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05-23-14, 11pm, Scoot/ Gun Rights and Hoodies

May 24, 2014|

Do you cross the street when someone has a hoodie on? Do folks with gun permits have the right to enter restaurants at will?

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As -- Friday night it's the beginning at Memorial Day weekend I hope you were out having a good time I hope you're headed to the beach or maybe you're already on the beach or maybe you're planning to get up tomorrow ago. Maybe you're just gonna hang out at home and have a barbecue word go to somebody's house I hope you enjoyed. However not everybody gets Memorial Day often in this part of the country it starts it's not as its its biggest celebration. And I don't mean in terms of the meaningful ness of a remembering. Those who died in service to our country. But in terms of of -- being recognized as just out of a big holiday it's not as big -- holiday here. As it is in other parts of the country. And maybe it's because of of Monique Roloson texture earlier. I'd -- so not everybody is off -- while people off for a long holiday weekend -- -- have a great weekend Albion Monday morning to do the show for a Tommy Tucker who -- taking. Memorial Day off. On the beach forecast high for the beach this is Florida Alabama Mississippi Gulf Coast beaches the -- gonna be somewhere between 85 in ninety there should be a breeze. In the water temperature. 77. Degrees. Here's -- every of your project of people tonight is it wrong for restaurants to tell customers they cannot bring their guns and even if they're carrying legally. We talked about this earlier this week with one restaurant chain now a restaurant chain Chile's. Is the latest have to deal with pro gun activists walking in with their guns just to. -- The Second Amendment. And a -- blog is at the re posting of a blogger wrote to -- when Starbucks. Made the decision to Telus customers to leave their guns at home. A lot of interesting comments that's on our website at WWL dot com you can read it to a share it with your gun enthusiast if you like. And -- -- -- you know you can get pressure coveted you can read the comments but I wanna set the record straight by reading one comment. This comment after the year after the blog says. While most weapon owners are not out flashing. I'm in a restaurant or anywhere else once again -- looks for another opportunity to trash Republicans and conservatives. One would think with all the failures and scandals have the Obama administration. Astute point editorializing on one of them but he is a loyal Democrat and voted for Obama twice. Well nobody knows who -- voted for UK and take what you want. And I am not. A registered Democrat so -- remind shoes that there are a few. Wacky people who make comments. Doubts that the blogs are right some of the comments don't have a damn thing to do with the blogs. I've they're just. Attacking and that's okay I just don't want you to believe some of the stuff like who voted for never said that and whether in the oil Democrat or not. I don't look for reasons to trash anybody but I make observations in and anybody who criticizes my opinion of Republicans right now and the -- the Republican Party. Is also criticizing a lot of Republicans. We talked about this on the show this week Beers -- 101 page. Conservative policy manifesto. That has been written by a group of described as prominent conservatives. And they are a lot of conservative leaders who want the party to go to different direction. In fact that blog is titled another new direction for Republicans that is still trying to -- web site. At every -- -- dot com it's. I guess you could say it's a criticism of the Republican Party but in the same way that saints fans are critical of the -- sometimes. That doesn't necessarily mean you're bashing. It means you'd like to see him go and a different direction and more so in the past obviously then that recently. Points. I mean very very good company with a lot of lot of prominent Republicans. When it comes to my assessment of where the Republican Party is and essentially and this this manifesto. This policy manifesto says one we've been talking about on the show since both for the 2012 election. And that is the Republican Party needs to focus on what he does best. Promoting smaller government. Promoting fiscal responsibility. And not focusing on all these social issues like same sex marriage legalization of pot. And abortion. As long as the party focuses on those things it's not going to attract the younger voters the women in the minorities that the party has lost. If you -- -- Russia with a comic tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601872. All 38668890870. And our taxable receipts have the eight Stephanie had a conversation not long ago to show with the -- author. Guy called in the show and we're talking about Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban saying that if he sees a black kid nobody. For a white guy with a shaved head and tattoos. He walks on the other side of the street. And I I wonder whether or not that really is actually. Something that's it's worthwhile doing -- is that meaningful did you walk on the other side of the street. If you walk on the other side of the street. Is that really. Helping make you safer. I mean if there is a person's walking down the street and they're targeting you if you walk across the street -- would they walk across the street or or get -- in the middle of the street. I'm not gonna tell you what you're doing your particular situation because all the you can assess that based on where you -- the