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May 24, 2014|

Join Scoot & Paul Lagrange as they help with all of your home improvement & repair needs

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's Saturday at Memorial Day weekend but summit -- were hanging around the house and year getting involved in some of the projects that you might have been putting off if there's something you need to do. And you know exactly sure how to do voters maybe you need to find out if its job you should do great job he should have done. You can call the holy -- which construction consultant as Paul Le grange with the greens consulting and also energy corporate solutions. And our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86680. -- nearly seventy. And a -- -- 77. Let's finish up with Kevin from -- to feel like Kevin you had a question about Simpson's facing. Right I was wondering job with this so. Solar power Bentley is. How we would be did did distance if I had to do -- -- installed two would be the distance. Between the two. Well first of all what you would have to look specifically at that type of federal order. Of how much cubic volume it's designed to remove or back to air from and so that would keep you better direction. But let me also plant the seed in and you might -- because you mentioned -- -- -- -- when you know one long -- -- a -- averages. If you hit some addicts that are up in dale or some -- lines that are. Higher than others and your attic is somewhat set admitted or you may find -- -- -- put a small fan here. A small fan in this other segment to get better airflow that's not a bad approach it you know every house a little bit different. So on to China give you some guidelines to make a better decision on control of some that he in the attic. -- is some of the events do and move more than -- -- that yes there OK so that's something note that the look at. Okay well -- they -- so much for information. -- -- -- -- have a good Memorial Day weekend. Well here's a text that read so what's the best water tight tape. Whoo boy not have enough information on that when it to answer. Because I don't know what they're taping which surface they're taping would you know product that taking to the surface. You know. There're some tapes out there and in tapes have improved a lot. Over his last three to five years. But there's some tapes that are specifically designed to go on like for instance house traps -- -- about how traps a lot on which -- and -- construction or renovation projects. If you taping how strapped to a wonderful match tape and how trap to another -- you know at -- later. Of how track to make it waterproof. There's some good fuel tapes that in just a likable rubberized based coatings that are phenomenal for that. And so really depends what you know what is the tape and so if attacks what's come back and gives some more details I'll be happy -- -- -- And our text number is 8787 if you would join us with a question art art show and sit today at 1130 because we go to the pregame show for LSU Arkansas the semifinal. Of the SEC baseball turned -- they're right here on WL first pitch is at noon but the pre game against. A coming capital of the thirties if you've got a question negated in between now and then our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- text amber is. 87870. You know Paul we've that we've always talked about the heat we've always talked about addicts and -- the weather gets hot like this -- don't want to be appear if you don't have to be up there. He is there any other project to do you think somebody might consider doing now before it gets even hotter than it's going to be. Would listen you know hurricane seasons on episode -- prom and you start looking at. Some loose car came preparations and give you some things we we can't overlook. You know we have these small portable generator. In it that generator is that seeding in the corner of a garage and has been run since last hurricane season. This is a good time to pull it out before have a hurricane coming. Let's start it up let's plug something into it was make sure it's working fine. If you haven't changed you'll change the you'll. I'm really hoping you get some stabilizer in the fuel tank. -- calamity coming with the carburetor that lesson you wanna do is wait for the hurricane. The you'll be docked and out of French doors saying oh look good try the generators -- it's still working -- that's that that points to play. And this is the weekend did you go by a hurricane prepared tennis or shared preparedness stuff. And our paychecks. Yes so get a -- -- it to them up to 15100 dollars of -- taxing. This is list if you planning on doing something. And you have the money to do it nail I suggest -- give it dumping thing tomorrow and what if you could buy cars saying that you might need that to escape. Hoping it works that way opera different general Paula Jones and home improvement show -- LaGrange. -- -- Edit. On what's in about Lauren -- strip more. All detest more the -- Swear. People be quiet now. Saw how long did -- stay in -- The click block. He mentioned it blocked vote will be -- -- -- been rated court down. To incorporate create court and then on on a bumpy indignity that. So -- -- -- -- put brig guard on the concrete and wood flooring on top of it. It. -- well it the more success you talk about -- is so it's really. Non scientific nor is it really give you a level of moisture content it is kind of tells you you have moisture that in that country. So tradition if you let the deficit to two hours and you remove that piece of plastic. And they hit moisture there at the you know it unity moisture problem. But it doesn't tell use how much of a problem. And so the only you can determine those actually get any moisture meter. And there are some special test. That you can use that which the meter to measure the content of moisture with index concrete -- it's a little bit different than would. The -- At march. Should he bought more caution people with more. -- absolutely outtakes and some ever precautions before a put any flooring bail whatsoever. So you would go outside and check to make sure you get good drinks were on the outside at your house. You to make sure that you -- -- be broken plumbing pipes of the bush has come like him once but vs all over. In different spots your house if it's coming different spots out and you conformist determined. Hey it's not a a plumbing -- it's you know a vapor barrier failure -- the -- But in the first on -- -- keep -- drains away from the out Tony -- Now what you have good drainage -- taking care -- sprinkler system from the -- is -- screens on your house. You can rest assured that you've done everything on the outside