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05-23-14 8pm, Scoot, Gun Rights

May 23, 2014|

Is it wrong for a restaurant to prevent customers entrance, who bring their guns into their establishment, even with gun permits?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And it is the official beginning of Memorial Day weekend 2014. We started talking about this on the -- last night and I was surprised. There's so many people are not traveling. But one tech's last night brought up the idea that maybe somebody people were traveling and could respond to attacks and that's why so lopsided because I think it ended last night -- about. Somewhere around 1010. To 15%. Were traveling and the rest were discount hang our home and there's nothing wrong with with thanking her home. Also let's always remember those people who work over the long holiday weekend and make it possible for those of us to. Have a good time here is it's nice W if you are pretty general opinion poll is something we'll be talking about it in the topic a tonight. Is it wrong for restaurants. To tell customers they cannot bring their guns and even if they are carrying legally. This year opinion by going to our web site WW dot com and attractive -- throughout Russia gave you the first update coming appeared just a few minutes. That is Houston another story in the news again. And there seems to be. A group of word several groups of pro gun activist will be talking about it is. Who are flaunting. Their right to keep and bear arms by bringing their guns into restaurants restaurants like. Chili's for example restaurants like to -- Places like a Starbucks so we will get into that tonight because it's back in the news again today. And if you are headed for the beach or if you're already at the beach here's the beach forecast for the weekend. -- on the beach along the Mississippi Alabama Florida Gulf Coast beaches 85 to ninety water temperature. 77. It's time for tonight's top later date -- the topic things we'd like you know which we begin our show tonight on WWL. Number eight. President Obama and house speaker John Boehner played golf yesterday. And after teeing off Obama and and -- walked up to the president's ball and Boehner said. Nice line Mr. President torture policy John please we Qaeda play golf. Not talk business number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. The Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling is agreeing to self esteem and I'm not sure what kind of punishment this is gonna be for his racist rant. Considering the hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars you'll get from the sale. He's been banned by the NBA a fine 2.5 million dollars to achieve this week earlier he said he wasn't gonna pay I don't know what -- he's changed his mind about that or not. But he is putting his wife Shelley sterling. In charge of negotiating the sale of the team. This guy bought the team I forget what the amount applies. But it was. I don't know maybe -- forty million or or septic like that I forget what her baby was it is a hundred no I don't remember but he's gonna end up selling the team. For May be close to one billion dollars because he bought the Los Angeles Clippers when they were. Losers and they weren't doing very well in a major market. I think all of this is going to be. Judged by -- that the sale prices team will be judged by what the Milwaukee Bucks sold for our recently which was -- somewhere around a 600 million. And I and when you think about that being on a smaller market. The market of Los Angeles number two market in the country. On the clippers are winning so some speculate the team could go for somewhere close to 900. Million dollars switches truly -- again I don't know what kind of punishment that's gonna end up being for Donald Sterling. I guess it will be a punishment to some degree because. He'll lose the eagle feeding. Idea. Of owning an NBA team. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban I'm sure you've heard this and Enders said that when he sees a black kid in a hoodie for a white guy with a shape to an intent to his. He walks to the other side of the street. He said I know I'm prejudiced. -- knowing bigoted in a lot of different ways. He said if I see a black kid -- a -- on my site -- the street I'll move to the other side of the street. If I see a white guy with a shaved head and tattoos. On the side that he's on he said our move to the other side of the street. None of us have pure thoughts we all live in glass houses. And I would agree did not have a -- pure thoughts but is that something that you -- do. Now I hear a lot of talk about it is that we you know I want to the other side of the street is that something you do. It's it's kinda dumb if you think about it because if somebody really wants to get -- Either gonna get you. And from my experience of being jumped by report guys in the French Quarter but at the record the CBD. I'm walking down once on the street well guess what they came over to my side. If I would've started to cross over to the other side of the street you'll think they were followed me. I mean they already had the intent of attacking me and taking what I had so this idea of well I've walked to the other size are you really does that does that really work. And does somebody said he detects wished we brought this up very late show last night somebody sent in Texas it. But in the French Quarter we'd be crossing the street all the time with all of the people equities and all the people with the shaved heads and and tattoos again I just don't. I don't know if that make sure they get it just doesn't seem like it makes really that much sense to me and I hear a lot of people say that they do that is that something that you do. Let's talk about that on the show tonight. