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05-24 3:10 pm The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

May 24, 2014|

Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks dining, recipes, food, wine, and cooking with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We do and and. The dump bump opening but but I upon them by an open to them about it. This is the most -- -- voice of your local announcer Tom Fitzmorris and this is the big 87 NE WWL -- WWL 105 point three FM. It's time now for the food show boat will a little. Past time. Scares me -- to get that out of the way. At a girlfriend -- one to believe it or not I did. It's only that I had the most macho sneezes she had ever heard the only time anyone has accused me of being macho and anyway. But I I save you from them in and take it off the wood just to we're always thinking -- -- it is so a busy day for those of us who love to -- -- love to would get into it. The U New Orleans wine and food experiences going on even as we speak. In fact it just couple of hours ago. The idea. Came to the end of me. Of a seminar that I give every year it's a different things -- Europe -- this year of the theme was restaurants that have had Renaissance -- You know often use of plural form of Renaissance to you. Restaurants that don't like to jags just last year almost disappeared. Managed to stay in place and boy are we glad of that. By you'll -- was two restaurants before what it is now Broussard has gone through three rebirth since its career. One of them in the last year. And let's see that was one of the when we had wells was all Marty's Marty's on. On rampart street. All of those. Have new shafts new owners new all kinds of things and we got all of those chefs and owners together and we talked about and we haven't cook some food for -- and we. Maximum winds up at them with them and that is what the New Orleans wine and food experience is about a lot of that kind of thing. If you went to I'd love to hear from you and I hear what it was that you had if you had anything good. Sorry about that and I just I've walked in here just all of a sudden and sneezing who was in here before. -- that say that explains everything. I it's all that he that he drinks you know that's it knee in the year. But if you've done -- one and food experience already what they're doing today it's pretty much same as what they did yesterday different wineries different restaurants but pretty much the same routine. The Greek festival -- you just heard during done Ames's news broadcast. That is happening. And that's a great event if you've never been that before you really look. It's all about obviously Greek food. The Greek orthodox cathedral over there on Robert. Is the oldest. Greek orthodox community in North America. To -- goes way way back. And back in the seventies they decided you know we need more of a church than we have here. So they started this festival to raise money for it and it was much smaller I remember going to a wave back win. And but it's always been a lot of fun and keeps getting bigger and bigger every year. And it's very family friendly and you don't have to be Greek and you don't have to be a Greek orthodox person. On this no religious aspect to it all in fact unless you wanna take a tour of the church of the cathedral there that is a very much worthwhile. And and then they of the Greek dancers who are amazing. The its young people in their late teens early twenties. They -- in the prime of physical condition. And the reason I say that is set although. The girls are they have great costumes and they have great moves. The guy -- Aren't doing -- feats. -- just sheer strength. You can say that oftentimes they pick up the women and they took -- like. Holding them up in the air I mean it's it's just something you gotta see it says that these guys have got to be in the best dimensional physical condition that to pull something like that off it's it's really great. And then there's all the food there is a guy who is roasting. Whole Williams. He tells me that he will do a hundred or more of them over the weekend. And they have all those the desserts that the Greeks make the ladies of the community. They come together they start doing this months and months ahead of time because they -- so many of them and they're all kind of home baked you know. And it's really terrific. 260630. And we will wrong number already 260. 1870. Is a telephone number we'd love to talk with you but eating about drinking about restaurants cooking wine. -- creek wind Greek food Greek anything or not. I have Leo. -- have a baby. A standard question. That like you to answer. If you have no other thing. To call me about assemblage of a call one way or the other you really don't need a topic if you call will figure something out. But if you love would answer this question we would come up with a very interest in answer I think. And it would be something I think you'd like to talk about. It something I'd like to hear about. And here it is this is the question what is your favorite. Restaurant. Period it's the most obvious possible question on the show like this. If you could say there there are other shows like this. And it's it's very simple it is not just the same as this question what's the best investment in town that's a different question. What's your favorite. Restaurant. Tell -- that. Explain it if you want to where he could just tell me you know what you like there. 