you can do to you next preparation is to. Prevent them more from coming through that country. That I never use red guard oil and a concrete slab. For more snow below I've used to part of proxies that a crawl on that worked very effectively. -- -- let me also point deceiving you in your -- you can start processing this. Is you don't want it just put a any wood flooring down there. You would like to put a flooring it on the air that is paper -- -- walls the bush to come through it. When when bush reasons paper statements gases stay in front of the recognition system so those type of -- that allow that. Would be ceramic -- natural stone you can actually get ceramic and looks like would you keep it you wouldn't go that route it would look. Wood floors typically -- with plastic on the floors do not. Because the polyurethane finish that -- on the -- you mentioned earlier did not let moisture comes rooms can accumulate there. It's gonna collect and you could have some problems. All right Paula you have -- -- your -- -- witness -- gonna come right back with more of your questions this is the home improvement show -- WWL. Every Saturday morning we get together with our construction consultant Paul Le grange with the greens consulting. For solutions. We try to answer all of your questions about home improvement repairs renovations or some -- -- your house and you're not exactly sure why it's happening or. Political to get something done about it listed as questions -- 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. Texas they Seve Seve will be right back on VW well it's a Saturday Memorial Day weekend and this is the home improvement show from -- Steve -- now on with Paula grange on every WL. Good morning and I was about cars. House probably about 35 years old on. Couple marker or not talk to when they went under -- salt gutters with. New aluminum and plastic or just for payroll. Well -- you know what does that galvanize gutters. I'm Maria -- have it got better. Could I think about the aluminum gutters as a seamless. And their bent on site to match yet statements sides of unity -- of your -- So they've worked very well difference causes. Audits and six -- Strapped internal. So the faster and -- -- -- and they they work very very well as if you look at for new gutters it's something that as you consider race. Repairing galvanized cutters some -- or that it's easy with thing. You know what she can obscure back up -- -- were -- were approved in the scenes in in the quarters and where those votes -- connect to it. So he can be done it is -- elect. A project of love so you wanna get up there and tinker with it can happen -- myself. If you're not that time. You know that I'm doing you'll have the skills that it. And it may be time to upgrade to them -- Islam. Sure you're wrote Merrill. Yes I would bless our best grade. -- Stephen have a great weekend. And program David you know on the home improvement show with all -- -- VW well. I have a little problem with dot probably. -- about two weeks ago in the we ran out -- almost. Would that -- -- cap. All the way to this is how to the city yes there -- went to the second cap and went to the second gap like. Not done that account like open some mop and all but I was one. Why is it get stopped like that cannot let up on my pipe broke what you know well. -- let me ask your question David. Where is your washing machine relation to these two stops in the toilets. Almost washing machine is when I'll walk out the side bill is right damn wars machine. And India. The -- is right across from meant maybe about a would have on door of the street. Okay what I have failed is that. Depending on the location of the washing machine that washing machine -- drains that -- water you force that pump forces what -- such great force. That I've seen a war to get into a -- being -- dale hill towards like you're you're sewer connection which -- streak and also back into the house. So that may be some of it. Maybe some of these you don't let little sagging your pipe. And that's why that you know that that waste and a total papers is sort of collecting right there. And an -- sag does overtime over the left the time it's accumulated buildup built up and you know when you -- ready to its second -- kind of pushed it through. As so you know he could be of a variety of reasons it doesn't actually have the means that you have broken pipe it to 2 PM sat in the pipe. Well what it would it would really happen is we're autos. Leakage through the cap. On the Acropolis. It was it was coming out on the cap -- could see no article. And and I knew someone thrown right back and now it's not yet it was blood collection you know. That's that's correct -- you get a big give big blockage so you have things ball if you believe it's come out there. Yeah okay so you suggest what would you suggest that if that happens again on the sport combined now. I mean but stuff. I think right now -- debuts -- the monitor what's happening. Pay attention to you how fast your -- flushes how fast the drains for you abilities and you tubs in the kitchen sinks operate. And start monitoring that if you see that happen again that you need to do some further investigation. He he could easily be the you know you use had a big clot can -- kept getting worse and worse and worse the right listen I've heard plumbers tell me. He would don't recommend Schulman told paper could show little paper. Clogs easier and pipes anything else I don't know if that's valid or true understanding the diplomacy of pull me. But apart from numerous climbers apparently in this -- something to it. And in and let -- say this that I'd buy -- products though and that's probably why they will fuss about me. And right I haven't had any issues with that but they say they they see it on a regular basis. Digger you know that helps you okay so Monday night weekend you teaser. -- here's a text is there a silicone that can be applied underwater. Or that's a unique question yes there is. Their -- a product call. Plumbers gold in the plumbers used a lot because plumbers have to do some towns like an emergency purposes six. Certain things with silicone while water whites wet or even -- water -- call plumber scored a comes in like a regular caucus silicone to. I'm not sure what local. Store will sell or carry it but it look for is out there. All right Paul we'll check with you next week thanks for being with us -- grange is with -- consulting the website is the -- consulting dot com phone number 985845. Touring -- 48. Sister company's energy -- solutions website is easiest IGS. The numbers 98559040. Went 67 toughest horse coming up after LSU Arkansas. Now pre game is coming up next wanted to John -- Syria producer what -- --