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May 24, 2014|

Join Scoot & Paul Lagrange as they help with all of your home improvement & repair needs

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Good morning welcome to the -- ripped through -- -- -- WWL -- do with our construction consultant polygraph issue is with the -- consulting and the sister companies energy and -- solutions. And we have an abbreviated showed they were gonna take you until 1130 and -- she was in the semifinal round the SEC term but they're gonna take on Arkansas. And says -- -- place in the championship game tomorrow. And a loser goes -- I don't think that's trivial issue pregame starts this morning right after the show at 1131 pitch is at noon. And you'll hear the LSU Arkansas game right here -- -- bureau that the gates of the AM and went 53 having -- -- FM good morning -- Good morning beautiful weekend but it is going to be warm Memorial Day weekend at a time when people. Just relax and barbecues of people go to the beach some people have fonts of people like you were around the house. Any thoughts -- what somebody might wanna do today if there looking for project that maybe they should do to get involved it. Well I have two theories that you know we should at least consider this Memorial Day weekend -- one much like you said. Lot of folks do some grilling this month or cooking. And this is the time a year -- some Toms they keep the book cupid to salute to closed the vinyl siding. And they scorcher in it melts in -- makes a column saying hey how to white change that so. -- cautioned it is kind of scoot data way in at least three or four feet away from any come gospel product. But in if you -- to do that and you know what you've done it last year and you have repaired yet. Call us that it would be some helpful hints on operative that repaired. In in the second thing is that it senses you know upcoming hurricane season very quickly. Is if you're interested in. This year I'm gonna protect my -- windows from you know we've -- debris before evacuate in your interest and cutting your own plywood panels to protect those -- And you know this is a good week indicate that because of the special thing we have with you know the state taxes at this week and next week we'll tell you how to get the -- on your hands. That was ended their own government here at home improvement here with Paul LaGrange. Appreciate it McCaw. I have a question I have a commode. Does not blushing I have to use -- bucket they help. Flagship and you know history. We've been living and map out the twenty years of promoted over twenty years so they -- about replace -- and it's. In your opinion on. If that would probably be the best option of I don't know it could be repaired. So moment when you say you're actually have a bucket in and in -- adding water to the bold to remove the waste. Is it because the tank is not providing enough water or there's something else. Now I'll check the -- he goes up to the land where those you know ago people's. As is does that monopolize shoot it. Even sometimes when I don't have anything and you know like -- -- Is it that implies. And one payment maybe abroad now were effective tankers out. Push against the wall panel that would probably like maybe when they installed it and mine has some. Some kind of content and some kind of restriction. In the land or something like. Well. There there are occasions when the actual layout of the plumbing doesn't come exactly right location either because it's the rays outs of wood framing or -- countries -- -- they've gotten -- the country was put in place in. That the farmers can use an offset. At the top of that ring. At that -- flames to multiple. You know that typically that does not really restrict a lot of it to -- -- -- not a lot of -- waste from the bowl. But if you're adding water to the bowl. You know -- there's going to be some restricted somewhere or maybe you know ventilation problem meaning of that applauding stack -- So what you take it that -- off you'll certainly be able to figure that. Here's my concern about replacing the tool. You would replace the people with something that. Removes -- very effectively but in today's -- unlike your twelve to twenty years ago he uses much much less water. You know twenty years ago you had a three you know bush now a year. You're lucky to -- -- one point six scale foolish or less. So. You need it will that's very effective at removing waste or if you really that concerned about it they actually Willits they have a need. He powerful feature. In their department -- different things but when you. Preston handled made it almost seems like it's its occupants the bullet -- brush the water so quickly. Two to remove the ways so that's something you may choose to upgrade as well particularly if you are -- -- and -- Commercial market and all of a sudden my accusers like so it almost like -- and so well let me ask you panel ago long. But you call somebody out. Is it. If the answer for me if I need the all that and have him installer or. Had them. Do that I mean I don't know what you know like the bomb went to home people would know what I talked about time. Yeah -- as things