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05-23 9pm,Scoot/ Hoodies/ Gun Rights

May 23, 2014|

Can a person with a gun permit enter an establishment with their weapon at will? Do you cross the street when you see someone wearing a hoodies/

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to our show it's a Friday night it's the beginning of a long holiday weekend not for everybody but for many people it's the beginning of a long holiday weekend it's a time that we traditionally had a decent. Last night our show we were talking about our favorite spots on the beach you know I've mentioned in my -- spot on the beach in numerous times. But Destin fort Walton and Pensacola and -- far. While those beaches are wonderful but honestly have to say that -- responders bill shores. Around the pink pony and floored them and not that there are other great places elsewhere but that just happens to be. However my favorite spots along the beach if you are heading to the beach this weekend the beach forecast is calling for. -- between 85 in ninety water temperature 77 degrees. At issue so delightful and I hope it's I don't disagree weekend for if you're heading in that direction if you just gonna hang out in and stay home that's another fun thing. But memorial that is not they speak here as it is in other parts of the country and here's a Texas is Cisco and I've been hearing on the radio all day. Why do we not celebrate Memorial Day or we are you going for Memorial Day. Everywhere should realize that in New Orleans some of us only get -- to draw off instead of memorial today so we have to work. It is a shame that we're not given a choice. Or allowed both holidays. It is say oh it is what it is I'm happy to be employed some guys that got complaining about having a job or Obama's are complaining about having your job. But did you bring up an interest -- point did I guess it's because of -- draw but it's not is big tradition here. As it is in the northeast. As it is out west. I'm thinking about Denver and Portland Seattle the places where. I've been on the air. There are the places where Memorial Day was was a bigger celebration. Now it's not to say that it's not a big celebration here and I'll be on the year on Monday morning for a tummy -- a Memorial Day it we'll talk about it people to World War II museum it's a big date they're. The shortly are a lot of great things going on including me. The Greek festivity Alexander Robert -- And I just heard art art news -- invention of who's no. So it's a little bit like I would best describe who so as the Greek version if you can Meister. You know you gotta be you gotta be really careful with that I would to a Greek restaurant once. And on the dance floor. There was a tradition at the owner. Pouring Mosul in people's mouse from like four feet up and they did the stream anyway that stuff can be rather -- it so. In Joliet. In moderation. Here's what we're talking about on the show tonight at Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said that if he sees a black kid in authority are white guy with a shaved head -- to news. He walks to the other side of the street. Why don't really think Mark Cuban. Worries about this sort of -- subtleties walking down the streets by himself 'cause he's billionaire. But does that really do any good is that something that you do is that something that makes you feel safer. Again. I walked downtown French Quarter every day. And that's not something I do. Because I figure somebody really wants to really wants to get you if you start to cross the street does that not -- not automatically say OK I'm I'm afraid if you. Again I think everybody has to assess their situation their surroundings. That moment that it happened you have to figure out what's best for you I'm not gonna tell you not to cross the street. But -- simply asking the question does it really do any good. Across the street if if he sees somebody that you think is. Is is up to no good. And again I still go back to this idea that it is unfair. To judge people and -- Now it is true. That a lot of people Wear -- to hide their faces while they're committed crimes. Or to hide their faces because they're -- it. But they are also. A great number of people who Wear -- because -- become fashionable. Would you go to was a department store and you see what he's on the mannequins. I think that's a pretty clear indication that wearing a -- has become fashionable. -- do you like the look or not. Doesn't matter I mean you'd still afraid of people in in equities. And is -- just blacks in what he's a -- that -- -- and really but would would crossing the street actually make you feel but it does something that you actively do. We're also talking about it we talked about this earlier this week with a two -- And now telling all of their customers do not bring your guns in and that was -- reaction to. A group of gun activist. -- bring -- their guns in and basically putting him on the table. In the restaurant. And they were told to leave and -- -- sit down. A message to all customers don't bring guns and here. -- now chili's is the latest restaurant to deal with pro -- activist who bring their guns here and they're described as heavy weapons and I guess those are -- rifles source kind of weapons that are heavier than handgun. And there visibly carrying these weapons as they walk into -- to be -- One woman gets up and apparently very man there's video of this. Woman gets out of Theriot said tells -- they shouldn't be there because they are children in there. And then there are so I'll hosted chilies that tells the