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5-26 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

May 26, 2014|

Dave talks about Memorial Day, "risky behaviors," and What is Wrong with People

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- dot top ten minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition WWL. First news on this 26. Of may 2014. And it's early all right yes. Monday a yeah. Memorial Day Monday Ohio -- -- holiday weekend from a spokesman asks. There are some of us who's dedicated hard -- And don't have a choice so -- coming into water -- a hot day. Our was our did not -- under is going to be brutally honest. It was hard did not well I'll be brutally honest to. Cut short the preparation routine it at my head and -- -- out. I'm wearing jeans van -- -- man Adam. Laid back host a year ago. I. To enjoy themselves to head to the pool the beach the late to head accuse him when they enjoy me some other fun. And to celebrate the freedoms that we all yes as a result. Of the ultimate price that so many men and women paid and eat lots of good food to. Current and it to take a moment to realize that we're able to do all of this. Because we have a strong military -- Through the hundreds of years of our existence. To the state and nation. That we've been able. Survive and thrive because others have now because people died in the name of our freedom so. Memorial Day is today to pay tribute tribute to it's. Who paid the ultimate prize student died on the battlefield who died serving our nation. And I'm not saying that should dominate. And he should sit around and and mourn those who have been gone. Who have died in military come. But at some point does realize you're celebrating today now they've made that absolutely. Right to have fun do have a great time. And you know at Heathrow burger on the grow -- and get in the backyard in in and hang out with the family and do those things that make you happy. Pop open a cold one and them make them there. All lets you know and I don't know if you caught it because as you were kind of cutting through the streets cutting and dodging. But driving and carefully. All of way the French Quarter. Was jams. And usually jammed like almost Marty rock that she and other neighbors -- over right here. Where we are in the same medium -- what escalates Memorial Day weekend by. Does that mean you'd drink until 5 in the morning yes it does -- I was actually in the quarters Saturday night out there you -- tensions head stress. There were and there was no shortage of people observe our all day weekend. By a drinking and parties and reveling. Man it and -- immoral they weakened while there's no specific huge event I'm aware of the Greek mess that was going out. We have by -- countries who -- and Matt sentiments of those people decide to stay in new war. By now as a specific huge event but no time like to present -- -- all admired kick and I will be. You're kicking -- the holiday weekend. As well do it in the oil and really celebrate the freedoms that we have to you. Raoul. -- you -- you to rubber on the growth ideally eco. I the way I like it is medium rare that you like it. I'm in the mid Ohio likened good dose of pink and Whitney red did juices still losing for a yes and eight and you put them -- -- you like that bonded soak up the -- out. Now you know that doctors will tell you yes that's a very bad idea I'm being told that over and over again because. Grounded meets. As nearly every bit of -- exposed to air at some point that you could have. Bacteria these could have disease in that -- if you don't cook it brown all the way through 260. Degrees and this year running the risk of food points only Carl lie and perhaps god that can kill you. That does kill healthy people every year now more likely to -- very young and older people with other underlying health problems. There's ready why your major burger chain's year McDonald's burger king and alike never that I know of survey anything. That has anything Pinkett and now in fact even most of here. Independent burger places now. Will not. Media requests for anything less than medium well all burgers are cooked medium well if you want it well done you can that. But it's yet to be. No more pain. But nonetheless when you cook it yourself you're welcome to take that change you reject your chest and and you mentioned this before one time it's that this is not applied to a stake. Now I don't know not the problem with the state the inside of a -- is never touched the air there's no way -- lies in the scenario you have to brown on the outside. Tuesday. So my question dealers you do it anyway. What other risky behaviors do you take that's my question for our audience to act mandates that idiots ebony do you eat your burgers career. Or medium where. Knowing that there's a risk involved what else you do knowing that hey this could be bad for me this could kill me. This could be a really bad idea but I do it anyway. What decisions you make in life that I like it. The doctors the authorities now experts to tell you that don't do it. I'm -- do it anyway I'd say smoking would be an obvious one drinking may be too much. Not to little tutoring keys today the doctors say Euro carry. That's just a couple. Back to -- now and it looked like that do what you have to you know to access the -- that is that executives talked in less than fifteen minutes or more persons on this Memorial Day. And it is OK to say -- Happy Memorial Day folks. Because it is a half. Happy day because we're able to enjoy it. Because of the price that those who have fought and died paid just remembered today is about those who died in the line and he. But veterans day it would have that another time. But this day is about remembering those who died paid deal meant