like that. So first -- all I would I would are licensed plumber to do this task. And they keep discounts at their plumbing supply house and did not that they passed all of that discount what you -- that you passed on some of it. As so plus they hit the experiences of which holes work which -- don't work as well the disease the guys that are fiction. You know that the problems so I'll rely heavily when you're licensed plumber. And have them purchased the -- for you here's another thing -- -- that one piece or part is missing. When you get to from a Lowe's or Home Depot. Even if you could dispose supply house sometimes you get pieces parts of the missing. If it's their response -- the pick up them by they need to go back in their own -- picked it up. Not you go back and making another trip ticket items in part. Well let's talk a call one place I don't wanna. And you recommend that he used that and they're gonna come out and give me adjustment on just them put an inventory and -- also. In purchasing. The taller and target me I guess. The dimensions often different things that I need to know when I go to purchase so it's. But again. I guess the biggest question -- Replacing. And I. I just feel like I need to replace it. -- listen if there's nothing wrong with replacement tool it's it's twenty years old but you don't have a little and you wanna build not enough to notice. But there's a little savings there. OK well -- Thank you so much appreciate your help. I don't have a happy Memorial Day weekend. -- -- about the show policy it's kind of like going to a psychiatrist you do you really know what the answer is critical -- and really -- you kind of get the answer that they really know what the answer is that you kind of get -- out of is that you go to a psychiatrist didn't you really ultimately know what you need to do. But she disappeared talk and and they help you get the its routes are sometimes that -- that happens on the field. Also we've learned a lot more about toilets at flushing early in the show than I ever thought we would today this is the home improvement show I'm still without construction consultant Paul LaGrange. If you have a question about repairs have a job you're gonna do the job we gonna have done under. -- is going -- toilet something's going on with your house moisture bowl whatever you're not exactly sure. How to get it fixed or protocol you can call our show -- to 601870. -- -- 8668890. Point seven. A text -- is a 77. Here's a text about how do you repair vital citing that has been scorched by the Barbeque pit will answer that question when we come back. With more of the home improvement show right after this break scientific review welcome back to home improvement show this is so -- we -- your questions every Saturday morning about a home improvement repairs or renovations job you're gonna do our job you're gonna have -- -- -- -- -- protocol. And a lot of the women called a show I've been they would be very much like me and if something happened over the house they wouldn't really know who to call. And a polar Granger construction consultant can direct you in the right direction. Here is attacks that to ask the question how do you repair vinyl siding that has been scorched by a barbecue pit we opened at the show with. Both talking about it but just -- reminder of keeping the barbecue pits. The grills away from the vinyl siding because it's vinyl and it would -- It does -- and actually doesn't take a lot of heat for to -- You know you really don't repair -- Saudi -- is to -- disfigured you removing your place -- some tricks to actually removing and replacing. Hopefully -- have some leftover from Saudi with the -- home. Maybe stirred up in the attic somewhere we can actually you know on talk and on staff that peace that god -- but above cupid and in putting in place if not as they are some bottles -- supply houses they carry the same ones -- care for years and years you can fire on the same style. Intifada colored it's close it's not to be identical because that colors been stored away York. Either it's it's -- in the box and had been exposed to sun. So you may have a slight variation collar. But at least that section that goddamn spot but keep it can be removed. And replace. And -- you know -- just thinking about how susceptible. This of vinyl siding is two to heat and I'm wondering what houses don't melt in the middle of August -- here. Yet you would think they would particularly when that solid shots and they are great and reflects back on to -- -- you think he would. You know interesting enough if this was a a case I had a couple of years ago they took me a long long come to figure out. What was happening was there -- to neighbors' homes new built by the same builder at the around the same time. And one side to -- Saudi was actually melting. And that of the house the other house is that the body was not. And there was nothing different between these two homes with his couldn't figure it out. So follow will be determined was. -- as the sun was reflecting. On a shiny part that was on the -- the house -- actually headed in here it's hit when they windows. He was reflecting from the nearest -- and for acting back towards