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5-23-14 Rick Franzo, Concerned Citizens of St. Tammany

May 23, 2014|

Rick Franzo President of Concerned Citizens of St. Tammany talks with Don Dubuc about fracking proposal in St. Tammany

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And it's Friday a Friday addition to think tank come down to -- game for Garland -- thank you for tuning in now as we head into long Memorial Day weekend -- looks like and Goodman otherwise tune it out there and do some -- in May be -- been efficient and nation report coming up where you lots of stuff talk about it including. Interesting interview what does Memorial Day mean to you will you be celebrating and cause a just and another weekend we're going to be talking to Brian Fleming. Brian as a combat wounded veterans from the wars in Afghanistan and talking about why Memorial Day is in fact meaningful. Also our regular meeting with parish president pat Bristol that'll be in the 11 o'clock hour saint Tammany parish updates. I'll look at the Rio grand opening of the fishing pier it's going to be with the fishing rodeo will be talking about that. And also opening up the telephone lines in the -- will be discussing the latest on the fracking issue. Which is the dominant topic you hear on the streets and in the coffee shops and non playgrounds around saint Tammany parish everyone is talking about it. That has been some new development -- in that issue and we're gonna talk to Rick friends over just a second the president of concerned citizens of saint Tammany. As a debate continues. There's now a little bit more time. How to try to get some questions answered by these citizens -- residents in the officials of saint Tammany parish. In order to make a decision on what we will proceed with Ellis -- request to. I'll put in they've fracking. Facility. In saint Tammany parish around 1088 and also what the the risk would be what the rewards will be this is an ongoing debate of the application on the stamp will be made public neighboring Rick union announced house. What the latest is he is the president of concerned citizens of saint Tammany I would venture to say the largest. I'm. Concerned citizen group in saint Tammany parish and Rick you -- successful in -- a temporary restraining order through the it US Army Corps of Engineers. Explain what that was all about him what that would mean to the people -- -- have gone to this issue. Well what actually happened was that he that we that we had. Filed. Cease and desist letter desist letters to both the core. We -- department -- quality. Of course in the paper -- -- -- in my -- on their applications rumpled and non complete. Lot of deficiencies. And really didn't give a clear understanding any what looked. The scope of this whole type project would be. And so we filed with the coronet and DQ. In hopes that they would. Do would be exposed to do. And and then hold -- applications have that read do it. It actually went before we filed in the federal court and in the old and we also -- -- in the that this equipment that rouge. It went before the judge. And he honorable judge call from -- in the long hours and he basically -- it Army Corps of Engineers the Q. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In place and so basically what happened was we didn't have -- -- didn't have to be put in place that on the co manages and indeed cute greed to. Have held -- redo their applications. And and corrected and make it more more. You know more evident to the people what but this is sold out so they have to re -- paperwork Christian doing now believe. It was has done it extended the time for people now to. Engage vote on the Coolidge news in the DQ with more comments get more information. And demand more from a government for a as far as what is sold -- you know and it should it's. It's not a win in the sense that when stopping at this point temple we have delayed it would given people more time now to. Reached out to. -- government and ask questions and ask questions to occur on the call engineers entity Q which they should've done from the beginning. I it did I hear correctly that the application will be made available to the public -- -- Now we're gonna beat posting it online haven't now it has been redone I just cut it we're going to be poster child FaceBook you know web site. I'll send you -- is well but yet we do have the replication and it's. Updated changed so. And that's going to be the twenty days now that people now have the opportunity to make comments and I suggest everybody. Who would look more important -- stand on the equation would he approach against it you have an opportunity now to. For twenty more detainees to file to. Army Corps of Engineers and DQ explain your position explain what you what you feel about this you know and if you have facts sound effects so it helps. Com so it does and give this some more time in the infrared and concerns citizens. It's given us more time to to build up our resources and and what you had to. See what the next the next Baptist. Have you had a chance to look at the questions that are asked now on that application yet. Yes. You know it's obviously the an effort to sort it -- it's not it's not that rocket science. I'll always on there and and I just felt that I was really upset with -- application that was intent from Ellison said -- if they don't they can get this right. It would be worried about the drilling drilling is Adam -- And so yeah. I have gone through it and and disappointed what -- -- first but it's it's typical what you see one. You know when things don't get checked when you have weapons that the agency is okay good as captain it's for a. Right well the reason I was asking is there a lot of general and some very specific questions and not necessarily all dealing with that there's the potential danger that a -- cause but also what all of this