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Sports Talk 5-23 5pm, New Stadium

May 23, 2014|

Today on Sports Talk with guest host Kristian Garic: Is it time for New Orleans to build a new SUPERDOME in order to get a SUPER BOWL? Where would you put the new stadium? And, would you tear down the "old" one?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Several -- our number two having Friday Ewing yours is long weekend memorial weekend I'll be fine year travels safe. If the road as millions of other Americans are going to do this weekend if initial start of summer I'm Kristian -- in -- Deke Bellavia welcome in the sports talk here on. WW well I am FM WWL. Dot com phone lines -- point 2601878. Hole for 8668890870. And Texas at 878711. A conversation about. Win or if it is time to start considering New Orleans to build. A new stadium after being denied suitable 52 and twenty team in favor of Minneapolis. Earlier this week in Atlanta when is our turn. You look at that. Superdome least Carly runs through 225 and could be awhile for the cities in the mix again 2015 game in Arizona. San still hasn't Tony sixteen Houston into when he seventeen and now Minneapolis and when he eighteen. As a talk about headed into the top of the hour -- -- nineteen Atlanta. They're gonna have a new stadium on line by then. So those are mentor in nineteen it's pretty much a slam dunk the way that -- system is set up in his -- process. It's a bid but it's really for sale. Just the Spain dollars that's with a cost new stadium you got it. Exactly it's pay back like that says payback or will the -- gee build a new stadium where usable and I don't know that that's necessarily a bad thing I mean I think he should be awarded. And that's a conversation we had earlier in the week between that 118 game from -- particular waited until 2019. But will continue talking about that is it time for -- Wallace to build a new. Stadium in order to get the Super Bowl 260187. At all 3866889087. Anywhere would put the new stadium. And would you tear down the superdome. And where would you put it and good location may be on the riverfront New Orleans east you know tear down the superdome -- keep -- number of color event -- goes there's still viable. Host venue for other events makes some money off of it for sure also this -- old was talking up. The workers' compensation bill senators on the labor committee narrowly side it would the world Saints owner Tom Benson over NFL players in a dispute over how. Workers' compensation claims for professional athletes should be calculated. The build up your bio representative Chris -- water pushed by team owner would calculate workers compensated compensation for. Professional athlete based on recent earnings instead of future possible wages. Doug since area RW WL legal analyst laws Jonas went on the hour to break down. This bill he says it's really not that big a deal it's kind of been in place now and it's not gonna affect. Free agents that are going to be attracted to. New Orleans with the Saints at the pelicans at the DeMaurice Smith the executive director of the NFL players association sent out a memo to all. Agents saying consider this when that you're considering New Orleans -- your client to sign a free agent deal. It's not going to be at -- factor. It's like right now for weeks that's -- calculator on the previous four weeks earnings average. The ducks deserve a break -- down -- well but Bono from U. Should pro athletes workers' compensation be calculated based on recent earnings or future possible wages. Guys like Drew Brees and others the veterans of long established veterans. They get put on injured reserve they get they get paid. -- only this is more for the undrafted free agents the don't have the injury protections and oh by the way he can reach injury settlements etc. but. The NFL players association says the proposal could lessen the amount of workers' compensation Benson -- in an injury case Saints officials say there seeking new. Provision. To stop. Repeated. Lawsuits over workers' compensation. Claims. The senate labor committee voted 43 to advance to the house and a backup bowls bowl to the full senate for debate. It committee chairman AG Crowe of -- else. Cast the (%expletive) does the deciding vote in that one. But weigh in at 260187. He will still talk about the new stadium. Is it time for new stadium in New Orleans and that should workers should pro athletes workers' compensation be calculated based on recent earnings or future possible wages. Power your wages calculated for workers now. Recent earnings. Four week average. -- that rouge you're on the -- of duo. I've missed the last call for you yeah crossed over -- our -- about the state. We don't have to build this stadium the new stadium on their course and it just about right now. That are now and it's gonna come back. You know it's. And everybody knows we're here to -- what is the first three rules a successful real. I don't know it's not all of that you value -- you can get -- -- little teach. Location. Location. Location. Like Chapman then it was -- open a shopping center when restore. For a long time when they're close I think at the highest Seau -- square court -- -- I had -- Because it hit the right page. There is no location. In any of these stadiums. -- match and we you've discussed the mean it doesn't beat the -- you can get kind of better venue. Then it's the location of the superdome parade and they're like they. And it tallied two there are some cities and -- -- great hold on -- hold on -- in the me. There are some other cities that have. Stadium's right downtown in the Cordero what what makes new new orleans' so special is. How it's laid out in terms of the proximity to go hotels and now street and all this TV the day you walk in. And now a lot of cities in the view that but as far as the stadium downtown a lot of cities and that. And -- on the -- and the French war right and that streak it would people. We come out well year. It. But ultimately owner usually don't care. About that now and that was that I was clear by the ago this week. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You. Would start spending now billion dollars built stadiums and the city -- -- that there. If you look at professional baseball. Anybody in baseball got the tendency is that out they watch on TV. Pro football is gradually going to Wear the -- most people going to be sitting goal at nine inch flat screen TV. Enjoy football game. The attendance. It just like professional baseball. -- that you have stopped seeing it drop in attendance physical tends to game. Sam economy that's all -- that's good stuff that act and you got my attention. I agree with the I'm concerned about the direction of the value not him he'll stay on top not at this level forever they can't. They can't sustain this kind of and TV has gotten so good and it's interesting that one of their biggest. Revenue sharing products is TV right that's that's where they make a large portion of their money and that could end up -- them. Because. Fans might choose to stay on because it might be better experience. -- You're right Sam. If you look at the NFL. Might that they will at some point whether it's ten years now twenty years from now they're gonna -- -- Wayne and -- to drop in attendance they've already started to see some of it. But. I still think that we're so crazy for this game. And there's a certain segment of the fan base that wants to pass to. Be at the -- they liked that experience of being in the stadium and watching in person. And I think they're gonna deal -- draw on that for quite some time in a popularity the sport has never been higher. But it'll eventually wearing your right. Bruce Steve Jerry Jonathan and you 2260187. There to all 3866889087. In. This is sports talk on WWL -- shot out that TJ house from Picayune Mississippi. Up with the big up in the big leagues get called up. Pitching tonight may in his start first start in pro career. Is there relief couple days ago but may his first start Major League Baseball career. Tonight on amount for the Cleveland Indians. Against the Baltimore Orioles good to see the home guys the hometown folks gulf south folks do well. I 260187. At all 3866889087. Bruce on a cellphone has been patiently waiting howry groups. -- workers. Aren't aren't really 100% of previous caller are saying. Two by. Bill in the stadium just to work out -- football at some trouble. That chromosome play. And and I think to -- those stadiums now in the war -- It was predictable reaction to call okay that for the first time we lost the okay -- But even when he's -- -- -- built in the stadium. As you stated earlier these steel -- what all. Correct about it but. But they will have a new stadium and that. They would have stated. Or frustrated -- -- know what you're out there is not doing. Okay. There were pretty certain there are some really don't want people on the stadium because they want to keep your -- it. And here in there. They're chances of getting the ball -- yeah. Green Bay Chicago. Pittsburgh -- people keep your cold. Now Chicago New England will be in that -- second from Asia. They don't wanna be in that mix of visible. They want and they -- physical they also want to keep your cold. Well they can still keep the cool weather Vanderbilt nor another outdoor stadium. -- -- outdoor stadium but -- of their spare Super Bowl. Very locked out -- in this -- but it sure I want to pick. Yet you know what else though Bruce that during that time new -- had an ice storm noticeable. This year. -- right there's a bowl week number that was the ice storm missed this year the current. Facility in -- can happen out here to. -- -- You know a lot now I think it's all reaction what you wore street consider building. On the stadium just to -- -- global you know they are. -- not just gets the ball would be just that reason. -- think -- it well. It means that bill it's great -- -- -- renovated. Are reflecting typical reaction I consider my parent -- we can do what everybody. In the city in the war. While I certainly agree that -- fix some potholes and if for -- true issues it's setter Bruce thanks for a phone calls Steve on a cell phone you're on the -- to do well. It and I did that good. He didn't say OK so -- the stated. With a little studio and it cost a billion dollars just think I should problems but are. They -- although that won't actually. Everything that he did do -- Yeah yeah the Saints and the Jets. -- apoplectic and it was good that they say this for the community. It's it's it's. -- it will be used to -- will be. I'm sure we're all used to -- -- situations -- well it's quite extra walk. Well I don't want I don't know didn't want -- -- -- Super Bowl because of the fact that we have our bench the last. You know Steve caller in the -- -- our -- in the same thing in. You know initially I thought that that would be an issue. Right I thought that that would be something that is Europe. Competing city against New Orleans that's what you would use right or now if you're if you're another owner you wanna find out the answer that but those -- The owners really didn't have questions about that and how you -- early on by rod west in the presentation. Rod less -- Steve Perry. -- with a two speakers -- to speakers when you have a bid for some boards for them. The owners you can choose to speakers and Steve Berry rod west