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May 23, 2014|

Who do you think has one of the greatest rock voices or didn't have a great voice, but put on a great show? ALSO: this upcoming weekend is Memorial Day Weekend – a federal holiday to remember the men and women who died while serving in the United States Military. It’s also a time to BBQ and hit the beach. What is your favorite beach spot along the Gulf Coast? Will you be travelling this weekend or just staying home and hanging out? the Louisiana legislature passed a bill that could force the closure of several of the state’s five abortion clinics. If it is less convenient to get an abortion – will people be more responsible when it comes to sex? : a new video shows ‘Duck Dynasty’ star Phil Robertson making more anti-gay comments during a sermon in a church. Do you think A&E or sponsors will take action against him once again? Should they? How is what he is saying different than what the Clippers owner said about black people? Do you think we will ever reach a point in America where everyone can be accepted for who and what they are and not judged by others?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tomorrow is the official beginning of Memorial Day weekend which is the emotional beginning of summer so we've been talking about it best. This spot on the beach whether it's just the beach itself in the water or whether it's a place like the pink pony at a Florida -- -- shores a couple of my favorite spot. We're been talking about the debate sponsored peace if you -- -- contribute something and maybe we haven't mentioned tonight to wish your favorite spots along the Gulf Coast beaches for Memorial Day. You might not be going this Memorial Day but if you go to the beach where do you -- DO. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Accepting. And a text -- -- 77 and a forecast to the beach this weekend from Mississippi Alabama Florida all the beaches. High of 85 to ninety and the water temperature -- temperature. 77 victories. If you're just a little chilly when you first stepped in it -- well. That's awesome. And I think about the the West Coast cities is pretty is California is what I lived briefly in San Diego. I didn't spend much time in the water has its holes. Fifty degrees six trees I mean it's it it it it's cold. And then you get -- two and Portland and Seattle -- Oregon and in Washington it's even colder so 77 degrees it's just is awesome. Here's a W a pretty general opinion poll tonight will you be traveling this holiday weekend are hanging out at home. Our poll says switched years earlier only for only 4% were traveling. Now it's up to 15%. An 85% and a little Sony did does send a -- though and said while the recent polls the laughs it is because those people were traveling. -- texture right now also tonight he talked about a 63 year old man who was arrested at a Memphis movie theater. He was arrested because he's -- fell out of his pocket and went off in the theater. -- name is George Gholston. He was arrested when he is 38 caliber to shot deer injure. Went off in the movie theater in Memphis -- it on -- pocket. Should this -- lose his right liberal gun. I would think so. And the movie theater had signs up weapons are not allowed. The guy. Broke the rules and -- weapon in. I think if you act like this with a gun and I think you lose your right to Oregon. -- prevent rouge Brian you're on WWL. You out a couple quick comment. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And or another they're. Being eager and all that category. Which is not like -- that much about it yet. -- don't like you are the best point. I wouldn't I would agree with them and yet you when you when you say somebody has a great voice like a lot of people think Bruce Springsteen has a great voice but it's that really great voice -- they're saying he's a great performer more than they're saying yes a great -- Yet they agree that people like to open up our. Yeah more or. Let pat and you know -- ready or don't shoot out there. Yeah those truly are our great voices but then there are a lot of great performers who did -- great voice but -- -- because -- -- style. Camaraderie and that's I yeah see it going. Appreciate lectures and how are that are. It a -- to the media to occur or that make them not only. But now. Now. People older and further away act -- -- a conservative group has. And then through. The. That's at mystics are you you have become less conservative over the years. I can think -- time in my life when I you. Was much more conservatives. That I had to -- Come in here. Top group of religion back. You know -- their -- comparative. But looking back on. I think a lot of what is unique to you. Culture -- -- -- opting Peter. Either. You know -- for. Internet paying shouldn't you -- in June. Which you know like -- one -- early. You know drink one drink that you're gonna