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May 23, 2014|

Kristian talks about the Saints worksmancomp issue, also the new developing Saints roster.... Where are the holes?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here we go. Fourth and final hour sports talk. WL INF have a dot com Kristian -- and four Deke Bellavia. Glad to have you it is on this Friday you know along weekend to travel and be safe. Lots of folks on the road today and throughout the weekend. Las Vegas the wise guys have the Saints at ten wins. The over under for Tony's fourteenth season. Man that's awfully attractive and that's part of -- right they want to look at targets in there but I don't gamble but. I'm tempted to. Ten wins as it. You -- -- right amen -- -- money. And again I don't the thought of losing ten dollars to me. Drives me insane. -- -- -- OT. I'm tempted but this one. I'm that confident. I think the Saints on paper. Are in the conversation. With the Seattle Seahawks now. Mean every team had -- holds true for every team yet that stay relatively injury free at the key positions. They do that. Eleven now more than one at 1213 fourteen wins who had sent fourteen and a fumble fourteen out feel confident saint twelve. As it that was the over and under. I'd still consider. Trying to say to -- that good this year the big -- -- worth the holes. They like Mueller. -- senator potentially. Many significantly upgraded the back in the secondary that was the the biggest weakness to their fourth ranked defense last year. Their inability to force turnovers. The -- Harrisburg. Interception machine Champ Bailey and a little experience in the mix. At corner. But senator. Whether you're there that's the only area you offensive that's a question mark. So. Ten wins though has a sound. If you don't gamble wanna hear from him would you take that. Would you bet would you put money on that the over under ten wins. You bet the over the other. -- -- I bet the under his event the under on this team this year. Where he definitely knows some money. 260187. It's all -- 866889087. Also in the mix is it time for New Orleans. To build a new stadium. To get the suitable. Bit of a disappointing week. In Atlanta for the city New Orleans denied Super Bowl 32. Into 118 in favor of Minneapolis largely due to their brains spanking new one being in Dallas stadium. That's the going -- For the big game. As the going rate it's not really up from did. It's up for sale. Got a big dollars and a former new stadium. You can have a big game. Jay Cicero the -- -- -- world sports foundation -- So that was a big deciding factors they -- more of a team -- but it's a city with a new stadiums. You know we're building a new stadium we would probably. Superdome and it's just. Just west and are there. So when is our turn. Superdome lease runs that point 15. Could be awhile before the Big Easy enemies again 2015. Some walls and Arizona Glendale point sixteen San Fran. -- seventeen Houston. And of course when a team Minneapolis -- nineteen. A forbid but Atlanta's bill than Tuesday and so they appear to be the likely. Winner of that Super -- suitable for 23. Point two when he Miami I have their act together by the end. Point when he won San Diego might throw there had to makes. Mean if -- you know host these symbols of -- dollar forming an hour wind fall for the host city. So is it time for the walls to build. A new superdome in order to get a Super Bowl and where would you put the new stadium. -- -- tear down the superdome. And think about that and though. We wanna preserve everything. But the location of the superdome was prime. I don't know that I Terry down now. But it's got a great location. Where to put the new one the riverfront right there. On top of the superdome on. Terry down and rebuild right there was that site is or -- -- east. 260187. It's all 3866889087. AJ -- wants on whether running back spots and all the things. Yeah what I want to say that they were the weaknesses are is -- I think he will be running back spot. More so that senator. You know would you call -- we miss our our concern. Which caught a weakness are are maybe a concern. Second there when we get the job. I think at -- thing you know Drew Brees from what I understand called most of the signal at all for the benefit -- the delivery straight acting out. The end. But he I think a big a big factor why you saw so many people like Drew Brees -- last year. Was because they were getting beat in the middle that's where Drew Brees has problems when and an offense has problems when. And pressure in his face most quarterbacks -- like that we oppressed. Pressure in his face so you look at the effectiveness of Drew Brees when he's been tremendously effective it's when he's been able to climb the pocket he's -- a clean. You know fun part of the pocket where he can get up in there. Into the football. And I think the senator has a lot to do is forming that cup that pocket for. Drew Brees so I would disagree -- -- Matt is concerned about the running back position. Mean it's always going to be by committee Al liked. The growth of -- Robinson what we saw. How to him at the in the last year marking him as a bit of a chip on the shoulder is that your option wasn't picked up. And you know he still hasn't lived up that first round draft pick status if you will on. I think you'll see him play