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WWL>Topics>>05-24 4:10 pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

05-24 4:10 pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

May 24, 2014|

Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks dining, recipes, food, wine, and cooking with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The million kilowatts of power. Heading out in at 360. Degrees circle taking in all of North America. On good nights. And most of the -- the southeastern part of June America. Just right now. Since 1922. WWL New Orleans first radio station. And WWL one of five point three FM New Orleans first FM frequency. This is Tom Fitzmorris with the second chorus of the food show. Our program of eating and drinking and restaurants and cooking and New Orleans longest running Tokyo. 260187. He is our number and now that we bragged incessantly. We'd love to hear from you but though where you've been eating what's your favorite restaurant that's our stock question. I find that a very interesting thing to know. Tell me what your favorite restaurant news. And I'll tell you who you are no I'm not even gonna bother with that I just wanna hear what it is that you love about whenever restaurant that is. And tell me. Tell me with that with that could be and that doesn't have to be fancy. I'm not asking you for the best restaurant in town and talking by your favorite which might be the best questions in town to. But -- let's let's talk about it 260187. Me. 2601870. Bunch of interesting things have been brought up over here on the text streaming over here. Off for example. I don't know if you've been there but Bosco is Italian restaurant in May and bill is amazing I am told yes indeed guys have been going here since it first opened. Tony Bosco ye young guy when he started to these he has that is it twenty years yet that sure. It's at least ten I know he's over ten years old there but that's a great little restaurant. Oh god don't negro someone says I guess that means and it's their favorite restaurant. When us here this is interest in we were talking last hour above it. Believe it -- not microwave global. Pork skin cancers something like that what was it -- bunker -- -- -- Was don't a it'd. Anyway. Someone says here that if you go to hoops -- degree. They have this candy coated -- tall. Which are pork skins which is what we were talking about. Made fresh to order is an appetizer I can believe that that guy -- hoops. He's terrific he does all these meats and kind of cajun style sausages and stuff in the house and the has a lot of other good food to infect my favorite food over the years. Not the sausages meets in Albany seafood I find very good troops need to -- is on Carrollton avenue north Carrollton sort of towards city park. On the corner of -- Good place. Someone asks hi Thomas a true but how many units would be Tommy -- time -- Buying crazy Johnny's another person writes and says it is true. I haven't checked it out with Tommy's out of it yet but I heard some talk about it. So maybe so if Johnny. Wants to retire now and I know she does -- she tried to do with his our customers with a letter. And here is grant. Grant will -- eight there -- You'd -- in the trailer restaurant. -- your favor -- My favorite restaurant. -- all. Could be. The ball to borrow the only. In -- Where they've been gone for years. -- army guard him. On an adequate and acceptable and okay -- it. -- -- -- be -- figured the. Well it's the one that's going on right now the New Orleans wine and food experience is absolutely the best food event of the entire year. I well. -- you know that's that's kind of temple all over on the gourmet side thinks -- -- -- and a gourmet an agreement in the same thing but the I would say the ability beyond that. The French Quarter festival is just great and that the that the jazz festival food is is very consistently. Good -- hardly change anything this year there was only one new restaurant and too old -- -- -- that's the only change in him in. The jazz festival this year. But they have a good bunch of people there so it works. Well according to the border -- -- -- choir at church in Britain that let me yeah. -- permanent cease and or at least be yeah. -- -- Trial for -- -- crawl creation although home called for cocoa futures -- -- -- well yeah. On we're exact tell me where this is exactly. Its own beat church a church in what we've been deficit in waves no -- court today or tomorrow all right. And start to reach him yet the pay all the indigo. -- -- -- and you just pay for your food and you important church. All right well thank you very much of that. You are sharing drug scene that's so over there and -- like -- well within our listening area and here is picky. Hi. I'm I'm calling about the restaurant. That is why I played between central and clear view that the -- at the. Testes -- has -- -- has that a long history. On they go back to the days the the family that runs it used to have arrest on the island Jefferson highway called the club ninety which went went back to the forties. Is when they first opened in 1940s. And I used to go there because I lived around the corner from. And Betsy I think it was Betsy that's -- the doubt. But they do -- it's a great little place a neighborhood food and it's one of only three restaurants in New Orleans that still have on their menu that term -- salad. -- It's pretty. Well probably that everything everything delicious yeah and that's -- everything. -- -- -- -- come. When you. But I am completely checked into. We end up. Galicia. The chicken -- was completely. