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5-23 6:15am Tommy, pregnant women bill

May 23, 2014|

Tommy talks to Julie Schwam Harris, a New Orleans resident who's spoken out against a bill that would require doctors to keep pregnant women on life support

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Julie -- on head trauma Harris Jones is right now she's a New Orleans resident. And she's not for this mills is also affiliated with an organization but you're not speaking for the organization. Director. Today I'm speaking for myself. The organizations that work quit -- on purely. They all agree with me on this we can which is True Blue -- The overreach I am I was really -- the year you actually say a lot of what I wanna say this is seeking. The decision away from family. At a terribly tragic time on mini that has made the decision with family members. And there are hard -- -- in and I'm am in need to sign. To -- For for reasons that the year of the bill states the preserve life more because the -- -- the family doctor that you know what. We can't we can keep this pregnant woman a -- for a short while and we can do week in saint debate in every media site. Decision. The -- perhaps -- freedom to make that judgment you do this can increase in the way. Dino as it stands now who would make that decision if this bill passes. Well but I want. -- Everyone men women and that and one of the problems that -- is pregnant women or third category by the law. Right now and make decisions about. And of life. Care they can make a meter in living will. They can. Either officially designated family member or by default look land him remember that that might make that BP in Atlanta. Clan what time hospitals even encouraged people to make -- QB position what are the treatment and what this law does it without millionaire and invalidate what might have been opposed it might have been. -- that it will all what might be well that is known by the family members. State government in there and says. Though you don't do it this way because what you -- somebody. You know sometimes people text things in and I wonder if they just try to get a rise out of out of mile they really think this -- they're legitimately thought it through because -- says she's a text rather says. She's brain dead at that point her life is insignificant it becomes all about the baby. It did you wanna address that tax. Well in the about it -- -- -- needs to make for what they eat is the best interest. Of the woman potentially the baby this is this stadium making decisions about and the like -- and that the president. For a pregnant woman being a separate. -- well but then. This country. So. We are well we are focused on is the dignity of life and dignity. And the ability for -- individual. She makes plant at that time port handling at that plant order to get tried that same which would include any time out and it would -- And human whoever -- -- this and I would ask you will what if you mom or dad or sister or husband or wife whomever it is. -- has alzheimer's or is basically. Senile lot of it doesn't know what's gone on I I guess you -- make the same case that the insurance company it's anyway and went to treat the cancer that the person is. Is basically brain dead because they don't know who they are they don't know what's gone on so. You know what we're not gonna pay for their life isn't significant how would you feel about that and I think sometimes people say things without thinking that -- I think the other concern here is. Who's gonna pay for all this treatment because I would hazard to guess whoever Tex is this -- as a as a fiscal conservatives so they don't want the government to pay for this and and I've often said. When it comes in medical care and -- -- drag -- down my whole but if a family that. That when Medicare was -- Ford dealer or the government through Social Security or what have you. Says well yeah we can keep in jail lives the hospital says this in the Stanley knows that the government's -- -- Then they want every measure taken but I I would bet you that if you would give him two pieces of paper and you it's OK look. Scientists will do everything we can keep Manning is alive in his second mortgage on your house gonna cost you 15100 dollars a month for the next thirty years to do this for eight weeks. They'd say you know on -- -- has had a good run. I think when it comes that people get hypocritical Lotta times and and when it's somebody else they want. They don't want a government but they want the government to decide when and somebody else but when it's them it's got to be hands off time. I don't understand what's going on sometimes -- -- the way people think but anything whatever -- to go Julie. ER I think -- was. This state needs to poke fun and that has to do with valuing life because I think we do that I elect but -- this legislature truly valued life but they would be doing is ensuring that every. That would include. The father. The mother who is now pregnant mind that would include. Any child in -- and remember it doesn't care for help -- they would all be able to access health care and insurance and that's the stretch as you do. They're mucking around with dairy act and the like -- that don't. -- -- our government over -- with they should be doing is focusing on making sure people are packed with the health -- to stay healthy. Could be helping helping family life children. Everything to the Stanley Cup match. Giuliani -- took the time -- this morning and and have a great weekend.

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