well this year. Bullets don't look at that -- let you I think you lose it -- said that. Carry around in my name of Curtis Martin. Yeah he did. Yet but I tell you operate on very much so I can't really take you much about the senators argued that aren't you the announcement that said it didn't hurt at Memorial Day. I'd have a good weekend be -- aren't. High hard today Jane -- I 260187. It's all -- 8668890870. Alex Marvin is a fox sports one sat down on him this morning on double coverage talk about. The NFL is certainly where the Saints stack up and if he would take that over under of ten wins for the New Orleans Saints in Vegas. Sit tight and be -- next this is sports talk on WL. I welcome back to sports talk. I visited with Alex Marvin is. This morning. Fox sports one NFL reporter. Talking everything about the NFC alassane stack up and if you take that over under ten wins. And he says out for the New Orleans Saints here is that you listen. -- -- -- Fox sports wanted to -- reporter joining us now kind of gives them time and Raila. Too much time there are we haven't had too much of an opportunity since the start of the show love visiting with Alex put one of the true NFL reporter and -- -- -- -- -- scoop and a lowdown on a the National Football League Alexei sort of time we appreciate it. They can't spread -- out of the Big Easy you don't -- Yeah man it's us then you love this town yet you got it quite often. Anytime you let me I -- I'll do whatever you want to. That's a mandate I'll like it they got itself I get -- ultimately. And met Alex was AA we were in the media work room and it's a hot -- -- -- to -- have that it. I'm Alex. -- a lot of and I was looking at this right that you I know he's right. I've brought it in it and you were kind enough to step up the give it to me man I can't argue about that. Pack I could elect to go without it I mean it would be it would be so on a New Orleans you know me if I hit. Listen Vegas has the Saints at nine and a half wins and -- fourteen -- quote -- Right yeah how -- jump all over that hump. I think I think I would too stupid to it's weird it's a position to me -- in transition with the other three teams in -- start with Atlanta. I'm hoping they're going to be they don't definitely pass rusher -- to Mike Nolan scheme and a new 34 system. To pressure the quarterback. The offensive line you know they're counting on. Can Sam Baker stayed healthy manned the left tackle spot or the going to be able to run the football and to me it would be intrigued by the plagued them I mean it's that. It's curious thing in Atlanta you have to wonder their window came and went up for them to reach a Super Bowl Carolina it on paper they've taken a step. And Byron bell as their left tackle you get the contract situation with Greg Hardy I know that that's tied at their salary cap. Kelvin Benjamin a wide receivers -- go -- with some veteran guys like Jericho Cotchery but you know but but again if you suffer one injury there. My goodness you set yourself back to put even more pressure. I'm Cam Newton. I'd like -- but some paper but I think it is I don't know how long it's gonna take for this team to gel together so many new names so many new faces I mean they're handing out. You know those little time to say hello my name is in the locker room because. No one knows when he when he is split you don't get incident this division is really ripe for the taking with the state to win the deal. If the same thing go 53 on the road the total under the -- epidemic only know one place seven and one that's how I look at the saint provided the Drew Brees is healthy. I mean just this is what an advantage playing in the Louisiana Superdome gives you. Would they get that home took advantage in the post season I don't care it's Seattle San Francisco whoever comes in to Rollins then coming out with a win. Yeah and it's a lot like that home field as they haven't Seattle not to meetings you go in there and pull out a win. Where do they stack up where do the Saints stack up with the likes of Seattle -- Well let's start with Seattle because they're gonna have a depicts a very curious dynamic this season which is being the hunted rather than the hunt her. I mean now they've got a giant target on their back and you wonder too you know you see players who did get -- if you -- -- terminal Thomas based on the long term contract extensions. But now will guys that didn't get those big money contracts -- they start to get a little bit squeamish because you can national -- about this and and any other head coach who's led the team to a Super Bowl. It's easy to unite drive to that one common goal after you've got you know what you're chasing that -- once you have that doesn't say hey I've accomplished there's no -- to dictate. So I'm curious to see how Pete Carroll handled that dynamic how they handle the fact that everyone is gonna bring an eighteen to play them. Throughout the year I mean this is it I mean everybody from the two brought me to the world -- up. This is where you rally this is where if you can beat the defending -- portrayed in that will be the rallying cry. Throughout the week. San Francisco on pay you enough people but I mean it's just been a weird deal Christian because you look at it what are we good offseason Jim Harbaugh entrant balky doling -- it. You look like happening to the contract