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. If you're female and if you're thinking about breast augmentation surgery you might want to think again. There's a new Japanese cookie. It claims to make you breasts larger. It's a herbal cookie. It apparently contains an extract from plant grown in northern and northeastern Thailand. And itself a form of estrogen. It's available in two flavors soya milk or -- and chocolate. It has fifty milligrams of this -- -- extract. The cookie is called the -- cup cookies. Now. I guess. We should point out that in Japan. The path size in Japan dissimilar to a double. Double the time cup cookies and I guess that's one reason why. -- -- -- Before tonight's list of the top -- eight. Unless you're one of those guys who likes to dress up. This is a Memorial Day weekend and you can't replace some of those items that you might have your barbecue where you might eventually going to somebody else is barbecue. If you wanna cut calories in -- race. For example you can you can switch the of the chips and dip and try some fresh vegetables and low fat. Or maybe. You know. No dip or maybe some harmless or something like that because that's a lot better for instead of eating hamburgers you can eat a Turkey Burke. You could skip the potato salad. I'm not saying you're gonna have fun but you can cut back on the calories and and grants. And you know this is one of those times windy if you. If you would like to lose weight. And I know what's real tempting to just and not worry about it appears certain point you just what you know what the -- undated to Steve and I wanna eat. But if this is something that you thought about it. Even though your around these things. During Memorial Day in and in Mississippi I try to keep in mind it doesn't mean that I'm perfect and neat stuff that I probably shouldn't eat sometimes but I do make a conscious effort to trying to. Pay attention to the right things it makes me feel better. And it might make you. Feel better read if you just start doing it at times like this and and of course to the holidays as well. You know you don't have to eat a hot talk. And there are things you can do it especially if you're having the barbecue. Do think you can do to cut back on calories and and veterans. And I really doubt that that many people would notice that much difference. Between a hamburger. At a Turkey burger. Especially if you have all the right stuff to -- to put on it just some things to think about number three at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. A second grade Colorado student was disciplined for drawing a picture of handgun. During an assignment. That had students look up at the clouds and draw what they saw. Eight year old Kolby Smith. Looked up and saw a fluffy handgun in the and we know that clouds and different shapes different sizes and you look at the clouds and you see different things. I mean you don't even want to know -- icy tundra look at clots but this eight year old kid looked up and saw a fluffy -- So he drew that is part of his -- and the school filed a behavior report. Stating that the student was being. Disruptive. The school said debate on the behavior report. That this was consistent with routine procedures. Focused on school safety. The students parents disagree with that the discipline. This. Is another example. Of zero tolerance. On. How. In the world. Could any. Rational human being argued. That. Punishing acute. For drawing a handgun. Would somehow make the schools safer. This is the problem with this. Focusing on the wrong problems. Of course we all wanna make schools safer but this is -- government to schools safer. And if the kid looked up then saw a fluffy handgun in the sky. That's not the symptom of any kind of behavioral problem already kinda propensity to go out and shoot it. And kill people. Now apparently this is not gonna stay on the kids permanent record but I just piling up behavior report stating that the kid was being disruptive is. It certainly is an indication of how schools have just gone overboard. It -- it in terms of trying to make the schools safer when in reality they're not -- in the schools any safer they're just two and a bunch of stupid meaningless stuff. If you would enjoy an issue with a comet tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 and a tech's number you -- 77. Number two at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. A Harley-Davidson owner says the Harley-Davidson corporation refused to honor his warranty. Because he flies seven flags on his bike. After Harley-Davidson. Tonight Harley owners warranty. Because of a patriotic flags on his bike he said ain't nobody gonna stop our flags not even Harley Davison corporation. -- -- Was told that his -- -- did not come for the failure of his collection transmission because seven flags that he flies on his spike create extra wind resistance. Putting an extra strain on his power -- So they weren't gonna under his war team. In fact the the flags are mounted with things that are not a Harley-Davidson products. Adding to the problem. A couple of the flags are American flags and then there's an NRA flag and this guy that seems to be suggesting that Harley-Davidson is being on American. By not covering the damage to his power train of his partly because he flies numerous flags. On his bike. Do you think Harley-Davidson is being unpatriotic. Or is this just another example of somebody who's trying to play the patriot card