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Open Mind 5-23 3:10pm, Tom Fitzmorris

May 23, 2014|

The man with the best job in New Orleans…Tom Fitzmorris! He’s celebrating the 22nd Annual New Orleans Wine & Food Experience and he’s the perfect guide. Find out his favorite tastings and sippings and what restaurants and wines are must-do’s.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well where it's my thing you could have relatives yes. I love this. Was ideal assess I was -- Bring together. The best wineries in America and the top shots of our area add to that 101000 people who would adore them both. And you have the New Orleans wine and food experience. It's been going on since Wednesday but continues through Saturday night. And who better to tell us what's been happening in what is on the agenda. Then mr. New Orleans wine and food himself. Tom Fitzmorris. Now let's you really live up to that not live up to -- -- that created. I am very excited I'm serious about it on because I've never participated and and you don't have been their since day one. This is their twenty -- you know I've never of. Eight if they've never asked me to be on the board or anything but I am always involved in something every year I -- -- know I do a seminar usually. And so you're going to paint the picture for those those of us who have not been involvement sort of the vision. But I want you to have you -- into it no that's that's -- never bill. So I know it's just a fabulous food and fabulous wine and I'm sure you know -- -- want to -- 22 years it's evolved. -- do you remember the early days. I do it with the very first one was in the -- at that time was the meridian hotel. And it was just everything was in one room. -- there were a lot of winds there was a lot of food but it was in the big crowd either so it was it was planning enough. And it just you know they've ratcheted it up a little bit every year. They've allowed it to evolve. Upward and it's reached a point where I I. I honestly don't know where that they can go with it now. I think if they left little like the Jazz -- and the jazz festival has been about. The same thing more or less for the last 1020 years maybe. I think the wine and food experiences about there too. About it -- now it is all over town because people go to. Different restaurants. It's mostly downtown still but there there are some restaurants out there that got involved with a it's it really is depending on which day you're talking by the two different bunch of stuff funded the first day on Wednesday. The whole program. Is thirty this year 32 restaurants. Paul doing wine dinners. At the same time. And what do I always like talking about that because. There are things like that in other parts of the country if you go to New York you go to Chicago LA San Francisco. Any place that has any kind of food culture and all Atlantic even you know and they will have something like that. But they don't have 32 wine dinners all happening at the same time and if they get even close to that. The shafts are being brought in from all over the country for their star appeal and here. They don't use anything but local talent. And there's a reason for that we got it. -- Q. And it ended in it is a very very local I mean that people do all kinds of food for it. But it is totally a locally built. Program and that I think that's really to be proud of this hardly any how to tone shifts or anybody else about it while the wineries of course. But in fall. Now but is it true 101000 people. Ultimately all writing exciting it's more that wants not just local and -- they become -- all yet it's it's one of those events that you really appeals to. Those lovely people I think these are. People who we ought to serve a little bit better than we do here. That. Live within striking distance of New Orleans one way or another it's you know one shot plane ride or driving in. That -- that love the city. And they come here 234 times a year and just hang out for two or three days and then they go back home. And they and the reason they're here is that they love the city and this event makes you love the city even -- great yeah it's just great. Now there is some competition because I know I saw -- MacPhail. Of commander's palace on channel four's morning news the other day showing he won a best of show home. And it was not very exciting because it was. An ice cream dessert dish with four -- And you know in the end it was unbelievable. Iowa and they said that this was his second that last year he had won best savory. And now the best savory people who want is a couple of not heard of and -- I was gonna ask you because I know you have because you know everybody in the food world. It's David and -- -- hollow of from -- Portillo restaurant. Oh well I you know I I don't know them by name. But I know the -- -- very well I think that is the best Italian restaurant in the entire New Orleans area and where is it. It's on the corner of Boston street in New Hampshire in downtown coming copyright and an old old town