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05-23 10pm, Scoot. Gun Rights and Hoodies

May 24, 2014|

Scoot interviews a caller wrongfully incarcerated for just wearing a hoodie. Do you think a permit to carry a weapon gives you the right to go to a restaurant with your gun?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A second grade Colorado student was disciplined for drawing a picture of handgun during an assignment. And which students were told to look up at the clouds and draw what they see. He song -- handgun. -- -- -- Problem is the school said that that was disruptive. And they filled -- -- behavior report and said that was congruent with routine procedures focused on school safety. Like a kid. Drawing a handgun and threatened school safety. The students parents obviously disagreed with the discipline. Now. You can look up -- the clouds and see a lot of different as I got a text and somebody earlier. Who said -- what does the kid would have seen two guys kissing. And he would have drawn that he would have been praised by the Obama administration. I don't know about that but it. But I look because sometimes I think see things that I would even more talk about all on the army we see a lot of different things when we see -- Now if this -- saw a gun and then maybe the teacher should have had a conversation with the -- -- innocent conversation why did you see gun or what did you think about a gun. And if the kids -- something that it would cause the teacher to believe that maybe there's some malicious thoughts there. Well that's one thing but chances are this was totally an innocent thing. So once again it's political correctness it's. Zero tolerance. Gone met. And I can't think of how many guns that I drew when I was a kid and didn't mean anything we're we're we're putting too much -- I mean as a society of the united you were -- but as a society we're putting too much meaning. In totally meaningless things and the problem is some people think with these these kinds of policies. Focusing on school -- -- kind of policy drawing a gun your -- you you get a behavior report. People think this is actually making the schools safer when in reality it's not doing a damn thing. And there are other things going on that are going unchecked. That are not making schools. A safer place. Also tonight we talked about it earlier this week with two -- Now it's chili's restaurant that's the latest restaurant dealing with pro gun activists bringing in their guns into the restaurant to make a point. About the Second Amendment. Here's a -- you'll pretty -- my opinion poll tonight is it wrong for restaurants to tell customers that cannot bring their guns in even if there carrying legally. Right -- 26% say yes and 74%. -- -- Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com also be a -- like to set a blood that we have every posted wrote this when when Starbucks. First over this issue I've -- pro gun activists coming in with their guns just to make a point is to -- the Second Amendment. And his title Starbucks ask customers to lead their guns at home. And this has been a controversial thing. And I'm I'm afraid that this. Kind of mentality is going to spread and and happened more often causing even more restaurants to have to. A publicly make a decision about not allowing customers to bring their guns. And I don't like the idea that it -- the Second Amendment. And I also stand by the idea. It did I can or anybody can be critical. Of some fringe gun owners. Who have an agenda. Without being critical of gun owners in general and without being critical of the Second Amendment. We've also talked tonight about something that to Mark Cuban the owner of the Dallas Mavericks -- He said that if he sees a black kid in a hoodie or white guy with a shaved head and tattoos he was -- walk on the other side of the street. Not that Mark Cuban whatever really have to do it but is it is that a legitimate technique may deceptive -- legitimate way to it to be safer is that something that you do. I don't -- -- hurting somebody's feelings but I mean is it really practical to think that walking on the other side of the street. If you see somebody coming and you suddenly go to the other side is -- do you really feel like that which is safer. Again to join -- shortly with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866. 