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May 22, 2014|

Who do you think has one of the greatest rock voices or didn't have a great voice, but put on a great show? ALSO: this upcoming weekend is Memorial Day Weekend – a federal holiday to remember the men and women who died while serving in the United States Military. It’s also a time to BBQ and hit the beach. What is your favorite beach spot along the Gulf Coast? Will you be travelling this weekend or just staying home and hanging out? the Louisiana legislature passed a bill that could force the closure of several of the state’s five abortion clinics. If it is less convenient to get an abortion – will people be more responsible when it comes to sex?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So what is your favorite spots along the the Gulf Coast beaches and that's Louisiana and Mississippi Alabama Florida. The -- forecast this weekend -- between 85 and ninety. There's going to be the sort of robberies. And the water temperature of the gulf 77 degrees great Memorial Day weekend weather for the -- This is the emotional beginning of summertime -- hasn't technically begin until the middle -- -- the Memorial Day weekend is the the emotional beginning of summertime. And so a lot of people had to the so we were talking about a favorite spots along the beach. And we got a text from Saudi who is right now on their way to -- we've also to be talking about who's that who's the greatest pop rock singer ever. And this is the result of the web site saying that Axl Rose of Guns 'N Roses have the greatest range. And that led to a big debate on line -- and -- on the show but just on the Internet in in general. Suggesting that that meant -- Axl Rose was the greatest singer of all time greatest rock singer of all time. And then that led to a discussion about -- was some -- -- there are a lot of great great pop rock singers. Axl Rose is among them. Robert Plant -- people suggested to Paul Rodgers bad company free Steve Perry. A number of people -- and Ronnie James Steele and I -- All of these different people being mentioned just shows the diversity. Of our audience. On -- health for Judas Priest Freddie Mercury into mine number of people think and Wilson had been a tar. -- a sport. Elvis Chris Cornell Geoff Tate queen's Reich a -- -- frankly Janis Joplin Sebastian Bach of Skid Row he had done an amazing voice. He didn't really only -- also I don't know what he sounds like now. He had an amazing voice Steven Tyler was mentioned Gwen Stefani -- kind of the pretenders. Sammy Hagar. And renewable Jon Bon Jovi and Felix Jones yet as I would put -- GOP's -- really did get better overtime it was never bad. But that time we've also been talking about. Pop rock singers. Who didn't have a great voice. But they had style. And that's what made them successful. Nick -- Eddie Money on deal. Bruce Springsteen Jimmy Buffett Kid Rock -- Robert Smith of the cure Kurt Cobain. Bryan Adams and he better. And I'm somebody just added text about Madonna. As she didn't have a great voice does have a great voice her voice did become more trained it did get better overtime. By Madonna really had style and that's what made -- especially. In the beginning her voice was not sensational in the beginning at all. But it was her it was her style with holiday borderline and lucky -- -- bad eighties. These kind of from piece dial. Did that she had that. Visually and and as far as their voices concern at all seem to have to go out again if you -- -- -- with comet are numbers 2601870. Total free 8668890. Point 78. And a text numbers 87070. Here's a Texan reads watching big girl. At the flora -- I -- the girls. A performer at the flora -- We're talking about the great spots on the beach Florida and the pink pony Gulf Shores. I have to say that that's that's my favorite spot not the Destin and fort Walton and classical art really wonderful great beaches. I just I fell in love with that Gulf Shores area on the pink pony in Florida and here's a W a party general opinion poll tonight you be traveling this holiday weekend or just hang in Idaho. What apple is really changing because earlier only 4%. Said they were gonna be -- That's up to 13% now 87% say they're gonna -- at -- home. And detection somebody says. The recent poll was so -- is because all those who were traveling can't respond to the -- I'm from New Orleans -- a year on this crucial and VW well. Based -- on the greatest rock singer in the world. -- any I'm really going to called on nurture where that was gonna go but I don't know if we should have taken that to the end. If you wanna join us tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866890. Point 78. At a text numbers 877. Also tonight we've been talking about today still Robertson does it there's a new video out not -- Robertson from -- dynasty. I'm making more anti gay remarks and today and he has declined comment so far on this new video. He he made these comments while delivering a sermon. At a church in west -- on Easter Sunday. He includes homosexuals with the other groups such as Steve's adulterers. As hell bound sinners. And issued a lot of