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then -- at all. Eating -- -- and and a lot of that -- and make. You go. Out. Thank you come. What nice hearing from Syria and last time I went there. I ran into. My godmother. -- I haven't seen in fifty years. What are the chances. The name of this place is -- sees its it is indeed is good is she said it is it's on wood Lawton street. Just off airline highway on the on the late side of airline highway would law and he's one block before you get to clear view. So would do you know when you see the clear view light. Just you know that last street before you get to clear -- take a right and head toward the lake but the only -- about a half a block and you'll see that big neon sign. Very good TSE's TE SS IE apostrophe S. And here's Tom Tom welcome. -- -- -- Not upscale LA restaurant and it's life is like -- is which one the one -- won by elements that okay. Wish they would do -- And I don't know why they don't. Wish they'd take credit cards. And yeah. They have an ATM but you know that and that means that you know everything's gonna cost you three dollars more. I try. I have added despair that. I didn't want again. Yeah it's pretty good. Did that I you know I saw there that I've never seen in any other restaurant in New Orleans ever. A certain time a year when they have stuff -- courts. It never have it what. A -- -- it is up on squash it to green squash about two feet long eighteen inches to two feet long. And the -- of people grow up their fences you know you bits of line and it makes these things. And they tell a lot of jokes about it because of the shape you know at this -- you know. And I went there once they have stuff -- it's with I think it was shrimp and bread crumbs garlic and all that. And a deficit that's only time I've ever seen that on amid. -- as it always has been. -- like everything. Outlook oh well there you -- The -- -- well thank you enjoy Asia thank you I appreciate that here is meant. Yeah. And I. -- Or. What is it that. Oh yeah. Yeah. And they Sunday. Night. Yeah I got. -- I think the stakes are very very good. Is no question about it's a neat environment. And and I I thought it was a very Smart move because they bought that building next door and the reason they did. Up next door to the original gala -- they bought the building right next to it. And the reason they did that is so they could build some -- banquet speech which they didn't you know they had a little bit of it but it really wasn't that much. And done now they have you know we can do private parties up though like I think 600 people. And but they didn't know what to put on the ground floor and somebody I don't know hole but it was a great thought. Decided to to put a steak house down there and I think that was just right. And it's it's worked out pretty well for me tell. I think that you. Oh thank you. See that's like gala it was 33. A bar and state that's the name of it and the 33 is the address of the -- building when it was first built they have a different numbering system back then. And when they were going through and renovating that they found an -- hunk of column that still had the 33 on and they said what's this about they did a little research and they found out. 26 so. 1870. And here is penny. Though just call me uncle. -- Do you. I don't I I wish I did. It. I'm have to live in the just plain old house armed -- As director and one. Double. Oh yes we don't -- it. And Clancy's you know it's funny. In in once sense those two places have nothing in common at all but in another sense they're a lot. In common with each. -- the -- very traditional. You. Want. In. One -- Italian -- met at the at the web at that every time they tell someone that they are not aware. So let's see maybe you are. I think they make one of the best versions of turtle soup anywhere in this it's -- old fashioned recipe and I just laugh. Well I'll try to. I get it checked. Out there trying to turtle soup you'll definitely be impressed I really good. That's that's at the web. And Clancy still Clancy's -- creeks. -- My pleasure thank you. Thirteen fifty groups use me wrong frequency. And I do it so often and it's the -- 870 WW will really -- Cheri -- Or as far -- as they would say in Spain. -- -- who help them. My anger on in the -- room it's. Yeah. Economic and upgrade one. Have a good turtle soup but they haven't even bettors who. In my opinion in just right. The the we support troops in there you. That I think it's the best in town. -- You know you know the dirty secret about the journals. While the amount. -- only cherry internal soup at the table like it when cooking but the but but he but here's something maybe you did -- -- this should not affect your liking it is it's still -- it. There's no turtle -- None. And and they haven't done that well turtles -- again. And that's the reason but it doesn't matter because it's still good. Want it's wonderful yeah yeah yeah. We've -- -- -- are not