time and what you sense at that moment go. Go with your instincts and if you feel the need to cross the street cross the street I'm not worried about hurting anybody's feelings. I just don't know how much good it it does. So this caller Arthur says that he was said he was thrown in Orleans parish prison for a couple of years. Because he was falsely accused. Just because he was wearing a -- That was similar to a pretty worn by somebody else who committed a crime. That phone conversation is on our podcast right now if you haven't heard it's a very compelling conversation. And it's something that does. It does happen. It's on our website at WW dot com at the very top of there. There's a bar shows and schedules just click on that go to this two page. And it will be under scoots out podcast. Falsely accused. British wearing a -- It's there. Was into it and share with others. And if you can't relate to. Being. Targeted as. Perpetrate. Just because of who you were walking down the street. -- listen to that conversation because it does happen to people. It definitely once. Our city and in San Diego and I had garden I'd gone to Los Angeles. With my girlfriend. And. I don't know how I got law I got off the interstate from Los angels -- is heading back to to San Diego. And it was around dusk. And I I was lost. I was trying to find my way back to the interstate. I was in a predominantly would appear to be predominately black neighborhood with public housing. And I was driving a black Corvette at the top. An M I was looking around -- dug a trying to find the right street to turn down. Saw where I was I guess I was acting suspiciously. Looking around as I'm driving through this black neighborhood. In new Corvette. I got pulled over by the cops. And they were honest they said BL OG UST you look like -- to no good. You don't look like you belong in this neighborhood. And I knew that my only option was to cooperate in and I did. And I felt like they were doing their job by it was an insult to -- it. It and they were right. I didn't look like I belonged in that neighborhood. I might have been in that neighborhood trying to make a drug deal. So they I think they had every right I don't take it personally when. When when police officers acted that way. And so while I think it's wrong to stereotype people it's wrong to stereotype people weary bodies. If the police officer does stereotype you. It certainly wrong if you get thrown in jail. But hopefully they're just doing their job which makes the neighborhoods safer for you. And for everybody. If you would join our show tonight with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866. Beta dines or senator text Amber's late Saturday seventy. Here's a -- Reid said because your open minded like most of this country I guess these right wingers think you're Democrat. That is true. If I say IA supports same sex marriage -- I I support homosexuals right to marry somebody of the same sex. In the minds of many that makes me crazy liberal. But there are a lot of young conservatives. Particularly under the age of forty. Young Republicans. Who support same sex marriage. And it's based on right to privacy. Which is one of the basic fundamentals of conservative ideology. So I really don't think supporting same sex marriage is a liberal issue. And if I say something like. Not everybody should only go to. And talking about the big gun owners. Who wanna go win and flaunts. Their guns. By walking into a family oriented restaurant. Openly with their guns and pretty they're -- -- Taylor are going to Starbucks in doing that. If I'd denounce that action. They're people who think he's a liberal he's not for the Second Amendment. Bad behavior has not anything to do with the Second Amendment. I support the Second Amendment and I support your right to keep and bear arms and if you listen to the show and a regular basis and if you actually listen and don't hear just what you wanna hear. If you accident and yes this is a different talks. Because I'm not totally focused right -- left like so many people on the year. And you actually have to listen. But the truth is I am more like most of America. In the right wingers -- are -- And those who were extreme left most of this country is indeed there. And it's just about time that there were more people who spoke up who were part of this silent majority. Who spoke up and denounced. The extreme fringes. Of the right and left and it's wrong to simply hear one thing by somebody and say that makes him a conservative. That makes him a liberal. First of all everybody has a right to be. Whatever they wanted to. But this idea that you can't say anything negative about anybody within one group that sadly paint she was a liberal or conservative. That's really not a very intelligent way to have a debate. In America. If you manager -- right on numbers 260187. He told free 8668890. Point seven -- state 7878. Or your -- are coming up next let's go to golf fourteen year on the -- show and every WL. It is there have been weakens again I will. On the mark he's been saying about the -- and across the street where our offense around a little. How. And mama and a fumble and down the street in the play that night and it's it's one all along with somebody's. I do -- courtesy. I mean at all if there's going to be weird -- Get out of their way through probably I'm might be making them uncomfortable. I'm not sure I I understand you mean do you physically get out of their way because they're bombing -- students. And they say if if if you're walking down the street. And -- you know and it's as say it's a -- want situation right in and you know