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WWL>Topics>>5-23 8:15am Tommy, how to quit & how to get a job

5-23 8:15am Tommy, how to quit & how to get a job

May 23, 2014|

Tommy talks to Chris Fields, an expert resume writer & HR consultant who has a masters in Labor & Human Resources, about the best ways to quit a job and the best ways to get a job

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So we tell you before that the break about -- California clerk. A city clerk who quit with a flourish I guess that. Paragraph or two of of letter that. Just vented her spleen it seems like -- Edison thinking about. Burning bridges and let everybody know what you think when you leave a job and does that really happen or is that more of the thing of candidacy in. And every now and when somebody does it you hear about it Chris Fields joins us right now masses of labor and human resources expert Reza -- writer. And HR consulting morning Chris you Dylan. Good morning and Tucker as a productive talk about what your videos and today at all. I think Tommy would be fine. Tell me about -- tell me about this. Bridge burning and venting your spleen if he gets fired it. In my feel good to do it but item off whatever works out for. Yet you know from Omar. And secrecy that come out written a couple of articles about the two -- -- and it's a very hot topic you know people. You know wanna quit their job but he ye -- That to feel you'd wanna you wanna be in the field but you gotta think about in today's world. These things go and they can really bad news for the future. You know in addition the literature speak and other. There's there 01 of them video ladies and yet totally true terrorist nation that went election year. There actually personalities who quit level there in New York City so there are a lot of these. You know. Passionate. You know written nations' statement that people do. That. You know I'm like yeah at least there and that costs and unit then you and your company cares enough to be Munich then you didn't tell them what drove away because suddenly intrigued noble people. They -- jobs because the ball political organ public -- -- To try to keep it can progress in the game. -- a matter of fact -- I don't I didn't really know that Chris so tell me why is it that most people leave even leave jobs today is because of better offers -- just. Lateral moves or even gone down because they don't like the conditions. The the biggest reason is because of a bad boss or their coworkers. -- most people understand that they do what they do because they've been doing for so long. And they just wanna do it in the place where they couldn't go to work -- -- and -- in the -- And of course competition comes into the united -- start looking mr. page opinion Debian been a market value that part of it but you know. -- clients -- have you know have lived up to date are happy who is. But they're kind of curious and they started looking and got some awfully good that they wouldn't -- because ultimately do electable they do electrical workers. And then put for the most part you know -- talked to the -- about what brought into the job. The big pregnant either the company -- -- other or they just can't take it anymore. What is sit com if you know anecdotally not to violate any confidences but some of the more common mistakes people make when they do leave one place to go to work for the out there. One thing that that a lot of people don't do some people don't do it really. Text and so do they wanna leave like a lot of times and it's an emotional. Decision and it's usually derived from. Situation somebody's really intimate. They -- the year but. Bet you -- that would easily compete so what I think it would com. Instances of regretted -- you know these exactly. And make it to work situation. Because you know they demand the right questions and interview. They didn't considered a long term what really happened that word. So -- yet the -- can remove the most one candidate that and so you know while toward one lead displaced. And couldn't situation and -- -- in better. But that doesn't but you know you -- -- those questions in the it's sort of like currently. Yet because you know I think it's the same way Chris when you buy cars sometimes you can. You know talk yourself into it when you try to list positives and negatives and you're not Rian. Really be an honest if you really want that car when you put the negatives down but you tend to -- list of positives and I would imagine it could be the same way again years like you say if you make a logical not a giving -- emotional battle logical decision well you know XYZ company they do this and they do that native that it solid it is here and only get over there it's mine it's worsened guests and the likelihood of give on that -- to where you left isn't that that doesn't happen often doesn't. Not too often -- mean it really depends -- you know -- -- what you're choked up about the -- view. If you if you emotional about the situation and decided to not move over to another company each you'll that you -- -- You wanna go back to -- of -- -- you left you know you go to great to lead -- he told everybody in the office you know whatever you want to tell them. You know that the -- that you -- and you have to. Open president in the situation that'll work out where you're going to be totally happy so. -- you know it really think about you know you'd you know credit to the carpet. Some guys have been nice car that don't sound you just want them -- to call you think you want another but sometimes really have a bet you really -- -- that. -- a couple of minutes screams. So there's always come back on talk about burning bridges when -- not even on the bridge anymore because let's a year -- extremely competitive environment. And you and you leave the Smith corporation and go to the Jones corporation. Bitter enemies are you working at the Jones corporation. And they ask you what are things like over there at Smith. The tell them what they wanna hear that their terrible organization do you then make yourself. Like -- down in a month what's the best way to respond to a question like that even during the interview process. 