people disagree with that. He certainly has a right to say that I'm Haney suspended him for a couple of days. He issued an apology when he -- According -- GQ magazine in an interview. How leaky homosexual behavior with beastie Al but he also made some racist comments say -- wasn't happy with that. -- he certainly has a right to say these things and I'm I'm wondering how. Many people who watch -- dynasty. Are gonna disagree with his comments about news. Again. If all the gays and lesbians. Who watched -- dynasty every week stopped watching. Do you think the ratings would change at all -- -- I don't think so because I don't think that's that's a big order I disagree with Phil Robertson. But I agree that he does have a right to say when he said. Also the Louisiana legislature has passed a bill that could force the closure of several of the State's five abortion clinics. So if it's less convenient to get an abortion. Would people become more responsible. With their sexual activity. And if that's the case how could that be a bad thing. I'm pro choice. From a legal standpoint I'm pro choice. But an anti abortion. And I don't think that's an impossible. And I don't think it's is that it's impossible to have both those opinions. I'm pro choice because I'm not a woman and legally I understand. The right to choose. Only early. In the pregnancy. -- about late term abortion. That this continues to be just ferry ferry controversy hot button issue. And I think this is one of the issues that if Republican candidates continue to bring this up it's gonna hurt. The image of the Republican Party. But if it's done if it's less convenient to get an abortion. Would that make people more sexually responsible and wouldn't that be a good thing. I would hope that nobody's just having reckless sex whenever they want thinking oh well if I get pregnant I'll just get an abortion. Mean I hope people don't think that. But I'm not die even innocent people do. But -- -- was less convenient to get an abortion would that make somebody more responsible with their sex life. And if it would I would love to see anything make people more responsible with their sex life. Because that's truly one of the fundamental problems we have in this country. There's people just having sex in not being responsible. And not being responsible with the children. That result from sex. That come into the world. If you and join us tonight are numbers 260187. Toll free 86688907. And text number is 878 Saturday here's a Texan the Alabama beaches. Thank you for the free advertising. Well I'm not doing this to promote the Alabama beaches are promoting this because it's my personal opinion it's it's what I honestly believe -- They're destined for -- all those places are great but I just kind of fell in love with the the attitude of the atmosphere. Of of Gulf Shores and I have to say that the pink pony is one of my favorite spots because it's just such. Such a wonderful place that's so personifies. What you think it would be like to be on the beach. A group of conservatives. -- a 121. Page policy manifesto titled room to grow. Conservative reforms for a limited government and a thriving middle class. We'll talk about that right after this break. But that if you will. -- it's Angela hill sometimes the best guest. Are in the audience we're looking for people who are addicted to. To high risk adventures. In the category. Really successful singer but got a good voice Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. I mean I love his voice. But I wouldn't call it a great voice like Freddie Mercury here seem -- here. Robert Plant. Is a text Elton John another tax Linda Ronstadt go -- like the people are coming on both things -- best place on the beach. And the the greatest rock voice and they -- Linda Ronstadt and and Gulf Shores and we know with that means. Here's the text -- patsy collided Brenda Lee. And here is another -- I'm not a fan of him but my mom loved prints. A prince was one of those who had among -- the the widest the broadest ranges. In music. But again I wouldn't say that prince has a great voice. He's a great performer. It's more about style. And his abilities is great -- got a couple of a text about two Whitney Houston as well. If you are -- and tonight the -- short numbers 2601 -- seventy. Toll free 86688. Nines here which protects a -- 7870. We're thrilled to have actually heal in a radio friendly here at WWL. And she's got some great stuff tomorrow every Friday is always fun with -- Angela. And -- the clock it's open Mike. What's trending news sports entertainment social media what was the biggest story of the week TU. New Orleans losing the bid for Super Bowl -- in 2018. VA scandal. Mark Cuban owner of the Dallas mavericks' big -- bigot comment you know we talk about that tonight. I share your story all of that with Angela -- Cohen and -- from B 97 also Todd Manassas. From our room management staff here at the -- Thomas is also in the reluctance and sees it. -- 2 o'clock with Angela let's have fun Friday a shall talk about what's hot and what's not at the movies and on demand. And previews over the big releases this week and