Covington right across from the old courthouse. Well they won best of show I can believe. Yes but the best -- so we're happy for that so in other words I guess I didn't understand who's judging -- I don't know not me okay. I got offense it was not somebody from out of town or groups that come -- and they kind of go from restaurant to restaurant over a period of time not -- could be. Is it that is just the James Beard award -- -- known and and this is all about and the New Orleans food -- element my god and helping new. -- -- -- -- I don't know I don't pay a lot of attention it's -- a lot of attention to award to think it's a bunch of -- Well this -- but the one of the things that struck me. Was that on trying to find a woman's name because you may know remain on an important. Among the judges is a woman who was commenting. That her analysis of this year's competition. Is you know interestingly. They were very rich yummy luxury tastes. And so they saw quite a bit of lobster they saw quite a bit of that for law they solve. Those kinds of things what always astounds me. And again this is with great applause to those who do it how to people come up some of these recipes. Bad dream news. Would be you know what other things that would come in my mind. It -- it's no I mean they add lobster caviar truffles. -- that sounds pretty good in -- does sound very good. No. Sweet warm disk but they had ten million other things and I'm just thinking from the sheriff's point of view let me try this let me have that. And then all of a sudden it's wonderful. Or not. -- to -- are not his right. That's true. I think there's a lot of this a lot of contrived food these states but that's very. That tip is very hip to have contrived food. Where we're less of a victim of that than a lot of other parts of the country. It is just this is the -- creativity. And let me try one thing in the looks weird -- but it's ultimately well interesting. Looks or any sounds or any of those things to you to meet my number one rule is if it tastes good it is current. So I you know I don't analyze it farther than that her. It's soon. If it tastes good. You're there and it doesn't taste good I don't care where you know you brought in the they're using my music here again and it's an honor via yeah. In honor of me. Anyway next thing you know I'll be saying things like this is the big 870 WWL. And WWL 105 point three FM and WWL dot com. Will return with more of the Angela show after our first pleased this loan. And then into. And then. Do you -- -- how how many guests do you get that come -- show up with their own theme music. This is such a beautiful thing I'm emotional. And I appreciate that music. Do you and I appreciate you being here on to play you all the weight of his that was on my way out of my own studio a few minutes ago. My producer over the years said there's a lady on the phone who said when you go on with Angela would you please tell us if you going to be on tomorrow. So the answer to that question for that lady who's listening. Is yes I will be from 363. To six on dates on and on this station three to six we will be listening well. I wouldn't recommend it. I -- and I get too frequently. You are going to take this down the road of the incredible New Orleans food and wine experience that is experiencing right as we tell me. But you have been involved in the seminars so what do you talk about. Well that. There are all a little bit different there is some of the matter very much wind focused and his build -- show how how the wind has blended from these elements in and people who are really into wine just. Dig -- a lot what my seminars have been typically is -- pick a theme. That several local restaurants are could be put into. And we get the chefs on and they each prepared -- and we pick a wine to go with each one of the dishes and then we talk about it and everybody has. The food and has the wind. And that's basically kind of echoed the theme this year. Is restaurants that have had a sort of a Renaissance in recent times or actually in one case not all that recent. We've so we have Broussard which hasn't changed ownership and it's quite a bit of style new ship and everything. We have Marty's -- back from the dead. Yes and good to have him back run by one of the best restaurateurs in the city I think from a coach rose. And we have. We doings Susan Spicer his restaurant by -- Although it's been a long time since she's open that place it had been two fairly well known restaurant before that when -- was. A place called. I'm slipping my mind it was a French restaurant that. -- it's on the tip of my time it's -- -- -- normal pollen Vilma and and then it was briefly. A restaurant called Tories which was run by chef worn blue -- unbelievable. And they didn't really do very well in it and it went under -- -- came in and with our partners and took it over much of great restaurant -- that's all -- the she was of way ahead of her time I thought I still. But. Marty's even bring up when I first moved to New Orleans of course Marty's is a block down from that that you will -- television. And that was a wonderful gathering place it really well and it's a sad when it closed because of just many many memories and it is superb today. Yup -- I'm I'm real happy of about I was really happy to see a comeback. So anyway we are we're taking all of these restaurants -- all all for a way to left one Obama. 