become and our -- and -- aren't really not to be further from the truth then. You know what you. You know it eat into the real world. And a little bit and realize you know they're they're out there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A bright I enjoy our conversation I appreciate you -- listening and they error there is a vocal minority out this year. And the vocal minority is represented divided the Rush Limbaugh's and the far right and says those on the far left. I guess the Al sharpton's in and people like that. They tend to get a lot of attention. They represented minority in this country this country is really dominated by people who have a more moderate view but I think this is -- a legitimate point. That's not is pleasing to the media. Because the media loves to focus on things that are extreme. When you seek coverage of a gay pride parade. What are you see. You see the most flamboyant characters in the operate. You don't see. The conservative. Tight. Couples. Male and female couples. That water raise kids and it live in neighborhoods. Lived extorted people. You don't see the ones who are really just like you. But that's the nature of news. And we make a mistake. By allowing the news to define entire groups. Because the nature of the news is defined things that are bizarre. That they're not gonna focus on something that is on is average the lack of focus on the person who's not being outrageous. And that's why I. Whenever I hear people say well you know why they try to cram down our throat. Well they don't. It doesn't mean it's it's some marked in the same way that some Christians started -- christianity down your throat. Those are the ones that will get the most attention in the media. But it's up to us as consumers of the media to be Smart enough. To understand that that's the working at the media that's the nature of the media because it's about getting attention. And so we can't judge ourselves we can't judge different groups. By the media. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban known for. Making wild statements. Well. At a conference in Nashville. The topic came up about Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald sterling. And -- racist rant. And Mark Cuban said I know why impressions. I know I'm bigoted. In a lot of different ways. He said if I see a black kid in a hoodie on my side of the street. I'll move to the other side of the street. If I see a white guy with a shaved head and tattoos. Undecided he's now on. I'll move to the other side of the street. None of us. Have pure thoughts. We all live in glass houses. Is that something that you do. If you see. A black kid nobody. If you see a white kid. I say kid you know who -- on TV and late teens and and twice. If you see a white guy with a shaved head and tattoos or are you moving to the other side of the street. Is that your instinct. Living downtown and walking around downtown that the French Quarter I see people like this all the time. Detect when I was attacked. By four black males in the CBD. I was on what side of the street. They cross the street they came over to my site. So I didn't have a choice of crossing the street or. Or not. But I don't. I guess. I guess I think. I think about my environment. When a pass anybody at street. But I don't go to the other side of the street. View. And is that a sign of being prejudiced. Being bigoted. If you -- -- show the -- to greater numbers 260187. Toll free 866890870. At a text number. Is -- 77. And this that. I I guess I should be and really no argument to 63 year old man who was arrested when his gun went off in a movie theater I mean you Lucia right to own a gun. I respect the Second Amendment but if you can't handle a gun responsibly then it's pretty simple you don't have begun. Memphis police say that this -- 63 year old George Gholston. Was arrested and charged Tuesday of this week with reckless endangerment. And failing to follow -- posted no weapons notice. The movie theater had signs up weapons are not a lot. And and who needs to bring a gun into a movie theater. And then think about all the people who had argued. That after the the shooting at the horror movie theater in Colorado. It is if people had been armed they would have been able to take the gunman down. I just don't think that's a realistic scenario and it sounds like that the it's gonna happen in in. And in a movie -- literally in a movie but you know in in in in a movie story. It's dark. A lot of people who own guns are not well trained. So you want a lot of people who are dot well trained to just pull out they're going to start shooting in a movie theater. I just don't think that's the answer but there are people who want to believe. And they promote the idea that if everybody's armed. Society would be safer and I do understand in theory. The idea that if if if every perpetrators. Knew that the person that