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5-23-14 Brian Fleming, combat wounded Veteran on Memorial Day

May 23, 2014|

Don Dubuc talks with Brian Fleming, combat wounded Veteran on Memorial Day and what it means to country.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Actually it's Don Don Dubuque with you on Fridays filling in for golf Robinette gold will be back with view on Monday. Wanna congratulate the LA issued tigers beat Arkansas yesterday's. Seven to. And tomorrow the tigers take on the winner of today's Ole miss Arkansas game pre games 1130. First pitch at -- London WL the big 870 AM. In 105 point 3 am. I don't welcome back into the program wanna think iPad Christopher saint Tammany parish for joining us and all of those of you who called and text in -- -- regard to this issue of ranking it seems like every time we do -- the show on that topic it opens up more questions finances and will continue to try to reach out to analysts oil we've invited them to come on in and discuss the project and answer some of these many many questions that. Citizens have about their project in its impact to saint Tammany parish. -- Come across a lot of valuable information some of which people have been. Providing -- people who in the know in the industry also some elected officials. Come across a copy of law. Along EPA find that that -- need with regard to. Some shortcomings on one of their fracking projects here in the state of Louisiana would like to get their viewpoint on that also be in the width and breath of this operation -- they would like to bring in the saint Tammany parish. Many many questions that we would need to answer and will continue and by the in the come on at some point I think they're gonna. Pretty much adapted to address it and then put some of these fears to rest of the -- constituents -- I can show your old text Borges. Full of people who or scared to death of what is. Is she might bring in and also if in fact if it is proven sedate them again I've gotten some results of the study that showed that is alarming. -- of the well casing failure in the first year event grows exponentially as time goes on and nothing that needs to be addressed as -- awful lot of questions and until those questions are answered that's going to be an on going debate and an argument. Anyway that'll be for another show for another day we continue now with our program and we're gonna talk about Memorial Day. In fact it's the topic of -- ready opinion poll question asking you. On do you celebrate Memorial Day or is it just another day. I wanna say then I mean wouldn't say celebrate the more Dem tournament well with traditional we have a barbecue. On its big days -- -- which is both. But do you actually celebrated in some form or fashion that honors veterans. 32%. Say they celebrate surprisingly 68%. And use and responded in its early in the voting. Say no it's it's it's just another day should. Or should it be something very special joining us to talk about this is and author of several books one including redeployed. Brian Fleming joins us now enough. I'm Brian is a combat wounded veteran from the war in Afghanistan -- -- -- message you'd like to share with. This -- a ball Memorial Day Bryant thanks for taken atomic talk with a small. Privileged. If you -- -- give us a little recap of your military career. Well it certainly with the US army's tenth mountain division as a team leader in an infantry platoon. Back in 2006. -- blown up a couple times the vehicle thousands and thousands out of work and I was -- by the -- one which was. A suicide bomber in him in a minivan and pulled it back to my door exploded. How about three feet away from -- out in my vehicle people were next my -- brutal and in himself and about 101000 pieces that day I woke up in a ditch on the side of the road Ellsberg and bloody second and third degree. Spent about fourteen months and Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio Texas. And that sort turn into what I do now as. Now -- speaker veteran advocate and he believed to really use what happened in my life to help other people. Overcome their own challenges and have not wet cycle blown up guy dot com while people get a kick out of that actually didn't mean to be funny when I made that by that a lot of people. Getting a kick out of I just thought it's an easy way for people to reach me because they always. That you they were -- forgive my name. But there would retain our Archie that guy a couple of. So we'll Bryan how how -- your health now. My -- now under under agreement. You sound good full blown up got. A problem when -- -- -- -- what you want that might not sound like a whole lot of sense to a lot of people but I -- and. Yeah. In the light of his VA scandalous going on none do you think that the outcome the final outcome of this is and actually brings some some light to light of the negligence of this country. With regard to people like itself that if given. The life and limb in time meant it to this country in the name of of Islam of safety in providing a security for what we do you know. Well -- -- so I don't know. Time for politicians to be writing campaigns for reelection and whatnot is not far ahead of us. And so it's really no surprise me that people are certainly jump on this all the sudden -- it's very unfortunate they're definitely back -- -- definitely consistent. It. If if an American business trim their business like the government run their entities there -- no business. This in the alleged victim notes from the private sector and and the business world. Brian what is it you do now on you're classified as a resiliency coach you know exactly what is it you do. Well black speak all over the country all over the world that you public speaking. And -- particular with the military veterans groups though I do ethical resiliency training wage. -- I've been a -- military bases in two veterans groups. Either but before it deployed or after they come home. Are even I was actually in Afghanistan last year. Tour with a great organization who gave the opportunity to go back and he'll speak to troops there. But. You know a lot of assume the military -- pedestrian military in the world. We know how to fight a war and win we're the best -- -- tactics I mean it's it's just incredible how how powerful our military forces. Yet when we come home we put it very different now. And it's more from mental battle and nobody seems to you. QB training these guys in these men and women. The things that they need to hold this like together on this new battlefield after returning home. -- like -- gives you the posttraumatic stress the near an all kinds of different issues and not everybody has that. It's not a widespread thing than our own veterans are much in cases with guns I mean -- like that there's some of the most stable intelligent people you'll ever meet your life. But you know it it's just can't have no reason. That we -- teaching them how to fix. The issues you know that the VA and whatnot they have this this big -- big idea Paterno told that the problem fix it. Well that's sort of like having bleeding on the brain. And then putting -- gain data on some of these foreign you know Ricky can look our for awhile but it's not it's not really helping fix anything in the long term here you gotta get done -- -- surgery. And wanting a lot of a lot of places are doing so to speak. In that I -- to the root of the issue is not one of the reasons I do an idea because I got to the root of my issues. And what I learned from that I've learned have helped hundreds and thousands of other. Service members who I've had the privilege of either speaking do or personally mentoring. I would talk with Brian -- if you'd like to talk directly to him to 60187. ER 866889087. We also have a text message board please remember. To text responsibly to 8787. In -- get a lot of text in that one news. Thank you for your service to this country analyst bring -- into the compensation. Let's -- we have -- elegant and now I reject. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You have -- thank you -- what you mean called in and I'm glad that your not. All you know debilitated flocked. The people that have come back from -- Iraq and I Afghanistan's. And I I think it's a travesty. What our government not our country doc has done to these beat honorable -- and all of the during the Arab revel -- -- were talking about -- he go all the gap Cambridge years ago. He gets it will be out -- funding for the that the VA. They patch where the American people finally got outraged enough. And -- up to -- talked out there were backed by at all like got resolved and I hate seeing. -- That she achieves kind of the support -- politician. Patients in all our best hope that. That people get outraged and corporate support you in in home. Leader groups that support our veterans aware that there are well taken care of carriage. Now a lot of these guys are not going to be it will work well as as efficiently as they -- for the rest of their life. And they should be well taken care thank you for your your old causing your service. I appreciate it. I Jake thank you for the call gonna take the break here we come back -- Brian if you got a message you like to share with our listeners may -- gives them some suggestions some ideas. On how they can show their appreciation and -- on nation's military dismissed this Memorial Day weekend will be right back to listen to the bank tank. On WW well. And as we head into the Memorial Day weekend were asking you this question I'm not ready opinion poll do you celebrate Memorial Day or is it just another day Campbell surprised at this and hopefully this will change 64%. Say it's just another day. 36% say no they celebrate. We welcome your text -- -- telephone calls some of the text of -- coming in saying it should be in an honor and a privilege to celebrate it. Please thank the -- you're talking to. Another text says I'm a veteran and I celebrate the day out of all holidays Memorial Day and Veteran's Day should be the most celebrated. And yet another Texas serving your country is one of the most unselfish things you can do for your country. If you've got a comment you like to say about moral they would -- commute telephone calls at 26 though. 187 -- 8668890870. Can also speak with Brian Fleming use our guest. He's a combat wounded veteran from the war in Afghanistan. He's now gone on to be resiliency coach traveling to bases all across the world. To mentor service members and veterans. Brian are you surprised by the results of this this poll do you find that a lot of people just kind of whole home Memorial Day. I think shockingly that massive effort a couple of reasons and that's nothing against the people -- as just another day. But in our thirtieth president Calvin Coolidge is gorgeous thing that the nation which forgets its defenders will itself be forgotten. And it match. And are realizing our education system doesn't do the best job especially over the past ten or twenty years. In many cases it's not that a lot of Americans have even forgotten. -- our history -- the reason we celebrate many of them actually. Probably never even knew. You can ask any junior hire her high school student pay what is Memorial Day. And I mean many of them would -- by saying is that during a weekend we get to them argue or I mean kinda about the kind of response yet and you know I've lived in several foreign countries and the bandit and visited even more all over the world whether -- war zones or not. And a player in America still the exception I don't care how -- count me you're how bad they say it is or whatever the case. I mean that there's a reason people still -- come to America despite the issue we have. And a lot of people they were born in America are -- -- so long. That and they've never been outside the United States America and had to see how much of the rest of the world has lived. If people realized. What it cost. -- live in the great country we do which is which is not to rule is the exception is not normal it's it's a cut above the rest. It really isn't so many ways were privileged. I think it would change a lot but a lot of people like I think they just they don't know they don't realize. What it takes to have what we do this country we live in used to be a pie actor and for people who were willing to -- give everything -- -- did. Now we now it's -- normal to us that there were many people don't quite see you know you sit 64%. Just the it is another day that's I -- that the lack of a lack experience like great -- knowledge. And I agree with you I think it's shameful that the Memorial Day is not taught better in the schools. In that kids are not educated more about what that is all about. Policy before we get to the CBS news update -- got Bernard is calling in Bernard is a priest and was a Korean War veteran Bernard thanks for joining. And Bernard you're on. Yeah yeah okay go ahead your own Brian -- Brian I think we'll have to maybe checked his connection. Brian we just got a couple of minutes -- it to get to CBS news update what would be the message you would like to send out. To people listening who may want to on veterans and a very special way this Memorial Day weekend. Well it is what I will be everybody knows how to do something. And again knowing other nation's veterans were we will look for and up. What that we never actuary thing worked out. Trying to be perceived as people were you even know that sometimes with you know the better in terms. Sometimes that the connotation that goes with the and the military veteran community were very much we want her. We knew we never -- three personals but. What this nation is we have you know and and the price that was paid do what you gotta do. You might an audit -- something that someone else does or maybe you have the financial resources that somebody else does but everybody got something. And at the same way in the military that is in the great American society which we ever got something to offer bring to the table. And there's a reason we again and again we get to live in this great country and -- great -- that we do. Because there -- people who have willingly died. And given their lives and everything they ever existed -- to be. To defend freedom and a lot of them to do because they had Q how nominally college to a doctor when I joined the army bra -- colliding have to do that. I have a Smart well educated people -- -- in the military is now that they had actors that they chose to you especially in this war on terror and past 1213 years. -- -- Got it Brian in full at PC Fleming dot com if people want to find out more about Bono -- -- down. Blown up guide dot com varies remember -- seven happy Memorial Day from one -- to another thanks to users. Are.