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May 22, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is another very comfortable night I've got a course just warming up during the day and it it'll be hot to over the Memorial Day weekend but basically really no chance of rain through the whole weekend so if you are thinking about heading to the beach. Go to the beach we're gonna talk about that on the show tonight I realized it's Thursday night. And we will be back in our show tomorrow night but by tomorrow night's -- party going to be gone so we'll start talking about the Memorial Day weekend. And your favorite spot on the beach along the Gulf Coast. I definitely have a favorite spot. Well it's it's like two spots in particular but it's really in the same area. Not to say anything negative about any of the Florida Alabama Mississippi Gulf Coast beaches because it's all great. But I do have one particular favorite spot if you listen to -- -- our regular basis you know what that's bodies but will be talking about that. And here's our -- to do a pretty general opinion poll tonight will you be traveling this holiday weekend or just an article. It is your opinion by going to our website WW dot com attracted polls are showing. Give you updates starting coming up here in just few minutes it's time for tonight's topic today to the topic things we like you know as we begin our show tonight on WWL. Number eight. So I mean to me about whether Axl Rose lead singer of Guns 'N Roses is the greatest rock singer ever. I got a text about this follows on the air last night and I found out about it today. There's a website concert hotels dot com. And they released a short. Of the vocal ranges. Of pop props at rock singers and Axl Rose had the broadest range. Which led some to conclude including at Levy in the USA today to admit that he was the greatest singer. No that's not what it meant it meant that he had the greatest range but not that he was the greatest singer. So tonight on the show to debate continues we'll talk about who is the greatest. Pop rock -- And if Axl Rose is that the greatest. He certainly -- appear very close to the top so be thinking about who you think is the greatest pop rock singer I say pop rock singer because. Right -- great range. A prince who was among those who meet the highest notes which -- as a surprise to any of us so I I -- pop rock you know contemporary. Rock singers. And then there are always those singers who became really famous. And they might be able to carry a tune but they're not very good singers so we'll talk about that on the show tonight. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Our new test the new river -- all opened up today I'm sure you saw a video of this if you watching the news earlier today. Video ball is a collection of outlet stores on the river where the river walk used to be which is where they get the 1984 world's fair ones in New Orleans. And this should really proved to be a great addition to the city as -- Sino. Could be on the as far as I know this is the only outlet mall. -- downtown area. Because you don't usually see outlet malls like on your way to the Gulf Coast -- -- off the interstate ten. You see him in more. Rural settings it was a big Albert Mullen in Alabama. It's super off off like ten or maybe it's off that highly that you take going to go shores. But the new river walk mall is opened ultimately it's supposed to have a country music bar which is going to be really great for the city. And that will bring a lot of local people downtown who might not ordinarily go downtown. And with the popularity of country music in amazes me that there's not a good country music -- In a whole new military and if there is one that I don't know about -- you can send me text or call the show. But I remember years ago it was the hired hands in a bullet Carrie Lee Fisher to Jefferson Parish alone that. A mustang Sally east in the did not eighties wise really hot spot. I remember I had -- a knee surgery. Like the day before. And however the friends and we went to a -- salaries and he added these surgeries well we were both on crutches. So in these girls want to know what was wrong and we told them we were bull riders have we got injured. And they actually bought it so it was pretty cool. I got this girl's attention because she thought it was a bull rider. Because you know you don't have to be that big to via. A bull -- in any event I'm looking forward to the new river walk mall and as I've said many times on the show and and and you've been part of this conversation as well. When you think about all the and the waterfront property we have the river the lake all the waterfront property. There are really not very many places that you could just go hang out on the water in the New Orleans area. And it really is a shame and I've realized that their reasons for but I don't think any of those reasons are legitimate excuse is we need to have more things on the water. And when I saw -- walked cutting going down I thought man this is just such a great piece of property. Something needs to be done with this and then no one after that it was announced that there were plans to redo it so it is now open number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. The official beginning of hurricane season is less than two weeks away. And federal forecasters are predicting less speed storms than normal. Less speaks storms than normal that's good. Now let's hope their right this year they were wrong last year last year they predicted. -- season with more big storms in normal. And it proved to be a season with plastic storms than normal so will say I hope they were wrong last year and their right -- -- the wrong question I hope you're right this year. But you know it only takes it that it could be a season with just have a few big storms. But -- one of those storms hit your area that's all it takes to make it a devastating hurricane season for you so. Even though they're predicting. -- -- lower than normal number of big storms. You still need to be prepared. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. A 63 year old man was arrested. When his gun went off in a movie theater. George Gholston was arrested when his two shot 38 caliber dare venture went off in a movie theater in Memphis. I I love stories like this. Why is this guy bringing a gun went in into the movie theater. And then for all of those who say well you know if if everybody would be art than it would be the world would be a better place the world would be safer. OK let's think about that this is a perfect time to talk of markets. This guy's gun falls out of his pocket. And it fires around. There was an off duty police officer. At the place at the time in the movie. He was immediately arrested by an off duty police officer -- are also had posted signs that said weapons are prohibited inside the building. So the guy defied the sign and brought a gun in the building. So for those who argued that if in Colorado if that the audience in that movie theater. Would have -- -- Then they could've taken the guy down. Is it really a good idea for average citizens of movie theater for example are setting like that to be armed. A realistic about this case it happened and in Memphis. The guys going balls out of his pocket it -- what do everybody's armed. And date the gun goes off is everybody gonna jump up and put their guns at this guy or maybe even start shooting. Again I just don't think that is. The answer. Number four never five and -- wait for part par five number four number four tonight I went to east Jefferson I don't remember how to count. Number four on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. A new video shows a dynasty star Phil Robertson making more anti gay comments at this time during a sermon in a church. So you know I mean what is a surprise about this. I mean if he's in a church. He's making. Anti gay comments certainly has a right to do that and people have a right to react to to to what he says but again there's. There's a surprise here. I mean what's the worst that can happen all the gays and lesbians who to deduct dynasty every week are gonna stop watching. Yeah right all the gays and lesbians who tune in -- dynasty might get angry and stop watching. So actually his anti gay comments. Really feed the audience. That watches -- dynasty. Never forget tonight's list of the top eight at eight. And we get legislature passed a bill. It could force the closure of several of the State's five abortion clinics. If there is less. Convenience for abortion. Will people be more responsible when it comes to sex. I would hope that nobody. Is having sex. Casual reckless sex or even sex with somebody that they know. With the idea that I you know we don't have to worry if I get pregnant or just get an abortion. I hope nobody's doing that. But unfortunately I guess some people war. I'm pro choice. Because I'm not a woman and I don't think it's my place to tell -- what to do with her body legally I'm pro choice. But I'm also pro life I'm also anti abortion. Abortion should not be used as a convenient former birth control. And if there are less abortion clinics. Do you think people will become more responsible. When it comes to sex. And if they will become more responsible when it comes to sex then I have to say that's a good thing. Number two on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Conservatives have written now a 121. Page policy manifesto. It's titled room to grow. Conservative reforms. For a limited government and a thriving middle class. The document lays out a new direction for the Republican Party with more emphasis placed on economic issues and less emphasis placed. One hot button social issues. This group blog tonight turning on a website right now at a BW real dot com for page down there right column under our opinions. Is titled another new direction for Republicans. Here we go again another new direction now this week during some primaries on Tuesday. On the Tea Party candidates many promising Tea Party candidates. Who are expected to do very well lost their bids to mainstream Republican candidates. They were trying to prove that the conservative voters in America and in these different state six different states are ready for Tea Party domination. -- and you've got the far right ultra conservatives who were trying to gain control of the Republican Party and then you've got mainstream Republicans. -- you can read the blog again -- -- agree with -- or disagree with me you can read -- share with others and also give us your comments it's on our website at WW dot com and we'll. A talk about that on the show tonight number one if on tonight's list. On the top eight innings. Aren't -- -- about the greatest rock singer ever hands down the greatest rock singer Robert Plant here's another when screwed if not Robert Plant. We would not be talking about Axl Rose here's another to in other -- I went to river walk mall today it was so nice and clean and really nice store zealots -- school. We'll get to a 46 coming up. Number one on tonight's list of the top -- -- -- this is the beginning to Memorial Day we can kind of tactically begins tomorrow but everybody's attitudes kind of thinking Memorial Day weekend right now. This -- it is a federal holiday Monday -- to remember the