people to leave -- -- -- is going to. Reassess. How they feel about bringing guns into their restaurants this did happen in Texas. Now we should be able to point counts. The the fringe members of gun owners. And and criticized them for flaunting the Second Amendment rather than. Doing the right thing with their god. You know supposed to just show off your guard. It's always been my understanding that if you -- gone. You should be prepared to use it so why do you feel the need it and guess -- this is a sign for real deep rooted insecurity. The people have to go out and put their guns on the table. And this is a trend this is something that is happening more and more off. And it was a problem -- that Starbucks wrote a blog about that we've riposte to that blog tonight Starbucks ask customers to leave their guns at home. And this was in in Seattle and some gun owners were going to Starbucks and put their weapons right on the table as they were ordered there. -- which you know. Or whatever. And I guess -- understand why this necessary. If you wanna join -- -- with comment about anything we're talking about tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. And a text of receipts have -- seven also Tony we're talking about this second grade kid. A second grade Colorado student was disciplined. For drawing a picture of handgun during an assignment. Where students were asked to look up at the clouds and draw what they see. The kids -- hand. So he was. He was disciplined for that behavior report written up port disrupting the classroom. And this was all done in accordance with making the schools safer. I mean that's just almost laughable to me. And there's nothing illegal about it handgun to the kid looks I mean I look at the decline housing I can't even share with you some of the things that I. All right sequence. -- he's a handgun draws it I was at a threat to the school how was that disrupted. I mean maybe to teach you don't have a conversation with news student bowl Leo what did you draw the gun. And and maybe there's something there would -- would be -- it wouldn't wouldn't indicate a healthy reason for drawing a gun just. You know seeing a handgun and growing up and nine. To me that's just. It's it's it's absurd. We see a lot of things when we see thoughts. If you -- join our sugar right our numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. Here which every text over is 87870. And from -- John you're on the schoolchildren VW well. Yes the mobile content to your mind right there and are able and that there are about -- department sent out though. Brought out there interpret what the Mark Cuban. Not. -- -- -- right -- crawl history. You know that aggregate in my opinion. You know -- -- might want people -- -- -- it won't. Get well. Yeah it if somebody wants to get you. Time and you cross the streets then you're basically saying I'm scared of view which is really liked. They want you to believe I mean they if it if somebody's in somebody's carrying a gun and your less like if somebody knew you were carrying a gun or that you had power to overtake them. There's less of a chance that they were attacking so if you cross the street art you announcing I don't have any weapons and I'm afraid of view I hope gosh I hope you get I hope you don't come after me. -- And I John I don't I don't. Specialist -- we talk about so many different things on the show. That it would be impossible. For you to agree with me every night. There are some talk shows on radio where there's just such a myopic view of everything. Did you -- -- totally agree or totally disagree with a host. But one thing that I love about the the mental and emotional engagement with with people initial. Incidents we don't always agree. I don't need you to agree with me I just. Enjoy having the conversation and I think it's good to be able to. To talk about things and hopefully you realize that I've at least thought about it and haven't just. Made up some kind of a crazy opinion in every opinion that I have is based on my true honest feelings. Here is attacks that reads if you want to show off your gardens where tank top. OK here's a text -- you should have been a -- because you're great at stirring the pot. Now at something it's -- Dennis in the afternoons on those three WL. Here's a text -- studious and brandishing a weapon. Of any type against the law. Is it kindness I you know I I don't know if it certainly is inappropriate. You shouldn't just. Show off you're done. Mess -- the reason I haven't gone. And so I would think their restaurants are doing the right thing by telling. Gun owners. Hey you know -- deploy -- gardens in a restaurant. You wanna play guns. Go home and play. If you want to join our -- -- rights are numbers 2601870. -- -- 866. 88 -- early seventy. -- a receipt 7870 here's an update on our -- -- get -- a pretty general opinion poll is it wrong for restaurants to tell customers they cannot bring guns in even if they're carrying them legally. 