more fats you're saying isn't quite sure what kind of -- that's. It away and I can be just bats overall today. Even century even Saturday -- -- -- it it just in this and may announce what they're doing is. Avenue. Put -- in a state of Quito -- union and other words you're using that imprint. As your energy source. And this can produce key towns and extent he pounds which. In than normal everything works well on new person in -- a concern. But we have so many patients with diabetes and underlying heart diseases underlying kidney diseases. Where this and paints certain people that that we wouldn't would not want to get in to a Quito acid burning. Stay because. -- been vacant character and a member of the filtering system delivers the kidneys. May not work as well and and he's can Collison of the damages. In in these organs were concerned. We won a marker we -- it also could cause poor hydration because when you lose your racquet in store which is your -- -- stores in your sales. You lose fluid from the so when you make these weight changes quickly. -- increase in patent decreasing our country. You can lose fluids in so patients are someone that wasn't being monitored and was doing this on their own out in this heat. And not known had a good chance. Now how important. That we do have some concerns at someone that was -- in this type but got -- being mean it's not something like that teach in. That gave this she's an expert in the is she works with the cardiologist and lipped about. The pathologist that our -- she was telling you about hitter clinic and they monarchy it's very closely. Because they need to see now. -- who had these levels key towns. Produced com and and monitored so. So it just aren't for everybody out there com and for me with a and the Palin you'll get back their popular right now next question I co op appointment I've yet. It is the guy from that early before 1950s when we got these are guidelines American Heart Association. Think that done previously -- week. Did not giving in diabetic and our country is within is a better. But it back to. More natural foods and and this fits it's. Bacteria won't -- it's -- mean with the thing by any means but it's a belief in nutrition. Then a little bit different and -- -- And but bulwark for people that are -- into did but it is very strict. It reduces your variety of foods that sort of thing that was of the earth in the -- -- -- says. It it in people that are in living in New Orleans and like the variety of foods that lead to. It. Just died of suicide and people that were still in use and. Meg not three times a week so they're not at that level the -- so you have to remember. If you're not someone that Wall -- very structured and Berry street in. Reduces. This type of -- we choose this may not be a concept you consider. If you like that. This -- work very well and has. Causes a little bit of energy starvation -- the Caylee is also keep an idiot idiot is more a much closer -- that hasn't been. I'm asking for many people out there and you know who you are. How does wine cork in it because I think it's very important. Well it would be it would be a cause of war only simple carbohydrate level at the achieves that you look at that. -- -- an alcohol so they gonna burn in that in that leveled out all by and look at it at that. And thanks you read and has been used in and a sugar busters and accepted it's so it's a low class theme be using just a close -- -- -- -- died in American red -- I think it is about. Variety is the -- And -- while most of this problem is we won't use the UST ATs not play a model it's very well accepted. He replaced that the pyramid several years again. And it it takes the plate and after and the and the amount of -- she needed a day according to how it should be placed on your plate. So if you think it to -- played as that it was o'clock eulogies from 12 at 3 o'clock. As your -- election and we'd like it to be clean but doesn't want to save the calories from fat to put the salad dressing on the salad with not because it's gonna hurt you. But we need because -- somewhere else. So and then went from three to six with a carbohydrate. We'd like it to be -- theme -- healthy and I would amber. Beans brown writes. -- especially the whole grains. He can beat host -- As well. Of course the whole grains and in and these cereals as. -- -- -- And they only use half the plate. With fruits and vegetables. And I think we all do agree. I use the hacking into prevention. Guidelines put out by the American institute to research in my power and -- and is -- public education. And our arena. We're using the same concepts. Of healthy selections and an eating healthy. But we all want net increase in fruits and this is -- to. -- safe 29 day and I think we all agree. You know at some Lieberman agree when you speak the wrong but I think that we do at least knows the importance of that the and an in something like this or something like an alien fruit art. No they. They don't go to bed some crews and she said she that citation. In battery cheeses fruits and vegetables -- -- work. They don't you mean the -- and I'm just. Agassi people get tired of things in greens are so restricted. And compliance is already hard to do. And into the teeth I think some problems with it in that arena. OK stay with -- we are gonna get to the issue of inflammatory. Want to learn all about that stay with -- some Angela WL and stay with this so John we'll be right with the we are talking we're talking nutrition and were talking about the report that came out yesterday. Innocent thing that. Go back to your eggs in your beef in your -- and we have -- burns nutritionist with the L issue Health Science Center saying. Don't necessarily do them we can even thing we can have a little butter when it's. Maybe taking a little bit out of context we're gonna go to our caller first John thank you for holding on. -- -- Angela. I sometimes think that. We'll -- dual I stopped especially when soul and call -- good for you call it like