they were approaching had a -- They probably would approach that person. So literally if everybody was -- In theory. That might work but practically speaking I don't think it's gonna work. It was an off duty police officer at the movie theater in Memphis when this happened and he immediately a rest of the guys. But be seriously if you don't know how to handle a gun and you lose your right to own a gun. Mean you have a right to own a gun but it -- she -- responsibility. I don't have a problem with saying Second Amendment notwithstanding. You can't own a gun anymore dude. It's over. And they -- about it during the signs. And I think this is is proof that -- gun owners who are break the law. Don't pay attention to laws. And people who wanna get a gun illegally in years ago any legally they're gonna pay attention to laws either. So there are a lot of people on both sides I guess -- Are breaking the rules. If you at a joint -- rights are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. And our text number -- 87870. What is your favorite place along the beach if we have we not mention to place this one your favorite spots along the Gulf Coast beaches. We're about to we're about forty almost forty minutes away from the official beginning of Memorial Day weekend which is the on emotion which the opium is the emotional. Beginning of summertime. And no Lotta peoples as part of the country had to -- so when you go to the beach which what are your favorite spots also we're talking about the greatest pop rock singers ever. And the pop rock singers that were very very successful. But they really didn't have a great voice. Our numbers 2601872. All 386688. Nines -- -- seventy. At a -- -- 7870 is a text about a crossing the street to get away from somebody I'll read that. And nugget -- -- more of your text coming up right after this break on Debbie WL. On his side of the street in no mood to the other side of the street as he sees a white guy with a shaved -- intent to news. On the site that he's on and he'll move to the other side of the street. Is that is that what you do. There's a Texan reads. And -- good thing we don't get ticketed in the quarter for jaywalking with all the crossing of the street. For on com. For oncoming -- And tattoos and shaved heads yet you'd be constantly crossing the street if you were to the other side of the street you're in the French Quarter even many places downtown. I don't terror I don't do that. I try to be careful and cognizant of -- their surroundings in and people around me but I don't want to the other side of the street. Got a text in a moment ago from some ways says crossing the street but to get away from anybody doesn't really make you a -- get it just makes you kind of a wimp. And I guess that's something else that I think about I would. I'd rather show strength and weakness in a five across the street and that's that's announcing to somebody that I'm afraid of them. If they wanna get meeting and get me when he decided the street soul why -- crossing the street. If you -- an issue with your comment tonight hard numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889087. -- -- -- -- -- I said that this says 63 year old man who. A lot of going to fall on its pocketed a movie theater of the gun went off in the movie theater he's arrested. A -- I don't think this guy deserves. The right to own a gun. And -- text says as saying that people who don't handle guns properly. Should lose their Second Amendment Rights is like saying that people who speak recklessly should -- have their mouths. -- shot. The united I gotta disagree with that. -- -- can I join us for your comment to 60187. Toll free 866. 8890 point seven at a text numbers except me serie a good to abort your text or distort -- from Pascagoula Fred -- cute show good evening Fred. Yeah almost all continued man -- that Rod Stewart and I did get brought up earlier -- You know I'll listen to you all -- war good to hear all of the global. Are you put Rod Stewart in the category of a great voice or somebody who doesn't have a great voice but is -- a great performer. Well think these -- -- -- You know he's not -- in on years will fall. Yeah unique voice Phoenix now yet. You and I say the same thing of Willie Nelson willing -- in the points that are very unique -- Yeah. Like. Obsolete. All of -- -- And yeah another. Toward. Through your. Agent and I this year. And I'm not sure. If she -- Powell. She is a powerful voice -- I would disagree with you as far as this year agreed voice I put -- in the category of somebody who is a great performer but not. Now agreed voice not -- -- not hard to. Compared to some of the people that we've talked about it great voices like Robert Plant and and Axl Rose is Steve Perry and Freddie Mercury paint Kansas sensational voice. This does -- The year as a group and good voice yeah. And -- a -- lower these -- infusions for keep