02 checks to genetics has -- has crossed a bar. And the so the chefs are there each one prepares addition there's a wind put up with -- and it kind of I'm the emcee of the thing basically -- Just just get questions and answers it's that goes pretty they sell it out every year so somebody must like that and and where's that -- and hope they don't they do it at the the Marriott hotel right across -- From the conventions. -- that is great so you get to choose the theme. And finally I think it's -- it's it's. You know and gooch by any chance -- the late in -- just wonderful lady she was one of the founders of the New Orleans wine and food experience and so she was -- from the very beginning. And she approached me to do this seminar. And she says look here's some ideas we have which what do these -- like and then I told there and she says -- it will take care of the rest of it -- the next thing I knew all I was doing was showing up in starting in on it. And it's been -- like that ever since they think they say what do you think of -- site future it's always great ideas. So I -- that's how it happens. Well I'm sure it is a it's in our wonderful hour -- like that yeah good for you. We have a caller Jay in Metairie. And -- don't know -- but I'm fine how proud of you. Find a few minutes. I -- to pick up your wife from where. Actually. -- from anywhere at this point at a graduation -- Atlantic -- graduation ball well okay that's enough troubles and easier to you know question. Not that. -- -- in a long time. I have some friends coming in town and they had been a -- to go world of the go tomorrow night glad -- -- you know how they weren't as of late. Tony Angelos has never changed. As far as I know I was going there when they were in their original location. In Chantilly. Right off Norman -- right around from the Norman Mayer branch of post off not -- library. And I was eating there then and I've beaten him many times since. And it always seems exactly the same to me down to funny little details that he can't figure out one of which. Is that whenever I'm there are that we see two or three tables. Where there's a couple that's much younger than everybody else in the place and always dominated by really really beautiful young lady. I don't know why that happens it's probably just chance. But I notice it every time I go and a that's 3040 years I've seen that. It's the same mister Tony is getting up there you know he's in his ninety's and. Yeah yeah yeah another -- is still in the. And wade is still there and the ally it is the food is the same the recipes -- the same minute if you like it you still love it and if it did not everybody has a huge fan. Yell at them like a debt and the people come diplomatic and there was like somewhere local elections go to Tony Angeles. And been there awhile and didn't -- had been changed or anything like that. Yeah better than go in the Houston's. You know. Oh my pleasure thank you for calling to. And Telus quick story is very met mr. Tony. I I was driving by their right if it's not long after I got back after the storm and I was distraught doing the tours the city looking at the dentist. -- -- basically how pile on how high that mountain of garbage -- gotten an enormous and anyway I went over there in the area was. Standing in front of his -- And I stopped my car and I walked out and I said. The tone and he said Tom and he gave me what I later started calling the Katrina hug remember the Qatar gave it to everybody wouldn't even -- amendment right. And he said Tom only invite -- for dinner. I'd like to but I can't. Come on in and I'll show you why in the place was totally got it at that he had he had water above his ceiling level it was so deep. And I said so mr. Tony you know hearing -- eighties. And I mean -- did you think -- he's just a thought about it and then the next day I woke up and I said to myself. If I don't open my restaurant my neighborhood is not can come back so I've got to do. Any good. Gotta love a guy like that have. Got a lot of talent and you know something that is exactly what Leah chase exactly yeah I heard her say yes. And that is a marvelous philosophy and belief you're part of the community part of the community. We have some callers I want both of you to stay with us -- take a break go to the news but we will be right back this is Angela -- that would do well. Not that that's at that -- That about those who. And. So I think we'll -- 8668890. Point seven. It is the music in the magic of Tom Fitzmorris. Our guest today talking about food and one experience but everything don't you wanna talk about let's go to just an engine -- thank you so much for holding. Maybe