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WWL>Topics>>05-24 5:10 pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

05-24 5:10 pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

May 24, 2014|

Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks dining, recipes, food, wine, and cooking with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten that and that I. Welcome back to the third course of the food show. On the big -- seventy WWL and WWL 105 point three FM. This is Tom Fitzmorris. A yet passing as a cultured person. And every afternoon. And most afternoons all except Sunday really. We are here talking about food about cooking about wind but. Going out to eat about making poor boy -- is at home but going up to a Chinese place. About food in general if you have something on your mind about food. Called me. And if you have what you think is a stupid question about food or wine or any of that. Definitely call me because over the 25. Years that we've been doing this it's almost 26 now. One thing I know for sure. Is that anyone who calls with the stupid question what they think is a stupid question. Will give forth with the best question we will hear all day. The only time I've only gotten to truly stupid questions over the years. A I don't remember either one of what when it -- I just remember that they happen and in both cases the people involved thought that what they were asking was an absolutely brilliant question. -- -- If you think it's a stupid question is probably some fabulous so call us with that. And if he can't think of anything new Collison but -- this what this is something I always love hearing about from anybody. What is your favorite. Restaurant period. Not the best pressed on in town according you. What is your favorite restaurant the one that makes you with a happy yes. 260187. Let's see let's give back to this thing. I have Joseph on the phone hello Joseph welcome. There. You. Ever -- it obviously but -- the road -- always. -- -- -- -- -- -- All IC your driver for Winn-Dixie. And you have to unload it all yourself. All they have Jackson looking good. I think the best hot tamales I've seen if you're talking but the old style in the -- style with you know that are very meaty very greasy and well you know it that sounds like a put down but it if they -- Griese they would be good. There's a look of a store. Called. Home. Geez it's it's it's it's not coming up in my brain it's all I'll tell you where it is it's on Durbin he street. Just off of X off of some bird. -- in Metairie. It galleries that's the -- Hillary's GUYLORY. And they make their own in house that make hot tamales and house their little bigger than the ones that man wells used to make. Well but they're very good and that's that's the best I found out there. Editor and we'll go battle. Who. We're. -- little -- -- it. And I I haven't been defying haven't done you'd Pickens are pretty slim tree eating in Folsom so I don't go there too much is it good. There's not a lot split. And actually the way. Well men wells has gone as you know it might come back some day and hope it does it does so far enough and try that Hillary's place at the -- like. A lot of equity. Let's get a personal look at it. No -- cafe. A I there are several restaurants that have a name like that where is this one. Opted to decades well. All okay no I know the place I've never been there. I've seen it I don't I don't get out that way too much. Hillary's that's the -- -- yeah. It will not. Okay. So it. Thank you see yeah the food show rolls ahead. And now we pick up the purple phone. With the orange pinstripes. And we find their gene gene welcome. Come out -- help me out the name or -- that I need several years ago it was just a matter -- area. It was. I remember they had individual groups where they would close the curtain and cities in the privacy. And I don't you know it's so what are they're probably. Fifteen years. Oh yeah okay well I'm glad you said that because of you said a few years ago but fifteen is about right. It -- it was actually a succession of restaurants and then they toward the boots but the original was called the beef baron. And it was on oak lawn street just off veterans highway in in Metairie. But before that it had been on canal street for a long time and and that's exactly you headed the description is exactly right you go in there you'd sit down they pulled the curtain closed it was a little switch on the wall. And when you won the -- economy would flip the switch up and he would come but if you had the switch down and you had polite not shining. That they would not on the use CU could you know cute romantic stuff. But it -- then it became a place called Petra. And then it became a place called a restore on -- five for media. And it never quite caught on and now it's a kind of a Middle Eastern grocery and deli. But it's gone it's what I'm trying to. Well