industry become what would be like in how will it change. The actual footprint of saint Tammany -- I think that's very important and I don't know of that type of thing is being asked on the application but now who probably has nothing to do with that. It doesn't and it's not -- -- -- it's not. Going to be put in not an application like that. And again and that's that's the important question and I think that's real important questions in this whole thing ends and where we don't from here with this -- -- Well some of those questions I think the only and the answers can only be provided by hellish we have again extended yet another invitation to for them to come on today. We haven't heard anything back in the past we've heard well the timing is not right. Visual organization concerned citizens requested a small sit down meeting with them to ask him. Sweetly at contention is doing at this point in time -- why we happen is we try and make sure we have all our homework done. And but the other side of the coin is. -- has been. Lottery of them. Meetings that would take complacency and the passion over the past month Ellis has been invited to come. And they were held by it was you know -- Tim Burns in -- also had done one which take groping in the. -- goes well. -- -- And neither neither one of those three meetings did Ellis and both had in -- put all times to not to. Common you know. It's almost understandable that they wouldn't because the nature of those meetings when you've got bosses from people out of town pulling in of people wearing customs and holding it's not it's not a re equal good invite them but yet. For them -- you know if it may be yourself and in May be a few representatives from concerned citizens may be some other groups a small group. That would be able to hold the civil discussion ask some very important questions and get those answers. And the parish elected officials the government representatives involved and I'd like to attend that meeting in. So if we can just sit down with women and come up with some of these answers because there's a lot of questions out there that we're not gonna. Finances -- on that permit application that will definitely have an impact on how the parish looks upon this new industry that's trying to move him. Now I've done too good to go a great point great idea I know that the some state reps and had a meeting with house just recently in the past we can and I heard the meeting didn't go well. And heard it was a quite disappointing. And so. You know I know how it is gonna try to stay located at their best solution to their problem right now -- smoking is possible and and I think -- -- -- In a bit but saint Tammany parish has to. You know people and it choral society want and the little things well but what matters is the legal side and and that's what we really have to focus on. It's it is we do want to try to not have seen ten Paris turned into these. Of the field of loyal ultimately. And I think we have to man up and get the right people the right experts and -- it and not just in Louisiana bring in from around the country. And have the right legal team in place. To fight till fight this publicity and ticket demand you know utility deals with big big oil companies big and experts everywhere. And those experts have told an and they have to do with the old -- -- support their claim and it's just like any argument is two sides of of the debate. We believe about debate is right we also very strongly believe that they're always says saint Tammany parish can legally stop this. And regardless of what the parish and beliefs. We sent the press release out this morning to in response to president Bruce's press release that she sent them in nineteen. It's basically citing the fact that we disagree strongly with those depositions that has nothing can be done that we believe lead in the pot. Many options that could be done and I think we have a strong case. So with going in that direction in the -- reaching out to experts around the country. In all different fields sciences. And and legal representation and -- win it would not gonna go away you know we're going to make this difficult for them. With -- without the parish along side does so or had a lesson in you know we will do it on Earl is now. We're talking -- Eric Frenzel president of concerned citizens of saint Tammany Rick we come back we're gonna have -- president that Bristol on the next hour. Cannot give it to elaborate on that ordinance that she in the council were to get together -- one in an open letter about like for you to. May be a take a look at those eight items of criterion met that she developed him what do you think the old company's response made. We'll be right back -- the think tank Fridays now right here on the big -- seventy WW. And we also have a text message board for -- at 8787. We do ask that you please text responsibly done to be with you on the front edition the think tank we have on the line with mr. president of concerned citizens of Tammany parish Rick friends though. I'm talking about the biggest Alice topic to come down the pike in quite a while saint Tammany that a fracking request from house oil. And the owners of our property near ten mediate to put me fracking facility supplies for what they call unit his nation permit to explore and see if it is feasible. Our Rick we were talking about this open letter from parish president pat -- in it. She basically sticks to her guns that she believes the state is the one who was a grand -- and the authority for the permitting and that they are told by the illegal people like case after case that that is the case. But in -- what she has done -- -- it further now and come up with eight criteria on and that they would put into the form open on an ordinance which he says will protect the interest. Saint Tammany parish residents are your thoughts on it in is gonna have any teeth in this