43%. Say yes it's wrong. And 57% say no it's not wrong. Andy you cross the street if you see somebody wearing a hoodie or if you see somebody with a shaved head and tattoos. I honestly do you do you do you cross the street the lot of you probably don't have to worry about that because you live in the suburbs. This is the -- show we're coming right back on this Friday nights under the WL. LSU is in the semifinal round of the SEC baseball tournament they're gonna play Arkansas tomorrow. And the winner plays in the championship game. On Sunday. The loser goes home we've got a game for you tomorrow right here on every avenue LA and an -- a pre game starts at 11 o'clock tomorrow morning and first pitch is at noon. And you can have that game with you wherever you ago. As it's quite often I've come on after L issue baseball during baseball season with a -- show starting after LSU and I didn't really just intimately involved in listening to the games. And I don't know peoples of baseball so boring and on radio I don't really think it is if you really get into it and a lot of you don't think it is. But if you if you if you we get into it and you you pay attention to. Feel like I'm there to be honest so ever got into it a look at four TO watching this game tomorrow. After LSU wins the -- championship game on Sunday that pre games going to be at 3 o'clock first pitch is at 330. And get a polish who loses to go home I think he can win their displays great baseball right now. And all of that is tomorrow here on VW well. I'm still glad -- us on this Friday night it is the beginning of Memorial Day weekend here's our WB will party general opinion poll. Is it wrong for restaurants to tell their customers they cannot bring their guns in even if they carry legally. 43% say yes and 57% say no. It's a text that read Cisco at a restaurant owner I have a concealed carry permits and I will not allow a group of individuals in my restaurant if they brandished. Their -- arms in sight to intimidate my customers. You see there are these gun owners chilies chipotle. Starbucks last year. There are some gun owners who don't know how to use a -- properly. And state just wanted to show off their guns that's not the right reason to have gone. And so it is unfair to judge all gun owners by these fanatics. In the same way that it's unfair to judge. All of one group by the fanatical members of that group. Here is attacks that Reid's what were you thinking. When you got your ass kicked run across the street cry and beg for mercy that's from Joseph cherry street. Joseph I actually fought back as best I could but when their sport guys against me there's only so much I could do. But they got away with such a little of mind. -- I figure that the as much as like a fight back kicking and doing all I could. I'd like to think that that did to create some some resistance. So no I didn't run. I didn't cross the street. I didn't cry. And I didn't beg for mercy I told him to get the plank away from me and I didn't have any blank in my pocket. So I did it the best on the current circumstances. Here is a Texas could enjoy hearing mr. Kirby call in earlier before you came on. And gave his remedy for a limiting the termite swarms. That around outside lights. Mr. Kirby is the 92 year old World War II vet who who called our show a couple of weeks ago. And he was commenting on an American flag issue that I was talking about but this guy was just say he was such a treasure. To have a moment with a 92 year old World War II fan who's just really mentally sharp. And so we've we talked and he said that he hadn't been to the World War II museum you know long time then -- would like to go back but he couldn't and so. You know with the help of a few other people who volunteered their time. I was able to help put it mr. Kirby again with the help of others as well. And with the World War II museum helping. Was able to get mr. Kirby to World War II museum and I think that video we steal on our website at WW with the outcome it was a very very. And I emotional and -- a living downtown I don't see termites. I also don't seem to skaters there as far as I know there are no mosquitoes in the CBD maybe it's a black of standing water. But Jim you go to the sub I mean you'd think that would steal -- flight from -- a Marrero. -- flying into the city but I did their arms skaters in the city. And I don't know if they're -- in the French Quarter but out in the suburbs are a sit at -- elevator today and out of nowhere this I don't know this woman she just said. And did you see the termites last night. And I I said no she was novelty visiting French she says I live in Algiers. And -- termites were everywhere. John -- I -- this time of year and and I've heard that because of the weather they're particularly. I'm maniacal. And -- -- Greek population of termites in the and that's what when they win they swarm that's a very very bothersome. For -- David your -- WWL. Basically made it and I needed. There's a line saying that -- There must there had to be. Swarming. -- -- and I know they are. More alike but -- Whatever. And they just stop all. -- -- -- -- at the same time the zero and a so I don't know what determines where they work -- move. And I was there is there a leader that blows the whistle and they all stop. Well now what is life like clock marketers and about. They just drop. -- go to the ground needles anymore but when. -- on board is in 1970. And the outcome. But it's like every. Every morning so -- Unity -- formed you know anything more about you know why don't you. It last year when hours last year -- I was on the year there were people calling about believed there was. Baseball game kid's baseball game. And termites were swarming to the point where I mean people were just like totally intimidated by believe the motive of termites. So it's not something that I've heard of when I was growing up period -- Davidson if anybody has any information why termites are suddenly so bad. I'm -- or shall call. David let's call have a great Memorial Day weekend. I don't remember that growing department of mosquitoes -- remember. Dogs but I don't remember termite swarms and swarms of termites like they are today I don't