8890 point seven -- it was 8787 got a text a moment ago asking when the media showers and take place early tomorrow morning. And I'm assuming this guy's gonna be very clear for this meteor show -- which starts very early this morning I'll get that information for you and I will have coming up after the next break. -- Tennessee Mike here on this -- show good leading. They. I got -- at all or did I help thank you you being right. I have -- the outlaw all black male -- level almost polarized city in the world and it all right so. Arnold brought his comments which I met -- just a bit like -- -- -- little sloppy play and I believe we. Because last drivers are probably -- partners not called it. Comfortable to just beat Carl and out of some people like me being black. But but Mike if you're in okay I understand being in an area date that you might not perceive as being safe than it is true that there are some areas that are not as soon as safe as other areas seeing that you're see where you can Memphis. It's all all right it's being well. They don't know eight at the clock. Okay I I yeah -- said. But if you're walking it if you're walking down Beale street users you're walking in a popular area of Memphis of the business area Memphis. And you saw somebody walking down which you cross the street. How about -- problem. But all of that optical on call yes. -- Yeah. They add -- award at the hospital by black but in the yes we will always be here. It by shipments abroad as a black mail you would cross the street if you saw black male in America. Back about it cohort. And what are. I'll call about those -- Don't get the distractions what we have a deal. It's all that system was world. Do your sons Wear booties. All -- Talk about. What would you -- City sun. -- All in the short. Not to -- out why eight. Now. There's just so. Scary that. -- Like it. Yeah an -- and I yeah I mean Mike I I do understand that and I honestly I don't judge people. By a parties or whatever. And I see equities on mannequins in department stores and I see -- in fashion magazines so police are are fashionable. But I appreciate what you're saying and I really don't think that. I really don't think that anybody should. Should go out of their way. To act intimidating. And I think if you are a tight who tends to be stereotyped. And there are people who stereo type -- in a very different way. So I guess there were times when I try to act a certain way that I don't accentuate. The stereotype that people bestow upon me. -- quick follow Carl agree with the rest. Apple might dislike or -- practices. And regulation you have the right back. This is -- -- I actually not -- they're -- here I have a great. And I'm happy that it would be. A lot -- -- way acre. A -- -- I can't let Jack Jack -- Jack so oh. Right. My via -- anything -- so Memorial Day weekend. I'm draft -- go outward at 5 o'clock. Probably -- it to graduation and -- Well that's got to be a very satisfying moment for -- It's got a job well. I -- it's gonna make you feel great right. Well I I can't say all of that we and -- -- thanks -- -- in Tennessee tonight from Henry Brian your own description. Excuse how would you know -- situation about two years ago and it just got my first party as a Christmas present. There was a bright eligibility never own one before. And I want a lot walk nightly on the same route -- you'd apply it to that point. Are out -- ending my it was really cold that night as well pretty much suffered very strong cold front of that year well my hoodie on. Outcome and -- Metairie road and it just reached the old -- -- went -- across street from paying middle school. And couples walk and welcome to call one believe there from aunt one believe and wanna make. Think I mean they expect -- question at what might -- in the ground here. Can't interrogate make. I don't you think this is because you wearing a hoodie. Item -- -- stock -- the only difference. You know this area every night for a year part to that point. In his first honorable war quality. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Got to the monotony and making conversations along. And -- 2 o'clock in the center ideal fit now while we've been there for thirty years that it pick up at the camera might be you know it's only like 10 o'clock at night. I wouldn't think to carry an -- I was on exercising. Based -- me they fingerprinted me. Spectacle out of me implement back a couple. -- -- -- They could go well he would do well -- and start. Questioning. And it without totally ridiculous now bits and split -- -- -- teach and his police officer that the that. And I -- in an extremely low opinion. And there. Thought that that but he sent there. Never got never had an incident no cops have ever thought they sent there. And you haven't -- -- Rudy again no not. Shoot at and saying. I'd like to know if there was anything else going on that night with police officers in terms of what they may have been alerted to -- -- particular neighborhood it's. It's it's certainly is an impossible to believe but it's it's difficult to believe that police would a judge somebody so harshly just because they're wearing ability. I don't know what that they didn't tell me any kind of just upbringing you know and actually what I would do -- in the neighborhood. Edit it blew my -- I bailed them almost in shock like I didn't know what to do and -- -- we -- been stopped shaking and you know it felt like they would interrogate make. And and it would have been on the -- when you go. -- Japanese grand opera to go -- -- you'll have karma or good. In they and he just went on about -- -- then and everybody was alternate you know making a spectacle out of it easy you put on the show. -- have no idea what their intention was but it it was very on culpable. And ultimately