it's like -- I think it's courtesy of the kind. You know give them their space I mean beyond across the street but just give -- announced phase where you don't have to get in -- speaking distance or arms that and so whatever. I'd you know I'd just think it's such a common courtesy. I I I agree. Mean you should get guilty -- deal to people walking down the street and and sometimes people are very arrogant and they don't they don't yields few walking on the street but I do. Very you know and then but you know we're today's media markets and stuff like that you know that. Do you know who. Well I guess sort of trying to say is that then blown out so much. Into wish. Or. Is now raced you know despite -- if you if you. Urgency and common judgment. I -- I I do I do understand that dean and in everybody's a -- into where everybody has to assess the situation that area but. But I I do think there's something wrong with the automatic assumption. And this is not to say that somebody shouldn't be cautious in in any particular situation there -- But in general I think there's something very un American about simply judging somebody because they Wear a -- when in reality police have become. Fashionable. Wearing a hoodie is nationally it's it's on mannequins in department stores. Absolutely. And -- you know what would this thing has. If you wanna break it out to them. Basics of it as a but he -- effect. Well it it it does -- I do understand that there are criminals that use it for that recent. But since it has become something it's fashionable I can no where soon. I mean I think you know model. But whatever I don't need. I don't -- but he is what it's eighty degrees in the summer. You're -- and I beg your I understand whatever I. Like what can let it lie it is the quality. They deem and I -- it's so much in fashion now NIC is so much with people who are in the same place is I'm in. And I know these people were not wearing it to hide anything there wearing it because it's national it's not my fashion style. But it is fashionable for people to -- who works. Ater they're black or white but if they agree. 75 degrees outside and somebody's walking on the street little birdie on. Well all right but I you know hot there are -- people sometimes in the summertime wearing a leather jacket because that's their style I don't give Brett. I don't know I wouldn't do it. But I got thwarted but -- out there for people to think about it but don't get offended if somebody who is steers clear of here. Because you're out on the street with them and it's. I think that that would make someone feel Morse and I had this despite not walking and somebody would. You know you're an you know DUI I I agree with that I mean I've I appreciate you calling thanks for listening tonight. This idea of of judging people is is different from the actions that you take industry first -- -- again. I think you develop a false sense of security if you think well gee I don't trust that person had a me so -- -- cross the street. Is that person wants to target Q. They get across the street. Are litigation the middle of the street. But do what you feel like you need to do. -- I'm I'm broadening this to a much bigger issue which is we should not. Judge people because they Wear -- And I see people who are not criminals in Moody's also that are maybe this doesn't happen in your neighborhood maybe it's because I live downtown. Maybe that's different maybe it exposes me to wouldn't entirely different crowd so I'm not so judgmental. Here's a text. That read Cisco and it's interesting how often know Louisiana and so left to bash Obama. But never -- local and state leaders. Who can't even get us off the bottom of every meaningful list in the nation. Interesting point here's a text that you are. -- by party fellows say affiliation. You look at the topic not the party lines I'm cool with that I don't always agree with you but I understand your views. That's what -- that you would get consistently on the show there's no party line. It's all about the topic. And just because I'm not part brighter hard left it I set myself up as an example for permitting if you. Just because you're not extreme doesn't mean you don't have conviction. I have conviction with every single topic I talk of but it's not from a far right or far left perspective. I mean sometimes it might be extreme. Depending on the issue. That's the way most people in America our. If you wanna join -- -- our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668907. Texas a 7870 here's a text you're a fair and wonderful man I hope you are. Right for our country's sake that most Americans feel the way you and I do. Regarding. Nature subjects tonight thank you and thank you for that text. I think I do. And the last two elections have proven that. Many who are so vocal about this country returning to the far right. And although this country's ever been far right in modern times. The bites. That's not what America wants and America is changing. Andy if the Republican Party doesn't understand those changes and and many in the republic party do then. They can expect to win the White House. We'll be right back aboard the sketch show on every WL. So why are these groups of people now walking in with their guns and putting them on the table are carrying heavy weapons I guess like a shotgun or rifle into. Into a family oriented restaurant. Why they feel the need to show off their pistols. Amazes look -- a gun and Beagle and on I mean do you guys active -- like that they show off their big weapon. I don't understand is that men and women don't do this it's it's man who do it. That's not