remember that being an issue. -- maybe -- unionized. You know that you -- to become part of the union. And they all decide -- we're gonna you know -- -- for this much time and we're gonna go you know -- going to work it is maybe there's a union leader. And so they work for certain amount of time and then when they've worked their time shift because they're union more than they just go away. And then they come back and I guess they have a certain number of Wednesday's -- so maybe that's it may be there. Maybe they're unionized but I'm I'm I'm done. A bug experts and theology is that would be fish guy. I'm not a -- guy. An insect biologist or whatever guys so I don't know but if anybody knows why is some people would like to go -- here just such a big deal -- If you're enjoying our show with a comment about any of the stuff we're talking about tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Irons nearly seventy. And protection of precinct 77. A we've been talking about to -- now being the latest restaurant to a turn people away because they've walked Ian brandishing their guns. And these were described as heavy weapons. So I'm assuming that it's rifle shotgun there carrying and they've got among their shoulders or whatever state they walked in. -- showing off their guns. And they wanna be -- And so now chili's is trying to decide whether or not they're going to tell customers like -- two -- and like a Starbucks have done recently because this has happened. In those two places. Whether or not. To tell customers that they are not allowed to bring their guns into -- Now that this is gonna happen elsewhere because as far as I know these people have an arrest. So I would think that there's that fringe. Group. Tough gun owners in America. Debt are more interested in just showing off their guns. Than in actually. Acting responsibly. But it got. And I would not be surprised. If this if this happens again. -- here's a text. Entomologists is that it that's what I warrant entomologist. That's what I wanted to today. I hear is attacks. That reads no one ever staples people in flaunting the First Amendment right. Why should we be why should be different for the Second Amendment right believe it or not I agree. Our people are criticized for -- The First Amendment. Especially in the news recently. All right we've got somebody's calling you from Algiers -- Ken says he knows why there are no big termite swarms now and there were in the past can welcome to the show. Yeah right it's but. You know decades. Talked a lot of people in termite treatment. They tell them to will be a tree and open several decades and are almost -- -- -- first -- The first transition this year. -- -- multiplication. Entry where you start to let you add in an increase every year just keep you know multiply. The other issue is that the treatment that term buy locally. You should be so aground. Under the under the property with all day. But thirty years ago so it was the bit cooler today. Was caught and gently can pop up in the full chain like the eat any. Well. So in -- it was -- -- you and regular all termite treatment. Then treatment that should be used. You know quiet on. An active and a little more complicated like eventually they came up with the pain. So. You know -- those two big factors related to wide yeah I agree. So it's not that we don't we had a choice between cancer causing agents in dealing with the termite swarms. Well enough. People out of she's young and amoeba. You know are we looking at cooler by like kitchen polio and things like that. Right and a lover I wanna. A rigorous school -- to give us a little sugar cube with a little -- minute. A couple of boots and my clients and you know at. At. Result -- on but years ago. Of some element infection and everything out and -- quality of life issues. Special is the likely increasing became a bigger issue took so. -- learn course so -- thought it. And so adding certain camp and the arteries and but yet been held -- those two big issues that a lot of local pest control people said they noted that the increase. When you can't use it anymore because it. -- and he put the call again about it on I'm. Eli actually have to keep up without paying enough. So so it just I guess it's kind of intriguing that we're not we're not Smart enough to figure out how to beat this blog. Well actually -- think we ought to figure out how to be it and a lot of the reason. Saying that have been done and local have been successful. The problem is that the sheer magnitude of the problem it's OBA. That. You know not so it's all. Totally eradicate. Now what can I appreciate you enlightening us on their termite swarms. All right thanks for listening. And inaccurate termite swarm. I've never been -- I don't ever remember being a tactic in a termite -- but I'd I just I know it's horrific thing. And again last year and on the year I -- calls instantly me from a from a number different people from a couple of different places all of a sudden. These termite swarms. Were descending on on on people in in public places like a baseball game -- with their kids. A -- what I enjoy pressure with the comic tonight are numbers 260187. -- free 86688. -- nearly seven. Attach numbers 8787. I think this is it an interesting tax. Bouts and nobody stifles peoples of floating the first amendment rights so why should it be any different for the Second Amendment right. We're talking about people who wanna flaunt their Second Amendment Rights by brandishing guns. In I'm a fan -- and it restaurant. Knew what motivates somebody to feel the need to do -- And people are constantly. Criticized. For -- the First Amendment in in many different ways it might still be illegal. To express yourself. It might still be legal to carry a gun but there's no reason to flaunt it is the First Amendment or the second. Here's an update on our WW project opinion poll tonight is it wrong for restaurants to tell customers that they cannot bring their guns in even if they're carrying legally. 