appreciate it. International. Brian I'm not political -- thanks for sharing the story -- -- a recant or James -- and to be WL. -- -- -- -- -- good -- my family members give vehemently to the fact that will damn thing is what that looked at -- All the -- let it take somebody just joined us so we've kind of gotten. Sidetracked here occasionally show and since this is -- radio show we never know exactly where it's -- ago. We are talking about the intense termite swarms. I let somebody else is talking about the other big problem we have fears there's a big infestation of bed dogs. Can we allow probable so -- so that abetted by. Both actually. I spread -- put down our -- witty. Which -- -- -- big problem. What. -- -- for them. Socially useful -- spell potato and if it's opened -- -- -- particles and what they -- unemployed area you spread -- We're ready to quite an actual should be wondering what is the dead bugs duty. Well. We don't. Come out what you senate Obama could really blow up about. -- particular. And debate amid a -- to magnified view that their ugly little creatures. Like to. Hold. -- -- -- How about that they -- that's discussed. It. He. Is starting to come out. And watch soccer. -- do you have the situation under control analogy it's well to. Get together and now. Street it fails to now do you think it did they cling to use if you go to somebody else. What can archer a war want to fall. Working in Paris. And it. -- about also were -- I would. -- it would give them. James in northern amputees really kind of freaked me out and you know a lot so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know that it happens with the issuance of god I -- -- the -- to. Get back pocket. You know and that's that's come up a lot to issued by have been. I got it at that time what you do but it again I've told this story countless times if I -- If I would have shot. And appoint to stop it from happening. I would have had to shoot so early. That there would have been a question whether or not might like which threatened -- are in more than a victim I would have been a defendant. What do Abdul. -- -- -- Are you. -- the -- -- be well to do it right there. You'll enjoy. Why do you mind they've been so. It. Was. Well. But there won't be -- should. Yeah they're they're essentially cowards and they don't have guns you I don't know outnumber you like in my case it was a for a parent and -- I'm glad to call the show and and I hope it diverted as bad dogs. Nine states stay away from me myself. To you get relevant. By Ide chains. If you minister and -- comment about it and we were talking about tonight our numbers 2601 a seventy -- free 8668890. It's him. And a -- receipts have any -- -- its nexus of I'm walking down the street wearing a ski mask should I be stopped and questioned there's no difference. Yeah I think there's a big difference between wearing a hoodie. And a ski mask. -- to see the difference and then. There's his astute show ever coming right back after this break a dividend to zero. -- All right every Friday night and they show at some points we played a song. And this is -- special party night because it's the beginning of long Memorial Day weekend for many of you. Arizona -- a record run at the holiday weekend but that's all right. Complaining about it. So let's just take a moment. Reach over and crank it up because this. Is what you've been -- for. It out there are people we're gonna be out looking for a new romance some people what the romanced -- -- people don't want it to last more than add a couple of hours. All right here's the information we have on the meteor shower. -- the meteor showers should be most visible. Right now through 2 AM. Centering our time we've got the story on our website at WW outcome but from right now. Until 2 AM. Now if you're driving obviously -- rights carefully and -- his -- up at disguise if you can't do that safely but if you. If you have a chance to take a walk outside especially -- In an area where there's not a lot of like pollution. And like downtown is going to be a lot of light pollution. In many parts of the suburbs as well reports you're you're a rural area. Where there's still light pollution and you'd get a chance to just -- really good view of the sky apparently in this part of the the hemisphere. It's going to be very very visible so take a look at it's it's one of those natural phenomena I mean it's. It's not. I think it's really spectacular because it's real because we know what it is it's meteors flying through the flying through space. And we get a chance to see if you wanna join Russia with a comment about any of the stuff we're talking about tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Nines here recently -- numbers -- and 87. Here is attacks that Reid says scoot you or added again you're always right. I don't know that I'm always right. Here's a text -- wearing a mask in public is illegal. In most cities including new world is that they tried to make the argument that it walking on the street with a -- is the same as walking on the street but the