of the ones that presented for as a bull in the world who will host committee in. It from what I understand it really that wasn't an issue any any addressed it. At the very beginning of their presentation. And that this it would almost coasted. A number of events since the Super Bowl power outages -- -- And it's been fixed so I don't think that was the factor -- I really think that a factor. Was the new stadium it was clear there was obvious if you look at it look at history look at the the future. What what what are we seeing teams cities they get. San -- they host and -- sixteen new stadium to 2018 new stadium in Minneapolis -- almost every other year. They're gonna go with it either renovated recently -- -- Vick -- Houston renovated their. Luxury suites and also their school board. For the -- seventeen Super -- that was all to make that push. Mean. Sure it. Won't. Old news in the seven. He's always have -- 75. Yeah. Yeah -- -- just went under it just went through a recent 300 dollar. Missed a three -- dollar renovation. So and look the don't fantastic. It's a great venue. I had been to a lot of NFL stadiums. And it's certainly. It's certainly. You know in that in a conversation atop. Fifteen in the stadiums and in the NFL. Output mania had a little biased -- active worst in the biggest dump on the planet. Sort of NFL venues. The Kodak co coliseum. Out there and Oakland. This is that a train wreck. -- -- they host NFL venues and about -- and had been. You break. I Jimmie and those up with the -- I look back to sports talk Christian -- in four Deke Bellavia -- get a couple of tweets act Kristian -- one. And got a couple phone calls well about the speed in knee jerk reaction losing. The bid for suitable for 22 and when he eighteen lead might be a knee jerk reaction now. But will it be into when he 182019. May at what point the start considering it me got to start conversation somewhere. And let's say yet to build it tomorrow. But to expect one. Within the next decade. The time to start thing about it maybe get one more before lease runs out answer but over twenty point five. Now have co leader South Korea. What 2019 is up for grabs kinda in theory Atlanta's got that one. Point when he won potentially point when he two more likely he'd have a shot but at two years from now. -- You have a team and LA by them. So it's not a knee jerk reaction by any stretch. It's time to start think about that and where do you get the money. In. What. -- put it. Teach you to superdome up. Putter in the lake front mean I'll hop on the riverfront. We do it. 260187. At all 3866889087. He is it time for new -- to build a new stadium in order to get a suitable. Not only fifteen I'm not saying they need to run out okay boom costar bill that would right now. Go break out no. But like 22 point. Point 1221. You start having a conversation. Early start to break ground on one. What do Minneapolis do -- that. That there's anybody and up yet but what they use that they used it to dangle over by said hey look -- and a half. To bargaining chip it's trump card. New -- needs that front court. They need to Super Bowl. Only to an email for you -- a full lines here. Pretty interest in one. Says. Says from Quinn the eskimo by the way. How would not endorse a new stadium why should 32 billionaires tell me what to do because they won the league. And ultimately they can. Not to listen. I don't care. About their comfort or QB up with the jones' this is new world the other cities need ability city because they don't have what we have here. How that worked out for new worlds for the 2018 bit. The uniqueness argument the uniqueness conversation. The proximity. Didn't work out too well -- this stadium issues. In terms of Minneapolis Adam had a new shiny -- Basis like. If you. There's something about do we always -- stuff. Like new cars new phones. The latest and greatest we all want it. I'm guilty of it -- I get a new -- by every four months. -- -- the -- thing you know what with all the bells and whistles. Same thing. Jeff in the world you're on W -- Yeah I. I actually had allegedly working for thirteen fourteen to the world all country. And the last time been community. The -- that when he deterred him down in a different line. The people I was involved that the majority of owners that I got to look into -- they liked about it. Because the one thing we have in addition to that we are an art history you -- it. And and execute -- is where it's located what makes him so popular that we need to keep coming back too long it is it's 18 places to get everything within walking -- Absolutely and come back now though that's what I. If you look at their history and of course you know the pros and didn't -- people talked. Probably gonna come back no matter because if you count -- them and and everything combined to bury. But -- it and steam built. Especially at the -- hasn't had a pupil ever real long time. They wanna they wanna kill everybody ball all the different people in the week. So yeah that he did -- an example we've been back there have even been considered for. Yet it had gotten 170. They -- seventy. Right. With -- an upgrade an upgrade their idea. My opinion might -- yeah if you if we upgrading continue to mean it and you and even get to take it you're completely whatever. That's all -- -- When it against other established brand new that it -- ever been to whatever. Because because of where it's located and into the safety issues and that's one thing that the really hot racquet. Very little injury anybody tree few incidents where people have been out here. Yes Jeff my only question you though is that. With. The whole argument of they'll come back as long as there's not another