I'm a patriots look what they're doing to me. For me it's this Obama administration -- -- -- again it's so easy for some people to become hysterical over things. And I've read this -- -- I knew what this was going I knew this could lead to -- suggesting that somehow Harley-Davidson missed. True American company it's not really all American and they're being very un American. And he says ain't nobody gonna stop our flags not even Harley-Davidson corporation OK dude they're not gonna stop you flight you have a right to fly the flags. But not if it creates extra wind persistence on your power train. -- -- And is is going to lead to. Possible breakdown. You don't have a right to do that and nobody should accept this as any kind of anti patriotic move. From Harley-Davidson. And finally tonight's number one on tonight's list of the top -- dates. Chili's is the latest restaurant to deal with pro gun activist who bring their guns into restaurants to make a point about the Second Amendment. Do you think people should be allowed to bring their guns or I guess it's it fair to say should people be allowed to flaunt their weapons. In restaurants. Because that's what they're doing these are kind of pro gun rallies. And people are flaunting their guns in restaurants. To me these are not responsible gun owners. You don't flaunt your weapon. You keep a weapon. To keep you safe. You don't. Showing off. You don't bring it in to make a point. You you're not supposed to use the Second Amendment to make a point. About the Second Amendment you're supposed to use the Second Amendment to protect. Your life and your property. And -- any disagreement here. -- however is reassessing. Their policy they're not exactly sure what they're gonna do yet. And I hope they're not afraid. To come forward and say. Hey you know -- can bring you guys -- here. I hope they're not afraid of some kind of a backlash. From pro gun advocates. If they if faced -- notice. You know we talked about this earlier this week because the restaurant chain based in Denver -- -- -- has of people bring some guns again just to make a point not for protection but to make a point. And debt restaurant chain. Sent out a message you'll customers you're not allowed to bring your guns period. Last year it was Starbucks. And now today we're talking about Chile's. There's a video and photos of -- and activists carrying heavy weapons into this chili's restaurant it went viral. The video shows a man. Actually a number of men each of them have weapons. And a walk into the chilies in Texas. And the rest to be seated. The server greeting them on the video appears to hesitate. I've been a woman the restaurant appears to get very upset with him. And is talking to the man about bringing their guns into a restaurant with children which he disagrees with. Then the hostess. Tells the man they have to leave with their guns. The video was posted on the web site buys the pro gun control group moms demand action for guns sense in America. And that was sent to the website Huffington Post. A man who was identified as Lamar. I told the website Huffington Post. But he shot the original video and posted that. And he said that he's part of the San Antonio branch of open carry Texas a program an organization. It brought guns into the chipotle restaurant. Leading to that restaurant chain telling customers they're not allowed to bring their guns into restaurants. And there's also a story there about a rally that took place at a sonic drive in. Where a male employee. A told cement to remove their guns from the dining area. So with this both both recent incident it Chile's. The -- hospital -- reevaluate their policy of whether or not customers should be able to bring guns into the restaurant. Is this really about the Second Amendment orders this -- Flaunting. The Second Amendment. Correct me if I'm wrong. I'm pros I'm pro Second Amendment. I'm program rights. And if you listen to that showed you know that I believe that. When there's a tragedy that happens and people talk about new gun laws I'm the first one to bring up the idea that new gun laws are not going to. Stop people who are insane. Or defiant -- the law. From breaking the law by having a gun if they're not supposed have a -- Simply not -- I wish it was that easy but it's not. But I'm also very much against. Obnoxious -- flaunting the Second Amendment. I mean just just to make a point. Agreed to meet this is a little bit like burning the American flag just to prove you have a right to freedom of speech. How do you feel about customers walking into a restaurant with guns. Even if they are legally. Kerry in regards. If you enjoy and -- -- becoming -- numbers 2601. A seventy toll free 8668890. Which seventy. And our -- number is a 7870. And the WWL pretty -- opinion poll tonight is. Is it wrong for restaurants to tell customers they cannot bring their guns and even if they are carrying them legally. It is your opinion are going to our web site to be appealed to account it's Friday night the beginning to Memorial Day weekend. I'd scoots and we'll be right back on to -- WL. I back in the news tonight -- another restaurant chain is dealing -- if what I would consider obnoxious pro gun. Activist. Who are showing off their guns into restaurants that means is that relieve the behavior of responsible gun orders. How are also talking about it a kid in Colorado who was and disciplined. Because this second grader were sold through it all the students were told to look up in the sky and draw what they saw that was an assignment. Well this kid looked up in the clouds installed a hand. So he -- a handgun. And he was