260187. I would to my favorite restaurant last night -- coincident. I walked I. Just had a we had loose time yesterday which is not something like it very often. And I have a minute and once in quite a while. Months. And at -- is my favorite restaurant. It's I would not say it's the best investment in anyway. It's not the best food it's not the best service they don't have the best ones they have held blameless but it's not the best -- There's you know and and really nothing about it would be at the top of very many lists maybe one -- two. But you take the whole package together. And you add to with a guy like me. Who is as New Orleans a person as you'll ever meet I mean I might not sound like it. But I am annoyed about I'd just -- New Orleans styles away. And I just -- whenever I go there right feel great about it. And always run into people like no in the whole staff there seems -- -- to know me it's not just because when I do but. This is something that regular customers and at once again it's kind of normal. And I just had a great evening and and what happened is shortly after I sat down there was such a couple. That set down at the table immediately. Next to mine. End. I heard the guy held the waiter that it was his sixtieth birthday. And I thought about that for a minute after I wasn't eavesdropping on and I just happened to hear that in fact I did hear another thing that they said. And I called my waiter over NASA's atlas and I'd like to do something I'd like. For you to make a baked Alaska. With happy sixtieth birthday -- You if you get a baked Alaskan and Quincy bright things on the side at the of video of the -- there and they said sure -- do that sit up and bring it to this guy here. And put put it on my bill. And and they did and as soon as they brought the baked Alaska who walked over there and I said to excuse me you don't know me and I really wasn't listening to your conversation at all just. Happening here it's your sixtieth birthday that means you and I have something -- content. I spent my sixtieth birthday here too. Three years ago. And so congratulations then enjoy the baked Alaska. You know what I felt real good about that. I don't there's not much to it but that's something I'd recommend you do have no idea who this guy is he was in town from San Antonio Texas. I hope be enjoyed. 26063. Votes 260187. Me here is Jim Jim welcome to the food show. Hey Jim you there. It's -- buttons down. No he's gone. Move on and he says. Lot -- is that I can can't quite make up this name. The outcomes by what's your name -- for a lot true all at any Q. I recognize that and -- get out of all the different things they leave me that I know some of us. Exactly. -- question about that new restaurant on the North Shore and it opened radio and -- -- restaurant. A long time ago Yahoo! has been about 34 restaurants since that I know. I do not know all I saw -- I drive in front of it every day. But I AM haven't been there yet because it's brand new and I don't think it's a good idea to go to bring new restaurants so I don't mind. Yeah. Yeah and but I don't know anything about it I don't know who they are I I heard a rumor that its Middle Eastern. Right that's all I know about it and I'm not even sure that. Well -- kind note in the game I've seen that on a restaurant in Dubai. So yeah I thought maybe -- mall on -- Year. I'm -- that denunciation of the that would be it French nation which I would imagine -- in the Middle Eastern inauguration. But at any rate it's what I wanted to know. Well I'm sorry I don't know but maybe somebody listening to us has been there already and know we can find out something by having them call us. Great thank god thank you gamble I've been looking at this place but I don't know what it is. And here is Carlo Carlo welcome. Aaron -- I'm doing fine. And there look you're reviewed available Barack. Well I just walked in front of it about the two hours ago Robert. I didn't go there that that that time it is good it's -- it's a steak house ready it's a different kind of steak house than anything you've ever been to unless you've been to Argentina. Of world war if you no wait this is not the same thing as Brazil. Are you know if you thinking of those Brazilian steakhouse is where they come out with the swords with the -- All you can eat. Our lawyers are all you can stand if you ask me how accurate. Are never. This is very different this is. They have all the regular state cuts if you wonderfully you're revive. The strip sirloin knowing you know any of that they have it. But they also do a flat iron steak they do hanger -- they do well this kind of beef called a mock. They have I think the very best thing they have is skirt -- actually they marinated. They have a flank -- -- a few other things they do it all on a real hot grill. They have fantastically. Good fresh cut French Fries these big big asparagus that they run over the grill. And it'll -- a few other things but it's it's pretty darn good and the price is better than most first class steak -- to. Eric where you going to let the -- like. Thank you good all right let me know -- Diego whether it is any good and conducive it's nearly as Barbara. -- -- -- Good I'm doing -- welcome to a little show. Well thank you being here out on -- or leaning in Indian -- and you call that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There yet. -- salt chain restaurants everywhere you go it's chain restaurants. So -- -- end in Louisiana people and Allah that. And figured out why Barbara -- had not opened up but -- make up short. Yeah well that could be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- share in the same. Issue here and I'll say. Enders