to forecasting your sports go to tiger's how about them tigers after. I want a good morning I'm Dave Cohen thank you so much for being a part of the early edition of can be WL first news that -- Blake likes is burgers. Rare. And medium. Red or pink in the -- still losing red juices. The experts will tell you bad idea. That is begging. For food poisonings so my question is what do you do that you know is risky or dom or dangerous but you don't care you do it anyway. -- -- -- -- in my car and go to work every morning you know that's a good point -- far better chances of dying in car crash that -- view eating. Undercooked burgers but nonetheless. It is not a good idea when -- I pulled the tag off my mattress. This sort clear on that you can do that if you on the mattress it's -- to pull the tag off. -- -- can't pull it off of the people selling it so the people buying -- know what's in the side of the mattress. Analysts that joke over many years that. People. Anyway another person to activate their -- and I argue with my girlfriend and I always know that bad yet you know why do we do that. You know it's never gonna turn out well now there's no winning it's not gonna help you with and I can increase your chances of happiness in any way -- reform. Yet we do it anyway we argue their significant others all the time. But it can and well guys especially for. Your forecast and and while. It's me a pretty nice out -- from Memorial Day but very warm and humid weather is on tablet partly cloudy skies just that 10% chance for a pop up shower and a high of 89. For tonight a few clouds warm and -- he was some patchy fog is a low temperatures fought the upper sixties on the North Shore and the lower seventies for the sound shore. No rain returned to the forecast beginning on Tuesday with some scattered showers and thunderstorms but up 4% chance is an upper level low moves toward us with a high around 87. It will cure their 40% chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms to continue what Wednesday with a high around 85 from the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Dave -- -- 782 degrees mostly cloudy at the airport in -- clearance 65 at the National Weather Service office in Slidell calm winds 87%. Relative humidity a little -- here or there but know who really thick stuff to deal I'm Dave -- -- the early edition. The WWL first news. It's sports time now I've WW well and on this Memorial Day we welcome and mark Menard as. And the tigers in the case against at a good time over the weekend didn't that. They definitely did they had a good time their fans at a good time. Let's get right into it it was high drama in Hoover Alabama at the SEC tournament championship game. Between the top seed Florida Gators and the number three seed LSU tigers the game remained scoreless until the eighth inning which John McMullen finally came through for the by -- bagels. -- quality. The tigers still clung to that to a lead in the bottom of the ninth for the defense did its thing first turning the double play didn't coaxing the gators Harris and bitter to hit a grounder. -- -- ball. FCC. The champion to the championship is the eleventh in school history for LSU who now moves into the College Baseball regionals which the tigers will host. Two other Louisiana schools of qualified for the regional along the tigers -- occasions of Louisiana Lafayette rally in the sun belt championship game went back from down three go to nick UT Arlington set to five. The -- -- now what 53 games to lead the nation in wins and head into the postseason on a ten game winning streak having also earned the right to host a regional. As something of a surprise that the southeastern lions went into the falcons conference tournament as the number five seed but won three straight games to take the conference title. Beating central Arkansas on nine to four to secure the lions' first post season bid in baseball since 1994. And finally the return of sort Serge -- to the lineup. Sparked renewed life to the Oklahoma City Thunder who looks suddenly dominant and around the San Antonio Spurs 106 to 97. Russell Westbrook had 26 points to -- -- -- with Kevin Durant added another 45 the thunder finally got themselves into the series -- -- first two games to one in the Western Conference finals but they've made the series interest in with another home game on -- Tuesday for game four. I'm mark an organ match early look at sports. 51 record they've gone mark my gardening and that was -- career here. Used to deployment because it at that and at the gas to master control cylinder and turned out the lights. Turned out the lights on the yourself. And started -- you've. Party get up him. I said get my head sideways like the guys and -- that lives and we just really enjoyed that music's well you know thank you for making -- Memorial Day. 5 AM hours so much for Depeche Mode always makes me happy and glad to meet you in all I ever won. All you ever need it right here earlier and it's my life. In my hands. -- in my life anyway or whatever it is in their hands -- championship trophies for the LSU tigers. And the ULL raging -- and my question for you which team do you think we'll go further now they're both at regionals LSU hosting a regional get the pairings. Coming out of -- between 11:12 this morning. Which -- you think is going to go further in the race for the college World Series. Well I think they're both gonna make the eight team college World Series I think you allow Mike Golub a further -- that Africa and other he had and on the same region that's it. Right now and they both at the host ULL gets to host for the second time ever and -- -- 22 time ever so. They both got the got the -- kind of -- out form at least to the super regionals we'll find out later today if