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Sports Talk 5-23 6:40pm, Jacques Doucet

May 23, 2014|

Join Kristian Garic and Jacques Doucet (WAFB TV Baton Rouge) as they discuss LSU baseball.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I want to back sports thought. Now as keeping up my upcoming trip to Disney World. My kids have some fun. June 3 through -- but there. Out my sister and her wearing girl also mean is down there and in Mickey Mouse -- house talked today about. Was the over under on coming meltdowns -- Steam for marketed she's got to -- at three and I got a middle and -- that is known. Throw some epic temp temper tantrums that skin. Just absolutely. It'll dominated me any. Temper -- that any 78 year old can throw. They'll be -- if you wanna have a temper tantrum contest I'll -- -- against anybody jock do you say you don't go to -- attentions and LSU Tigers. Know who they're playing tomorrow in the SEC baseball tournament jockeys say WA AF VT. In Baton Rouge well it's that this is that denied the ideal matchup for them and -- Yeah Christian by the way I'm an only child so I'm sure out through my share their -- for sure. Their eye on the prize -- at -- I've seen you get a little upset at times. But they no doubt about it -- I can get a little emotional that get better it'll. It's. It's Ellis used to gambling Internet baseball. What the great thing about them getting net why is the fact that. That they haven't used much pitching at all you know and -- -- in aaron's all done their job eat a couple of innings. And down and now. -- -- over to -- all the news and a real big spot for real you on Saturday. And how is Arkansas look and with Pitts and I mean they seem to be pretty much -- the next innings today in his -- in a barrel. Yeah you know been -- and so go -- on -- editing while she's not what you really watch much that game today it's certainly know you put in yesterday they had already used their top two orders and another one of their top -- three guys without an injury. So it played -- yet been at the latest game today so this year obviously because scrape -- the -- -- the bottom of the barrel or there. Their pitching staff goes get they'll -- Saturday again. As LSU wins the SEC tournament. A one if they're gonna give pulmonary the Gatorade bath. And and -- it anyway -- -- yeah yeah he's. Oh well what Christian OK you know a lot of people doubted -- pregnant and I say that hit the baseball. And so that's what happened or. It -- little. Well probably. From Cooper hope that days my impression of some confidence in what I need to irritate your job you stinker. -- You know -- -- anyway it's in Iraq that ball and there couldn't be a better guy right in terms of you know with the media. Very over -- league great to work with. Looked out there and Packers thirteen years that covered -- -- -- coaches -- coach come and go fired and what not he is. Well above and beyond the best coach I've ever dealt with the -- media relations. Are being personable. Being active in the community and anytime you asking that piece -- been. They'll be there it was forty is all a bit to cellphone or current called -- think. But the -- job BL -- that they approach and and he I think he's done a fantastic job. Jockey charity event coming up on. Yeah sure you -- -- rock and -- was coming in late June. Here at the very funny -- anybody can get involved the end didn't give money to police and military charities we have a huge concert at the -- he Peter. -- double platinum artist ever clear Soul Asylum -- six. Competent hits all the the money going to local Lou Lee Campbell Kerry -- we have the the big celebrity softball game you would abort you got in the NFL the NBA a huge sports sport and we also do what you saw Baltic -- -- that any biking and -- came in. Become not to give pre game guarantee. And they'll all -- formation Christian that ray Crockett will dot com spot out rocket blue dot com get involved interpret talks. How how is your your softball game meant. It's once a year and it's not very good person you know. Well. I think it's where you like adult book relate you know it's very poor form. And so it's Grossman or say yeah I eat your skill set is it's pretty poured their shot at it Szczerbiak can do. I've got to appreciate him and -- -- say. WA SBTV in Baton Rouge. Bring down LSU Tigers in the SEC tournament quality on Arkansas. He gets all the action right here on 8:7 AM and -- five point three W well FM jock thinks about -- appreciate it. I'd take your idol back to them will go back to the phones. -- I'd he's not there are -- -- -- Kirby in Metairie howry Kirby. Still problem on the curb it and couldn't have. On a week ago. I would -- more diplomatic. Helped by his staff are not careful and karma critique his -- They did Q were you did get through nine. You -- satellites. You know one of my old. And get some market garbage cans they -- and they go -- it and you away. And you take him I can't pauses sparkled around lose the ability to keep it down and put them right right over. And relative term I can comment and it's and I don't man and they have -- don't. They speak on the board but it won't be yeah I'll. You'd be surprised how many you again -- -- -- trouble. Area. Now -- just wondered if the most help me solve some -- is she's. On Saturday I don't know -- a little wrong way and help me then. Well I did read them but do you get killed in UB you'd probably get honored to OK yeah I mean. -- -- -- Actually -- things for a get there and a terrible. -- -- -- Has put toward -- become an out -- Lie and put it like -- garbage and they go to day. And Blanco -- some back. Group or don't like -- -- -- -- Broncos don't and it sure did the. That'd be adapted what would go through life like -- -- still a term market. And you don't then you'd be surprised what she got. That was serving I don't know weekend and riveting stuff here -- sports will covered all termites. Two new stadiums. At all and we're going to go anywhere they are here well she baseball. We'll superdome. Rebuilding Super Bowl conversation termites why not it's Friday so -- all weekend. And we'll do not care. The sport's dog undivided --