I appreciate you can't do well thank you. So yeah that was back in the gay in the sixties. And symphonies. And that's about when it started going way. That was common around town Ruth's Chris and those boots the Crescent City steak house still handsome but there. There Erica they only like four of the men there the funny more than romantic. Let's see where -- believe food's good I love that Warren joins us. Either on it. -- I don't I don't stroll on -- You know much better don't you. So film nor shall. -- side -- this is in Slidell right. Yeah. Have never been there I've got past that a million times but I've never been there but everybody tells me it's real good psychotic some. All of the people are so nice yeah. It's phenomenal -- or not. Well good good that's good to hear. Well what thank you for that. What's your favorite restaurant called me and tell me at love to know my favorite restaurants and -- And if you're saying autonomy that you said don't try to give the the best actress -- -- I would say and twenties that estrogen I wouldn't I don't think they have the best atmosphere they don't have the best surface they don't have the best wine list and have the best prices. I don't think of the best of really very much of anything except history. That nobody can match and once in terms of its history. And if you -- -- or -- goat sometime soon. Ask the waiter go at a time when they're not too busy like lunchtime and asked the -- to give you a tour. Of the whole restaurant they are not many restaurants where a tour it would be even a little bit interest in and once is very interesting. They have a lot of historic moments that occurred there over the years since 1840s it's the oldest freshman in America in continuous operation. Anyway it's my favorite restaurant because I'm a new war -- guy through and through I often say that I'm walking New Orleans cliche I was born on Mardi Gras. It was a delivered by a jazz musician. If that sounds like a making it up but I'm not. My mother and all of her siblings spoke French with one another she was definitely a real from the whole country and all that stuff. And we called the sidewalk a blanket in the whole deal you know and then. I'm a man I love gumbo a red beans and rice every Monday added to adjust to New Orleans kind of a guy and for a guy like that. And once is what it's all about it is solid New Orleans through and through. And I had a great dinner there last night it was and little free time in my wife was on the other suddenly doing something also just said I'm going there. And I'm gonna love it and I did have a big big big -- of pompano in my country. And 1713 Saint Louis street in the French Quarter and all the world there is only one and ones. Let's see we have here calling in on the yellow phone. Tina welcome. Hi Tom. And that we've been -- you detect and I don't think anybody's that my favorite restaurant. And now it's rocket. A love drug goes you gotta love the people for sure. I would bunt -- so cracker Jack it's. -- one of. That wonderful people and -- but you know you think about it. I remember -- -- was a -- -- French chef and he has had a quote them have to look up because it applies to drug goes. You you really accomplish something if you have ever fewer respiratory or shift and you've created a dish. That becomes very well known. And I have created probably the most popular dish in New Orleans anymore this side of the poor boy -- you know play red beans but those char broil -- she's just can't stop beating. Brought in and I've never been there at that have been disappointed developed and the service is great. We can't very night. Very nice very friendly. And of -- on -- family is they are extraordinary. Certainly are and you know when you think about it after the hurricane and they only had one restaurant at that time just. And it was a family owned restaurant it's not a big corporation or anything. They fed 77000. People free lunches. After Katrina. All you had to do was walk up no questions asked you -- box with luncheon. Well you know uncle and gaga belong director think -- And I heard him say one time. That he would be provoked great to the people of the United States. Forward. Determined. German plant when that what was that any of the Europeans Marshall marked the Marshall plan. And she said it literally kept her family from start. In common they've never forgotten and how we give back. -- they certainly -- and that means they run a great rest I think this kind of the thing is no question. Yeah -- -- restaurants and can't. And I I didn't think I already say that sort of trying to pound -- and -- thank you and we -- -- Thank you our. See around by if -- -- drive those wind so as to why you've been the burger place I have not yet. The fire house the fire house this is around the corner from drug was in -- city my wife is Dan. And their there'd -- they have to novelties that people are talking about one of the news. They grill their burgers and exactly the same kind of grilled used to do their charcoal their char broil the oysters. And they actually put the same songs on the -- if you want you don't have to happen with that but you go either way when it. And their version of a cheeseburger. Instead of being a bond a slice of cheese hamburger patty in another -- Is you've got the hamburger -- you've got. -- a grilled cheese sandwich on the top and another grilled cheese sandwich on the bottom with the Parker in the twenty. While that's. Yeah that's that's the locales that you know low fat low cal. 260. 