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May 22, 2014|

Who do you think has one of the greatest rock voices or didn't have a great voice, but put on a great show? ALSO: this upcoming weekend is Memorial Day Weekend – a federal holiday to remember the men and women who died while serving in the United States Military. It’s also a time to BBQ and hit the beach. What is your favorite beach spot along the Gulf Coast? Will you be travelling this weekend or just staying home and hanging out?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The debate actually started last night I didn't talk about on the air but started last night on line -- all over the and it debate about who's the greatest rock singer ever. The website concert hotels dot com released to chart. The singers that have the greatest vocal ranges. And Axl Rose has the greatest range according to this chart. That -- some even some reputable publications. To believe that that meant that Axl Rose was the greatest singer but that's not what the chart was intended to. To say just that he had the greatest range so that debate continues over the greatest pop rock singer which are talking about this last hour and I have gotten a number of text. Say Chris Cornell a sound garden best. -- -- It was the greatest of pop rock singer of all time with -- Robert plant's Paul Rodgers bad company free Steve Perry. I got a couple of text mentioning a Ronnie James DO. Here's a text Paul Paul how offered. -- Judas Priest. And here's somebody a -- are talking about the pop rock singers. That didn't really have a great voice. But they were successful because they had stopped. Here's a -- Jimmy Buffett doesn't have the greatest voice but probably. The best styled real dream we could live like. Here's a text that says it's. Elton John. Greatest singer. Does that they beat game yes it does if you think Elton John has the greatest horse if you think he's degrees singer and definitely. Make you game. Well at least it's vice. Some simple minded people. And I here's a text need to mention Geoff -- of queen's Reich incredible vocalist -- Donovan rob how offered. -- help part of Judas Priest and yes Chris Cornell is truly amazing so this is one of things are talking about also since this is the well tomorrow was the official beginning of Memorial Day weekend but a lot of viewers thinking about Memorial Day weekend. It's the unofficial beginning of summer. Summer is officially begin until mid June but this is the unofficial emotional beginning of summertime so we're talking about what's your favorite beach spot along the Gulf Coast because. A lot of a lot of people this part of the the country go to the beaches along the the Gulf Coast here. Mississippi Alabama Florida even Louisiana so we're talking about this over the favorite beach spots along the on the Gulf Coast. I'm mission -- -- ponying up for Graham and Gulf Shores a couple of my favorite spots. As somebody called it said the hang out in Gulf Shores is a great spot which I think is next to the pink pony. And here's a -- paradise on paradise Ian. In practical. So if you want and not contribute your favorite spot along the Gulf Coast beaches are numbers 2601870. To all free 8668890. Point seven. And a text of -- 78 -- And I didn't mean to do that so -- -- if like configure about it OK there we go here's an update on our WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight. Would you be traveling this holiday weekend are you gonna hang out at home really lopsided poll only 6%. Are going to be traveling this week you know this is not an official triple A serving this is just those who were listening to our show and responding to the poll tonight only 6% are going to be traveling. 94%. Or just -- in her home. It'll be interesting to see this changes. As the night goes on a tractor pull through ownership give your opinion by going to our web site to -- W dot com. Also LSU beat Arkansas today 72 -- she was looking great in the SEC turn it. And so that means the tigers would -- to the semifinal round Saturday. And face the winner of tomorrow's all this Arkansas game. The pre game Saturday at 11:30 AM first pitch is at noon Saturday right here and to be giving -- -- would be 71053. FM. How are also talking about a 63 year old man. I was arrested with his gun went off in a movie theater. The -- a lot of his pocket. And fired around. George -- who was arrested by. And on and off duty police officer who was at the same movie. He is 38 caliber to shut deer -- went off when -- on -- pocketed a movie theater in Memphis. Should this guy -- his right to own a gun. I would think so me if you can only got responsibly. And Oregon the movie theater has -- that you're not supposed to bring in a weapon the guy. Brought in a weapon. Also a group of conservatives -- separate the 121. Page policy manifesto titled room to grow. Conservative reforms for a limited government and a thriving middle class it's a document that lays out a new direction for the Republican Party. -- a new direction based on economic issues. And not hot button social moral issues the scoop on tonight is titled another new direction for Republicans. Again annually either agree or disagree you can read -- and others -- pressure comments. It's on our website right now. -- every W dot com and also tonight we're talking about it a -- declining to comment on new video of -- dynasty star Phil Robertson. And making anti gay comments he makes the anti gay comments delivering a sermon in church in west -- on Easter Sunday. He includes homosexuals and other groups such as these and adulterers. And says there held down sinners. I would think one of the main differences is what homosexuals do is among consenting adults and they don't hurt anybody else. Thieves. Take from somebody else. Adulterers. -- of -- with their actions from Covington less clear on the -- believing. I have to use him I got my arm and hand rather play at. -- they count that extra I can't. Well a lot of -- had an opinion and at it's it's hard for me to argue that Robert Plant may not be the greatest singer. And I'm I'm old enough and was fortunate enough to have seen Led -- India prime. -- in in this in this area a couple of times and does that guy it was just amazing. I've seen him in the time. See -- Andrea opportunity. I get that action. My opinion and at one -- -- Robert -- -- he. Got hit that can't. And that he try to -- it thank you I. But even higher opinion they -- ticket offer and just go about their lie. And. What do you what do you think good would happen do you think all the gays that had been tuning in to buy -- dynasty every week are gonna stop watching. And you if you want to lie a lie I don't -- you don't agree. In all you know. -- -- -- -- lot and negate it dateline. Every. You know -- can do it why can't he -- common accelerate title that I can. But on that -- it -- it right at a bank which. There. But you can. Get to. Rule that's my opinion. Lastly I do I do agree with your philosophy and I operational view of color Schoen thanks for listening to Debian -- night. -- SU on Scotia leading. While I outscored can't screw US out of you're racked. Up what. -- Passable. Put on. Sourcing and oh yeah. Race and and order person. In -- against you know where I'll have -- the most most all of the patterns. -- -- -- The last. Producing. I think they Gregg -- would be one of those that I I would I would put in the category of pop rock -- that didn't have a great voice but he -- style. Well. You're not you're not disagree with our thought he had there were asked me. It could quote job you might think you're -- in certain -- and where he had. And I I I guess a lot -- Columnists. From how we define greatest voice but I like you know when I think about Robert Plant Axl Rose Steve Perry or a Freddie Mercury. I dare those voices are totally did. Olivia. In you your. Rights and I -- For -- Yeah I would certainly. You know the way it's one -- All of our phenomenal woman -- Wes I'm -- I'm going to tell Michelle thanks soliciting. But it's a -- -- series just a moment Rick -- -- on the -- show good evening. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So -- Tampa Florida. Fort DeSoto. Fort DeSoto. Tampa Bay beach. -- it just felt that there it it's actually closer to saint. Saipaia democracy peace just across from just across from Tampa Bay -- on the basic piece on the beach. How close is that declare war. Are certain -- Aren't going to be thirty -- so. He's Jesus say -- -- or fort DeSoto. DeSoto OK I want I'm gonna write that down -- do you go they are often. I have been about four times -- alleged maybe. Six years -- so. And I'm sure since it's on the golf side the waters just sensational. Or is -- it's great it's it's it's a -- you like -- just like a Pensacola. Or wanting me to recognize is that after the -- agent after the shame that you or your road train. And I'm proud of them took beach like at them and -- -- and they Oprah you know what do. You know are these. A place where you can picnic stuff out and and then ample parking is this just in Gregory these. I'd Rick I'm glad you are sure there was recession calling if you rejoice -- your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And our text Amber's age 78 cent anymore Tex coming in Freddie Mercury from queen yeah -- I can I can easily argue that Freddie Mercury of queen. May have the greatest the greatest voice in rock. -- here's another text about great voices say John Anderson of yes best vocal style Roger Waters. Of Pink Floyd. Here's a text about the best spot on the Gulf Coast beaches of