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5-23-14 Pat Brister, St. Tammany Parish President

May 23, 2014|

Pat Brister talks with Don Dubuc about the latest on the fracking proposal in St. Tammany

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- those of you who may live work play in saint Tammany parish in talk about your concerns in new interest -- now also to alert cute things that are going on the Paris that you might. Not otherwise be aware of and we welcome that Brewster that thank you for joining us again as always appreciate. All right we got a big Memorial Day weekend coming up and and a lot of people wanna talk about the fracking issue so weak and economists say that the last him let -- ask their questions and comments of -- likely to talk about the the ordinance that you recommending -- before that. Tell us what else is going on in saint Tammany national appears get ready to kick off with the -- and rodeo on at this Memorial Day weekend but coming up probably the following weekend on two weeks. And also we get ready for hurricane season how we Dylan sang -- We're doing fine. We have lot of fun thing and jury earnings. Or them lately and they'll I'll be orchestrating. And home. Couple of -- purple heart recipients. Event which will be held Saturday morning I'm I'm thrilled that I was invited to I'm not elect -- Ports are all our. Outside events at the tray and at the parks and at and prayers. -- -- -- We're very excited about all ready for everybody that looks like -- -- going to be great surely hope they use all the facilities -- -- your -- straight weekend. But as you mentioned our position here will be except. -- grand reopening we did open it incentives it was completed. But the weather wasn't great that we wanted to plant another aid. On field day when the weather pattern that is due up next. In two weeks. We'll have update application priority I changed but it -- Current -- -- you'll be hearing more and more -- Well I'm happen to report after yesterday's on the lake is gonna come alive in the feature -- NASA we should have a successful going to be I'm. Hurricane season preparation. There's been a lot done since the past storms from Katrina to move on to more recent storms. Changes have been made has been all logged on over there at the un headquarters in Covington. What what is left to be done to get ready for our case. Well we -- we. It's -- one hurricane season ends restart caring and next. Making sure that we have everything covered and just tweaking -- getting our protocol. So what we're doing now let's make sure that our citizens. We want to. Impress upon them it's been awhile since we've had -- urged being -- awake and Katrina. The more relaxed people seem to get and we want to remind him -- want them to relax but beat the players are prepared. You don't have to worry about it -- -- believe cabinet -- -- hurricane in the golf. So our message now is prepare yourself. We are prepared and we able. Be ready. For any emergency that we can personally obviously -- things happened. That we count down expect as we -- this winter what winter storm Alex. -- bet it was an opportunity for us to. See how everything would work in different scenario it's just a different scale from hurricane but it -- winter storm. And I told him what an emergency we did have. People that need shelter and other issues. The roads were closed to -- weekend. Very well thought it. -- no animal. Damaged in the end and not injury we. Learned from that emergency income in any shape form at any time of the year. Not only during hurricane. But we. We are focusing now on the hurricane season because at the start I'm due course. It also offer us are McCain veterans and -- -- like well we know the drill this check out generators make sure we get the batteries all the cautions that we normally do year after year but. Are always meet new residences saint Tammany trashed it come from other areas and they are extremely scared they're petrified about hurricane season. Is there are some good information on the web site about evacuation routes where to tune. You know what services are offered by saint Tammany parish doing storms. Absolutely our web site is that it is certainly the best resource for people that are -- to the area -- all. On contact information for everyone so they don't beat England and doesn't what they need on -- -- which you know it's WWW. -- -- TPG. LB dot. Or if there's something if there's a question that can't bind and I'll have to do that Chris ask pat and we will get the information. The one of the main things we want. Newton and president and that of your profile. We have no heart sank -- page. On our web sites that that the way you can enter any number in contacting you with us. And Baylor. On information it comes to us about. Say he. Well clients hurricane anything that we deal does. Haven't really needs to -- right away that issue of color -- itself on the compound just love it definitely wanna be reached. And of course the win we had Davida -- have a Booth a studio in the emergency operation center that we go broadcasting as soon as storms. -- begin to approach and we keep people abreast of what's. Benefit valuable on you know we really appreciate that it is. You know people are very used to getting my -- and no radio and Brit Brit beauty care and mistakes and there. You get information as we get information that we want to get out as quickly. Long is battery powered radios still available. They're now becoming a thing of the past it was cellphones now have that you can pick it up on the cellphone is. Lot of wasted two and isn't sure etc. also one did you talk about a very excited about I heard about the announcement of the kids town it's come so weighs down the robo ball what a wonderful. Facility that's going to be. It is right that we respect -- Broke ground yesterday. And it is