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5-23 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

May 23, 2014|

Dave talks about the best things to grill, What is Wrong with People, and schooling pigeons

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this 23 of may 2014. Cats -- TG I -- I have. The opportunities that I enjoy so much at this time to which you and yours say. Happy. I it and it's. While we. Yeah. And that their goods and roll. Man -- here -- welcome it. Today awful well. I have verses long weekend for a lot of our officers. -- and I'll -- -- -- That's okay. I like doing network. Here we worked on holiday. We get the day of march and later you're gonna trade off now that all optic work in them. Memorial Day -- days later that. Lengthening vacation and otherwise. It's not that proud of the trade off the boil Terry of the barbecues are going to be all right anxious. You know it's one of those holidays re career early start to get that first taste some absolutely I was weaving in the -- boats element where -- this morning over all everyone was on a draw somewhere man I'd just one I'd like to hitch a ride I think a lot of people decided -- taken him longer long weekend. School out for my kids anyway I did yesterday it was -- -- -- for many kids more today and then others next week but I think a lot of people are taking day. And Monday tying it to a four day -- so you do you think the bonus is all loaded up the truck. Whatever as you believe they got the cold drinks again all look. Goodies in the near Belize and head into the camp yes. Water and camp and in some -- from now. Congratulations to use -- able to do that today what do you like to put grow if you could just grill one. What is your favorite. Absolute favorite yeah there's no restrictions are gonna have anything I want there to have a -- big giant steak big thick juicy. Jobs in -- stay -- and use that it's just a weekend's wonderful ribs -- fan and a burgers served. Out of this world. -- -- yeah right off the grill and here I'm kind of fanatic. Because I hate steak -- off the -- and not with in five. My you have to do I I think I think you get it right -- -- -- it right away Guam outside grilling -- and everything just right. About ten minutes before everything's always go in the house and teller. Is going to be on the table on ten minutes you better be there. My wife she's a victim salad baked potatoes or. Whatever it is have with this -- haven't ready lead to split time this out right. Because there's enough and wars that or stakes sitting there -- pain waiting to be Eden. Not staying -- While we wait for sentiment that the tables someone -- the -- -- Asia -- for the teed it boils that we can have that. You know whatever it is. I deal. I'm kind of a fanatic but it's everything was ready and it's on the grill and your outside is -- -- called real fast and a again so you men and I walked in that go with those that handful lots. Now I want everything else rated again and it does -- some -- I told I was at the stake ready the tables exactly I told you so on where the forks and knives. That's not the only problem with missiles -- -- these days. Is is you got to tag on loan. To go at 10 my gosh where he lives in purchase crazy take out alone are eating alone sodomy and -- feed my family of six. At least QX it is. You know usually -- eight or ten of us eating our -- man. And -- it's crazy stuff. I can't remember the last summer it's not a -- it was reasonably priced at that you know something like it's okay outgoing yet you know. -- -- -- that he has got to go down. In that are going. For the revised take mr. everything -- years ago off off off I think -- Now an island big -- progress you have -- to -- or I can do mistakes fail at any thank you David affected fifteen minutes -- first news here and WWL. A gamut from the deck of what to do this weekend what do you wanna throw on the grill or in the boiling pot. Which -- doing -- Memorial Day weekend. I do urge you at some point between now on Monday to get a few minutes just remember those who paid the ultimate price Memorial Day weekend while it is. The unofficial kickoff to summer and our country. There's also important time remember those who have fought and died for our country this is the time. Remember those people who've lost their lives. In the support of the freedom that we -- Veterans day is for all the others to answer the day Monday specifically. Those people who paid the ultimate price. Just. Don't let it -- now. These are dominating factor necessarily all weekend long -- take some time. To remember. By fifteen. Each year holiday weekend for sports -- Steve Geller how about that tied him. 519 Dave -- at the early edition of WWL first news to the president texted me at 87870. That's that I think you better get over here right away I think she's in labor water everywhere. Congratulations -- I think they texted the wrong person I think it mean detect somebody out texted us here -- that indicates that he says. Wrong text funny thing hundreds of the right text -- -- about your forecast. Upper eighties again for highs today as we kick off the holiday weekend with mostly sunny skies and mostly sunny again tomorrow but the heat continues