it's -- -- is that who it is I don't know do you stand. Justin. Well was used was somebody else just hung up stay with -- -- call -- right. Entity that I can hear you OK I I have a comment and a question. By my count is is that this Angela I'm a picture and it years I'm so grateful to be on the radio only I was -- I love you now. Mistress Communist course and I'll -- the air. I have a history of that restaurant didn't endorse which is the middle of nowhere I'd look at your input that you're at it slides in this so you think about if you knowing about it. Dozens times dozens of times in fact that it last night I bumped in two horse Pfeiffer in his wife Karen who run the place. And they were at the you know they -- at the wine and food experience -- royal street and all last night. And he is in fact I I was about to ask him what are you doing here instead of running your restaurant and -- -- before and ask the question he said. I can take off on Thursday's not on Friday Saturday or Sunday but I can take off on Thursday. I don't quite get great I I I've always loved mid endorse I think it's as good as it's ever been. The menus bigger than it used to be. And it's -- that forty mile trip. I really think it. 11840 miles an Internet law. From downtown and from town and back its forty miles. -- well I do -- -- in the conflict. I went to -- -- your soul and my parents we knew we had a form Mississippi would always catch by -- -- and it would drive off interstate. And at most -- Fruits and -- -- -- restaurant and think of the import an -- to use some. Oh you are like oh thank you very very much expand by colony time. But John. That there when it -- -- with that restaurant even try to remember good. -- doing well in this country. Chez Pierre and that was it I knew we Shea something I could remember the name. Yeah that alternated between -- -- And Tony -- to those original plays. We expect and I was managing FM radio station in the early days. So the 24 seventh and white that the court with me every Saturday night they got to bring down the station and then we draw that it was around 9 at 10 o'clock. And we made it either JP -- aura Tony and devote it was called the black market that they. Right the black market -- way shape here was an interest in place. Which is mad dumb Pierre. When it would run the dining room in Pierre -- cost was his last name. And he that they -- it was very very French. And they would do these. Eight course -- assist was when nobody was doing I mean at all. And all of a lot of little courses and it was all very very beautifully presented on the plate than it was kind of expensive to. It was kind of -- -- I always liked. Well it was wonderful that they absolutely want. Happened to Chez Pierre I think it's time ran out. They appeared didn't change things very much in the and after the bistro revolution of the early 1980s than what people were looking for harassment. Changed a lot and it's still changing in fact we're on the verge of saying goodbye to our last few fine dining restaurant everything's casual. I really do about it yeah. I wish they can bring back coat and tie you to place -- was should be a revolution among them the restaurant in this the customer isn't right we should be. -- and don't even know lending jackets and ties you know you're you're viewed show -- the president. Do you remember the days when you'd go to gala twice in if you showed up on Sunday. And you didn't have a tied they would loan you one. And you and I it's a little Wii -- does anyone ever walk out with one of these times. And David coach -- Look at these ties would you. Ever walk out of here with what is. I say let's push that -- I agree with you I think -- -- maybe the pendulum will swing and in that not all but they'll be some that will say. You know for the special occasion. Put on the coat Antonia in his tank. That touch and announcing that from somebody who stopped wearing -- -- long time ago and never did. But I never went I was traveling and seeing these -- and that's fine restaurants have been New England that wherever. Always coat and tie and it added something to that today enjoyment of these. And John I ran into your sister yesterday to. Oh did -- yeah area. Yeah but that is she's achieved a fabulous dot. She's not that big infections kind of short is yeah. Going to be in big deep trouble that I didn't. Look at the I'm sure she's pressure on your wonderful to call but let's start that campaign bring back the curtain time for. Special -- I'll be -- really -- and also much done a great job change and thank you very much let's go to Mimi in Metairie. -- -- I pray you -- -- hope peeking out there remember and -- in a restaurant that we do what I was -- so it's easier to treat 64. All that I went -- -- At this. Little. -- check it acted with actual war and inane -- it was why -- -- any idea. It was either. Well you're you're saying that it was a little makes it complicated to answer because it -- lobster it was something that was. Virtually unknown in this area until you -- he was