in. The -- but I love the pepper mill. -- The end of it felt like a. And that help they have a problem. That is it's very vexing. It because. It has been so good for so long consistent. -- they opened up back in the early seventies. That they have a lot of regular customers who started going there when they were in their thirties or maybe forties and all those people are in there seventies and I mean he's. And they fill the place up they still go there all the time because they love it. And be content that. Went younger people go there they look around and they -- these old people. And they say what am I doing here and they leave and it's a shame because if food has the patience. I. -- ignorant. For what was the average age deceased. And with. Hello I mean it's -- -- feel comfortable in America's criminal who Peru myself. Well. And honor. -- Isn't that a -- But you know if you go there and you get for example my favorite dish that they do is called oysters Rick Bono it's kind of Italian style baked oysters with the bread -- in the garlic in the olive oil they put mushrooms in -- which is a little different from what you find it could eat that till the cows come home I love that -- I don't know why it's a wonderful it's my appetite. Relations. Are. -- And really stay nice nice. Really nice people yeah. Vincent brick Bono and his sister I think is backing and again. In their intensity trusting Becker and you know that's the old buck 49 steak house. There are. Those putts that's who started it it was the white guy who started the buck 49 steak house and and we. He said well largest ever restaurant then not be the end of that and then what happens all the buck 49 went down with the pepper mill is still there. And balance of 10. It's not a change in scenic. Lot of labor in Paris credit -- -- issue. We will come back -- more of our little broadcast in just a moment but first please this. Good the dream in my. It. Without the love of my own. Gloria blue moon. It's Preston. Preston welcome to the food show. There our our favorite restaurant after Gallagher grow in coming tool it's good news. Well I had -- Never. What's what's it's stuffed with cream cheese you wanna lack -- she can do stuff with cream cheese. Out of that oral. What mainly when I go there I'm. Its stake is always on my mind he tells me that 80% of his orders of the state which surprises me. But it's all prime beef he he was the executive chef at Ruth's Chris Steak House before. He -- that place. I think -- food is great and it if you can get out there without eating a whole stick of butter. He rarely got in some. -- that he loves he loves put that butter and cream in the air and of course I'd love to eat it -- And none of it some time yeah. Yeah and great great place I've and a nice guy too. Yet -- nice good good rinks. In the bar and you -- -- bill very generous with the drugs. Short. But thank you. Answer. -- too it's a food show on the brigades have any WWL. 2601870. -- right now get right leaving -- we've been busy but just now. -- on some of these text messages here. Says here I looked up on line recently. Whether or not any restaurant in New Orleans have Michelin stars to my surprise. -- head injuries that's true if so what are -- And that's where it ends. -- should land. MI CH EL IE and it's the same. Name is the people that make them the tires and and the reason for that is that is it's actually the same company and they started doing guidebooks. To France. It's a French company itself by the name won't be sure that. If they started. Doing these books guidebooks to. Eating out and hotels and everything. Are all in the countryside in France. Back in I wanna say that the twenty's and thirty's believe it goes back a long way. And they became the definitive. Restaurant guide to Europe and they steal and that's you you're not getting anywhere on the ship them a mutually star. And if you have one star you're really release on. If you -- who stars your extraordinary if you have three stars you walk on water and it really is that tough to get in there. And the reason that no New Orleans restaurants have Michelin stars is that Michelin does not publish in a while and -- and that's the end of that. 260. When a seventy here. Is. It some Mike Mike welcome. -- -- -- -- -- Are talking -- you -- it happened. One day. What are you are correct the Florida -- -- I do indeed. Itself. And it's easy to get to if you go to no menu dot com and then you click on recipes. In this that little thing -- dropped and that -- recipes a disease click on that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ottawa -- while more -- in the ship went about merit at all yeah Brian Campbell Jews. Be all that make the world and it really does it takes -- the honesty and and -- Cutler are what our Brooke albeit I'm corporate Lola. Yeah they -- to make it simple I just give you an overview of it you can look at the 21 on line. Basically which have to do with prime rib is yet to do something to get a little crossed on the outside. And then you wanna cook most of it though at a low enough temperature that it stays kind of soft almost in very very juicy this is what you want. In a prime rib you don't want it to be -- like a state. And so there's some many options you can use everything from starting off with a real real hot oven and then taking it down. Or you could started off on your grill outside and then bring it inside to finish it. But I've got all that in there for. But very hurt -- it would not all show and in their arms are recording. They'll cook and really. I. -- whatever action. Revised. If -- Try to are real. -- Are doing so well. And were you there and -- about -- and -- -- at all. It brought the current crop on the outside -- bunker there. That you -- -- never heard of that but I electric and we're not like real rare and I don't like movement on the outside are there you go. Terrible detail. That's I mean we don't need a video every. Thank you see. 260. 