disciplined for disruptive behavior. And this was all designed to help pick the classrooms safer. If you would enjoy an issue with a -- tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- Amber's late 77. We're also talking about -- been in the news a lot to Dallas Mavericks owner. I'm Mark Cuban who is known for bold statements said that if he sees a black kid you know Rudy -- white guy with a shaved and attached to he walks on the other side of the street. Is that something you do. I'm from -- Marcus your WWL. We don't want agree and there were well that -- I understand it wouldn't just say and I certainly understand we're coming from however. To be a racist. -- key is to Q what's proper to -- someone walking wonders art. Just still put -- -- article I can jump you. Particularly well. With supporters. It's so I know that that the girls you know my tail when young people are they're told you what. And other comment earlier there -- That you met -- -- were asked to. We're like you know you don't move out of that way you look at that want to get chick and a computer chip I disagree that we young people book -- if you -- or port so one. That you'd think suspicion group so what they're way. But what they're racist. If you can across the street go to Purdue got after -- which restaurant and maybe get help I just sort -- Obama get out is that makes cents. Yes it does tonight I'm whenever I talk about this I should always careful to say that you know you always have to assess your circumstances. From my experience I just don't think -- somebody's targeting you looking to the other side of the street is go to. I change anything that doesn't mean that you should always seek the safest path. To protect one -- this you know -- dual states want to get into. Well they're as good a job with regard to you know want. You know I agree with you Warner I recruit you corner from where so many reasons for that. The one writes that sit one reason that children are -- -- atmosphere. In the studies were. School -- and these are breaking to think this nature which one exposure. Year it's a permit to carry. Apartment to show the way -- market. It passed by children. Can write stories too sure. About there. You know she wanted it to bolster. All or describe it just -- war like that so I think. Being respected and I believe it. Today and where did absolutely certain it would stop product. School and want to think they should go to and we respect it would. Just the manager. On East -- (%expletive) in which you are what you went in and you'll Matta by state to walk over. Others thank you. -- That's. So it's a good point -- and have a great Memorial Day weekend. Correct me if I'm wrong but I just don't -- I just don't think. I just don't think floating guns is with the Second Amendment was about and I think it should be fair in this country. For somebody to be Smart enough to interpret the you can criticize. Some gun owners without criticizing all gun owners. You can criticize the fanatics within any group and there are fanatical gun owners. They're not reflective of the responsible gun owners that we haven't in this city and around this country. But there are people who if you do criticize any gun owner. They go crazy. And I assured the NRA is staying out of this because. They really couldn't win because they could not be legitimate organizations say you should bring your your weapons into into a restaurant put him on the table. But the or it was stay away from that because they don't dare dare. Criticize gun owners. But yet it America. Whether it's on talk radio and -- are in a conversation you're -- we should be able to criticize fanatics in any group including the group of gun owners in this country. But now being perceived as. Being against all gun owners. If you wanna join Russia with a -- tonight -- numbers 2601 a -- toll free 86688907. -- -- -- everybody get to a lot of these sexson coming here just a moment let's go to camp or keep your on the -- show on Demi WL. Well that you do think statement. It is in the I think they keep trying. The acting at. Political crack -- I don't mind being. Extremely politically correct its political correctness is going -- -- back acted with. Import in the -- What's the punishment at the beard is the quiet. -- you -- that is -- this the first thing I thought of an average this story earlier today I thought you know sometimes you can look up in the sky and and -- part of the male or female anatomy where if you would have drawn -- that what you've gotten in trouble. But you can't tell a kid to draw what he -- and then prosecuted for drawing what he sees. Yeah I like that said that I think that political correctness. Playing a mop growing extremism. In this political -- news just going to an extreme level that -- What I I would agree with you I don't know -- it's a combination of political correctness in zero tolerance they're gone wild but it. It it doesn't make the school any safer to discipline kids for drawing. I handgun in the I can't think of how many guns I must -- -- when I was a kid in school. And -- somebody feels the need to have a conversation with the kid about why he saw -- guy and that's one thing. But to discipline the kid for drawing what he saw it's not as if a handgun is something that is unconscionable. It is not as if it's something that's illegal. So it's perfectly normal for a kid to see something like and -- in the sky an amicus all kinds of things in -- Keep a political show he ever agree Memorial Day weekend. Let's get to at least Texas text of Mark Cuban just since his bodyguards across the street handily and I thought about that to mean