and talent. The -- on Iraq. And are under which a lot. Or -- And. Haas is out and in no lake feel the other ones. Well elect you. Nine record a parent hand. The that. Impact upon. It -- -- at an. As -- old poor -- bakery. I remember that well I was that you know at that time we used to go there all the time. Let's try and battle. It in terms of giving. Visitor or don't play the New Orleans that are reflected got. Yeah well you know that's that's a good four boy shot. No doubt about that. Very. Apple and just some debate beat every day. -- -- -- he's an interesting guy to lifted the old man I guess if it's his son running the one in in lake view. How has he ever told you why he's called Collins with the with that came from. You -- now being it no it's been it was. Someone -- -- you know the pilot. It was -- it it's the guy who owned the with the old poor boy big creek. -- he was get -- and years and what his real name I can't think of it right now anyway. He he was working and he was he was very young -- like fifteen years old or something like that. And he was just like working up a storm around the place. And that the guy who owned the place gave him the nickname kamikaze without an airplane we shortened to causes. -- ago. No I'm not very good. That's the true story he told me that himself. What -- a little if you ever order it. -- ball boy or a little bit for the gumbo on -- side and you protect gumbo on that credit -- globally and it did not. That's sounds good. What thank you nice talking you it is the food show on the big gates have any WWL -- WW -- five point three FM. This is Tom Fitzmorris we will be back with more of the food show in just a moment but first if you will this. Dude dude dude -- that DeLia step up but hello it is seafood show. It's the big 87 EW WL -- WWO 105 point three FM and here is Jim. You know -- tell you. You. That are restaurant gears to children. I think I -- to Q you don't hear my life. -- That rate. Much sequential -- year. EB. He is currently in place user's local heritage. Now. I had the ten years ago where her -- peculiar little -- in the world or -- order or you know. World -- the ball works. Why we want this. -- You do you have do you have good teeth. Okay Kazaa I don't have particularly good -- I can't even begin to eat that. Are. You know you could you might be able to buy this just like off the shelf in the supermarket. In the -- you know there there -- city like pork belly. You -- certainly by that they didn't call -- -- college you know on sliced. Pork fat I -- what it was whether they called port not pork fat that's that it's you'll see it down there in the bottom it's almost entirely fat that's a little bit -- -- -- like. The media. It's all right to -- board's yours -- like I guess. It's no it's -- its actual its actual -- this is pork belly but it's. It's fairly fatty and you it's the kind of thing you would shop up into chunks and throw and you got a red beans in the year. You know Sierra -- all due to reduced two to get some of the fat going in and you. Mean. Sought to a year onions and peppers are. But. If you work to take that stuff and slice it but maybe. It. An eighth of an inch thick and then slices about maybe 45 inches long and I'm in a microwave covered with. Aluminum that will be for no absolutely never aluminum for. Paper towels. And then just like in in the microwave I think it would go less than full power but maybe 80%. And just let it. Gorham until it its crest. And this very close to what you -- looking for. Then justice. You know a bigger topic -- irony or I don't view you put you open court. Pop some sort of like. Or actual. -- I kid -- not. Well better you than me. Well all I can think of to say it means to. Our. Well if you find any call us up -- your results are. Great they are. Does anyone know what the heck he's talking about this country 260. 187 meet. And oh by the way you can text us over here if you like. If that more comfortable for you 87087087. He would -- just to those general. 87878. And then you can in this in this text message from yours Smartphone or aware of the use for that. And I will read it in our spare moments. We don't have one of those right now because here is Richard Richard. A -- or brought. An actual -- -- income it. Popcorn. And get him Equity. One that you managed very Paramount. -- -- -- -- -- Does it isn't very lightly. Our very -- -- Are at. An optical -- like Belichick Iran's OK now I know exactly which you talk about. Well what I just told him to do. Would work out that's how you make that. That they have. Microwave popcorn during much -- it now general. Okay well I think we've gotten to the bottom of it that. Thank you. And I hope I never hear about it again to 60. When -- 72601870. This is the food show. -- -- due to Memorial Day weekend. New Orleans wine and food experience in news -- C -- kick that off at 2 o'clock they have another hour and a half to go on that. Great event. 