you all he's good. And all these reports come out and contradict each. I always. Onset is -- pretty good now and and I'm theory. If he liked seeing Cabrera this principle on an all had been. That you really don't have an -- sky of course really don't have to worry too much about what you -- and I'd like to -- which -- guess would actually. That may be a great way to use EE. The thought pattern that we need with everybody. I think you're the right track John AD. European studies. That we've seen overtime or just the differences in the died in the European areas. We know that they have a little bit less heart disease of them are some of the problems that we've seen in America it's. By 2 o'clock in the afternoon they have consumed 7% of their cap for the day they -- big threat to speak launch and small dinners. So there are people that really pushed he has and they want to push in active use it's that moment I -- homework from meaning years since. Is trying to get what you the bigger meal to down. So that you can use of unity in the day and then each separates the smaller meal -- and sleep on it Aetna and us. Everybody's already met some change and -- about 8 o'clock in the evening tablets and -- start going down. Even if you are not even if you're up on nine I can still had the same mechanism. And with your metabolism and others say don't eat before you go to -- by -- -- You're right. John John thank you thank you king prince partner makes a lot of sense to make. Well let's talk about the beautiful explanation of what information is and how it can damage us food some food to eat cause higher inflammation. And comic and going back to theater to little chemistry. And some patients and that's in particular can break gain on. It as their metabolize to. Components are in in hormones and that in income that fatty acids. That can actually increase inflammation in the body in. -- it. These this happened or anything cause inflammation. We think Schuker is an inflammatory. It can actually damage the wall of the vessels. And in the end though when the damage is on the Walden Linkedin it's stuck to it more and so that's where they you know -- -- about withdrawals and scouted him -- -- just -- Collison blockage in arteries. It may be because we damaged or you know sell itself. Blood vessels that. Better going supply and the bullets systems so then went to have a damage from the information. Moments fail and -- team to get claw along the way. And that in trouble and they and most of the inflammatory. Hired I'm from food would be to junk foods they came -- yes clearly see it in the process it's the other Osama mile natural foods can do it and some. Dietitians. And and practitioners we'll keep patients off of certain foods in the dietitian in -- -- speaking with. She is she does this -- that are practiced. And I'm sure she would be more than happy to recruit people in that area. Because they can be even mean on some plays that we would comic include -- in small amounts that. -- but curing process that is need to come up for so many reasons -- -- but but the plan to -- that. Is that and I think that and two -- very common to you I'm sure your being your life work but. It just sort of reared its head to the average person implementation -- I could never get it straight and now I understand it affects artery wall. And thinks may stick to it. And then. You have a clock that and that's very simplified but that's it that's the kind of what we're we're we're worried. Okay and again we wanna go back to the the original part of the show which was. Can we -- -- and is simply used to eat that we've sort of waned her self off love and you're saying. If they always say everything in moderation. That -- is that EST in hand some of these things she loved how. Have allowed my patients to -- better if they like better. I'm not very. Fond of margarine and very concerned with the Koreans. Fats because that's really an inning played out that's when we were concerned with an ugly to be true. Is that that was really where we we need to back off so I would've. -- deceit people use of a guarantee. And on with panic and don't think that that people think there's a thing wrong with but there's a finger at somebody something wrong with about it. Right yeah I think that again NT is that if one's good then more us better any became news that necessarily on the pot method can. What is interesting is the fact that you do have a little control over your life. In what to concern and that it can clause. Issues heart cancer and that's we're hearing more and more about obesity is world facing it so badly that obesity is now linked to cancer yes. It's -- directly related to mania are prominently cancers Briscoe and it's. Process probably even. The production of estrogen and hormones. -- Portis and -- has to do with abdominal fat visceral fat which currently. Effects that we get as we age and Gil and I Bailey's. We see this. In practice. Network with HIV patients and Mr. Big concern for us because. Some of her medications as my older years that. And made such a wonderful difference in our deceased. Also can promote summit this abdominal fat issues and -- says. The pinning up there muscles -- that in arms and eggs so there's different places to see -- that it's these these are big concern and it is overall steal our biggest problem with its part. Disease it's a bigger is the biggest factor. That were trying to compare. I can't thank you enough thought -- burns we're gonna get you back and other topics because you're walking wealth of information. A stay with us everyone will be back I'm -- on WW. I want to thank got -- burns one more time for coming over and sharing the wealth of knowledge she has we're gonna get her back and other subjects. Again nutritionist from the L issue Health Science Center stick with this were gonna shift gears -- we're going to be talking about. You know those empty lots. Now think creatively. Because there's a group in town who's doing just that hope you'll stay with its.