X-Men and others blended Adam Sandler and drew -- more back together again. And also to talk about the big events the Greek fest and the opening of the outlets collection. That's the name of the mall at river walk and at 3 o'clock -- this more celebrating its 22 annual New Orleans wine and food experience. And he is the perfect guys so don't miss an open mind. With the legendary -- field tomorrow one to 400 of hero now from Henry Brian -- on WWL. If scooter about that 121 page conservatively all -- I really hope people -- not bind. I'm I'm not a Republican and I'm not a Democrat. But I'm I'm -- numbers. And I'd back myself away from mob political rhetoric. And if you look closely you will see that government spending at the break now make up 40% of our economy. And I'm looking forward this was 3% so there's been 37%. Growth. And every economic problem that we haven't country goes back to back that government just won't stop well. It doesn't matter who gets elected -- on both. United the government needs to stop growing and needs to actually downsized Brian. Conference call we talk more about this coming up in a few minutes and as good blog tonight. Which is on our web site to the right hand column under our opinions is titled another new direction for Republicans. And it's about this a group of prominent conservatives. Are releasing this 121 page policy manifesto designed to create a message to attract middle class voters back to the Republican Party. You can read it share it edition coming -- you like it's on our website at WW real dot com. From Shaq stay Andrew you're on WW -- Yes of course yes. -- If you were fortunate to live in the French Quarter. I worked for W. Where we're mutual but it certainly yeah. I don't live in the I don't technically live in the French Quarter I lived downtown I live a block away from the French Quarter is -- I think I talk about the French Quarter because it's essentially my neighborhood along with with downtown. Where I live in Louise if I could live anywhere if if distance wasn't a problem. -- That type of course where were you there. -- if you can live in the country. Originator of Bravo. And Lafayette Bo what -- you there. Well I -- I couldn't work here live in Lafayette although Lafayette -- corner -- -- city. You know over the it did this last weekend I was soon across the -- -- to raffle house with the saint Tammany. A home builders association and this was in an area called terra bella. And it was a really great neighborhood did I've I've I could actually see myself living in in that that kind of setting. You know I've -- on the North Shore before I've I've lived in Indian rural areas are around the country have always lived in the city. Also do not show. Britain we're broke. Try having their allotted there are a lot of great places around in there and corporate relations but. -- -- and you are Hitler didn't have a hard time competing you know. I opted to bat it was yesterday how long's drugs. Are all. Oh warmly while. -- -- -- -- -- Puerto -- -- not a long widget here. You mean not in you -- -- in Louisiana did not in New Orleans. But it's a future career that he's an annual. You know I'd I'd find I'd I'd find one of the appointment go to one of did the quaint little towns on the -- you somewhere. Now I'd pick a place like that. I'd -- I appreciate. All right well thank you for calling them -- elicited a VW -- tonight. If you were to join us tonight with your comment on numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Its -- text Amber's late 77. Getting a couple of -- about David Coverdale usually singer of white snake. I put him in the category of pop singers that it didn't have a great voice but very successful because it is style. And here is attacks that re I mentioned earlier something about the the Tea Party. You know there were primaries in six different states this past Tuesday. And there were some promising I mentioned that there were some promising Tea Party candidates. And the Tea Party candidates lost. To I guess you would call them more mainstream Republicans. As I'm sure you'd know the Tea Party and also the conservative right in those are two different entities. The Tea Party in the conservative right sometimes get confused with each other people confused and as the same. But the Tea Party and the conservative right are both trying to take control of the Republican Party very disappointed in -- the direction the Republican Party. And so here's a -- -- there's no such thing as a promising Tea Party candidates. They are balloons. Who would drive us into a complete economic shut down. They have no concept. Of compromise. And the Tea Party with Ted Cruz. As one of the leaders. The Tea Party was essentially behind -- the partial government shutdown. Over the which. Proved to be. A meaningless. Partial shut him. It did not accomplish what they wanted to accomplish it did even come close to accomplishing what the Tea Party years wondered to accomplish. It was a mistake. It was a dumb move. And I'm not sure right I think you'll remember Rush Limbaugh even -- it it was a dumb thing to do. So let's not just my opinion it it not