Florida -- Kind of hard to argue with that you know you can you can walk from Alabama to Florida. In the -- because it's on of the boy I remember I don't know if they still had this but they had. They had just to pay phones at a pay phone for Alabama calls on one side of the bargain they had a a pay phone for Florida. Stay calls on the other side I don't know if anybody has pay phones anymore but that was -- to -- -- before -- was also very famous for their annual mullet toss. And I used to toss fish but now they trust guys with really bad haircuts. Astute. We'll be back. -- if you don't. Okay. On my last night he erupted got a good -- I did get it. I text about it. But I found out today that last night. The Internet was just filled with comments about who's the greatest rock singer -- And so people had concluded that because of this web sites. Figuring out the ranges of singers. And Axl Rose had the greatest range that that made him the greatest singer but that's what they really tried to say. So that is let us tonight talking about like an idiot because greatest -- stick around. Axl Rose and -- -- rep points. Robert plan. Steve Perry -- continues. And we're also talking about the paparazzi as they didn't really have a great voice but they had style. And that's when he was successful. I hit a tax that would be used to it here is another tax cut it right after that we'd be used to my ears detect Kid Rock okay voice. Limitless talent and style I would totally agree with that Kid Rock is not have a great voice. But I am a big Kid Rock fan. And he is unbelievable. And has an incredible incredible style. Here's a text that -- said Billy Ray Cyrus is the official mascot of the mullet toss -- the floor -- That would be very easy to believe. Here's a text sir Paul McCartney end of discussion. Paul McCartney the greatest voice. Paul McCartney has -- Great songwriter. But I never considered Paul McCartney as a pop rock singer who had agreed voice. It's not that I know everything about music but I just would never put him in that categorical according but the -- -- say in the hospital in Tokyo canceled his the Japanese part of this is whole tour. Which is going to the United States I don't think any of the dates of the US have been canceled but he's dealing with a viral infection. It got worse after they canceled one concerts are in the hospital in Japan he's going to be okay. But. I notice a Japanese fans are very disappointed here's a text about best harmonies the Eagles Crosby stills Nash. And the Beach -- here's a text about best spot on the beach in the Gulf Coast scoot by far Destin is the best. Most crystal clear beaches. On the Gulf Coast. Yeah whether it's -- whether it's a place a spot like that the -- pony or -- paradise -- in in Pensacola or someplace like that whether it's. In the building a location a bar or restaurant or whenever or whether it's just actually a spot on the beach. Sister -- was the beginning of Memorial Day weekend. We're talking about your favorite spot on the Gulf Coast. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- -- -- in a -- -- 78 Saturday -- -- double WL party Jack about people very lopsided tonight. Would you be traveling this holiday weekend or just hang in out of home. Only 6% are traveling 94% of those listening and responding to the poll. We're going to be hanging out at home give your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com a from his city Michael Oscar show. -- My vote boy -- bet here is carried out audience that's what happened. Harry Nielsen. It. We're. I would put him in the category is not a great voice I'd -- style. There. That's OK you can he would be very -- -- and everybody's talked in what was his other -- it it was kind of -- Coconut in that there was one other. Without you that's right mr. Michael what's your favorite spot along the Gulf Coast. -- -- -- Yeah -- going to listing of agreed to Memorial Day weekend Chris will be talking about Memorial Day we can shoot tomorrow and plays we release it into the weekend but. That's a lot of people are leaving town tomorrow a lot of people were packing up going. We start talking about it tonight here -- attacks Billy Ray Cyrus -- -- read -- here's a text dauphin island Alabama. -- island is is is really pretty but dauphin island is not very developed. Surprised that more didn't didn't happen on dolphin island. And done a lot of condos and residents there -- as far as I know dauphin island my memory of -- is there really are not. A lot of places for for two hours to go mean correcting correct me if I'm wrong. A for markets saw Billy -- on the -- good -- Patriots. Accurately implement rich you know more Alex you know you know -- -- -- Work indoors or orchard and we -- that there's so many people it it. It's extremely hard