6368. OS you know I did it again to 60187. He call right now you'll get right in here's some things from the from the message stream you can text us at 87 87. That's 870870. Run together. Here is someone who says that the best hot tamales around Europe or in oh letter. Aren't in -- in uptown and enough of overhead of their but I could believe that. Would you suggest the steak house but I don't have to take out a second mortgage to go to. I could do. But I don't know that's it -- to -- and -- the Crescent City steak house has always been. Like about a third less expensive than the others steak houses around town. And it's all prime beef every bit of that even the full -- that its prime beef it's dry aged in house. It's an old fashioned -- -- but it's always been go to go there every Marty gras. Plus a few other days -- and nice to another bunch of nice people or also croatians just like drugs for him. Nice nice folks and that's where I'd go -- the Crescent City steak house it's on broad street at the corner of saint Philip that's 1001. North broad. And if you were you try to put that on your mental map you see who. With kind of neighborhoods that it's a neighborhood that's on the way up -- a lot of building going on around here. Let renovations. A lot of beautiful houses to be renovated that's going to be a great neighborhood. In the coming years. They've been there since 1934. Let's see what I think to a recent -- or here's an interesting one good Italian food Moscow well. Just bring cash and no atmosphere. Most it is good that you were you got it quicker than I did I was just staring at what could they possibly mean Moscow. Ever been to Moscow on hand out. Not a fun place. Ned to welcome to the food show. They Ned. Is that you Ned. Now Italian high high likable and absolutely what looked irresistible from there or must remind them -- -- this -- a question for tonight okay so we're -- sticky it is legal -- once every three months usually two groups Crist in the trends usually on our. To mr. Jones which will do you know. I -- it to strip electoral its field. I think he'll want to on the poor customer actually is equipped to. Because I know -- coast local what we like. I really -- to be anywhere and she'll excellence post just on the medium. Built and I had to cut it after. Yeah I do that over I do that all the time I like good -- rare my wife likes medium to medium well. It's even worse. And -- what happens is they do with the state do the whole state. It comes to the table I cut the fully part off I put it on the plate and I extended -- said okay take this up to. Two. Medium well and and everybody's happy. And she's she's not miffed when I start digging into it right away. Good that works fine and in restaurants don't mind you -- Sure yeah yeah -- -- Do that see when the mr. Johns which is good good good the best tennis in the -- that picky. Hello there welcome to show you're calling on the field yellow phone with Kyle. Let me. Well on and that's when that rain with an -- They had gone -- to -- -- take it Alec had not been negligent and we -- at commanders are currently on -- and elegant. Lovely game Molly -- Ear and dined at any time before trying to twenty. -- was not. They were up. -- had been popcorn lie. And that was wonderful. It's just a beautiful day right. Not in. How to get ballet. Department and a beekeeper and coconut K. Give god for you can't. They have what to -- for. Coconut Kate know which one this is the steakhouse -- to ask the IQ I'm. Some that don't like Andy. In common and I'm coming high -- dollar being detected. And and we deeply. To the heart kidney and that. -- I. Can't say I've ever had that before but I like -- like all those restaurants and frankly. Now these two questions here is what's your favorite restaurant and what's the best restaurant in town. Trying to -- -- -- What trying to trying to figure out what's the best restaurant in town is what I do for a living. And now on my list number one commanders now it's absolutely number. Now tell him Noah -- doing very well. Listen I thank you very much for that. Nice hearing from you. It's the food chill will come back with more in just a moment but first please this and that it do that it. That that he denied that. Hello hello hello it's the food -- show its. The big 870 WWL -- WW of one of five point three FM and here is Jack. Jacked up there. Are questionable. Call on and off there's -- Okay. I'll. First the other day in and operate the great thing. All. Corbett -- all -- him before. However. All about me not here only about what is your take this thing back and do. Carpets and trip -- a lot of things differently was use and. Well the classic is crabmeat and corn. I remember when that first burst on the scene that was chef Paul Prudhomme who when he was at commander's palace he came up with that nobody had ever heard of it before believe it or not. And and he did it with crabmeat and that's just the that's a no brainer it's that is so good it's it's terrific we could put almost any -- include in the -- And I think you might get a little more than just -- in a few more weeks. Of crawfish and it depends Sunday usually goes in the fourth of July but not always. So. And while the crawfish -- around the thing I really like to make his crawfish disk. -- that to me it's just the best -- you can make with crawfish and but you need him in season you know -- he can't you can't just use tales that that war. Actual adult. And what and where. Is the get the best. Corbett and the city. Credit -- this. Any kind any kind. Well this is -- it has different meanings for different people in France that's a -- that's made with rice actually puree right here we tend to think -- -- -- a cream soup. And then in cajun country it's a -- stuff you know it's like they have nothing common with one another. And I look forward but certainly good. Straight up corn -- -- Ice I I know one restaurant that does that and all and it is I who -- this -- These Sunday or that Tuesday. So be sure and of all places -- I know they have -- one day a week it's their -- you sure I think it's -- on Sunday or Tuesday -- one of those two. And it's it's actually quite good and it's also real easy to make it home to that's that's really really not too much of a struggle. I thank you. 26063. Votes 260187. And see who's next this is. Right Gerri Gerri welcome. Yet you are out to march up into real up -- hold up and yet. That's the best -- And just what future ideas on how you prepare. But there are secretly. All right the a guy I know who always in the seafood business and has access to the best imaginable fish came over to my house once with four. Be pompano still you know cleaned it. Got it and cleaned but everything else was still in one piece that had detail everything was there. We fired up the grill we put the official on the grill we turned it once we let it -- a little while longer taken out eat. It it's. That's all there is to truly honestly. I would get the grill up to. If you could measured about 350 degrees here's one way you can tell when you get the fire going. You hold your hand. -- a couple of inches above the grill surface. And if you can't keep it there a full second. Like 1001 -- -- if you have -- bullet away sooner than that you've got it that's that's each one and then hope to put the yeah. You put the official on that one thing you might wanna do because the skin will stick a little bit to the grill is that there's this thing. Called a fish basket. It's not not exactly a good name but it folds. It looks from a distance like. Like. Like a funnel almost but anyway. Date that you you put this. On the middle its -- out of wire. And then you you you fold it closed on top of the pompano in the and you just slide a couple of things have pulled -- in place. And you put the whole thing on the grill and win. If you've got to cooked enough on one side you turn it to the just turn the whole thing over that way he had to do if the whole fish turns and it won't get stuck on and. That that's a very -- you can buy that at the supermarket for like five bucks or ten bucks at the outside -- yeah all right all right. Enjoy the best fish in the world I thought a lot of credit art. Oh wait yes it often I would get it important for him. Sit there and. -- -- I would be too but thank you see thirteen fifty we go over now to the orange phone. It's actually blue but it's in the shape of an orange. This is Shane welcome. I doubt it's good. Hours caller. Project into be a bit or are you. Yeah I was ordered. That you may. Well how wind make it is odd -- by boiled crawfish to start. And then we start peeling. And -- wife eats let's say if we have five pounds. My wife will eat but three pounds of the monopoly one pound of -- -- will have one pound left over. And and but then but he keep all the shells. And you rinse them off with some cold running water. And you make a stock equipment takes about 45 minutes. Low boil. Put in some onions put in some bell -- not help scientists already know that the usual stuff. And just get get a stock strain it and there's one part of your job -- second part you need to do is to do a dark room. And oh with the usual things