only did not work. But it hurt the image of the Republican Party. So there's this battle for control of the Republican Party right now on this is still at a crossroads for the party. Andy's Tea Party candidates lost their bids to be mainstream Republicans. Today there's a group of a prominent conservatives who released a 100 and a 21 page. Policy manifesto. Designed to give a new message to attract middle class voters to the Republican Party. The other group behind the message describes themselves as reform conservatives. Made up of right. Leaning writers. And rightly meaning political analyst. And the group claims that he has been trying to influence the direction of the Republican Party since the 2012 loss to President Obama. The Tea Party and another group that police -- Republican Party must move to the right in order to win elections are both fight for control of the party. And then -- the mainstream Republicans who were trying to fend off both of these challenges. I spent a lot of time talking about the mistakes of the Republican Party on the show. And that has attracted criticism from some people who perceive it is bashing the Republican Party. I've been very consistent. Before the 2012 election openly talked about the mistakes the Republican Party was making with their presidential bid with Mitt Romney. And after the election many prominent Republicans. Expressed the same opinions I was expressing before the election. After the election. Talking about the same. Things that needed to change about the party. And yet here we are 2014. Approaching the mid term elections in November and that's -- very heated this this summer and early fall. And in the party still doesn't have its strong identity. So I find myself actually an excellent company once again with a new group of distinguished conservatives. Who are desperate to get their party new message. Which. Essentially something that that that it has to be concise before the next presidential election 2016. If the Republican Party. Continues to allow itself to be defined by the Tea Party and the ultra right. -- it will have a very difficult time winning the White House. Attempts. To drive the party to the rights. With issues like abortion. Same sex marriage immigration and moral issues. They give the impression of dictating personal decisions of individuals. This will continue to offend women minorities. And younger voters and that's what the Republican Party did and that's why the party lost in 2012. But did the Republican Party was shocked. That it lost because the economy wasn't good. And and there were a lot of I guess you could say. Questions about president Obama's leadership. But the Republican Party. Just had the wrong message. And they took a moderate candidate. A moderate candidate and present him as too conservative. And Mitt Romney was even comfortable in his own skin Mitt Romney's a really good guy. And he was a successful governor as a moderate governor. Of Massachusetts. And -- letting The Who eagerly Willis. The point is America's changing. But change. Is one of those things that hardcore conservatives innately resist. And even the younger conservatives disagree. With this entire mentality. Of the conservative right when it comes to things like same sex marriage and and -- legalizing marijuana. Right wing and left wing candidates don't win presidential elections. Candidates -- percent a more moderate image do George W. Bush ran as a compassionate conservative. I can't imagine. The ultra right I can't imagine. Did the the right wing. Faction of the Republican Party. Not criticizing and condemning compassionate conservative. I don't think that would work today because that's how split the party is but that's one of the reasons George Bush was able to win. Ronald Reagan won because he attracted so many Democrats. Did there was a term called Reagan Democrats. Whether the perception is fair or not. The Republican Party is gain the image as a party that is against things. Rather than a party that acts like it's in touch with America in 2014. The original message added that the Tea Party has been hijacked by right wing wackos like. Went back when nor did himself as a Tea Party leader. I'm bringing in social and moral issues into a message it was originally a message of fiscal responsibility and smaller government. And that should be the message of the Republican Party. There are a lot of people who define themselves as Republicans. But they are rejected. By many in the party because they do not agree with the ban on same sex marriage they do not agree with. With trying to keep marijuana illegal. There are millions of Republicans who are socially liberal. And fiscally conservative. And any appeal to these Republicans. Will also attract the attention of the type of moderate liberals that Ronald Reagan successfully attracted when he ran for president in eighty. And 84. As long as the moral police. Of the Republican Party. Continue to control the message of the party. They should not expect to win the White House. And to those of you who are part of the moral police force within the Republican Party. I -- she have a choice. Either