scheme. That's. Not even logical to have that conclusion from nuance author here and every WL. Hey -- I thought. Of that that he yeah. I'll -- in the same I don't work aggregate -- Are they haven't. Made it out. -- They're not giving -- record. Baghdad out yeah you know. But as -- get picked the correct that -- don't like him to block was my fault that it well. And it didn't work on the -- one yeah. And so you know -- neighborhood it was called the Lawrie it will be about all the good people. One important. -- the people I indeed. And I you know I don't you go out really would have made it that you'll -- Well you know. There's one -- well. Did did you ought to did you honestly feel like you didn't look like you belonged in the neighborhood if that's even a fair assessment today I don't know who belongs in what neighborhood but did you feel like you didn't belong in that neighborhood. -- It was it was an ego like neighborhood. See this this is something that that it white people can't relate to do this feeling of years suspicious because there are so many. People in your group that have committed to disproportionate number of crimes stated that. That you are are are targeted very unfairly. An -- and at the reply outlook account it ought to know. The food companies they told me want to control burger is part. Partner and I got better description. Blackmail by the and -- -- ROJ lo talks stand -- here so you feel like you were doing their job. There are being awfully -- but. Data from the my idea was registered -- -- -- Internet she stayed in deficit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And date as we could take a -- you know that goes by oh the worst mistake I have a lead. So to make it out smaller short while posting about watching Super -- into the straight and my friend my calls until now want all of -- open French Quarter. Of course you are out from the water -- is some people like the numbers -- it. But they have -- something like who are the -- -- from. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And and the like eight years did did your daughter wants to be all right. It would be way they don't you would be -- could be -- -- I -- -- it. So and now you know. This year or are people. Out all year. And they are at record low like -- morning. Because. In outlook that. Wouldn't. You know it and he put you know I think of people that. Kept -- particularly out of because of the great -- spot that we understood the power -- -- in the indictment. It is. And also that's what. You know but. In the what yet yet that maybe maybe he's the sound but. We. Were called. -- -- But this is this is America and we should not even if it's our instinct we we should not judge people who -- wearing a -- especially. If it's cold and and now. It is it's fashionable to where -- -- there are really sorry that hat but he Armenia and you you know wasn't my fault but I'm really I'm just and I'm sorry that you you endured and I just I I can't imagine being falsely accused in going to prison. And I hope everybody's listening to this because this is something that is just so. Unfair. You know when I was asked to. To describe. The then four guys who attacked me. I had to be really really careful because I did with the wrong person to be identified and and I saw a lot of people. And I may have even passed on that the ATP Alexi did this to me but I would I would go through the pictures of of lineups -- with police officers and it'll PD. On numerous times they we show me just a series of pictures. And I say you know this guy looks similar -- -- him arrested well it looks release it really looks familiar but I mean I can't say for sure I mean I was really really I would rather. Let somebody go. Then. Say that the wrong person did it. And that's about it opened holes for yep are at stake in and the warmest urged Britain. Trying to draw that I have been done with it and my my lawyer was so confident that I was innocent. But I did have a criminal record Olympic oval the joke what we're trying to figure -- this league being. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know that this was based on on just one person identifying you. Well all I want them happily supporting. That reflect the reason that he. And home it was a college students who broke out as soon as being ordained in -- -- -- slower and the big thing that McCain the court. The only the only. They'll fall when Wendy got about one particular -- come from how well. -- big -- came to court and cannot sit there. You know fighting -- -- come out with -- court it would separate three months six months we -- and I I have figured out about how to operate. -- -- Book the committee in the and I didn't the patent pardon me out. -- -- it was. And -- people that part in -- and -- -- -- payday in what -- or another look certifiable. We noted didn't want it to go for the potential that don't meet but the guy that they've put you know what. About in that situation it would splitting. Thought it would be the wrong guy out trust -- the -- stability doubt but what does the perpetrators. You