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5-23 9:10am Tommy, Common Core & Gov. Jindal

May 23, 2014|

Tommy talks to John Maginnis, political analyst with La Politics, about Gov. Jindal's opposition to Common Core

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Unless I miss and something that -- seems pretty apparent mourning doves comes of the governor in common course standards and he and his education secretary not. Not on the same page the last time I checked the education secretary was appointed by the governor right. Yes sir -- It was an opinion when he uses the same thing in common course and I think a lot of involves politics and that's pretty much split. General. -- He says his elbow presidential politics. Region really is. Become aware of the common core movement anti comical movement. Strong and he was -- on the right side of its world. -- it's appropriate or view with. Voters in the states and right in Louisiana. It's. Seem to be what is for it. You know our dryly -- and his motivation tobacco problem gore. We've had a couple of a couple of moments this week I think -- and I go back to cast a blank it was late -- there's gambling going on Rick's casino I think. This one of those things where the that the governors seems like a run for some kind of national office of not president for so long and and that's kind of dictated what he he's done here what he's been for or against here in this case. Not only did he and his education secretary have a different about the common course standards but it himself had a difference of opinion about it. Man but he'd ever did really give a clear reason Danny and I know he's in the rhetoric that there was. Did a lot of rhetoric in the east so yeah. And parents and nationalize an education which is kind of it's India tour. The stock common worthy of him -- -- couldn't be more typical and it trying to reduce. Everything to. All on all of a national level anyway clearances. On this. It seems like red meat for the for the base may be in Iowa and and I'm only just for the Republican base for that specific group of people in Iowa. Comparing at one point -- common course standards to centralized planning in Russia. And it just seems like John a terrible. The trail to the state I don't care if -- -- or against it but -- database what you want the education model in Louisiana to look like. By trying to appeal to good people and -- away and it's not even election it's a caucus as you well well. Yeah well anyway today. -- directly but obviously as it was going. Well but funny is that we sure wish we had an education system like what this out of -- nation and maybe that was driving them. In novelist -- -- -- has -- -- -- -- -- the because there's two sources -- It was scale with Louisiana bendable forty and the attitude -- So Arnold the -- from the president nation. 44 of the states. As we can do a better. Is kind of oil leak yeah that is what this -- by no more politics too is -- society is to victims of these anti Obama. Just one more evidence of it -- if there were a Republican president. -- -- -- -- an issue leftists and he didn't say that does George W solutions. No child -- but it was a lot more national. And invasive. -- On education the state level than anything and so on who come corporate. You Republican presidents and it didn't have that kind of reaction. So it's interesting here he said about the educational system in Iowa so basically. The governor Ernie if if that is in the is intent to get get their heads are on their body when he Iowa caucus. -- couldn't do any better and taken this issue because first off the people and I know would view it as a weakening of the educational standards and secondly. He throws in the politics of of Democrats and Obama and it seems like a win win for him at least politically. Yeah and -- lead -- -- in Iowa but he agencies gives him on the or. Rights. That movement that he wants to be on and some other states state. Is still think he's. His -- and have a -- -- effect on his well because there and I what do we have. Candidates say in some of those same things that he's trying to -- -- something on the right and this is the order. -- again as you -- question and that is. You know even you know you've forgotten more about this and Oliver no but I can't imagine him really being a viable presidential candidates and you talk -- Sega announced some position on the rusty. There's not vice president or what. That's my take these are auditioning to be vice president has to be. Density and that the Republicans nominate a moderate like Jeb Bush. You could finish Chris Christie says today he could be the conservative. Balance on the ticket the DB you know they. Multi cultural. All the things that might help Republicans going forward he when it counted as a kind of conservative. The potential vice presidential candidate only -- all the people in general right in there. Oh with those -- run for vice president -- People who was so on the second level and presidential on. Probably and he gets the nomination bullets. Like kids numbers she's they need to move. His chances are as good as the a lot of -- a lot of different people. My John I appreciate you time early deal pleasure talking -- is always -- some every time. -- Do you have the weekend.