looking at Dillard. It's. -- You know sheer. Oh what I've been a real big our. Goal -- you can count for its -- world shouldn't -- On no she can't Fred I'm glad to college showing specialist over Pascual. Here's a text about their favorite spots to go live when you're going to the beach or someplace like that. -- I know this is not really impeachment being from New Orleans and living in Dallas now. However my favorite places to come back to in Louisiana is Delacroix island. Nothing like being down on the buy you getting ready to go fishing from Louisiana specks and reds finished. The marsh. It's pretty special down there that's from Billy Billy thanks for listing of -- issue. As you brought that topic because there are a lot of special places that that aren't that aren't beaches. But since Memorial Day weekend and is the emotional beginning of summer time when a lot of people go to the beach with -- we've richest. So little time to talk about Memorial Day tomorrow night on the the show as well. But I thought we'd to start talking about some of the best spots ago. On the beach and and yet there are the first obliquely places down I'm not a fisherman. Now -- been fishing I'm not a fisherman so. I don't know that I would get a joy out of for getting ready to go fishing but I could enjoy being at a place like Delacroix island is being on the volume. Now wants to occasionally take a drive him on the body and -- haven't done in awhile something I'm gonna have to do so I just want to go to on the by UN. -- -- Just become part of that that culture and that way of life. And so much of the life on the buy you in Louisiana it seems to. Seems to be. So isolated from. -- modern world but put in a very good way not in a backwards kind of -- -- in in a very positive way. If you're enjoying our show -- comic tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text numbers 877. I hear is attacks -- best singer of all time flow from progressive insurance. Year -- don't know about that I mean. The she's been -- and as she hears a text Disco too great writers not so great voices Bob Dylan and Neil Young. Your friend in music is -- Thank you for that missed volley that's been fun talking about -- singers if you just joiner showed tonight. This then I got a text last night. I'm asking me if I agreed to if Axl Rose was the greatest rock singer of all time. And I didn't respond to it because I did know what it was all about but today I found out that there was -- there wearers it's a big controversy. Online. And on Twitter and FaceBook last night all across the country. Because a web sites. Concert hotel dot com. Charted the third the range to the broad ranges in invoices. Of top pop rock performers. An axle rose. Had -- we had the broadest range in music. And that led on all -- people to assume that that meant he was the greatest singer of all time and that led to the controversy. And while I think actual Axl Rose is among the greatest pop rock singers. There -- so many Robert plant's. Steve Perry Ronnie James Steele. Rob how offered Judas Priest Freddie Mercury queen pink and Wilson. Ozzie Osborne Chris Cornell got a number of checks mentioned Chris Cornell for sound garden I Geoff Tate from queen's Reich. That guy could sing mean and it was a queen queen's -- fan but. Interest I think there's still performing some bosh and Bach of Skid Row was incredible didn't really take care of himself over the years I don't know what it sounds like now but he had an incredible voice. We'll be bench and Steven Tyler Quinn Stefani. Sammy Hagar -- apple. Annie Lennox and Joan Jett and then we've also had a list. And pop rock singers. Who didn't have a great voice but they were successful because they had great style Madonna Jimi Hendrix. Kurt Cobain Robert Smith of the cure bonanno Kid Rock a perfect example of that kid rock and incredible performer but I wouldn't say is a great voice and that's okay. Mig Jagger Eddie Money. Now Bob Dylan. Any better. I would just say any better has style and of course -- agreed songwriter with with Pearl Jam but I wouldn't put into the category of and having a really great voice here's an update on our WW -- -- jaguar opinion poll tonight will you be traveling this holiday weekend or just hanging out at home. Earlier tonight. Only 4% said they'd be traveling now that's up to 14%. 