as we get closer to Memorial Day 88 on Saturday 89 on Sunday. And right now for Memorial Day high of ninety what -- 10% chance for rain. For the I would -- forecast -- I -- -- -- -- Tell -- -- little warmer today than it was yesterday at this time partly cloudy seventy now at the airport in Kandahar northwest wind at three miles an hour 93% relative humidity Slidell partly cloudy and 64 degrees and gave no it's the early edition. A WWL first news one person text mandate seventieth Emmys and I have my vote. Headed to McCain congratulations to you -- to figure war another person says agreed the backs stay. At some announcement the only thing better. The mistake on the grill is fish on the grow preferably Sammy and yum yum you know. He's -- salmon. Helmet. A lot of people right now I was so. I -- that. I'd love steak -- I think -- a -- to mine number Q would be a red -- speckled Trout that I caught old. Man -- summit is that it's been too long. He's the stuff mark what's your favorite thing to throw on the growth. To -- on the grill com. You know grill a whole lot of stuff but I usually dupers hot dogs chicken grilled chicken and if you get the right -- can be fantastic and absolutely. Need it can't be sure some more text messages coming up. And for Steve -- mark -- this morning and man we've been talking about it for the last well week LSU sure seems to be peaking at the right time. Definitely and you're techsters head into the camp LSU's got the day off today to. I'll tell you why they've gotten off to a hot start in the SEC baseball tournament. One day after running Vanderbilt off the field via the attorneys ten run rule the tigers had a hot hand at the plate again against Arkansas the Carter started right from the get go when Tyler Moore stepped up in the first inning to crush one off a razorbacks starter Collin -- Moreover to. Drove in a run in yesterday's wind left handed batter hits out all. Winter -- mean that's way back at that pay an air balloons all homer put -- more of and he buys it. More had a big day for the purple and gold with three hits and two RBI while tiger starting pitcher Aaron -- continued his mastery from the rubber. Limiting the -- two runs on five hits in seven in the third innings of work. After getting the game off things to -- -- seventh inning complete game on Wednesday. Closer Joseph Broussard got to slam the door striking out two in the ninth before forcing a pop up in the final out of the game. Lob ball popped up that is Reitman who makes that call but out on the grass makes the catch the. Andrew sack him then it gets the job the LSU flying tigers have beaten the Arkansas Razorbacks -- -- -- Would the win number three seed LSU now advances into the tournament single elimination semifinal round on Saturday. Where they could face Arkansas again the seventh seeded razorbacks dropped the losers bracket. Play today against number two Ole miss. The rebels finished with LSU started Wednesday ushering Vanderbilt out of the tournament lasts for seven to two. Ole miss managed only seven hits the benefit from eight walks in to hit batsman. Elsewhere an -- top seed Florida survived their elimination game knocking out South Carolina 72 popular score yesterday. The gators will now face number five Mississippi State after the bulldogs -- in the nightcap seven to six in twelve innings to surprising number nine seed Kentucky. The wildcats are three you know the tournament so far and away a -- Saturday rematch with either Florida or Mississippi State. Finally in the NHL's Eastern Conference finals of Montreal Canadians. Stole one in overtime in New York topping the Rangers 32. New York still leads the series 21 I'm mark -- that you early look at. Port -- 23 Dave Cohen Marc are hanging out with Vienna Friday morning a by the way welcome to Friday mark thank you going to be the first two -- obviously we have to. Yeah glad to have you given -- deserve time off season in the long holiday weekend. And man Aaron Ellis -- yesterday. -- Allowed four hits to five batters in the first inning and had the bases loaded in the bars. Miraculously. Though he found his groove just at the end of the first inning and got out of the inning with the bases loaded and only one run scored. And then it was all -- do you beyond. Well it and that's something about great pitchers or not. Just dominant when they get themselves in the jams. They get out of and that's that's the mark of a truly great pitcher is not that they can. That is not -- they're just good window when when everything's going good they're good when things are going back in now the only question mark. Right now I have for the zealous -- team they've answered the offense question at -- have come alive in the last five games like we haven't seen all season. But we still the third day pitchers to the best news is that they don't have to play today. Right they get the day off because they're in the winner's bracket that the losers bracket. And so but. As we move into the post season that's his commitment to me the only big question let's talk about that -- to back in with what's -- 25 minutes. Here at WWL AM met them in that town okay thanks for -- -- -- on the radio right after this heavy weekend forecast as well. And