statements rates but apple product kitchen at your memory here a puppet. -- -- -- -- -- And as usual zones for the list a lot of monster years I've seen in several concerts. And an -- -- second awards. But lack that they -- the only people you know an editor. And payment and there are just so -- man at the park once the rally. It is it is and that's why we have to just talk about who was among the greatest of pop singers because. It's hard to separate Robert Plant from an axle rose from the Steve Perry from Freddie Mercury. -- because these guys all had tremendous voices and so do a lot of people soak it in some ways it's it's actually more fun to talk about the pop rock singers that didn't have a great voice but they made it anyway because they had style. Right right. Well I'll it to nobody appreciates you music -- and now. I like into the NCO leniency in I don't know -- Symbian nine years old right now but I did I used to be in business would be country -- trip to Iraq the real world airport in New Orleans. And -- -- And especially the. Or no matter where you and Arkansas. -- hundred miles north of Texarkana and I want mountains as beautiful. Well it's -- appreciate Japan and I -- it didn't -- and soliciting questions. -- you don't you don't sound 79 so you just or keep -- haven't thought. I hear is attacks -- reasoning jagr now would nick Jagger -- in the category of a great voice or. Not so good of voice not a great voice but they made their -- because this -- Here's a text Ronnie James DO -- a lot of people who were mentioning running changed DO. Here is comments. Timothy. Have your sound guy queue up I can't tell you why. And just listen. I John let's do that let's queue up I can't tell you -- by the Eagles get to the part -- says I can't tell you why and listen to that part. From. Covington -- -- WWL. You I agree. BO OB one Maria. What the ballots but out here it was a dispute follow Merrill's. He's he's eloquent -- Yes are -- entertainer. You style and -- -- -- -- I'll -- him. He endure -- long problem moderate in go to that -- and nine. Yeah any he has been doing it all along time. He's very which isn't really hear a great thing I Tarzan glad to call from Covington here is a -- re sick Gwen Stefani. Had his top hits in alternative rock with no doubt. Hip hop with eve. And popped. As yourself. That's a Triple Crown. -- James Hatfield my favorite vocalist she's -- front. I'm Metallica I'm understand I love Gwen Stefani and she does have a great voice from killed Wayne -- on this -- good evening. Payment difficulties yet. Of the problem would call an island and walk the not a clear blue like optional. You know by regions -- and like you're not really hurt pretty well. -- -- -- -- I guess that's because it takes so long to get the year from main highway that dolphin brought it really developed a web George stated in Pensacola and fort -- -- -- They are also close to the understated -- takes a while when you get off the iTunes takes awhile to get to. Hard dauphin island. We boarded a law that if the people aren't aren't a rampant. You know -- do it to other. Do people walk was a dirty look like my apartment go. All right I think you might hit them on a bad day -- because I didn't beat I didn't dauphin island and did the war -- It was later on a bad day. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Close to an agent at seeing just about everybody there's been a big music well. Market -- go back in 1960 not -- out would be Napoleon anything in between but you know. I'm married -- -- on -- couple ports. It was incredible as it is way below the it is incredible what. Without without a doubt that aren't certain about most and try to how life is pretty. What in 1984. The world's fair patty LaBelle and Bobby Womack on. The pop Patti LaBelle -- on stage and it would have to argue that woman just blew me away somewhat crowded it will go -- -- -- -- address since she took -- virtues and she lay down almost pity on our act. Concern saying. These ranges that would just like on believe people. -- really impressed really intrepid at the commissary is in arranged. Not a -- but it. Arranged was clearly. Nobody'll. That I have ever seen and not dot com a rookie. Ligament. I think ranges -- is important but I wouldn't. I wouldn't use that is the only criteria by which to judge the greatest voice. Ride this it was a -- pretty productive and really brought. Click here that I remember I'm wearing thanks for -- for share an eyewitness. Here's a text on the way to destined now. For Memorial Day weekend that cement the from the world's cement and I I hope you're sitting in the passenger seat and you're not texting and driving. I hope you have a designated texture or you -- the designated -- From -- Richard your -- if you don't you gonna -- time when it's going to be great and the water temperature along the Gulf Coast speech. 