187 -- website address is. No menu dot com and OME and you dot com I have. About 700 of my recipes there. I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 no but 300 restaurant full. Detailed restaurant reviews. A lot of top twelve lists a lot of the other kind of stuff. And I put out an issue with -- about five or six articles every weekday. And you can get it for nothing. If you go to no menu dot com. And a click on the thing that says I think welcome and you see something that says you can sign up for the daily newsletter for free. And that's really true and I promise you I'm the only one whoever touches this and do it all myself. The I don't use your name and address for anything else and I don't even use it it myself for anything else and I sure don't give to anybody else you don't have -- -- So anyway. Love to have you on our list no menu dot com is the website to 60. 260187. Me. Who's next nobody know we're working up to somebody who's next. If somebody on hold we're about to have them ready if you call right now 260187. You may well. Beat this person -- don't know I guess. Maybe still yet Michelle welcome to the food show. Don't you -- -- and it works he can. Recognize there -- You mean in Atlanta and it. Question why isn't an issue. At home and. Born and that's a that's a very good investment born. And that sometimes which they -- -- -- can you do and what you candidate especially under pretty. Regularly. It was huge this. Is the -- as national night. I'm a little out. It's a little loud but all restaurants are a little -- some -- lot allowed. That's that one's a good place it's that's John bashes restaurant one of his -- And the shift there is a great guy young guy by the name. Okay it's because I'm trying to think of his name I can't think to Brian -- that's his name and number I'm proud to say that he's a jazz with the way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm not currently fairly often in. Cash. And and what she hasn't -- you're acting -- Italian says. We you know likely an -- that we can afford. To actually get Russia congratulations -- -- -- after graduation lunch and Andre. You know. It would get this great web site which you get to. Great that I -- the -- national militia as well that certainly and a -- answer or something. That he. But how I feel about it is it's good but it's not great -- -- -- used to be great. Yeah. But he is the city. Item to give you one that you're not gonna go to because it's across a lake when I got to tell you anyway it's called -- A Dell or toe it's in the middle of downtown Covington old part talent. -- -- DE LL. PO RT old del Porto see. Or she yeah. It's great but aside from that putting that aside it's it's it's in the it's different too it's a northern Italian restaurant with a right. Very little red -- -- -- -- just delicious delicious. I think I'd like the in the two in the -- those restaurants -- Judy to Olympus stylus. A I think I yeah I think he really do a great job Vincent's I've always loved his food is places are not much on books but there. The food is always Forestar. And I can Iran -- it. One in moved as one on. On saint Charles avenue at the corner affirmed which is right just two blocks before the street court. And the and the other one is the other wins in Metairie just off -- west esplanade and trans continental but to both delicious places to eat. And Vincent's. The other. BI and CT and T apostrophe yes. Vincent's yes. I. Think that YouTube it's the food show and here. Is Gary Gary welcome. And Iraq are counseling. Job after you were. Not Old Westbury. Cultural captured. Jews can't thank you Bernard we always look cool or you'll don't go. -- that's helping me at all -- and our -- -- article or in. Want or. Old can. Our armored car or character reactions to her or mark roe vs rural. Output could afford our costs for Ecuador crawled. Property and go out wonderfully cooperative. And. Is it the same and Guile of a you know New Orleans. Food -- -- -- -- -- Reverend Wright daily. Appealing Leo you know white being doctored ball drop -- It to a captain George go to so. Broke captors were. All more -- right with who it is. The open for lunch and dinner or just lunch. And or breakfast okay. It did its part or. Go to. -- -- You -- going back on amber Republicans. -- Chrysler there in terms Syria default auction or. But it really meal all -- -- time to an -- Well -- why I I don't I'm not familiar with the but I would add it to my analyst thank you. Prepare our our lord you know and put her arm problem. Let's go -- local orchard are we love them are either correct what