you text messages what's best thing to throw on the grill this holiday weekend. Take Jay thanks for call and happy Friday. That the bad things there on the girl brutally all right for the weekend the best thing to put on the grill okay says it is. So I have a big pack or Lola. Is right here well Hickory chips underneath there must be shipped. Rule fifteen -- Largo for about three minutes I just wanna get it on there because I don't want to karma -- on mine. Ribs but I'll put it on the barrel as well. She I got you okay we appreciate the call is the other thing big tip for you if you do on ribs on the grill. Put him in the oven and slow -- pan of water for about thirty minutes before you put a -- agree on about 225. Just to give him warm. And then finish it on the grill about ten minutes each side slap on the barbecued in the last three to five minutes. And to me as a perfect read thanks for the call K you're forecast. Mostly sunny today but hot again 88 later this afternoon and brain is not expected today it really -- the weekends Saturday and Sunday both dry but hot. Highs -- 88 to 89 degrees and we keep the sunshine around for Monday but there's a slight chance for a shower 10% ice Monday ninety. From the Eyewitness News forecast thinner I'm meteorologist Clark tells. But he degrees in tanner 64 degrees in flight now. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this the 23 of may 2014. -- -- holidays ETC. I -- Well come tough ride man. Everybody jump around I'll. Do it. Gently if you're driving them to. Good to have the bill but don't start your background you. You might jump around a little too much right moves at work. I don't work awful. You'll get. Just flat. I welcome aboard. The weekend long weekend for a lot of those you have to work Monday don't worry we'll be here Monday morning you and -- vote. That's okay that's okay now these folks who are taken part in this. Raised to Detroit from new Portland or -- what a crazy thing that is -- they will be there Monday presumably. They have to get from here to Detroit. With nothing. But there. Charm. -- and Google books yes no money allowed and they have to Wear. It's superhero Scottsdale now. While this the third time they've done this they keep changing the square from into now you can imagine. Just being plopped down in New Orleans. With no money and be called get yourself a deterrent here to Detroit you have no no food on the way no places -- Well transportation and that's it you've got to charm people in this area I guess unity unity to give you money to buy things things. Or to provide you with the services that give you subsidy to give in -- it is. Help you went some way shape or form while wearing a superhero pass -- now. Now what fascinating what happens in the ever gorgeous blond pulls up and red Ferrari. And I'll let them. You know it does I'm -- troops and -- you know Chevy Chase anyway if -- in -- -- and with her and she takes you all the way through. Well I guess you do when I went here or raise -- -- that's a good. But I don't think it works out that underdog I -- -- -- -- a charm people and giving them bus fare or giving -- Mirai. I acts out. They do have their IDs so theoretically -- -- -- Obama plane ticket right. That's hard to do and good like get through security in a super hero asked him that might feel complicating factors in the yes same make its patent -- -- a piece -- beef with. Aren't that good luck to them opposed all the details on the website about how that all wars we've got movies this weekend average. I still won a -- cards you are the current number one movie Willits stayed there over the weekend. Going up against X-Men days of future past Monica opened the last night in the gang's all back including Patrick Stewart Hugh Jackman. And others but also opening for this holiday weekend is blended. Adam Sandler and drew Barry -- back together and they've had some amazing success down and -- In comedies with one another -- the PG thirteen movie both of the new ones are Reichman and blinded as the two new movies going up against the parents up fine. Godzilla neighbors amazing Spiderman two million dollar arm and the other woman I think you just have to go -- Waxman I think there are now fans out there that they're gonna bump book -- a lot out of the way. May be just a little bit and I think -- be close really think going to be I think there could be close and actually and wins landed on getting good chunk to doubt you're probably right that next and mean. On top when it's all said and done thank you David will touch it less than twenty minutes -- more first is on this Friday morning on WW well. Oh god let's go live to direct the Eyewitness News forecast an -- Happy Friday. And its meteorologist Laura but. Along weekend for summit -- and Memorial Day -- I'll be here Monday morning you know it's funny it's like we talk about it it's in -- it's great people at the office and you realize that. These days not everyone gets their holiday you know it's -- holidays and even sometimes the banks are still -- that -- And out of oil yeah yeah everybody was so many people -- working in the hospitality. Area it's not -- they all the kids -- at a school kinda devices that are on them are my -- setup the