not trust him all solo okay we're way short as well they come back to guide me. You know also -- In. At the beat them at all. I made -- the system and -- kind of mad at society and economy Edberg. There the young group. They've been out now because outlook the -- put somebody else won't work. You should beat them. You know based on being bought out -- in March. While like. Actually been in -- what. Basically -- as you know are well built well wouldn't. Imperial couple might also be picked me out of a lot of that the team can put it looks like maybe in the war. You know it's it's all right it's it's almost as stiff and maybe they shouldn't have people in a lineup that looks similar. They should have the person they suspect. In a lineup with people that don't look at similar so it would be obvious whether that's the person or not again I'm just I'm appalled. That that happened to you. You know and I also don't like but I have a criminal record best in the business but why wouldn't you know I don't know about criminal court. You know -- could become. -- saying putting all -- that the guy who gave up burglary. At all and it taught me well although I was in the first quarter you know spent some sometimes you know in the -- poetry -- -- have been. In -- that was been imprisoned watching penalty being mistakenly. I think you step by mark K well because -- -- based way to you know. So is it is it is it is not spared could you know watching has built beautifully wound on the body it's -- -- might need. Kicked out of -- taught well. I would like to think that in America and it takes more than what -- -- it looks like somebody else society to constituent of torture and jail. -- went -- didn't win the -- you know. Just the criminal -- -- the best week in that you would need to pray that there. -- -- -- Do you do not call and get away with India -- -- people like the outlook that. Mobile but it Tulane school you know and -- like that action on it should have been in some beverages at that would be the media. -- talk about it but I really thought well I talked spell at that time how many other people may feel. David they've gotten them to -- such and would abide the how people think about in -- put -- yet declared that respect while hosting by where. -- -- -- Should be aware that even in some about like -- That's not to be put out the poor. It is America that will -- the real. People compliment purposefully being that it be rated. Does the -- wanted to -- the -- -- poked. Do I think. And you know as -- this is such a compelling story. I appreciate you sharing a witness would would we go into this Memorial Day weekend. And we think about those who died. Fighting for our country those who died fighting for our freedoms. We have to step back and realize that they fought for our individual freedom to be able to Wear a hoodie without being judged. Well into it. And and that that's that's the way it should go well won't that -- this reality you know appropriate the reality is that. Margaret you. -- -- -- about -- because I'm ready Amanda side peacefully and certainty that we did in Jeddah Saudi -- why. -- I neglected told the story because there are a lot of people who need to hear this because they. They don't think that this happens they think that everything's is equal and nobody should walk down the street and feel like they're a suspect. Just because of who they are. It is is it the greater good because about a day to day. I'm still a suspect -- have a little bit suspect. -- -- -- being -- on the other -- the door and other white milk door as who would it would it would really be. Date because one person -- some everybody. Judge for what. Well that's an unfortunate tendency in this country is to judge an entire group by the behavior of some. And it's not -- Well are there I really saw that happen to you and I'm sorry that day it happened to you and and I'm speaking on the part of of a lot of people who agree with me we we don't like being part of society that to did that to you and I really appreciate you sharing your story -- I have a nice weekend. -- It happens. Can you imagine. Being unjustly thrown in jail. Because you were putting. Any -- pure white. This happens. Blacks are automatically suspects. And I don't care -- the numbers show that a disproportionate number of black males commit crimes. This is America. And everybody's innocent until proven guilty. Even if your blackmail. If you rejoice for the comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. A Texan resort 770. As a brave guys though and it's great that he has the attitude. That yes. If your policy with his recovered right -- more of this cute show on every to bureau. Welcome back George showing this Friday night I'm gonna get this senator calls that we just had been this called Arthur. Which falsely accused. Spent time in prison. Very very compelling call I'm gonna get that on our podcast -- W dot com and Alex you know when it's out. Here's a -- -- when 70% of the population -- 90% of the crime and you wonder why the police checked them out to. This