824 Chris Fields our gas season master labor and human resources expert Reza -- Ryder. And HR consultant idiotic questions would love to hear front. At 26017203866. 889087. Jordan was he talking about video with doctor Tucker that we do. Remember. Tablet traffic now -- -- terror province. I Tommy Tucker got WL get you ready for Memorial Day here and we'll continue our conversation about burning bridges and thing and grass is always greener on the other side what if you you noted that Jones company and you working for the Smith company. Bitter rivals big competitors and you get an interview over there. So Heidi you know what does say so that it doesn't seem as though you're disgruntled employee. But -- also not hurt the company's feelings like not -- good the other company is. And -- in if there even interested in US dollars -- trying to get companies secrets from you know. Complicated stuff Chris Fields. Will try to sort it all out when we come back right now -- time for -- WL first news and that we noted David Lee thank you David we're talking about quitting a job in anger in and burning bridges and also wanted to ask our guests to stay around because. You know I don't know what you do. If you get a very competitive environment you know it happens and radio sometimes and you got company a accompany being the age of Haiti to so then you get in -- from company B and you work for a company acie go there. And there -- asking you all about the company you work for -- -- I am in a bunch of idiots in no big deal Indians say that there are great company because either way. You could -- yourself in on -- Do you imprisonment situation and -- you know they're not -- using you to cry -- are getting information out. Well you have to be yet to be about an interview process and that question about it competitor. The remembered they could be just into -- completion for information. Told you don't want to you know give them too much and also. The opportunity on the way -- talk about the company's ability community. Editor they're trying to it is notable work and they wanna -- then -- connected to. We do and all you'd think in the that your. Eating your -- to the new national weather really discs you've been in view our. The only information that view and you might get a job and the open. The other thing Chris is that they could. Be legitimately inter city and you an inner thing in Miami there's says -- and thing about us companies saying. Ultimate about sorry acted on. That -- a momentary evolved so. You know it is -- eagle and and you do as an inmate that you really want that person but the way they're talking bad about -- would've been bungled two year. They can do anything so. Very good point that sort of done it on the right. A -- -- -- always. You hear expressions and values for the rest of my life and a dog that'll bring a bone will carry a bone if you just added one in my. To my list Chris. You're getting there we're medicine here that people should think of this. You know maybe summertime -- they're looking for their first job or part time job. Yeah well you know put anybody -- like -- new to the job market. You don't think you're -- first chicken would be independent interest but the government just graduated cut schools should be -- -- job this summer than to have to go -- commas and yes and -- in an effort secretary name audiences just for a few doubt that. You know look everywhere you know you can look online of course at the waiver by looking right now but don't under estimate is going to explore. Shop. And tipping the help of UB department -- parents summertime you can find funds we can make money he can also learn things so. And it for those people who are you know on the professional level. Who maybe look at this summer does know that you know summertime and usually -- a small. Stopping period or slowdown in hiring because everything you may be -- Maybe contract or temporary position because -- -- on that people are taken that. Sometimes. Kyra slow down a little bit -- -- he'll keep looking though because you just never know. When that company who need someone like you -- Chris I get a text here that is. Excellent that says what really captures the attention of an employers of a cover letter is that just as important as the Reza main market experience and what about. By in a fancy paper at the office stores and make it look like -- constitution. Well they've gone back to use state money. You know everything's electronic invisible now but I will -- it. -- LA got to ask Chris did it ever work. Did the parchment paper ever worked to make it look as though you know you work -- Benjamin Franklin or anything. W I'm still relatively young -- inside and Beckett today going to the scoring in the -- immigrants in and out but that will -- years ago. Audience wondered if that ever worked of their prospective employers will look at this part one hole. I think -- years ago it work I think twenty or thirty years ago would be at work but I figured out you know at its current -- -- -- legitimate possibility look at