Mark Cuban. He's not walking around by himself. Where he's afraid of somebody walking down the street with a forty. So to make a comment that if he sees somebody sees a black kid in a hoodie or a white guy with a shaved head and in tattoos he's walking to the other side of the street. I mean this study was something this relatable. To Mark Cuban. Here is text two years ago a man opened fire. In a diner in Hattiesburg Mississippi. He just walked in and started shooting. Now one of the people there. Had a pistol. It might have ended. With. It might have ended with so many others. Not being shocked. Well I I hear that argument but it also might have been that a lot of others would've been shot. And last night on the show I talked about a case of a 63 year old man in Memphis. He was arrested by an off duty police officer happened to be the same movie that he was it. And this guy is 38 caliber to shot there -- fell out of his pocket during the movie and fired -- ran out. Now what if everybody in the movie theater. Hating god. I was ready to use it. Gun fires are people gonna start to turn toward -- at the garden was fired an end and start shooting. And there are far far far. Too many gun owners. Who are not very good shots. And they don't take the time to be good shots all the wanna do. -- -- That weapon and makes him feel good. And unfortunately a lot of people use the Second Amendment just have to feel good and I don't mean in terms of safety just to feel much. I'd get that impression. But. This that this this idea of of if everybody's are just as it makes sense to. We've talked about this before think about the -- shooting in the or Colorado with movie theater. It was dark. You -- a bunch of people standing up in a movie theater firing away in the dark. As somebody who you think as a -- it it's not always easy to identify the perpetrators. And again. If you carry around a gun and you wanna be a marksman you Libya great great shot that's one thing. But they're far too many people walking around with guns. Who are not good shots they're not well trained. And underwent and pulling out a gun if I'm in a public place. If you wanna join us for your comment tonight are numbers 260187. Total free 8668890. Stephanie. And a text number is 8770. It's Friday the beginning to Memorial Day weekend I hope you've got a great plants in May -- your on your way to the beach or on your way somewhere right. Now for the Memorial Day weekend. Thanks for having to -- you -- with you as you drive -- we welcome those of you were listing on your. Smartphones -- tablets where -- -- thanks for being with us tonight. -- show and will be back after this break on WWL. Is it -- for restaurants to tell customers they can't bring their guns in even if there carrying them legally that's -- -- a dual party -- opinion -- give us your opinion like going to our website WW real dot com. In -- -- again they're the scoop launcher to draw some attention it's it's. A re posting of a blog to -- not long ago when Starbucks made a decision telling its customers no more guns you can't bring guns into the restaurant. A -- like tonight is -- title Starbucks ask customers to leave their guns at home. A you can read that sheer without his leadership comments it's on our web -- now a deputy to account. A state representative shall Pinto. I'm sponsored a bill that dealt with the guns in restaurants in this legislative session and he has called in the show on -- -- -- -- There have been so many deals which you just. Be specific about your particular think I remember which one this is but I just wanna make sure that we know what we're talking about. It's its deal with an extra -- -- -- little Lotta people that controversy obviously with the troops in it's it's just saying. They get from the -- years ago when most people realize it's in the legal to carry in Russia since 1996. When the concealed carry permit. Bill went through in 96. -- -- For -- and -- -- it's still care has no been no change. So concealed carry permit holders that are being Terry and since then. That charter which were no incidents this. Without any problems it's it's been there it's been at all. The only differences. Is in 198511. Years for the concealed carry all that law went into place. There was a deal that would you know introduced approach it from carrying -- -- And ages it all identify it was alcohol beverage. They didn't distinguish between a ball didn't distinguish between right. It didn't distinguish between a -- restore itself and. And are all aware there there was some one -- that made the exception if it's if it's mostly restaurant. Correct well they'll it actually did it mirrors it it consolidates. Two laws and makes them or. So note that 96 law that was in place always. Or always a lot for -- Com for they approach restore but it didn't it did perceive that it. Be criminal statute enacted -- Didn't have any exceptions it was just a portly drafted build -- alcohol per child so nobody's. -- -- carry -- rational over the last you know since 96 of them in Oakland and arrested him in jail last one sport. That law still existed there was still out there so not much what we do in the legislature different day after Tara and we -- Conflict in the -- -- what -- the year before or in this case. For -- make it. So although officially. If you look at the bill that oh now while -- well we -- we already. Straw. Under one another bill that actually we put that figure June. Commitment to consider. -- actually sent and you guys do good stuff. -- -- -- on what you do. What 90% of the -- we -- in. Shorts. You know we we have a civil -- there are statutes. You know