you support a Republican candidate. -- focuses on being physically responsible and promotes smaller government and doesn't bother with all the social issues that have. Have in my opinion tainted the image of the Republican Party. You -- there except that that -- Republican candidate or prepare to lose elections. Conservative -- easy to understand that America. Will not support a party that gives the impression of invading the private lives of individuals. And asking the government to stay out of your personal life. Is one of the fundamental beliefs. A conservative ideology -- I don't think I don't think. Supporting same sex marriage in America. Is a liberal issue. I think it's every bit conservative issue as it is a liberal issue. Because it's about. The government not being involved in a personal moral issue. In your life. This could -- tonight is titled. Under the new direction for Republicans. Rita -- give us your comments it's on our website at WWL dot com if you're an address from the -- tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's happening at a -- -- is -- 77. Today is an interesting day and I don't know how many of you know what today is may 22. May 22 is. A designated day. It is hasn't gone that long but in in very recent -- times last fifteen years. This has been in a special day. And we'll tell you -- When we come back. Rod -- that the put him in the category of not a great voice and interesting voice. I mean. I liked his voice you -- like -- lately but I've been putting in the same categories. Like Freddie Mercury Robert Plant it Steve Perry but. Very successful artist that this is this cute show for coming back after this break maybe if you will. Yeah. Tonight we've been talking about their greatest pop rock courses. And again at Texas a moment ago. Suggesting seemingly. From -- and cents. This is a song called premium -- This and ever since. Leads -- you're talking about. What today's. May 22. He has world enough to. And Evans since has been one of the band is that is being considered I guess on the more commercial side of a goth music. Worked -- they originated in the UK in 2009. Celebrated around the world. There's really not much of -- I don't know anything on scene in New Orleans. Places like Denver. One for cities but from my personal experience in Denver Portland -- -- -- -- -- -- Black trench and I'm really stereotyping here black trench coats. Sometimes says she'd had with one big block of here that's long. Theory pay yield four pale makeup on very heavy. I make -- Sometimes black lips and black fingernails. A lot of a lot of corset tops. The women where. And I guess if there was a big Garcia in the French word that would -- guys -- -- -- of course it's not just as as well but today's world -- Goth -- I guess you would call gothic subculture. And the people who are part of goth look very menacing. And they look very evil. But they're really very. Nice people. For the most part read that there are bad people in any group. Again there's not much of I don't know any gussy. Here in New Orleans. That there are -- -- scenes all over and this is several -- days I just wanted to mention it to you haven't sense Evan Evan essence. I did pronounce Iran -- And in essence okay thank you for correcting me on that. If you graduate Russia with a comment tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Dines here late Saturday. In a text number 87870. Retarded and another new direction for Republicans there's just so I knew -- manifesto. That it presents a policy for any Republican candidates running for office. Coming up in the mid term elections in 2014 this year in November. That would help guide them with with a new direction. Here's a text that -- tough moral police the Republicans in this states are headed towards selecting an alleged adulterer. To the governor's mansion next election. What a joke. Here is. Text that reads. That's good there's a name for people that are fiscally conservative and socially liberal. They're called. Libertarians. The libertarians are much closer to conservatives. Then to. Liberals. There are a lot of conservatives that are not libertarians. Libertarians again are closer to conservatives then to -- liberals but. You know they're they're really does need to be this this new image and and again I think these people were. They were kind of equivalent if if if if there were people today. Who were. In the group. Fiscal conservatives. And what smaller government. There what the government to to get out of debt there with the government to be fiscally responsible. But yet they're socially liberal. If there was a more definite group of those people I think today. Those people. Words. Would mirror the Reagan Democrats. In the eighties those people who crossed over. And yet I just I don't see that happening. And reduced to meet the Republican Party continues to be beholden to the far right. Where to the Tea Party years who give the Tea Party in my opinion a bad name by by bringing in all the of the social issues. Along with being this week a fiscally -- conservative. Then the Republican party's gonna have part time winning I realize