being critical of Second Amendment gun rights as being critical of a fringe group with in. Those who own guns in America. And it is unfair. To judge all gun owners most of whom are very responsible. With those who wanna flaunt the Second Amendment by bringing their guns into a family restaurant is to make some kind of -- Some kind of a statement. From Vanderbilt Chris -- under -- well. It on good. You you have a -- outlook a lot about the city's situation you just mentioned about you know people walk out on but I got you here I think that's a way to. It's a way to sort of assert themselves and are right they -- hopeful that maybe they're being a bill of rights are being. It is or it's important -- problem. Sort of curtailed in. I think it's a way to work or launching it right out there you'd you'd try to. Yeah I know I don't personally -- academic. Content appear to -- reaction to our culture today and vote. I think they go into -- brandished a gun show up at. Bear arms to -- I'm coming to an attitude anyway kind of what I feel like -- like that. I what I find interesting about that is that nobody's losing their right to own a -- so it's it's it's not necessary. You have an opportunity but it is our topic is they not think you're a lot believe it yet about include -- but I think good. It would go on cultural and they get -- you. A -- -- concern you at some point that it's going to be about they're just incrementally. They're taking away but it it's. It it it hasn't happened and it's not happening and it didn't even happen when there was an automatic weapons ban it affects I don't. I I find the fear of losing guns to be totally irrational. Yeah well. OK we are collapsed I think we are which are not not think we are collapsed country don't allow -- -- -- adapt to Australia didn't happen about later. Well we have something called the constitution and -- -- at the Supreme Court I just don't see any signs in anybody's gonna lose their right to keep and bear arms. Well it's a lot -- added that the that it seemed like that the that the politics of the day you know that. And that there. -- -- I had achieved in our government and it can we be. We -- and we follow and we get to guard on the web we it'll fit the agenda to Apollo more. It -- -- the -- we do follow up. It's a and so that the that there -- people out. And about thank you Barbara good point about you know. Saying. You know why the judge why be judged by -- And get our audience how are we not going to -- how we are gonna get a certificate that the picture worn away. All of the department of how much -- we Vietnamese are we -- individual portrayed -- -- and thank say. You don't city that are out there. In -- cover backing at the moment at the appropriate or not. -- Umenyiora what he's saying I'm you know you don't commit a crime and I can get hot -- that's where we're. -- it is it what you did sort of approach -- I I don't understand that Chris. I I do understand that reality but I think what we have to do is we have to ask ourselves wait a minute do we realize what we're doing. We're allowing ourselves to pass judgment based on. On what we see on the news rather than. Based on the spirit of our our constitution and the spirit of America which is is is not judging it again I know we I know we have to be careful but. We allow ourselves to be manipulated by the media and and by our team. I want our great medical comic and I are college -- had a lot of callers. Decreed it would make a conscious effort to not judge that individual. But let me the walk on the sidewalk they're gorgeous. If we can actually pepper or decision to not judge -- we might judging. If we try to it would be a hatchet -- that person not what they look like -- a little -- Right. Well I don't. Yeah I mean we're getting kind of philosophical here so I just could be argued that decades -- atheist they don't believe -- guys -- -- a belief system. -- -- I mean we judge I think it's I think it's okay to. I think it's okay to be cautious about people in the world today it and and I'm cautious and and I assessed by surroundings and people in my surroundings. But if we've going out of our way to judge somebody simply because -- wearing booty. Or because their pants are sagging down when those two things like it or not have become fashionable. Then I think that's something that's innately wrong. Although I certainly yeah the problem but it sure did did it -- major. Banks are okay. What happened are there in that situation not gonna happen but what about what -- -- irrelevant potentially about -- applicable debt to about you know. I and I understand but I went the other the other I think the other point is in this is something else that we've we've talked about -- if somebody's. Targeting -- walking down the street if you cross the street are you really getting away from them. And let up to get out -- -- -- walking about in the street because you know. The street who bend -- like hey it's a little ways that I. Targeting an inch or -- -- what I you know it can't keep walking straight and let them and become the first. Next to him so big red apple to light but it back. The street and they they have to you know and -- -- -- better protect you don't have -- I didn't get a. They they would be defining their their intent to Chris I join our conversation and thanks for listing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know whether. Everybody wants character and character. I don't really mean art and character and about and most of those that one. What Dick it's walk into uncles. Usually chicken. Well I would say like yeah you did it. Mean. Big