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Open Mind 5-23 2:10pm, Fun Friday!

May 23, 2014|

Let’s Have FUN Friday! We’ll talk what’s hot/what’s not at the movies and on demand…and preview this weekend’s big releases: “X-Men: Days of the Future Past”… “ Blended” starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore” and “The Angriest Man in Brooklyn” starring Robin Williams, Mila Kunis, Petr Dinklage and James Earl Jones. Plus…BIG events this weekend: Greek Fest and the opening of The Outlet Collection at Riverwalk.… Angela's guest this hour are: Ian Hoch: WWL's resident happening guy Gayle Psilos: Co-Chair of the Greek Fest event Jude Bourque: Movie lover Carly Plotkin: Marketing Manager, The Outlet Collection at Riverwalk

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What a wonderful hour with trending guys I can't think ultimately. I really really loved it. Sound awesome people loved it to our tech sport is all full of people nonsocial people in Pittsburgh a lot of lot of support for that segment -- will continue -- I hope we do too and I thank you for that support. The thing I'm most thankful for the on Friday is in home YC is with us these are happening got a and you were not with this last -- the first time he'd -- I know since October something yes first time I'd been out but you had a good excuse if you were having fun and went. As a wedding in San Antonio and been to San Antonio since I think about spring of 2006 right after the hurricane and what they've done with it is it's it's a beautiful beautiful downtown my job was just on the ground the whole time it's. Immaculate it's clean and it's sufficient -- concrete public transit going to be sort of a river walk you know it's a little bit -- he has kind of purple street feel to it. But it looks like a movie set and he's got these ridges in these towns and little -- liberal in these gigantic mature trees and architectures immaculate. And there's really good food good food and nice people and -- -- -- music so if you haven't been -- you know it's the seventh biggest city in America -- and that is astounding -- people forget that's -- that's like San Antonio as a huge -- military bases that General Counsel SeaWorld. All kinds of stuff so yes San Antonio was great I'm I'm glad to be back and we took the train home to silence at least from San Antonio. And of course that was very relaxing and as well actually travel. -- I know because he knows how to live. Are you gonna tell me what you can do this week okay cool. Real quick tonight there's a new restaurant -- down in the marrying right where I've lived for the last many years and it's it's -- this empty building for a long time and then. It was sort of like Willy Wonka world building in there nobody ever comes in or whatever goes open you can tell they're doing something. -- new restaurants called Franklin it's right there on Franklin avenue at dolphin. Excuse me adopting street so it hasn't even had like a grand opening yet. But they are serving dinner somewhere in going there -- -- to see what's on the menu. We're just excited avenue restaurant in the neighborhood. Because we'd like restaurants and traveling back to us next week that I will and tomorrow gonna go to Greek fast. Have some who's owed to a little tea drinking and dancing -- and it's Hispanic. And the Portland tasty thing. Tomorrow night at a comedy show and -- Eustace whose owner of captain bill which is that that delicious little Castro -- that's right down the street from the -- of it. On so he's gonna come in and tell real stories from his life and then we'll improvise scenes. Based off of that to -- again it's so caucus he brings his friends and they get exposed to what we're doing down there comedy wise and we get to me -- Franzen. It's a great opportunity for cross promotion pollination. It's an exciting show and then I think on Sunday in an -- fishing. I am going to take a small tackle pox -- much the simple and to allow underneath the Wednesday excuse me. Frank Davis actually novels memorial bridge. And the parking cast was off last talented that I didn't catch for him much but there's a man next and -- cut. A stingray. The fifth third. That was cool mill is that the interest in going on when you go fishing and then Sunday night of course. Can have finished out without paying a huge huge buying the big day in order pizza and watch cost most think this is a beautiful thing and then you're off on Monday. No I think I might come in on -- -- yet because I mean is August there's live programming there's always stuff from me to do in the I don't have anything -- going on that -- you know maybe in the afternoon Russell made -- out -- -- -- -- and -- and. You won't have it all laid out a little I I love the -- gonna -- the Greek festival and guess who we have with this we have the co chair of the Greek crystal -- clos. Who has got to being just thrilled to death that it is so gorgeous out first of all and that it is the 41. I can't get over that. Greek festival -- The -- acting like in mourning. Each. We couldn't. And -- better and it is just wondered for a whole week and it's expected to be at. We're excited. Welcome -- to come out and enjoy themselves. We're certainly in the tradition. In 41 year. Yes. And what I love I did not know that it is the 150. Anniversary of the Greek church in New Orleans and that in this is the first Greek church in the United States never -- That's correct -- north and South America can which. They didn't and mark your calendars -- debate because October and we're going to be celebrating our. Are under