86. Are just gonna hang out of home. Which is fine you can give us your opinion by going to our -- -- if you want to count. Also the -- like tonight is -- titled. Another new direction for Republicans. And it's about this senator group of prominent conservatives that today released a 102 when he went page policy manifesto. Decide to help create a new message to attract the middle class voters to the Republican Party and the group behind the message describe themselves as. Reform conservatives. Made up of right leaning writers and political analyst. And the group claims that they had been trying to influence the direction of the Republican Party since the 2012 lost to President Obama. And what this group is trying to do is get the Republican Party. To do wide I have suggested they needed to do even before the 2012 election. And that is stop focusing on all of these moral issues. Stop focusing on trying to tell people how to lead their lines it's not working in terms of attracting voters. Younger voters who are conservative. Don't agree with the older established conservatives when it comes to things like. Same sex marriage. Legalizing pot immigration. Mean America's change. Mean America's always changed it's as as time goes on but this country's changing and I realized that that conservatives. Innately. Resist change. But you have to at some point recognize. Significant changes that have taken place and I'm. Hi I'm really tired of the of the moral police. Mean I was tired of a moral majority when I was a lot younger. And died I am consistent with the news throughout my radio career. Even when I was doing. A morning radio on on music stations I don't you know I did a lot of talk and even know I was on on music stations. And obligated to issues about about free speech and about two morality and I have been consistent over the years where it's not -- other people to tell me or. Not anybody how to how to lead their lives as long as what somebody does doesn't hurt you personally than its its really none of your business. And to me that's really congruent with. What America is supposed to stand for it that you and Russia are right our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a text Amber's late 77. Not necessarily the text not necessarily tops in several categories but the yeah but a consummate songwriter and singer. Neil Diamond would agree with that what about smoky provost -- Smokey Robinson is a really good voice. But I put him in the category of not a great voice but. Great performer. Here's a text about the -- beach Navarre beach is my favorite. And that's at the other end of Santa Rosa island from from Pensacola. And that is that's of a fun place it very nice has done has built up this is -- Pensacola beach. Again it's different if center a silent if I'm not mistaken if our beaches where they did the beach scenes for -- to. They are supposed to be said in -- In the northeast. Amityville if it was an admitted the tea or amity and everything -- -- -- it was amity and the island I think we -- jaws were sent. But the -- that. Steven Spielberg and there and did the producers like -- of the water in the sand. Along Pensacola beach and Navarre beach and I believe that's where they did the in fact that yeah that's what they do the opening scene where there's that contest going on or some thing going some some kind of a celebration going on. In a hotel that has an indoor pool or an indoor pool and that was it what used to be I don't know whether it's still is but -- we used to -- holiday Ian. On Navarre beach and then the that the scenes of the the the girl's scheme and shark catches up with Burton and polls are down in the boat explodes the that was done it to depart beach. I hear is attacks that reads if Hillary doesn't win in 2016. I'll take you out for free dinner -- Drago scoot. The fix is -- I don't think Hillary's issue. In 2016. And I don't know how anybody would actually fix that. And if Hillary does. Apple of course she's sort of brought. If she did get elected. It would only be because she was able to distance herself. From her moral or liberal side and present herself more -- As some as a moderate. Because that's how you win general elections. Here's a text about singers David Lee Roth great performer okay voice. -- agree that. Alan you're on WWL. You know my school good. What are strenuously you know -- -- can't get around them. Glen Campbell an unwritten they -- you'll yeah. Well it didn't. Have very popular. He was very popular Dee -- do you think he had a great voice. -- -- -- -- Now I'd say he had a a good voice but I I would put him in the category of evidence -- great -- -- every corner pretty. And so -- Alan -- you'd -- you're getting confused if you're listening to the radio you need to. Yeah I would agree that they -- good performers that have unique voices a really voices but not great voices. But it. Will you use our account and equipment programs -- I appreciate you calling -- showing you call us any time and you have a really good night. If you wanna join us tonight we hear your comment on numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a text number. Is -- 7870. So we're a couple of weeks away by actually less than two weeks away from the official beginning of hurricane season. And the federal forecasters. Have their prediction out they're predicting the last speaks storms than normal. I hope they're right this year last year they were predicting more big