guys. -- -- -- asylum and party area they get cute it was. Even when you. And they're trying to make something never. Mean as far as the other could have gone out and -- one in my house but about more years. Governor. -- yet so but on. You know you need them you know you need to oh yeah no idea at the -- where kids play. And beat it's you know Rambo. Apparently -- too many movies. Yeah -- know Dave I would agree with you essentially do you a year does saying like what I think and that is stated there's there's some kind of a deep rooted fear paranoia and security and all of these people. Yeah -- column idea. That's updated you know some you -- -- -- -- -- particular. Step up and take care. One on one. You know you got to care does the law and you know you get cheers. Well you know there there are a a lot of places that. I would morning go if I felt like I needed a pistol if I feel like they needed a pistol to go to chili's -- -- going to Chile's. Get that right how old are raising orgies. And that part Ortiz. -- you know given and war the house in the mailbox back in the eighties. That you know -- probably. You know it's not it's not even close to what we used to. Think -- so much better city than it's ever been I mean not including 1960s and seventies. And you know other. In. I LC necessity. Green -- you're Erica and be responsible -- and when -- -- gamble. On Cuba at all -- it brings -- the. Dan and and we should not. Get -- -- And let's not judge all gun owners by the behavior of the fanatic French. Right or magical show meant nationalistic here's attacks -- women do it too there's -- chick in Madison jail. It runs around with a rifle filming violations of her rights. -- But she's got a lot of canned food but she stockpiling food to -- she's one of those types. I and that's that's again there is there's deep rooted insecurity. -- and and paranoia. I am if you if you if you popped. A baggy behind and they probably jump around and tried to shoot -- But again -- people who have this this need to. To. To carry and show off their weapons. -- that there's there's something going on here that's that's not normal behavior. Here's a -- too big weapon equals small manhood. -- from illinois' Cory -- -- show. -- you're going. Eight -- according situation you know yeah. You know convenient and it -- an airport and soda -- can be and -- cash strapped -- There -- -- no matter what where and and thanks where he can walk down the street effort into. And so people go on court. Theoretically. They're correctly. Which you're all the other side is treated you saw somebody where nobody coming -- Till now and -- the place some are living -- or murder. Almost ten years look at it. And I'm back up and I don't know. The thing about it is it's so warm and off. Their people get freaked out when -- Wear it lecture. Yeah I mean I I understand it okay so I I -- Rick Springfield and -- a book signing in uptown New Orleans it's it really really warm day. Andy's wearing a leather jacket. That was his style you're. Well. He came to the airport. OK but your secret. You know I wouldn't I would have worn leather jacket and -- -- like that it got got the picture and -- your FaceBook pages scar on the year but again. That I see people downtown wearing leather jackets in the in the summertime. And to me that's no different -- in the the heat. Problem from wearing a voting in the summertime I wouldn't do -- -- understand it but -- -- will go out of their way to be uncomfortable. And it is on. You know you just don't know -- -- Well it's it's it's true I just I challenges -- I'm really glad you called in and thanks for listening tonight in Illinois. I challenge us to to trying not to be judgmental. That doesn't mean that we shouldn't be keenly aware of our surroundings in the people around us. But if you are judging people just because. They Wear a hoodie I think that's I don't think that's really. Truly American. I don't think that's something that's can -- with the spirit of America. Here's a -- reads. You shouldn't judge those gun owners. Maybe they'd been attacked. No these gun owners. I don't know for sure but these gun owners are these groups of gun owners having these rallies in making these demonstrations by going out these guns. They're trying to make a point. They're just trying to flaunt their weapons. They're fringe. People. And. They're insecure. They're paranoid. It's really cling to that that's that's what they get their confidence. From that kind. Guns are supposed to protect you. Not give -- people confidence. I'm -- will be right back into the WL. Of one alert you about. Possible record got a text -- says bad erected Baton Rouge eighth of a mile from the I ten. 110 split westbound. Will be shut down while records to gain an eighteen Wheeler straddling. The bridge rail. That's -- good situation. From Metairie Dave hero and -- VW well. And transcript this is it again. You know it dawned -- me. You're talking about the birdies and I just thought about it that abilities and the guys who Wear sunglasses in middle age and get -- where birdies in the middle of summer. They got same complex the guy that walks in the McDonald's -- -- -- I think it self confidence and I think you think it's a really good point. Yeah so I just wanted to say that niche because when you said that like -- on the cause it's about facilities are like oh my god yet. I think you know the best we can do or got on -- and -- we talked to spare me out. Local real -- you know -- can't they can't handle in -- him in action that could cycle. Now it's I I -- regardless of course. I think this I think it's a really good parallel between