situation all the Smith off the field. You have to wonder again. RC I said the same thing our Arco wondered the same thing. Not so I'm I'm thinking are they are they the cream of the crop is being loose ready to step up and make a run here with all the young talent that they got on their roster. -- was Arizona blocked they are legit. Ten of sixteen ready to ascend -- public come in Green Bay now. You know that if that team's healthy there's dangerous going to -- -- -- Aaron Rodgers. May still be the best quarterback in football even though he hasn't had as much talent to work for the past couple years because of injury to his clavicle problem last year so. I think this is an NFC that it really is wide open I don't think it's just. Host Seattle can run away with -- thing despite the great season may have last year I think the -- to -- -- -- -- chance to get back into the Super Bowl. Alex Margaret's fox sports one NFL reporter I don't know if you could benefit this workman's -- bill down here in. In Louisiana but that is is a big deal or not. It's a big deal and that the NFL players association is involved -- May have told players you know. They just understand if you signed with the -- did you get injured you may not be entitled to as much money as you would be in a state of the different workmen's compensation clause so. Couldn't hurt the Saints potentially it in regarding a signing undrafted college free agents replaced. Where the Saints in their front office have excelled sure I -- beat out of -- feel player you know an agency you know what. If you get hurt you may not be able to -- it as much money if you release so let's go ahead and sign with another team but in the big picture of things I don't think. It will hurt the -- all that much it would their marquee players but. You know workmen's compensation is an area where the NFL players association gets -- ball and understandably so that's that's what one might need to do -- to the ball went with my right to try to defend. Alex ultimately what's the movie like the most for the Saints this off season. What you got all of the safety position right and engage your verdict I would just such a great nose for the football and let's be honest I look Malcolm drank into the person -- -- Roman Harper is a guy that I interview I -- these guys. Are these guys right -- it. The play making just wasn't there -- Burke. He makes plays right. I mean you gotta you gotta love having him. On your team you got to look the addition of Brandon cooks as well because I feel Kenny -- one of the top rookie wide receivers in the NFL last year realistic about to step up and emerged. In year two. Now you have Brandon -- I just so excited about that now. The thing that gets me worried a little bit about the Saints -- as of this morning there one point nine million dollars available under the salary cap. It's a team want to assign Jimmy Graham to an offer sheet that is absolutely front load and I'm not Hawkins signing bonus I'm talking you're gonna have. To take about 89 million dollars in base salary this year. That can be extremely tough. For the Saints to match and may have -- -- -- exposed by using the non exclusive franchise tag. To the Jacksonville Jaguars and you wanna strike before training camp and in front load a contract to get Jimmy Graham then you can go ten million in base salary the first year eleven million in base salary. It's okay. You know because that's how you structure and then at that point to -- maybe a little in the back. And be without the top tight end in football so I -- Saints fan I am worried until Jimmy Graham is signed. Sealed and delivered. Back into the normally into the north -- organization. Ultimately feel like that process will will happen. Before that streak it's scary I don't know before at that his grievance hearing. Well that's great question you don't agree -- -- have to be -- do you understand what we're talking about here but I mean really by and large degree how important is this grievance hearing. You know what I mean immunity is Q is are the things really didn't get to try to play QB Graham really gonna play under one you're attacked. Oh that's a lot of money I I don't know man I mean that's that's messy if you are saying that he can -- -- -- ten. So that people that's fortunate to be -- in -- to -- -- I think I think that's where the only thing that comes into me. Org it's curious would distract of course then there's that extra five million dollar -- -- Jimmy -- plot to produce a wide receiver then I think again. Have to find a way to create salary cap space they're so tight against the I think it's one of the reasons. You'll see Jonathan Goodwin right now being signed as a veteran -- he'd probably wind up resigning with the Saints come at him and the opposition to the Saints clearly have an issue there. Right now which is -- cash and that that's a problem for the normal team they've got to figure out some creative ways Duke looked. Mickey Loomis and up front office they get to do they get the job done. I just worry more about teams from the outside trying to mess with Jimmy Graham that I would about the grievance her. Alex Armas fox sports one NFL reporter thinks about for a time we appreciate great stuff as always and CF. And to -- Greenbrier. I have happened West Virginia I don't know but I -- it's a little less humid. But yeah you know -- it didn't think about -- I go to West Virginia good to see the same I've robbing myself. Of which. Yes I operate I'll bring him off the Lotto ball boys which I want to operate. Operator. Hi Alex thanks Matt appreciate it. Alex Marvin is fox sports 1 earlier this morning on double coverage. Breaking down the Saints in the air on what they get a bonafide chance it's visible. Hello Las Vegas as a ten wins the over under for the Tony fourteen campaign. He -- that Wednesday that money take that action as Kramer would say it's action onside felt Tuesday so 187 it's all 3866. 