129. Dollars I think it is to attend. Hundreds of wine it's -- I'm not exaggerating they really do have hundreds of wines to taste. And a lot of restaurants are putting out their food. And has always been a great event except for one thing and if we get some time I want to talk about this. Something that I think went off the rails this year for the -- food here is the shock. I think. I'm a believer and so it's Paul I'm sorry Paula welcome to the future Jacques hang on -- -- Here. Do you. Go oh. At Google -- Super Wal-Mart. And it's getting more in our promising by the moment. -- at all okay. I've -- this morning. In. Powell there is another great source of great taste. -- -- -- -- Like that it and then. There and -- -- -- Okay well -- that we're we're learning more and more as we go. What thank you thank you very much so yeah. Isn't that amazing ladies and gentlemen. Here is jock again and sorry -- I was pushed the wrong button welcome. But Jack I'm sorry it. And I are all familiar -- -- anymore. Dave Lagarde yeah he calls me a renewed you know. Jack had no effect a little. -- camp OK and I get a good primary. -- -- -- -- Not many restaurants do it this is a dish I'm afraid I have to tell you that is gone way out of bulk. I open. It I'm gonna tell you some places are probably the best in town and this is gonna surprise you. Is is probably K Paul's. -- he -- prime beef it's it you know that the word crime has two different meanings and you can have both of them at the same time or one and not the other or not at all. Right in this case it's US TA prime meaning that's the grade of the college that that came from. And it's also prime. Prime rib because it's one of the back seven ribs which are the brass ones. And so. This is what you have. And that's the best you can buy and they they blackened and I think is what they do I'm I'm pretty sure that's what it is if it's not that. It's something real good concise here have handed a couple times. And I you people call me about it who loved it. Another police in this will subprime issue also is crazy Johnny's out in Metairie they've always had. And they do a nice job with you know it's a they've ever since they fix the place up but made it look less like a bar and more like a restaurant it's been a more pleasant place to eat. But if the government as -- haven't been simply gone well they've they've it's as good as OPEC I'd drop it. Frankie no I'm dropped. Yup I'm crazy -- know what was about to happen. Was Johnny who's a girl by the way. Johnny Schramm. Said that she was gonna retire. And everybody when -- Over the idea of her retiring in shutting the place down. So she changed him in and she decided to stay open pro so -- So she's she's still there and the and it's still rolling in May still have the prime -- All his kids -- in court ordered. You know it should. Well all you have to walk hold block to get there a while you're mutual model should understand why -- a problem. It will restore and changed it all right. Whatever that means thank you. It is seafood try and have to stop -- doing here is slowly and -- welcome. Hello count. I'm sorry it's not about the demand what was think. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the and the type in the name was Jerry Kelly Jerry ceiling. You know yeah. If you. Had -- -- -- -- -- I do it's an ancient green. That was. Eat it was a four bear of -- I always get this confused but I think this is it's a four bear of what is now wheat but we -- as we know it. Back in late let's see 2000 BC. I mean you have not he's. I'm a meat and I think I'm not exaggerating at all I mean -- these are the cultivation of grains was going on big time by them and the grains that they -- Where that and -- corn and in this a couple of others in the air -- EM MER. And all of these go way way back but over time you know you talk about 4000 years. Today the species has evolves the greens have changed to be more like what people like to eat. -- don't see it anymore although it's making a big comeback among gourmet types and in Italy they never did stop beating they've always headed -- It's going to be the next. -- able to kick in the tail open up and you. See one guy like. Well I've never -- but there. It's not bad -- It hasn't interest in slightly a niece flavor to that I think. And I. I don't care -- it's kind of funny thing I don't like my good. That's not mean you have an open mind just like this and I I don't have an educated. So god and what degree does your -- all right -- masters at. Bentley. Who is it anyway. Nice and you and I -- 260. 187 -- break time we will take break we will come back with more of our little broadcaster Rooney in just a moment but first please this. But. That. Up up but deep Italy about hello it's the food show it is. 260187. If you wanna call. We'd love to hear from you. My a question. Which I just started asking the few weeks ago. It's so obviously can't believe I didn't think of this before it's the thing I wanna -- from new more than anything else. What's your favorite restaurant. I don't get a Tellme. Excuse me. And got a frog in my throat first -- panel day anyway. What. A where was. Yeah what's your favorite -- not what's the best restaurant in town. That's a different answer different story what's your favorite restaurant it could be a little neighborhood joint. It could be a big fancy restaurant it could be a Chinese place it could be just about anything. -- may affect it could be anything. Tell me the answer to that. And be prepared to move let me ask you what it is you like like about it so much. And then we will discover this restaurant which I'll -- most people listening to us right now have never been to. That's why what you call. 2606368. Over here on the oh I'm sorry identity and CI all in all week long. Three hours today. I host this exact same show. With a different audience on a different radio station -- -- locals on the war -- station. WW WL. From. Noon -- 3M. So accustomed to giving that other number that just spots out of him up I can help us. But anyway here's some. Places that some some people who have posted on our. On our text stream here's someone who says meat -- any good when -- in -- in New Orleans. In