that defender in you like -- -- You. We have planned for the eleventh -- can come out and meeting on the -- Just enjoy Greeks as it is and the festivities and while this weekend. You have wonderful food I know you do tell me about the land gloom hanging. The land is just the best I've ever had and outlet like it's in the courts and the -- it's. And it's absolutely delicious with wonderful Greeks site isn't women sprinkled on top just eat like that. And Mel -- now. And we have go there are those who like they're but they're very very -- And yeah. They are such things that go for millions -- -- delete that tomorrow you -- -- unique and they're. Seeking. You know what I hope that somebody takes a picture of Ian. Dancing because I know you have great music out there and dancing. We definitely agree and we -- -- wonder what happened outside -- people can dance creek in The Who perform on stage. Go out there in between day in between performances and they help people to dance to teach them and so much fun -- that in Egypt. You don't -- Why did you sell them. Simulator during dinner to flag and by the by the greens. It's a wonderful -- out there today. And -- have them. Some wonderful everything. Fortunate -- Andrea it's all day tomorrow and then Sunday you Wear a toga. It you're so you'd get a three. All lots of people we got some professional told of people like that nine that are able raiding the linen closet. That's -- Eerie when people come up we took the Stanley. Oh definitely on this wonderful and great listen congratulations. On the 41 year we will look forward to October 11 as well. And have you back on talking about that that's enormous 150 years. But again I never knew that our community was the first one in both Americans. -- -- -- -- -- And I. Actually parking the OJK high school felt their need. Parking and shuttle -- -- -- for. Though that it's. Why did we security -- -- and it's easy place to park to get here. Have a ball thank you for joining us and just. -- it'll be here tomorrow we will stay until forming. You're very welcome and again that is the wonderful Greek festival this weekend and and I think I see a -- in your lines I've got traditional Greek music in my -- already achingly. Everyone stay with this you know alive deacons are moving man is just around the corner in his back in his back but you know who had -- Estes thank. June -- can do embark. Sat right in that chair. Took over did great what you thought you got pure juice was the entire hour he dearly. No replacing union Harry -- well I think the -- here. Once and I'm sorry I'm still taking. They'll be right back and cool. On the weekend and yes we were warned that failed or let's go. -- corporate or summer blockbusters you know they started a week ago when you're. Real big court today. In its future still. X-Men or it's a great. Theories come from great comic book. And you re. Popular characters. It's getting great reviews and it alone in the museum of eco brokers Jumbo -- But in Hollywood it is critical of the sequels. Years there's -- like one. It. Yeah I'm excited about that on because they -- There's this particular thread of this X-Men narrative has a lot of different characters a lot of different time lines and and in my reading about this movie. They don't spend very much time explaining. Who this character is or what his background his little or destroyed it just jump right into the action. And I think that that the payoff on that is huge so even if you're not very familiar with the expand universe I think -- probably still really enjoy this movie since the -- just really perfectly executed. And what else do you have lined up. Bloggers -- -- -- very. And shore limited on the Mir Ali yeah I am Adam Sandler and paper in the in the wedding singer. -- he would love that error that 51 dates which you see on TO apartment recused you know we keep. Now we. And our time and you know. Market yet as we entered -- -- dinner retry axles. -- -- is working. Really attribute it to the plot is. Single parents that are -- and the idea of -- Wild and so. But you know. That was the break are your partner in our boat spirit and the sequel. Remake so -- good form. Yeah they went -- comes at a great time that it. He even wanna skip. Bills in the old movies that are out also and talk about both of these briefly cut it into all of the good out there. That they're actually the movie theater here in in the -- all court date. Bill which -- at little cost -- movie could drama. -- world parents about social justice. In England based on the true story. Young lady. She was. And an illegitimate mixed race daughter and admiral surge on. And -- great -- of aristocratic local. Well very it's it's so it's a romance and drama in the history has been all up to concoct so that your niche. That would -- before being put out people who sleep iPod it would be to get people to do want to Whitney -- it's been extremely well. But what and you've talked about this other than the last week to be preached called shell. I'm so excited it's opening this week and walker partners around the country. It's -- truly is a road movie -- about it. She. There are threats brought it set up with all the fortunate that there. Dividing it department is apparently. Walked away get to sign an ego trip to rediscover. Food and so. And it's a good feel good comedy. That are really into it could be played -- try to work because they are. Now this is great -- sounds really cool. But you know some people like this that impair their to get to go to -- movies. -- you extra Google's all caught -- him to throw in regular Google. I know they'll have been running on our. Greek festival the -- in line experience. Wonderful art. Here in the murders of by EU country to protest is that Tiger Stadium. And it -- -- -- What you've got to absorb misuse names coming to that. Well they they it has been two days. Traditionally. But this year they were able to get George straight and so they added third day re that are in -- George street or you're right. And that only -- sold all of the ticket that they still -- scattered here and there are also open in part in infinitely faction. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Huge huge huge to -- -- And you have received leaving confident -- but I loved her. Chi chi and chi gave you the most singular moment and conquer other -- -- She -- and our cappella version that -- during your article. The lights -- and she started with those -- And neighbors it's one single light on her and her sport is so clear and Chris. He was it was amazing even Tuesday gave me chills. Her George -- -- Rory and Florida Georgia line and our -- -- -- brokerage. Young hero hunter paid almost two years of that your. Modified Friday through Sunday so. Three. Can -- hundreds of thousands of people coming three days. Number that is a great hunter Hayes is this incredible. Talent he was a little boy and now he is a grown up. Member on the morning shows its biodiesel youths at the watchful more pain and into the Chordiant in the next year. And he loved and so more cartoon Markel. Yes I do too but -- now we -- today because we loved having -- last weekend but you have. Do you have great plans are you going to go to movies and go to the or you can go to the super fast. I've already get into this it -- -- -- -- He truly is that locating your experience. This morning my relatives -- the without I'm gonna go meet them. My sister she threw that in the freezer. We're gonna get get food out there enjoyed the day in and night after all the content farming it's currently -- Is there and I. I don't know -- a ton about country music is there any sort of other giant super festival has the headliners quite in this number and level of quality that you're aware of. Well there there are a lot of different so that Spielberg used to travel and boom in their record labels would. And get to implement year note here is probably could be in there. All the -- to be there -- that was the old days before -- is where the record labels were put out all of the order that all of which go a long ride on out there are local. He it is but it is -- very unique particularly in today's age where so many here -- got reelected that year Louisiana. Yes ER -- you have a wonderful weekend enjoy your family enjoy the music. If you talk to read the teller she has many fans here I really don't agree Verizon million -- -- as -- This is another guy that just knows how to live right and appreciates good new movies and I appreciate very much. He is slant on things when he says blended is going to be great. I'm here and I think he's probably I think he's I don't know that I seem to previews. One of the week we do and yeah. Because it's too well known people and it's easy to put together and via -- -- -- and -- Altima and promoting promoting him. Let's say I saw the the woman who plays in non X-Men interviewed today which -- I'm Jennifer. Yeah from -- of cost. It literally took eight hours to put on and they finally pared down to where it was only three hours. But can you imagine before -- even open your mouth and -- done once stunt takes eight hours to the Palestinian people think Hollywood is glamorous place where it's all you have to do show on Saturday and just beat Jennifer Lawrence and they'll give you know we have to go sit still. For eight hours only company and -- tangible gain in the cheeks suit. That's what's so awful it does sound awful but then you get your twenty million dollar check and maybe it's not in the new overlook those eight now you know. And releasing the movie like good yeah. -- gossip all right. While look I'm actually one of the movies and go to a great I hope you yeah yeah I would guess that we can talk of an if you have -- questions should call I'll we'll have many -- within the first xmas. Okay. Little slower idiotic. Stay with us everybody let's go to the newsroom we're gonna come back and hear other stuff. He's knows I love that music and I love watching in dance. That's a song thank you -- And so. -- This is this is like my karaoke go to this is ever wanted to catch everybody by surprise. A model on the -- -- That you are you know what else is great that has happened in this town today this week is the opening of thank you of our collapsed and thank you we are so thrilled. We are also thrilled to have care Carly plot in I'm sorry Carly Carly is the director of from what. Carling. Marketing director marketing it has been a really long week and I know one very long week for you. But I have to tell you I made the point of going in their today because I wanted to see it seen it on television but I really wanted to see it and truly. You'll have done a breathtaking job you have transformed. That it's on. You can't believe it until you see it and I lived down there so it was always so dark and closed and now it's bright and open. I don't know what you did with the ceilings I don't know what to do with the I know you expanded to. But it is. -- -- -- -- -- -- Earl brown drill. Equipment are much into the collection are a lot. And we got last -- works so hard. You transform. Into it and buy property and out of it it and are fighting. -- art in the ancient