8890 -- and now also. Have you been paying attention. To this. Labor dispute senators on the L labor committee of narrowly side with the New Orleans Saints and owner Tom Benson over the NFL players and a dispute over. Workers' compensation claim for professional athletes and how to be calculated. Should pro athletes workers' compensation be calculated based on recent earnings or future possible wages. 260187. Here till 38668890878. He can also text me and 878 sending the NFL players association says. The proposal could lessen the amount of workers' compensation Benson -- an injury cases and saint officials say. They're trying to. -- new provision that would stop repeated lawsuits over workers' compensation claims. So I mean think about it four week average calculation. The -- I mean the players. Say that there it to be based on future earning potential. Because of their contracts. Incentives. Bonus is built and those contracts. But I mean it's like you and I. It would be based on four week average. RW didn't -- legal analyst Doug sincerity. Said Dallas also this -- on double covered or subway for a minute and it will welcome back -- -- -- -- From early this morning on. Double coverages sports talk on W -- MF -- dot com. I welcome back to sports talk Kristian -- in for Deke Bellavia -- Senate bill 1069 deal with workmen's workers' compensation. For pro athletes. -- since area RWB well legal analyst here on Sunday mornings. Eight to 10 AM with -- all things legally in -- -- And I visited -- there early this morning about this bill and how much of an impact it could have. The more Smith the executive director of the NFL players association sent out a memo. About a week and a half ago. Saying are telling agents. And represent players to consider this. Before they sign with a New Orleans Saints and it kind of freaks people out wondering if it had to have an impact on the saints' ability. To attract free agents along with the pelicans and ultimately it's kind of been this way for awhile -- -- of the pay attention but. Since 2006 the Saints really haven't had too much of an issue at act and free agents. But take -- listen don't necessarily this one double coverage Doug ultimately. What should it be calculated on recent earnings are future possible all eight. You know and that's what they argued about a lot basically straight. You'd calculate on the space on leadoff. -- weeks prior to the -- And -- the average in the four weeks car a simple process now does except. It was early on this -- is currently on the books now I mean so how is. How does this changing. It's not in it and sent -- had six appellate court decisions newspaper of that and wanna gaps. It would from the standpoint of views but just want the law so they don't keep we've litigating the same issue over and over. Whereas the players association wanna keep it where it is sort. And so adhered to during those secret is is that the maximum rate you can -- a weekly in the and the benefits for a cop 608 now. So -- players are hurt the off season he didn't take agreement on our dollars pot would -- that caught that bank. And as -- -- back at work it'll be 600 dollars to really -- fighting over eighteen dollar per week. And didn't. End. Well I get it a good. Substantively. It is not as a big deal as. NFL peers make. And and so it which if you player do you want to build up the -- absolutely you never want to give ground or any type of work compatriot. But the reality. You'd probably only -- -- most one -- two players a year or handful players here. And the benefits would probably be. Phenomenal pitcher fighting over it in the other thing that still has nothing do with medical benefits. It has zero that they. And I think it's been suggested that it would put our medical in -- a weekly W two different things in there is that still has nothing do with any type of publications regard medical. -- -- If I understand this correctly basically -- Saints just -- close the loophole. Right you're absolutely they just want clarification. So that it'll happen. Too deeply litigating the same issue and over and over again where. The players association doesn't wanna give ground. Now we're -- took exception is. When Dumars has an NFL PA and out a memo talent agents that you should consider this law in signing free agents to -- won't. I thought that was hysterical. Overblown. Idiotic reaction to this very very simple and nondescript issue. So you don't feel like it could potentially hurt. The saints' ability all -- pelicans ability to attract free agents. That is ridiculous that is that is probably inaccurate content area that EG -- to saint stand. Just adjusting -- what it afloat purposes you up if you wanna -- one factor. That the legislature could do that would make