match. Well I think I think the idea avoidance is to. That she's proposing is is that a good thing. But I also believe it but it's admitting that they can't do anything or not making it they can do anything I believe that -- -- prevalent as it has some other ones they can be put in place. Honda I believe. It would have to be in effect you know it's good to get these men in the -- now and get to improve. Itself summaries in the cannot be stopped. But I think it means it's also the city as a mission that you're not going to be able to stop probably not going to make it real effort to try to stop it. And that it practically and probably -- the although I in the Stanton and and I appreciate that tested for those who will help if if something. If. This does go through and does happen to be the oil companies in the morning on this battle. But I would prefer her to draw the line saying they know we're gonna do everything in -- legal. So a legal possibilities and to bring in expressing we've got to fight this. And then if that doesn't come into play then obviously he's -- -- will make a difference in the future police who would should help to some degree in the future. Protecting them protecting -- area and infrastructure. But. I think it's. It's them it's submit its commitments. Basically saying hey we can't and whatnot and tried in the sentence in this well and do you know so. And that's that's my concern about it and I would prefer them to actually go to line in the sand saying no can do we can't fight it. As opposed say okay who we are agreeing in the wilderness do it and we were gonna put these ordinances in place to help protect this island and it's nice and dandy but. I'd rather see -- try to stop it. Do you think there's enough evidence out there at this point that the parish should go on and in -- percent opposition to this without. Getting some more the facts and seeing how extensive now project in facility and an industry this will become. -- -- -- As I don't know what they doing in Phnom -- did I am somewhat disappointing from what I see from the outside looking in what cannot do. Could I know we're doing now and it would -- on all over the place around the country and trying to speak to you know people you know good background. Payton gives some insight on on this and and it's not as that is the date say it is and it's not as perfect as they say it is and and the fact that we -- this also photographer is more of a concern and it should be concerned everybody you know and. Because it it could it could affect does that ever. And. And -- it's not perfect and it's just -- Newton goes back to we made an analogy. Reference to the security industry. It investigated she was so -- and they promoted and they push years -- ago in. How wonderful was in grave create laws and. Degrade advertising in all it does and there's no problems with it in the end we'll we talked they would -- you know we -- actually lifted that stupidity Christian of the cancer and all the things that the course. I think -- -- in the end today -- -- in in 2030 years and a little packet say you know we've we've made a mistake you know we put we put money. Before we put the common sense in the place in -- and I think it's gonna come through. It's bad but I think it's true we don't have. We don't have. -- in place that truly protect the environment that truly protect its citizens. And it's 20. Open ended its two submissive to -- oil companies and until they get things. The technology gets better. Until they get more the laws in place to protect and. Our climate and protect its citizens I think though. You know and and I also believe. -- saint Tammany parish particularly. I believe it doesn't belong here and I don't think it's. I think it's gonna change. Everything about saint Tammany parish and it turned into an industrial. Little complex and and that of -- trucks pollution. Crime is gonna go up it's it's easy it's all over the country down in and that they had but it does happen. Corrected is probably got to be changed in in the Louisiana legislature because -- council member told me the other day and she put it nervous accidentally said you know if you wanted to start an expanded chicken ranch where you want to put in dog kennel billionaires are you want to bring in game gambling casinos. The people of saint Tammany parish -- gonna have all the power on if win how you do this but in this case. According to the issue we don't it's strictly up to the state we have no say so by our own community. Again putting the risk part of that the side is that what we want. Examined -- didn't you go right. But that's quite different idea and I agree with you I don't want to panic there's been oil field but ideal thing I also different and in fact I believe. The state constitution. Clearly defines. When it comes I think it's article might fiction on it and it -- clearly defines that. Local government. Whether it's home which got a government in its totality government clearly has. Jurisdiction when it comes to the health and safety and welfare. Of citizens. Analysts may be weather and an illegal -- have -- -- exactly breaking a stalemate in the news I got a couple of callers ago want to textiles addressed those who talked with Rick -- so concerned citizens of saint Tammany parish. We'll be right back after the news. -- I welcome back into the Friday think tank come down to -- -- Friday morning from the big 870 WWL we talked with president concerned citizens of saint Tammany parish. Rick friends all about the fracking debate next hour at Bristol on -- the president of saint Tammany parish and that will be. One of the things will be talking about autism she comes all this wants a month ago it was an hour per -- To address issues and concerns with saint Tammany parish people who live work or play. My phone lines are open for you to 601878668890870. And we take responsible tax -- responsible -- people who were not driving and texting. 