they cute nice talking you. Joe's place don't know. -- Want to short ball. Signature. Of the each day yes much. To him that supplement out right. The best of Vijay in town is that real more are -- and they are all run together. It's on the corner of south Peters. And Julia street so it's a block away from animals. And it and it's it's a Spanish restaurant even though really severe Cheney. Didn't come from Spain it came from South America it came from Peru is where. Where some -- is from. Anyway you go over the air and on any given night they'll have like four or five different countries of each day and we'll go to combo plate. It's not just different kinds of seafood it's different marinades to mean -- it's very very interesting but that's -- that's the best their -- Well that's where military action. A complete when a model now and well. And navigation are involved attack there's trouble in the genetic mothers. The velvet cactus. IE have only had limited. Experience with it's mainly a Mexican restaurant they probably do have some -- on the menu. All -- out what -- do it actually horrible. This you know what everybody else out there and that this should generate work. Oh OK okay -- You don't have to run run into the ground but with them -- thanks for calling. Nice talking you it's the food chill we will resume. What. Were you waving at me to take a break what's that mean what's. What's this would mean I touch this 19 knew but I didn't notice when. You know what's one night. It does yeah I know. 260187. -- we will return with more of the food show -- the first -- that's. And it. Dust yourself off start all over again it's the food show. Casey is here on -- how you. -- You know Republicans are some good rebel and it -- in a moment or short be even better throughout the great. Is the best were Soto in the whole area is in fact on the North Shore. It is -- port to I was talking about it a minute ago it's in. Downtown Covington it's right across from the old court house so on the corner of Boston and New Hampshire. Terrific. And they they they it's different all the time you know -- to you can make with just about anything. And and they use you know they've done some meets they've done one with mushrooms with greens you know it's always something that nicely date that he really. Have that down. It gets interesting word risotto it states to Italian word shoved together one of a means rice the other one means soft soft rice that's but it beats. Felt great -- not at -- what. It was good -- what the borders. Well good idea yet they'll do it very well all right thank you. The food show 2601870. Call right now you get right and I have a number of of text messages here one of the mixes the name of the place with the shafts chef that worked at Ruth's. Then nobody asks questions anymore they just they put it up as if it's a Google search you know. When he laughing but anyway the Mitt. Then the name of the place with a chef that worked at Ruth's that's all it says not. Would you tell me the name or you know any -- like this a complete but then again you only have like a 140 characters don't. OK so that's anyhow the name of the place with a chef that -- that at Ruth's Chris. He is. Pat Gallagher in the name of his restaurant is Gallagher is grill. It's on. Tyler street in Covington. A pretty close to downtown and a great restaurant get a reservation. Now I mean -- no matter when it is you wanna go you need even if it's a Tuesday night you need to reservation it's very busy and very good that's why it's. A -- he's someone else says what's the name of the steak place we were just talk about -- in the same place -- -- -- -- Gallagher is real let's see what else we have here. This may sound funny but for a chain Ruby Tuesday in Slidell is amazing their grilled crab cake is better next to begin and ask him where the crab meat is from. Ask him whether crab meat is from. At least as good as any in New Orleans there are other seafood dishes are very good as well your thoughts it's a chain. And and it has all the chain problems it's I don't I would even say it's not even one of the better change. Let's see -- that's my opinion if you have a different opinion and for goodness sake go there and I can I don't think you're a fool or anything like that. If you found something that you liked. Then you got to go there I mean really. What do you think about coach on -- butcher and their expansion there expansion took place about three weeks ago I have a -- Since they did that. The -- this is the kind of a a background very casual. And on to -- -- restaurant. On -- a tool -- at the corner of Andrew Higgins. And it is very good. Although it is not nearly as good as its reputation him in I would give it three stars from. Some people say even more but it's pretty. The the the butcher. Is I think actually a little better much more casual much less expensive. And certain take out aspect to an -- you could certainly eat there too and they just. Renovated and added on a lot of space so would that will help a lot because they were always -- And that's considered good. And here is John or there was John but now John is gone John call us back. And we'll put your right on as soon as we get back from please this.

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