on going we will have part of the done by the end of this year that they two. Continued. And and the rest next year but it it say -- -- kids. Town just sentences that the village. Home near arm our playground here and the tree. There are opposite on contraction. It. -- say wait for kids to learn and take it and enjoy themselves and parents to it. To be able to participate in such great response from our distances and saint -- will have one pitch. Isn't that is a bank one that the fire station where we'll have. And an -- fire truck and a new part -- that kids can learn about we'll have ice cream shop and then medical clinic. So kids can see what goes on in knows. Those type of facilities. And it will be good that are going to replenish will be the Children's Museum. And we'll have an -- there and and now. Some of that thing that they will carry over to the bigger Children's Museum when it's completed but this is just the beginning step are all very excited about it. I hope people on the website and look at tat because it is going to be -- Any exact location and the opening target opening day. Turn it on the drive off apparently that -- and -- in and well. It's just beyond. -- all this building and date like Graham. Date no boundaries playground it's between mayor and in the trade. So it all right -- to get with everything that embracing kids can enjoy it can get our own bit again Betty we have. Somewhat -- building. Building complete about -- this year but. Our next year. Merry go looking looking very forward to that. -- -- and take a break here we come back though what you need to talk about the ordinance that you are working with the council to adapt with regard to fracking issue or an option telephone lines in the text message line. 2601870866889087. If you get a text don't responsibly. At 8787. Will be right back this is the Friday think tank on WW. Welcome back into the saint Tammany parish Arafat parish president -- Preston joins us once a month to discuss the goings on saint -- national lines are open the questions on concerns 260187866889. Early seventy. And if you have a designated text refute driving on a few texting while someone else is driving will take you texted 8787. -- messes it comes directly year. Into the studio. Pat blog of course one of the biggest issues being discussed the saint Tammany Paris is the request by hills oil and land known to. Apply for -- drilling permit it and that would. Possibly lead to a fracking facility in saint Tammany parish if it is it's feasible to do so. You're in the council have come on the far there's been an effort to. Recall which now open app because that missed the -- with you but I don't think there's any danger of that. But you know that you've been criticized. About you know the Paris should be doing more to totally oppose this and and -- this from happening in saint Tammany she -- issued an open letter which I'm sure is posted on the website if people want to read it in -- in party. But basically if you could give us the high points of what it says and what it will do as far as providing as much oversight is is legally possible. On in this whole issue for the residents of -- them. Sure sure is -- it is on the web site -- a letter explaining. How does am. Our position as explained -- by our legal counsel. What we can't it cannot do. We are hiring additional legal count constitutional. Legal option specialty. To make sure. This week. Arguing exactly what we can't and shouldn't do much but in letters now at age specific. In that week we. Each. Players administration. Working with the players council. A chance our our men and ordinances that we are. Such and that ranges from calm. They casting. A ball well in the area beat for war in -- early starts. And -- in the early. Regularly testing not by the company's. But by an independent testing. Company each to make sure that where we are without water and where. We will be anything. Is down so that that the person almost as it should be the biggest worry. A calm everyone's debt is coming port that against us so we want to make sure that. And and are ordnance. And it we know what's going on what the war. The second would be much imitation of hours. Drilling activity could get launch and we do that as we do in me eat well. Might make noise or appear at schools. We -- in -- in man hours but not congested traffic going to the cooler back arch. -- in the middle and -- or whatever. We can do much in the limiting those hours. The third item is. -- -- or mention specific to the right. And so adaptable apple. -- -- -- -- Restrictions on truck traffic routes and -- and standards. That would worry entry that are introduced. I'll last month and make sure that you need equipment our trucks come -- and stay with Andy. Parameters of what I can handle. Offers and planting and setbacks we have ordinances in place. Four -- doesn't have to -- So we will and make sure that. We have something in place that bullet. Apply shoot. At that operation. And again that ordinances -- anyplace it was just like it's. Changing some of that. Mitigation plan which I am research. We understand that. -- -- statement. Federal mandate that Esther in emergency plan in case there was an action such calm that has to be a record in -- Has to -- public. -- he's a funny thing that would be church. Important. It happened. But haven't won. We make sure that all of the city each. No water at age and returned from it -- go to the cracking artifice operation which bad. But he returned -- will be taken out. And -- -- you can beat the presumption in saint Tammany arch. So that will be an ordinance certainly ash and eight is such that. Com. We are still researching as a weekly note that. This is done it to have. An insurance policy -- performance on our. Certificate of deposit or something -- and placed it there is damage and true road to an area. But there's