restaurants not that many. For awhile they had some really great when it's over at Charlie's. In Harry hand and then frank -- and dumped out of it -- it was the end that I could definitely be working for who was making fantastically. Good. Meat pies I don't know whether this still selling them they may will be. But those were really good also I find that the one so -- The -- seafood restaurant on Metairie road they have pretty good. Meat pies if you know of was some more good -- called me and tell me about it. Here's one that says. That little up and down line thing and then -- K and then the word you. And then period. Followed by Francine muffled let 20 so misspelling of -- let. I guess we can just pass that would -- It's been says good afternoon -- mr. Fitzmorris what thank you very much. Where you are. Do you know anything about the history and we're to purchase the dry pasta conflict who. Sort of a half scale size -- Tony you have this little tiny. Pastas like that all over the place if you wanna get the biggest assortment of -- as you've ever seen in your life coated nor Joseph imports. On Metairie road just it's not on battery runs to block off Metairie -- on Frisco. Avenue. Frisco runs right next -- the railroad tracks when you're heading out -- Metairie road you go over the railroad tracks and is your turn as you're coming down though. The hump there you take a sharp right and eagle on half a block a and and you'll see. If he doesn't have it. It he may have it under a different name. Italians give different names to what looked to us like the same -- For example someone tell me the difference between must actually and -- There -- one. To six so. 187 me. And over here is Ron Ron welcome. Eight there. -- -- call about some farmers have been told them that my estimation and I don't want to there's a place and read it and -- called. The ridge the -- -- they are the page chart it's on. Especially. In its 1690. -- and I need that. It's very good that we shall. But you know he posted. They would -- that hole and then they slice later right right on flight will Leadbetter or. -- primary a nice juicy. Yet -- bill that is just excellent especially by sixteen anybody come you are so inside edition. Excellent excellent job that would every Saturday night and I would certainly John McCain also apartment but I agree others. The buyer for it -- where. But you'd have to. You lower than you know I mean this guy never bought anything but the best the best -- That the best. Thing no substitute. All. You know like that but first couple months -- -- well can't get that budget that -- get any. That we would give primary and from you know what what what took place here in the city and we age 28 days. Yeah it -- and so that he has signed the bill would runner is Saturday's match. Got him first among other as well coming out our old cooler so the age. And I was like today but he he but -- -- -- it's horrible but split one east awful. But -- -- carpet outside chapel that form there and that is the most beautiful. Planet. -- if it blackened and -- it to me and not record of law partner. A fantastic chocolate and now. Well thanks for that. Separate line but I do have to stop we're doing can keep them I'm I'm I'm I'm a little squeeze in one more. Johnny how does it feel to be squeezed. Johnny come tiger welcome to the -- thank you. Seafood seafood. -- -- activity in court you be to stick. Alike youngsters like -- -- and -- always a good place good prices to -- yeah. Just posted a host -- wait for a table these -- I haven't been there in a while I'm overdue to get there. You know still like that. Yeah well you know it's great that you can always have a drinking you know people there right unless you don't know. From the west banks don't know I don't know anybody that. When they -- -- thank you thank you we will come back with more of -- -- in a moment but first please this. And. Hello it is the food show somebody just text message this. Why can't Tom just say which restaurants set. And and what that means raided. The best in New Orleans that's all I'm trying to find out OK we'll if you want that. Go to my website no menu dot com I have a list of every restaurant in town that is open. I have -- but. About a half of them are rated with stars and all the top places in fact have a separate list. That is what is wonderful. All my website thank you. That there is a list of the top 350. Restaurants in order there's so I've got that covered it's just -- up the next. Real good conversation on the radio that's why bring up what say you know what's your favorite rest. And that way we -- analyst. It's do we have time to talk to somebody. No we don't have any time. This we have the news coming up in about a minute in one minute -- and read some of these of things. Italian salad duties in McComb no contest or yes there is a contest unless your definition of an Italian restaurant is a place like. Selling -- which is a great great restaurant four stars infected just did a brand new review of him. Four stars is. Almost five stars obviously but I don't give many fives. And I and it's a great place. But. If there are a lot of other Italian restaurants out there and the news they're all different. And if for what a place needs to be for you is to be like. Salad -- go to -- -- Of it that's what you ought to go really. WWL radio New Orleans WWL FM HD 110 -- New Orleans where the news is next over most of these same frequencies. From CBS the Columbia broadcasting system at 4 o'clock stay -- thank you.

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