77 degrees this weekend. Richard welcome to our show. They -- Called -- about -- could be that would then it is cute boy you talk. Bonnie Raitt and also. Cheap Trick and not vote doubled while. But we're grateful to Robert. Yeah yeah and we have to just admit that there are a lot of there there are a lot of great voices that we can't say that we can't say degrade his voice but. It in everybody's mind there's somebody who they think has perhaps the greatest voice but there are a lot of great voices. -- behind I've really -- these noble -- -- -- -- Hi Richard I'm rog -- scholarship ritualistic if you are on hold stay witnessed somebody get all of your calls -- just a moment. And I thought we have fun tonight because tomorrow is the beginning of Memorial Day weekend and it's the emotional beginning of summertime and we'll talk about it on the show tomorrow night but. We've already got a text and some bodies on the way to destined. Right now. Are you going to be staying in town -- you that travel this weekend that's a -- to -- a party general people give us your opinion by going to our website WW real dot com. And this -- block tonight is titled another new direction for the Republican Party. Again you'll either agree or disagree you can read it share with your friends and your comments if you like. It's certainly our website right now under our opinions. To be if you don't dot com. And we're coming right back after this break. Has. All right somebody's set on Texas and listen to this. I think he's been. So it's been nice voice but I just couldn't put that in the case. Category of Robert Plant. Axl Rose. Freddie Mercury and Steve Perry. Among other things on the Scotia or were talking about a who were submitted the greatest voices in rock. Here's a text astute to Martina McBride can -- I would have to agree with that. I'm getting a number of text the suspensions names and I don't know whether these people are including them in the the category of the greatest pop rock singers. Or pop rock singers did didn't have a great voice but needed because of style. I got a -- a moment ago. Saying that paint. As one of the greatest voices. In pop rock. I found something that I I I -- in the video. One weekend and we actually played this on the show it's pink. Singing somewhere over the rainbow. I had no idea pink was this good. Let's -- I. I had no idea. She had that could -- It's from Algiers Michelle you're on the -- sugar leading. -- -- -- -- Ozzie goes are you I've got. A text that he's gone he's got a great voice. And each. Yeah would be. In each animal. -- -- -- -- and what is it. -- -- -- -- -- -- Island Erica I think it's on the other side. Anna Maria Island. Are. In the I appreciate literature and that was the -- I don't. Have a great night if you enjoy this -- -- tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Steroids having. -- -- -- -- I have gotten a couple of -- mentioning a -- or pursue as having a really great voice and -- and another witness and a number of -- to come in about Sebastian Bach. Who recently singer of a Skid Row. Answer bosh get when you when you hear about two. People saying that the singer's. One of the greatest singers ever. It really tell if you are a lot about the diversity. Of the audience it was institutional because they're they're bringing up some names that I didn't necessarily think would be mention. I got a text here Luther Vandross. Enough said. Now once again another Texan maybe not the best with Freddie Mercury pretty dang good. I can see where Freddie Mercury would be up there among the best voices he just had an incredible points. Here's a text about beaches beaches don't have to be developed to be beautiful and thought I agree with that and obviously that's a response to a comment made about dolphin island. When I say the dauphin island wasn't that developed it's it's developed but he wasn't really developed for tourist. As far as I know there just are not a lot of lot of develop one place is -- to spend the night now again correct me if I'm wrong but it's always been my impression that dauphin island was more. A residential. It was a place that had a lot of motels and hotels like pretty -- -- -- beach fort Walton Destin and Panama City. And of course a Gulf Shores so we're also since tomorrow is the official beginning of Memorial Day weekend -- talking about the desperado -- And the forecast for the beaches this weekend along the entire Gulf Coast. -- between 85 in ninety. And the water temperature 77 decrease. TJ you're on this crucial integrity and. How all you know I'm good to me -- is thought we did talk to achieve. Give -- at the IPO a couple years women political ball Q -- starts at the want to be oh -- so we admit that