storms than normal and we had less. So they were wrong last year. So if the wrong this year that we're gonna get more big storms. Than normal. So I hope they're right this year. -- -- We'll be right back into the federal judge that was mentioned Dan is somebody who has a great voice I I'd put her in the category of not a great voice ideally a great performer. Again this is what this is one of those songs I love right this is one of the songs that just lives on and on and on. As an absolute rock anthem. I mean we will always hear this song and this will always have meaning. That there are a few songs like this that will just always be those absolute anthems. There is attacks that reason sometimes I think an eight year old with an eight ball can do a better job predicting the hurricane season then the meteorologist. -- arguing that. Here's a Texas to where -- was the last time the government has gotten anything right when it comes to the whether they screwed up with Katrina. They screwed up with sandy. So what makes us think. That they can give that we that we can give full faith in their predictions. It's really legitimate point. And does the government forecasters have predicted that this is going to be hurricane season with you were stored in what was really really cold this winter. We -- there -- usually cold weather. And I remember being on the year here to show and a couple people brought up via the the comment that. The they've heard that if it's a really cold -- That debt brings on a very active hurricane season with very big powerful storms. And -- little that I looked into it that did -- seemed to be the case. And I think. I think the winner before Katrina. Was a very very cold winter. That's -- because this winter and this this this spring. Has been relatively cool obvious -- -- now it's to be on over the weekend. But it has been relatively cool and that is that some people to believe that this is going to be a very active hurricane season but it's because el Nina. In the Pacific that has a big impact on even our weather. It leads to federal forecasters to protect children have fewer hurricanes says this year fewer big storm but you know what if if a hurricane hits your area. It doesn't matter how few there were. That it was a devastating hurricane season for you. Mean when Katrina hit here there were other people. Live in areas where there hurricanes and that was a great year for them it wasn't such a good year for. This area. Upon McCarty is -- is in the hospital. In Tokyo. And he's being treated for a of virus infection is led him to cancel his entire tour in Japan. He's OK he's getting treatment hospital in Tokyo and he's expected to make -- complete recovery. I'd be seeking time to to rest -- out the Japan tour 2014 this week. Was canceled. It appears as if he's going to be just fine for all of the states here in the united states of course of the year in New Orleans. Paul McCartney 71 years old he cities extremely moved by all the messages and well wishes that he's received from all over the world. And the mysterious story apologetic to use Japanese fans also tonight we have talked a little bit about. -- the -- dynasty patriarch -- Robertson. Making anti gay comments while delivering a sermon at a church in west Monroe on Easter Sunday. And he included homosexuals with other groups like thieves adulterers. As hell bound sinners. And a uniqueness declined to comment so far they suspended if -- Robertson for nine days. He did issue an apology. Way he made him a racist and anti gay comments in an interview -- if the bluntly the -- GQ GQ magazine. If if the guy's gonna make comments the sermon in church. Mean would you sort of expect him to make that kind of comment. And and I don't know why this would be surprised to anybody because it's. It's still Robertson. And there are people who. Feel like Phil Roberts it would come to homosexuality and it shouldn't be a surprise that they they say those things. Also there's been something really interesting and we'll talk more about this on the show tomorrow night fifty senators. Wrote a letter to NFL commissioner Roger dale. -- to the NFL to force the Washington Redskins to change their name. They say the franchise is on the wrong side of history and the Redskins name. Is a racial -- Should our politicians even be involved in this. And they're trying to make a comparison with the way Adam silver the NBA commissioner. Reacted when Donald Sterling the clippers owner went on his racist rant and that was publicized. And they're equating. What he said with a name risky it's. And Mississippi does come up on the show before -- do the Redskins. Need to change their name because it's a racial Slorc. I never perceived it -- that but I'm not native American I don't perceive it is that however. There are those who do and now fifty senators or bringing politics into telling the NFL to have the