art. Call. The very first one in this country I didn't know yes. Already on the out skirts so has just learning all kinds of things that they first downtown. And I -- in the crowds were rolling -- tell me about yesterday because I know yesterday was blockbuster. Why not at all we weren't rail. And that packet and a great hair. Oh get out the day we get it got our our what they predict that worked out here in. Ninety amber baker -- Day and we get a number -- aren't acting or Albert after you were you so. What the wanna break -- you want to get us. Well limiting of the people who are working there and I always pay attention to that first of all. They have a guy dressed up as a Haagen Dazs ice cream counter and I says I can I have my picture taken with you. -- cute kid at a kiosks at -- take the picture he he said that ice concurrent with the best things in this. It was this a real experience. But it's they're giving out samples of the wonderful foods and hand that the people behind the counters. You can tell how thrilled -- -- that's Korea it's exciting and what is there's -- how how many new jobs -- we get out of this was thousand I don't know this is that life. -- OK we we've covered in well ever that's how bad. You and he -- in attendance that day to turn not freaking out we were overwhelmed. With joy with the number people went out. Really are the idiot while at work actually -- are part of and we never Turkey on spot with a total of 100 spot nudity should help the -- park acquisition and editor. Well wolf it is great and a and I am telling you it's a great collection like it's a proper word. Because it has everything we all talking about the Neiman Marcus Allen which they do and thank you want but it's also. Many many other children stores. Toy store hours. Of of course and I'm so glad to brought back Chico's hello. Chico's outlet which makes -- better shoe stores it's the whole gamut it isn't. It is just thrilled to have an demons believe me -- this town should have long long time at a but. Yeah. But we've got it. Now of my all out argument illegal -- are. Able to reach every. Store for every art and that. I mean market -- -- What we want you to. Check it out. Everyone can be ignorant -- -- said yeah -- -- back every. Step toward. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No it is and I was also glad to see some of the ones returning. That wonderful guy that has all the great it's more than just T -- believe me it's all kinds of beautiful bags and things like that. On second level and he he said is a gift to himself. He bought a piano that plays by CD. A grand piano that is playing in his store. I mean this aren't you meet wonderful things like that that's incredible. And in the world where we -- In the pedicure lady a lot of her. How -- he's grown. A car yeah. Order and helped apple -- back on it. You are. Currently not -- -- -- that locals alike we aren't supported Democrats and obviously everyone archery. The father Chaudhry yet. -- -- and Abraham full performance mode when I walked by and clubs and inflict an adrenaline and I got to tell you the deal food court is so appealing now. And in they have the big giant sign that's a whole wall indulge. Yeah -- iron it. Out and you can still out there and just look at the river and take a break it's. You've just captured. The best of New Orleans. We aren't there everybody I'm in a heartbeat. -- hair and recruit people -- toward all construction. And now we're finally are able you balance your wonderful thing. And that the local once again -- -- collection along. It's is Spanish plaza is that pretty much all -- and I hadn't been over there and it ended in a mini yet so I didn't know if -- -- is there's two construction happening there or is it is it completed or is it ready to go out. -- -- -- appreciate that we agree carrying. Implant them currently we are going bad to figure out our spot where it was. And on our current construction partner but yeah. Prayers should that you. Really -- Our partner. Let me ask you what is happening come along the walkway. By the by the ferry landing. That is all new construction to. Got it correct -- at the economic that we have now opened up the wall. So accurately Ottoman aquarium no no longer it giant wall oh -- there are. -- Q yes I have all I can't get to work. Easily -- sometimes I ride my bike along the river walk there in any capacity cream and then you get kicked out by the casino when really I'd like to go that extra couple blocks and get all the way up to applause and then come. I'm so happy here that -- that's -- out that's a Smart a Smart move do you -- -- just ask you very quickly about the parking percent of people who are listening. Who hasn't -- yet. It is discounted parking. It counted out progress. And they're coming back -- art equipment and in ancient but it looked -- every aspect of the property. -- protect their parking ticket she. Would. Call. Present here and not or what are threatened economic. Imbalance and dollar. Actual. This is great. Well congratulations. Tell everybody all that hard work worked because it is -- that's just on. How grateful. But for it that the people in Portland. And you are a lot and make it. Absolutely thank you Carly Plotkin we'll see a -- and -- like that it went. And will be right back this is Angela under the WL. IRI. Is complicit in these blogs all day long John quick ladies -- lettuce and baby well. Terrific. You know what I think we added I think we had to do start a campaign gap on national campaign. To make three day weekends oh yeah I think it would make a kinder America