33% say yes but 67%. Say no we'll practice pull through on our show tonight. Give your opinion by going to our website WW real dot com. After Harley-Davidson denied Harley owners warranty. Because of the patriotic flags on his bike he said ain't nobody gonna stop our flags not even Harley-Davidson corporation. David Zion. -- told his warranty did not covered the failure of his clutch transmission. Because of the seven flags that he flies on his -- they create extra wind resistance putting extra strain on his power train. A couple of flags are American flags once -- -- -- flag. And he seems to be suggesting that Harley-Davidson is being an American. By not covering the damage to his power trainers Charlie because he's flying these patriotic flags. On his -- But it's also my understanding from what I read that. What he used to put those flags on his bike. It was not partly approved there was not Harley products of that might have something to do it means you can't Alter the vehicle that you have whether it's a car or. Or bike in in certain ways and expect the warranty to hold mean that's just common sense. But since it's -- its a couple of American flies from what I saw in the picture and an NRA flight. It is it's guys like claiming well I'm being discriminated against because I'm flying the American you know you you can't just do anything with the American flag. We can't just do anything with an NRA flight. And it because it's an American flag. Does it mean you can do anything with it. I mean look legally you can -- yes but it it doesn't mean that. You can you can get away with flying an American flag in the claim Harley-Davidson is being anti American. By not covering the damaged a year collection. And Europe transmission because you're flying seven flags on your bike I don't think they were discriminating against the American flight and that they were simply saying okay. Extra wind resistance on your power train that's not covered by the war I totally agree with Harley-Davidson at the discussion of the driving. If you wanna join our shorter rights with UConn at our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And -- text numbers -- 77. Here's a text that just starts out on crossing the street to avoid a perceived threat. Crossing the street is an exercise in creating distance. Which is a valid tactic. I'll continue with that text when we come back right after this break into the WL. All right it is say Friday night it's the beginning of Memorial Day weekend. Are you headed someplace special you wanna share that -- this. And that we could continue we did this on the show last night continued talk about our favorite places so on the feature again I I I think the best bodies and again this is not to downplay any other spots along the -- to -- or so. Many spectacular spots and having grown up here I remember you know as a kid who is a little kids we always went to. Around Destin fort Walton area went to the Mississippi Gulf Coast I don't remember going to Gulf Shores as a as a young kid. But it's as a young adults and as of adults just spent a lot of time in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach are pretty empty in an area in just monetary but. Also Pensacola beach -- great. If you're gonna share your favorite spot on the beach -- show it to 601 a seventy. Toll free 866889. -- seventy. And -- number is 8787. So what are -- particularly this text we're talking about the mark Mark Cuban the owner of the Dallas Mavericks. As saying that if he sees a black kid and -- he crosses the street. If he sees a white kid with the shaved head tattoos he's walking on his side of the -- goes the other side or in any event if he sees. One of these types he goes to the other side of the street. Here's a Texas says on crossing the street to avoid a perceived threat crossing the street is in exercising creating distance. Which is a valid tactic. When he does is increase the potential victims reaction time. Sold their fear. Becomes reality. If the person crossing the street was wrong. It came at hurting the feelings of the other person. So. If I -- the if I all of -- hurting someone's feelings. Against the mere possibility of giving myself agreed to reaction time. To a criminal act. I choose -- somebody's feelings sorry. What would you have your daughter do for a first of I agree with that. I mean if if we're talking -- by greater reaction time yeah that's that's that's a valid point that I hadn't thought. But by my point is if if somebody wants to get you I'm not I'm not worried about hurting somebody's -- don't misunderstand me I'm simply talking about the reality that. If I'm walking down the street. And again I'm I'm speaking from my own experiences of having been attacked and -- meeting. I if I cross the street I don't see how that's going to stop somebody's targeting me for coming over and getting me. So it's not about an out if I cross the street and I'm never worried about hurting somebody's feelings. I'm just wondering how practical it is for that to. -- Did the right thing to do for it to really manifest does the right kind of circumstance although I do understand this idea of its gonna allow more time -- it. I don't know if this is why it's good to talk about these things because people bring up different aspects of this and I'm talking about my first hand experience in crossing history wouldn't help because I was on the other side of the street and they crossed the street to get to make. So I -- started across the street I would have met them and they would of got me in the middle of the street instead. From the foolish -- are going to be if you -- You know mark. Welcome to our show. Are usually a good. I'm good. I was I was listening to -- -- I've heard comments pertaining to the formal term. In the false and -- is so. Actually made it to Japan and Mallory. And it was Brodeur would -- and the end of World War II. When the Americans actually went into Japan. And sort of bring in equipment back from World War II would -- -- Wasn't used to. Bring in the Gerri is back in new equipment back. That material -- US urged union produced a promotion -- To the knowledge to teach them. And actually New Orleans as one of reports that a lot of them juror was brought into force and also on the east course in Virginia web enabled. -- -- -- And now we have a problem with him in the probably the most and turned on yet they do not. International a Vietnam. But also. Eight -- want them taken effect. -- lot gamble. But now I might wires -- suddenly seemed to be a real problem with these massive termite swarms. Well what's happening is those that. They've been around since 1945. Doors in a war war to. And in the ports where the naval air so -- came and they slowly. And aggressively. Came into these areas. And had been in New Orleans is one area that they really have a problem. In the epic bought trees as well as the Vietnam -- of you know the -- and editing option and so forth. There -- still covenant. They're they're here they're here and they're here in -- -- bit. And we obviously want our policy would be an idol which form they also -- in the ground make it actually have magnets. Enable borrow more total. On your church. From where they net and yet in order to get to the full source -- hardly get him that I get him to control. That's that's a good question. Spoke to it again -- law professor and LSU. In the Russian researcher on right now. And that's wanted to make for problems and one of the ancient Egypt as people like you crossed. In your form force. While they draw rightly so for. Across would -- it would create social. It did not yet ultimately to the court. In some of these animals and -- on this morning that he crossed bought in at a cheaper -- can put a border in New York. Round rock week and -- you break into New York you're actually. Bring -- term marching forward to your particular property. So. That is the problem and we're not helping -- -- Mark I'm learning a lot more about -- that I thought it would and it -- tonight but that's what I love about the show I never know when I'm gonna learn on any given night. I appreciate you taking time to calls in their sharing information by termites. And agree Memorial Day weekend. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They are all over. But if you see and it's 'cause it's. They are beginning and ending their short lives near you. That's so sad. I mean when they're beginning their life right -- and slumber. Some are showing up the last time and just. Dying. How -- -- -- we'll be right back a bit of your own. Is it wrong for restaurant owners to tell customers they cannot bring their guns in even if they're carrying legally that's -- W dual party general opinion -- here's an update 245% say yes. And -- 4% say no. Here's a text that breeds iris that I owned upscale restaurants and I'm and avid gun owner of one of exercise my right to turn away someone brandishing a gun and just. Like I would turn away someone wearing flip flops or -- shorts neither are appropriate in my restaurant. And I have the rights and I want the right to say so we're talking about this if you just Joyner show because you know once again there's another story this week earlier it was at chipotle restaurants. I'm now it's a -- Some. Brazen. Gun advocates. Flaunting the Second Amendment. Bringing their weapons in openly. Putting him on the table carrying amount of the open trying to get in a restaurant. And restaurants are now trying to figure out whether or not this should be allowed from -- chief here under the WL. It's good -- on and good teeth. -- that all all -- what do that appropriate McCaw and I've got about one popular beats by. We got indicted -- -- called it and it was not for me talk about term -- intensity and it's not just termites -- we probably down on the lawn area. The video anywhere that we haven't a series. It bought in its intentions it's -- investigation. Don't know where that I don't -- -- -- I hope I don't know six freaked me -- I've ever seen a real close a picture of a bed bug. Oh yeah and implement a magnifying pitcher of the bed -- reminds me of actor Steve Buscemi. -- cherry. So no doubt about it -- I'm gonna run at a time anybody get to bed bugs. I have no idea item applicable on line would drive you know -- -- -- that's what let there where you have a bad there probably would've applied move would. It's sort of beat the parent yeah. Like short drivers just been reopened around on the you know my anonymity and -- to go to jail. Me too and I know we should keep them have to get to news -- I'm glad you brought that up. L lake shore drive is Sid is now open in both directions and more people should go back to using a lady that we should take over the lake likely once in a long time ago.