the adjacent home. It was melting the -- -- A Renee -- on the home improvement show with Foley grange. I got -- on today. Good morning. How's that Almonte -- raids it's it's a -- house but it's about repeat all. The level straight to slip out. I have more war only get it to brick house. The war by congress routes one. And back spots. The one day you'll get a clear rule -- out of -- pre bricks below the war box. And as -- -- -- the wanted to say the war seems like it trips. A lot slow. In the -- out when we go out the waters here it's it's very clear so much -- war. And the it's a lot -- ward -- -- the bricks about three or -- while the fox. When it comes out -- -- -- know for a fact that it would go out to twenty years ago. An hour at types. There it show me -- I scored that slam. I wanted to block that room could not bedroom but it JH into the box at -- -- -- a hole it. Sheet rock that -- that the -- is come out this player not. -- we had a -- get to on the wall still a little. Bit below the wall well -- yes there. Though it's not it's coming out to ground into the -- actually purposely. It would but he -- US mean mr. Well yeah as I experienced it but it -- somebody out there. Tour rules property are out there at these mavericks to see where I'd stop now. Possibly fix the problems that -- actually have a if -- So -- -- that's that's really the only way I think you need to gain access to that that won't want to get that done. You have to remove but a number of bricks and an area in the chip some concrete depending where it -- pipe is embedded in that concrete -- I didn't. Here's importance -- what -- I'm presuming it's Kopper who what -- koppers prepared. It. Make sure protected with these plastic sleeve for some covering. Before you -- the country before you put border from the -- around the -- You know that does the copper king -- corroded from if it's sinful cuts that we concrete mortar. So make sure that you get to protective witnessed a patch in the country. What do you say what you say it out west copper. And awards usually -- I'd go out this plan as apple bite that now that you call. No normally before -- before the Puerto conquered it a plumber component of plastic sleeve around that copper. Wherever it's gonna come through penetrate through or coming contact with country. I wonder why is -- that lets say it happens to be. Just right where I'm sure IBM chip away. It's going to be eat out -- -- Betty I but it but there's terror. -- -- pack on I agree that Iraq were we were back on -- bit less sleep. That's. Not -- attack with a country does. A guy it and spotlight. As -- authorization didn't get a -- out there attached that benefit to plot would come out and it look at your life. I don't know what it's. Yeah I mean what do Iraq. Made -- it -- -- that any woman out and instrument. -- retirement. Oh. They are companies that offered leak detecting services like -- detecting. You -- -- really -- -- experience when any of that unit there exist here than you'll region. You may wanna open up the you know you -- go to on a lot of good dvds in these researcher callable local home association. Steve there member. I do know that there are some -- detective services out there that will be happy to. The company help you with the problem. We have an option. All right have -- Memorial -- weekend. If -- -- stay with this right distance break we'll get right back with more vehicles also another text to get to. Remind you that we haven't -- to home improvement show today LSU is in the semifinal round of the SEC -- with Arkansas. And it would replace the championship tomorrow and you'll hear that game Debbie WL. The loser goes home the pre game begins right after our show at 11 o'clock first -- at noon today. Debbie WL the big 8:7 AM to 53 of the -- -- I'm -- -- construction consultant Paul -- this is the home improvement show it -- says -- -- it will news update with Don James is there something going on with your house and you're not exactly sure why it's happening and you're not exactly sure who to call to. Get the job taking care of I've called home at prudential also if you're buying or selling a home when you have questions about the home your buying a few questions about what you might do to. Better get your home ready to sell you. 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Stephanie. And a taxable receipts have it's if I'm scoot with our construction consultant Paul LaGrange and from Slidell GM your -- with Paula good morning. -- I'm building a can buy him rule -- whites back from my house. She is the idea of -- putting. -- -- -- exchange -- only -- -- -- Catch it to the to -- its descent are what kind of insulation. Do two possibly use. Trying to insulate -- where. Well first ought to listen to your husband. The -- -- -- board is a labor of love and looks gorgeous. However it does take a lot of time and effort dedicated. The achievement. So let let me let me give you this suggestion. With -- board. Traditionally we don't put Chirac on the book really should. In the recent Chirac qualities because beat him toward although tongue and groove is that each through the air carrier. So it really need to do you need to insulate those