WWL>Topics>>05-23-14 10pm, Scoot/ A man falsely accused for wearing a hoodie

05-23-14 10pm, Scoot/ A man falsely accused for wearing a hoodie

May 23, 2014|

Scoot interviews a caller (Arthur); who was wrongly incarcerated for just wearing a hoodie.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

New -- author UWW well. That that he yeah. I'll. Hide that -- work. -- -- -- -- -- -- Story and publicly about all the good people. One important. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you know I think that really wouldn't know what made -- a little bag. I don't want you know. There's 11. Well. Did did you ought to did you honestly feel like you didn't look like you belonged in the neighborhood if that's even a fair assessment today I don't know who belongs in what neighborhood but did you feel like you didn't belong in the neighborhood. If it was it would go black neighborhood. BC this this is something that that it white people can't relate to visit the feeling of here suspicious because there are so many. People in your group that have committed to disproportionate number of crimes they did. That you are are are targeted very unfairly. Exactly and that's the reply outlook account it ought to know on the food companies and economy would do to control burger is -- Apartment and I got better description of blackmail by the and heartening because ROU know. Fox can't chart here you feel like you were doing their job. There are being awfully -- but. Data from the my idea was registered some mild interest she stayed in deficit. I had The Who thing he -- -- And date -- to take a -- -- that goes by though the worst mistake I have a lead -- So the bigger not smaller short girl can't deny how large and too global you know straight in my grandma called it. It will -- want all the -- open French Quarter. On that score out from the water is some people like the bird. But that something like. Debate and -- them from. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And and the like -- years to get -- -- -- want to be on the right. They weigh -- don't be disputed. -- doing it. And you know. This year people. -- -- -- And they are at record normal rule it. Out. Because. In outlook that. Was it your all in all of this -- And he put you know and I think -- that. Cabinet -- me out of because of the blackmail -- -- -- the power that almost in the indictment of what it is. -- also -- that's what they look you know but you couldn't get. What he had yet that maybe maybe he's up to something but hasn't been quite they were called. -- -- -- But this is this is America and we should nine it even if it's our instinct we we should not judge people who are wearing a -- especially. If it's cold and and now. It is it's fashionable to where authorities. There are really sorry that -- but he Armenia you you know wasn't my fault but I'm really I'm just I'm I'm I'm sorry that you you endured and I just I can't imagine being falsely accused in going to prison. And I hope everybody's listening to this because this is something that is just so. Unfair. You know when I was asked to. To describe. The then four guys who attacked me. I had to be really really careful because I did what the wrong person to be identified and and I saw a lot of people. And I may have even passed on that the ATP Alexi did this to me but I would I would go through the pictures of -- -- -- with police officers say -- PD. -- numerous times they we show me just a series of pictures. And I say you know this guy looks similar -- -- him arrested well it looks release it really looks familiar but I mean I can't say for sure I mean I was really really I would rather. Let somebody go. Then. Say that the wrong person did it. And without an open holes per year -- -- and anyone's first Briton. Right the jaw that -- -- do with my -- it was so confident bella -- as soon. But I did have a criminal record -- betrayal of work -- chicken little is being. -- moment -- like. You know that this was based on on just one person identifying you. Well all have a monopoly supporting. Did that reflect the read that. And home it was a college -- you know constant speed or being in this case it's slower and the big -- -- case the court. The only the only. They'll fall when Wendy got about one dollar come on how well. Well -- they never came to court and cannot sit there. You know fighting Eric -- about what the court it would separate three months six months ago and I don't. I have figured how to go about our software analyst Kirk. The book out that -- big -- you know. And I demanded that the people who pardon me out. -- -- it was. There sporty people their part in -- and in Obama from -- payday in what -- -- in Ottawa certifiable being. Noting it made me want to go for the potential that don't meet but the guy that they've put you know -- it. About that situation it would splitting. Thought it picked the wrong guy out truck monopoly stability documents and what does the perpetrators. You not trust them all so well okay what is sorted you know they come back to guide me. You know also he. That at the beat them at all. I made it the system and economy -- society and -- at the there are -- -- young group. -- that I -- now because outlook the video put somebody else won't work. You should beat them. You know based on being sought out that in my -- -- like. Actually being in there -- Basically you win as you know well built well wouldn't. In detail because the market also -- -- me out of line up doesn't mean you can put it looks like me in the water. You know it's it's -- it's. It's almost as stiff and maybe they shouldn't have people in a lineup that looks similar they should have the person they suspect. In a line up with people that don't look at similar so it would be obvious whether that's the person or not again I'm just I'm appalled. That that happened to you. You know and I also don't like but I haven't criminal record best in the business what what you know I don't know you know have criminal court. You know -- could become. Banks saying putting -- -- that the guy who gave up burglary. At all. And he taught me all rot in the first quarter you know spent some 1000 in the late poetry book -- have been. In -- -- was been imprisoned watching it on TV news speculate. I can -- step by mark K you know because that bit based that would have to you know. So is it is it is just not -- could you know watching have to be able to say while I'm on the -- it's really because I might. Kicked out of -- taught well. I would like to think that in America and it takes more than -- did -- or somebody else society to constituent of torture and jail. They wouldn't want you know. Just the criminal -- -- the best week in outfitted -- They don't say that not fair because right now. Do do -- crawl and get away with India and people like -- outlook and that. Mobile but it Tulane medical school you know -- I felt -- -- action -- it -- -- -- in some better in and it would be the immediate trial. It did talk about it but I -- thought -- well I talked spell at that time out the other people may feel. Did that go against them to -- such and would abide the how people ought to think about in and staying put up yet declared that respect while -- -- -- -- -- Should be aware that even in some about political. That's not to be able to put out the -- This bit of America that will -- the real. People compliment purposefully being that it could be rated. What we want to pop that we won't poked. -- -- -- And you know as -- this is such a compelling story. I appreciate you sharing a witness would we go into this Memorial Day weekend. And we think about those who died I'm fighting for our country those who died fighting for our freedoms. We have to step back and realize that they fought for our individual freedom to be able to Wear a hoodie without being judged. Well into. The commitment that -- should go well -- that they -- this reality you know the of people reality is that. -- -- -- Oh let's -- I'm not beat -- I would be a mayor decides -- Sweden certainty that we had done it without even -- why. Are. I neglected told the story because there are a lot of people who need to hear this because they. They don't think that this happens they think that everything's it is equal and nobody should walked down the street and feel like they're a suspect. Just because of who they are. It is is it the greater good -- -- big debate. Arms -- suspect I'll have a little bit suspect a -- -- They're being just on the other blackmail the door and other white or Hispanic who would it would it would really be. -- because one person on the everybody is judged for what. Well that's an unfortunate tendency in this country is to judge an entire group by the behavior of some. -- out there. Well. There I really saw that happen to you and I'm sorry that day it happened to you and and I'm speaking on the part of of a lot of people who agree with me we we don't like being part of society that to did that to you and I really appreciate you sharing your story with us. -- have a nice weekend. -- It happens. Can you imagine. Being unjustly thrown in jail. Because you weren't putting. Any -- if you're white. This happens. Blacks are automatically suspects. And I don't care -- the numbers show that a disproportionate number of black males commit crimes. This is America. And everybody is innocent until proven guilty. Even if you're black -- If you rejoice for the comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Its opening. A Texan resort 770. It's a brave guys though and it's great that he has the attitude. That yes. If your policy with his recovered right -- more of this cute show under -- well.