they're both poppy seeds which I think they both should be yeah they both go to college World Series I'm gonna make you tell me which what goes further in the count relatives doing it to Beckett 29 minutes. But more sports on WW out great text messages -- with the candidates that idiot that you right after this. 527 they've -- happy memorial today. Now let's get your forecast for this holiday. -- oil they're looking very nice once again just like this past weekend what have partly cloudy skies be very warm and humid which is a 10% chance for a pop up shower with a -- right behind. Fourteen not expect if you clout the very warm muggy we could see some patchy fog as well as -- low temperatures fall down around seventy degrees north and south of lake. As we headed here Tuesday brains get a finally return to the Crescent City. As an upper level low moves toward us while 40% chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms with a high right 87. And that upper level -- sits over top of us that Wednesday that continues to give us that scattered showers and thunderstorm threat with a high around 85. From the Al Wednesday's forecast set -- I'm meteorologist Dave. Asked -- tomorrow on Wednesday we have a good chat shot at showers but not today just 10% 72 degrees right now to start your morning at the airport in Kenner. 65 and clear in slide now. Some people texting mediate 78 Saturday I must apologize to lions fans congratulations to southeastern we're also making the term we'll talk more about that with mark. In about twenty minutes here on WW some great text messages about things we choose to do that we know -- dangerous coming up right after this. I want person Texas today 7870. That they eat raw cookie go Sheldon -- patrol says he's raw cookie dough to. They say that's supposed to do that because it does have raw eggs and you shouldn't eat raw or runny eggs either that can also give you food poisoning. Him you do it anyway. Text messages come up 36 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this may 26. 2014. It is memorial. Monday yes and a happy Memorial Day out you reviewers happy because we are able to celebrate our freedoms. Because so many men and women -- paid the ultimate price pleased at one moment today. Just take a second and if you have kids to explain to them that. We are celebrating because. So many Americans died in the line of duty protecting our freedoms and making -- like this possible. We can do what we want and enjoy from most people a day up not for you and I know. We do not have a day off but nonetheless we ahead inspired conversation earlier. About how you like York and hamburgers still ripping he has read it -- all agree. And you like it. He or read them in the middle of that taste better that way but you know it's not healthy yeah there is that danger that you could get a serious food poisoning when you get. The burger you know it's great from top to bottom menu -- into it and it's just not the same reason just does not other people are taxing task to ask them what things you do that you know are on safe or dangerous you do them anyway. One person says I don't -- regular up not heartless I stand on top of a twelve foot latter into -- war. You know it does tell you that tops that is not a -- you shouldn't stand. If you gotta get up a little higher yeah not youngest around that time down the president's I love raw oysters. Who cares if -- Well if you don't have an immune deficiency usually oysters until you -- in bad -- now but you know there's a lot of things that we except the risks when we did we know some of these things. Are just not a good idea. Or that there is danger involved but at the danger that we're willing to accept the risk were willing to take. -- -- There you go other people eating raw cookie you know one person plays tackle football with no -- and I did that in college -- -- especially every -- -- -- went to school mr. are sure if it snowed we all went out there and we played that hat status and tackle football and wouldn't Wear helmets and pads or any thing that we were not the amazing athletes that those who play for real. You know we couldn't inflict the kind of know -- it's still not safe -- and I say. The people noting that they drive with a vacated a car and that is amongst the -- dangerous activity you can ever did. Is getting -- car. In terms of unnatural deaths. Your prime more likely to die in a car than just about anywhere -- and run a red light while you're out yeah what is with that why you more people who run red lights today than any other day of the year the experts don't seem to really now. Is it because I'm presuming that traffic may be a little you know it's lighters and you figure out this sneak through yeah -- You maybe that's it or maybe you're not paying as much attention. Now maybe the opportunity is there like lipstick or just have to drive -- -- -- and every -- get to work. I set my Saddam -- my but that's all I spent set my cruise control 139. Miles per hour so you don't get the lights flashing on -- well also because the way the lights -- -- -- if I said if -- take off from the superdome. And set hikers at 39 miles an hour I will only have to stop one on -- there and hear it for reporters as he closed down the river. Obvious the -- the lights of times plus you don't get a ticket and he going nine over so it's 44. So I don't get a speeding ticket and it out hit as many red lights by. It's very easy if I wasn't paying attention to run a red light. Coming down borders every single morning yeah I think maybe that's at the white traffic makes it more likely because of the heavy traffic it's harder to -- the wrestler is gonna -- this. Now that's going to be. At least part of -- I don't know but not the -- really don't know why do more