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WWL>Topics>>5-23 6:45am Tommy, State Rep. Austin Badon's bill

5-23 6:45am Tommy, State Rep. Austin Badon's bill

May 23, 2014|

Tommy talks to State Representative Austin Badon about his bill that would require doctors to keep pregnant women on life support for the sake of the fetus

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Bill is cruising. Through the legislature that would. Let the government is understand it not the family family decide when a brain dead pregnant woman could be taken off life support text comes in and says. I think Tommy you're looking at this from the wrong angle. I think it is in line with the obamacare strategy doctors will be forced to pull the plug. If not him Libby paid for their services compared to another part of the obamacare plan an eighty year old person and he's in the replacement of that eight year old person falls and a certain parameter of conditions set forth by the OC planned. That's surgeries not gonna happen cause -- life expectancy but let me say this. On to the text -- before we get Torre -- IA and pretty close to fifty and I need a new knee any insurance company moment give me one because generally speaking. They wanted to wait later because whether it's a nice thing to talk about it or not they figure well if if a 150. Ish year old people need a knee replacement. 50 am probably go on in ten years of allowing the paper that I'm just and it's I got nothing to do with obamacare which is the -- the insurance in the century insurance industry operates awesome -- on state represented -- good morning sir how are. Hey I'm doing great worry that -- used all the service members and. Aim anyone look represented you know you know ire of friends and I sometimes I agree with what you do and sometimes -- known and in this case I'm really puzzled as to what. Prompted you to introduce is bill and and what you hope and accomplish but that's all right give you this chance -- -- her -- Are I'm always glad to be which in my front. You know first look at nothing to do obamacare actually that short term governor and -- reference to a barbecue with this. With in regards to to do you sort of have nothing to do with. And I don't I hated even bring it up because I don't wanna bring politics into this but I think your point of that text was. Rather than doctors protecting life in terms of the babies and the doctor would make the decision. Not to keep the mother alive but is it really in doctors' choices how to solace work. Okay where it really different from these tricks that probably maybe six months ago so go -- like -- where. Are they -- a lady who trend and fortunately she. A medical ailments that. Our culture has become -- and the that he wanted her to. Be taken off life support and you know if people that would directed more people care reliving -- -- approach. Do you just simply view the boy it took on orange are inch right now the unborn child and about it the right but they are. So what does bill would do -- basically. It is innate ambiguity. The bill pending position. If you're in the position to say -- he or she can read probably staring. The mother to grandma in any pain anguish. Can we can. A -- that pregnancy alone or possible lack -- we're going to be BR. And generally right now. In the museum you can have an abortion up to twenty weeks where you try. So you have to assume that if a woman Hitler had an abortion and when we. She has every intention of carrying. A pregnancy to term. Therefore it's something unfortunate happens you -- you have -- fall accident. Or injury at them something like that where. The dark -- say that look at certain issues growing. Aware proper debate be it's still -- Do you really wanna pollute the slope on that on them. You know unfortunately he has that. She's little right to regroup on the old. -- that they could signal. Our. And so if there's any ambiguity. That the doctors should there on the Carson. So -- be it is better it it -- there's no decision to be made by the government per say it would be a big decision. If this law passes would automatically be made saying that. Did the mother has kept alive until the baby is front. Absolutely which consultation with the will be January and and you're about to create art let amateur. Parents to keep -- Kevin you know they talk apartment that Cuba where everybody you know. Culture and the other Mexican environment there so I mean do you really war. Some great uncle she is being 25 years the baker. Life sustaining the citizens know so that ambiguity. A gear in seamer Umar yeah it is directed in twenty. And then 22 human agree again like -- -- she could threat particularly. Poorly there. How many lives you have represented about just curious. Oh yeah I -- because you know -- a it's a hypothetical like get it. I put it a hypothetical question imported -- if you get married in 2014. Should he concede that he regrets. In the colonial. That she did not want to be treated. Did she got she got pray and then the pregnancy removed them raunchy hit a Bebitch. And rural. And then later on. She had. In hand significantly. She but the -- -- -- -- -- -- that we can do to help our. The baby -- far I mean do what you want to do probably. Directive and ambiguity uses. She wrote that directive wish you well for. But -- never let me jump in here for a second -- -- your intent because he said. If she hadn't had the abortion by twenty weeks of presumption would have to be in and I guess -- trying to. Did it did the guests with the -- intent was here that she wanted to have a baby but. When then also carry a presumption that she wanted to be around to care for the baby. Well. In the perfect world yeah. However in terror and you know went on to lose their consult with the people and then actually came -- And but you know win you have situations like that experience orchard. That we still have altered our culture that we can cities. And so therefore do we really want to pull the local -- Who has been who had been -- that she cannot be resuscitated. Which you had every intention of carrying the baby to term and we want you to there. Gonna monitor. The mom would have -- around a time the mom would have to. Do a new directive or -- a new living -- after she became pregnant expressly stating she was pregnant offending happen signals -- life support in Waterford through -- -- -- the they're living will mean anything. That's exactly right I mean you know you have the option chain. -- there're. A lot of people don't do with -- cover. Our and a lot of people don't have living will but if that's your choice. Didn't need to be explicitly. Written now in it. Because you didn't do. Circumstances that have occurred you wrote the living -- when you -- electric. Narrow. You corporate you have -- satellite and it's simply wouldn't do simply say they took the ports to a unborn children into the -- Wheatley had to go here but again as -- think you're in attorney arena. Are not well but as it relates to living wills and it may -- you know through your experiences are represented that I thought sometimes a family could override that directive anyway ten. No doubt about it at the living where it becomes part of the court record and you know it is explicit directive of the individual and so you know -- page would look at listen for the treatment. These -- the wishes of the person. Couple couple regard. -- just would like to congratulate. -- -- -- continual support services are eager governments aren't on the record set. Appreciate you want to -- a day.

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