pop up tent in the living room last night and I -- doubt if that's kind of year as school's out for united. -- you have to take an actual key at the. Very happy with it but. At some point tonight he got out of the pen dynamic young -- -- a campaign that family I love -- my life not them that's provides but I doesn't like rough it's. Writing out of it but whatever you want you out -- -- this weekend and maybe a little foggy but that no rain. No rain and snow that's going to be great for you know people that you wanna do stuff outside you have to worry about that could be to the pools this that this weekend -- -- -- gonna get a bit -- upper eighties maybe 1890s thrown in a few spots and not much of the change the forecast for today through Memorial Day just hot humid mostly sunny and part near nine -- every day happy to every day out really arc arc of summer time. Tight whether or you get this afternoon thunderstorms that pop up around 345 o'clock that kicks in by midweek next weeks up until and it looks prequel I. -- -- next week. Those afternoon thunder showers return -- -- not yet and not for the weak and -- -- but not for the holiday guys like it love it now wants some more. I got to ask you. What. People yeah it would for our guys stole -- rocketed to New York yeah OK -- started delivering it loaves of bread at random. Businesses was kind of like like stealing it from there is the -- to get to the floor well Robin let's yeah right I guess he was -- we don't know exactly who he gave it to them attract all the -- is deliberately made just -- his friend -- -- -- -- he had a lot of -- because he was wearing nothing but his underwear when he stole the truck according to police he is -- -- an interesting -- dad they say is wearing nothing that is. Drawers and started dropping off -- baguette sweet rolls sourdough bread is it took some but not that's been decreased as the Mars knowledge you make the chip in your own mind. I come what the -- is that the the day and there's a -- and -- it will leave we -- -- And then again High Court and it caps. Got on the expressway. Tailgating people who started calling 911 drove all the way to the airport to LaGuardia clearly. Where a bus driver where call them they are Ohio and that Jason Garrett is not covered it got out of your truck here at the airport it. If you're in new driver I'd be happy to drive for you try to get the TSA. -- account stopped before the ethnic. I would've liked to have been and that charities like -- at what. What. He was evil in it. And then you'd hear. What you're wearing -- -- not sit well I think he probably just one to get on the one. People don't look at what he did that you know problems successfully did that -- it in for today. This one those not what is wrong with people at what is wrong with this again. Helena Montana. A little girl was in fifth grade as a -- -- Iraq and the -- was born. From an egg at her home okay and is never laughed. The house looked at the pet and it kind of wild animal -- -- she went to school. Suddenly. While she's at school the bird flies in the window and lay on the teacher's head. Week is it the bird from the -- my -- that it never left the house before data. How many pitches but it'd never be too little. Cooling agent this is somehow knew where the little girl was five air miles away. -- row as the -- -- got out that house accidentally write accidentally and went to the little girls school. They don't know how it knew where to find her how it got there. But -- and the fact that the when it was open at this school was in Montana and I'm glad it's enough and that now they have to say that all of this worked and it flew in the window. This can't be for real this real. Fellow a fellow fifth grader caught the bird back during a blanket over it -- -- -- -- -- -- -- lease the land that I am Atlanta everybody is ahead. Anyway so are you. You remember Mary had a little lamb little lamb a little lamb Mary had a little lamb you know in -- -- Followed her to school one day school one day school today. While the pigeon apparently followed this little -- school but how it -- to get there we don't know -- the next line -- I'm Mary had a little -- at all it -- to school one day school Monday school -- -- followed her to school today which was against the rules. For a while -- fat at the thought I just I I I got them and look around and do OK I guess this the next little while for me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thank you have a great weekend. About now live and direct Eyewitness News forecast. -- text messages today 7870 right after this what do you -- on the grill what is the best thing to barbecue will share what you hear it. Right after this in its sports market receive this. One person says Dave you're supposed to let mistakes hit five minutes to lock in the juices and this is a big -- buyer of charcoal grill is perfect and just so you know. It's supposed to let mistakes at 510 minutes to let the juices. -- into the meat OK another presence has taken from a -- let the stakes at five minutes after cooking it take full advantage of the deuces I got -- folks that got it. I did -- I think you're right up the -- taken and sent it immediately but trust me it's got to be at