a difference between attracting free agent not eliminating the personal income tax Louisiana. For example. When you go like -- Dwight Howard what is it used to not rocket that are all the -- was -- go to California. And you got the Lakers that hundreds -- million dollars you going to be paying twenty million dollar tax just to stay at California. You come to Texas UK zero. Lead and actually twenty million dollar tax it's been in money become a taxes. So the only thing I have now that agents will look at. Based on decided would stay the player would play -- -- -- personal income tax on a big contract. So all in the. WL legal analyst -- since -- here on a double coverage and -- they'll let me ask you this okay. So how are -- How are. We calculated this in other words that and how my -- or -- workers top it's based on four weeks. Our earnings right. So if they want future earnings in that and -- me. -- any preferential are different treatment different set of rules. They want -- set of rules that applied yet on the courts actually because at first spot may not -- those future number one because. A lot of players get caught a lot of players you know if you play you know. You don't aren't you aren't a cracked yeah and you can't come into a regular work comp. Case -- you know -- -- construction workers and you know what our arms. -- are out the week between a lot out I don't work overtime in the future -- -- should be paid -- almost make it out would have -- huge. And so it's just doesn't work that and again I think it's more about NFL PA. Bomb it I don't I don't have the dog out because I've been on boats out there is that and it helped CA doing a offseason trying to gin up. Sometime. Cosmetic grandstanding that we're doing something about you know something historically. That. Really is insignificant I mean it is bigger finished plot to that spot and I felt that -- able born player about to declare expect we were our players that. And and that's all there you know capital it in and all there PR. On this particular issue which he really really domino is not going to make significant difference either way on either party. Good players would prefer it not to ask. Frank what took part there but he's not going to make a significant difference now operation and -- sank early and a talent would make this significant gift horse attract free agent right now. So. You know it's really not a big issue Aram is she -- -- should be debated the legislature. And it should come down on it one way or the other in the basically should be able. Doug I keep going back to. You know what the average worker. What I would be counted on and why should date is. Future earnings when that wouldn't be the case for me. I mean I will what what they could potentially opened here's a big -- -- does it wouldn't we all be able to go back out there we were there was a worker's comp issue would we all -- let's say that and. Would we see -- with which you're talking about -- -- ended -- like. A lot of times if you change a -- want action situation. It has unintended consequences for everyone else and the other secret to NFL hands. Benefits. A lot of benefits for injured players now make it whether it's enough and not. That's good to be debated in the future but there's this provisions in the contract back injury protection go to Europe one year interrupting your protection now another. It also several disability programs within the NFL. If you could claim disability if you get hurt a lot of players. Who do you get hurt. Never get to workers' comp because they are all their benefits or hate. Through -- disability payments. Bomb that the you know collective bargaining agreement provides so the worker's comp issue that we have here is a benefit of last resort. They're really applies to very few players for example there are a high profile player and it must and Will Smith when he got her. Bob Johnson dome. They never ever -- cop work the competition -- because all their issues were taken care of put it benefits with sepia. Well so this could be it is this is one of those bills and it -- the players association. Stands by you know -- requirement in the united right but this is this seems to me that they would. This bill would affect those fringe players more so that it will anything else. You know who effective it would effected undrafted free agent they would yes this is and who came and a trial like it -- -- -- about -- -- -- -- I mean he would affect and then he was never intended to be shy about. Those type of players bet it would. You know it would apply to and again I think NFL PA should take on that church association. Put all the you know rhetoric. Behind with the task is it the bill would be you know and how it affects saint free agency whether some players would decide to come I think it's not. -- outrageous in ridiculous and in and -- I just you know it's it's just one of those things where hey we decided that we are on go -- we don't want to -- interpretation of bill and now. The try to sign -- it'd be able -- -- that did but it's really not make a cranky this. WL legal analyst Doug is there they're bringing down house fill -- center Milton 69. -- workers comment pro athletes in Louisiana. And Saints quarterback Drew Brees at the being -- softball game yesterday our Achilles goes he's -- back on Wednesday. Was asked about