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WWL>Topics>>5-23 7:15am Tommy, does weight matter in elections?

5-23 7:15am Tommy, does weight matter in elections?

May 23, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Robert Hogan, a Professor of Political Science at LSU, about a new study that says thinner candidates do better in elections

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A researcher at Michigan State University mark Rowling. Did a study and the results -- -- surprising at all. They look specifically at whether candidates and -- 126. Primary in general elections were normal weight. Overweight or obese. And the research showed that obese men and women were less likely to even make it through the primaries than normal weight candidates and any actual senate elections overweight and obese male and female candidates received a lower share of the vote total than their thinner. Opponents doctor Robert Hogan a friend of Irish joins us right now professor of political science at -- issued mornings are. Are very well thank you it any surprise here or oh would you -- just anecdotally be able to predict that would be the outcome. He I don't think that's it's a big surprise there's a lot of search it has looked in recent years that. Candidate appearance and how it affects voters. And and there there is survive. That we see in terms of and how could someone looks terrific candidate and their self presentation of that. Has an effect on voter attitudes and has also been a lot of research it is examined obesity and -- there appliances. That people have towards people -- with weight issues. And and so and so this kind of steady although it is quite limited -- only have a small number of cases and examined. You know is consistent with what we've been -- for a good line. Nearly talked about arm in primaries and then general elections -- just got to meet a wondering about you know at each point in politics now. They they're different gatekeepers and -- to pass through did to different people to even get to the point where you can run and I guess that brings me the question doctor of time you know 300 pounds and and five foot tall five feet tall and and I decide I wanna run. I guess I can stick my yard sign. -- and did talk to friends but generally speaking in my site. Get the approval of some powerful people -- probably not gonna get very far MI is that a is that a mirror that anybody can run for office. Well and what can run for office -- a lot of people who run at getting elected though. Yet they're not many people who are serious contenders and on part of what you have to do right you have to convince. Not only your family your friends to help you -- That you also have to convince a lot of people who can can write big checks and and there are and then the other betting their money in -- sector they wanna bet on the winner. And again if if you -- someone who. You might say well I have health concern in its personal questions about his health or health. And they may be less likely to contribute money so it's not surprising that. You know be. You know that there's a -- not just simply voters but also in those that enables. The candidates are that there have been allowed to -- -- and meet our officials and interest group leaders and -- -- -- And I mean this is sound mean but I I think a conversation conversations have happened I would gas. Along the lines of you know this guy this woman brilliant. Really will we need to let's face it with the appearance no shot at being elected so we're not putting any money there. Right I think that that's exactly what happened and and and therefore you have the result where. Does the study found that among the poor people who -- and it was. -- have fewer people yeah more. -- -- if it wasn't proportion to the to the population. In terms that are from. How large -- were basically. Just asking your people running in other words. I just wonder if com. If that always has been is that after television a recent development error photography even. I think so I think that means in this age of media age we live in social media in particular. It's a lot of more people know who having happy image of their their candidate even for a state legislature or chemistry council. They know who that person has or at least they haven't image of them in there -- -- before. They they might just simply be familiar with their -- so. You know this is an issue that is is probably becoming more common. Given potentially. Does this play into leadership where if people perceive somebody to be. A better leader because of their stature because of their weight even because of their hair that they an -- in essence. Despite qualifications might actually be a better -- so long as somebody is advising them behind the scenes. Yeah I mean I think again I think this not only partly plays itself out in terms of campaigns. Support the people Q2 Q and but -- leadership absolutely calm leadership this is quality that's that's hard to define. And certainly probably one of the elements that is what people people perceive someone to be as strong person. Com whose energetic that sort of thing if you have a bias that at least you believe that. Someone overweight they're not as energetic in our democracy work as hard. And that might affect your bills could -- an individual whatever. You know sort of political power relationships -- Doctor I appreciate your time I really do you know albeit a great Memorial Day weekend here as well and don't go tigers. --

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