you know you get it going with the them you know the best ones I've had were made -- barter. Instead her with oil but you could use certainly could use -- And -- YouTube make the rule and you have some of the stock waiting there and you have all your vegetables your cell read your parsley and Yuri onions. Well all chopped up ready to go. When the -- was the right call you taken off the stove he put the vegetables and you keep storing and a little bit stock from the pot a little at that time. Until it you know the the heat of the true. Goes goes down -- state the heat of the rule itself will burn the true if if -- night. So OK then you got two parts of this done. And then really it's just a matter of bringing them together you you you work this the stock into the rule you put the crawfish in. And you're wondering when does this stuff heads cotton. -- rise in my opinion they don't what I do instead. Is something I learned when he carries -- still in business they have a cramped desk that was made almost exactly the same way Jim Talent and it was. Instead of using. Stuffing a shell or -- anything. They would get the same exact stuffing made with the crawfish in the and all the other ingredients. And then you roll it into little ball and then -- bread crumbs on the outside and then you either bake a more you can fry him if you want to -- and I think that. And then when you -- -- you bring the bowl of Disco and then you have 45 these little balls of crawfish meat. -- on the side you just put him in right then and there and it's a lot easier to eat it's a lot better. This is the longest recipe in Michael. So I've left a lot of deet -- up but if you were to go to my website you know menu dot com and click on recipes ADZ. I just look for crawfish -- in the whole recipe is there but it's it is does a lot of complexity of doing good crawfish this I think it. It's up there in the top ten may be in the top five dishes in Louisiana I think I'd -- yeah. Bought -- yeah I'm used to my grandmother dish so you know at the -- you're talking about down out try to. Yeah that's like kind of -- you know it's a -- cajun kind of thing it was a bit of the creamy style is very good but as a wholly different animal to me. Yeah all right. Thank you see I love crawfish risk to 60. 1870. The -- with the website with the on 700. Of my recipes. On it plus lots of restaurant reviews like hundreds of them I'm not kidding and I keep a -- up to date is that no menu dot com and OME and -- dot com. And what I think you would like. Is to get my newsletter every day it's free. All you have to do is go to no menu dot com click on. I think it says welcome. Just click here and you'll see something that says subscribe to the free newsletter. Two promises one news I'm not -- use your email address for anything but to send you that newsletter. And nobody else's concede that list so you don't have to worry about it. And it's been coming out since nineteen it's 87 so nine -- 1990 separate. So this is you know Lou would would been around -- and I hope you do that no menu dot com just start there and you just punch around the sealant thinks -- -- -- like it's what just like this show but on the web. 260 187 me. And we will do we need -- break we do -- -- will come back with more in a moment but first -- this that -- hello hello hello it's the food show on. The -- seven AW WL and here is Joseph. Joseph welcome. Hello there hi -- that's -- you look at well when he's asked about the favorite restaurant yeah. I've had to do a lot of thinking it is very hard on a bad place in the world he thinks oh yeah well -- tell you you can. Well I had three -- Number period and on that but -- the history. It's wonderful what my favorite things to wonder what sitting in the main dining room is what it must have been like in the late eighteen hundreds in the middle of summer. No air conditioning and though no vested interest but it. And that's the other thing you know lights. -- out and intense -- -- contrast with the day's best air conditioning in the principle that certainly is. About it is. They have -- to report got them. 0127 herald and the local that's my favorite the issue that place and that is the most beautiful pork -- -- members. It certainly it's -- absolutely wonderful. But if I had to pick of -- in this for the same reason for the -- didn't just because I like it is. Jackson square Muriel. All great the series is absolutely fantastic and don't want burning grill. That's a great great issue there. And the New Year's Eve dinners this cannot be be there yeah yeah yeah it's not a better location that's future. You put -- they don't treat you like Forrest I think you -- and I don't. They've always had a lot of locals who go there. Yeah that's ahead at the Vietnam. If it. Have to it was the best -- the commanders is that yeah that's a whole different. -- a different story you know. Who who -- -- commanders. You