people -- red -- to Memorial Day. Than any other day of the year is because of drinking is it because of the light -- make what is it I don't. We you know it's a back. And if you wanna read more about that down and says that posted -- -- -- well coming up we'll talk about twenty minutes of our first news Chris Miller alternative it. He's -- that the governor has signed into law a bill that as -- Anyone with a concealed weapons carry permit yes can go into a bar at least a restaurant that has a bar or restaurant that serves alcohol with. There gun. And the question for our listeners as -- -- You OK with the guy sitting next to you if he's got a concealed weapons carry apartment he's qualified for it used packet he's packet beauty and he's drink. Then we'll talk more about that with you and Chris Miller are when he minutes John WWL. We are gonna soak up the sun today. Any rain chances we go live in direct Eyewitness News forecast and -- infamous meteorologist Laura but Dallas mr. meteorologist. Dave spot on gitmo. How are you today on doing fantastic for 542. -- -- -- making it very well the guys usually on late in the evening yes has had become an early in the morning because at the holiday and you -- the short stick apparently well you know the newest member of the -- -- you know -- still green still. So here you are on the holiday -- the rest of us well which is low we love working so much week coming up around because we want him off course but I will get out of here early that will admit that -- be shorter day than usual on May get out there interests and that's whether you little barbecue grill yet thank them on the market in the yard all weekend. Built the new picnic bench wing and two Yamon. It's orbits or dazzle us again. Does make it quite happy with the thought that. That's necessary to Heyman now but it will be while sticky no rain. First some little we had this weekend at partly cloudy skies afternoon very warm very humid out there are some of you may come close that ninety degree mark got 89 officially on Sunday. I'm lying for to -- 10% chains for a pop up shower for two day by. Really the wet weather arrives everyone else it's back to work tomorrow we're looking at some pretty good scattered showers and storms Tuesday Wednesday ended Thursday. But assistant coming out -- Rocky Mountains is heading our way and we can really use some rain so this would be very welcome. And he I don't need any rain my lawn is just fine. I don't wanna cut it. I don't want the right to make it grow by Sami it's needed rain and I have little you -- of that argument another that's where today you could see a pop up shower here that most of a woman. The better chances that if you're heading up to Baton Rouge or Lafayette itself likely scenario that seems to be the the -- better chances shower. West of us -- over. So -- came by denied of that we get that 40% need to them. Yeah that's finding if you go to the beach to baby had the Mississippi coastline or something things are stoke -- pretty good up there is of course it was tape forget that's on screen is Baltic wanna get some burns them here. The dam a little red around the edges right now from being out the -- we added that it. I don't know that I've ever introduced you before to -- why would people file oh the honor and pleasure of diving into that with a yes I'm Obama. Well now you do congratulations. And we something we like to do here on the early edition of -- WL prisoners the headline is pants this driver. Says man zillion irritated skin. Well -- you know demand -- is. For all of that is well wanted to ask probably not a Brazilian waxes what they call on lady it's. Where are you pretty much wax every single piece of your Expos game. And rip their hair out by the truth except -- your head. Everything really below the neck is all lacks the learning how can we are going to too much detail right now that but this 24 year old man. Told a Washington State troopers that he was not wearing pants as he drove. Because he had recently received a body wax and he said the man zillion. Hair removal. In his -- irritate his skin so he is tracking without. Oh wow really. You witness called police after seeing the man exposing himself he was arrested on suspicion. Of indecent exposure apparently about time the cops. Got him pulled over he did have underpants on. But. Earlier the witness at that now he -- trying to stick to close that's a great site to start -- One. Young man. Billions that's what they're on the numbers he gets Andy what is wrong with people -- I'll ask you this -- we've been -- discussion all hour about things we choose to do that we know or maybe not the healthiest things that we could possibly be David Blake likes to eat is hamburgers rare. Or medium rare still dripping in red. Do. So we've been asking people is -- something you do that you know probably is not the healthiest activity or may involve risks that you do it anyway. Anything leap to mind for you. The you know hey maybe I shouldn't do this but I'm gonna take that risk element that people thought the raw oysters. They stand on the top of by twelve -- latter they don't floss regularly they rip the mattress that tag off of their mattresses. Well to some of the things people are saying this thing and you can add to that list. Well I use it doubles and sweets too much maybe as -- -- riskiest thing you do if they get it you know quarter to 6 in the morning -- -- We'll let you go with that thank you Dave -- -- Object he'll be back with sports coming up next here on W. It's great text messages -- that needs and we have a wild audience this morning new people largest crazy risk takers. Out the -- it we started this conversation David Blake like -- Essentially raw hamburger and -- in -- -- looked at me he knows