that it's really easy to say well I'm just bashing the Republican Party. But how many times. In your life. How many times. Have you been critical of the sites. Re bashing the saints. Or were -- critical of the saints. Because you actually want them to win. Are you want them to be a better team. I'd like both political parties to be better than they -- And I've been consistent with these observations and there are times when there are prominent Republicans who. Speak out in including this new group refer to as reform conservatives. And their rights leaning writers in political analyst and they've they've come up with this this new strategy to attract middle class voters. And while a little a lot of middle class voters do. Vote Republican. That there oral on -- just not happy with the Republican Party I just take a boost to the rights. And have always thought this would be a big mistake here is here's a text then it's tells me the dungeon the -- -- burger. Well -- is right off suburban street. That used to be got -- I don't know if it's still a got hang out now. -- Paula -- this crucial under the W well. And I dispute who. Actually -- Are source. Four -- story. With not so great -- You mentioned on the world view and it made me think of but he below. -- -- -- Archer. Yeah I don't know I don't think that they didn't have good voices but the they had style. Right. That will be my number one choice. Vote. And I guess. But to be free -- Joe Cocker. I would put that in the category of not a great voice but -- very stylish and a lot of us a lot of solid character in their voice. -- pollen political show and thanks listening to W -- at night here's a texting goth remembered the crystal on Decatur streets in the early nineties. Where anything ever got arrested. Definitely got. No I don't remember that. I mean I was here in the I was in early nineties but then. In the mid ninety's I left Philadelphia Miami Seattle Portland Denver and then came back a couple of years ago so I must have missed the crystal. On Decatur. That's -- we don't the other night we talked about how there are no a big country of ours. The country music pars in New Orleans to New Orleans area. Under apparently there is going to be one at the new river river walk all the just open up its called out with the -- collection. And it's outlet malls with. You know big names in Neiman Marcus and at that list goes on how a coach at that list goes on and on. So this isn't going to be a very successful ball and apparently they're gonna have a country music Barbara it's amazing that there's no big country music -- In New Orleans area now -- and so since today's world golf day. Are there any places that are are still -- Mean there are there are there are people who are my generation and younger and at one time they were part of the gusty. Where you or your friend to God's. And was was the world is ever a city that had a -- again if if they if they did I was just out of the loop but didn't know about it. Or when it happened I was in here. If you gonna join us tonight. Our numbers 260. 1870. Toll free 86688. 90 it's happening. -- number is 87870. Here's another band that has been associated with the goth scene sushi inventions. -- the issues but it's all spelled -- like Sioux Indians as side. They just do that to confuse me. -- we'll be right back out to be a hero. I'm not sure how many talk radio host reminded you that today may 22 is world golf today. This is -- -- that was associated with live -- -- -- and and and if you look at their Robert Smith that the singer -- his hair black clothes. He'll face makeup that wears a lot of make up. That's very god. It really is sad that there's not a big -- -- In New Orleans and it takes your handicaps. I didn't go to any camps so we've got to the crystal indicator. Any caps. And and I don't know whether it's still the case spiked the dungeon just off -- receive the French Quarter. It was a -- -- again Rogers got senior. A this is what it is missing -- New Orleans. We should have a Gosling. Taylor -- -- in a surprise that that the city has it worked toward creating are encouraging gusting. We've got scene because if we wanna which tracks. If that would attract businesses. To the city. Big businesses. Fortune 500 companies. Big businesses. We need to have a goth scene. So the CEOs and the executives. So they bring their kids here a lot of their kids are into goth. One's a teenager to -- that would have a place ago. So it might be to the economic benefit of New Orleans. To inspire. A goth scene and today is world. Gaz -- There's a new law that is cruising through the legislature that would let the government not the family decide when a brain dead pregnant woman could be taken off life support. Is that protection of human life or tremendous over -- by the government. And to what if it was your family and weirdest God's will fit in all of this. And who pays that's one of the things -- -- Terkel talked about tomorrow morning -- WL first news with Tommy Tucker tomorrow morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- This is the -- show with Andrew will be right back after the news on every WL.