men and women who died bulb serving the United States of America. And I think it's important to remember that that's wood Memorial Day we can -- about. Not buying something on sale and not just party at the beach and if you're gonna party -- barbecue or do something like that just remember that you can do that. Because of the men and women who died. Protecting your right to have the freedom to do that so tonight let's talk about your favorite beach spots. Along the Gulf Coast. And I've got mine again a lot of great areas of -- India Mississippi Alabama Florida beaches. And I guess you could say Louisiana beaches as well. But Louisiana beaches just don't have the number of spots -- -- to -- Alabama and Florida so what is your favorite spots. Along via the Gulf Coast. If you're a good pressure with a comic to -- -- numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And a text numbers 87870. And they're there seems to be a debate about who is the greatest. Rock singer Axl Rose was at the top of the broadest range that led some to conclude that he was the greatest rock singer. But that's not what the the charts and it's simply said that. He has the greatest range so who is the best rock singer -- talk about them from the shooter -- And here's like -- if you are pretty general opinion poll will you be traveling this holiday weekend or just hang in her home to -- opinion by going to WW dot com. This is the -- show like from dual residence Thursday night on a threshold of Memorial Day weekend it will be right back on VW failed. I'm Robert Plant. The debate about who's the greatest crime scene of all time and this this website concert hotels dot com released to chart we've vocal ranges and Axl Rose of Guns 'N Roses had the greatest range. Leading some people who think that that meant he was the greatest singer but that's not really what it means so. Who do you think is the greatest proxy votes on that's when things we'll talk about on this show tonight. There's a new video out showing that -- dynasty star Phil Robertson is making anti gay comments in a sermon in church. And a and he has not made any comment about the issue they reacted before -- suspending it from from a dynasty. He made these comments at a church -- congressman wrote Easter Sunday. This includes homosexuals with other groups such as -- And adulterers. As hell bound sinners. Here is attacks that agrees. Scoot the is way it is undated just this but the rocket rules singers here is a text about -- dynasty and heterosexual. I no longer watched a dynasty because until Robertson's remarks. By the way I haven't been to chick filet. A sense of the ridiculous -- fully day. And really that's the best thing you can do if somebody says something you disagree with that they have the freedom to say that which is something we often talk about. The best thing to do news. To. To express your opinion. Either supporting. Or not supporting the source. Of the comments. And I know one of the stories that got a lot of attention recently is that the debate tree. In Colorado that refuse to bake a cake for lesbian couple because it was against their religious beliefs. The bakery has gone out of business. I don't know if that was the direct result of that -- just wasn't that good of a bakery anyway. Here is -- best rock singer hands Stan was Freddie Mercury. Queen of the two more of these east Texas the show goes on if you wanna join us tonight -- your comment about anything were talking about. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. And a text numbers 877. Here's a text if it's not an issue I have to say that Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Best beach areas because of all the beautiful Alabama bills. -- if you have to factory in getting there. Here's text I would rather stay home and live in mobile here's another text Florida and the bar best spot on the coast. And -- had reveal my favorite spots on the beach. I had to pick a favorite spot Destin fort Walton. And -- Pensacola. All of those places are great. Replaces -- Mississippi Gulf Coast as well. Say that. At a time like Memorial Day weekend. My favorite spot on the beach is is -- shorts. And Orange Beach consider that to be one area and my favorite spots on the floor -- and the pink pony. The first time I mention that I like the pink polling. In Gulf Shores this just goes to show you how quick some people or two to pass judgment. On me or other people. A guy sent a text immediately instead I figured you would like a gay bar on the beach. So obviously. This guys totally ignorant because the pink -- is not. I gave bar but it just goes to show you how quick some people -- two to pass judgment if you manager and our children at numbers 2601870. Toll free 866890. Point seven Texas a 77 among other things what are your favorite spot. Of the Gulf Coast beaches tomorrow is the official beginning of Memorial Day weekend of organs are talking about it on the show tonight. And here is text that read says scoot the greatest pure rock and roll singer would have to be Paul Rodgers. Of the -- free. And man company. Who do you think -- the greatest. Pop rocks. This is this Puccio. We're coming right back after this break and if you go. Yeah. -- a political show with -- tonight in -- Here is attacks only scoops from the morning we talk about who is the best rock singer. Well you know sometimes we talk about fun things on on -- show and music is relatable it's it's part of our -- and always has been inundated against the fact it was a -- music DJ in the early part of my career. Just has always kept me in touch with music and I am certainly not stuck in the past because I love a lot of new