home we will work like dogs yes I think this is a good thing. And one of the reasons is is it because there is so much going on and you don't want to miss everything. Just a little reminder that we have one of the great symphonies adult content and they're going to be playing Beethoven. This Saturday at them -- -- Jackson Carlos Brito who is a gift this man is it gift it was a musical director and conductor. Will be doing concerts of just for people who lots of any music. What a special special moment. Also to remind everybody and we have these guys on -- so good. Stage door canteen at the world -- yeah at Andrews Brothers is still playing it and again. The following along on June -- globe. Yes they were here like a month ago or -- nearly a month and we came up and saying that we made a video ads and they're running through June ancient tunic but again -- hole and what a wonderful weekend to do that yeah absolutely yeah the World War II museum has has a list of stuff that they're doing on Monday. -- is information that's available on our website if you go to WWL dot com I've created out -- weekend calendar. And it's it's got a link to their website you can check on special stuff that the -- seems to me on on Monday so be beautiful. All kinds of fun things also simply related though in sort of a different direction then what's happening to mainly I got an email about. The -- academy symphonic band concert. Is doing a free show open the public and -- for your part that's tonight at 530. And the team is frightening night at the movies so I anticipate a lot of classic movie themes that are going to be played their by the most excellent. King's academy for advanced symphonic studies banned through. That is wonderful -- Also if you are an art lover at the New Orleans museum of art not a beginning of a fabulous thing it's a gigantic. Collection. Other very famous African American artist uphill. Woodruff and they had his incredible works they're going to be there which is good through September but it starts is that I'm sorry to September 14. But again it's called rising up hale Woodruff murals at Talladega college and they have transported them here. Beautiful works so if you're an art lover the place to be check this out. -- the any of these ring a -- geo engineering. Weather modification climate engineering. Strip stratosphere. -- engineering solar radiation management AK 810 trails. This is -- a lot of people's interest there's a new social action documentary -- called look up. It's being presented by Florida leans at the first unitarian universalist church that's fifty to fifteen Claiborne avenue and and you can go see this school documentary at Sunday at 7 o'clock and it also has a live performance and some spoken word. That's about XP or mental atmospheric activity and how it affects our health our environment whether -- on a daily basis so. That sounds like a pretty interesting thing it does and I think we're all becoming more interested in -- -- you know. Our health our environment and now. All of -- -- good for them that we've been here are some of these buzzwords and some of these topics for awhile but you know I think there haven't been a -- documentaries about these things on pretty curious to see that. I'm very excited about your week and I'm very excited about -- If I tend to drone on but I'm gonna do a bunch of these -- how acidic and you'll see three number of integrated it would -- movie -- And we just park ourselves and we block them out so that we literally go from one to the next they make you leave the theaters now we buy all the tickets will we -- win. And we just keep changing the yeah it really is a beautiful relaxing. Mindless. Stare at the -- entertainment I think I think that is may be one of the most interesting thing I know rebellion. It's like on -- lives and you know. Somebody go to the movie theater for like ours that's crazy currently out -- I don't know I wouldn't feel very refreshed after that hey that's -- let me tell you god villain and I can get. We'll look at one point I got. On. Now it's it's a very peaceful way in an air conditioned and it's and it catches you up and all the good movies right never get a chance to say yeah anyway I hope everybody has a good weekend out there but stay with -- we'll be right back financial on the habit of doing this has been nothing but a fun afternoon -- really has with the with the guys. I'm so appreciative of our trending hour and a man -- a hole in an hour on what's happening. We continue to live and one of the best communities in the world. That we have such a diversity of fun -- -- the Greek festival whether what's happening at the museum are beautiful movies. And in the shopping mall I can't wait. You know down a -- likes forever 21 so I'm gonna go -- only -- if you going to forever Twain who won the first hundred people or something you get a 200 dollar gift -- Earlier and I don't know what the contest is -- 200 dollar -- card that's a lot so yeah. It's autistic and maybe he'll go to forever 21 in just -- gift card and just keep it quietly in my sock -- fillets are there something book -- having. She'd she'd she'd do a back flip and I'm sure she's not listening note that hoops that everybody stay with this because you know what the next hour is going to be advanced. Our own Tom Fitzmorris back talking about the food and wine experienced some -- if I bring real bottled wine you're standing lowly -- missile command here and -- them -- noble victim in or take some photos or something thank you -- I always appreciate your being your stay with -- everybody.