those rafters. -- you put this on the -- it's the -- silly comedy -- a -- It's just it was to see -- yet step right. -- -- like -- -- and it's going on program from you know from crossed. Mark my suggestion is that you actually use a rigid foam board. And the reason I say that is because it you can put it. Across the rafters. -- that are rafters security rafters taped to seems. -- the edges where to but would an over user could -- your thing caulk and that would be your air carrier. In your installation barrier all the one time. And then at that point you can you could -- -- to -- on top of that product. If you really get fancy. You can use a full board that's got a full facing on. An act as a radiant barrier in the put a three quarter inch one by force. Running perpendicular to UBU board run whatever direction the -- you can -- And that would allow you security -- aboard to Colombo force you -- the use longer fasteners. And that additional radiant barrier will keep that space a little cooler this is rejects him with a radiant heat from the sun back into the atmosphere. Urged the photos and video that you. Are actually. It's it's -- -- studies -- isn't it. Right the sound ignorant bunch. I see him but before -- -- -- just just between assuming you said at the opening that you were building a 10 X 10 room for your wife -- -- you're not building mr. putter and. Yeah and -- -- -- on the two. Not a bit dark. -- -- confrontation. In the and so that he. But there. Rhythm and keep. Who who -- of him. So and so assuming -- eager to so. We'll keep out as much as our. I. Would vote partner. Annually BC -- right. Now I have to. You know -- -- -- -- have a great weekend if you're on hold you stay with -- for coming right back to more viewer questions. But this is the home improvement show I'm Stu whether construction consultant at LaGrange and this is where we answer your questions about. Home improvement stuff for payers renovation suddenly going to house you know exactly sure why it is happening globally it's of those questions for it and it -- a matter. Directions when it comes to. Who'd called get something done would you be that consumer advice. As well our number is 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. In Texas -- -- -- and we'll be right back with more of individuals so what's going -- their house nobody questions about repairs or renovations are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text of presents and eats up. The dividend Robert you know on the home improvement show with Paul Le grange on the VW well. Are hundreds more than I have -- -- about a new construction -- -- -- -- -- -- also wondered. In an air conditioned. An air conditioned education -- Should also ordered welcome back. There's really two modes of thought we would talk about -- -- air conditioned space whether it's you know a covered patio -- surprised. It it's still the same it depends or would you expectations -- -- in the -- look into with a neck -- of recoverable. If you look to reduce some three he he does come through the roof -- that she could assume the Grice. Then you probably -- insulated. If if you just help park -- really doesn't matter. That I'm not sure Robert go through that expense however there has to be some. You know part of the equation of calculating. What is gonna take to separate the attic above the garage from the attic above your house you've got to build a wall. Separating those two addicts this one -- this could be. Foam insulated semi condition the other -- nods to be passively analytic. Is it to keep the heat from the sun. So you know you have to look at all the aspects of making that decision to -- -- make a you know a logical informed decision based on economics and also. Level of comfort. I understand our appeared in court Gartner. You -- by Robert have a great weekend and -- -- -- junior on the home improvement show with tell LaGrange. Yet I know your opinion on a -- it or not -- compared to regular final spot. Well. Any seem it is deciding -- you know and you know people -- hard workers they were the you know first Dick Clark who come to come out with it you know it's almost like he should -- -- Kleenex. But any seem to -- siding. Certainly will withstand. A direct impact like we're -- to bring a lot better then 88. Pond or a cedar siding. It typically holds paint a lot longer. And you do have some additional benefits. Of that the termites don't like it needed. -- it would product of -- ship -- wood products heroes so at least you the impression that if you do you party -- That's you know -- and determine issues. Why not a question -- bail out. -- -- adult male or correct and what outlook -- -- back. I'm most times that it's it's stainless steel males are sometimes it's it's hard to galvanize this depends on what they're using. What about what about a -- October up like I I -- I would -- -- We knew you through beauty you know it's gonna be ought to just -- -- -- or. OK so starts -- dollar round that you nailing party or seem to sunny directly to the to the plywood a personal let me encourage you to do me how trap. Continues house trapped between the back audit board and the plywood. -- -- -- -- -- Coca. Traditional