is the United States of America. And I don't care with the numbers today. You're innocent until proven guilty. And we should not assume. That any black man. Wearing a -- It's a criminal. That is un American to assume that. Here's a text America is still very. Puritan. We are obsessed with outward appearances. And why is that that everybody seems to think that everybody has to look the way they look. Within my peer group. I get made fun of all time. I don't care. I'm going to be who I am. From Harvey I -- -- -- WL. Two plays -- I'm good Jimmy. I called my son he worked for a pass through a we're back on the termites are determined by now. These -- fit for our satellite. They're actually trying to -- They fly around -- fifteen minutes -- lose their wings they've fallen program. There's so don't have to worry about as -- as the -- around him like this that that it may install it. Gone underground. Something they have they have sex in -- to the ground. They have -- the thought it was still -- it all on our lap -- about that he -- -- it. Is it dead have been and drive by visit but twenty years. -- -- -- -- -- So they're swarming all around us while they're involved in an intimate relationship. That's right they've -- a lot of this. I was I was so glad I don't have patio listen you they ran me as. I kept all the way to come out of the lights back on that -- -- around here. But -- were crawling all over the ground. It lost that point. Jimmy I I appreciate that information thanks for calling our show. -- came up earlier tonight about the of this at the swarm of of of termites and I'd love that the show can go in any direction so we've been talking about termites and bed bugs along with a lot of other things. I does a meteor shower this they're going on now until 2 AM in the New Orleans area in this part of the -- the country. So to get a chance to go outside and I take a look at it to hopefully you'll see some meteors streaking across the sky I get to -- you're Texan -- your -- stay with -- more vehicles are coming up next. Is this -- a show like for New Orleans on -- VW well. We talked about it earlier this week with chipotle now chili's is the latest restaurant dealing with pro gun activists who are flaunting their guns. Trying to make a point of having the right to carry gun by going to restaurants with their guns. Chili's is deciding whether or not to tell customers to lead their guns involved here's an update on our WW a -- -- opinion poll tonight. Is it wrong for restaurants to tell customers they cannot bring their guns -- even if they're carrying legally 25% say yes it's wrong 75% saying oh. It's not wrong. Here's a -- -- says -- Lee said it's not racial profiling it's. Crying profiling. Here's a text if it walks like a duck quacks like conducted it's a -- regarding your calls about innocent victims. That is one of the most. Infantile. Metaphors. And I've heard in relation to this. We're talking about the United States of America. The constitution. And human beings. That metaphor does that even apply. For Texas sect Kevin -- -- WW RB Kevin. -- group did. All the economy. The gun on him all the you you know. Love -- will remember the mistake of everything that oh. On the world will be that they have to complete. It was depressed whatever. No but I mean I know that that's happened I've seen -- show but I know that that's something that that happens they're fact there was a there was a woman last year who is I believe two weeks away from Iraq situation. -- and -- she wished and found to be not guilty. -- for the state of course is not -- Mitt any wrongdoing prevailed. You do that and you you can -- it won't be -- Well and and there are cases where where. Prisoners have been wrongly convicted and have been awarded millions of dollars because they were falsely convicted and they deserve beat penny -- it. If they do it meant as a at a desert -- -- and -- their profile. Could -- a blackbird is you can't have -- camping. -- -- But ultimately. Corbett -- -- go oh constitute B stick -- -- -- the commute to other Monica McCollum got -- than an hour. And Hillary -- doubt that he and saintly and I. -- -- -- -- -- And that's the only thing about creative block. To obstruct them do you like best self report. But you -- -- -- do you think that he was just. He wanted to check you -- so that was his excuse for stop and. I wouldn't beat everything -- or legal -- -- -- -- you begin. Let them. Almost -- nobody in almost smiled at him led to battle of Waterford. They don't know what the demand that open argument among at all rich -- our legs you have switched. -- -- -- agreement -- gimmick at white collar program they'll go to -- I mean Democrat. Kevin I'm really glad you called the show I'm up against a news break brits -- price listing at Texas senator religious sure there was this. I was stopped by police because I it was a white guy and I was in a black neighborhood. And I was driving my corvettes and I'll share that story when we come back also. I'm Mort your tax -- more of your comments coming up next it's Friday on this show.