it's not good form but he loves the weight taste and I'll take that risk. Someone else -- and an 878 and I don't always wash my veggies before. Guy. Now your read these dirt and pesticides and whenever I was on the hands of the people who picked a man handled it and put out the grocery store your ticket is there another -- as I run with scissors that. I'll never get an episode of years. I'm running listeners and I haven't had any formal training. Another person says I ate cookie -- with out Andy well Larry you know cable that's safer. But does say hamburgers the move -- years the better. -- the person drag races 72. Quarter mile and a 180 miles per hour that is risky. Speed does another one as honest as I write a mode motorcycle noses I take part in -- risky behavior time my wife when she is wrong. The fine line between risky and -- The may be wiped it off very often. Mark Menard he's right if he's got sports scores on this Memorial Day Monday marked hey Dave. I think across a Memorial Day ago as so far so good had a great week and hundreds of great baseball in between. Building a picnic table my porch swing out in the yard and do all kinds of fun stuff in the backyard ready for summer but nonetheless you have some base. While tells the house to say how about we talk about some of that great baseball. For three straight games LSU had blown the doors off opponents offensively dropping 29 runs on the scoreboard while only giving up -- for an SEC championship game the tigers in the show off their defense of jobs and show off they did. Out Greg man in particular put on a clinic with a pair of athletic grabs in the seventh inning the second went to Indian. Crown Baltimore's big short backhanded by Greg. That -- -- the first eight. Later in the ninth with a -- -- into a two run lead congress stalemated guest appearance in the Bregman joke still up to nullify gave her -- -- Ground ball to brag but he's got to dissect. -- -- -- The tiger before a groundout in the next batter in the game ticket to a victory over Florida for their eleventh SEC championship. Next up the regional round of the College Baseball playoffs or LSU will play host for the 42 time in school history. Louisiana Lafayette at their nation leading 53 win of the year extending their Sun Belt Conference record and in doing so took on the sun belt title with a come from behind six to five win over Texas Arlington. The raging -- enough 53 and seven have won -- straight and have also earned the right to host a regional the second such opportunity ever for ULL. And the Southland Conference titles heading to ham and for the first time in twenty years. The southeastern lines in the south when tournament as the five -- for ran through the field and Hadley defeated central Arkansas nine to four. The school's first NCAA tournament berth since 1994. And finally the Oklahoma City Thunder looked like a whole new team in game three of the Western Conference finals after losing the first two games of the series by seventeen and 35 points. It was certainly the thunder who were in control back in their home turf. Cruising to a 10697. Win over the San Antonio Spurs Russell Westbrook had 46 points Toledo Casey and league MVP Kevin Durant added another 45. The credit surprise return of Serge Ibaka and were were providing huge boost -- team's defense and morale after he was supposed to have been lost for the season. I'm I'm mark -- and -- early look at sports. My 53 Dave John mark and are hanging out with -- on your radio so we started this conversation half an hour ago now wanna completed so we have. The southeastern Lyons and mark in any region on the LSU tigers reach WL. Lafayette region to legions are in a regional. All of these regional super regionals and the college World Series double elimination. -- -- winners' -- bracket and a losers bracket which you have to say it that way about the way. The losers bracket. Which of those three teams do you think will go furthest. In a quest for a college World Series title. Well I told you earlier I think that both the LSU annual will make it through the regionals through the super regionals and into the college World Series. I think you LL make -- -- -- I didn't think that the region occasions have a better shot at winning the college World Series then views the at LSU tigers I didn't they've got 53 wins on a year to seven loss of their very hard to beat. Great lineup batting you know -- they played some good competition they've beaten LSU. But the equipment but the again the victim as -- us the reality is peaking right right and they are they have gotten really hot here and and it's going to be very interesting to do with they do as they move through the postseason thank you mark -- doctor in fifteen minutes more sports here on WWL. Several people affected -- at 877 you were talking about the concealed weapons carriers. The law the governor Jindal -- thing -- now bring their concealed. Handguns into a restaurant that serves alcohol or has the bar. On that -- out the post drank. While they're packed in so thank you for those that that is -- text messages about your risky behaviors. And your forecast after the your forecast well -- near ninety degrees everyday this week today just a 10% chance to -- 40% Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday night -- going to the early edition. WWL first news several people a -- has -- 87 -- that they that they say they eat raw -- Straight to drink like -- -- on -- That's as I -- Caesar salad dressing with raw eggs and you know they say -- of -- do that but especially pregnant women not supposed to do -- lot of people though say they brought cookie you know that has. Eggs in Europe and other risky behaviors of people admit.

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