least five minutes from the time I get up the -- target in the back -- get into the kitchen get it on everyone's -- the disparity so it all works out. Sports IMAP clients WWL. And I'll watch that in the reality tigers but I like you know a lot they have been on I hear for the last week. And I parent and up at the SEC baseball tournament also chat up mark and art with sports on this Friday morning taking away -- Thank you Dave LSU made it two wins in two days at the SEC tournament ticking down Arkansas seven attuned to move into the tournament semifinal round. Right fielder mark Laird had his second multiple RB -- game of the tournament and spent an afternoon generally making the razorbacks look silly particularly in the seventh inning. First -- was on third base when he caught the -- napping on relatively routine Jake. Really -- -- there's nobody involved why good hair comes -- the why. They markets. Slowly that you talk about heads -- base running -- saw -- man. Start from there but it's not a pop up actually it was the connector that was the third baseman who made -- get so where was the catcher. Probably in an early look at Ole miss game film later in the seventh -- got his two RBI only scored a one off the shortstop Phillips checks the runner over there. And delivers the one to. Ground ball -- short. His father and on the senate may have. It's -- to run stories that'll be a there for the shortstop -- He flowers scored from third and mortar stores for a second Robertson ends up that third. And -- is not at first base. Tyler Moore also had a nice day at the plate going three for four with two RBIs home run. Tiger race Aaron Nolan got the win on seven and a third innings of work you'll struck out seven on the afternoon give up five hits next up for LSU a berth in the semifinals on Saturday at. At noon where they will face the winner of today's losers bracket match up between Arkansas and Ole miss. The rebels were dropped by the razorbacks and their first tournament game but it now earned a rematch thanks to a win over Vanderbilt but not The Commodores out of the tournament. It was a return to form for Ole miss who managed only one run against the hawks but exploded for seven to two victory over Randy. In the tournament other bracket top seed Florida avoided a quick exit. The gators found themselves lose in the losers bracket after getting blind sided by Kentucky. The ship off the cobwebs and handed handled their business against South Carolina. Eliminating the gamecocks have in the two incurring a -- Florida a matchup today -- Mississippi State after the bulldogs also fell victim to the ninth seeded dark horse wildcats. Kentucky needed twelve innings and eventually dispatched Mississippi State 706 to move into the semifinal round. They'll get a rematch with either the gators for the bulldogs I'm mark and art and -- -- early look at sports. Right now that you've seen what else you can do over the last while they. The last series of the regular season the last mid season midweek game of the regular season they've really caught fire both at the plate and on the mound. Just for. Performance after performance that pause. Baseball fans are there any concerns do you think they have -- -- off of a pitching staff. To get them through regional super regional and into the college world leaders. You know without the -- in all the starting. You know I think that they can definitely manufacture. You know a third pitcher out of their staff and and and use their relievers notable and to -- trying to get the game to the end. So yeah I think I think that they can do -- with the with the pitching staff they will they win the SEC and there they look pretty good right now on and I'm out of the limb and say yes yes they will win the SEC tournament Saturday noon the next and the play. And then we'll see what happens from there and again twice been out of this thing there and defeated in the -- but by actually moves to single elimination. -- so next loss for them at their house doesn't that doesn't matter but that's. Saturday noon the next game we don't know if on an as yet we'll find out today thank you mark. That's entertainment sports and Debbie get well AM after that. -- we aggregate number of wrong number text messages this morning college earlier about the one that that you need to get here right away I think she's going into labor water everywhere. Hopefully he ended up texting calling the right person as someone else to -- little while justice you've got fifteen minutes to get here if not then don't bother to comment at all. And use your imagination to figure out what that person and that tax and who they may have been texting. So we had to -- -- taxes while we're talk about the best thing to throw on the grill this weekend. Go London broil says once enactment that a lot of people of insane stake but not everyone -- -- -- but sausage chicken pork Katherine at stake on the most of the big girl doesn't break in tradition going boiling crawfish this weekend. Go to and alligators -- another one I've ever barbecued either that was a -- off the grill my favorite ice cold beer with good for. Go forth. It's a good weekend for enjoy friends.

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