87870. Rick we've got frank from Hammond -- in line to frank thank you for you call -- wrong with Rick -- -- -- Mayor thank you for your hard work and -- thank you for this is. The most important issue all of our lives in animators nothing bigger our. More people and the -- -- no you know what tracking -- I would like to make two points. It industrial -- for many years I understand all of the process and I understand the dangers. I understand -- the laws have been pushed aside. By the Bush Administration many years ago there. We don't have to follow the Clean Water Act EPA has no jurisdiction. There's absolutely no cheap to enforce any site. Any type of over overseeing how the waters are art. Gotten rid. Out how does this whole process is is is install. So -- that beings. It would be almost impossible to the -- -- to create ordinances about something they don't even understand it's it's a mammoth undertaking. And because of the single source for it shouldn't even be allowed one well. Much less you know eighteen per -- -- 20000 acres. My -- caught so our. I feel that in order to give. Not just we don't Orton it's what we meter wall dispatched. We need laws passed her credit for being on our. The -- doesn't seem willing to do. In order to -- That law -- you gotta get boaters which being the Republican Christian right that's our largest bloc of voters. That perhaps to. To be done first and foremost I'm sure your work. Is it this is the scuttlebutt on the streets. That all of that let money it was -- to saint Tammany fair. Several million dollars which put into the Canadian action there's not being on that extra. Why it even there will bet that just tell people. That possibly the excellent. A long time ago to do -- not something that the first officials -- know. And -- your elected official. So that that in itself. It could be a big part of your information. -- Well at that might they might -- some -- and he ranked it is say that -- you know there is a school that was and so certainly the exit was needed for that in the property is owned residential which would be you know you would think would be planned for. Subdivisions to go in -- I don't know if there's enough evidence to show August we could go back to naslund accounting in the the FEMA money and find out if in fact that's -- was. Lot doubt they're gonna that there's any out of a trait that but he seems to me that pit -- is is going all nor right into the temper. And a lot of people are discussing and that they're concerned. That that sticks with it and that's what appears officials are really not. They're not even shots -- -- to truck stop. Yeah I'm Rick Rick -- that retirement within Africa I'd give it two points at the first one has yet they. Absolutely Mickey is the laws have to be changed and the state level. The problem -- in in Louisiana in general has been in the fact that. In oil has. Created a lot of work and jobs in this in saint Tammany parish. And throughout Louisiana. Baton Rouge has been typically very submissive to oil companies and it's going to be a tough road to get. I agree with few analogy I think as a -- world people get. Involved with this -- and realize that you know we don't really need is sincere in in this area. It may make it different and they oppression now local of representatives to make similar changes -- -- talk we are talking with them and trying to develop some language that maybe can be presented -- accession. For changing the state laws. On the other cited on the other side you've made reference to. Connections and I think connecting -- god and we have a group. A committee called. Property rights and zoning committee to look going Peru where we didn't record a question yesterday. On trying to get old -- we want and we're one Google fought back conceivable how this all came about where it came and who knew about it who didn't know about it. And so we put all the records -- yesterday. Submitted to the -- -- got to throw it and we'll literacy and see if there's dust that need to be connected on an island in any of the parish established these. Dvds. Economic development districts. And I listened and I'm not against him I think they have some good manner but I was upset with. With the Paris affected all of a sudden it would kind of be rush is down our throats. Without even people even understand what -- -- -- -- and as a violent the most it was intent you know we got to eat eat -- any wonder that takes its people's it was needy day. And and and that itself by had a problem with and I said that it would parish council need to stood up benefit to present president that in the past has listed listen. I guess is why can't we take more time and explain -- -- -- is you know which is economic development districts. And and -- is it was such a push to get it and and then monthly -- what was and we get these oil company -- -- coming in. In quantity dvds on -- 1088. And and that bothers me and and -- coincidence or not I don't know but -- and that's stuff we're looking at. And because it just it just seem to too perfect and. I thank you for the golf frankly appreciate it Rick stay when we come back again a couple of text via I think some people lawyer -- is -- attributing the recall petition. To concerned citizen Alison -- Tammany and we'll clear that up we come back. Right after the time out on the big day seventy deal. I -- elected to the think tank or talk with Eric Frenzel president of concerned citizens of saint Tammany parish in case you haven't heard the latest development US Army Corps of Engineers has granted a stay. While more time about twenty extra days for the citizens to try to get answers to some questions. Before the permit application will be processed for -- -- That permit application by the way is made public in we can get richt against the web site. The concerned citizens where you can