this very subject here's your. It prevents. Players from proclaiming workers stop -- -- benefit that that should be you know rightly there's. Based upon our job description. In -- second batter is. Whether we're whether we get injured in the offseason the pre season on a regular season. It's all in preparation for this season and for the opportunity to win a championship and your presence and you're willing to sacrifice put yourself in harm's way in the offseason and season. Is dependent pocket and you're your your ability to make the team the ball is dependent upon your ability to perform. -- put yourself at risk during the offseason and season. And more from Drew Brees take Elizabeth sort. I can tell you one thing it's just not negotiable its -- compensation. Player health and safety. Thomas we know yeah. Put ourselves at risk greater risk every time you step on the field every time -- -- the practice field in the weight room and -- we -- And we know that's the nature of the game but we also. We also we -- for -- -- workers comp insurance so that. Guys take care of what they do get hurt or not if you lose when they get hurt and I've had five surgeries in my career it's all been because of football. In my life I've had my surgery and all because of the game of football. Not negotiable isn't workman's comp worker's compensation and player safety. You heard dogs -- -- there towards the end of his interview saying that it really affects the fringe players those undrafted players. The established veterans. Around the league. Boy. Made got protection. Contract injured reserve they still get paid. I mean. Is this a big deal and whose side. Are you on here the Saints. Owners management -- it classic. Employee. Employer manage employee verses management conversation. But -- Saturday on the Saints or the players out. The argument that I would have for the players is that. They have a unique skills of may be the shouldn't be considered. In the way you and IR and workers' compensation. They have a unique skill and unique job that in a unique pay scale they don't get paid. Bimonthly. Like maybe you know I do. More along the lines of the -- seasoning and a basically a per Diem. During their OTA's and mini camps and training camp it's that are want to get the regular season ending any game check. But should they be considered different should they get future earnings considered in workers' compensation. Clauses are claims lawsuits. Now as it stands right now it's average pace song based on four weeks when your four week averages. Recent four week average. But should pro athletes workers' compensation. Be calculated. Based on recent earnings. Or future possible wages. It's hard to put in that hypotheticals. Defensively -- these contracts are and they are what a bit. In favor tilted in favor of the teams 'cause when they're done with that player they get Cecile later. Not on any of that contract however. You know players know the risk. And they have to fight for even. The French players is ultimately wouldn't effect a veteran. Like. I don't know. Remove Drew Brees. Like Marcus Colston. For example. Pierre Thomas. They get hurt they go on injured reserve this to get paid. It's really protect the undrafted free agents. One or two players a year as you heard on necessary say. But what side are you on. The players in this case. Or the owner. And the legislature passing this bill are trying to passes bill. How should workers' compensation be calculated recent earnings or future possible wages to 601872. All 386689087. On tax line as well and 8787. This is sports talk on WLA anathema WL Beckham. I -- -- down here on sports talk Bob and -- how are even. Chris and -- and sell well I figured you were talking about basketball also McFarland yeah. Interesting that the situation. It's like to be uplifting reductions jury to really understand what's going on that you thought it. Could try and they actually is and try our public sites and then. But get injured and more would come proper. You know but that's not enough for everybody you know that. That's the -- instant way of looking at it I. -- -- -- It. You're gonna trade with the collective. Agreement. Not and that's what -- -- it's cute people you try sites. And collect -- the carpet that. Public figure out what you say that you never should -- yeah and then. So that's got to be based on what you -- -- Future earnings because you'd. The -- EAC side and management on this one. I think it's I think it's sort of the players. Don't understand. That the child that outburst as much that is -- that that would really understand. That is -- -- -- Drew Brees or try to build -- -- -- that. Would count would be a huge problem. And Bob. Thanks for the call -- appreciate and have a great weekend OK -- bring -- -- -- I Bob Mitchell. Folks -- mile time favorites. I Jackie Harris things about for your help today and master control -- one thing John wicker. He was one of the show from four to seven LSU baseball don't forget. Tomorrow in the SEC baseball tournament. New first pitch against Arkansas. And -- miles called. 1130. And first pitch at twelve between the Razorbacks and the LSU Tigers. On WLE 7 AM and -- will -- him at 105. Point three I have a good weekend folks be safe out there are a lot of folks on the roadway so heaviest travel days of the of the year. Several -- I am out.