that. Actually. Follow the law should mean sometimes there are -- made court that we don't agree. To. I've -- let's let's address these pro -- activist in the mentality of activist who went walking in with weapons and just put him out on the table. There's a restaurant have a right to say hey get out of here. I mean you know I mean they actually and that right I mean that's their -- -- so you know we've we have tried. You know limit that. Facto bill this year that wanted to call for constitutional. Where every person can carry guns and with -- Arian and the legislature shot that there this year the note that you're so mean I've never. Have a problem. Giving additional rights to concealed carry permit because this year after year the year they have been the most law abiding citizens that we have out there. And an old and a policeman and then -- part but they they go through them additional tree snake they -- that that done supposed steak and seal. And and that hasn't been. -- earlier instances where shortly -- Or if that's if it is a concealed weapons and nobody knows they have sure it's it's not it's not flaunting the Second Amendment as I think these pro gun activist who do. And I mean in the matter. Where it open. You know pulse and not against you walk in employees. Would regard -- Not concealed we have an open Berrian and in Louisiana and -- But a restaurant or any businesses should have the right to say you can't come -- with that. -- -- not a prohibitive favorite -- from making their own rules sort of what they wanted to -- that. Artsy represented children to thanks for -- show. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Toll free 8668890. Late Saturday. And text however as its MD Saturday. Got a much of -- attacks again to also more of your calls several so talking about whether or not it's beneficial to cross the street if you see somebody -- -- economic. Is that something you do mavericks owner. Mark Cuban said that's what he does but he doesn't really do it because the guys -- bodyguards. We'll be right back after this break -- Nevada bureau. Welcome back joy showing this -- night and it is the beginning of Memorial Day weekend I've got a text here talking about how -- persons -- heard on the radio all day. A -- we know celebrate Memorial Day oh what's going on Memorial -- why -- it a bigger deal here it's not as big deal here. As it is in other parts of the country will talk about that I probably will get to that it's -- to the after the news of the top of the hour. We're talking about Alex Dallas Mavericks owner -- Mark Cuban says what he sees a black kid in a -- or white guy with a shaved head and tattoos. He walks on the other side of the street does that make him a big it. Second greater Colorado student and student was disciplined for drawing a picture of a handgun during an assignment in which students were told to look at but the clouds and draw what they saw. He saw and -- And now in the news again today. Another restaurant is dealing with a group of brazen pro gun activist who walked into right chili's restaurant. With their guns put him on the table. Is this something that restaurants should do. From Boca -- mark you're WWL. And it created by -- -- -- Known as chilly -- -- I think it. I -- -- him hero you know. -- tall -- Second Amendment but wouldn't think it is quite awhile where walk and don't salute. Well I think there's I think there's something mental. In the minds of these people that I feel I need to show off their guns which it is my understanding that that's not what the Second Amendment guarantees it's not for showing off your guns. And I guess you do have a right to show off your guns but in the civilized society we live in I don't understand. Why somebody would feel the need. To go to a restaurant as a group and show off their guns unless they just wanna flaunt. There weapons. Do you think it sound like Olympic programs. Well one of the things and I think it's important point out is that these these pro. These pro gun activist do not. Reflect the the great majority of gun owners in this country. Who are responsible -- dollars. These are fringe. Gun owners. And they should be denounced and and we should be able to denounce them without somebody thinking that oh you're not in favor of the Second Amendment. It is -- And so that's -- I mean to -- is to curry is not Michael while what sole discretion. Well think about going into a restaurant like -- And some guys want to end. And they they have heavy weapons that's how they're described I don't know specific with the weapons are but they're described as as heavy weapons. And they are watching with heavy weapons. Visible on their shoulders carry them and they wanna be seated would you feel are people out. There. Probably -- mark I appreciate you calling our show you have a great Memorial Day weekend. Prevent rouge killing a time for real quick comment. Okay replica that Mark Cuban. The but what it was say in. Actually it was going to be politically correct USA RBC rabbi and he'll definitely -- Followed in that process right reaping sit there and. He a good kid world east and black you don't like -- work out so more you Vargas. You cross the street -- keep going back -- -- -- a little bit Il. Why is we know it's -- By you I mean I understand where you're -- I'm gonna get through news -- and I appreciate you listening in Baton Rouge tonight. I will continue this conversation coming up in the next hour mean -- really do any good if you saw somebody coming down the street to walk to the other side. But if they wanted to get to why wouldn't they simply walked to the other site will be back.