new stadium. In the mix. -- in the bid so wise who no word yet the pick your spot what there's a run here where there's a new stadium and it's conceivable. And -- immediately that it is a new stadium coming up every every other year for five straight years. Right so yet to pick your spots there instead of being able to. Say all right we've got a significant event coming up for example this you know I try Centennial yet you had that. Oh by the way we have a new stadium. Coupled with that. There's no way they would walks that inning and it's really just about the new stadium argument but. I mean. Don't you think it. I don't like the fact we've got to pick a -- I'm at right let's see if there's not an and you don't know how to project it's hard to project advocates. The NFL is gonna ask cities for new stadiums every fifteen years every ten years I mean the with the going -- shelf life not very long. And every team went oh yeah and yet every team doesn't get that opportunity. And there are certain places this movement towards. The -- working. We went to wind and I think why would you even all the here. And it led the -- from lottery and they were they went back demeanor our current -- don't look like. The big clutch -- dollar. So I think that central location the fact that people can walk. In anywhere went to Iraq and you know I mean it without it coming and you're trying to get caught. And you know that after a car because the -- -- your. Question a lot what we really do have more going for it. Then in sometimes acknowledged because. We do worry much about the future but I don't think it's ever -- I think we both still get more than the average -- will ever. And the 20. I hope you right. Dictate. Where you don't even more time figuring. I Jeff thinks that if I have a week or Gary. Sit tight 260187. Until 48668890. Eights I mean this is sports talk on the B well I welcome back sport's -- phone lines. Without your Arsenal squeeze everybody in. Jonathan California. -- haven't done. And and he knows that I'm good how light on the West Coast blew a beautiful for what -- California. Right now -- certain new stadium and that's go at that -- and I am in Clara. East. Yeah well in that. I heard you say the coliseum horrible -- all -- -- work stadium ever ever ever. Easy enough sight lines -- terrible the only kind of fits the the black hole right you -- have Michael you've. Yeah it either they're just a bad nasty kind of place and yeah and Kodak co coliseum is is looked. Bryant is an even even some of that and -- that have jumped ship and but it from the minors at that point. A lot typical resident there have been news about not that it's -- candlestick. Took you know historic value behind it and everything that happened in that spot. After no Kingdome it -- historic mean. Progress verses progress verses you know progression and improve progress -- preservation. Right end like -- no momentum New Orleans resident Bob -- Moreland. Dialogue Saints fan and I loved the dome is the place that we worship the most on Sunday. It's not the change in -- Yankee Stadium can come down I didn't. Any plays can come down. Exactly and I mean it's just the only way that we can move always it's not just like well we shouldn't get rid of I don't feel like we should get rid of it but I mean it's just. Maybe make -- -- works out -- retractable right there on the -- you previous call it. Into the competitive Senna but broke I mean that's one of the best places for. They were brought to the -- Know what other. I could do that I don't think some -- -- -- they area on the cellphone you want to do well. -- ready to take -- But I'm right now and he's about the only ones who come senses in the tournament. We steal was in the eighties. And ninety's and saying will agree that -- is great. You could put. A six under. You could put. Into it. You've got a week ago. I'm from eighty. Can go for the apple. -- know that goal Atlanta Georgia Dome. Beat him one astrodome at one. Actually go on to become. A parking lot probably. Play. At the moment. On -- -- -- -- and RC it was an Indianapolis. That's -- -- That would Jones dome in saint. But you don't Beagle. Ultimately up to the issue because it will probably become. I'll -- -- become as not to think -- and so I mean we have that mentality. Cultures great. It's strictly about money. Q the goal on the important. Well be an old beat up and complex and the potential -- it -- in the they'd accept. It has the backdrop what. Are they now become an out and let me be off the table but took. Will be the position about. And I think -- -- -- in the country in not built in week went on to -- and now. And I guarantee you want to. Be on the agent before you looked comfortable and ultimately -- go back. Yeah me. I'm worshipping your church right now -- in. All the years right now lead and ultimately damn. It. You know that part of it in and missed the bumpers that back hand because -- -- -- the -- What -- happened. This year. -- -- -- -- Now. But it's -- all right it's harder than it sounds not just that simple. Extra any gasoline tanks and extra any. Well tobacco alcohol thanks to get it. And again in some of the people. Who wants to -- Applicable because. It will -- The Bulls. Were not mentioned it but. It will apple. Would not completely well. Talk about that when it's time we take treatment in at. Home. Well Helton and I don't I don't they also and it is a dome that was a big runner. The big part of it but Katrina what I think a big thought it. Oh yeah. I -- -- Iran that. -- take -- I Chris and the time for the world's ability new stadium in order usable. 260187. Till 386689. There was seven this is sports talk on WB well I am FM in WWL. Dot com.