what I would do it would would be. It's in Athens and thought they would be fun. Jim -- I don't have a good weekend a battery -- year -- -- -- -- with all the grange on WW well. A good morning guys. That they on my garage. Tony by throwing garage and got a corrugated tin roof. What I'm thinking about bone is just plywood. On top of the corrugated metal. And coordinating shingles. You look at shingle and cannot what do you think about the idea. OK so tell me get this is the walls of that with a what do we do what the true. If you which Iraq on it. No no no plywood I'm gonna -- liability right on top galvanized marital. Corrugated metal. How you can secure the -- with through the corrugated metal into the rafters from on it some Spanish group. And we gates is that with gauges the existing Kyrgyzstan. Our. Not anything I. Mean. Look at which going. The two recent exit question -- because that would make sure that as you are. Secure in the plot with with your you're spruce roots and into the rafters that you're not collapsing. It and -- right right you know. I would much threat the -- remove the -- being honest with you and the reason I say that is because of wind uplift. Particularly the outer at the bottom edge here and at a -- a crisis on house -- still got a lot of valuable stuff it's not a garage. Is is that if that wind comes in and he went to that weather so -- you know straight lot of thunderstorms or or worse -- hurricane. If he catches the bottom edge -- me as enough space. -- -- you could put some wind between them corgi -- into the medal at the edge right you can have some. Some uplift that roof. And right on me and it puts some flashing soon. Age there. Apparently just thinking about it. Thank thanks for -- At -- you -- have a good weekend. It is Memorial Day weekend areas alike going on their Greek festival -- -- -- senator Robert. Respect. That -- so. Don't treated lightly. -- -- -- -- -- -- Also won the jambalaya fest in Gonzales of my country music fest in Baton Rouge it's going to be warm -- we've got some lucky few to be outside -- Dmitry cover up. But it's going to be nights -- -- -- -- right through Labor Day I'm sorry Memorial Day with it's without any rain very slight chance -- -- Memorial Day Monday. This is a home improvement show I'm screw with -- construction consultant -- -- you got a question about home improvement repair something you're gonna -- around the house -- you're not sure if you should do or somebody else should do. Where you need some consumer directions. On who to call to get something done our numbers 260187. Toll free 86688. Ninths nearly seven Texas they Seve Seve. We're coming right back after this break on VW well let's get right back with your questions on the home improvement show I've -- without construction consultant Paul Le grange and permitted to go out camping -- on with fall. Take a long enough involved that you stigma called. I don't -- -- it's new construction in at the regiments. To. And the attic. -- -- -- I don't feel like the top. Human beings and adequately enough would be a good idea to put -- then later in. Well Kevin let let's talk about the style to relief do you have. Along let the ridge what you multiple short lists over it depending on the -- I don't. One link and then -- Sure total. Okay and -- about the amount of there in the area they are common in your attic at the low ports like at the opening and -- If you went upping your attic and you turn off all lights and you look at the outer edge of yet it do you see a lot of free air space come through yet. OK suit it you know in general terms sounds like you have enough air coming in. And your is concerned about trying to get more -- exhausted at the peak or at the -- of the roof. Right to give -- to draw more of that -- out. -- So would I prefer is a passive air event like a went several world -- I don't like electric fence too much. -- power -- -- and the reason I don't is because traditionally part privileges moves so much air and actually would draw air from your home. Into your attic in that ultimately out of Europe. And he cut rates moisture problems and Egypt's problems in the air quality problems. -- that being said. If you had a very good effective air barrier separating your living space from -- non living attic then -- apartment earlier functions very well. Let me give you sort of in between between Apollo -- later in the wind turbine. And that is the solar exhaust fans. The sold exhaust fans know what you were both running electricity because they're solar panels but number -- -- move more air then went turbines. But not as much -- apartment because the -- -- -- fast. So can put up a medium you know approach between a Apollo ventilator and A Richmond that would be it. Okay and what would be -- distance to two -- separated by needed to. -- ventilated. Kevin let's do this -- come up against induced -- so -- you hang on and Ito will re ask that question we come back -- right after the -- just -- stay with us. If you -- -- join us with your question on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- every text states have the seventy. This is a home improvement show when we're coming right back on WWL.