Redskins change -- name. A for Memphis Chris -- to -- WL. I skated. That's what they have been with into the tonight and -- -- -- to say is this. Forget all the predictions okay week and we can make all the predictions we want. But let's face the facts. The federal government does not deal with the aftermath. Of her cane or natural disasters very well there's too much regulation. Too much litigation. And all those other things that it in the eight and -- is very ineffective. In taking care of the people and let's just face the facts. New Orleans came back from Katrina because of the people. The New Orleans area and. Louisiana. Alcohol came back. -- -- state because of the people in the -- resource is -- what they did to pull together and pull beer. Resources together and help each other out the federal government was very. Very Natalie. Effective. And the same thing up there with Randy okay now what went in the -- April bunch of money. And what happened. What went back up and smoke again. Later on. It's the people. Of the area that can straighten themselves. Let's face the facts the federal government. Is ineffective when it comes to -- Local area rebuilding themselves -- -- of people that pulled together and they're pretty. And they -- humanity in each other that makes war. Where's that at the -- say it's a great observation and says the federal government does a lot of other things that are very ineffective and I did just by the very nature of a bureaucracy. There's is totally deficiency I've I appreciate you listening in Memphis tonight. So there's not a lot of talk continuing about New Orleans not getting Super Bowl 2008 team which is our tri Centennial. Year here in New Orleans. And went to Minneapolis because they've built apparently just because they've built -- a new stadium. And there are there were effect we talk about the -- last night a lot of people say well we need to build a new stadium. Do we really need to build a new stadium. I have fought just a little while ago. About why we don't need to build a new stadium I'll I'll share that with you coming up right after this break. -- -- -- Well it is almost the official beginning of Memorial Day weekend which is the emotional beginning of summertime we'll talk more about that on this -- show tomorrow night. Is a vital update on our to give -- a pretty general opinion poll tonight. So this a Memorial Day weekend and are you going to be traveling or just hang in our home. Only 14% say they're going to be traveling 86% say they're -- general which is is fine. There's always something new and our website WWL dot com there's a really great to blog by Garland Robinette. Nine and everybody should pay attention as she says -- because when our state leaders do now will determine the safety of your family your home and our future. The question is is big oil law is the big oil lawsuit. Dead in the water. You might wanna check out garlands blog at WW real dot com. And then there's scoop like tonight is a title and other new direction for the Republican Party. It's very consistent with -- observations that I made about the Republican Party since before. They lost to President Obama in 2012. And now there's a new group of conservatives. Who are trying to give the party -- written message which is very similar to the message that I thought the Republican Party should have -- even before. The 2012 election and that's on -- we're excited to -- if you don't account also a story about Drew Brees saying that he would like to play into his forties. And I don't see any reason why he wouldn't be able to do that that story is also on our web site. At WW -- dot com. LSU beat Arkansas today in the SEC tournament they just slip rate the Arkansas today's seven to two so that means they advance to the semifinal round Saturday. And they face the winner of tomorrow's all this Arkansas game. The pre game on Saturday between LSU and the winner of Ole miss Arkansas. A pregame starts at 11:30 Saturday morning and the first pitch is at twelve noon you'll hear it right here Saturday on WWL the big 870 AM 053. WW well FM. And industry blog tonight one thing that I talk about it talk about -- quite often they show. Is said the moral police. Particularly in the Republican Party in more police continue to wanna. Control of message of the Republican Party believing that it's best to steer the party to the right I think that's a major mistake. So this talk about New Orleans needing to build a new stadium. There's never been any talk about Miami having to build a new stadium in order to get the Super Bowl back. And it seems like if it's the right city. It does a great job hosting the Super Bowl. You don't have to have a perfect stadium. But if you're Minneapolis in February. You'd better have a perfect stadium. When I think John -- studio producer have a great evening I'm scoots back tomorrow night's bloody New Orleans.