it got -- A lot Paul -- with -- And in bad company. Exactly what Paul -- as a useful to go -- to go dirty job de L and give me -- -- It out to those. Collector or. You see I would put Bryan Adams in the category of a pop rock singer who didn't have a great voice and had style. -- -- -- No one can imagine well. -- -- on the Gulf Coast and into the double play so that -- Are they getting it could bring out a three piece band that -- between salt that walk out. -- Why do well almost at night all right now Ryan Adams. -- told. You and you don't move. And edit dot -- that -- Paul called on the Marriott dot. You would do well little -- may ball he would he was clearly -- all too obvious one flight. And that's that's what happens on the road do -- take give. You know I know it will accuse them that you DJ -- have a conversation. Accused duke almost applause thanks -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sammy Hagar and as one of the greatest voices in rock. I think he picked up years ago I wrote it can. You see him by himself was we we see -- Equal male who object model. Of what. I. -- I think -- only. Thing. I mentioned. The -- Steve Perry. The the -- And then beyond that he had. Sorry all -- excessive greed locals. -- -- Some of the Atlantic and they spill lock. In. I'm glad you called -- show you Greg -- and thanks for listening to WWL. I hear -- attacks voice best rock voice ever Steve Perry also the text says love at Dale's voice. Here's a text about the beach by a fiance is striving to Destin. And I am the designated text her no worries Samantha from New Orleans. A case of -- this fiance. Is the designated texture. Okay. So. Are you male or female. Mean I guess Jessica asked those questions to Russia to somebody mentioned Bono. For me to I would put bottle in that category of a pop singer that didn't have a great doesn't have a great voice. But he sure does -- style and a great songwriters. This is this do show. And we're coming right back after this break it. And canceled. Attacks suggesting there -- -- -- -- us the greatest voice. Amongst pop rock scissors. And I think to some degree that's debatable very likable voice great style is very unique voice. But we can put into the category of among the greatest voices so that we're talking about tonight also. Assists or was the beginning of Memorial Day weekend and some people are headed to the beach right now that's something that we do in this part of the country we head to the beach Memorial Day weekend. Not every Memorial Day weekend it. It's a popular time to go to the -- what's your favorite spots along idea the Mississippi and Alabama Florida Gulf Coast beaches. Not to join our -- night our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Series heavily taxed states have needs seventy here's a text every -- great female performers. Joan Joan jet. -- Tina Turner. And we'll -- greatest voice and Christina Aguilera. Degraded agreed it and we'll sit and Christina Aguilera have unbelievable voices. From New Orleans basing your -- -- showing their VW well. Fellows scooter can hear me -- again. All right beauty -- Hamlet. Upper lip -- the crap kicked a twenty minute while you talk about the of their rock singer you know about them -- strangely at all. I yet principal one certain thing I have no doubt. So clear intellectually. It's create greater truck bring in if you would like because there are absolutely. His name is Freddie Mercury. We you know we mentioned it earlier it's so you've missed that apartment I it would be very difficult to argue that Freddie Mercury is not among the greatest rock singers. All right they're put a Mercury actually the single American thing occult or opt eight. I can barely pinnacle. -- -- -- -- right Freddie Mercury of queen voice. Unbelievable ansari stats over this today -- is a -- that talks about the greatest singer and the best place on the beach. How -- the Gulf Coast it simply says Freddie Mercury. And Destin. And here's a text Bob Dylan had a horrible voice but great ideas and great -- Here's a -- I cannot believe that nobody has mentioned Jon Bon Jovi is the greatest rock singer. And to represent us ladies -- no if ands or buts about it Joan -- -- Annie Lennox. Amazing rock singers. A tong here on WWL worship favorite spot on the beach along the Gulf Coast. -- -- -- -- -- And got a ways when beach in Mississippi. All raised. And -- Tom Douglas college yet. You can get both of those it Steven Tyler and -- beach Mississippi. Right there we're gonna come back in to talk about the Louisiana legislature passing a bill that could force of the closure of several of the states of five abortion clinics. What is that -- -- also we'll talk about the new direction the Republican Party and more of your calls about beaches and great singers coming up.