actually view that on line. Because it didn't feel like they were doing enough to oppose this effort a lot of people attributing that to your organization. Because you were very actively involved in the recall effort. Peter Galvin but let's clear this up this was not -- group. No we have not to do with there effect where I -- corner of -- with the just as much as anybody else -- and was surprised by it and. Did that's true actually initiated. Its with a and ended days. The left field you know it it's people's constitutional right to do what they want to do. Us -- an awful basic things like that we will focus on the legal aspect of it. I don't think it hopes to -- And I don't think you can hit it. Pointing out each council then what deposition is I believe. And that majority councilman I'll probably sympathetic. And don't want it they -- live here in you know just like we do and. And I think they have a lot of concerned about it but like embryos they don't know enough about it. I think where the problem lies is that they're relying too much on -- legal counsel. Who you know what tradition attorney's office. Who also has no expertise in this area. I'm quite certain concessions and Tammy has far more expertise and all police sources right now. With in the -- in this and have more expertise in this area and that's what we feel confident that they are wrong in their analysis in the wrong in the position. -- and I think the council fortunately is relying on what they hear from them legal counsel they have who has -- expertise in this area you know he's probably in books and trying to come up with analysis. Look at -- taken this long from the left Paris counts mean they still have not hired a firm. And meanwhile we've reached out to firms all over the country with talking to him and experts. You know would not strapped -- like the government -- and we had its and we can -- access -- but I'm disappointed how long it's taking them. To get honorable you know and I think -- -- -- at a position far ahead of them in the game in terms of how we can fight this battle. Your legal counseled at the track they will be taking will they be taking the application line by line and looking forward deficiencies there. Or would -- be some other track that they would take two bags basically determine if in fact the parish has some authority in the outcome of the parliament. You know we -- and we believe we should zone -- actually putting to do an ordinance that we -- present to perish counsel. That actually would ban fracking in saint Tammany parish. And yet what the -- that pulled up to court I don't know but I think it would give it -- face they would do's and total in the sand. The Paris then obviously would have to defend and that's and that would be you know an illegal battled on the road. But taken immediately stop the -- passing it on discussed in the open has been given. They have not even apply for the permits so if you're going to establish that he. Ordinance it's time to do it is now and not an ordinance that the submissive which they're trying to present now. I want to have an ordinance that is is is basically restriction law. As an ordinance in place where it says okay the EPA is coming you know reported the end of 2014. It donors. Apparently very in depth study of fracking. I think if anything else that ordinance should based police today. And -- we will not allow tracking missing and the passion to the EPA. Without the support at the end India. And that would stop everything in place now -- want to challenge that they can challenge in court they may not. I'm that they may I would suspect with them and it treason and they'll build upon which had challenges. And that will drag out as law that would a long time to and by that time and it is EPA could have its report -- findings on on there. Analysis and studies on for hacking which I think is very important and very critical and that's why don't we need to -- -- I think actually to total lines and say hey. Legislated EPA report to come out. Hi Rick if you would give out the information to people may wanna join concerned citizens or did you have application and on duty organization now they've got this day of time. From the corps of engineers wants people go and see that what it's for them to to comment how should they do that. Yeah well I think globe forcible that -- honestly -- look at Netflix if this. Comes down to a concerned citizens and county takes on the battle and the parish doesn't. It's gonna cost money and -- and my money's going to come from people joining in and being part of the organization you know. And however else we can raise itself I guess people do they really couldn't hear about this has it. You know they got to realize it close now as you know and it's not expect the joint dozens that is historic and well. But you can go to a web site and it had CC at TPC dialogue. And a pull up under. Applications membership applications and you've been paid on line he'd been printed out mail it and blatant go to FaceBook site we continued application that way concerned citizens saint Tammany. And and will get its mission to India and you need to be part of it is -- to talk community. He got to that people can run down walk the walk of the exactly I don't know -- we wanna do we can we have resources but you know. Again you're battling resource is that a big you know and afford it take to battle on this -- cost money but how what pro Bono work we get down from different agencies different schools. We still gonna need more capital to fight to. -- CC EST EP dot -- -- thanks again for you time and I'm sure will be talking is more developments happened with thank you -- -- -- -- -- to thank some of my Wacom I will be back in wrap up this hour and tell you about a visit with south saint Tammany parish president at Bristol coming up in the 11 o'clock hour. And after this time out this is WW well.