some way. That there is -- Can't reach in and used genetic that we players -- So that's the way things that we eat. Can do our or are going forward we introduce you are anxious to proper. There's there's so much more that we can and -- And we we have. We are sending a letter -- Indians are. Sounding. In and that is now. I -- are we wanted to lecture on record debt. We let them know what does not being so they can't make the decision. In hand is Asian. Nation that we get aren't doing much and Hugo. There. -- is Indian car as delayed. Com. There are ended the year there period. For thirty days. -- -- in net extension option. We have met I met personally. Carl mentioned corps of engineers. To talk to him about. They're process and what they can do will do much and I can't extended year the year comment period or -- when he Mort gage. You we go forward with everything we can't do and each. I'll I don't know. There are many. Opponents and I understand that I have concerns which I love marketers awaited message that there. I represent 238000. People. And some of those people. Do you want this -- necessary step. While woody kept all the information out every launched getting intelligence and image -- while. There aren't out everyday. Region as in Egypt as it we are doing exactly -- should be. -- -- Those things seem to be very Waltz on out and I think that would satisfy a lot of the concerns of saint Tammany residents. How do you plan to proceed with his soreness would this be something that you would -- DN -- to put into the permit application to agree to would you give our listeners to tell -- oil and asked them what you OK with this stuff. Would this be some and that would be put on the parish books as far as normal protocol for anybody who's come in here to to do some drilling -- would have to buy dot. It's not -- I mean under. Companies should calmly we won't ordinances in place. That will protect everything that we can't stretch that -- will be our heritage ordinances. It won't be you know art in -- regulations and -- and protocol -- Either. Allowing department art design department but that's what eight. And understand that we have been -- -- -- and -- but. Answer critics we are still making sure that is not any other. -- We have not tar. Getting into a cancer that while we are RB extra legal counsel to look and -- of these ordinances. Shelly and many pairs every embryo. That too much -- -- -- it comes in any players -- org but he has to comply. OK so if in fact the permit did not. Catch any of these requirements and it was approved in yet there was a violation of this ordinance what would the plan be then would you go after them legally. Well I hate it if we haven't -- on the books. That led to. Important stretch. Water testing. If they did not do it. Then we would pursue that legally to make sure they do it or stop stop what they're doing until -- Plot bassinet -- that our how we do with every other -- -- -- -- there out of compliance. And they must commit to compliance or are they it -- -- It -- and on and on line action now. You know I know people like this is not an option but believe me we're pushing the limit as to what we can do. -- -- we're gonna take a news breaking will come back against some callers on line got a lot of text messages. But a number of topics including fracking were talking with saint Tammany parish president pat Bristol will be right back to others. I welcome back to the Friday edition does think tag W with you we have -- -- -- -- to -- -- saint Tammany parish. Main topic we're talking about today is the -- issues and -- Hannah I got -- several text with the same theme people want to know what is the status on the legal counsel. That the parish council and then the administration did decided to hire an attorney -- researched. Did the practicality of of of whether the parish is able to have any say so in the permitting process when you stand on hiring illegal for a. There and shoot the attorney happily and been contacted and interviewed. This is going through the council -- -- our legal counsel. -- council and it -- my understanding that I think they're ready to -- I'm one of the two. But I. I have not checked. Just yet that's been done but I I certainly can and we can not make out you. You know it it will be in China. Are right let's get to these lines and first is to Wayne in man to bill line one going on your own parish president centrist. Good morning mr. Pitt -- reputation. My question how it applies to people who aren't that. To poll tracking. Oh the mean. And conduct in this economic development and enemy is the quality of life. Drawing professional in the area to live there and I know. It split and there are certain companies that we look at the area because that's where it professionally. In the and collectibles -- big big that -- here. And how do you respond to people say that. It not only -- it. I don't actually but -- will gas production begins in the parish and if they kept of who shall we going to explode Eric. That it was that we're expecting they encourage the professional who want to move out. -- -- with them and the parish. Would have to. Just radically changed -- whole economic open. That far it -- current main industry actually is the quality of life. And -- ever impacted by the large in large footprint industry commute the -- how to respond to that. And well -- that spanking. Just in. Having. What we cannot. Is. And -- thing. Shouldn't pay an oil company because it is today. Agency -- -- So well. -- people. It is. And we get an attorney. In it will continue to. Action by. And we port and a companies in -- -- -- -- -- Are -- their company and -- Amateur production. How -- in production. And I don't know it. Is production because. You know it -- action but it -- And each -- -- Trying. Mine area artist -- account at all doing such it and it. And to protect. When the Internet -- and -- -- the local level. I I disagree but I think it should be on the apple because. That's but it. Is at eight. So until we can get and a lot -- -- Isn't accurate which I think would be -- -- but doesn't mean -- -- I we have to do what. We must. We are doing to protect -- game changed and we are doing. We are doing. Thing that we can't -- and asking. Hotly. But come up with anything else we can do to tech to track at all. But until that decision is mine -- how old are body local body today we have laws that we. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What are they ordered a card accountability to petitioner state delegation. -- -- Should people -- Bringing it we -- it straight every morning in church this topic is. Is in every conversation. People. Represented -- -- -- -- that. Patient old bill that. Is an oil companies. Is to. I. Mom. Get a permanent even apply for permanent they have to do certain -- her -- and -- public -- Name was that -- -- -- well. -- it's an alleged torture so well we do we are legislated about it. They are opposite an island yesterday. And unfortunately. We make one thing that. Just well not out like a bet that not mean we don't -- trying. I'm very good thank you for the call -- no we got to run for break we'll be right back -- Mike you'll be up next would talk to a pat Bristow. President of saint Tammany parish -- listen to the think tank on WW. Word talking with saint Tammany parish president that Brister -- might Mike what you -- from. Go too far from the area into soccer practice. You know. Apart. Prop up the track you know they're. You know check bouncers is evident that. What -- the amount they might textile being used to hire private buyout firm to try to find a way to kill. Finally legally or whatever relate to him and why I checked -- being used to. And yet it and and figure out there are turning into. The lead and -- issue as well. And I thank you for the -- at all day you had both sides of it that some people saying you know spending enough and on an analyst says he's been into butts. Maybe it'd match I think you take it on I do like is going in and what. We are trying to do about such -- that for and against each it hire someone that gives us. Are we turn our backs. That we think we are no match for both sides not just. Or our -- that that would make sure we have all. Opinion legal opinion covered such. Well I think it went in and injured Eric I'll points. I think we have to think that is doing the best we can't get any action picture we get it quite oh. Imus go to DJ on the North -- line one DJ your own with Sampras. Figured going -- got to Taiwan question I'm curious about there's a lot of risk involved in this world like an electoral war as this -- money. Sharon you know what role the state gets gets -- the parent shouldn't Indian American. I did I do because. So you -- we average surged in areas is an edge. That severance traction in Louisiana. It it at the oil company. Time and it but I'm not oil. That they get 8%. -- tracks a separate act. The law. Local governments get 20%. Of that separate urged action and a maximum a local government jet. 82 point eight million dollars. And is that it and not well does it by. In -- Any other. Revenue source would be age from apple or taxes. From they'll start -- at night by it made by. That much in saint -- bearish. Up permit and fees. The so. All of the added at a church cannot he would view and act out at this time we page. But to -- about our largest. Amount of money we get it day today I am able to should extract. The maximum amount of oil that they need to do it. And while so it would be -- aren't -- -- 11 well are well on well one out -- each -- well. What each owner well it can't play -- -- depending on how much oil come out. It would. Augur well -- -- 02. Point oh dollars. If there. It they drill under well and -- under well. Okay -- but it ideal thing. Well and it would be that amount but any company to get it would cap the same severance. But it exits were or -- and how much money from where cap. On. -- now now. No I'm not -- company I don't know and you know I'm getting engineer connection you know. Believe I -- the facts right but it's something again we're checking -- -- A legal opinion on that it would be each. How a company. That. Drill. One well one well there would be a separate from that well. It is another well someplace else should be urged. A trade -- I don't know. Well he went -- well. Government and dead -- -- -- one Emmys -- 160 acres that a pat on one well. Agree on absorbent -- we do more risks. And perhaps it is a certain point gonna look like you were actually spoke about it. These companies becoming an opera. -- that -- well I. Again. Our our our percentages between you and the state -- can't. Any Christian -- I will find more information just to get specific you know aside -- -- I level information we've gotten its -- Eight are very important and and one of the questions that now possibly can come better from -- and US sailors will be right back in our wrap up our comes face without -- the president of saint Tammany parish or listen to the think tank on WW. And now we're out of time I just for the record a state website shows that are no active all wells all of you have been abandoned -- permits have run out in saint Tammany parish that thanks to our crack research team. Thank you to -- Christopher joining us and have a great Memorial Day weekend and we look forward to visit next month. All right thank you again I will be back right after the top of the hour news to talk about Memorial Day I get the viewpoint from a well and Afghanistan. Veteran who's authored a book called read deployed about why it's important and how we should actually recognizes celebrate Memorial Day weekend. That coming up on the Friday addition of the think tank right after the news.