that that was it they -- the place that made it famous. But but very few other restaurants have lobster at all with that many years -- -- Yemeni recollection Orleans. Along with it deep into the AD I went on your. IL. Who you know we're gonna. Senior prom date with its own. Technique at that restaurant which was not ANC I remember addict. And all the problem. Maybe wouldn't forward. That would describe so many restaurants but why -- place on saint Charles avenue. Dunbar. -- -- -- now than they -- -- -- -- -- -- and now they have -- I'm sorry I don't that doesn't ring a bell with me at all. Maybe somebody listening yes. Well you know blanket. -- on -- Dying to know how I'll keep listening to what you all get. It's bottles and to thank you calling that -- if you remember call us back to I'd get the I like this everybody will be right back. -- Stepfather that it didn't do. And you know. Boom boom boom. -- Well we are hoping that the mystery of where that moment had lobster in 196263. Both small place in -- moral and she says can be answered let's go to JoAnne. I. Don't quite well. On the corner. And yet. It. They are yeah. Okay wow what that might have been it because that would have fit the description yeah it was a small restaurant and floor is a very good restaurant. -- -- -- -- you're wonderful to call. Craig from Covington. Yes yesterday -- went -- last -- went to replace a -- that was probably Alley on battery group. And my life just LaRoche a blue crabs and they added that the -- -- most awful crap that they're seeing their trip wearing credible. We're that you replace flight data -- North -- yeah what do you think it's it's it's similar to -- that Al. Speaking as someone who also lives on the North -- can tell you there's nothing. Nothing in that category. I think it now the Galley seafood restaurant to me he has always been the best boiled seafood restaurant in town the only problem with the -- getting in the place. For which Unita shoehorn a crowbar and a jar of dazzling. But you're definitely eat their elbows against -- you're in there. That's true that's true everybody goes there it is just terrific and they also are famous for doing in the soft shell crab poor boy the jazz festival in -- years and years and years. I'm sorry there's nothing that good on the North Shore wish there war. Well without it did so much at all. Well this is this vision -- want an -- -- yes so throw away that trusts no wait a minute limit -- -- a. Your wonderful -- Colin thank you so much Greg and let this go to no bull. Yes -- I used our Russian army is on Adams we'll find out who arranged 1960. Well. Don't it would grant me it was a lot of laps and what are. Last detail of the amendment that. What what is the name of the rest. AT and of course I do I remembered very well. Kitchen my dating club and it -- Don't arranged and 170. Public game Arian matter. And -- where patriots is now. And it's what I said. You know -- I'm -- I'm sorry I think I talked over you. No but that's wonderful that you called good memories very good memories. Obligated to -- -- and you know I'm still here. Are you meant so -- -- too much though. Usually in the book -- -- actually I don't gotten a chance it really watered. -- -- -- Okay now that's a tragedy ends I remember they base served cream spinach with everything. And and nobody nobody complained about it because it was the best creamed spinach you'd -- -- It always has good. You want my -- about. And that any game -- I don't know we'll turn it over it will put you on hold in and it. We got it somebody's gonna get your number thank you so much and how generous of beauty -- such pressure you're -- yes. Oh no you know what we'll take a quick break we're gonna come back stay with -- everybody staying on the line but this is my closing theme. When -- over the song now. Thank you Tom Fitzmorris are paying -- we're gonna go to Michael though on the West Bank real quick and last minute. -- I don't want to issue. Howell. In Kabul that -- pay. Or share. To be calm enough leadership who gave. That title or what could accomplish. Well or -- -- -- you -- I'm not there. I'm I'm sorry to move you along here because we're running out of time but the the story is that there is no. Qualification. For being a chef a master chef for any of that you can just say you are and you got it. And that set. I mean there are. They are certification programs like there's the American culinary federation and you can take all these tests and you -- -- resonate. And then they can make to a certified executive chef but what does that mean. I don't know. So if you wanna be a message. He's going to say you aren't your life I hear blah. He heard the -- -- -- thank you sir and thank you Tom more than you know and I went to anoint you as master. Radio talk show -- And and used to you are great and you know Christian leader in the coming up and it's going to be another several hours of -- Everyone have a good weekend coming on now -- you get to go home as I get to go home enjoy your weekend everybody.