know twice a weaker you can a -- there are few actually. You know about. Ito wait I don't eat garlic bread well that's one out of my bad weather and my wife it's a whole little food -- -- -- them. Still it's just sit back and look for something wrong all we can't buy goods and -- that everything is perfect Greek. We'll think about what we enjoy it's over but thanks so much that you have a very happy memorial that. You to thank you Betsy what did he bring up there there was there was one and a -- if somebody wants to know. -- -- me to repeat. Kept them from one once. 00 yeah I'll rule 127 with a poor job. On that the they do -- pork up over there. That has no. As in zero Jon Cohen and at all except the ball and his style which I think it's always connected you better got to meet any. And race here at they have this Jack Daniels the ladies that they put on it this is really it's a little restaurant but very good. 127 north Carroll the -- have blocked off now. And it's called rue RUE one when he says. 260. 1870 caller right now you get right in we have had a very busy show today which I'm very thankful for which I'm thankful. We have a few more. Few more text messages that have come in. Here's one that's as lamb chops and Quayle from Gallagher is in coming together that's my favorite -- over there we just ran a story about that. They give you a Quayle a whole Quayle and then tool lamb chops. And they bring this to the table sizzling -- they grill it all together. It's not a complicated dish but he buys good quail and could lamb chops so it's just wonderful. Here's someone who says that the best tamales are mom -- days may be sole -- meet. Is a lady who whose family for a long time and she was the head of the family at that. Ran a little rest gun on the lesion fields called L run Chico. And she passed away I wanna say about three years ago. At a 102. I think was her age at that time. And heard grandson. Was starting up a deal where he was he had the original recipe cassettes they got started -- utility or were originally optimal expand. And he got the recipe and he's been selling it here in the -- but I've never have been able exactly figure -- where it is of these cells but -- meat does remember that name. That's that's pretty good 260. 187 meet you need another breaker -- you do -- will come back with more of our show in a moment but first please this. Up up and add up that. That dot that he got cut that deep that I thought that. Hello it's the food show it's the big -- WWL and here is ray -- welcome. I doubt you remember. In -- A restaurant here's Jeremy. And they. Red -- -- table read to you all go. You called in your order it was a it was a West Bank actually I think they might -- one in -- to. Where it was -- Sheen. And it was it you you wouldn't know the story behind that that the swans in this family that invented the TV dinner. Probably -- once since thinks they sold their business to Campbell's. And with the money he that they had from that they started the chain restaurants -- hooked up with Johnny Carson it was -- connection when Johnny Carson and it was. A complete failure everywhere in America except here the one here did pretty well. And then they turned it into they shut it down and they tended into. In to a Mexican restaurant was a dose gringos as what became. The -- no matter from doorman actually the commercial crime -- and so. And on the big. To. Fail. No oh boy yeah for a little while it was on the west esplanade right off veterans at the port. For I heart you ever have to hormone wherever you go tomorrow -- -- and you know. Hey listen I'm I'm running out of time but thanks for calling let's see if we didn't get -- on before we in the show -- welcome. Our client who I am -- sign -- to go -- count lamb creek as I know you'll want for my favorite restaurant till me bright and frank -- all of you in spirit award winner in the kitchen. And my favorite -- spirit award dinner -- -- and could go anywhere from apple. Boy you know a there you go that's terrific. Well yeah well who could -- could not like frank writes in he's one of the real nice guys. He implemented in the kitchen and he'll come out and try to PSE will mean well always -- hearing from you. -- pretty thank you. See that's -- she used to work for us. She was of these people who did everything in the background and now there you -- Well. Enjoy the you can have another chance tomorrow and it tonight for that matter to do the Greek festival I go to eleven at night there will be there all day tomorrow. If you Wear a toga you get in for free although the regular admission. It's only five dollars a big deal. On FM. And HD on sky waves and online. This is WWL. Radio New Orleans and WWL. FM. HD one. Ten -- New Orleans but the news is next over most of these same frequencies from the CBS. But Columbia broadcasting system.

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