them -- -- so now you don't invest money and that sort of thing anymore. Got columnist them as being constitutional scholar even though he spent his life rounding up buddies this is what it does -- -- and we got to get this. You go back back lately though they've been in the people like pretty curfew. And make it smelled better. Notebook work through Oakland. Butler. Magazine visited through your line maybe spree will be degrees you know. But anyway let's get back to the Reza makeup letter it's better and I guess electronically now applying for a job. Yet so. But certainly crusade that would let the balanced. Didn't ribavirin may try to but I have learned not paying -- what -- -- that -- aren't important. -- resonated that he is elected mr. true. Most resonant or they just do not reflect the person and steal their abilities properly so he's -- that with the if you read review written yourself. He's got a about support but what I what -- learned that your resume looks nice and give them good information they were reach a couple of Butler really become -- threatening aren't good so we have a bit resonated doesn't. It doesn't -- the -- to want to reach a couple of so you give everything -- -- -- and -- expect it -- Britain and the letter they're more likely to reach the -- and you're more likely -- -- I give me a couple of minutes as it is the -- does that mean I'm having fun -- like to talk about some of the cliches. Some of the phrases that people always put -- -- either of the resonate or the the cover letter that -- the death now as soon as. As soon as they see this they say that's it move and on. Chris Fields -- gas if you have any guy comments questions what have you give us call it T 601878. Still free 86 exit 89087. -- a professional. Expert -- -- writer HR consultant and a masters of labor and human resource Tommy Tucker back and play -- WW. I Tommy Tucker having some fun talking about interviews and as -- -- and burning bridges Chris Fields -- gas masses of labor and human resources expert Reza may write an HR consultant and Chris if if somebody. I guess it it makes sense and some of the best money can. Spend would be needed to turn to a pro when it comes to resume writing and if somebody wants to contact you -- -- -- There's ways you can email me it -- call -- works seal it -- Well. ORK dot com -- Does resonate concede that. And you can Google and secrecy essential crazy but -- -- -- on global. -- -- And it thank you for. Well now that let me tell you because I know lately or at least have heard that they are. To programs that search -- -- different words and Reza names and cover letters and they see in the -- out and I look at it is that true. Yes there are contracting system and so real processor resonate there and Internet clicking on those keywords date. -- and he. Criteria then -- you won't give you want to call you get that automatic. Rejection note if you use that at all. You know nobody's even look at that it is all done by computer program. All right mom and they're not such Big Apple's big country that a lot of people want to work for. But there are instances where a -- or her manager was moderately but I'm the only yet. About six to ten seconds so you think about your run. Does it kill a person enough about what you can -- even -- -- to ten -- to mutual W -- based independent on fixed it and that -- and so. Let me -- To be able to catch their attention. Quickly and let them days you know on the content out. -- always amaze me Chris is that I mean interrupt you but how. When you're looking for the job you think that is the only thing that is on the mind of the human resources director of the company president or with -- yet. Apply when. -- you're driving yourself crazy with worry at home thing -- what I do write what I do wrong and -- -- is something on the corner of his or her desk the dating game -- yet. But truly -- except on their profit and but he it is what it is what what most people need to realize that you have to put yourself in the best tradition and you know. -- happen in the workplace if not all of that and malicious sometimes you know it. Ebert who happen to board and so that to put into the fact that. You're right if it is so important to you but then it might not be an important part of me -- down on the employers but. You know -- just got to be prepared for everything today in the job. Like -- expect these words now words and -- kicked out of words that'll give you. And at least a six seconds -- -- Reza may read our cover letter read. Oh well you know one that you want to kind of make sure that you use in the jargon and the that in the job description. You know for example any change though yesterday's sectors now today the administration says. So -- dimensions you can debate language you don't want that you -- you'll tune in you know classified. All of you ill person -- A -- like that -- entries in the entry entry and -- we have so many. Words and things that we call one thing and now under you know employee orientation and now on board. You know -- We change and work out every -- like -- -- Europe matzo. But the industry. Partners in the did -- he -- -- in terms -- going to be the fourth regret that sell it on hoarding his money hire people. An important -- is like right -- use Google did it. And we accordingly. The company but they still trying that now the big turn on -- On downsizing may have been changed to walking the plank -- now. I Chris -- time we had -- become on again are ranked we got to thank you bet it -- crusade dot com or Chris and it cost of work dot com.

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