stuff. That is that is now if you gonna join us for the comment about anything we're talking about the greatest pop rock singer were divested -- spot along the Gulf Coast. -- comments about it -- dynasty still Robertson making more anti gay comments this time. -- and church during a sermon. And it's -- hasn't made any comments about that yet our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. -- -- -- This is Freddie Mercury this is not Freddie Mercury at its best when he belts out some parts of bohemian rhapsody he's sensational with Freddie Mercury had any credible. Incredible -- I'm stupid we'll be right back to -- well. You co host. -- Talking about the greatest pop rock singers the first woman nations so far tonight he's been. And Wilson of -- -- system. But he big was the greatest opera -- plays in the music. Here tonight and also let's talk about those singers that really weren't very good singers they didn't have a good voice they -- -- you tune but it was their style. That. Led them to fame -- -- likely -- -- is a classic example of an additional -- Bob Dylan is another example. I -- a moment ago about the new video with duct dynasty star Phil Robertson and making more anti gay comments this time in church during a sermon. And he said that gays are are held bound flight like feats and related -- to other people like that. Here is so uninteresting text -- what proof could you offer. Supported by god. That gays are not held -- sinners. I don't have any more proof. That gays. Our help balance sinners. Then you have proved that they're going to now. Made us. -- interpretation. -- I I've no idea is going to hell and and neither do you and I think it's really arrogant. For a sinner and whoever sent this text is a sinner but this -- to. Make the argument that. That gays are held bound. Suggesting that. Maybe he's not a for mobile David you're under the WL. All sorts. -- -- -- -- -- -- chant of beat Republicans that you'll. Look now where there's -- saying it's right in the -- you know. It was and actually. But every year that bishop. It was on the ticket next year awhile but not because. Which -- upon the. -- nephew's band played in that -- think last year. Yeah you're absolutely loved being out. And I can attest to the back in the -- on the is not able. Well. It's such a great -- David I'm -- -- -- -- ritualistic here senate. Here's a text about the about Bubba singers and and the pink pony Chris Cornell as an amazing singer. While he is new in the last twenty years he has such a great range in his voice also the pink pony is such an amazing little bar. With a decent food good music. And great fun. I think what I love most about the -- holding Gulf Shores and we're talking about this because it's Memorial Day weekend as governor out. It's just such. It's just such a quaint place. That totally personifies. The attitude of the beach. Not that there are other places that do that. But I just a film -- the -- voting the first time I went there and I was still say that right now it's one of my favorite spots. The forecast for the beach this weekend this is for the Louisiana and Mississippi Alabama Florida Gulf Coast beaches. 85 to ninety for high. Water temperature. 77 degrees. That's nice. If you enjoyed -- might read your comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 260. When he seventy toll free 866. 8890 -- seventy. And a text over the seats in the -- again it's still getting a lot of comments of like Chris Cornell being just done an unbelievable. And unbelievable sinker. This is. This is the -- show and we'll be right back into the WL. The as we talk about the greatest pop rock singers let's also talk about the pop rock singers they didn't have great voices but they had style. And that's what made them successful. Singers. Got a text to migrate to steady money and -- -- agree any money didn't really have a voice but he he had style from New Orleans David year on the -- Good evening and it it's completely different sports. I think to be adequately but and so to -- frequent mention mr. Laporte he's. As far as saying. -- You know predict that the children's program to -- Yeah -- -- Aretha Franklin certainly Janis Joplin is she had a lot of style. You know I don't know if I would say she had a great voice. Welsh arrangement should correctness she did so I had an easy she had arranged a region it knows that -- -- as far as. The shear or the range so what I read the lines and I just. You know that is true but my church -- -- that came out and open their first record what Carter did it want to date date that this yeah I mean. Everybody you are being -- -- You know tea. And I don't know did you all talk about mentioning is registered. Don't know -- -- talking mostly about men the first woman that they would say and Wilson. Yeah and it's fortunate I mean I wouldn't say he's too great speech as somebody who always oh as well as. So most mr. Crocker or maybe he just covered songs he went right -- it is just there it is just about in his voice. You know now as far as like you mentioned the world installed democratic reshape. Iraq opinion that the best thing about basketball when people went there together -- welcome. They did you know that song its only Iraq over the you know they just pages classic or are able I mean. David I'm gonna -- -- news right now I'm going to call you guys are at the stones' Mick Jagger did have a good voice that he certainly has style. Here's our WW up pretty general opinion poll will you be traveling this holiday weekend are hanging out at home give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com -- our conversation will continue. Right after the news so hang on.