those who feel like they have to show off their guns and those who feel like they have to hide their faces or by their eyes are -- going to call back. Here's a text as -- you are making hasty closed minded ignorant generalizations about gun owners. These gun owners you despise are exercising their first and Second Amendment Rights. Do you also make negative conclusions. About those who we -- duties or Wear their pants halfway down. First of all. As I said earlier in the show I am not going to be afraid. To comment on fringe gun owners. Who feel the need to flaunt their weapons. And not be judged. And it's being critical ball gun owners so this is another. Example awful a listener who need to hearing aid. Because they're selectively hearing what they wanna hear. I don't judge people who Wear booties I don't judge people who Wear their pants halfway down I do judge people who. Feel the need to go into a restaurant. A family oriented restaurant and show off their weapons. Now they might have I guess technically a right to do that. But in the same way that people get in trouble for flaunting the First Amendment. I don't think they should -- the Second Amendment -- They what's the mentality behind it I don't think that's close minded and there are a hell of a lot of gun owners who absolutely agree with me. And this is not about attacking gun owners it's about attacking fringe. Gun -- in the same way that I attacked fringe members of a lot of different groups. From reserve George George WWL. There's food or science. Just by walking into a McDonald's with Mike on bolstered. Properly. -- flaunting it. Well I don't know if you would be but these groups that are going in and are carrying either heavy weapons are carrying guns in putting about on the table. In -- group. I think their flaunting it. I do to have never seen. Now it hasn't happened here yet but it's happened in Seattle. At a Starbucks and it's now starting to happen and at a couple of family oriented restaurants. Yeah that's crazy but. As far as walking we have the right doping area in Louisiana -- -- Austin have a right concealed carry it you'd jump through hoops to get department. Well that wouldn't that wouldn't. That would intimidate me or or wouldn't bother me in the same way that you know a group of guys coming in there and they put the guns down on the table they're just trying to make a point that's still -- I've never seen. I would agree with that either but how many of these massacres. Could've been avoided. -- somebody responsible. Legal on the caller. Well it is. Not I don't know -- -- theaters but will the bulls now we'll never know the answer -- that that well that's exactly right. Our organic mean national eye opening Jerry and I concealed carry. If I worked at a convenience store I would to George I've got to get to a break I've. Last night on the show we're talking about a guy who got arrested in Memphis by an off duty police officer in a movie theater because the gun fell out of his pocket and it it fired a shot. Now what does everybody in the theater was art but they have like suddenly -- asserted shooting in the direction of the the gunshot thinking that there were gonna get the perpetrators. I don't think everybody being armed is the answer. I'm -- we'll be right back -- the VW. It's the beginning of Memorial Day weekend and the beats forecasts for all of the Gulf Coast beaches so high between 85 and nine either should be a breeze in water temperature 77 degrees. That's almost perfect a tonight we've also talked about a Harley-Davidson owner who was denied. I'll -- team. Because of the patriotic flags on his bike he said ain't nobody gonna stop our flags not even Harley-Davidson corporation. David Zion. I said that he is there -- he did not cover the failure of his clutch transmission because of seven flags that he flies on his bike creating extra wind resistance. And Harley-Davidson said because of the extra wind resistance is putting an extra strain on the power train so we're not gonna we're not gonna cover you. And he didn't even use Harley-Davidson approved. Items to the -- likes to his car -- -- is sent to his bike. A couple of the flags were American flags -- one was -- NRA flag. He seems to be suggesting their Harley-Davidson is being an American by not covering the damage again this is another guy who is a little too sensitive and insecure. -- playing the patriot card if you will. Because there's nothing unpatriotic about Harley-Davidson not covering this case if this guy wants to put these flags on his fight and if it's creating wind resistance and I -- necessary. And unexpected strain on the power train. That was his decision. Jack Harris or -- producers he did a great job tonight he just mentioned during the break then I think this -- a good a good point. Abuse of the amendments. Is not respecting the amendments. And quite often on the show we talk about abuse of the First Amendment and there are people who abuse the Second Amendment. But that doesn't say anything negative about all the gun owners in America most of whom are very responsible. Here's a Texan recess do we need the extreme fighting forest because there's always the extreme fighting against us. And that may be true but again I have not heard any situation. Where the government. Has even come close to taking anybody's gone away from them if they legally have a right to have a -- So why the paranoia. So should restaurants be allowed to tell customers not to bring their guns and that's been our WW a pretty general opinion poll 74% say no 26% say yes. All right enjoy your Memorial Day weekend. I'm -- -- in New Orleans.